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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  September 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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breaking news on cbs north carolina. right now, north carolina is under a state of emergency after another night of violent protests in charlotte. >> and the message is simple from state and city leaders. >> we want peace. we want conversation and we want to support our police who deal of stress. >> we are calling for peace. we are calling for calm. we are calling for dialogue. >> who is now heading to the queen city today to investigate the deadly officer-involved shooting and what many groups are now calling for. good morning, everyone. it is a busy day this morning. >> yes. >> thanks for watching north carolina news. i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase. we will have more on the violent protests but first, alyssa corfont has the forecast. good morning.
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as well. we're starting with a few passing showers across north carolina. most of rain this morning gravitating towards the virginia border so south hill, virginia, you're seeing wet weather. . grannville, vance, warren, person county. if you're heading for the door, take the umbrella with you. let's look at those temperature. 71 raleigh, 70 lewisburg and clayton, also 71 littlington and goldsboro. henderson in the 60s, 74, breezy at tiles at lunchtime, 78 our afternoon high and drier and warmer days ahead. we'll let you know in the forecast. let's go back to breaking news in charlotte. a second night of protests.
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charlotte mecklenburg police officer shot keith lamonte scott. someone in the apartment complex recorded this video for us. police have not publicly released the dashcam video of the shooting. >> the naacp will be in charlotte, renewing their push for the release of the video. robert richardson is live in charlotte with an update on what happened last night and what is happening right now. >> reporter: good morning, russ. i'm in the downtown epicentre where viol continued in charlotte for the second straight night. if you look this way there are officers outside the time warner arena where the hornets played and have been there all night after vandalism took place, some windows there. protestors took to the interstate, closing down this time i-77, blocking some traffic there. governor mccrory declared a state of emergency overnight. that allows him and the state to activate the national guard
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sending a team of specialists with experience in strategic crisis. that same team went to assist to the response after the shooting of michael brown. jennifer roberts continues to call for peace and calm and so does the governor. >> we cannot tolerate violence. we cannot tolerate the destruction of property, and we will not tolerate the attacks towards our police officers that are occurring right now, and i feel very strongly about that. that is no way. these police officers are showing a tremendous amount of courage. >> reporter: a bunch of officers were hurt the first night of protests and more last night but none of their injuries were life- threatening. however, as stefan mentioned earlier, one civilian was shot by another civilian and is on life support in critical condition. and the city's suspending its bus services overnight. we're at the transportation
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5:30 but people may want to call or check online to check on their particular routes. reporting in charlotte, robert richardson. >> thank you for the latest. rekia scott released a statement saying in part, "please do not hurt people or members of law enforcement, damage property, or take thing that do not belong to you in the name of protesting." she said keith was a loving husband, father, brother and friend who will be deeply missed between police and witnesses are not matching up. police said scott exited the car with a handgun and did not follow officers' orders, but family members said he was unarmed and holding only book. the officer who shot smith has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation. last night, more than 100 students gathered at nc central university campus for a rally.
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feelings. organizers said it was a healing opportunity for the community. the event was peaceful, but students stand with protestors in charlotte and demand for a change to happen with law enforcement across the country. >> to be able to take this rage and to take this mourning and turn it into action, to building and holding officers in durham accountable and across the country accoun . >> it was one of several on campuses campuses around the state. they plan to take action after the attention fades. the charlotte shooting comes just after the shooting in tulsa, oklahoma. the death of terrence crutcher prompted reactions around the country. the 40-year-old was unarmed with his hand in the air when he was shot and killed by officer betty shelby. state and local authorities are investigating. he was waiting for help when
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you can find more on and we will update the story throughout the morning and on cbs north carolina. a man is scheduled for court in wake county, accused of shooting and killing a man near shaw university. raleigh police charged charles mitchell with murder and possession of a firearm by a felon. he killed 23-year-old christopher locus. investigators believe the suspect knew the victim. someone near the intersection of lenoir and blount street saw the body due back in court, accused of assaulting his grandmother. kenneth hawker is charged with assault on a female. he grabbed his grandma by her neck and left arm and threw her to the floor. court records show he was suspended from panther creek high school last year after he was accused of assaulting somebody in the cafeteria and was accused of assaulting another student and creating a hit list.
