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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  October 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning and thank you for watching cbs north carolina. >> good morning to you at home. we want to start right off with the latest details on hurricane matthew as jamaica. the effects of the storm have been seen in parts of columbia seeing what the widespread flash flooding. they expect that pathway is eastern cuba and haiti tonight and tomorrow. we are watching the storm and have the latest projected path shipment we are watching
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testing at 185 miles per hour. it did take a turn to the northwest late last night. now it is moving northwest at about 5 miles per hour. as far as the latest track goes, the 5:00 a.m. update from the national hurricane center, does have the storm as a major hurricane impacting parts of haiti, jamaica, cuba and the bahamas. we will be watching this system very closely. it is likely to widespread flooding and rain for the island nations in the caribbean. at home, dealing with fog. visibility along i-95 down to a quarter-mile. smithfield, zero visibility. seeing very thick fog. the temperatures in the 50s and 60s. a little cooler than this time yesterday. is afternoon, we will be very similar to yesterday. mostly sunny skies.
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sunshine will stick around and what is in store ahead. residents and the jamaican capital prepared for the arrival of hurricane matthew on saturday. business owners were busy boarding up the windows of shops but remained open to accommodate those looking to get emergency supplies. supermarkets were full of supplies. jamaicans are accustomed to intense storms. burr looked especially threatening. at the peak, it was more powerful than hurricane gilbert which made landfall on the island of september of 1988 and was the most district storm in the country's modern history. fayetteville congressional leaders were in the city yesterday to survey the damage from ones and i's storm. the mayor, robinson, gave tours of the areas that were at are
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about 20 people had to be rescued from the water. a congressman praised the leadership for quickly declaring a city emergency. >> the governor has been very cooperative. now we just need to determine whether this rises to the level where you asked the president for a declaration so we can bring fema and. >> medical arts pharmacy is -- is among the shops with significant damage. the owner says waist high water destroyed they say they hope fema will provide assistance. turning to durham, police are continuing to search for one person in connection with a shooting on north roxboro street friday. it happened just before midnight. we are told a man suffered a gunshot wound to the back. the victim was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. if you have any information, durham police on you to call them. a shooting in goldsboro. investigators say someone shot co washington notable times at 3:30 a.m. yesterday morning.
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sycamore street. no word on an arrest in a violent crime committed in broad daylight near the campus of nc state friday per police say a student reported being robbed and stabbed while walking through the varsity letter. the woman says a man in his 20s stabbed her with a knife and took her book back. and ntsb investigators interview the engineer commuter train that crashed in new jersey earlier this week. a woman on the platform was killed. more than 100 others injured. we have the latest. >> a source familiar with the investigation tells cbs news that after months of concern about a leadership vacuum at new jersey transit, federal investigators launched a deep audit of the agency's operations in june. it discovered dozens of safety violations. regulators were preparing to
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prior to the accident. new jersey transit did not respond to our request for comments. late saturday, the train engineer, thomas gallagher, ducked into the garage at his home after meeting with investigators. the ntsb did not release interview details. >> he will tell us if he was attempting to work the throttle or break. you will tell us if you ultimately tried to put the emergency brake on. he will tell us if he saw signals. he will tell us exactly what the crash site continued. keeping investigators from the crucial data recorder and front facing camera in the first car. the ntsc ntsb vice chair. >> we will retrieve the other recorder from the lead cap car as well as the forward facing image recorder.
