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tv   North Carolina News at 9.00 am  CBS  October 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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. when we think about body cameras and the promise they offer to ur -- to our communities, it's a promise of transparent and accountability. >> a new law goes into affect surrounding the police body hear from opponents and supporters of the measure. and hundreds of people march through the streets of california protesting what they believe is police brutality. >> and a major hurricane is turning in the caribbean. what we can expect to see from hurricane matthew. first, it's 67 degrees this morning at 9 and we take a live look over raleigh this saturday, october 1st and good morning to you, thank you for
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9. i'm [ indiscernible ] >> and i'm amy cutler. hurricane matthew is roaring across the caribbean sea as a monster 4 storm and they caught it the strongest atlantic hurricane since felix in 2007. >> and this morning, people in jamaica, healths ask -- haiti and cuba are preparing for possibly being in the path of the storm. the affects of hurricane matthew are scene in -- seen in columbia. they issued a tropical storm the -- stretch of the coast near the colombia-venezuela border. >> and we go to kristin ketchell and where matthew is. >> reporter: matthew is in the caribbean this morning and a strong category 4 hurricane. and as of the 8:00 a.m. update, little change since the update three hours ago. the winds are at 155 miles per hour. gusting to 190 miles per hour.
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hurricane. continuing to push into the west. and will eventually make a turn to the northwest later today. and into our day tomorrow. so, as a category 4 storm, it's turning in the caribbean and will impact jamaica, cuba, parts of haiti and into the bahamas through this weekend and into the early parts of the week and thursday morning, there is a wide range of where this storm can go. a lot of uncertainty on the track that that storm will take on thursday and back we're dealing with fog this morning. showing the foggy skis and low clouds over the raleigh skyline and visibility is improving slowly here and that fog is lifting. we'll see sunshine this afternoon. the temperatures across the area in the 60s and 60 in raleigh; 64, durham and fayetteville and we can expect temperatures to climb to 81 degrees this afternoon with mostly sunny skies and a mostly dry forecast over the next few days and we'll have all of the details coming up. >> thank you.
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roanoke rapids police officers are investigating after three people were shot after a fight. we're told that one of the victims has serious injuries and the other two were released from the hospital. and it happened at the sports bar and grit around 1 this morning. and police are investigating still. breaking overnight, protestors hit the streets in pasadena, california, after a father of eight died custody. >> and when is this going to stop? is it going to take? all of us better get it together. we're all god's children. if you plead and i bleed, we all bleed red. >> officers say the man was armed with a knife and fire extinguisher and officers used a stun gun on him when investigators said he had a medical emergency and died.
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scott continued. police released this body cam video a week ago. the police department plans to release the remaining portions of the video next week after scott's family sees the video. a new law regulating the law of police body and camera video takes affect. bill minick takes a closer look at the impact of the new law. >> personally, i think that the body cams and dish cams are important. >> and all it does is agitate if you ask me, that is all it does is stir up more controversy. >> reporter: body camera and dash cam video has been prominent in several recent officer-involved shootings, including the death of keith lamont scott in charlotte. >> it highlights the problems with the law and highlights what we're going to be facing going forward. >> we had to do something to decide when does a video become public record. >> reporter: the law states
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that person, including -- representatives of that person, including spouses and attorneys. getting a copy would require a court order and opponents said that would be a hurdle toward that being released. the law creates guidelines and increases transparency. >> and there needs to be respect there and time for the process and investigating. and people pulled over by police are not necessarily, you know, always the bad guys. they're the victims a opponents and supporters of the law what they think needs to happen going forward. >> with continuing riots and anger and demonstrations, all sides need to come to the table and have honest dialogue. >> and in the short-term, the legislature comes into session in january and we're going to try to amend the law. >> reporter: in raleigh, bill minick, cbs, raleigh, north
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affect. this morning, the did, mv will implement three changes involving identification cards and driver's licenses. the dmv won't be able to register or issue a certificate of title to any commercial owner who doesn't pay civil fees imposed by the highway patrol. the dmv will use a new driver's license decision and someone with a developmental disability will be able to get a free id a new law surrounding drivers passing bicyclists goes into affect today and starting today, it's legal for a car to cross a solid line and pass a bicyclist, giving the cyclist four feet of space to pass; however, no change was made to the current law where a driver only need two feet of room and the new law enacts stricter penalties for drivers who practice unsafe movements or
