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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  October 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good monday morning. thank you for watching. i'm russ bowen. it is 6:00 in the morning. >> good morning to you, russ. good morning to you at home. i'm beairshelle edme, in for stefan chase. let's look at what is going on with matthew and if it could have an effect for us here. >> that's the big question what will matthew mean for us. it won't impact us until the weekend. this is category 4 hurricane spinning around the caribbean, wind at 130 miles per hour but gusts as strong as 160 miles per hour. it's really moving north very slowly at this point in time at about 6 miles per hour so
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haiti, it will impact you over the next 24 to 36 hours. that's where we're watching closely, first and foremost. closer to home, no rain on the radar, good thing. remember last week and how soggy it was? this will slow you down, visibility at or below a half mile in goldsboro and rocky mount and you have reporting zero visibility so patchy fog, 78, plenty of sunshine and a bit above where we should be this time of year. i will have a look at matthew in the complete forecast. >> thank you. the man accused of killing three people while driving drunk will appear in orange
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more on what to expect. >> reporter: a judge will use a motion to hear voir dire. it would allow the judge and attorneys to speak individually with each juror to determine each one is unbiased and fit to serve. cell blood tests could have been thrown out but the judge denied thmotion from the defense atrney it's not easy for the family to sit through the hearings. >> you can see the family is doing the best they can and struggle day by day. >> reporter: the jury selection process, schedule told start tomorrow, will take
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allowed. we will have a reporter to bring you more information. friends and family of a zebulon teen are gathering to celebrate her life. >> reporter: robert visited with the family. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 18-year-old teshaeena smith graduated from east lake high this spring and had just enrolled at unc pembroke. her mother said smith was the first member of the family to go to college and wanted to be an ob/gyn. she was in the back seat of a family, riding north on williams white road. the driver failed to stop at a stop sign and another driver with the right-of-way t-boned the vehicle. smith was not wearing a
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friend and family spent the weekend comforting her mother. >> it's hard because don't nobody know what to say but everybody here, they standing by me, that's the most important i can give. you don't have to say much, just your presence is enough for me. >> reporter: she was the second oldest of seven children and the mother's focus is take care of the other kids and tending to their grief. there are few, couple uf up at the intersection and the family is planning on having a vigil tonight at whitley park on north wakefield street in zebulon. just across the road from zebulon, robert richardson, cbs north carolina. >> thank you. protests breaking out of the streets of los angeles a day after an 18-year-old was shot and killed by police. authorities said officers tried to pull over a car with paper license plates they believe may
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when the car did stop, police said two people got out and ran off in opposite directions. >> the officers gave chase, a foot pursuit, and went eastbound at some point on 107th street to the rear of the residence and it was at that time the officer involved shooting occurred. >> nos officers were hurt and l.a. police said a handgun was recovered at the scene of the shooting. the teen killed was identified by his mother as been found. hundreds of balloons flew in honor of jacob hall, the 6- year-old who died days after getting injured during a shooting at an elementary school. before the balloon release, the town held a service at a church where they're using their faith to get through this tragedy. >> white came out that way, only god knows plan and as hard as it is to understand it
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>> the 14-year-old suspect in the shooting is charged with murder and attempted murder. police said he killed his father before starting his rampage which left another student and a teacher hurt. also new this morning, a big disappointment for leaders in colombia. a peace deal that would have ended a decades-old war was defeated in a referendum. it was reached last week between the government and the farc. they have been fighting the government the deal took years of negotiation but opinion polls showed people were supportive of the agreement but defeated in a close vote, 50.2% voting no. good monday morning, everyone. if you're getting ready to start your day, no major issues
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overnight last night, though this morning could have some impact on the morning drive. on i-40 eastbound from lake wheeler road to south saunders street, drivers able to use those three new inside lanes so watch for some changes in that area. again, that's the eastbound side of i-40 in project fortify. if you're heading westbound from u.s. 64 to thenwood that will take you about 17 minutes on 440 from newborn to wade avenue. you're looking at an 8 minute ride an pass to u.s. 1, all smooth, an 11 minute commut here's a look at i-40 at the durham freeway, things are looking smooth in that area. we will bring you more traffic updates through this morning. >> 6:08 on your monday morning. >> it is monday morning for sure. >> it is monday, guys. >> up next -- >> like finding a need until a haystack. people came together to
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24 hours. plus this. >> shape and size and humongous and little. it's so exciting. an amazing event draws thousands but things don't turn quite as people expected, especially for some pilots. we'll tell you why, next. temperatures as you get ready for your monday morning commute are around 60 at sandhill, 62 fayetteville, 60 pinehurst. we will have a look at the forecast before you head out the door and who is seeing the
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d burr. the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns one-point-one million dollars. that's public record. and richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare. "new profits for private insurers would be as high as sixteen to twenty-six billion." but seniors would pay nine percent more for medicare. richard burr is looking out for himself and the insurance industry... not you.
