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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  September 22, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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a great start. >> just move up for a franchise quarterback, went with our third guy running the ball, good special team, take that. >> when you say "we" chose the texan team, you may knew, -- you mean you >> i know that's not true. i know jim nantz give you props about what you said on the pregame show, but you set the word texans. i set the width patriots. let's go to england right now, jim nantz and phil simms. >> jim: guys having a great time, wasn't the kind of game most people thought we were going to witness here tonight, and you think about jacoby
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up, then braided back, possible that brissett, as good of a job as he did tonight, extraordinary in a short week, third week of the season, he could possibly not see the field the rest of the year. >> phil: that's what's amazing. the game plan, steve mariucci, all the guys here, they know, football is about count, but the one game with is extremely important. you have talent and you have good coaching, you can become a star. you can have all that talent, coaching's not there, tonight was a clinic on offense, how to protect. defense change dramatically. you talked about it all night. special teams were a whole mother story too >> jim: dalton's against the bengals on nfl network only, a
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>> phil: looking forward to seeing the offense. ryan tannehill has been throwing well, but cincinnati has denver this week, the same thing, every week is important in the nfl, probably be doing the opening next thursday night going, it's almost a must-win because that's what it always feels like in this week. that's why so much fun to cover. >> jim: will see you this weekend found in philadelphia, the doubleheader game. >> phil: see a lot of me. >> jim: do it for free. coming up next, your local nose. news. don't miss "late show with stephen colbert" followed by "late late show with james corden" tonight, only on cbs. 27-0, patriots.
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third straight night. bareback on the air safe this was highway 277. police since cleared that road right near bank of america stadium. >> you know about the curfew signed by the mayor around 8:00 tonight. it will take effect at midnight d dollars. the man that got shot last night has died. this all over the officer involved shooting of keith scott. many of you with friends and family might have seen this on facebook. they are implementing the safety checking feature.
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peacefully unlike the scenes of tear gas and flash bombs that we saw. david hirst has been covering the story and joint is live in charlotte with the very latest. >> reporter: we are on a bridge and as you mentioned earlier protesters blocked a briefly but as you can see now highway is clear and police were able to be proactive and move them pretty quickly. those protesters marched over this bridge and into uptown charlotte. for the most part this is been extremely peaceful and really been a different story. we just got word from police that you have not been any reported injuries from civilians or police. the big difference tonight is the amount of police presence. the governor called on the
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troopers here assisting the local police forces well. the midnight curfew will take affected about 20 minutes. we spoke with the mayor after she made that decision. we have a lot of request and they believe that nothing good happens after midnight and we know that and help says keep the streets safe and we know that there are exceptions for people were going to work or have things that they need to do during that time, but i we have. >> let's build a relationship and we can do something about it. >> reporter: as you can see police helicopters monitoring things from the air. that curfew is about to take effect in about 15 minutes. that is the next thing that
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it will be interesting to see how they enforce that in about 15 minutes. we will continue to stay on top of the story and bring you the latest. the congressman drawing harsh criticism for comments he made during the interview with the bbc. he is apologizing. when asked about the protest, robert said they hate white people because white people are successful and they are not. for causing offense. for the first time tonight we are seeing this photo which appears to show a gun on the ground at the scene were keith scott was shot. a source says it is the gun police say they found. an attorney for the family says scott did not own agon or carry one. police insist they never found
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the scott family did see the video in question which again has not been publicly released and will not. >> david hirst was there when the family left the police station. they did not offer any reaction but later they put out a statement. they say it is impossible to determine what if anything stop was holding his hands. this his hands were by his side and he was walking backwards when he was shot and killed. they won on to push for police to release e they do not have to legally due. that will not change with the new law taking effect next week. >> michael hyle and gathering new reaction to the decision and breaking down what is changing.>> it is brought attention to the bill that passed this year and then takes effect on october 1. it creates a process that could result in video being released but only if a judge approves it. as people took to the streets for the third night in a row
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a police officer shot and killed keith scott. his family got a chance se dashcam and body camera video thursday. that hasn't been released to the public. >> our practice has not been to release but -- >> reporter: they came together thursday and drum calling for more transparency. >> i feel like they should release the video to calm people down.>> i think bothers me. >> reporter: it has brought attention to a new law taking effect next week. the video is not presume to be public record. the law allows people who are that video to request to see it, but it is up to the police agency whether to allow that. you can appeal to a judge and the only way the video gets released to the public is to a court order. they called the law shameful but the senate president disagrees.