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southern athletic conference out of north carolina. it discussed pulling for the 2016-2017 championships out of the state because of the law. the conference announced why will honor the commitment to hold men's soccer in greensboro, men's and women's basketball in asheville and in pinehurst. tam, it firmly opposes discriminatory legislation and will reactions sess future championship sites. meanwhile, the ciaa is ll eight of the 10 north carolina- based conference championships. however, the women's and men's basketball tournament will remain in charlotte. and there is another possible delay in the ongoing academic scandal at u in, c chapel hill. a procedural hearing is scheduled for october 28th. unc faces five potential top- level charges, including lack of institutional control. the case grew after a 2010 inquiry into the football program. and that hearing add another four to six weeks on the
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case into 2017. seven years after the end of the ncaa, investigators first arrived on campus. and the time now is 9:08. a woman is shot and killed, a body stuffed in the freezer. >> after the case turned into a hollywood movie, the killer could be a free man. later, the new information leading to the possible release
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. good side morning, i'm kristin ketchell. many of us woke up to thick fog across the area. right now, we're dealing with low clouds from our camera here and visibility is improving and eventually we'll see some sunshine across the area today. the current visibility is about a half mile in raleigh and still coming up as zero here in lewisburg and south hill. the visibility is under .1 seeing the fog lift and move out of the area and replaced by sunshine this afternoon. 66 in raleigh; 64, durham and lewisburg; 68 in goldsboro and 64 in fayetteville. we're dry and no wet weather to worry about and most of the shower activity is staying offshore as the stationary front that has been persistent slides offshore and after
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mostly sunny as we head into your late afternoon hours and 81 degrees, the high temperature. more sunny skies in the forecast and cooler temperatures, too and a will have a complete breakdown coming up. and a check of the time now and it's 9:12. coming up, a two decades old murder case is in the spotlight. why the killer could end up
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cbs north carolina. the time now is 9:14. and this is a look at the top stories. >> two north carolina representatives will survey the flood damage in fayetteville with the mayor. at least seven inches of rain fell in fayetteville this week. >> several caribbean nations on standby as hurricane matthew barrels through. the forecasters are calling the category 4 storm the strongest atlantic hurricane since felix in 2007. >> and a new law takes affect today that will change the way police video is released shown to anyone in it or to the representatives. that includes guardians and spouses, but to get a copy publicly released requires a court order. the murder of a wealthy widow in east texas led to the 2011 hollywood movie bernie. actor jack black portrayed the killer. >> the thing about playing bernie -- . >> room service -- . >> he's lovable and it's really important to burnie that he be
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you may have heard about me. they did a movie about me. >> and that is the real bernie there. a more tishian who confessed to killing his elderly companion and hiding her body in a freezer for months spent 20 years -- it's been 20 years since the crime. tonight, 48 hours is looking closer at the murder and film. correspondent peter van zandt joins us now. there is new evident in the case that led to the killer's release from prison. talk to us about that? >> reporter: the discovery was made that bernie teta had under texas law, that should have been taken into account during the sentenceing of his first trial in 19 inspect. and the prosecutor in that case agreed that there needed to be a new sentencing while, so he got out of jail after spending almost 17 years there and then had the new sentencing trial based on the fact that with this mitigating circumstance, perhaps he could go free. >> and throughout the report in
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had the chance to speak with has family. do you know more about the relationship between the victim and the killer? >> well, bernie teta was the most popular man in carthage, texas. this east texas up to. marjorie nugent was the most despised person. she was a widow, mean-spirited and just as one of the cowboys in this tells us, she was a vial woman. and they went out for about five years together and millions of her dollars. she was a wealthy widow. as they travelled around the world, but, she tormented bern, according to hip, emotionally and one day, he snapped and shot her in the back four tames with a -- times with a .2- rifle. >> and what happens next here? what moves forward with the case and the family? >> well, keep in mind, marjorie nugent, the victim in this, her
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mother and grandmother was portrayed in the film is inaccurate. she was a loving person and that bernie was a con man. and that he basically was attracted to her bank accounts and he spent her money look a drunken sailor. even after her murder, bernie spent about half a million of her dollars in just a matter of a few months. and so, yet comes altogether in this sentencing trial, which is part of our hour, as to whether black, the actor jack black and richard linkletter, the movie director, oscar-nominated movie director, they're on his side and they want to see him free, versus the state of texas that wants to put him back in prison. it's a texas tale. you can't make it up. i told people this is something a screen writer couldn't come up with. one did, because they made a movie about it being but it's that good of a story. >> thank you very much for joining us here.