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it's been busy for the weather teamhere and matthew has not made it easier because it continues in the caribbean and will continue. >> we're tracking it very closely. the first area it will impact is jamaica, cuba, haiti, then
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could be us. as you're getting started and waking up, know there is a little fogout there and could slow you down. i want to talk about the forecast with pretty clear skies. you will need the sunglasses for the morning drive. 69 at 7:00 a.m. 64 johnston county has been the worst at it this morning long, zero visibility, under 2 miles in portions of franklin county, under a half mile through rocky unt, near a half mile goldsboro so the 95 corridor really looking pretty slow around nash, edgecombe, wilson, wade counties and sampson, visibility at just 1 mile. your temperatures going out the door this morning, 59 roxboro
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your day ahead, 75 at lunchtime, 80 our afternoon high, back to 77 around 6:00 this evening. more on the rest of the work week forecast and when we'll see rain return in a little bit. >> thanks. we'll check back in a few minutes. a huge festival continues in new mexico, known has desert kaleidoscope festival. it features hundreds of hot air balloons from around the world. more than 500 balloon crews are participating this year. the balloons are inflated side waves. people expect at least 1 million people over next several days. some of them get to go for a ri, which be nerve- wracking for first-time fliers. >> i'm a nervous wreck but i'm in the balloon. i'm in the -- whatever they call and i'm going up, le dorothy in the wizard of oz, hope i come down.
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couple of pilots. their balloons crash into power lines ancaused more than 1200 people to lose power for a while. a woman was hurt in one of those crashes but is expected to be okay. state and federal authorities are now looking into how that crash happened. the time right now is 6:13. > a close call for a in north carolinian after a violent surprise at a gas station. how a group of strangers made sure the suspect did not get away. >> not aware that could happen. a sad after two north carolina a&t
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governor mccrory is attacking roy cooper on the state criab. well, we know roy cooper and we know the probms he discovered when he became attorney general.
