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tv   North Carolina News at 9.00 am  CBS  September 17, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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the shootout that left 7 shot with one victim and the gun mended. a pipeline leak in the deep south has crews scrambling and -- problems will affect supplies, and prices at the pump. north carolina's governor says the ship -- city of charlotte has to do to recall the controversial law known as hospital not to. before get to those major headlines, a live look over the city of raleigh this morning. 69degrees out there. good morning, thank you for watching "cbs north carolina"." as you can see, just enclose a very not standing between us today.
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>> you saw the clouds of the low fog over raleigh here. we are not going to see these clouds, and the fog linger all day today. eventually we will say some breaks, and some of the fog and some of the clouds here allowing for a few peaks of sunshine by late this morning. right now, visibility has improved. last hour we were just around one mile in raleigh. not lifting just yet around roxboro, person county dealing with some pretty fit -- sick fog this morning. very difficult if you are driving, you will run into that patchy fog. keep that in mind. our satellite and radar looks pretty good here. showers sitting offshore, for the most part those are going to stay there today, very small chance of an isolated shower across the sand hills.
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goldsboro, 71 degrees in fayetteville. mostly dry and warmer day today compared to yesterday. sunshine and the forecast for later on. partly sunny skies, by l unchtime, 77 degrees, 85 degrees our high temperature by 3 p.m. falling to 82 degrees by 6 p.m. we move now to "breaking news", in philadelphia, and what 2 did an 2 police officers wounded. before midnight a man walked up to an officer's car and just out shooting, hitting her at least eight times. the suspect fled and eventually fired shots in a bar where he struck a security guard, he then exited the bar and used a woman as a shield and shutter as well. running from that scene, the
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where a man and woman were wounded. and then booted a second o fficer. the gun man was shot and killed by other responding officers. investigators say they tracked on evidence a shows the gun man intended to kill police. >> a bunch of rambling, which indicates his hatred for police officers and probation officers. he does mention a particular probation officer. we are trying to track that individual down. to make sure they are okay, first and foremost. just in line, keeping with a possible motivation, this rambling suggests that clearly he was trying to target a police saving her life. we are also following "breaking news" in fort worth, texas. we have learned there that 2 police officers were also shot while they were responding this time to a suicide call. we are now told both officers are recovering, including a patrol man was shot in the chest. investigator say he was protected by his bulletproof vest. police have not said what
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a raleigh man is facing multiple charges after a bizarre incident, and johnston county. matthew gilbert crashed through a barricade, fayetteville street just after 2 a.m. at a barbecue contest in downtown clayton and had three people with his vehicle. the victims were taken to wake med for treatment, we are told they are okay. the 18-year-old is charged with failure to reduce speed and marijuana possession. he was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. > consumers this week, over the very real possibility of rising gas prices that impact us here in north carolina all the way up to the east coast. the reason, a massive gasoline pipeline leak that engineers are scrambling to clear and shelby county alabama. it runs from houston all the way to new york.