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nonexistent at the present time. you up a situation where you have politicians making decisions to whether or not this information should be release. >> reporter: the family and a lot of the protesters tonight all calling for the reason that video but the police chief said there are no plans to do that.>> in the wake of the protest in charlotte, police in faev received indications of threats. the department says a concerned citizen indicated there may be individuals wishing to do harm's to officers. they say it is open to talk to anyone with concerns. we will be checking in on the protests throughout the newscast and you can also get the latest details by following the stories on the shooting death of terence
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betty shelby with first-degree manslaughter. dashcam and video shows him walking to his car with the hands up when he was shot. >> i determined that the filing of the felony crime of manslaughter in the first-degree is unwarranted. >> if convicted she could face a minimum of four years in prison. a gunman and two others are dead after shooting and set a factory in tennessee. knoxville. man using a pistol shot two others before killing himself. identities have not been released. a gas station is the latest receive a subpoena following price gouging complaints. since friday, more than 1400 complaints have been filed in the wake of the shortage. they reported prices as high as over four dollars for regular
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a pipeline has since been repaired and gas flow is expected to be back to normal by the weekend. the other state of emergency tonight in the eastern part of the state many communities dealing with flooding. new numbers tonight 72 people have been rescued from vehicles. crews from across the state included fayetteville are using boats to get those stuck back in their homes. the water kept rising into neighborhoods. a few school systems will be closed tomorrow. is a lot of water and it is a real challenge and it is one does it area has come back from but it is a tough deal. >> this is the third time the area has flooded like this in the past 17 years. the first day of fall is the last few days of summer. clouds, showers, today temperatures were in the lower 80s and a few spots in tonight the radar looks cleaner than it
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showers holding on in a few spots light to moderate rain showers as we look at the big picture, the circulation that is been giving us the clouds and rain has continued to slowly move to the south and it will continue to do so tomorrow as it continues to weekend. one thing that is not going to change is the humidity. the temperatures stuck in the low 70s so the muddiness we've chances are coming down, clouds will be around for friday morning commute and small rain chances so just isolated showers with cloudy skies and temperatures holding about 70 degrees through 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. and 7 a.m. we will struggle to get sunshine in your tomorrow but not this weekend. we will be complaining about something else ahead of the
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coming up in just a few minutes. we are staying on top of the breaking news out of charlotte for third straight night. a curfew just about to take effect. we will check back in. committee members are looking to make a bus stop safer
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we are staying on top of breaking news in charlotte. your taken a live look year. the curfew is set to take
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about five minutes. they're trying to clear the streets and we will check back with david hirst in a few minutes. gop nominee donald trump spoke on the charlotte riots calling for a national crime agenda. >> the people who will suffer the most as a result of these riots are law abiding african- american residents who live in these communities where the crime is so rampant. implementing new york stop nationwide. cbs north carolina has also learned clinton has spoken with charlotte's mayor about the -- she has been tweeting about it urging everyone to work together to stop the violence. people who live in the drum neighborhood were two young girls were attacked are
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community making to look the street safer.>> reporter: back in the day when i was growing up we had neighbors that looked out for us. days after police say a girl and a 13-year-old girl from this neighborhood were attacked by a man at the bus stop. the kids were out playing. she is a grandmother with two young kids community. >> i will be willing to be out there with them until the bus came.>> reporter: some neighbors to get a step further and asked the school district to get involved. >> change the bus stop for the safety of our kids. >> reporter: she spoke to the school board thursday. she said the bus stop is too far away from the neighborhood and without lights it is too dark in the mornings. >> the police department and school board should come
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these kids. >> reporter: that is exactly what they are doing. >> our security officers will work with the police department to see what can be done to make sure every stop is safe. >> reporter: he says if a change is determined to be needed, it could be made almost instantly. this neighborhood was one of two that had similar instances this week. the second one happened yesterday. a man with a knife grabbed a 13- year-old. they have not said if they are connected. new reaction from the attorney for the student who was raped by a football player. she says she's pleasantly surprised at the response she has received. leaders talked about different services that they provide students who survive sexual assault's.