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information to validate speed and get that information about the train. >> the second data recorder removed from the rear of the train could not be accessed from the field and has been sent to the manufacturer. >> cbs news, trinity, new jersey. >> investigators found no signs or track issues. they continue to collect video from the scene including other trains at the station during the crash. the durham police department introduced a new position that aims to build ro liaison with the city. he has been in law enforcement for ten years. he says with his knowledge, he may have the resources other officers are unaware of and hopes to build stronger ties with the community. lgbt community members say this will build stronger bonds with the department. >> we need police like other
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reach out and find a member of the lgbt family that is there for us. >> durham police say they also plan to bring on a hispanic community liaison in the future. it is 6:07 a.m. if you or your child are applying for college or student loans, there are changes for when you can apply. that story coming up, doctors say there may be a hormonal contraceptives and
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yesterd w looking at highs in the 80s today. but some fog outside this morning. let's start things off with a live look at what you can expect. a life picture from shaw university showing the raleigh skyline. fog is not as thick around the triangle as it was yesterday. still dealing with fog and some spots. you can see where visibility is reduced. smithfield, visibility at zero. less than a tenth of a mile. about three tenths of a mile
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so goldsboro, thick fog. if you are in the western parts of the viewing area, things are looking good. roxboro, ten-mile visibility. guys are currently clear. temperature wise, if you and 60s to start the morning. durham, 58. it is 66 and fayetteville. we can expect dry conditions and more sunshine across the area today. it was nice yesterday. into the mid-80s with sunny skies. lazy in the afternoon. more of the same heading our way. a lot of sunshine for sunday. a nice end to the weekend. the fog will give way to mostly sunny skies this afternoon. going from 62 degrees at 8:00 come up to 76 at noon. the high as 83 today. cooler weather in the forecast. we will have an update on the track of hurricane matthew coming up on the complete forecast.
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welcome back. the time is 6:14 a.m. a look at the top stories. the highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash in franklin county. troopers say someone ran a stop sign at pilot riley road around 9:00 last night. a car t-boned his.
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smith, died. jacob paul, the 6-year-old boy shot at his school, has died. a 14-year-old killed his father and opened fire at the school for another student and teacher were also hurt. not to hurricane matthew. the hurricane is expected to move closer to jamaica, haiti and eastern cuba by late today and tomorrow. many students rely on fact when applying and paying for college. there is a this year. jill's messenger has more from new york. >> college students and their families, take note. the critical financial aid form, the free application for federal student aid, or fafsa, is available this weekend. three months earlier than previous years. but okay -- go to fafsa cocoa -- the release date was moved up
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information was readily available. a recent analysis from nerd wallet found that as much is $2.7 billion in free federal grant money went unclaimed last year. that is mainly because of in complaint or on the submitted forms -- incomplete or on submitted forms. the department of education says aid is not based on a simple income lined in the sand. it depends on the visual circumstances. for more on how for college money, in new york, i'm jill's messenger. new research suggests a link between hormonal contraceptives for women and increased risk for depression. daniel nottingham has more. >> millions of women worldwide use hormonal contraceptives. nine new study finds these birth control methods such as pills or implants may increase the risk of depression.
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of hormonal contraception, in terms of depression diagnosis. >> researchers looked at data on more than a million girls and women ages 15-35 in denmark. the study found adolescents were at the greatest risk. >> the cognitive development is certainly not as mature as the women that are older, in relationship issues, being more prevalent in that population. i think that reflects that trend. >> doctors say the study does not change whether hormonal contraceptives should be prescribed to women. but the link is something clinicians and patients should be about -- aware of. >> doctors say more research is needed to prove the link.
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los angeles, it is estimated 60% of women of reproductive age use contraception in the u.s. with pills being the most common method. not a cloud in the sky. making it a perfect morning to launch hot air balloons from across the world in new mexico. the 45th annual new mexico event took place in albuquerque. more than 500 balloons took place. spectators say the site and the skies was amazing. . >> it is so exciting. >> the balloons are inflated and launched and waves. when wind permits, some passengers are treated to a splash dash where a pilot skillfully nurses the balloon and dips the basket gingerly into the rio grande. the annual event brings out thousands every year. you mentioned that you have flown in a hot air balloon. i have not had that pleasure. >> i got to do it twice. one was a birthday gift that i received.
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sponsored event that i had gone to. when the balloon landed, we crashed into someone's clothes line. >> it was so cool to be up there. they had a beautiful day in new mexico to have the balloon festival yesterday. we had a pretty nice day ourselves. breezy in the afternoon. highs into the mid-80s. similar to that today. outside this morning, not dealing with as much fog. still patchy fog out there. a live picture from airport. current temperature in raleigh, about 63. most of us were dry yesterday. which will be the case again today. you can see some showers lingering offshore. this is the same frontal system that has been so stubborn to move. leading to a stretch of dry and more comfortable conditions. visibility is low because of the fog this morning in some spots. especially along i-95.
