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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  September 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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you're both at 69 and sanford 6. as you're making plans some patchy fog out the door at 8 a.m.. a small chance for a shower throughout the morning. this this afternoon. 8 our amp high. we could see some gusty winds with those storms. something we'll be watching closely heading into the afternoon as we fall back to near 76 by 6 p.m. this evening. look like tomorrow could be equally as wet. i will have a closer look at that forecast and a chance for storms in just about 10 minutes watch back to you guys. >> following some breaking news from harnick county. a shooting call that came in just a few hours ago.
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there at the scene. what else have you found out this morning >> we learned earlier this morning that a 9-1-1 call came in as a report of a shooting. somebody had been shot. the incident happened around the 300 block of mckay drive. that's in the anderson creek area. cleared the sea around 5:00 this morning. we have called the harnick county sheriff's office and the victim's condition. arrests. we've also spoken to highway patrol. officer said they helped the incident but we are still continue to gather details while we still have very minimal details. soonls we learn more information here in harnick county we'll pass that information along. live in harnick county. cbs north carolina. >> thank you. lauren. looking ahead a man accused of hiring a hitman will make his first court appearance today.
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uncovered. >> orange county authorities say brian allen was arrested monday for trying to set up the murder of the person his exgirlfriend was daylighting. the native was caught during an undercover operation. he was arrested and taken into custody after exchanging money with investigators. he tells nbc north carolina that authorities were communicating with allen on and off for about five weeks after getting a tip about his intentio. solicitation to commit murder. he was placed in jail on bond. he's scheduled to make his first court appearance today. north carolina will have an update later on in the day. thank you. also happening today the man accused in a deadly shooting in raleigh will make his first court appearance.
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finding two men who broke into a downtown business. the raleigh raw juice bar. police say it happened early sunday morning. authorities believe at least one of the suspects is known as drew. they stole money, laptops, ipads and clothing with the business' but today actor shawn aston is campaigning for hillary clinton here in north carolina. during a visit in fayetteville he will talk about clinton's plan to build an economy for everyone not just people at the top. he's going to encourage people to register to vote. he be at the campaign office on rayford road at noon today. >> both candidates are wasting no time getting back on the campaign trail. later today, hillary clinton is speaking about her
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vermont senator after being in raleigh yesterday. but on tuesday, clinton's first visit at wake tech she spoke about the minimum rage and increasing profit sharing as well many donald trump is rallying support today. good morning. it's 6:0 on this wednesday morning. a crash at i-440. the shoulder blocked here right by u.s. 70. moderate delays. we take you into durham. no problems to report to you there. so far we're off to a good start. down through fayetteville. local roads to accident. if you're heading out the door to rtp and west on 540 going to take you about 33 minutes there from 40 tissue garner area to rtp. so pretty average for this time in the morning. outside now to i-540 at six
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people get up, get their coffee and head into work. luckily it's remained disentd free this morning. >> all right. 6:06 on your wednesday morning. it was once the stuff of sigh -- has to be done to make colonizing mars a reality. >> we lost a hear today and our members are all saddened. >> first responders across the country mourning the death of a new york firefighter. how officials say loss happened. and temperatures are pretty mild and muggy this morning. 65 right now siler city. the upper 60s. some of you will need the umbrellas again today.
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one hero was on a mission to save snack time. watch babybel in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese.
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three miles in henderson.
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concerns as you get ready to head out the door. so we're watching if that gets worse before it gets better. 70 at 8 a.m. 76 at noon. pretty muggy conditions there. a chance for shower or storms. 78 our afternoon high. we will be back to 76 by 6 p.m. gusty winds in the forecast later today and i'll highlight that storm threat coming up in your storm team forecast. right now back to you. >> thanks. new this mornin shutdown overnight because of this. an active forest fire. firefighters say the place naimed old 50 started around 9:00 just last night. since then, it's burned about 400 acres. wow. dozens now have to find new places to live after their apartment building was badly damaged. one resident in fact describes what happened the moment she realized something was wrong.