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but heared the backlog. and roy cooper helped us solve over 2,000 crimes and put 165 killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. governor mccrory should stop playing politics with crime. a second man is facing charges for a shooting. he was charged in the shooting death of travis malloy. he was found shot in a van and died from his injuries. a second person was also charged with murder afr
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official in greensboro offer a $2,000 reward for information related to a double shooting in north carolina a&t state university. dudiner and campbell were killed during a shooting at an off-campus house party. it was sparked by a fight, but there's no evidence they were part of the fight and they were innocent bystanders. fayetteville police charge a 32-year-old with his uncle's murder after sunday morning's shooting. he shot his uncle r he pulled out a gun. e men were business partners and the suspect is charged with first-degree murder. a woman in alexandria county is recovering after getting run over at a gas station. a man under the influence of
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with a woman and then hit a tree. >> tried to get away. >> reporter: you did what? >> took his leg from under him and jumped on top of him. i don't need to be considered a hero, just doing what i thought was the right thing to do. in the suspect was arrested and is charged with dwi and assault with a eadly weapon, inicting serious injury. the victim's sister-in-law she's expected to make a full recory. hundreds of people banded together over the weekend to find a the 3 yid wandered away from his mother's garden and more than 450 volunteers from searched the acres of born. he was found nearly 20 hours after he wednesday missing. look at him. the father is moved by the display of compassion. >> we'd like to thank the
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for their incredible help, support, love, players, and we are blessed for l the assistance. >> the boy was scared and cold but otherwise unharmed. so glad he's okay. >> so adorable. look at that little face. >> great to see the community come together. >> a scary situation, no doubt. let's talk about weather because that's a scary situation as well that people are hurricane matthew -- it could affect us. >> it would be late this weekend. i want to start you off with what is happening here and now. this is the airport, 62 degrees as we start off our morning, pretty nice if you ask me. it's probably a little cool for the kiddos standing at the bus stop so if you're taking the
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concerned, this will be enough to slow you down across many locations. let's start off with rocky mount, visibility close to a quarter mile, less than that around smithfield, just 5 miles in raleigh, 10 miles roanoke rapids. ld borrow across wayne county, visibility at a half mile so the densest fog east of wake county. if that's your neck of the woods, please take your time. remember the low peoples as you head out the door s siler city, good morning, 61. 60 pinehurst, 62 lillington and fayetteville to start off this monday morning. let me walk you through the day hour by hour. the biggest hurdle will be the fog out the door early, 60 degrees at 8:00 a.m., 67 at 10:00 a.m., 75 at noon. we'll make it to 80 and that is, yes, five degrees warmer than where we should be this time of year. 77 towards 6:00 this evening.
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future forecast, you'll notice we're very dry today with less humid conditions. really going to be comfortable for us. as we head into our tuesday, all of these conditions will hang around so a cloud or two from time to time. most of us don't really have anything to worry about over the next 48 hours but we were talking, what is everyone talking about? it is hurricane matthew, wind right now at 130 miles per hour, moving north at 6 miles per hour. this 230 miles southeast of kingstonjamaic let's put this track into motion. it travels very close to haiti and will move over eastern cuba as a category 4 storm, a monster storm, high terrain hopefully wi help it weaken into a category 3 storm. still a major hurricane as it
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hour through the northern portion of bahamas. still a category 2 storm, aying off shore of outh carolina and georgia, closer north carolina, close enough to north carolina to bring dangerous rip currents, high surf, and as far as landfall, still pretty early at this time. hurricane warnings for areas in red -- haiti, jamaica, portions of the bahamas. durham today, upper 70s. raleigh, near 80. fayetteville, near 83. overnight tonight, around 60, partly cloudy, comfoable. as we head into the coming days, 77 tuesday, 70s on wednesday. actually going to be below seasonal for the second half of this work week. 73 thursday, 73 friday, and i do think a small chance we could see some rain associated with matthew friday into saturday. of course, the exact track of
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down in the coming days. just about 6:22 right now. let's check in with kristin to see if there are accidents outside. we are accident free so far this morning, no major issues on 540 or 440 t on i-40, you will notice a change this morning. the weather finally cooperating for that fortified lane shift so from lake wheeler to south saunders street, drivers now going to be able to use three new inside lanes so watch for a pretty signifi c that area this morning as drivers try to navigate that new traffic pattern but things are moving smoothly right now if you're heading westbound to research triang park on 540. that will take you about 23 minutes starting at u.s. 64 on i-40, rtp, a 25-minute riding things looking clear on triangle expressway. here's a look outside at i-40 at lake wheeler road and you
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picking up but moving smoothly. we'll have more in just a few minutes. >> 6:23 in the morning. no one will argue electronic banking is here to stay. highway howe one bank is trying to make it difficult. and companies like google are work hard to make self driving vehicles a reality. why it may have hit a snag and
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don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ? transferring money electronically is about to get easier and google is investigating after a vehicle gets into an accident. hena daniels joins us from the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: good morning.
