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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  October 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. north carolina news at 11:00 starts now. state of emergency. north carolina and most of the east coast on alert as hurricane matthew hads towards cuba and the caribbean. the hurricane is already responsible for three deaths. it's expected haiti. it's forcing schools to close and half of a million people out of kingston gentleman mack. we have the latest information from the national hurricane center. >> earlier today we wept through the drama of watching the track shifted two times
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not call it a shift no the west. it's a change this the angle. the winds are up to 145 miles per hour. it's slowed down going from 8 miles per hour earlier to 7 miles per hour. it's a well defined system. it's you can -- symmetrical, you can see the eye. it's going over the western tip of haughty and then the eastern tip of cuba. it's not going through the mountains that would normally tear the storm apart. so the storm stays strong as it heads to the bahamas. here are the latest track changes.
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through tomorrow. then to the bahamas staying slow as it moves towards florida, possibly inland. then is goes to the east, almost parallel to the north carolina coast. our area remains into the cone of uncertainty. we need to, tu point, consider that there might on our doorstep. we talk about the computer models coming up in a few minutes. >> in cuba 350,000 people have been evacuated. the storm may force the relocation of detainees in guantanamo bay. the governor of north carolina
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emergency. we have the message to people in north carolina. >> reporter: emergency officials have started to plan. the governor said that he hopes people overprepare. tonight the preparations are underway. >> the next few days we are working from sunup to sundown. >> reporter: he owns a farm. strawberry crop planted fast in case hurricane matthew effects the area. >> i want to get the plants in the ground before the storm comes. >> reporter: they should withstand the storm. the waiting longer could put him too far behind. the threat comes after eastern
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devastating floods. the mayor of spring lake was already worried that the hurricane could cause damage. >> the potential for a tropical storm is developing. >> reporter: governor matthew -- pat mccrory declared a state of emergency. >> it's a crucial time of the year for the crops. we want to do what we can to lp thursday. >> it makes you pause and realize that you are not in control. god is in control. >> reporter: we checked in with duke energy. they are putting in plans to bring employees to the eastern part of the state. that will be finalized after we
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hurricane matthew will go. >> reporter: price gouging laws are also in effect. gouging is illegal. the south carolina emergency management division is is also preparing for the storm. they are staying this touch with cities and counties to see if they need anything to get ready. officials are ready to counties, throughout the week our chief meteorologist will be on facebook live with updates to the forecast. if you have not already, download the wcnc weather app. it's free in the app store. jury selection will start
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july crash. he was under age at the time of the crash. his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. the sentence will be less because he does not have a criminal background. tonight an outpouring of love for a family after a teen age girl was killed fl a crash much e showed up at the vigil. >> reporter: it was an emotional outpowering of love for tachina smith's family. it was here where family members said she died. it's hard to imagine the kind
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smith is experiencing. her daughter was killed in a car crash. >> it hurts. no parent wants to bury a child before themselves. >> reporter: in the walk of the tragedy smith said it was important for her brothers and sisters and friends to have aplace to gather and mourn. so at the scene of the accident they did. >> she was always y >> reporter: the highway patrol said at that submit was in the back of a bar when the driver -- car when the driver hit another vehicle. the driver showed up at the
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-- he's not a bad kid. he's never been a bad kid. i forgive him. >> reporter: a go fund me page has been set up for the funeral expenses. thank you. charlotte city council issued a response to the key scott shooting. it was not she's been critical of the handling of the case of the the letter did not criticize anyone but expressed support for chief kerr putney and the police department. the shooting death suspect
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afternoon. deputies with the sheriffs office said nobody was hurt and they took the man into custody. the call prompted a lock down for two hours at a nearby elementary school. the whole east coast is on alert as hurricane matthew moves to the caribbean. we have information about the potential impacts we north carolina. a family fighting for their son. the investigation into the local departments of social services. >> adds we go to break we want -- as we go to break we want to recognize a local legend.
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chair. he died from als. they posted this tribute. >> good evening everyone. i have logged a lot of miles covering news from the heart of carolina. from the far east to the west coast to the nation's capital, it's my job to bring information across the country to around the corner. if it's important it's on the
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a moore county couple is fighting for their little boy that they said was a victim of a broken system. he was young when he s being shaken. getting justice for him has been a long battle. >> reporter: at four years old andy trepcyk is facing battles you should never have. for him small accomplishesments are big successes.