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building. i ran up the stairs trying to get everybody out. grand ma just starting screaming. i started screaming at the building like you guys saw and trying to get everybody out. i know all of the kids. i pretty much watch them every day. i wanted to make sure everybody got out all right. >> a good thing she did. the red cross has 44 people displaced. no injuries were reported. billionaire is revealing more information about his plans he believes the red planet will be colonized within the next 100 to 150 years. he plans to send the first humans by 2024. making rockets reusable is very important but reducing the cost of a mars trip. >> if we can get the cost of moving to mars to be
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house price in the u.s. which is around $200,000 then i think the probability of establishing a civilization is high. >> any mars colony will be able to grow crops and have the resources to send spaceships back to earth. >> a new york firefighter's killed inned line of duty. hear from officials about what they think happened and also this. >> have a completely different perspective than enforcement. >> law enforcement getting in on the drone craze. how authorities used one to
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after over 20 years in congress, senator richard burr has been making washington work...
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while his net worth has increased over 500%... making over $3.6 million. but it's not just that. on a bill to make insider trading by congressmen illegal, burr voted no, calling the law a waste of time. that's how 20 years in washington has changed richard burr.
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he died tuesday while reporting to a gas leak. they got sot scene but officials say that's when one of the homes sploadzed sending gri flying in every direction ssments was brought here as quickly as possible but he was not to be saved. facial say dozens with were hurt. the home was the site of a marijuana grow operation. they to have a man in custody in connection to this explosion. >> they're yetville police need your help this
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police believe it's one of two ground men who stormed in and shot a man in the leg. that man is now recovering a the hospital. in inwith information on where jefferson may be is urged so call crime stopper expwhrs. it was a emotional week as the -- outgoing chief harold medlocke. 300 there had been serve officer involved shooting and a high number of traffic stops but during his tenure as chief he's worked to improve relations with the community. he's proud of his accomplishments and legacy he's leaving behind. >> what i've tried -- i can't do it all. that i've done my part and i'm turning it over to
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tharys will build on the success that we have had. >> it starts the end of october anthony colely is taking over as interim chief. a hunter and his dog got stuck tuesday. he couldn't got out. he called 9-1-1. try to figure air lift the man and his dog to safety. that's forest gump. to be excited and happy but a couple in central park got extra incentive. he jogged right through their photo shoot. he con graduated they will and
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wedding shoot back in 1993 while he was filming forest gump. >> pretty cool. from the beginning of at marijuana to a proposal that almost didn't happen. he dropped ring. another fan spent half an inning looking for that ring. forget about any fly balls or homeruns or whatever they call them. fortunately for him they found it a yes. those are a good group of people there. can you imagine if this happened to you? >> i would say yes. >> it doesn't matter who it is was. they're going to drop it.
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we should do a poll in that >> you work on that. let's take a look. we are seeing some foggy conditions this morning. take a look at this. towards.nametown raleigh. just the tops of building disappearing. we've seen foggier mornings. just going to add to the dreariness of our morning as we get our day started. so the reason we are dealing with this wet weather and the dreary conditions again is because we had a cold front move through yesterday. we were talking a about at over the eastern portions of state and as that stationary front hangs out it will continue to bring us round after round of showers and potentially even some stormy weather. a few spotty showers throughout portions of eastern
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hill. you're finally start to see that rain. but at one point in time a lot of thund arien lightning out your windows. i'm sure that woke you up before the alarm clock did this morning. hour by hour we go today. more wet weather for us. make sure you have the umbrella. it's hard to remember when it's dry in the morning but take it with you today and
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fact. all is quiet. none of those storms that we've been tracking this morning are on the severe side. 69 in wilmington. 66 in sanford and looking northward wrapping up city by city. high of 78. we stay in the inner 70s. most of us starting to see drier condition and weekend looking great. first weekend in october with highs in the upper 70s. morning lows in the 50s.
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ride or a run to enjoy your weekend. just turning 6:2 it right now on this wednesday. let's check in with al lie. what's the lathe es on this early morning accident. >> still out there. blocking the shoulder. clayton bypass on u.s. 70. we do have heavy delays because of rubber necking plus it's that time of morning where it starts to pick up anyway. otherwise if you're traveling through the raleigh area roads look pretty good. that's the only incident we have out there. some showers as you travel traveling closer to fayetteville area. 85, 40. been pretty quiet morning out there. we take you to your drive times on 540 to u.s. 64. 17 minutes there. 440 there i-40 going to take you about 10. back outside to i-440 at lake boone trail where things are moving pritd well at 6:22 this morning.