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she went public with a story saying that she had grown frustrated with the pace of the investigation. >> she has received no negativity and the fact that so many people are willing to have the conversation now. there was a march last friday at the university. she has been really pleased that her goal of a conversation has been started. >> w people are crazy about it. are they the stars versus a young woman's life?>> an attorney told us it is fascinating that this branch believes the state bar rules of professional conduct that prohibit lawyers from trying cases in the press do not apply to her. new motion to dismiss evidence in the case will be heard tomorrow morning. today is attorney asked evidence extracted from the cell phone be excluded.
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october. if you're one of the 500 million people with a yahoo account, changer password. they say personal information for half 1 billion users were stolen and what's been called a massive security breakdown. information includes passwords, emails, birth dates. they blame the breach on a state-sponsored act. of clouds and rain is in our future on friday, but not as much as it what we've seen. tonight still a little bit of light rain falling. most of us are dry right now and some of us will have some of that rain and drizzle throughout tomorrow. rain chances are only 20%. that counterclockwise circulation that we've had around us has shifted from being just off the north carolina
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south. that is why the showers are moving less from east to west. all this rain that we have had in our area did not do much good for the new drought map that came out today. we remain in dry conditions across a good portion of our area and especially out in the western part of the state. the heaviest of the rain has fallen along our coastline they remain out of the drought. it is possible that as we get into next week, we could see improvements in this map. we remain dry across north carolina. tomorrow is the first full day of fall as we walked commit in officially. here is how the end of the work week were -- looks. it will be a cloudy start with temperatures around 70. we will keep that 20% chance of rain throughout most of the day with a majority that we % be in
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what we thought might be a lot of sunshine late in the day tomorrow is probably going to end up being a little bit of sunshine after a cloudy day as temperatures top out around 81 degrees. there is the center of circulation the leftovers of tropical storm julia. that will continue to push south tomorrow and high pressure will nudge out the clouds and give us sunshine as we head into the weekend and we have another cold front coming here. let's talk about what happens with tomorrow not too many noticeable changes with your eyes. we will get sunshine in here lay in the day but also it will be a little bit warmer as temperatures will be in the low 80s and then with mostly sunny skies on saturday those low 80s will go to the upper 80s so it will be almost hot on saturday as we get into the first
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this cold front will come through in the early morning hours of sunday and it might bring us a small chance of rain but we will welcome the cooler temperatures that it will also bring. it is kind of the tel of two different weekends. it will start in the upper 60s 82 by lunchtime saturday and are high of 88. small rain chances but cooler temperatures. only 75 by lunchtime on her way to a height of 78. that is this weekend tomorrow we wrap up the work and school week with clouds most of the day in a little bit a sunshine peeking through late in the day with just a 20% chance of rain and highs will top out around 80 and if you are making your plans for friday night high school football are game will be nash central and kickoff temperatures for the football games about 78. it's been a lot warmer so far this year. the second half temperatures about 74 degrees.
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front and we have a few were 76 week before we level off and 80 by wednesday and thursday and overnight lows next week in the low 60s. we want to check back in with r david hurst on the breaking news in charlotte. >> the curfew taken effect. are the streets clear right now?>> reporter: we are still here about three minutes now passed the curfew and as you can see, protesters still in the streets and still marching we just received word that two officers had been injured after they were sprayed with a chemical agent by demonstrators. protester still in the streets and we are still not seeing any real violence like what we saw the past two nights. they still remain peaceful. it is still unclear as to how police officers are going to affect this curfew which is been in place for about three minutes. as you can see, still people in the streets and still people
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police officers will do anything to enforce this curfew.
