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tv   North Carolina News at 500PM  CBS  October 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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you at home. matthew remains one of the strongest hurricanes we've seen in years. but it also remains one of the slowest moving hurricanes i have ever seen. and that makes it very difficult to forecast. earlier today, part other forecast cone moved over parts of central north carolina, and the new update tonight has us all in the cone of uncertainty as we head into this weekend. that means for the rest of this week as nice as our weather's going to be, through thursday and friday, we need to start th about what we would do if a hurricane was on our doorstep. because that is looking like a possibility. tonight as sharon mentioned winds are 140 miles per hour. again, that's slow movement north at 7. here's the eye of the hurricane. >> there's haiti, jamaica and cuba it looks like it could thread the needle right between or right over some of those island. remaining as a category 4 hurricane through tomorrow afternoon. weakening some after going over
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thursday, over the bahamas, off the coast of florida, friday. then possibly on our doorstep as we had into the weekend. so here it is. the cone of uncertainty covering most of our state. remember, two out of -- 2/3 goes in the cone. as we head through the week something on our doorstep saturday. there will be a lot of changes. we'll have to changes and shifts together. we'll tell you when it could arrive here if at all coming up. governor pat mccrory launched a state emergency for 66 county ahead of the storm. cbs north carolina beau minnick joins us live to break down how this latest action could affect you. >> reporter: sean, this declaration covers central and eastern north carolina, and today the governor said he's concerned about areas in particular ones where the
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>> our rivers are at this point in time very high because of the rain during the last two weeks. so we want to make sure that we have everything in place early. >> reporter: emergency management officials say since we kent know qb exactly how -- we don't know exactly how strong this will be they want to be overprepared and hope it's a false alarm. in recent weeks we've 1 hit with significant flooding in fayetteville and the >> now, ace the time to make sure you have your emergency package available with flash lights, with needed water with needed supplies. s you aren't waiting until the last second to go get batteries, that typical things. >> reporter: emergency management officials say they've been in touch with fema regarding any possible evacuations an the governor recommends that people should be thinking about an evacuation
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live in raleigh, beau minnick, cbs north carolina. if you haven't already now is the perfect time to download the cbs north carolina weather app. get up tour the minute alerts, warnings and forecast it's. download it to your michigan device for free from the app store? a former new c student admitted that ewas driving drunk when he crashed and killed three people last summer. chandler kania plead guilty to most of the charges against him but will charges of second degree murder. date of hurst was in court today. >> reporter: he plead guilty to felony death by motor vehicle. a jury will decide his fate on second degree murder. >> are you, in fact, guilty of those chans. >> yes, sir. chandler kania decided to plead guilty for the drunk
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>> he came in and plead guilty with no agreement. >> reporter: he was under age at the time of the crash and his blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit. he phase a maximum sentence of nearly 60 years for the charges but the judge says the sentenced englewood will most likely be less because of the details it case and he does not have a criminal background. last year a grand jury indicted him. he pleaded guilty to all but four. >> he hasn'tered a plea of not guilty to three counts of charge of reckless driving. we are going to trial on those four remaining charges tomorrow. >> reporter: it comes after a year after he drove the wrong way and crashed into another car killing three others. the three victims were headed to charlotte after traveling to virginia for a family reunion. several members of the victim's families were in court but both declined to decline on the guilty plea jury selection is expected to begin tomorrow and the trial will
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we'll discuss why a judge decided to three out evidence in that upcoming trial. reporting in hillsborough, date of hurst, cbs north carolina. franklin county community will garth to remember a teenager whose life was cut short over the weekend. >> tachina smith was killed sat night she just started classes at unc pembroke and the first in her family to go to college. >> amy cutler joins us live >> reporter: they tell us that something needs to be done. now there is a stop sign here on williams. >> if you was here an hour you'd see four or five cars just keep on going through he. >> i have been here 23 years i know i have seen evidence of 20 accidents at this intersection. >>er. knows art concerns um asking from neighbors around the intersection of pilot riley
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zebulon. this after the death of 18-year- old tachina smith. authorities say she was the victim of a crash at this intersection saturday. authorities telling us the teen was behind the wheel of a red accord when another driver, 18- year-old ran theston sign and slammed into smith's car. we reached out to the state d.o.t. trying to find out if this was a problem intersection if there was a history of accidents if the traffic study had ever been done. we're still waiting back for that information but they agree to speak with us. >> residents are saying that there have been a number of accident and they contact the d.o.t. and nothing has been done what would you say to them? >> i'm una were that they contacted us i. don't know any history about this at all. if you contact the d.o.t. for a traffic study and they d 1, anybody can ask for a traffic study. >> reporter: back out here live
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for that 18-year-old woman. now, the d.o.t. telling us that they would have those numbers to us either late today or tomorrow. we will, of course, keep you posted on that. i also have the chance to speak with some of smith's friends. you will hear from them coming up at 6:00. along with more on that vigil that we're expecting to take place later on. for now live in zebulon. today investigators revalentine's day they believe air k parsons died long missing in 2013 but hadn't been seen since 2011. last week her adoptive farther led investigators to her body inchesy father's day, south carolina. her remains have been turnedory to the medical examiner and deputies are hope that will lead to charges. an a parent case of road rage led to a murder investigation in hope county. eric terry was shot and killed following a chase by a suspect.