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companies in the world is telling millions of people to return one of its products. details about that product. you need to look out for. >> a major insurer is trying to
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showing off the technology and a new and nissan showing off the self- driving car technology with self--driving chairs. so they actually can detect other chairs and move through lines. the bad news of all this is you can't actually buy one. they are only being sold at restaurants in japan. certainly though makes the brunch line a bit easier. >> that's something new for couch potatoes out there, jill. >> we're just all getting
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have a great day. >> what do you think of that? >> i don't know. i'm more of, you know -- i like the desks with the walking treadmills underneath. >> you're actually exercising. that's more my thing. >> i grie. it's kind of cool. >> time right now is 6:27. coming up more serious news. a police shooting has people protesting there this morning. how officials say the deadly confrontation began. >> plus before you head out the door this morning that full forecast when there's a little bit of rain where and when coming narrator: look up the facts on richard burr. the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns one-point-one million dollars. that's public record. and richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare.
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six billion." but seniors would pay nine percent more for medicare. richard burr is looking out for himself and the insurance industry... not you.
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i'm russ bowen. >> good morning. in harnick counties where they are investigating a double shooting. also a preview of a court appearance for an orange county man accused in a murder for hire plot. >> let's go to meteorologist with ma what we can
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according to portions of america less than werg county. it's moved out of that county. a few isolate showers. even some lightning now developing. watch out for that. maybe you're driving down 95 or waking up in rocky mount. that could impact your morning. let's get to the temperatures. it's 68 right now in louis burg 9 in wilmington and clinton to start off your went. halfway through workweek and we are going to start off on a dreary noatd. cloudy, patchy fog this morning. 69. we'll become at 76 at lunchtime. pretty mild and muggy. an isolated shower or two and the potential for storms this afternoon. some of those could bring gusty winds or some small hail. something we'll watching very
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afternoon hours. someone in custody it for the double shooting. >> two peopling with shot. we have confirmed with the heart nick county's sheriff office that one of th other person is in critical condition this morning. someone being shot in the 300 block. at least two people were shot. one person has died and another person is at the hospital in critical condition. we are countying to get more
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we expect some later on around 8:30 many th morning and continue to bring you that information online and on air. live in har nick county. cbs north carolina. cbs north carolina has more on this case. good morning. >> good morning, russ. the orange county sheriff's office says for about five weeks they were talk about with brian allen after authorities have his exgirlfriend's significant other killed. the sheriff tells cbs north carolina that allen was arrested. he was quicked of taking indecent thribts. allen's been charged with solicitation to commit murder. he's behind bars on a 500,000.
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and we will, of course, be following those proceedings and bring you the latest developments on air and online. this happened. police say they got a call from the suspect's sister says he was acting strangely. when they arrived they say the man did not listen to their commands. they also say he then pulled officer. police in phoenix say a man
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officials say it started when an officer pulled someone over near a gas station but the spotlight pulled his car in reverse and rammed it into the officer's car. another officer says he saw the suspect pull out a gun. he shot the suspect who was taken to the hospital in extremely critical condition this morning. no officers were hurt in that case. >> a scary evening in charlotte after a suspicious package caused officials to evacuate the city's ples headquarters. officials say an employee reported the package after finding it in the it took authorities 40 thowrs to use a bomb sniffing dog and a remote control robot. no one was hurt. the scare comes a week after the police shoot of keith scott which led to days of protests. >> let's take a look at traffic. >>ly. >> good morning. taking you clayton bypass. a crash out there on shoulder. you can see the flashing lights. it's causing some rubber necking plus all of the delays from the morning rush.