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will let are wanted that's been the question all day regarding the panthers as an will the ongoing protest forced the panthers to move this weekend's home game or wanted to ask you guys have seen the images. it is clearly scary to watch and dangerous to be around.
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officials met to discuss the increase agree measures that will be in place at this home game. the idea of relocating the game was also briefly discussed but they announced they will keep the game in charlotte. if you asked the players, this weekend's home game could be exactly with the city of charlotte needs. >> sport has a tremendous ability to bring people together. sport has a inability to give people break from the action. i think for our and the issues at hand, i think it is a symbol of what the game is rather than score and touchdowns. i think it is a lot more at play when the nfl takes the field on sunday. bigger than the game. >> we will have a crew this weekend with the panthers. the only game on the schedule tonight involve the local guide the texans versus the patriots. jacoby brissett got his first
12:08 am
he called his own number and takes off down the right sideline. right there into the inside he scores from 27 yards out. that was the longest line for a newly england were back in the past 40 seasons. he led the patriots to a win and they took home 27-0. this is kind of like our early version of the plates. kicks off with the battle. it was raining hard down at the high school. north johnson. already up 6-0. then it was time for them to shine. danny morales got that type of loss and south johnson gets the win and they take this one 27- 6. our high school game of the week will feature one of the
12:09 am
much as it motivates them. >> that's what i tell the kids every week. the last year we had a really good team and we got a good team this year. we will get everybody's been shot so hopefully we are ready to play. >> that by speaking has been at the high school for 29 years. he had a yearly -- losing season back in 1988 and has not had another one since. th
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charlottes curfew is in effect.>> david hurst are keeping an eye on things and we are now 12 minutes into the curfew and people are still on the streets.>> reporter: are still out here marching and protesting. we really haven't seen any arrest or any police activity to drive them away. if you take a look up the street, you will see people marching through uptown and does not seem like there is any signs of stopping. we have seen people go home. they have opened traffic up. this is where you saw images yesterday of tear gas, police
12:13 am
scene today as it turned out to be a lot more peaceful than it has been the past two nights. you can see maybe here the national guard has been brought in and the governor bought in the national guard to help after the police chief requested the help. there is also additional troopers and it is evident that there are more police officers here and a bit more of a police presence. that is a reason why peaceful. we will continue to sell here and monitor the situation. no signs of police working to move people out of the streets or to bring them into custody because of the curfew. we will continue to monitor the situation. david hurst, cbs, north carolina. >> we looked it up and if you do break curfew it could be a second misdemeanor, which means
12:14 am
eye on things tonight. >> it is going to be an interesting scene down there and on the one traveling out there on sunday so usually i'm just so focus on what's going on the field but maybe i will be looking on the stadium.>> how about the weather? >> that always plays into what's going on in our society and they have not been getting the rain that we've been north carolina starting to fade away.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: anthony anderson , man, thanks so much for being back here. >> always a pleasure being here. >> stephen: i had so much fun with you last time, i thought it would be fun if you and i did a >> really? >> stephen: oh yeah, it would be perfect. i'd play the straight-laced guy who's two days from retirement, and you'd be the younger guy who's a loose cannon. >> why am i the loose cannon? >> stephen: because, i'll play the reasonable by-the-book kind of cop, and you're unhinged. >> so, i'm the crazy cop? >> stephen: yes! totally deranged! >> so again, why am i the crazy cop? >> stephen: it's obvious, i'm like the normal guy who has put his time in, and you're, you know, a complete nut-job.