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learned cummings has been charged with murdering terry and held without bond. a woman recovering tonight after an apartment fire in fayetteville. it happened this morning along oak ridge avenue. firefighters were able to pull the 55-year-old out through a window. she was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. it's believed the fire was accidental and was costed by combustible material close to a candle. police in our area are investigating two separate hit the first happened saturday night in harnett county. deputies tell us john was hilt by a car as of last check he was listed in critical condition. deputies were able to track down the driver. a day later. so far no charges have been filed. and in chapel hill the search says still on for the driver who clipped a sbi list on hillsborough street. authorities say the vehicle was a small light colored suv. if you have any information call police. yet another college
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north carolina over house bill 2. the national junior college athletic associations moving the d 3 series. the city's mayor says that will have an economic impact. the njcaa said its decision had nothing to do with the community but protect the well- being of the students. more than 50 raleigh small business owners are calling on the street to end jerry they say current district are hurting business in the state. the group said hb 2 passed and the law is hurting economy of downtown raleigh. >> when you dent have, you know, big office tenants or national tenants moving in it affect everybody, every small business on the street is affected when you have less customers. >> the business owners include democrats and republicans. they're working with common cause north carolina in this. common cause wants a non
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redistricting will be on the supreme court's agenda. the high court started a newing today. still lacking the full panel neared today avoid a deadlocked decisions. but despite president obama naming a nominee, several months ago, it will almost certainly be next year before ninth justice is sworn in. the governor's office is going the extra mile toon deadly crashes. >> we have distracted driving longer than cell phones. >> i men, every time it rains -- i mean every time it rains we have to leave. >> ain't may have stopped but cleanup is just getting
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i'm roy cooper...and my mom used to teach in this school. she was so proud to be a north carolina teacher. she wouldn't have liked how we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay... 44th in per-student spending...
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it's why thousands of teachers are moving out of state. as governor, i'll make schools the priority again. schools my mom would be proud of. to thrive in an ever-changing environment, companies must adapt. but one thing should remain constant - a financial relationship with someone that understands and cares about your business. pnc corporate and institutional banking offers strategies tailored know that our dedicated teams of local experts offer insight to help you achieve your business objectives. see how working with pnc can help your company grow at state officials have come together to launch a new
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north carolina roads. >> and like click et or ticket it's meant to spread a wereness and teach save driving. carleigh griffeth has the story. >> reporter: a vision of zero road fatalities is something they fully support. he lost his college aged son in an accident when a friend got behind the we'll. >> she lost control of chase's car. they were traveling approximately 70 miles per hour. they left the road, spun out miles per hour. >> reporter: he joined first responders, highway workers and law enforcement to stand behind state leaders as they announced the nc vision zero initiative. >> we do need to reduce risky driving behaviors and change overall traffic safety culture in this state. >> reporter: although leaders say the number of fatalities have been decreasing even as the state's population is increasing it's not good enough.