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catch this tonight at 10 here on cbs north carolina. good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist christin ketchell. many of us woke up to thick fog around the region and wire seeing the this being fog and most of us are dealing with the layers here and this is a live look from chapel hill and you can see the cloudy skies. we're not going to see them all day but our satellite and radar showing clear skies and above the fog across central north carolina and into the east here, we have a lot of wet weather sitting offshore and impacting parts of the north carolina coast and this is that same front that is slow to push through the area and caused some of the flooding rain to end the week and it's finally starting to move offshore this weekend. so, we're going to dry out today and tomorrow. the visibility is about a half
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currently popping up in zero here and meaning that visibility is under a .1 of a mile here and we're seeing that visibility improving and that fog scour out. more sunshine on the way later this morning and into this afternoon. it's 66 degrees in raleigh; 64, durham and lewisburg. 72 in roanoke rapids. no fog issues there this morning. 69 degrees in rocky mount and 64 in fayetteville. the temperatures climb is above normal this time of the year. looking at a high of 81 degrees and mostly sunny skies throughout the day and a very small chance of an isolated shower here along and to the east of i-95 this afternoon. and that is thanks to the front that has been slow to punish out of the area here and we'll see a few clouds today. the best chance is going to be in the eastern half of the viewing area here and the closer you are to the front,
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storm this afternoon and it slides offshore for tomorrow and an area of high pressure goes from the west here leading to sunny, dry, and warm conditions for your sunday. as that high builds in over the top of us here, we will see cooler air settling in and sunny, cooler and staying destroy for monday and tuesday. and something we're keeping a close eye on here is hurricane matthew. as of the latest 8:00 a.m. update from t and matthew has winds of 155 miles an hour. gusting to 190 miles an hour. a hurricane hunter recon is wraps aircraft is inside of matthew taking measurements and we should have additional updates shortly. as far as the track goes, areas in the caribbean need to keep a close eye here as this powerful hurricane will eventually take a turn to the northwest later
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after thursday, when that system gets closer to the east coast, we'll keep a close eye on it here as well and into the area today, 81 degrees in raleigh; 80 durham this afternoon; 82 in fayetteville. tonight, we fall to about success, partly cloudy skies, patchy fog again tomorrow morning and we're near 80 today, tomorrow, and monday and mostly sunny skies through the start of the week and extra cloud says in the mix and through tuesday. friday, the temperatures fall into the 70s and the next chance of rain after a chance of isolated showers today and we'll hold off on friday. >> and sunshine is back. we can agree that we're happy to see the rain slightly go away. >> yeah. >> and you'll track matthew to see what happens there. >> and a very powerful storm. we're watching it closer here. 9 two is the time. friday night -- nip 22:00. is the time.