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good, a hint of menace. >> what!? i don't know what the hell you're talking about! >> stephen: perfect! you're the kind of cop who can fly off the handle at any second! you're mentally deranged! >> i'm going to punch you in your face! >> stephen: that's good! >> thanks. >> stephen: perfect. i think we got it. >> got it? speaking of that, did i get it? >> stephen: what? the part. >> stephen: oh, yeah, yeah, you're in. thank you very much. >> okay. hey, have your people call my people. >> stephen: what do you mean "your people"? who run hollywood that give the black guys a job. >> stephen: oh, i'll have them give you a call. >> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert. tonight stephen welcomes anthony anderson, mark consuelos and the kills and jon batiste and "stay human." now from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen
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>> stephen: hey chris! hey paul! hey mark! what's going on? ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: whoo! good to see you, jon. >> jon: good to see you. >> stephen: hey! welcome to "the late show." i'm so glad you're here. ( cheers and applause ) thank you so much. thanks, everybody. welcome to "the late show." i'm your host, stephen colbert. i'm so glad you're here in the studio. you're here in the audience watching from home. it's great to be with people you like and with friends. the news for the last 24 hours
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and the governor of north carolina has declared a state of emergency in charlotte. the shooting of african americans by police officers and the community outrage that follows seems to keep happening over and over again no matter how many times we do nothing. at times like these, it's hard to know what to say. but it's easy to know what not to say. unless you're "u.s.a. today" columnist and psychic you hired from craigslist, glenn reynolds. last night, he tweeted a picture of protestors in traffic with the caption, "run them down. ( audience reacts ) wow! that is such a terrible tweet that it made "u.s.a. today's" worst tweet infographic. ( laughter ) now, these protests turned violent last night, and i just wish there was some sort of respectful, silent, civil protest that people could engage in that wouldn't enrage the
12:21 am
nope. that's not gonna work either. in fact, since colin kaepernick started the trend of taking a knee during the national anthem, he's become the most disliked player in the n.f.l. a second-string quarterback hasn't been this hated since, steve "hurtlin' hitler" rhineheart. pretty good player, though. >> jon: could run the blitz. >> stephen: i understand why some people are watch football as an escape from the harsh realities of life, unless you're a cleveland browns fan. well, in the face of continued heartbreaking racial strife, all eyes turn to civil rights icon, the reverend doctor donald trump. ( laughter ) yesterday, reverend trump reached out to the black community at two events in ohio. both were at black churches. well, one of them was technically a black church
12:22 am
i haven't seen so many white people replacing black people since... brooklyn? and last night in a town hall, -- lovely community. last night, in a town hall, trump offered a solution to black on black violence. >> there is been a lot of violence in the black community. what would you do to stop black >> one of the things i would do is stop and frisk. i think you have to >> stephen: that's a bad idea. not only has it been found unconstitutional, if trump's doing the frisking, it'll take him hours with those tiny hands. ( cheers and applause ) there's been a lot of racial unrest recently, and you'd have
12:23 am
for all of it. and luckily, one trump campaign chair in ohio is just that idiot. >> if you're black and you haven't been successful in the last 50 years, it's your own fault. >> i don't think there was any racism until obama got elected. we never had problems like this. >> stephen: that's right, there was no racism until barack obama was elected! martin luther king didn't just have a dream, the whole thing was just an hallucination. ( laughter by the way, look at the interviewer's reaction to what she's saying. yeah. that has to be the world's worst "that's really racist" poker face. ( laughter ) miller thinks she knows the root of the black community's problems. >> we have three generations all
12:24 am
>> stephen: shameful-- unwed babies! babies who aren't married! ( laughter ) you should always marry your baby to another baby on the day it's born. that way, they always remember their anniversary because it's the same as their birthday! come on! ( cheers and applause ) now, say hi to jon batiste and stay human, everybody. ? ? happy birthday ? ? oh happy birthday ? >> stephen: we have a great show for you guys tonight. please, also, when you're home and you people watching now, please join us for tomorrow night's show because my guest will be the one, the only mr. bruce springsteen.