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will meet with the suspect today. lee francis is the teacher and said it was a lesson of the first amendment and free speech. two children immediately left the room, though. the superintendent said there are other ways to teach first amendment rights. an investigation is underway. good morning. it's 4:37 on this friday eve and first day of fall. we're off to a good start for you, nc 54 in ca some roads are wet from the overnight rain so be careful as you head out the door. in raleigh, 445, 440, major highways moving well, no accidents to report to you there. durham, same thing, only showing green. the flows indicate the speed limit all the way through fayetteville. if you're traveling to the airport today, looks like your flight should be arriving on time and flying into major airports, no delays reported.
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you. buffalo road, not even a headlight at 4:37 this morning. >> really dark. 4:38 in the morning. durham police are investigating two report of suspects trying to grab children at their bus stops. wow. still to come, what investigators want parents to do now. >> okay. also the colonial gas pipeline is repaired, meaning our gas shortage problem will soon en, but how long before
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is pretty dry conditions right now across the triangle where the rain is steadily falling where we have darker shades of green and yellow across mecklenburg county in grandville and henderson. you're seeing steady rain and bethel hill and roxboro this morning. you're waking up to very light rain and will continue throughout the day, pretty scattered in nature and won't be nonstop rain but we needed the rain and we would like to see a little sunshine. as far as your visibility is concerned, not a lot of problem spot in the triangle but look east. rocky mount, visibility 3 miles, 4 in goldsboro, 3 in raeford. we'll let you know if numbers change. because the roads are wet, visibility will be low for many of you.
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dreary in the evening hours. we'll let you know when we will have a change soon. >> 4:42. the fbi needs help finding two men found on surveillance video, minutes before a bombing in new york. what the fbi is calling the men. plus days after blue bell eye cream hits shelf in north carolina, the compan this time the an a box is where you keep things safe. who wants that? i'm moving forward. new oikos greek nonfat yogurt helps keep me going. now with all-natural ingredients
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breaking news in charlotte. a second night of violent protests after a shooting prompted governor mccrory to call a state of emergency.
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in life support after he was shot. the family maintains the victim was holding a book but the police said he had a gun. in the wake of police shootings, hillary clinton called the incidents unbearable while donald trump called for a nationwide stop and frisk policy to prevent crime. the candidates meet face-to- face for their first presidential debate in four days. aid convoys could syria despite a second deadly air strike on relief workers. four medics died in a bombing raid yesterday. on monday, 20 people were killed on an aid convoy in relief warehouse then. there's reason to believe monday's attack was launched by a russian war plane. right now, fbi officials are searching for two men in connection to the bombings in new york. they're called witness and not suspects. they're seen in surveillance video removing one of the bomb
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chelsea. authorities said the men are lucky they didn't get hurt. rahami is the suspect in the bombing and faces federal charges. authority in san bernardino county, california, arrested student they said had a list of 33 names of student and staff at a high school who he wanted to shoot. the investigation began when a parent told the sheriff's office about threats on social media. the student had a plan that would "was very investigators do not believe it was tied to terrorism and believe he acted alone. durham police are investigating two incidents involving young girls on their way to school. both incidents happened a mile from each other. you can see it mapped out. police said monday, a 13-year- old and an 11-year-old were chase bid a man who jumped out of a brown suv near their bus stop. early yesterday morning, two men, one with a knife, tried to grab a 13-year-old at her bus stop.
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away. neighbor who live close by said the area is full of children playing all the time. >> i'm saying if i were to see something, i would do something about it. because i've got grandkids. i got kids. and then i got little ones in here. >> yeah. and you can see. >> a very scary situation. police don't know if the incidents are related but are asking parents not to leave their children alone at bus stop and to see anything suspicious. >> so frightening, wow. an investigation of moore county social suspects is expected to come soon after a child drowned in a pond. before he died, he was returned to the custody of samantha bryant despite the objections of the foster parent and guardian add lite?