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including education and engineering safer roads. including more barriers and guardrails. >> no one's ever accused them of looking pretty but they have been very effective in reduce injuries and fatalities. >> reporter: speakers say every life taken in a car crash is one life too many. rogers says to save lives, everyone has to make a change. >> remember to use these four powers. the power of choice, the power of assia love, and the power to intervene to shape your own future and to make this world a better place to live. >> reporter: in raleigh carleigh griffeth cbs north carolina. and this year alone, 780 people have died on north carolina roads. those in charge of the initiative say they hope to cut the number in half in the next 15 years little bit murder trial of a manp accused of unsettled t male leaving his son in a hot car started in georgia. a jury evenly split between men
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toddler in a hot car two years ago. and had research websites about a child free lifestyle. harris' attorneys have called the death a tragic accident. he faces life in prison if convicted of murderer. police have still not made any arrests in the weekend mr.ers of two north carolina a and t students. >> that was it. >> investigatoay dieudonne and ahmad campbell were killed. a witness said a fight broke out nearby, shots were fired and the two victims were curtain the crossfire. >> got real -- guys got kind of heated. two guys one of them was my friend. and then another guy that i don't know, they started arguing. the other guy that i didn't know claimed that my friend tried to hit him with a bottle two of his friends hit
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computer science major and campbell a science systems major. >> again, police do not believe either have anything to d with the fight. days after heavy rains local communities are still struggling to recover. cbs north carolina's nate rodgers toured some neighborhoods and shows us how people are coping with it. >> within hours it automatically went from nothing to something. >> reporter: whitney is talk about rain up too her knees thursday. and she's got pictures to prove this is her mom's front yard where only the upper portion of the fence is visible. another picture inside their home, as ship says more than 3 feet of water came in. >> we have to recover. >> our house smells like mold, mildew. the furniture's messed up. every time it rains we have to leave. we can't, you know, chance it. >> reporter: the scottsdale subdivision off reilly road was among the first areas evacuated beginning thursday night. here's a picture of a home.
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>> we've had some cars damaged because of the floods here. >> reporter: today is ditches remanifold of water and an awful stench is left behind. >> residents say the city must do more to keep homes from flooding. neighbors tell me the area floods often because there's no place for rain waters to go and oftentimes storm drains remain clogged. >> i many, i been on the phone worth them. i been downtown. i'm just exhausted. >> floods, the ship family is now looking to sell their home and relocate. they say enough is enough. >> we live here for so long we don't want to leave. at this point in time what else are we supposed to do? i think after the way september ended with all those floods, i think we're happy october is here. >> and guess what, it's actually going to feel a little bit like october.
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>> but we really got nice weather coming this week. >> today wasn't half bad, 79 degrees. first full week of october our average high is 77. so little bit above it today and tomorrow. and below it and flat out nice later this week. >> rain does not come into the forecast until friday night. and yes, that could be for some of us, from outer ring bands of matthew. in the meantime, we're enjoying temperatures in the still stuck there at 80. but expected to get cooler into tonight. so here's what i mean. first of all radar is off and we will keep it off for the next several days. s we can continue to die out from last week. just a few clouds. 72 at 8:00. 70 at 10:00. 68 at midnight. then you're out the door tomorrow morning, 60 degrees which means that's in the city. some of us in the upper 50s. you're going to have to have the conversation at home if
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tomorrow morning. let's look big picture. obviously there's four nice weather days to come before what we might have to deal with for matthew. we had the cold front come through. that's one of the reasons we're dropping down. high pressure going to be controlling most of this week. then a cold front way, way out there but that could be here this weekend. >> that could come into play about what happens with mat to. let's just get right to it i. lot to update you conditions haven't changed much during the day. winds are still monstrous. 140miles per hour. there's jamaica. there's dominican republic, there's haiti, cuba. the hurricane hunters just wrapping up a flight. they're going to be flying non stop between now and the time this thing exits the northeast early next week. pressure is done a little bit. this isn't the only hurricane hunter aircraft out there. there's another one flying out here just kind of what looks to
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that's a very important mission, as well. they're sampling the atmosphere which we're going to get which the computer models are going to get. so hopefully we'll be able to make a better forecast. because that's where the storm is headed. so if we know what the environment's like where the storm is headed we can hopefully have a better forecast. here's big picture long-term the next five days. come over haiti, by tomorrow, then, kind of curving back over the bahamas by of through wednesday and thay start to speed up. so this is the cone of uncertainty that you hear us talk about. there's the center line. so let's compare that to last update in yell left as you can see this is not good for us it did move to the west a little. as we zoom in on what could be our forecast, again, this could be saturday afternoon. the hurricane witch could be a category two at that time could be anywhere from charlotte to a
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be moving faster at this point. so it's not going to be moving 7 miles per hour. so the computer models again remain unagreement through thursday into the bahamas. then while the computer models have nudged to the west you notice they're spread out a lot. which still tells us there's a lot of uncertainty. so i hate saying this, especially on this monday. but we still don't know a lot about what's going to happen. the starting to become a little more clear. we need to start preparing for what could be but there's still a lot of uncertainties. again, look at this great weather tuesday, wednesday, thursday. clouds a little bit of rain friday night. possibly from matthew. the main impact day could be on saturday. and then we clear out very quickly on sunday. the entire time staying in the 70s. then it gets even cooler next week. so i think my main message is, start to think about what's going to happen this weekend if we have a hurricane on the doorstep. there's a lot to talk about
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facebook live tonight at 7:00. i want you to log on. i'm going to go much more in depth with matthew, what's happening with our forecast. take questions. that's tonight on our facebook page, wncn tv at 7:00. >> people can have a conversation. a lot of people just moved here and never experienced hurricanes don't know what they should plan and prepare. >> the government -- governor talking earlier about having >> central north carolina, we dent leave. it's the people next to the ocean leave. you hide from the wind and run from the water. we will stay put we dent clog the roads evacuating from the coast. we will stay put i. think we'll be okay with rain and wind coming our way. that's good information, thank you. coming up here at 5:00 a reality star robbed in a scene straight out of the movies.