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pipeline back up and running quickly. gov. pat mcrory issued an executive order early this week in an effort to keep fuel trucks on the road and keep prices d own. the governors in tennessee and georgia have taken similar steps. for now, no panic yet. >> it would depend on how much more it would end up being. i guess, because i do commute quite a bit, for work, monday through friday, that would make a big difference. >> the pipeline should be repaired by next week. unc chapel hill students are taking a stand this weekend, more than 200 people gathered at the university to support delaney robinson. a fellow student who came forward to say she was raped by a classmate a football player. he talked with people who told us they wanted to show their solidarity. the university is not doing enough to address complaints. they marched to the department of public safety. for some, it is personal. >> i am also profoundly
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3.5 years ago i was a part of a federal complaint against the university for mishandling sexual assault cases. i really believe, this university was doing better. they created a whole title ix office, and a whole new policy and procedure. now, i am not so sure. >> the chancellor sent out this e-mail to students friday, and it she writes that she can't discuss the case specifically. they follow the highest standards based on federal law. me during halftime, rices marching band referenced arrivals ongoing sexual assault scandal by forming title ix during its performance. they face unit -- accusations of ignoring multiple sexual assault claims. can ?-asterisk, the former president and chancellor also left the school. the city of charlotte will have to act first, that is a message from gov. pat mcrory's office, and the ongoing battle over hb 2. the law has been criticized nationally for being
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in a statement released friday, gov. pat mcrory's office said he will call a special session to repeal the law of charlotte repeals its ordinance that expanded public accommodation protections to cover sexual orientation and gender identity. the director of communications went on to say, we can confirm there is support to repeal among the majority of state lawmakers, in the house and senate, the governor will call a special session. hospital 2 is also spilling over into the upcoming november election. presented of gary pendleton would like to see a special session happened as soon as possible. he is running for reelection against 2 opponents in district 49. alton says he wants to ensure people that they are safe in restrooms and shower facilities, but also has concerns with how broad the law is. >> there is light, i don't know, a dozen things, in the bill, that nobody expected. of course, everybody was in a
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went on back home. >> when you hit basketball and football, north carolina, people that may have not been paying attention start paying attention. that is unfortunate. it is something i am getting a lot of calls about. i am sure that others are as well. i want to talk about other things, but i want to see a full repeal of hp 2. [inaudible] i met earlier this week, also called for lawmakers to take a look at repealing hb2. turning to presidential politics, the war of words hits a new level between donald trump and hillary clinton as craig boswell reports, this comes as the republican nominee finds himself finding a -- fighting off new accusations of racism. >> welcome to all, of you,
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>>reporter:donald trump accuse democrats of playing the race card hours after reversing his stance on the birth or controversy. >> when they are in trouble, they always pull out the racist word. they are in very big trouble, i have to tell you. >>reporter:earlier, donald trump abandon his contention that president obama was not born on us soil. >> president barack obama, was born in the united states. >>reporter:he also falsely accused hillary clinton of starting the controversy, during >> i finished it. >>reporter:'s comments set off a firestorm. >> he is feeding into the worst impulses. >>reporter:angry members of the congressional black caucus able donald trump a disgusting fraud. >> donald trump is nothing more than a 2 bit racial arsonist. >>reporter: is for the president. >> i was pretty confident about where i was born.
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were as well. >>reporter:donald trump uses big announcement to promote his new hotel and here in washington, dc just blocks from the white house. he would not allow reporters inside. a new poll shows hillary clinton has a 13-point lead among women, but 53% of female voters do not think donald trump respects women much. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. the time right now is 9:10, new revelations about sugar and its negative health effects. why some experts say the than truthful, and who it is accused of shifting the blame to. outside this morning we have a little bit of fog, as you can see, from our tower
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i just t still 69 >>reporter:i can't believe it is only 69 degrees. >> temperature is slow to warm up this morning. the fog is beginning to lift a little bit, visibility is improving as you can see -- see here, you can see some of those
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through much of this morning, before we see at least a few peaks of sunshine this afternoon. here is the good news, visibility is improving. anywhere you see a 10, that is good. where we have eight miles visibility in raleigh, that is still okay but we are still -- still dealing with fog around the area especially parts of person county, granville county where we have visibility just over a quarter of a mile. that fog is still going to linger and some of those low clouds going to stick with us through the morning here. they will eventually make their way out and we have sunshine satellite and radar showing a few showers setting off to our southeast off the north carolina coast right now. this is all thanks to tropical depression julia which is still spinning off the coast of south carolina. though showers will stay off shore today, and we are looking at a mostly dry afternoon. 69degrees in raleigh and durham right now. 71 billington, fayetteville and clinton. 69degrees in goldsboro. we have this area of high pressure of two are northeast
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mostly dry and a warmer day compared to yesterday. highs in the low '80s today,- - yesterday, today low '80s. 77degrees at lunchtime, 85 our high temperature today, with warmer weather in the forecast for tomorrow. several chances for rain. a complete breakdown coming up in your complete taunting forecast.
