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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  September 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. big developments in charlotte, another night of protests. this comes hours after police released video in that fader -- they told officer involved shooting. keith scott was killed on tuy. speaking out after the release of the video. steve cutler -- amy cutler has more on all of that. >> reporter: it's another night of protests, people taking to the streets. a live look right now, they are calling for full release of the videos. police have just released part of them. it is a smaller group of people then passed evening then they
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you can hear officers telling keith scott to drop the gun. you then see him get out of the white suv, backup and in the gunshots rang out. the body camara video gives you a different perspective. you can see an officer go around the suv. scott is already on the ground. both provide new insight into this fatal police involved shooting but neither of them tell the full story. the most complete puzzle that we can without trying the case out in public. >> reporter: this is a photo of the gun that police say they recovered on the scene. it says -- they say it has scott 's dna and fingerprints. the timeline of events that unfolded that tuesday afternoon was released as well. they say they saw scott with marijuana and then later he held up a gun and repeatedly
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authorities explained when he got out of the suv, an officer perceived his actions as is and -- as an imminent threat and shot him. >> this will give you an refutable evidence that the facts we started with other facts that remain. >> we are left with far more questions then we have answers. >> reporter: scott's family held a press conference after the release of at escalated that quickly. they say the video shows scott was not aggressive. sumac what that video shows and what you should know is he was an american citizen who deserved a better. that is our position and that should be yours. >> reporter: protesters gathered for the fifth day in marshall park and then took to the streets. they are demanding accountability is this
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are on the move. i want to mention the state of emergency which remains in effect. there's also that curfew of midnight. in the past the police have not been clearing the streets at midnight because the protesters have been peaceful. we're not sure what the situation will be tonight. at this point, the protests have in peaceful. live in charlotte, amy cutler a girl was extradited -- deported. >> reporter: she was sent back to el salvador on friday. >> that was so hard, hearing and finding out that she had actually been deported >> reporter: reporting to --
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el salvador was murder by gang members. this is the teacher where she attended. support had to be given silently for months because portillo hernandes had received death threats and they wanted to afford attention. -- avoid attention. >> it wasn't worth the risk until they really realized it was a very dire situation. >> reporter: the fire -- family al >> by the time we found out that her family was interested in doing whatever it took to get ingrid out because that is what she wanted, it was too late. >> reporter: portillo hernandes was deported friday but her friends are not giving up on her. >> whatever we can do from here, just hoping that in the meantime she is safe
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janavel wcnc of -- wncn. just before 1:00 this morning there was a fatal shooting. joshua brockington was charged with first-degree murder. christopher merson -- molson was pronounced dead at the scene with multiple gunshot wounds. no bond. new developments to bring you about breaking news that we gave you yesterday afternoon. raleigh police have arrested a man in connection with a shooting on milk branch road. cbs carolina -- north carolina has more. the voices are altered. >> 911. >> i'd been shot. [ muffled audio ] [ shouting ] >> 23-year-old travis malloy
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a gunshot wound to the head. authorities have charged 25- year-old anthony neil who use on the screen earlier with a solid adeptly -- assault with a deadly weapon. one was for the passenger who was not her. the investigation is ongoing. there was no word on the victims -- victim's condition. a fatal motorcycle accident occurred yesterday evening sometime before 6:00. 40-year-old carl caps struck the right side of the car and later died in the hospital. the preliminary investigation shows he was traveling at a high speed. drugs or alcohol are not being considered a factor at this time. no charges have been filed. authorities have launched an investigation into the death of the fort bragg soldier who was found dead at his home on based on wednesday. the georgia native was on active duty since 2000 and was assigned to fort bragg last year.
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positive influence on his tears. than it was 40 desarrollo work it was a hot day for late september today that things are cooling-off soon. we now turn youtube stormteam meteorologist bill rate -- reh. >> are you a fan of warm weather ? to i am. >> so far -- >> i am. durham. temperatures are in the 70s right now, 59 in boone. let me check to see if that's right. the clouds to the north of us are a cold front that is going to drop in tonight and it will bring some clouds and muggy conditions with it. the lows
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fayetteville. when you wake up sunday morning we will be at about 70, i am looking at that low to be at about 7 am just before sunrise. it won't warm up much they did a -- through the day. it will be somewhat muggy. a few showers to the north and a couple of those light bits of rain could be here during the day, but it doesn't look like we will see anyt spraying -- spreading. it will be much cooler tomorrow was all. as we look at the last precious days of september, we will see what the weather will be. >> i can take a breeze, cold weather not so much. some of the best chefs showed up for a cookoff with a cause. this is to benefit the melanoma foundation. the foundation was formed after
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working to raise awareness, influence a firefighter to get check for cancer. >> the people who work outside are at much higher risk for developing skin cancer and melanoma. as a foundation we decided we would host this fire in the hold chili cookoff. all of the proceeds go to firehouses. >> reporter: -- >> there were fire trucks on world in johnson county. saint ann's -- saint ann's is a diverse community and many countries are represented, honduras, china , and many more. >> i have not delved deeply into the hispanic foods and i have been to 2 or 3 of the different boots and they have
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>> organizers estimate that more than 4000 people showed up. they say they are already planning for next year's event. hundreds to part today in the annual saint jude walk run to end child cancer in raleigh. the walk run was one of many held throughout the state. runners say the chance to help saint jude makes the running worth it >> this is one of the great things to do. it really helps. >> the goal was to raise $120,000. they raise more than $77,000 as of this evening. a historic event in washington dc tonight, the gala to open a new african-american museum. a unique and fun way to help