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his wife kim kardashian being robbed at gun point. paris police say the thieves were dressed as officerses when they tied the reality star up locked her in the bathroom and made off with $10 million in jewelry. still unknown whether her daughter and son were with where when the robbery occurred. tonight we are sad to say good-bye to a legend in north carolina news. >> long time news anchor larry stogner died at his home over the anchor and reporter at wtvd and wral. his work earned him a spot in the north carolina journalism hall of fame and north carolina broadcasters hall of fame. >> he stepped down in 2015 at that time telling viewers he was battling als. narrator: look up the facts on richard burr. the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns
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tonight a moore county couple fighting for a little boy who say of they say is a victim of a broken system. >> andy was just an infant when he suffered permanent brain damage the result of being shaken. cbs north carolina's michael hyland reports getting justice has been a battle for years and andy trepcyk is facing chale challenges he never should have. he's living with cerebral palsy and blind. >> pick them up. oh, yay. >> reporter: but andy was not born like this. his adoptive parent tracey and allen trepcyk visitedly remember meeting him in the
5:30 pm
damage from the shaking. >> reporter: in 2012, certain pines police say andy was home with his biological parents sterling cummings and breanne fowler. he was three and a half weeks old when someone shook him causing permanent brain damage and changing his life forever. >> this was clearly no accident. >> clearly. all of the medical experts, every medical expert that they spoke with, what a doubt that this was absolutely no accident. >> reporter: about six months later, police charged both his parents with child abuse. but the trepcyks found justice was slow to come. >> our frustration level continued to month because we just felt like nothing was happening from the d.a.'s office on andy's be have. >> reporter: by 2015 the case was still not resolved. police arrested sterling cummings, again, this time
5:31 pm
another nine months went by then this happened. the district attorney office presented a plan to roll both cases together. guilty pleas on the assault and child abuse charges. the sentenced englewood shocked them, 45 days in prison and five years probation. cummings took the deal. >> the d.a.'s position was that it was a hard case to try because neither defendant was saying muc to be told before a jury. >> reporter: the deal was reached just this year. and comes amid a crisis of confidence in the social services system in moore county. >> you shouldn't have to almost die to get taken out of a home in this county. >> reporter: in april 23-month- old wandered from his home and drowned in a pond. a judge had recently returned the child to his mother's custody over the objections of his foster parents.
5:32 pm
katherine graham is arranging an independent investigation. >> i think it will further assure the public that we are covering all bases. >> reporter: pam reed was ryeland's guardian. she says she's scene about the priority being placed on kids in the system. >> the district attorney's office had an obligation to proceed on andy's behalf. i don't think they did that. >> reporter: for the last several week cbs north carolina has bee from the district attorney's office. after denying multiple requests for interviews we went to the office. the assistant district attorney said he couldn't comment because the case is still pending against the mother. the trepcyks shared this e-mail they received about the plea deal i. understand you will not be happy with that decision but it is something that i have thought long and hard about and have given careful consideration to the texas and evidence sur
5:33 pm
.a.'s office fought for andy. >> reporter: the trepcyks still want the d.a.'s office to purr sure the case against fowler. we discovered this dumb to destroy a dna sample. the prosecutor check it's this box no conviction three years since date of arst and no active prosecution is occuring. >> i people like he's been violated a second time. by the judicial system. >> reporter: in the years since this all started, the sister. as trying as it's all been, it's trepcyks are still committed to andy. >> he keeps defying the dollars o. you know, they keep telling us he's never going to -- he's never really going to be able to communicate with you. he's never going to be able to hold on t anything. he's never going to d anything on purpose. but he's done all those things. >> reporter: we did get ahold of andy's biological mother. she's now living in arizona.
