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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  September 28, 2016 5:30am-5:59am EDT

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israeli president and noble prize winner peres. >> good morning, everyone. thanks for watching north carolina news. >> good morning to you. thanks for tuning in. we have your morning news and a check on traffic. we also have your forecast. good morning, ace list is awhris is alyssa. >> seeing a lot of cloud to ground lightning. take a look at. this our satellite composite. some on and off again showers. but really the storm that's making the most noise is up around next america mecklenburg county. still at 70 in raleigh, clayton and rocking mount. 67 in henderson and roxboro. the day ahead and we're looking at a passing shower.
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mild and muggy at noon. 76 and a few storms possible throughout the afternoon. some of these storms could bring us some gusty winds. the breakdown on that storm threat coming up. right now though send it over to you guys >> . some breaking news to get to right now. the sheriff's office is now investigating an early morning shooting call. >> cbs north carolina's lauren -- live there at the scene with what she's learned from overnight. lauren? someone being shot. we're told the incident happened on the 300 block of mckay drive. they had this street blocked off for several hours but cleared the scene around 5:00 this morning. we have called the sheriff's office and we're waiting for a call back to learn more about the victim's condition or if they've made any arrests. we've also spoken to highway patrol. officers say they helped
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details on this reported shooting that happened off mckay drive in har nick county. of course, bring you those details as soon as possible on air and online. live in harnick county. >> a man's expect in court today facing charges in a deadly shooting. they charged him with mud and the death of erin jacobs. he was found in a car along capitol boulevard and hospital. >> orange county man accused for a murder -- tried to hire someone to kill the significant other of an exgirlfriend after receiving some information authorities tell us they set up an undercover poarptions. they arrested him at the petro mart. authority ms say that was where they were supposed to exchange money. he's charged with solicitation
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>> a san diego -- the police chief says the man was not armed but pulled an object and -- still taken from the cell phone and the man appears to have both hands on the object and to be poin ing it toward one of the officers. now that prompted one of the officers to open fire. the man died at the hospital. the shooting sparked protest for several a traffic stop. that's when the driver put the car in reverse and ran a patrol suv. another officer says he saw the suspect raise a handgun and the officer fired his gun at the suspect. the driver is currently in the hospital. at last check he's in critical condition no. officers were injured though. police took the passenger to the car into custody.
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that car. the charlotte police department after a suspicious package forced an evacuation at the department's headquarters. sources tell our sister station that the package contained a cell phone, flashlight and a bulb. it took nearly four hours to secure the scene which they were moving the package by robot. police are not releasing anymore details but we update you once we found out more. >> scheduled to take place in response to the officer-involved charlotte. according to student body president elliot johnson students will rally at noon today at the student center on campus to protest discrimination and police brutality. >> today the beau bergdahl case will continue. he walked off the post in 2009 and held captive by the taliban until 2014. he was had released and the obama administration swapped him for guantanamo bay detainees.