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the game of the week from last night's high school football action and featured a powerhouse program, heritage and a surprise team this year, sanderson. and check out who we spotted at the game. the nc state head coach and there are two big time recruits he could be watching. first, he calls the own number and takes it in from 10 yards out. ricky person powers the way in for heritage and he is one of the best players in the country and looks like the coach wants to keep him here in the state of north carolina. good luck with that, coach. heritage is undefeated and win 17-3. after the game, we caught up with the head coach who said his team proved this year that they're the real deal. >> and no doubt about it and they're proving it every week and that is what this game is about. we're not going to just talk about it but we have to go and prove it. >> and they have another chance to prove it on friday when they
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thousands of plays. some of the best make our highlights. the very best-of-the-best show up here as our play-of-the-week nominees and it's painful to watch as it is fun. mccullough skips the fumble and delivers one of the meanest stiff arms i have seen and after he throws an opponent to the ground, he takes off for a 77-yard touchdown and they win that game in a blowout. if you don't pull out a win, you have a chance to be of-the-week nominee and had a rough night last night. this was nice and that is will emmanuel and grabbed the ball out of the air and took it back to the end zone and i know i say this all of the time, but that reminds me of a younger me and maybe not. okay, on to the next video and this is flat out impressive. jordan takes the ball up the middle and goes 12 yards untouched into the end zone and that is the first of many
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first win of the season and now that you have seen the play-of- the-week nominees, it's time for you to go online. log on to www.wncn wantcom to vote and we'll let you know which is this week's video of the week and that is all of the time we have had this morning and we'll see you here next time on cbs north carolina. >> great stuff. i can't wait to see who wins. it's 9:28 and matthew is the carribean. >> and coming up, meteorologist kristin ketchell will show us where it's expected to head and stick with us.
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. good morning, thank you for watching north carolina news at 9. >> we begin with trouble in the hurricane matthew and this is new video into our newsroom from venezuela. the category 4 storm is on a course that puts parts of haiti and cuba in the path of the devastating rain. they called it the strongest atlantic had ur cape since felix in toss thousand dollars. >> and we head to kristin ketchell who has been keeping
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>> reporter: at this point, matthew is going to be a major issue for the caribbean here the next few days. at this point, as of the latest update from the national hurricane center, matthew has winds of 155 miles per hour. that puts it at a strong category 4 hurricane. the winds currently gusting to 190 miles an hour. so, it's a very, very intentions and still a well- organized m now. as far as the track goes, not much change from last night and matthew is working into the west now. we'll take a turn to the north here impacting jamaica, cuba, parts of the bahamas this weekend and after thursday, the weather model are all over the place with the track that matthew will take beyond that and that is something worth watching here. and we're starting to see breaks in the clouds and fog
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spots and that is improving. there is a lot of sunshine for the forecast this afternoon and tomorrow. we'll have more on what to expect coming up. and they're seeing the sun peak through. two north carolina representatives will survey the flood damage in fayetteville with mayor nat robinson. at least seven inches of rain fell in fayetteville this week causing major problems for residents. the congressman will meet with local officials and emergency personnel to assess the damage and to and the flooding prompted water rescues throughout the city of fayetteville on thursday. we showed you this rescue team his to use boats to reach people. we will be there as leaders tour the damaged areas today. look for updates throughout the day on throughout the day and on the evening newscast. >> there is no words. there is no words. that is everything we had.