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good morning, thank you for sticking with us here on "cbs north carolina." here is a look of -- at today's top stories. north carolina gov. pat mcrory joins his counterparts in virginia, tennessee and georgia and signing executive orders to ease restrictions on trucks carrying gas. this is all in an effort to prevent a gasoline shortage due to a leak in the major pipeline in alabama. aaa says be short-term. the pipeline should be back up and running next week. the body of a 27-year-old man is being returned home to north carolina. william savage is one of three people who were killed in separate incidents while fighting isis militants. savage was not in the military, but joint kurdish rebels to fight isis and syria. raking overnight, 2 police
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were wounded shortly after 11 o'clock near penn station. the suspect was shot and killed. sad news from the world of entertainment, three-time pulitzer prize-winning playwright, edward albee has died. best known for challenging conventional theater with masterworks, who is afraid of virginia woolf and a delicate balance. no word on how he died. he did suffer from diabetes. he was 88 years old. in california, sheriff's deputies arrested a man who forced nearly evacuate from an amtrak train overnight. the incident involving the pacific surf liner started just before 10 o'clock last night. passengers reported seeing a man with a gun caving erratically. by the time deputies arrived the man barricaded himself in one of the trains cars. he was arrested eight hours later. new revelations about the role of sugar and heart disease this week.
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1960s and instead suggested fat and cholesterol as main risk factors for heart disease. researchers in california say the new findings, point to the importance of having medical research free of conflicts of interest. now we want to switch gears and talk about this weekend weather. sunshine is near. >> yeah, we do have sunshine returning to the forecast eventually. first, we have to get rid of some of this fog out there. you can see visibility has significantly improved. when we pulled up the shaw university camera, you could not see much skyline. now the fog is starting to lift a little bit, you can see more of the buildings in the background there. we will see, eventually the low clouds and the fog moving out completely here, eventually some sunshine this afternoon. satellite and radar looking pretty good here this morning. a few showers sitting offshore, thanks to tropical depression julia. it is still sitting offshore here, and it will bring us maybe a stray shower or two to the sandhills. as of this wet weather will stay completely off shore today.
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dealing with some fog in some areas. still seeing some of that fog that is where we have that lowest visibility this morning. elsewhere we are seeing that cloud deck of doing a bit, things improving across the area here. current temperatures in the 60s and 70s, you can really tell where that fog has settln. degrees in roxboro, 69 in raleigh and durham, 71 clinton, fayetteville, lillington, 69 siler city sanford and pinehurst. all of these temperatures will be climbing into the 80s this afternoon. we get rid of the clouds this morning, some breaks and some of those clouds allowing for sunshine. 85degrees our high temperature today and the conditions continuing to improve a bit as we hit there tonight. partly sunny and mostly dry, your forecast for today. a few showers on the way as we
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tropical depression julia gets a little bit closer. temperatures getting warmer for tomorrow, high temperatures in the upper '80s for your sunday. monday will bring us our best chance of rain all week is a cold front moves in. we will keep a close eye on this cold front, not doing much for us temperature wise, a better chance of showers monday afternoon into monday evening. as far as the tropics though, julia is still offshore here. 30-mile per hour winds gusting miles per hour. it is stationary, not going to move of days until that cold front comes in that will kick it on out to sea finally. over the open atlantic we do have tropical storm karl. he does have 45 mile-per-hour winds testing to 60 miles per hour moving to the west right now at about 14 miles per hour. we will keep a close eye on the track of karl, it is expected to intensive care -- intensify into a hurricane by tuesday as it makes its way to the west, over the open atlantic. today, as far as temperatures
9:23 am
afternoon. 88degrees as we head into your sunday with a chance of a few showers and storms. 85degrees on monday with our best chance for rain all week, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday will be dry, with temperatures climbing back into the upper '80s. fall officially begins on thursday. for your first day of fall, we are looking at a start around 64 degrees thursday morning at a high temperature of 86 thursday afternoon. >> how quickly does fall? i can't believe it. we were just talking about summer, now we are seeing it now. >> we had temperatures in the '90s, a string of temperatures in the 80s going to feel pretty nice. we are still going to be above average for this time of year. >> best point about this i will be happy to give my air-