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sentence. his trial set to start in february. general robert abrahms said no one fleunlsed his decisions about the bergdahl case. his defense argued a abrahms should be disqufd because he was fleumsed by comments made by john mccain. senator mccapable said he would hold a congressional hearing if he was not punished during his trial. those did not affect his decision to send to a gene a unc football player is defending himself. allen artist told the associated press that he consensual sex and did not drug her. the junior linebacker has passed a polygraph test and eeg tore get the case behind him. he turned himself in on misdemeanor charges. he's expected to be in court tomorrow and cbs north carolina plans to speak with him after that
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it's 5:35 on this wednesday. a very quiet one out there on the roads. i-440 at lake boone trail. moving moving pretty well in our maps. don't show much. if you're heading on 440, 540. roads look good. a little bit of rain out there. fur traveling through the wilmington area be careful. but otherwise, roads look pretty good. 95 corridor looking well. no excuse to get to work time. u.s. 1 from 540 to downtown. 12 minutes on 70 from i-540 to downtown on 40, i-540 about 21. back outside now. to i-8 o 5 at orange county line. where you can see there are a few people out there. nothing slowing you down on your way into work at 5:36 this morning. russ? >> all right. thanks a lot. later on cbs north carolina what the wade county sheriff says he needs or else he's pulling school
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campuses. >> in just 4 minutes. ? [ music ] >> it's o.k. this morning. go ahead and tap your toes. bluegrass feas have in downtown raleigh. >> let's get to the temperatures. 66 right now in oxford and roxboro. south hill an area that's seeing ra inthis morning. you're reporting 68. i will let you know how long you need the umbrella
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days. space x is planning to make an unmanned trip. 2024. what do you think? >> only a 30 day trip. sure. why not? you going to go with me? >> i've got things to do. >> i'm not going by myself. shaw university from downtown raleigh. the top of the buildings disappearing. a dreary start to the morning. even some showers for some of you. right now wee 60s by 7 a.m. we're back into the low 70s. 72 by k-9d 9:00 this morning. most of us on the dry side but the area that is seeing the wet weather is certainly seeing some stormy weather. take a look at. this hard to even tell but that does say chase city behind some heavy rain. some thunder, some lightning. going to wake several people up. just north of clarksville.
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hill area. heavy rain expected with this. thunder, lightening as we get our wednesday morning started. 7 miles in raleigh. 6 in durham. just a few miles around henderson. 4 in south hill. so keep in mind this is at the reporting sites. some of the outlying areas could certainly be dealing with some reduced visibility and you need to slow down if you run into those conditions. planning your day ahead. 76 at lunchtime and looking at the po back to 76 by 6 p.m. this evening. still the chance for storm tomorrow. walk you through that forecast in about 10 minute. russ? ? [ music ] the world of bluegrass festival gets underway friday. psmss from the likes of the
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funeral arrangements are underway for former israeli president. a look at his life and legacy in just 2 minutes. and cbs north carolina was there when a rocky mount woman was reunited with her toddler after someone
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to find out if anyone was hurt. >> and more breaking news from overnight a black man shot by police officers in a san diego suburb has died. the police chief said the man was not armed but had pulled out an object from his pocket and poin ed it
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clinton campaigns with bernie sanders in new hampshire today. while trump ral list support in illinois, iowa and wisconsin. going head to head in a record- setting presidential debate on monday. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will hold a special meeting. the form israeli president passed away at the age of 93. she suffered a stroke two weeks ago. his son confirmed his death in a kenneth craig from new york. >> the face of israel for more than half a century. he held just about every senior political office and was twice elected israeli prime minister. born in belarus his family immigrated to what was then the palestinian mandate in 1934 when he was just 11. a job as secretary on a farm led him into politics.
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israel's secret nuclear program. a champion of peace with the palestinians he worked with political rival to strike a peace accord. it was signed -- earned them the noble peace prize >> a permanent settlement and with all our neighbors, piece. >> just hours before suffering a stroke, peres posted a facebook video to buy locally-made products. he promoted his country and its people to the very end. kenneth craig, cbs news. >> president obama says the death of peres means a light has gone out. the light he gave us will burn forever. the aid says his body will lie
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information for parents. >> that's not an out and out lie. i'll tell anybody that. it's safety of these kids and for these parents to realize what's going in the schools. >> he's meeting to discuss the sros. >> high winds cause some major problems in phoenix, arizona. they gusted and kicked up dust there prompting advisory for several cities. can't see in front of ou here at all. >> thankfully. we do see thunderstorms in september and octoberment and l -- let's go ahead and dive right into it. we start off our morning. some of you waking town some cloudy -- up to some cloudier conditions. another dreary one throughout our wednesday morning. i want to show you big picture this morning as show you why we're dealing with some wet weather. remember that cold front
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it's going to hang there for the next few days. clouds continue as this is overhead. afternoon storms as well. these area of low pressure along this going to give us that increased chance as we heads toward today, possible as we heads toward tomorrow as well. here's our satellite radar composite. most of us waking towm dry conditions. we've seen that shower. down around the sand hills but for the most part this morning it is what's happening in mecklenburg county that's really lightning up the sky today. chase city. take a look at this. even hard to see the writing of the city name. a lot of cloud to ground lightning there. some loud thunder. heavy downpours. this is all heading into the south hill direction. south hill you've already seen one shower and storm this morning. another one on the way. watch for some water to pond on the roadways as these heavy downpours continue. as far as the visibility is concerned five miles in louisburg and smithfield. not bad there. 7 here in raleigh. a mile and a half around portions of lee county.