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raleigh area. other roads do rook pretty good. 540, 440, 40. moving well we do have a local road crash to let you know about. down through fayetteville. 95. no problems to report to you there. about 5 minutes on the freeway. nine minutes if you're taking nc55. 15 on u.s. 70. outsno aviation parkway. >> in view gives us a close look at the incident that led to an officer turning in his badge. >> plus this. >> israel and the world mourn the passing of former israeli president. a look back at his life. temperatures early on this wednesday right
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isolate storms in this direction as well. the latest cheak on your storm team forecast and the radar before you head out the [music] >> dr. stanley: we can understand and realize, it's through the gospel that you and i can be absolutely assured at what paul said when he said, "absent from the body, present with the lord." we don't have to fear death. it's through the gospel that our
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again not expecting to see much sunshine today. those clouds are certainly going to dominate our forecast. now the storm has finally moved out of south hill. some drier weather for the time being. the next chance is this afternoon. we've seen the showers develop. a few spotty showers across southern portions of franklin county and just north of spring hope and rocky mown we still have this area of some stronger rain. also some lightning from time to time associated with this. that's going to pass. look like 95 here shortly. be on the lookout for that. that's going to slowdown if you're traveling 95 in nash county. visibility not too bad but take a look at. this it's dropped to 4 miles in durham.
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around the sand hills you are reporting full visibility as we start off our wednesday. let's get to the bus stop forecast. some patchy fog. a stray shower early. 69 on the bus stop this morning and 78 our afternoon high. that's when we see the bigger chance for storms. so make sure the kiddos have the umbrella as they're heading out the door this morning. we'll show more wet weather thursday, rain showers should be wrapping up as we heads toward friday but highs will remain in the upper for the first weekend of october. more details on that come. russ? >> officials in greensboro releasing body camera video of a violent incident before a man and a police officer. they fund a man on the front porch. he said it was his mother's house and he was locked out but things escalated. >> o.k.
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like that, man. get off me, man. >> put your hands up. >> get off me, ma'am. >> put your hand up. what are you doing? they voted to pull his license. that means he will not be able to work as a north carolina police officer e again. finish ever for decades they were at odds but now that relationship is changing
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thousand of people had to be evacuated. >> some of the tourist had been found and being escorted back down the mountain. the 130 active volunteers that are in indonesia. it sits on the pacific ring of fire. new this morning the world is morning the loss of one of israel's founding father last night. in london with worldwide reaction to his death antelegacy that he leaves behind. >> with deep sorry weed by fair well to our beloved
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century. he was twice lectded prime minister and held every -- prime minister called pere is a true visionary. a championship with unity with the palestinians he helped secure a peace deal with egypt in 1993. >> we shald negotiate with you a permanent settlement and with all our neighbors comprehensive peace. >> famously signed at the white house earned peres the noble peace prize. president obama said a light has gone out but the hope he gave us will burn forever. bill clinton calls him a gene bus with a big heart. a dreamer unld the very end. >> israeli says they will never
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israel out of -- cbs news, london. >> he's going to be laid to rest this friday. >> and pope francis and prince charles plan to be there. they're among the world leaders who will attend that funeral. >> also president obama is nominating the first u.s. ambassador to cuba in more than 50 years. jeffrey is being tapped for the position he the reopening of the u.s. embassy and played a key role in reestablishing ties between the u.s. and cuba there's no better candidate for the job. the first flight will start later this year. tickets are now on sail on website. then all rag flight will take
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to take that flieghtd. >> an amazing delay in iowa all in an effort to prevent bullying and also promote friendship. >> we are going to create the largest human formation of the word friend. we need you to be single file and go that way. >> the i's right (>> 1300 students gathered in a stadium in west des moines tuesday. the event was part of the launch of th movement. it's meant to promote friendship and positivively impact the conversation about bullying. >> i hope that it's something that will inspire our students and our community to promote this concept of being able to be friends to one another. >> yeah. be nice. student ambassadors from each of the districts school will go back to their own schools to spread the message of the pro-friend movement. >> something even adults can learn. be nice to one another.