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that is in smithfield. about a half-mile in goldsboro. visibility under a tenth of a mile. the fog is very thick and some spots. but not everywhere this morning. the fog is not going to linger for very long. after about 9:00, 10:00 this morning, we see the fog left. a lot of sunshine back in the forecast for it is 63 in raleigh. and 58 and durham. it is 67 in goldsboro. it is 66 in fayetteville. we can expect temperatures to climb into the low 80s this afternoon. the fog gives way to plenty of sunshine. mostly sunny. eighty-three is the high temperature today. tanks to an area of high pressure beginning to build in from the west. it will continue to work its way into the area tomorrow as well. mostly sunny and warm for sunday and monday.
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pressure positions itself overhead. temperatures fall into the 70s. a dry air mass builds in. we will stay dry through most of the week ahead. friday and saturday, the high starts to slide to the northeast. we are watching a cold front approach from the west. and watching a close -- keeping a close eye on the track of matthew. it will depend on the speed of the cold front. and the track that matthew takes. speaking of matthew, that's look at the latest. hurricane matthew is a category four hurricane. very strong. 150 mile-per-hour wind for gusting up to 185 miles per hour. it did take a turn to the northwest. it will continue the track over the next few days impacting parts of jamaica, haiti, turks and caicos and the bahamas. our computer models, and much
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through thursday and friday. these are the computer models used to forecast the track of hurricanes and tropical systems. most of them do have matthew being pulled out to see five. -- pulled out to sea. a high of 83 in raleigh. and 82 and durham. it will be 84 in fayetteville. dry today. dry tomorrow. temperatures in the low 80s. it is 81 de tuesday, wednesday, thursday, in the 70s. a few more clouds for the end of the week. a chance for a few showers friday. and next weekend on saturday, temperatures in the mid-70s. overall, a nice forecast. if you are a fan of the warmer weather, we have highs in the 80s before we fall back into
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good morning. what a saturday of college but all. rate games and fantastic finishes.
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quarterback deandre frangoise scores. giving the f them have u a 35- 34 lead. and it is nick weiler with a kick of a lifetime. 54 yards. let the celebration began. north of -- carolina upsetting the sentinels. not as dramatic in west raleigh. 300 yards and three touchdowns. over to samuels. twenty-four for the freshman calvin harmon. becoming a force of the pack. it is wake duke hosting virginia are trailing by 14. plowing in for the score. the doubles avoid the upset a week after winning at notre dame. duke turned the ball over six times including this cavaliers touchdown. 34-20. ending a 17 game road losing streak. east carolina, the pirates --
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a 100-yard kickoff return by central florida. they have lost three straight -- three straight. after crushing the pirates in greenville 47-29. that is a look at your sunday morning sports. we have the sports wrap tonight at 11:15 p.m., today the carolina panthers will face the atlanta falcons. the last time the -- they traveled to the georgia dome, they were 14-0. they left at 14-1. atlanta leads the south division as the highest scoring team in the nfl. the defense is the third worst in t kickoff time is 1:00. unbelievable. the crowd goes wild after an amazing shot. the kansas university basketball director of operations hit a half-court shot. and won a student $10,000. this also happened last year. he was the one who hit the shot
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being director of operations to a player on the court. a pretty amazing shot. to hit it twice -- it may not be luck. >> i think that is skill. it is 6:27 a.m. >> he is in heaven smiling down at us. he's asking his mom to be strong and forgive. >> for the first time, we are hearing the mother of the 6- year-old that died after getting shot at his school. >> how she will governor mccrory is attacking roy cooper on the state crime lab. well, we know roy cooper and we know the problems he discovered when he became attorney general. roy found a backlog of over 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but he cleared the backlog.
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d cases.