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to grips with the damage from that massive flooding. one family in hope mills said that water flooded their entire home, even rising up to the ceiling. yesterday, some used kayaks to get in and out of the house. and this family had a dumpster delivered to their home because they had so many things that were ruined. the good news, a warning for the dam failures at mclaughlin lake, carvers state creek park and road's pond expired. there are many there and in some places, johnson mill road flood waters have washed out bridges. the flood waters have inn dated the mill restaurant. yesterday, more than a dozen customers showed up to help the owner clean up the mess and that it will be awhile before he's back numbers but he's grateful for all of the help and support. people in harnett county are dealing with the after affects of flooding, torrential rain washed out thompson road,
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overrunnence is wednesday night's storm. at last check, six of the roads remain closed. you can stay ahead by downloading the wncn weather app. you will get the latest watches and warnings, the forecast tracker and an interactive radar. new rules on police footage went into affect today. they changed how video can be publicly released. in july, the governor signed the legislation into law, citing a desire to balance public trust with the rights of law enforcement. the law al as well as representatives which could include guardians and spouses. to get a copy publicly released requires a court order. >> you wanted to balance transparissencey and accountability with the proper gathering of evidence and information. >> and that just creates a barrier for individuals who want a video to be released to the public, for police department who said, you know, this is something we need to get out to the public in a
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lobby lawmakers to change the law when they return to session in january. the north carolina police benef leapt association said more dialogue on the issue of police community relations is needed. charlotte-mecklenburg police will release the remaining portions of dash and body camera video from the shooting death of keith scott. that will happen next week. the family made a formal request for the video to be released to the public. they will grant that request after scott's officer brently vincent shot and killed scott. he claimed that scott refused to drop a gun and put up his hands and the family claims he was holding a book. durham deputies hope a new cash reward will lead to the killer of a father and son. dwayne greer senior and his son, 18-year-old dwayne greer jr. died in their home on june 10th. someone shot them. the governor's office is now offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an
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>> we feel like we're close. and this, i can't get into specifics, but we just need that one person to come forward. the $5,000 will do it, that is what we'll take. >> the sister of greer senior said that she is begging the community to help and called the reward a, quote, beautiful, gracious thing and said that she is humbled the governor's office is offering it. investigators said police providing tips can remain anonymous. durham police hoping surveillance pictures can help catch three men involved in a it happened yesterday afternoon at a home on kings mount court. police say the men broke into the home and then drove away in a silver toyota corolla with ohio tags. someone was in the house at the time. police have not said if that person was harmed during the robbery. all right, time check for you this saturday morning, 9, three. lava and ash spew from a volcano in mexico. coming up, what the spectacular site forced officials to do. >> and later, a good surprise for local police officers and
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z24qjz zvpz y24qjy yvpy . >> a volcano erupting in mexico forced the evacuation of several nearby communities.
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to a 7 1/2 mile -- miles from the volcano crater. i was mentioning this earlier to amy and this is a beautiful sight to see. i am sure it's a scary situation for neighbors nearby and we have seen some of the flooding. >> unbelievable amounts of rain fell across parts of the state. earlier this week, we're getting a chance to dry out and a live look from davis drive elementary school in kerry. and we're finally seeing some sunshine. we had some sun yesterday, and thunderstorms roll through the area. it was not a completely dry day yesterday. today, looking drier than yesterday. and tomorrow, too, and we're going to see things drying out. the weather is camming down at least for a few days here and as far as fog goes this morning, many of us wok up to fix fog and overall, that fog
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an hour and 64 in durham. 68 in goldsboro and 67 in clinton; 64 degrees in fayetteville. we have wet weather offshore and this is that same frontal sells that brought us the heavy rain to end the week. it's continuing to work offshore and most of us will remain dry today with the exception of an isolated shower likely east and along i-95 here. the stationary front pushes offshore today. the morning fog gives way to 81 degrees and mostly sunny this afternoon. i will let you know how long the dry weather can last and what to expect coming up. thanks. the time is 9:41. and look at these sweet faces. more than two dozen are safe after being pulled from a dog meat farm in south korea. later, find out about the fight to close the farms and we'll tell you why the dogs are heading to the tarheel state. >> and the pleasant surprise that two wake forest officers