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time in mountain view, california. a driver ran the red light and crash into the autonomous vehicle. while the car was in self driving mode, there was an employee what in the car who hit the brakes when the driver entered the intersectio . banks are upgrading the system used electronically to transfer money to allow faster payment in the near future. "the washington the 1170s technology of the clearinghouse will allow same- day transfers. it currently takes up to three days to send money from one person to another. back to you. we have to talk about this because i know some people are getting their christmas lists ready for kids and a favorite childhood toy is making a comeback. can you tell us about that? >> reporter: it's coming out next year. remember the popular teddy ruxpin?
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makeover. the new version is from wicked cool toybee with emoji bear, internal hard drive and bluetooth technology. >> always advise. hena daniels, thank you for joining us. it's 6:27. it's one of the strongest atlantic hurricanes we have seen in year and is bearing down in the caribbean. could matthew affect our forecast the break.
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>> good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. it's 6:30. i'm russ bowen. >> i'm beairshelle edme, in for stefan chase. let's see what to expect today good morning, alyssa. >> good morning to us at home. this is what everyone is talking about. matthew happened over the weekend and folks were asking me as well.
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winds at 130 miles per hour, a very powerful category 4 hurricane expected to move northward at 6 miles per hour approaching jamaica, haiti, and cuba, storm surge of 7 to 10 feet. you have to worry about the fog and it's dense east of the triangle. 5 miles in lewisburg so some places not as much. 8:00 a.m., 60 degrees, 78 at lunchtime, plenty of sunshine,
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this time of year. we're back to 77 as we head towards 6:00 this evening. we'll have a closer look at the forecast for this work week and when we may receive some rain in ten minutes. chandler kenya will be in court this morning for a motions hearing ahead of the trial. >> he's accused of driving drunk the wrong way and crashing into another car, killing three people. last week, a judge denied two motions to suppress evidence in this case. >> carleigh fi with what to expect in court. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, russ, beairshelle. according to the district attorney's office, the motion hearing will be about the jury selection process. that process is scheduled to start tomorrow and today's hearing will likely determine whether or not a more in depth process caused voir dire will be used. each juror would be questioned individually instead of in a jury pool.
6:32 am
any reason to determine if the juror sun fit to serve. the defense filed motions to file several piece of evidence including cell phone records. one of chandler's attorneys argued the search warrant was improperly served. >> he has real genuine concern and can see in his family's face. they're doing the best they can and take it scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. and we'll have at reporter in the courtroom with more information. family and friend in franklin county are grieving after a deadly weekend wreck and a family is pushing for changes at dangerous intersection. robert richardson join us from that intersection where the crash happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the 18-year-old dwiend the car
6:33 am
while crossing pilot riley. that traffic does not stop and doesn't have stopped signs. people often roll through and investigators said that's what happened this weekend. state police said the driver of the car smith was in kept going without stopping for traffic on the main road. these wrecks happened multiple times a year and would like the department of transportation to increase safety measures. the neighbors said those things could include making it a four- way stop and lights. >> we want people that will drive through to see it and keep things from happening like last night. it took some 18-year-old girl's life. >> another neighbor on this street told me she was t-boned last year in the same spot as saturday night's wreck. she said it can be hard to see oncoming cars as the road curve in opposite directions on either side of the intersection and people often speed.