5:34 pm
we reached out toone an attorney for him and stopped by his last known address but we didn't get a response. as for moore county social services a routine review by the state found the department was significantly understaffed for several months. >> they've since filmed the positis. weaponsed the results of that review on -- we posted the results of that on the commuty is bracing for impact as hurricane matthew threatens to cause catastrophic flooding. we're in jamaica where the way. >> reporter: relentless downpours trigger floods. as hurricane matthew hit jamaica on sunday. in kingston rushing water covered streets and strappedded cars. drivers braved knee deep water pushing vehicles down the road. off the western coast of the island near the city of negril a waterspout was spotted ahead of the storm.
5:35 pm
>> i'm sure that jamaica will be within the 90% effect band of the storm. >> reporter: in haiti the slow moving storm is expected stew dump between 15 and 25 inches of rain. the government has opened roughly 1300 emergency shelters that can hold up to 340,000 people. matthew will make it through early evacuated 700 family members from guantanamo bay. the state department has told non essential personnel in jamaica as well as haiti and the bahamas to evacuate if they can but if not to hunker down. >> still too early to forecast matthew's impact on the u.s. but those of you've living on the east coast could feel it by the end of the week. here the weather center
5:36 pm
kind of hard to see where the track's going to go. >> it literally snakes up the east coast. and yeah, it was great here. great here most of this week but a big change in the forecast. >> our air quiz in the forecast cone of uncertainty. that yellow coner, we're in it. we need to start thinking king about what would we do if we have a hurricane on our doorstep this weekend. because it is new a possibility. and here's wha the historic path. so as, you know, the yellow line here it's been coming through the caribbean. look what it's been doing the past 48 hours. literally zigzagging at an in credibly slow rate. the current conditions haven't changed much. still sits just south of haiti in between there and jamaica with 140 miles per hour winds. the change today came in the forecast path. oddly enough, the near term the next 48 hours shifted a little
5:37 pm
shifted a little bit to the west. so as i mentioned, all of central north carolina, from the 5:00 advisory from the national hurricane center now in the cone of uncertainty meaning this saturday afternoon, we could have a category 2 hurricane with 105 mile per hour winds. literally anywhere from charlotte to a few hundred miles off shore. obviously, that cone will narrow as we approach it. but what you're doing this weekend? we'll talk about the impacts saying and hour that factors in. durham county has been awarded $200,000 to help treat inmates with mental illnesses. >> the money will be given out over the next three years. derick louis takes us inside a section of the county jail dedicated to the project. >> u.s. department of justice supports our vision for the future of the durham county detention facility. >> this pod at the do you
5:38 pm
see a change. more than $280,000 from federal and low cam government will transform it to an area customized for inmates who have a member illness. >> when you have to classify your pods based on security and other concerns, then you have a mix. and staff has to go in every pod and it's very time consuming. >> reporter: this grant is the largest the sheriff's office has seen in recent years. >> limit fun gaps in health care system. and those gaps have put county jails like ours on the front line of mental health care. >> reporter: the facility will also improve the mental illness screening process, as well as hire more staff with the background to help the 20% of inmates who have a mental illness. >> there's a need for more detention officers to have the skills to work with detainees who areey in distress, being treated for mental illness, or
5:39 pm
derick louis, cbs north carolina. both vice presidential candidates are hard at work preparing for tomorrow fight's debate. >> for tim kaine that meant spending several days out of sight in raleigh. what he was doing in the triangle coming up. >> plus the team is back to deal with a new round of threats as scorpion gets set for season three. we sit down with the calls for a preview of tonight's premiere. >> we head to break here's a live look at i-40 and i-540. you can see significant delays
5:40 pm
5:42 pm
donald trump's foundation is in hot water tonight. newyork's attorney general is accusing it of not following state law. and has order the cease and desist contributions. >> reporter: new york's attorney general is barring the trump foundation from soliciting contributions in state. a notice filed friday says the foundation violated a state law for not bureaus and not providing annual financial reports and audited financial statements. three pages were printed from 1995 income tax forms. he showed say loss of $916 million. which may have allowed limb to avoid paying federal income taxes for up to 18 years. trump's taxes will likely continue to be a distraction.