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>> stephen: legally i could not continue with the show till you yelled "bruce." thank you very much. folks, it is officially fall, when the leaves change color, my diet is 95% pumpkin spice, and the world series is just around the corner. we're coming up on the start of the 2016 m.l.b. playoffs, the world series of not quite being the world series. and since i'm from south carolina, i'm rooting for my home team: the chicago cubs ( cheers and applause ) now, if you've followed baseball for the last 108 years, you know that the cubs have long struggled to make it to the post season. in fact, when i lived there they were like that awkward dork you knew back in high school, because it's a miracle if either of them gets to first base. but now the cubbies have the best record in baseball. and it's not just the talent on
12:26 am
the stands: the ticket takers, the ushers, and the vendors. and last weekend, i was invited to come to chicago to give one of these brave weenie slingers the day off. jim, let's play ball. ? i headed to wrigley field home of chicago cubs where i met veteran rocco. pushing hot dog beef. >> it has the sterno to keep the hot dogs hot. >> stephen: flames in there. yeah, there's a sterno in front of it. >> stephen: like this? right, right, and hook it up. >> stephen: like i'm hooking on a machine gun, basically. >> right. >> stephen: i'm going to fire the hot dog straight into their mouths. >> if you can do it. not your back. use your legs.
12:27 am
( laughter ) >> stephen: how many dogs are in here, 1500? >> there is 15. >> stephen: these are heavy. this box is warm and it is resting right up against, shall we say, my vienna beef. ( laughter ) how many hours have i had this on? about 90 seconds. ow often will i be able to take a break to get arthroscopic surgery on my spine? >> you're wearing it all day. don't lean on it. >> stephen: rocco. don't do that. i'm ready to start selling. i just have to do one thing first. >> all right. m? >> stephen: my name's donny. let's go sell some dogs. first i hit the field to work on high speed hot dog delivery with
12:28 am
? ? ? >> stephen: now i was ready to press the flesh and move some meat. hot dogs!
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c'mon, step up! who wants a hot dog? get your hot dogs while you can. life is short. who wants a hot dog? come on, just cstch it. oh! that's $6.50! okay. you got it? >> get ready! >> stephen: hey! you guys want some meat in your mouth? come on! hot dog. all i have is hot dogs. my life. i've driven away everyone who loved me. ice cold hot dogs! >> the contest? >> stephen: give me $6.50, i'll give you a hot dog. >> ain't hot dog. >> stephen: take this dog down to intestine town. it's what it's made of! >> hey! >> stephen: what do you mean? you guys are cute. you guys party? >> a little bit. >> stephen: a little bit. what are you doing after the
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panel van parked on lakeshore drive. want to come with me? >> yeah. >> stephen: great, maybe we'll make a donny sandwich. go>> hot dog, prewrapped. >> stephen: there you go, man. chicago owes you a lot. sthats $6.50. take a little bit of the dog, between your cheek and gum. ? ? ? >> stephen: i'm sorry. would you hold that for a second? thank you very much. that's $6.50. can't take it back. you touched it. two for $15. thanks very much. ( laughter ) thanks, man. thanks very much. perfect.
12:31 am
( laughter ) there you go. all right. all right. let's go, cubbies! how are ya? everybody wants to hug and kiss the hot dog guy, all right? we're having a party. want to come? >> yes. >> stephen: i'll bring the beef, you bring the buns. a ho who needs a hot dog? ? ? >> stephen: that is nice. i could paint a fence with that. ?
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>> stephen: get your hot dogs right here! hot dogs! get your hot dogs right here! >> you've done a great job but you're done man is that don't take me out. i'm not tired. i can do this. >> i know, but you've done a great job. appreciate it. thanks, brother. thank you. >> stephen: go cubbies! ( cheers and applause ) i want to send a big thank you to wrigley field and the chicago cubs-- check them out in the playoffs! fingers crossed-- it could be their first world series in over a hundred years. or, roughly, the shelf life of one hot dog. we'll be right back with anthony anderson.
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? ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, welcome back, everybody! welcome back to "the late show" already in progress. my first guest tonight stars in one of the "black-ish" shows on television. please welcome anthony anderson! ( cheers and applause ) ? >> appreciate that, big man! appreciate you getting up for me! thank you very much, sir! >> stephen: of course i'm


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