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a battle between neighbors, chapel hill has dominated east chapel hill over the last two years including any last onto games with a combined score of 106-18. if you are looking to pull off an upset, this is what you have to do. the wildcats strike early, as in the first play, the 67-yard passes going all the way to the end zone. will schmidt walsingham for 7. sometimes it is the -- better to be lucky than good. the snap is fumble, it's okay, found his receiver, will schmidt again, east chapel hill was tie the game at 14, chapel hill was up by 2 at the half, and that turned out to be the difference. they take this 129-27 and even in defeat east chapel hill says there is plenty to be proud of. >> i am proud of them. one of the hardest games we have played all season. they have nothing to be ashamed about. these guys busted their tails today. >> has team will play hillside
9:28 am
every week we sifted through all the highlights and save our best of the best for right now. it's time to show you guys our play of the week nominees for week five. dale and spiral, he takes the hand often takes it down the left side some pretty shifty moves make a 2 miss on his way into the end zone. they won a big one last night and remain undefeated. way number two, sanderson's jordan logan is in a shifty guy at all, but boy does he have some power. he ran through tackles on his way in for that is one of his three first- half touchdowns last night. our last play of the week was the opening play of the game. garner took back the very first kickoff of the game, donovan evan shows off speed, speed, and speed on this return. very nice job young man. now that you guys have seen all of this week nominees, go to and let us know which one you think should be our play of the week. that is all the time we have
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and reactions to the area's biggest college football games. we will see them. coming up in our next half hour, a stuntman puts life and limb on the line trying to
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good morning on this pleasant saturday, as you take a live look over raleigh, it is already 70 degrees.
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north carolina." we have all of your top stories coming up in just a moment. let's get an update on the weather with kristen ketchel -- meteorologist, kristen ketchel. good morning everyone, we are off to a cloudy start to our day. here is a live look outside from top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill. you can see some of those clouds that we have overhead, we are going to see these clouds stick around through the next couple of hours or so. forecast this afternoon. a little bit of fog still impacting parts a person, grantville and vance counties this morning. roxboro .30 miles, three miles in henderson. conditions are improving o utside. we are going to see a few clouds mixing it with some sunshine today. also the wet weather you see on the radar going to stay offshore, not going to be a
9:32 am
into this afternoon. it is currently 70 degrees in raleigh and durham, 71 degrees outside in fayetteville, a mostly dry and warmer day on the way things to this area of high pressure sitting to our north, not a bad looking search of the weekend here. partly sunny skies this afternoon kind of a mixer of sunshine and clouds out there, 85 degrees our high temperature with warmer weather in the forecast for your sunday. i will have a complete update on what you can expect coming up. we moved to "breaking news" that we have been following out of philadelphia. known to police officers were hurt in a shootout that killed the gunman and one other person late last. opened fire into an officer's car hitting her in the bullet proof vest multiple times. the gunman shot a woman at the bar, another police officer and 2 others before police killed him. investigators say they found credible evidence of the gun was intended -- the gunman rather was intending to kill police. 2 fort worth police officers are in the hospital after being wounded in a shootout. investigators say the officers were called responding to a suicide call around 8:30 last
9:33 am
one officer is in critical condition. the other escaped serious injury thanks to his body armor. the officers did return fire, no word on what happened to the gunman. a 9 million-dollar bond, that is what has been ordered for the man accused of kidnapping and indecent liberties with a child in wilmington. douglas edwards was arrested thursday, hours after investigators say he kidnapped a six-year-old girl. she was found miles away from her home chained to a tree. the man who helped belize -- police by loaning them a saw was stunned by what he saw. >> it look like she had been out there for quite a while. she did not have a tear in her eye, just much i thought she was in shock. >> edwards appeared in court friday. authorities carded a joint operation between local law enforcement and the fbi for helping find this little girl. neighbors are on the edge in johnston county after reports of brazen home
9:34 am
area. several incidents this summer are long and short stretch of highway 210. robert richardson explains why the latest victim says people need to be ready to protect themselves. >>reporter: -- i met people like that they want to steal from someone rather than working for, i would not mind shooting them. >>reporter:this home invasion victim, who asked us not to show his face, says he doesn't really want to hurt anybody. >> i don't know that it would bother my conscience, but it might. mackey gra before 9 a.m. wednesday morning. >> i heard a noise, i open the bedroom door and there stands somebody that i do not know. >>reporter:uses the burglar took his wallet off a desk and ran back off too fast for him to fire to a getaway car waiting in the driveway. the homeowner says he and his neighbors look out for each other, but the burglar's vehicle went unnoticed. >> is very scary, we were home.