5:43 pm
and defending rather than pushing forward and advancing his cause until at least the next debate. >> reporter: trump did not mention ms. taxes during a morning speech on cyber security. the democratic nominee is unfit. >> hillary clinton's only experience sin cyber security involves her criminal scheme stew violate fed u recall law engineering a massive coverup and putting the entire nation in harm's way. >> reporter: hillary clinton is in the battle ground state of ohio to outline new economic proposals. but she didn't pass up a chance to blast trump on his taxes. >> he abuses his power, games the system, put his own interests ahead of the country's. it's trump first, and everyone else last. >> reporter: clinton was at a vetter registration this afternoon. democratic vice presidential candidate tim
5:44 pm
several days holding mock debates. on the other side of the ticket governor mike pence has been preparing with wisconsin governor scott walker filling in for kaine for debate prep. a slew of north carolina campaign stops continues with visits from michelle obama stumping for clinton in raleigh and charleston. the raleigh stop set for 3:00. cbs north carolina will be there to cover it. scorpion returns for th right here on cbs north carolina. our russ bowen sat down with the stars of the show and has this preview. >> reporter: the two hour season preview is tonight. hackers take control of u.s. military aircraft and war ships and point the weapons at american cities. joining me right now are two stars of the series. hey, guys, how you doing great
5:45 pm
>> good morning. >> reporter: so what can we expect to tee tonight any big sur prices for folks? >> i think the surprise is how both of these characters you know, you ended very rightly russ, by saying the end the first -- the second season rather which is direct continuation. from were we pick up from. with the walter driving to lake tahoe to see -- to tahoe to see page and auto suppose one of the surprises is how decision really turns out. and where the characters end up going and what i suppose what the psychology in terms of how panel reacts to the information or seeing him in a different place. so i think it will be fun for the audience to see how we both deal with that. sothy is the third see such
5:46 pm
better. it's bigger, better, funnier, sexier. i personally think that the episodes just continue to get better. i think as the writers have felt more freedom to, you know, do what they want with the characters. and at least the personal dynamic relationships between all the characters are a little bit juicier. this more about paige in terms of her history and background where she's come from. >> we're going to meet her mother. because, you know, you really haven't had that much story on her. so her mother's going to come in. we have a great actress, lovely actress who is -- >> it's a secret. >> we haven't announced yet. you're going to surprise us. >> she's a real veteran and we're on episode nine right now. so we have lots of great surprises. >> reporter: we can't wait to
5:47 pm
both your characters. that's tonight start at 9:01 for two hours here on cbs north carolina. thank you, guys. >> thanks so much. >> thanks. nice work. welcome to the first monday of october. and there are two huge weather stories for us this week. number1, obviously is hurricane matthew. i'll get to that in just a second. >> number 2 is it's actually going to start to feel like fall. today was decent. cooler later this week. sunshine, a few fair weather clou on capital. y is 77 degrees, though. we don't have severe weather in the next couple days. we dent have any 90s. s we love october. at least so far. as we look across the state 70s and 80s everywhere you go. our temperatures will get even lower tonight and later this week. >> a comfortable night, 72 by 8:00. 68 with a come clouds overnight and you're out the door
5:48 pm
been that cool. and one of the reasons why we are going to be so much cooler in the morning hours is because the humidity levels are down. >> our dewpoint temperature which is a direct relation is stuck in the upper 50s. all summer long up until part of last week that dewpoint temperature the humidity level was so much higher. the lower this number goes the lower the overnight temperatures go. going to below this week. the other big hurricane matthew. no major changes in the current conditions. still a very well defined symmetrical storm with a very visible eye. as we look at the satellite, unfortunately the west is yet to come for our friends in hate it. they're going to get over the next 24 hours. the latest has wind at 140 miles per hour and still moving very slow. we hate these slow moving storms. number1, because whoever's underneath it has those bad conditions for a long time but
5:49 pm
that's why we have uttered the word uncertainty so many times when we're talking about the long range forecast. the latest from the hurricane center slowly brings it up through the knot as a category 4 in the next 24 hours over haiti. curving back over cuba and bahamas wednesday and thursday. off the coast of florida or possibly inland friday then in our neck of the woods, yes, it could be here this weekend. in central north carolina. here is the center latest track. i want to put in the 11 amtrak, the track before that so we can pair what's happened. that's the yellow line. as you can see, the track has pushed to the west. over the past six hours. we get these updated forecasts every six hours. so the next one will come at 11:00 tonight. big ridge of high pressure which is always over the atlantic in the summertime. that's going to decide what happens. if this gets big and strong, it's going to nudge it even