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long lines at gas stations. people in jamaica are preparing for hurricane matthew. >> breaking overnight, one teenager is dead. another is charged in her death in a crash in franklin county. >> think you. jacob was forgiving. >> a soca 6-year-old son dies when a teenager opens fire at his school. good morning and thank you for choosing our news at 6:00. >> and we begin tracking the tropics. hurricane matthew is the strongest hurricane in the atlantic ocean since felix and am to thousand seven. the hurricane is expected to
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>> kristin ketchell is tracking matthew and has a look at the latest track and what it could mean for us. what are we dealing with here. >> this is a very strong hurricane. a category four strength of this morning. the latest update from the national hurricane center does have matthew with 150 mile-per- hour wind, gusting up to 185 miles per hour. yesterday it was moving to the west. approach to jamaica, parts of haiti and eastern cuba this morning. also into the day tomorrow as well. let's -- this is the latest update. it shifted slightly to the east compared to this time yesterday morning. it will impact jamaica, haiti, turks and caicos and the bahamas as we go through the next several days. it is definitely worth watching as we continue into the end of the week. at home, our weather --
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on the roads early. the fog is patchy but thick in some spots. the temperatures in the 60s will be climbing to similar levels of yesterday. highs of 83 mostly sunny skies this afternoon. a warm evening as well. i will let you know how long the weather will stick around coming up. breaking news we are just learning. ninety people are hurt after an explosion at a cafi in southern spain. festival in a popular tourist town. authorities say a gas leak may have caused the explosion. an investigation is underway. we will follow this and bring the latest. in 18-year-old is dead after a crash in franklin county. troopers say makel breece ran a stop sign at pilot riley around 9:00 last night. another car t-boned his. one of the passengers, 18-year-
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nobody else was seriously injured. the driver is charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and failing to stop at a stop sign. troopers do not suspect drugs and alcohol. authorities are still messed getting. a south carolina teenager could face additional murder charges in connection with plastic's shooting at an elementary school in anderson county, south carolina. the 14-year-old who is already charged as a juvenile is accused of killing hat hall died from his injuries. another 6-year-old and a teacher survived the playground shooting. >> instead of thinking about the shooting that led to the death of jacob hall, his family wants everybody to remember more about him. the happy, caring boy that he was. christine brown from our affiliate in greenville, has that story. >> [ singing ] >> jacob hall used to sing this song to his mom, reni.
6:34 am
>> anytime i was sad, or had a bad day, he would touch my face and tell me to pray to jesus that he would make it okay. >> his family says that they know now that his six short years of life were meant to show everybody to love and not hate. >> jacob was an angel brought to this earth to show love, share kindness and forgiveness. >> they say he loved sunday school, superheroes meghan hollingsworth. she was also shot on the playground wednesday. >> he said, every time i look at her, she looks at me and she smiles. meghan hollingsworth, she put her life in danger to get my baby to safety. >> his parents say greenville memorial hospital did everything they could to try to save him. they are grateful for the community support that allowed him -- her to stay by his side until
6:35 am
your heart. >> now they believe jacob is making others smile by singing his song and have been. >> [ singing ] >> just heartbreaking. in a statement, the greenville memorial hospital says even though jacob did not overcome the severe blood loss he suffered from the shooting, he for the sixth time, officials captured more so cap i kept you cap a carrying mosquitoes. this can cause severe -- physical virus can cause severe brain defects when pregnant women are infected. and a pursuit of a stolen car. and -- according to investigators, a passenger jumped and ran.
6:36 am
the suspect five times. >> he was running with his hands up. saying he does not have a gun. >> officers say they found a weapon at the scene. they are still looking for the driver, a controversial move picked up the game with ecu again central florida. while playing the national anthem, 20 members of the marching band took a knee while continuing to perform. afterwards, -- booing. they said they wanted to take a stand against police treatment of african-americans. >> we thought it would be nice to stand with the professional athletes who are risking their careers for this. >> the ecu chancellor released a statement saying he understands the disappointment felt by fans but says the university respects the right of students and staff to express their personal views expect more protest this
6:37 am
the field. the washington wide receiver, jackson, plans to make a statement with his footwear. we are told the athlete will wear specially designed cleats that feature yellow caution tape as part of a protest against social injustice. a loving husband, father and your city firefighter for 17 years friends and family are mourning the loss of the deputy chief killed in duty. >> i know you were proud of me.