6:34 am
plan on inviting the community to join them at 6:00 at whitley park in zebulon for a vigil celebrating her life. police will release more dash and body came in the death of keith scott. authorities said they will grant the requests after the family officers said he had a gun he refused to drop. scott's family claim head had a book. the man at the center of a manhunt is expected in a cleveland county courtroom. he shot a shelby county officer who died days later. he was later captured in rhode island and extradited to north carolina last week. prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty against him. this morning, donald
6:35 am
move past a "new york types" report on his tax returns. jamie yuccas reports recent polls show clinton trailing in the buckeye state. >> reporter: donald trump supporters are defending the republican nominee against a report that said he didn't pay taxes for two decade. >> aut shown more genius in the way to maneuver around the tax code as he rightfully used the laws to do that. >> reporter: it cites trump's tax return from 1995 in which he claimed $916 million in losses after several businesses went bankrupt. >> this information is extremely relevant and on point to the election that we're in the midst of right now. >> reporter: trump is threatening to sue for what he
6:36 am
material and he sought to keep the spotlight on clinton and her criticism of sanders supporters at a february fundraiser. >> hillary clinton thinks bernie sanders supporters are hopeless and ignorant basement- dwellers. >> reporter: the democratic nominee had this veiled jab for trump while courting black voters in north carolina yesterday. >> there are some out there who see this as a moment division. >> reporter: clinton picked up an endorsement from lebron james. >> james called clinton the choice for president. clinton is expected to stop in akron, ohio, james' hometown. trump is campaigning in colorado today. good monday morning. if you're just get ready to hit the road and start your drive,
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the first is in durham, paris at market street so watch for slowdowns approaching the accident. elsewhere in rally, major lane shift, weather finally cooperated for that change to happen so on i-40 eastbound from lake wheeler to south ponder street, drivers able to use three new inside lanes so watch for slowdowns as drivers navigate the pattern. just fine westbound 540 from 64 to glenwood, a 16 minute ride and will take you 12 minutes this morning. i-40 at aviation parkway, you can see the traffic volumes are increasing but so far no major issues to make you aware of. we'll have updates through the rest of the morning. >> 6:37 in the morning. a volcano in mexico puts on
6:38 am
plus this. >> we are expecting there will be a landslide. the caribbean bracing for the strongest atlantic hurricane in almost a decade. how several major island neighs are getting ready. and temperatures in central north carolina in the low 60s. 61 in roanoke rapids and lewisburg, 60 tar borrow but a foggy start for some of you. i will have the latest in your [music] >> dr. stanley: we can understand and realize, it's through the gospel that you and i can be absolutely assured at what paul said when he said, "absent from the body, present with the lord." we don't have to fear death. it's through the gospel that our
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there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinve snacking. happening right now, people in jamaica are bracing for hurricane matthew. the category 4 storm is make its way towards the country and expected to hit cuba and haiti later tonight. officials warn matthew could bring potentially life- threatening flood and landslides to jamaica and haiti.
6:41 am
they're ready to respond. >> since thursday, we have started to release supplies across the island. >> in families at guantanamo bey are being evacuated ahead of the arrival. it's not that huge but powerful. >> it's a category 4 hurricane and it's been a while since we have seen this. winds are 130 miles per hour and gusts are stronger than that and is moving north at 6 miles per hour. we're talking about this will stay east of jamaica, jamaica will be west of the storm and
6:42 am
haiti and a storm across land. the ocean rises 7 to 10 feet and is impressive and that alone -- you add the 2 feet of rain and will cause devastating damage. we're looking at a major hurricane through the central bahamas, a category 3 hurricane. thursday morning, wind would be close to 120 miles per hour and let's bring it to when it gets closer to home for us. it would be off the coast of georgia, south carolina 2:00 a.m., wind at over 100 miles per hour. it's going to weaken as it travels through the atlantic, still pretty early to tell if it would maybe landfall on the north carolina coast but will tell you it will be close enough to bring dangerous rip current and high surf to the north carolina coast. bring you home, 62 degrees. we're starting to see those
6:43 am
peeks of sunlight crossing the horizon, a nice color across there. now, the fog will slow you down this morning, visibility at 2 miles rocky mount, half a mile goldsboro, less than that across portions of johnston county so hour by hour today, the biggest thing we have to worry about is the fog this morning so is take your time, 60 out the door, 78 at 2:00 and near 80 for an afternoon high. a terrifying night in the city of lights, for a well- known celebrity. what was stolen from kim what was stolen from kim kardashian during a robbery and ? ? ? ? can you say i love it? ? ? oh love it? ? ? can you say hey? ? ? hey! ? ? that's the spirit! oooooh.? ? ooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.?