5:50 pm
come back east as we're also waiting on a cold front. so we're not exactly sure how this is all going to play out but we're looking at the computer models with many other things. i'm going to do a comparison of the american computer model and the european. i don't want you to get caught up in the names and their past history u. auto warrants you to think about what this one is doing because a lot of the stuff in the past doesn't matter for this particular storm. so here we are at friday night. so bringing it into south carolina by saturday morning. european still lagging back and then here we are, saturday night, notice how they start to spread apart. >> there's uncertainty. and then here we are finally by sunday night european still off our coastline. american is up by maine. that up certainty and little nudges over the next couple days mean we have to keep an eye on this. in the meantime great weather
5:51 pm
by wednesday and thursday. the rain and cloud cover from hurricane matthew could be here friday night through sunday morning. again, the exact timing still up in the air we'll have to keep an eye on. so 3 degree guarantee is 78 today. 79 so another $100 from us and our friends. the tame lynn certainty which has been heaping triangle and north carolina families since developmental disabilities. the monthly total is 200. we look forward to teaching you more about what they do and raising some great money. of course, today the first business day of the new month means we have to present a check from last month. kristin ketchell headed back down to fayetteville to present seth's wish a check for $2100 with our friends at allen kelly. he told his mom i want to help the homeless and hungry and they've been doing it for the
5:52 pm
awareness and dollars to help them continue that fight. if you would like to learn more about that check them out at their facebook page on seth's wish. >> making a difference out there. >> i'm going to put this money that you're giving me to what my mom wants to do is build some small houses for the homeless some they can go live in them. they will won't have to pay anything. she'll put in maybe like a mini fr >> he's now 11 years old doing so much more than i did as an 11-year-old. so best of luck as they continue that to help the home homeless. >> look at his crew behind him. >> those were his fellow students. >>y that also have a program where they're helping to send a little extra food with those who need it at his
5:53 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely.
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5:55 pm
a federal jury ruled that costco should pay for man few of million dollars because it sold fake tiffany rings. >> the company sued them. costco argued it was only using the word tiffany is a generic description of a ring setting an argument the jury rejected. the tar heels took a break from prepping for the basketball season to raise money for a good cause.
5:56 pm
raised at the 12th annual roy williams fast break against cancer. several packages were auctioned off. the kentucky wildcats and two framed posters that were sign bid more than 100 former players. >> that's awesome. coming up next at 6:00 on cbs north carolina we continue to monitor hurricane matthew and the potential effects on north carolina. we have the latest track from the national hurricane isn'ter and what the governor's state of their own running man challenge. they're adding to the police of police officers getting on the bandwagon with that. check that out coming up next
5:57 pm
een making washington work... for himself. burr voted 5 times to raise his own pay, while his net worth has increased over 500%... making over $3.6 million. but it's not just that. on a bill to make insider trading by congressmen illegal, burr voted no, calling the law a waste of time. that's how 20 years in washington has changed richard burr.
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maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. a young woman and aspiring doctor killed in a crash. what happened why family and neighbors say changes need to be made. >> plus a former unc student plead guilty to a deadly wrong way crash. how long he could spendy pry sand why the case is still going to trial.
6:00 pm
matthew continues to swirl in the atlantic. we have the latest track. good evening i'm sharon tazewell. >> i'm sean maroney. thanks for joining us. while it's beautiful outside much of the state on highalert watching. potential impact from hurricane matthew. >> chief meteorologist wes hohenstein is tracking the storm. he's got the latest just in. good evening to you at home. it's the full week of october and for once it's actually going to feel like it should. >> we have ahead but we could end the week with hurricane matthew oner doorstep. big changes in the forecast today. not many changes with the current conditions. so the latest we have from the national hurricane center winds maintain more or less around 140 miles per hour. and it continues its slow, slow movement. the strongest hurricane we have had in many years remains one of the slowest ever and it's really hard to forecast.


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