9:35 am
pulling into the highways. they will flip on a light or hit the garage door opener to scare off the possible burglar. others have a noisier, and more obvious line of defense. when i knocked on the door, three dogs immediately leapt up . >> that is their job. that is why we have them. >>reporter: caroline says she hopes on plasma can solve this case and prevent others. >> maybe they will send more officers just to check. maybe they will add on, or send a few more guys neighborhoods. >>reporter:wednesday's victim encourages people to install all of the security they can. >> you feel a little uneasy for a while. i slept good wednesday night. i was ready if they came back. >>reporter:in johnson county, near smithfield, robert richardson, "cbs north carolina." >> the johnson county sheriffs office conference it is investigating what deputies are classifying as break-ins. investigators declined request
9:36 am
he is accused of killing his wife and daughter. the judge told king he could get the death penalty if convicted. after the hearing, king's daughter praised spring lake police chief, troy mcduffie, for allowing her to visit her father at the police station before he was taken to jail. >> when i walked in, my father did not even know who i was. then, when his mind came back, he said hey baby, like he had no idea what had went on. but, i wanted my dad to know i love him, i forgive him, and that we are here for >> king's family says he suffers from dementia and depression. the body of a north carolina man killed over the summer, fighting isis is being return home this weekend. william savage is one of three americans who joined a kurdish force fighting isis and syria. the other 2 americans return to their families in denver, relatives gathered at an amtrak station there. as their loved ones caskets were hoisted from a train. records show, none of the americans joined the us
9:37 am
could to fight terrorism. friends, and family filled the high school stadium yesterday to remember a shelby police officer killed in the line of duty. officer tim was shot last saturday morning while serving an arrest warrant. he died from his injuries on monday. besides those who knew him, law enforcement from across the state attended friday service. former itt tech stts more than a thousand people in the state were enrolled at the for-profit -- for-profit school before close the stores earlier this month. it closed after the us department of education call for more oversight to address the colleges ongoing failure to meet accreditation standards. you can contact the attorney general's office to learn how to apply. a traffic alert for you this morning if your daily commute includes the project on i 40. sunday night cruise will shift traffic onto the three rebuilt lanes from lake wheeler road to
9:38 am
rebuild the outside lanes. time right now is 9:37. coming up encouraging new information in the fight against childhood cancer. why parents and kids have more help than ever. plus, things really break loose during a major league baseball. see what had fans and those players ducking for cover. temperatures across the state mostly in the 60s and low 70s, we are climbing all the
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ide from side to side. choose knee-loving, underarm-caring, bikini line-baring. choose venus swirl. with five contour blades and a flexi-ball, it pivots with every dip and divot. choose to smooth. venus swirl. a massive sinkhole has triggered a huge environmental threat in central florida. 200milliongallons of contaminated wastewater from a nearby fertilizer plant leapt into a crucial underground source of drinking water and mulberry. the company mosaic says the hole opened up a need a pile of waste material in late august. certainly troubling and concerning for residence there. thank only we haven't had that issue, as of late. we have always followed what is going on around the coast and how people are up keeping different ways plans, or whatever may be that may impact the water that people are
9:42 am
about. usually justin and i are poking and prodding at you because we are content with the weather. today i think we might applaud you. i like today. >> this is a live picture from raleigh durham international airport. you can see we have some clouds, the fog is starting to lift a little bit out of most locations around the area. visibility is improving here. roxboro still three tenths of a mile visiby, with low clouds. those clouds will eventually break up a bit. we will see sunshine as we heather this afternoon. a few showers popping up on the radar, off to our southeast. this is all thanks to tropical depression julio which is still spinning off the coast, way at the bottom edge of your screen there. some of those showers may make their way and land, most of us will stay dry all day today.