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good morning. it is 6:40 a.m. talking about this weather. certainly tracking not only the hurricane. >> a little bit of fog outside this morning. the picture you are seeing behind us on the monitor -- it is not as foggy as it was at
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we can actually see it this morning.'s already in improvement. we do have fog especially east of the triangle this morning along i95. visibility is down to about three tenths of a mile in roanoke rapids. about a half-mile at goldsboro. so the fog is thick in some spots. not everywhere this morning. regardless of who is experiencing fog and who is not, the fog and any clouds will move out throughout the morning. it is 63 degrees in raleigh. it is 58 in durham. it is 66 in fayetteville. we are dry outside. no wet weather to worry about across the area today. a nice-looking afternoon. a warm afternoon. a few clouds with temperatures climbing up to 83 degrees by 3:00 this afternoon. there is cooler weather in the forecast for the week ahead. i will have all of those details coming up. to make it is 6:41 a.m.
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of this. i don't think any of us are. >> family, friends and firefighters gathered to honor
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it is 6:44 a.m. here are the top stories but the highway patrol is
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sign at pilot riley road around 9:00 last night. another car t-boned his. a passenger, tachina smith, died. he now faces charges. people in jamaica preparing for hurricane matthew. the hurricane is expect it to move closer to eastern cuba by late today and tomorrow. the 6-year-old boy shot on his elementary school playground in south carolina has died. investigators say a 14-year-old killed his father and opened fire at a school in hitting the 6-year-old jacob hall, another student and a teacher. thousands of miners filled in new york church to honor a deputy chief -- killed by debris after a house explosion. >> we have a look at how michael fahy was remembered by fellow firefighters and family. >> they came from near and far. the bravest lining the streets in yonkers. they came to remember a hero. the fdny deputy chief michael fahy.
6:46 am
and a husband. >> i am nowhere near even starting to try to make sense of any of this. i don't think that any of us are. >> his wife remembered a thoughtful man filled with love. >> the last remnants of the flowers he bought me for no reason last week still sit on mice -- still sit on my kitchen counter pick last friday he sent me it simply read "ox, i love you." >> you put others in harm's way. >> his fellow firefighters say that he insisted on dressing properly. >> we asked, why are you
6:47 am
you ever see patton wear shorts." >> he actually went to law school but decided to go a different calling. >> he loved the department hurt but his devotion was to his three children. today, the heartbroken little ones had the courage to step forward and say goodbye. >> my dad was a fair, kind and honest man. and a wonderful he was a perfect dad. he was coaching sports games and fighting fires. >> dad, you are the greatest. i could always count on you to be there when i needed you. you are always there on the sidelines of every game cheering me on i know you are proud of me. and i'm so proud of you.
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tribute. that was dick brennan reporting two men that were believed to be part of the drug operation that caused the explosion were arrested. twenty people were hurt. a 16-year-old is facing charges after police in omaha, nebraska say she killed her newborn. police say the teenager went into labor and deliver the premature baby at her apartment. investigators say the teenager through her from the apartment window. know she was pregnant. and donald trump is being challenged to release his taxes. a new york times report says his business losses in 1999 were so large that they could have avoided him for paying federal income tax for as much is 18 years. donald trump is accusing the times to promote touch of simply trying to promote clinton.