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in the last hour washington state police have confirmed that the gunmen in the fatal shooting of five people in the hall is light has been arrested. the man pictured here when into the cascade mall in burlington washington friday night and
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hid in changing rooms. he arrived unarmed according to video and then arrived at macy's 10 minutes later with a hunting style rifle. the victims range from teenagers to senior citizens. the american museum of african american culture has opened. president oba dedicated the museum before a crowd of thousands on the mall. >> african-american history is not somehow separate from our larger american story. it's not the underside of the american story. it is central to the american story. >> [ applause ] >> dignitaries including oprah winfrey and will smith helped
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this showcases for centuries of black history -- four centuries of black history. one of our own was the architect. the lgbt kima -- lgbtq community is [ indiscernible ] officer charles vaughn junior will serve in a brand-new position and prominence to -- promises to help the community with lgbtq issues. >> i think it shows progressive thinking that the durham police department is being inclusive to the community in general. it tells you that the lgbt community matters and they are acknowledged. >> this will go from 10:00 in
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christmas is several months away but for some organizations of planning starts now. santa can always use helpers. the bicycle man is getting a big boost from the local mcdonald's. all of the donations are going to the organization from the spike drive a major check was presented to the group. all of this will help you moses mattheus program stay alive. this effort was begun years a has kept in this going forward. >> they got in touch with me and partner with me about a month ago and i am very humbled and honored to have them do that for me. i am so appreciative. it's a good thing when somebody appreciates or recognizes a good thing that you have done. >> so far the bicycle man has collected more than 600 bikes with 20 more still needing to be
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says she needs many more. for more information, go to a major tournament is being hosted at the airbounce. this is a dog sport where dogs race in 4 dog relay teams. the organizer says it is fun for owners and pets alike. >> we always say this is like a kegger for dog sport t their owners. there's a lot of speed and fun involved. >> the event is free and open to the public and it is at the holes house or building you seem to be pretty interested in this. maybe you can do this tomorrow. >> i don't have a dog. i've got a cat. but you can't tell cats what to do. the weather will cooperate. it's a good day to get out
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a lot of sun however. here's what you need to know for the rest of the month, no more hot 90 degrees days, three cheers for that. there will be a cold front coming through really early on sunday morning. by the time you get up, it should be settling to the south. there will be another cold front on tuesday and there is a slight chance of rain on sunday or monday, a little bit of thunder is possible and best chance of showers will be on tuesday. the clouds will cr roxborough 68, 76 fayetteville, 72 south hill, virginia. it will be a slow fall overnight. look at this hunk of clouds in virginia. the frontal system is still getting ready to cross our state bordering go to the south of the clouds are failing in behind it as the air cools. the atmosphere then tries to squeeze every moisture. in terms of clouds, we will
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for the rays of sunshine, not a big number at all. it will be a 2 as we get more sun to the south in the north. this will be pretty cloudy for most of us. little chance of light rain at 6:00 a.m., 70 degrees, into the late morning and afternoon hours, we will have a slight chance of a shower, temperatures in the 70s and the highs, except for the sandhills will become stuck in the mid- 70s, a huge change from but not anything like today, pinehurst 81, winds out of the northeast tomorrow with a slight chance of rain. look at the rain from the coastal plains, 73 broken node -- roanoke rapids, 78 smithfield, in the triangle, 74 chapmanville, 75 durham, 76
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-- the tropics are changing and all for the better for us. tropical storm karl northeast of the meter will lose -- bermuda will miss its tropical characteristics in the harmless. the huns -- the hurricane center is done with it. it doesn't even have any clouds associated with it. it's harmless. here comes the cold front, the on the map and a little bit of spring collectivity, a little bit of sun peeks out to the south that generally cloudy. not much change for money, still in the 70s, could see a little bit of light rain in the morning and a shower in the afternoon. as we head into tuesday, we will get near 80 and the showers and possibly a storm will occur. high pressure will build in for the rest of the week. 76 degrees tomorrow and in honor of todd gibson, we will
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but i missed it -- it will be in the 80s tomorrow for the panthers. here's your 50% chance of showers and storms, lingering shower on wednesday and look at those 70s. todd gibson, that is some good foot tall weather -- football weather. go ahead and celebrate coach, you deserve it. duke shocks the fighting iris
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ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either. few people expected the duke-notre dame game to come down to of the bill -- to a field goal. he hadn't made a field goal all year long. daniel jones connects with chambers giving duke a 21-14
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32 yards and the devils led 28- 21 the break. now late in the fourth quarter, duke trailed. nash and jones will strike again, check out this play. a 64-year-old -- 64 yard pitch and catch. time is running down. a.j. reed gets his first of the year after missing three straight, a 21. underdog, duke wins dame, stunning the irish 38-35. how did you do it, coach? >> i think our program. our young people, i tell them, you are the program. i think our program is strong. >> what a win for the duke blue devils. they welcome virginia next saturday. midway through the fourth quarter having never led in the game -- football is a full 60 minute game.
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here is a program tying 16 catch day, 453 yards and 5 touchdown passes as well. he completes 3 fourth-down passes on the final drive alone. this one went for 13 yards. that sets up a final play. here's howard with to go -- two second by. that was the >> i'm going to make this play. he threw a great hall and if only i could get it i wouldn't let it drop. >> that was a seething saving -- season saving game-winning play.
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the pirates found that out today. right off the bat, punt return, here is the ball on the 13 yard line and he makes it all the way through the defenders, 87 yards for the score on this play in the hoagie -- hokey special teams were just warning out -- warming up. here's the red zone woes continuing. here's the pond which leads to another hokey -- hokie touchdown and they are swamped 54-17. >> bears all things defense and special teams. we just didn't get it done. >> central florida, check this
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