9:43 am
durham, clayton and lewisburg, paulsboro, 71 degrees in fayetteville. we have this area of high pressure to our north, that is going to keep things dry for today. julia still sitting offshore, that will send a few showers along the coast that may make it this far, i think most of us staying dry as we continue into our afternoon. temperatures will rise to 77 at lunchtime, 85 degrees at 3 p.m., bailey dry today, o'clock, we've got warmer weather in the forecast but also some better chances for rain here over the next several days. i will be back with an update coming up in your complete storm team forecast. the time right now is 9:43. still ahead, a goldsboro woman -- woman wanted for leaving her
9:44 am
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9:46 am
a goldsboro woman a freezer has been arrested. marcella lee sold the freezer to a neighbor back in may. she told a neighbor not to open it because it was being used as a time capsule. that neighbor, of course, later did and immediately call police. lee was on a carolina beach, she is charged with concealing and failure to report a death. hundreds are excited to help raise money in the memory
9:47 am
afternoon. faith was beat to death 4 years ago. her murder remains unsolved. she was a member of the hollowell tribe. a barbecue lunch will be held to raise money for a scholarship that benefits native american college freshman. it's being held today from noon until 5 p.m. in hollister. a female hormone may protect women from the worst effects of the flu. researchers from johns hopkins university also found that progesterone appeared to reduce inflammation, and h progesterone is found in most forms of hormone -based birth control. new research also shows the cancer death rate for children continues to decline. danielle nottingham introduces us to a little boy who is beating the disease. >>reporter:3-year-old aidan kramer is bursting with energy. >> i play the drums, the guitar, and the piano. >>reporter:but, less than a year ago he was in a hospital
9:48 am
the most common cancer in children. >> that is the worst thing you could possibly think it is, i have zero control over this, and i could very well lose my child. a mac a new government study says the chances of surviving childhood cancer are improving. from 1999-2014, there was a 20% drop in cancer deaths among children and adolescents. >> immune therapy, cell therapy, these are going to be brought to bear to improve on this progress, such that we expect continued steady decline and death from childhood cancer. >>reporter:the study also found that leukemia is no longer the leading cause of cancer deaths in children and adolescents. three out of 10 cancer deaths are now from brain cancer. >> the progress has left behind in brain tumors. we have to redouble our efforts to improve the outcome for their children. >>reporter:after five months of chemotherapy, aiden is now cancer free and giving back to
9:49 am
relapse are high, so he has regular checkups. >> when you look at aiden, people say they would never know he was sick. i am grateful for that every day. >>reporter:this family is making every day count. danielle nottingham, cbs news, temple city, california. >> what a cutie pie he is. a rough night for baseball fans in denver, players and fans round up running for cover when a hail storm hit in the middle of the ninth inning. the good news here, the colorado rockies were able to if that is all it takes, just a little gel for mother nature to get a win, i think a lot of fans will be calling you. >> i don't know, hail is a rough one to contend with, because it hurts, i can promise you that. let's talk about our weather here in carolina here. things looking okay. this is a live picture, you can see that we have got a layer of clouds overhead, some of us
9:50 am
you can see our radar showing shower sitting offshore. most of the shower activity is going to stay well to our east today. we may have a stray shower or 2 making it as far inland as the sand hills. we will see some sunshine across the area later. we do have some fall to worry about here in part the person county, granville county as well. visibility about .25 miles of roxboro, five miles in h enderson. we are seeing that visibility improving, the clouds are lifting a bit. we will see those clouds are breaking up and some sunshine likely late this morning into early this afternoon. 70degrees in raleigh, durham, lewisburg, clayton, goldsboro, sanford and siler city. 70 the magic number this m orning. 71 fayetteville, 72 in clinton and wellington. we can expect these
9:51 am