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. we're back. the time is 9:44 and this is a look at the top stories. >> jamaican, haitian, and cuban residents are bracing for hurricane matthew, a category 4 storm. it was downgraded from a hurricane 5 hurricane. this could rival hurricane felix from 2007, which was one
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hurricanes. today, two north carolina representatives will head to fayetteville to take a look at the damage left behind from this week's flooding. they will be joined by the mayor who will help survey the area. d record rainfall brought at least seven inches of rain to fayetteville. >> a new north carolina law will regulate the release of police body camera and dash camera footage that went into affect today and allows video to be shown to anyone in it or the representatives. for public release of the video, there must be a court for suspected unc football player accused of raping a classmate said that images released by the alleged victim seem to have been altered. >> kerry sutton said this image of robinson released by robinson at a news conference looks different from the photo she obtained from investigators. robinson said she was reasoned by artist on february inside a dorm. take a look. sutton believes this is the original image taken by
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photos. sutton filed for investigators to release all images, time stamps and gps of the photos. the attorney released this statement in response saying, quote, the photograph i presented at the press conference was given to me by investigator barbie with the unc department of public safety. she goes on to say, quote, we have no idea from whom or from where miss sutton obtained the photograph she submitted to the forensic analyst. and police in el cajon, shooting of an unarmed black man by police and the release of the footage comes after days of protest in the san diego suburb. cbs news correspondent chris martinez reports from los angeles. >> reporter: surveillance video from a taco shop drive through shows the start of tuesday's confrontation. the 38-year-old olango is seen pacing in the parking lot.
9:47 am
an object from the pocket and took what they call a shooting stance and that is when one officer fire heads tazer. the other fired fatal shots. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: it turns out that he was holding an electronic cigarette device like this one. the sister said she initially called 911 to get help for him. he was behaving e rateically. when police arrived, he refused to >> and non-compliance. getting his hand out of the pocket and walking all over the parking lot. >> reporter: the police chief decided to release the video after the protests turned violent. >> we hope that any damage straights will remain peaceful. again, that was the intention of releasing the video. >> reporter: the naacp said that was the right thing to do. >> full disclosure to the public builds trust.
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urging calm as police continue their investigation. >> and olongo's family declined to see the video before it was made public. two wake forest police officers received a surprise while eating dinner you during their shift thursday night. the lieutenant coleman was eating dinner with another officer at east wings and grill. a server paid for both officers and left them a note. the lieutenant said with so much negativity recently involving law enforcement, he's happy to share a oo >> and not that they did it to provide us a meal, but just want to show the appreciation that, again, there is still people who appreciate what we do. >> coleman said that they kept the letter as a reminder that members of the community stand with them. >> and the world of blue grass festival got underway friday in
9:49 am
likes of the nitty gritty dirt band and the steve canyon rangers and that looks like fun. >> yesterday, i had a chance and i was why with justin in the afternoon. we got to emcee a portion of the festival and people are troopers out there. it's been raining on and offia. iay. >> and out of nowhere, the sunshine breaks through and people are enjoying performances. you'll be heading there to emcee. >> and 11 five ties to 1 and i will be there at the capital stage to emcee the b stage and pretty awesome staff and a great day to be there and yesterday, we were drier than wet and we can say. and we had some powerful storms come through and it's nice to see a picture like this and this is a loaf look from raleigh durham international airport and we have blue skies
9:50 am
significantly and showers are offshore throughout the day. the one exception is along and east of e-95 and a small chance of an isolated shower or storm. as the stationary front is slow to move out of the area and lingers there. as far as visibility goes, we have been talking about the fog this morning and we're seeing things improve and we're up to a mile in du in, n. the fog emotionally mixed in raleigh and we're about a quarter of a that fog another half our or so and that fog lifts and we have a gorgeous day heading our way. and our temperature is 68 in raleigh and 65 in durham; 66, lewisburg and score in fayetville and 70 in rafford.