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>> there are confidentiality laws and a case pending but i think it's coming together. in the mother is facing involuntary manslaughter and child neglect charge and is due in court next month. blue bell ice cream is at the center of a recall, like deja vu. it was just put on shelf in north carolina. they're recalling half it could have been exposed to listeria. no illnesseses were reported. last year, blue bell halted sales of products due to contamination. some classes are delayed are cancelled because of widespread flooding. remnant of tropical storm julia dumped 10-inch of rain in some plays. this is the scene in the northeastern counties. parts of highway 12 on the
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water. i tell you, julia is causing some issues. that's why we continue to see rain and still in our forecast today so grab the umbrella if you're heading to the door this thursday. let's take a live look from our tower camera, 71 degrees. we're looking over the beltway, a few headlights, kind of blurry because we're dealing with more dreary conditions. the wet weather continues for many around central north carolina and the say, is falling in areas north of the triangle. we have a few spotty showers in sampson county but look northward where we have more green and yellows and oranges where it's falling pretty steadily along henderson or vance county on 85. we have some wet weather in grant and franville towards creedmore, person county, and
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temperatures are similar to yesterday, upper 60s in henderson and siler city and low 70s so 71 raleigh, durham, lillington, 70 sanford and pinehurst, 72 clinton and fayetteville. we'll walk you through today hour by hour, upper 60s at 8:00 a.m., climbing near 71 by 10:00 a.m., small chance of a shower or two throughout the morning. showers will go up significantly in the afternoon and will make it to near 78 for this evening. keep in mind normal this time of year is actually around 81 and will see those return sooner than later. here's the chance of a shower, pretty cloudy, chance of rain in the afternoon drive home so the afternoon drive could see wetter conditions and could be
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and a peek or two of sun and the best chance of showers will develop east of the triangle so the 95 corridor. if you have plans, maybe a fool football game, watch the forecast. we're not expecting severe weather. over the next few days, there's improvement with scatte showers today, dry for the weekend. we need the rain so let's get some sunshine and that's what we'll do for the weekend ahead. upper 70s in raleigh and durham, 80 in fayetteville, 40% chance of rain in the afternoon, cloudy skies will stick around, 68 the low.
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weather for the weekend ahead, 88 saturday, another cold front sunday, drops us 10 degrees sunday, small chance for a shower or two with that front and we're dry again to kick off next work week, upper 70s monday and tuesday and will be back to near 80 towards next wednesday. 4:52, first day of fall. good morning, alyssa. it's officially okay to talk about i-85 at club boulevard is what we're showing you, a nice, easy ride and everything is moving well, no local road accidents to report to you and a wider look of durham, we have no accidents on the screen yet. travel through fayetteville looks good. u.s. 64 to glenwood, 17 minutes
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8 on 440, and clayton bypass, you want to beat the traffic. i-40 at lake wheeler rod and not too much to see, just the way we like it. before we go to break, here's a look at what is later on "cbs this morning." >> reporter: hello to you. i'm gayle king. john oliver fresh off his demi win talking about the a box is where you keep things safe. who wants that? i'm moving forward. new oikos greek nonfat yogurt helps keep me going. now with all-natural ingredients with vitamin d and 12 grams of protein.
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just one softgel delivers mega support. right now repair crews are working to restore electricity to puerto rico's 4.3 million people. a power plant blackout affect the whole territory and they hope to restore service by morning but some schools had to be canceled as a precaus. hospital has canceled elective surgery and nonurgent appointments. government officials, pardon me, and private groups put off dozens of scheduled events. an event takes place prompted into a sexual assault claim against a unc football player. a student came forward, claiming allen artis raped her on valentine's day. he was released on bond after being charged with two misdemeanors. the victim criticized the
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has been done. artis has been suspended indefinitely by the team. rtp and rti center is discussing sexual assaults on campuses and genter-based violence. they will talk about programs offered to help students unc students at the school of dentistry will honor three muslim students killed. craig hicks shot and killed a the shooting stemmed from a parking dispute. the family said it's a hate crime. students will once again complete community service projects including working with habitat for humanity and interfaith food shuttle. 400 volunteers are expected to participate and will be a reception for volunteers. having problems finding
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pipeline up and working and is expected to take two or three days for service to return to normal in our state. the a.g.'s office continues to investigate price gouging reports and issued five subpoenas. they avoid topping off -- >> it's tempting. definitely tempting. >> it's part of the problem. more gas is on the way. >> the pipeline is fixed. 4:57. breaking news out of the deadly officer-involved shooting tuesday. >> the move governor mccrory made that allows more help to get into the queen city. before we go to break, let's look outside. we have lots of rain earlier this week and will we have the same story today? doesn't look like it so far. that could change on your thursday morning, the 22nd day of september and first day of fall. keep it here.
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new dannon, natural is back. >> we cannot tolerate violence. we cannot tolerate the destruction of property and will not tolerate the attacks towards our police officers that are occurring right now and i feel very strongly about that. that is, that is not, uh, the american way. breaking governor mccrory issues a state of emergency as the second day of protests erupted after a deadly officer-involved shooting. >> the what it clears the way for and more details in a sec. thank you for watching. i'm stefan chase. >> we have a lot to cover. good morning. i'm russ bowen. we will have more in a moment but first, overnight rain and what to expect. alyssa? that's right. we had rain and the roads and


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