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after over 20 years in congress, senator richard burr has been making washington work... for himself. burr voted 5 times to raise his own pay, while his net worth has increased over 500%... making over $3.6 million. but it's not just that. on a bill to make insider trading by congressmen illegal, burr voted no, calling the law a waste of time. that's how 20 years in washington has changed richard burr. last week in goldsboro, police made an arrest in a decades-old case. the man is expected in court.
6:46 am
authorities were never able to life a suspect until last month. sylvester braswell is held in lieu of an $800,000 bond. jury selection is set to begin for the wayne county judge accused of bribing an fbi agent. arnold jones wanted copies of text messages between his wife and another man and offered to pay for them. jones he is running for a judge position. >>orry, a family emergency. i have to stop the show. that was kanye west cutting a new york show short after finding out his wife was robbed at gunpoint in paris. authorities said kim kardashian west was robbed in her hotel room last night by several men pretending to be police. a spokesperson said "she's shaken badly but physically
6:47 am
hundreds of people who live near the volcano, this volcano in mexico, are having to evacuate. it's one of the most active in mention doe and central america. it sent columns of ash into the air and similar evacuation causes happened earlier this year. they believe it's the first major eruption since 1913 so it rumbles a lot but rarely erupts >> >> it's gorgeous to watch but not comfort tonight get by. >> you don't want to get too close for sure. let's talk about the weather, not a lot in our location. in the fog, though. >> a little bit of fog but everyone is talking about matthew. this is 62 and live picture from the raleigh durham international airport as we start off our monday morning, starting work week and is dry.
6:48 am
north carolina. let's get to the latest visibility. we were talking about this a few minutes ago, 4-mile visibility in lewisburg and johnston county has been rocking zero visibility for the last hour and a half, half a mile in portions of wayne county, goldsboro. sampson near clinton, visibility at a mile and patchy fog really continues to the north as well. roanoke rapids, visible at 4 miles to start off your morning so please take it slow, dark enough out there you need beams. you can driver into foggier conditions. 59 roxboro, 62 durham and raleigh, 61 lewisburg, clayton, clinton, 60 in goldsboro. good morning to you there. we have some fog through 8:00 a.m. this morning, 60 degrees, 75 at lunchtime, just a few clouds. it will feel nice if you want to take the lunch outside, 80 degrees, plenty of warmth to go through the afternoon, 77, making for a pleasant evening
6:49 am
forecast. not a lot is going on. high pressure dominating our forecast and we're looking at a few clouds through lunchtime today through the afternoon hour and then through overnight tonight, we'll call it partly cloudy. we'll start off our tuesday dry and dry weather continues tomorrow afternoon. we don't have to worry about hurricane matthew until late this week into the upcoming weekend but want to get to the latest. look at the hurricane warnings for jamaica, eastern portions of cuba, western portio effect for portions of the bahamas. this is because of the storm, hurricane matthew, category 4 hurricane right now, barreling down on jamaica. now, this is the spaghetti plot. all the different models we like to look at to actually expect the track of this storm. if you look closely, you see the yellow line, the national hurricane center's official forecast and as we head into late this weekend, it looks like it stops around georgia, south carolina.
6:50 am
can see most of them staying off shore but getting dangerously close to north carolina so a wobble either way could mean a big difference for us in north carolina. it's a track we will closely monitor over the coming days. i want to bring you closer to hope, 80 our high in raleigh, 79 durham, 83 fayetteville. then overnight tonight, partly cloudy, comfortable, 60 for an overnight low, and we'll head into the coming days. we drop into 77 our high tuesday, 74 wednesday. we're still dry thursday and then it looks like we could start to see a little bit of rain, at least, with matthew for friday and into saturday, low-to-mid- 70s there and we'll still be in the low 70s as the sunshine returns as we head towards sunday of the weekend ahead. 6:50 right now on your monday morning. let's check in with kristin with the latest. good morning, a couple of accidents on the roads this morning. the first one in wendel, this
6:51 am
that area as it continues to work to be cleared there, also an accident durham on market street at parish street so watch for delays in that area as well. overnight last night, weather finally cooperated for the shift in project fortify so on i-40 eastbound from lake wheeler road to south ponder street, drivers can use three inside lanes but still watch for some delay in that area as drivers this morning navigate that new traffic pattern. as far as drive times go if you're heading rpt, 540 and 40 look good, triangle expressway, no major issues, and let's talk outside, a look at rock quarry road. at this point, traffic seems to be moving just fine through project fortify and we will have more updates throughout the rest of the morning and "cbs this morning" as well. >> the time is 6:51. we'll be back with news to know before you go. >> but first, here's what "cbs this morning" is work on.