6:49 am
debate. local republicans said the basket included items for a nominee who they say has a history of flip-flopping on issues such as a weathervane, headache powers and north carolina peanuts. a well-known actor campaigned in the triangle for democratic nominee hillary clinton. jeffrey wright, best known for his roles in the hunger games and james bond films stopped at the field office in raleigh, to mount, fayetteville and goldsboro. arts of orlando, florida are dealing with flash flooding this morning. you can see cars stuck in the water after a shopping center flooded. reports of injuries the forecast calls for several more days of rain for orlando. they are hoping for some relief. we have had to deal with flooding. last weekend, impacting a lot
6:50 am
there. >> some high water still around. some lakes and rivers around the area -- be aware of that. as we go throughout the day. the good news is, we are in for another drive one here. which always helps after several days of repeated rain. we get this dry stretch of weather moving in. not a bad start to the morning. a live look from the airport. no fog in raleigh. 63 degrees. seeing this guy is getting brighter a o morning. we will not have any wet weather today. showers to the east will stay there. and continue to work further offshore over the next several days. as far as the fog goes this morning, it is mainly an issue for folks along the i-95 corridor. visibility down to three tenths of a mile. roanoke rapids, a half-mile. the fog is patchy. it is out there. use caution if you will be out
6:51 am
temperature wise, 50s and 60s took 58 in durham. it is 68 in rocky mount. it is 66 in fayetteville. and 56 in pinehurst. temperatures have been climbing quickly this afternoon. the sunshine will heat us up to 83 degrees. mostly sunny skies throughout the day today. a warm afternoon. temperatures running several gr that will keep us mostly sunny and keep the temperatures warm today and tomorrow. the stationary front that has been really persistent in bringing us rain -- slow to move offshore. it is finally moving out of here. we will stay dry for the start of the week. a high on tuesday wednesday and thursday will usher and dry air and cool air to five. temperatures in the 70s. staying dry through the middle of the week. the end of the week, watching a cold front from the west work
6:52 am
impact on the forecast friday into saturday. i will show you that in a moment. as far as tracking the tropics, we are watching matthew this morning. is a very powerful category four hurricane. 150 mile-per-hour wind, gusting up to 185 miles per hour. the latest track from the hurricane center has shifted slightly to the east. it is going to impact parts jamaica, parts of haiti, cuba, turks and caicos and the bahamas, right through the end of the upcoming week. after we get there friday morning, our weather models are a little more consistent with where matthew will actually go. seeing a little more agreement that matthew will likely stay offshore through sunday and into monday. and push its way out over the open atlantic. it is still worth watching the
6:53 am
eighty-two in durham. and 84 in fayetteville. tonight, temperatures fall to 60, mainly clear and comfortable during the overnight hours. the seven day forecast has temperatures staying warm through tomorrow. 81 degrees is a high temperature as we start out the week. tuesday, 77. mid-70s wednesday, thursday and friday. also saturday. watching for a few showers as we head into friday and saturday. it looks like matthew will likely stay offshore, th we may see some rain on shore. we will watch that closely friday and saturday. otherwise the forecast looks pretty nice. >> looks like a great day to be outside. >> yesterday was really nice a lot of events going on around the area. >> a time check. it is 6:53 a.m. puppy kisses.
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narrator: look up the facts on richard burr. the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns one-point-one million dollars. that's public record. and richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare.
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but seniors would pay nine percent more for medicare. richard burr is looking out for himself and the insurance industry... not you. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. welcome back. more than two dozen dogs are in north carolina preparing to find there forever homes. the dogs arrived in cary after being rescued from a slaughter farm in south korea. they are now and several no
6:56 am
maryland shelter rescue the 31 dogs. since the program started, the agency has transported 500 dogs to the united states. early this morning, pope francis left georgia after he numb today visit to the country.'s efforts to improve relations with the georgian orthodox church suffered a setback. they decided not to send an official delegation to the pope's mass and reminded the orthodox faithful that they cannot participate in catholic services, talk about an assignment everyone with love to get. a big cooking competition. spent the morning tasting all of the tasty entries. the event features chefs from your favorite north hills restaurants. the second year for the event program starting to see a trend here. a couple weeks ago, they talked about this. this one in north hills, i
6:57 am
events across the area this weekend. the weather was great. today we are looking at more of the same. today, 83 is the high. 81 degrees tomorrow. in the 70s for the rest of the week. looking like a mostly dry week i had. looking at the track of matthew. it looks like it will likely stay offshore and not's no impact us very much. mainly an issue for folks in the caribbean. >> we will talk more about that in the next half hour. people in jamaica, haiti and the bahamas are watching hurricane matthew. we will have a look at the projected pathway. and tell us what we can expect to see for the next work week work stay with us. another two hours of local news, weather and traffic . a quiet morning right now.
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good morning. thank you for watching cbs north carolina news at 7:00. >> thank you for starting your sunday morning and with us. going to the as it turns south of jamaica. the effects of the category four storm have already been seen and parts of columbia triggering widespread flash flooding in neighborhoods on the coast. >> the hurricane is expected to move closer to jamaica, haiti and eastern cuba by early tomorrow. hurricane warnings are already in effect for those areas. >> strontium meteorologist trent 22 is watching the storm and has the latest projected path. >> good morning everyone.


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