9:51 am
after about 3:00, a very small chance and that is thankings to will -- thanks to the stationary front you see is slow out of the area and it's lingering offshore here and that is from the west. looking at a sunny, dry and arm afternoon for sunday and that high builds in and centers itself overhead here and conditions and staying dry for the start of the week. all eyes right now on the tropics, specifically the caribbean right now. as of the 8:00 a.m. advisory, hurricane bath you had -- matthew has wins of 150 miles an hour and gusting to 190 miles an hour. and that is a very strong category four hurricane and considered major here and we're watching this closely. it's going to impact the island
9:52 am
and the bahahns here and a category 4 storm that will tyke a motherly turn and impact jamaica here. by lady tomorrow and into monday, and cuba into tuesday and wednesday, and the bahamas after that. and into thursday, very tough to know where this is going to go and depends on a lot of things going on in the upper atmosphere and we're keeping a close eye to see how clos matthew will get to the east coast of the united states by the weekend and in raleigh, we're looking at a high of 81 degrees and 80 this afternoon in durham; 82 in fayetville. the best chance along and into the east of i-95 and the sandhills, a small chanceulary today and a lot of sunshine there and 77 degrees on tuesday. a few more clouds rolling in for wednesday and thursday.
9:53 am
70s. next chance of rain after the small chance of an isolated shower today will hold off until friday of this upcoming week. >> and rain holding off. sounds like a good thing after all of the rainfall we had. i think people are looking for a dry spell. >> yeah. >> and that is downtown. and a great day to be outside. >> thank you. we have a couple more min this is ned. the family dog.
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[ snores ] everything is a bit much for ned. for live two-way voice and 24/7 security that alerts the authorities, call 1 800 267 2001.
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scheduled to arrive in north carolina today. the humane society international and free korea dog saved the dogs from being slaughtered and eaten in south korea. the dog meat is considered a delicacy and there is an effort to close dog farms. rescue groups are paying dog famers to transition into other livelihoods like growing crops and delivering water. >> and there is a widely held belief in south korea that they're different. the dogs raised are different from the everyday dog that we >> and after the dogs were uled from the farm, korean authorities ordered the farm to shut down because it operated without a license. they will be taken to six shelters in our state and adopted. and looks like the halloween holiday has gone political. >> it has judge and there is one kind of costume that trumps them all. >> we have trump the wall builder here. i don't think anyone is going to cross the line here. >> and from toupees to a baby
9:56 am
bopald trumps prediction or treating this year and hillary clinton hasn't been left out of the fun. >> and a sample for our liar, liar pant suit on fair is going to come out in a few days and we don't choose which to make fun of more or less but what the market determines. >> halloween is a month out and today is october 1st. and i think people have more time to pick out that costume. and starting today, you do not buy a plane ticket to experience the popular american girl store. a popular one is coming to the triangle. >> it is and holding a celebration at crabtree valley mall. tickets are required to get into the store ited and tomorrow. get your tickets one hour before the store opens both days and tickets will be handed out near the store entrance and are valid the day they are issued the store opens at 10 this morning and 12 tomorrow afternoon. the store will remain open
9:57 am
>> and actually, i found out a couple of days ago, we have been doing this contest with the american girl dolls and there is three winners. i know it's exciting for young men and women to get them and have fun with them. >> yeah. >> and i am sure people are lining up. >> and i had two growing up. we shared them. it was cool. we got the opposite one and i got a blond one, she a brunette one and and it's something so fun to do today. the weather is cooperating from whatever you're doing. we have temperatures in the low 80s this afternoon and still near 80 degrees tomorrow and on monday. a mostly dry stretch of weather, too and a small chance of an isolated shower or storm and some rolling into the end of the week and temperatures into the 70s for your week ahead and on friday. keeping a close eye on
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>> and check in wncn, of course ??
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for what's important tomorrow. narrator: todaon lucky dog, an unimaginable case of neglect becomes one of the most inspiring stories in lucky dog history. will take a lot of hard work and an equally special new home. avery: i know that i can't take every single special needs dog in, but at least i can take one more. brandon: i'm brandon mcmillan and i've dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope. [background intro music] brandon: my mission is to


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