6:52 am
beairshelle. we'll talk with new york times reporters who reveal 1995's tax returns. trump's attorney claims they broke the law. and matthew heads towards the united states. and leslie stall joins with us the struggles of reporting from the top of the earth in the arctic. all of that and more. the news is back in the
6:53 am
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this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's all of this, this, this, and this. it's the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal. in all of history. yeah, it's that good. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything. a quick look at news to know before you go. the trial student accused of a drunk driving crash is due to start this week. he crash into another car while driving wrong way on an orange county interstate last year. three people died. a judge decided to allow blood tests, cell phone, and dash camera video, as well as autopsy pictures to be used in this case. jury selection is expected to start tomorrow. police in charlotte say they're going to release more dash and body cam video from the shooting death of keith scott. the family is making a formal
6:55 am
grant the requests after scott's family requested its release. nearly 10 inches of rain fell in cumberland region. several homes were flooded. the man at the center of a manhunt is expected in a cleveland county courtroom brackin who died dater later. he was extradited from rhode island to north carolina last week. prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty. michelle obama will be here tomorrow with stops in charlotte and raleigh. she will speak at the charlotte convention center at noon and tomorrow at 3:00 will be at nc state's reynolds coliseum. the first lady plans to focus on younger vote and lay out
6:56 am
before the deadline next week, friday. the triangle heart walk raised $1.6 million through donations. the money will be used for life- saving heart disease and stroke research as well as education, such a great cause. i know it's one dear to my heart. my grandmother suffers heart disease and a major kill in our state so it's really important to go ahead and get information and suppor happening out there. >> absolutely. >> a great turnout. >> so good to see. let's get to our forecast today, guys. we're starting off on the dry side but a decent amount of fog no, fog in this direction, really. this is prestonwood country club in cary as we start off our morning. official sunrise doesn't happen until 7:12 this morning so we have a little bit to go. as far as the fog, visibility at a half mile in goldsboro,
6:57 am
site, 6-miles but will tell you across edgecombe, nash, wilson counties, visibility is lower than that, 5 milesroxboro. we'll get your seven day forecast -- look at this 80 our high today, dry tuesday, wednesday, thursday, as we dp back into the 70s. of course, all eyes right now on hurricane matthew, still early to expect to know if it's going to make a direct landfall on north carolina, but it does look like it could bring us some light rain starting on us will be greatly influenced on that track we'll watch over the next few days. as far as traffic goes this morning, don't forget about that lane shift in project fortify. you can use those inside lane between lake wheeler and south ponder on the eastbound side and as far as i-40, clayton bypass, normal volumes, not too many issue and use caution and watch for some fog this morning. >> all right, that bumper to bumper looks like it's picking
6:58 am
we'll have the latest on matthew at noon today. thank you for being with us
6:59 am
sfx: door shatters she'll call nine one one. average response time? eleven minutes. she keeps a firearm in this safe for protection. but hillary clinton could take away her right to self defense. and with supreme court justices, hillary can. don't let hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone. the nra political victory fund
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monay, october 3rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump campaign brags about his business skills after a leaked tax return shows he the records show he may have avoided paying federal income tax for 18 years. >> we are in jamaica where the strongest hurricane in years is tearing through the caribbean. matthew's path could threaten the u.s. more than 10 million dollars worth of jewels stolen from kim


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