o'clock this afternoon. very small chance of somewhat weather after 3 o'clock today. again, the majority of us will stay completely dry throughout your saturday. partly sunny skies across the area today, mostly dry conditions. we have this area of high pressure of to our north. a cold front back to our west, we've got julia to our s outheast. continuing to weaken and will stay off shore here for the next couple of days. as we head into our day tomorrow, we will see a few we are getting warmer tomorrow with temperatures well into those 80s, upper '80s to near 90 for some of us for your sunday. i monday our next cold front arrives, not going to do a whole lot forest temperature wise. it will bring us our best rain chance all week is that front moves in a monday and it will finally kick the remnants of julia out to see a new system of high pressure builds in behind it. we've got sunny skies on the way for most of this upcoming week. tropical depression julia still
9:52 am
it is stationary, winds at 30 miles per hour, gusting to 40 miles per hour. it will stay there for the next couple of days, as i mentioned. further out in the atlantic we have tropical storm carl. it has 45 mile-per-hour winds with gusts up to 60. early to the of 40 miles per hour. we will keep a close eye on here, it will strengthen over the next two days, north of puerto rico likely as a category one hurricane thursday morning. you can see the curving a little bit, so likely it will continue on that trajectory and make its way out to sea. of course we will keep a close eye over the next several days. we are looking at a high temperature of 87 at fort bragg, fayetteville and raeford. 85degrees and wilson and rocky mount, 86 smithfield in goldsboro. 84 today in chapel hill and durham. 85 this afternoon in raleigh. college football forecast
9:53 am
kickoffs today. low '80s, partly sunny skies. if you are heading to charlotte for the panthers home opener tomorrow, a temperature of 86 degrees. 88degrees for that last play, 49ers coming into town at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. a high temperature in raleigh of 88 degrees tomorrow. 85degrees on monday with a chance of a few showers, or storms as a cold front arrives. behind that cold front high pressure builds in, temperatures stay in the 80s, return here. overnight lows back into the 60s, high temperatures feeling good over the next several days, and thursday, officially begins fall with a high temperature of 86 after a start in the low to mid 60s. >> i guess that means i will already start seeing christmas signs. fall comes we forget about thanksgiving and halloween, suddenly it is christmas. >> after fourth of july i feel like the store started bringing
9:54 am
fall begins thursday, hard to believe. >> kristen ketchel, thank you so much. bon appitit, some of the triangle's finest chefs but heads in a culinary competition like no other. wait until you get a load of the
9:55 am
new rules are set to go into effect see what the sarah
9:56 am
allowed 30 january 1. the university says it has become more challenging to protect the plants will also providing the best experience possible to visitors. unbelievable video there. stuntman eddie braun pulls off the stunt his hero evil knievel failed to accomplish 42 years ago. he mimicked of the legendary jump across the snake river it took him three years and more than $1 million of his own money to make the job. he says he made the jump, not to prove that he could do it, but to fulfill the dream of his hero. "cbs north carolina" own sean kicked off its weekend is a pretty eye-opening lunch to say the least. sean helped start up the annual bug fest yesterday by judging an iron chef style cookoff featuring chefs at the big easy and bold bistro and bar. the secret ingredient -- take a look really quickly at the
9:57 am
yep, that is exactly what you are seeing on those plates. it also happens to be the theme of this year's about fast. 30,000 make their way each year to downtown raleigh at the science museum. by the way this is the 20th year for the event that formally kicks off today. kudos to sean, i did not know he was so brave. i certainly would not be able to judge it. just a thought of ants being in the plate, on the plates, in my food -- i cannot do it. >> just knowing what you are looks good. had i not found out myself i would have thought it was a great meal. we have bug fest going on today, we've got spark con going on today. a whole bunch of events going on the entire weekend. the forecast looks good this afternoon. 85degrees your high temperature. a few showers likely as we head into tomorrow afternoon with a high of 88. best chance of rain holds off until monday, and the behind the cold front bringing us that
9:58 am
temperatures in the 80s. >> great temperatures.
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