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down. what could slowdown down is 3 miles in vance county toward henderson. 73 at 10 a.m. this morning. 76 at noon. just a small chance for a shower throughout the morning hours. duo we do increased chances of rain. 78 our afternoon high. some could bring gusty wind. i want to talk first about the timing and you can see 8 a.m. this morning an ol more showers and storms develop this afternoon. remember, that frontal boundary hanging over ahead. and into our thursday. the wet weather continues for us. so remember it doesn't matter if you're seeing the wet weather or not this morning. you still need to pack the umbrella with you. damaging wind gusts. some small hail possible. a marginal risk which means the storms are short
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of our area. so pay attention this afternoon as i do think that will be the best time frame to see some storms. 66 in henderson right now. 07 in rayford. fayetteville is at 69. across raleigh and durham. 83 in fayetteville. then overnight tonight, we will fall to near 67. pretty mild temperatures again the potential for a shower or storm there. so if you are going to be traveling throughout the upper 70s as we head toward thursday and friday. smaller rain chances for us and then still that upcoming weekend. looks great for fall. it'll be the first weekend of october. 77 saturday. 78 sunday as morning temperatures start in the upper 50s. let's get to allie. she's tracking the morning accident. >> good morning dwoasm have a problem out there. i-40 at clayton bypass and an accident with an
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way. it's causing some people to rubber neck. otherwise roads look good. show you what it look like as you travel through raleigh. no accidents. take you a little farther south. that rain. we do have some ponding out only the roadways. so be careful as you head out the door. eventually 95. through fay yetville no problems to report to you there and look at your southbound lane drive i-540 todowntown. just about 12 minutes there. outside of i-40 at fayetteville street an area much quieter than the clayton bypass. things are moving well. a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. coming up film and tv legend morgan freeman. he directs and stars in sunday's season premier of madame every part of you is strong.
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so smile with strength.
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i'm going first. no you're not, you went first last time. why are those lines on my floor? a distance contest. i already made it from this line.
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because they say she was driving a stolen car. they say she managed to escape the patrol car d they did find her though in goldsboro three days later still in the handcuffs. hundreds of people lined up in raleigh to get their criminal records exponged. a new law allows people with nonviolent criminal history to apply to get their records exponged. for years people suffer for a mistake they made in the past and they get lost in the system and don't know how to get back on their feet.
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knowledge. and so it's all about educating ourselves. we can no longer look for somebody else to bring us out of what we're in. we got to start within ourselves. >> she also says she plans to have several other events this week where people can sign up. >> a 2-year-old girl is safe after a more than so 10--hour ordeal. >> this was a follow up to a story we brought to you as breaking news yesterday morning. rocky mount police say her mother while the child was in the backseat. they found the suv just before 11:00. just a few miles away from the house with the girl still safe inside it. cbs north carolina was there when the family got to see the little girl for the first time. >> it was love at first sight all over again. like, i don't know. that's my world, like, he's just -- so many tears to my eyes. i was so happy that she was
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it was just unbelievable. >> did the police tell you whether she was asleep in the car or what? >> they didn't release any information to me yet about how she was. i was so happy she was safe. >> looking for a suspect. call police if you have any information. >> 5:57 now. we continue to follow breaking news in harnick county. an early manufacture morning shooting call. >> and coming up, the told us from overnight. stay with us.
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