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all right. >> get to your forecast. >> let's do t. >> let's goat it. it's not looking the pritdiest. we are looking at pretty cloudy skies. 70 at the raleigh durham international airport. the airport still a glow this morning. 20 minutes or is. i think those clouds are going to hack around for us. now that's pretty stationary. chance. possibly even some storms. these areas of low pressure that are along the stationary front going to enhance those rain chances. so certainly i know many of you are dry this morning. it's easy to ferkt. need to pack that up -- umbrella with you. we start to see the unsettled weather.
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no rain actually falling. i'm sure the ground and roads are still plenty wet. and then we tail actually have some showers fall north of warrenton and warren county. south of louisburg and franklin county and now moving closer to the 95 corridor. that's enough to really impact you under one of those. take your time. destination safely. to add to this we also have a little bit of fog in the mix. 70 degrees our temperature right around 8 a.m. this morning. 76 at lunchtime. we make it to 78 this afternoon. a few storms also possible. some of those could bring us gusty winds or even some small hail. a threat that will monitor closely as we head into the afternoon hours. now speaking though of this morning first most of us will be on the dry side. an isolated shower like what we're seeing this morning.
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evening. overnight hours and lingering shower or storm and that means tomorrow morning. we could wake up wet weather as well. tomorrow we do it all over again. more showers and storms in our forecast. i have mentioned the threat for storms today. it seems uncharacteristic to talk about this in late septd but there is the chance with storms even if our highs are in the 07s. damaging wind gusts. small hail possible. make sure you have a way to get those severe weather alerts if they are iss ready to head out the door. 07 in raleigh. also 70 in clayton. 68 in durham and louisburg. 67 in henderson. fayetteville good morning you're at 68 as well. upper 70s ladder today. and 83 in fayetteville. then we'll fast forward to tonight with a few lingering showers. you can see 78 thursday and friday.
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friday afternoon. we start to see the biggest changes maybe you're just going for a run. upper 70s. morning temperatures in the 50s testimony look like these pleasant counties will continue as we head into early next week as well. 6:51 right now. let's check in with allie to get the latest on your morning commute. >> good morning.
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things are moving pretty well. >> we'll be right back with some news to know before you go. let's take a look at what cbs this morning team is working on. gail. >> korng how the campaigns have may have been part of a larger problem across the banking industry. dr. david on the controversy technique that led to a baby with one, two, three genetic parents and morgan freedom is in -- sitting right there at the table. en the news is back in the morning.
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officials were called to and ho u.s. jfer midnight. they say they they found two people shot at a home. one the victims diedment the other one is in critical condition. the sheriff's office says they do have a suspect in custody. >> the beau bergdahl case will continue today. bergdahl is accused of walking off his post back in 09d. he was held captive by thal ban for five years before being freed as part of a prisoner swap. bergdahl faces a on charges of desertion. if convicted he could face a life sentence. his trial is set to start in february. >> a unc fib player accused of sexual assaultly -- is expect in court tomorrow but allen artist is defending his innocence. he turned himself in on misdemeanor charges. hi had consensual sex according to artist. an attorney for artist also says the junior linebacker pass as polygraph
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>> wake county sheriff wants the school system to come up with a policy regarding transgender student in bathrooms and lockerrooms. right now they deal with each situation on a case by case basis but sheriff harrison says that's not enough guidance and now enough information for parents. he's meeting with the expectant manager to discuss pulling those if a policy is not created. an amber alert old robinson. >> happy to see that smile. we first brought this story to you as breaking news tuesday morning. rocky mount police say the car was stolen from them. the toddler was in the backseat. >> but thankful they found the suv a few miles
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possible -- request yor seeing some stormy weather there. it continues to move northeastward. right now south hill you are on the dry side but you saw some stormy weather just about an hour ago. so sternly ground pretty damp there. let's get to the t 67 to start your morning. a high today of 78. e-40 at wade avenue. a whole lot of headlight out. there luckily no crackers on 40. clayton bipases a fender bender on the side of the
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make it a great day. >> be safe out there.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, september 28th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? world leaders pay tribute to a founding father of israeli who became a warrior for peace. former president, prime minister and nobel peace prize winner shimon peres died overnight at age 93. >> hillary clinton talks about donald trump's past comments. see the tense moment between trump and alicia machado during an interview. >> are other banks resorting to


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