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meeting him for the first time in the hospital when he was just a baby. >> he had extensive brain damage from the shaking. >> reporter: in 2012 southern pines police said he was home with his biological parent. he was three and a half weeks old when vun shook him causing permanent brain damage and changing his life. >> this was not an all of the medical experts, every medical expert that they spoke with, without a doubt said this was not an accident. >> reporter: six months later police charged his parent with child abuse but the family found that justice was slow to come. >> our frustration level was hard, nothing was happening
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behalf. police arrested daniel wells cummings again. then the da offered him a plea deal. guilty pleas on the assault and child abuse charges but the sentence shocked the family, 45 days in prison and five years probat >> the da's position was, it was a hard case to try because neither defendant was saying much of anything. >> he deserved for his story to be told before a jury. >> it comes amid a crisis in the social services system. >> you should not have to
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home in this county. this boy was also hurt. >> i think that we need to further assure the public that we are covering all bases. >> reporter: this woman is concerned about the priority being placed on kids in the system. >> the district attorney had an oblion behalf. i do not think that they did that. >> reporter: for the last few weeks we have been working to get answers from the district attorney. after denying multiple requests for interviews we went to the office. the district attorney said he could not comment because the case is still pending. the family shared this e-mail
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be happy with the decision but it's something that i thought long and hard about. >> i do not feel like the da's office fought for him. >> reporter: we discovered this document filed in early august to destroy a dna sample. the prosecutor said no conviction has active prosecution is occurring. >> i feel that he has been violated by the judicial system. >> reporter: in the years since this started they also adopted andy's biological center. >> he keeps defying the odds. they say he can never communicate or hold on to
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those things. a routine review by the state found that the department of social services was significantly understaffed for several months but those positions have been filled. we have that story on our website, in the race for the the white house michelle obama will be in north carolina campaigning for clinton. also the nominees for advise president take the stage in virginia. mike pence goes head to head against tim kaine. back to the hurricane. this is another image from the international space station. you see the eye of the storm from 250 miles above earth. the storm is heading from haiti
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then over the bahamas. then is the question that we are wondering about. >> tbeeng, it's possible that five days from now we could have a category two hurricane on top of us on our doorstep or 300 miles off shore. in the meantime enjoy the next few days. this first week of starting wednesday it cools down more with mid and lower 70s and lower humidity. it should be a great first few days of the work week. rain does not come into the picture until friday along with cooler temperatures. we also have lower humidity. it's going to feel great in the morning time. the lower the temperatures the
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tomorrow, 60s and upper 50s in the morning. we have lots of sunshine and no rain. the radar can stay off for the next few days. sunshine, similar to today. we had a cold front moving through in the last few days. that's offshore giving us comfortable weather. there coming this weekend. it will not have a impact on hurricane matthew. i want to start with the hurricane hunters forecast. 145 miles per hour winds. that's up a bit from 140 earlier tonight. it's slowed down again.
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memory. the pressure is down. that tells us that the system is getting stronger. the latest track, if you look from afar, it's making an s. how craze wri is that. consider the tracks that we have -- crazy is that? consider the tracks we have had this year. it's going over the western tip of haiti and cuba. then coming dangerously close to florida some time friday. then making the right turn. that's the 11:00 track. then we are going to compare it to the 5:00 p.m. track. as you see not much has changed but it's swinging out a little wider thursday into friday as
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space and swing out wide. that's what is happening tonight. we have all of central north carolina in the cone of uncertainty. so we need to think about what we are going to do if we have a hurricane on the doorstep. the computer models remain in agreement through thursday but tonight the cluster has started banks. a few outliers to us but the cluster says it's the outer banks. by saturday night off the south carolina coast and our coast line by sunday morning and quickly started to hof -- move away. it's about the high pressure.
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we are forecasting more for this high and this low. not necessarily this hurricane. it's about those two pressure systems. it impacts us as we get closer to the weekend but not for the next few days. those are great. 70s and lower humidity and rain a bit friday night. depending on what happens with hurricane matthew saturday it's cooler next week. lets start to think about it and take action in the next few days. our next update is tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. here's jeff with a look at sports. >> hi guys, it was the hit heard around the world and cam
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about humira, the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists. clearer skin is possible. the head coach has no hard feelings about the hit to the star quarterback. a hit left cam newton with a concussion. to some the hit seemed personal. it started in the first quarter
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down. he tosses jones the ball. a few quarters later jones cease a chance to it toss something. it's 225 pounds of muscle. that hit ended the game for the mvp. since then he's been in the game's concussion protocol. his teammates expect him back soon. >> he's i do not know what the situation is but what i know is he's one of the tuftest guys that i know. >> if he cannot play against the buck nears they have to rely on anderson.
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the mavericks in the preseason. charlotte drops it 95 - 88. now to college football, one of my favorite parts of the sport, the celebration. some of you have done them before. for instance, if you are a wolf pack fan, those feel good. if you have know this one. and florida state has the chops. it includes players and fans and north carolina kickers. nobody is talking about another 400-yard passing gim or a field goal. everyone is talking about him using florida state's signature
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negative and positive feedback. florida state fans have been the nicest but i have had a lot of positive feedback from florida fans. they said i am welcome in the games. >> sounds like if you are
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all eyes on the caribbean. >> yes. all of last week we were watching it. it's moving slow but five days from now hurricane matthew could be on top of us or 300 miles off shore of the we are in the cone of uncertainty. we need to keep an the next few days.
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captioning sponsored by cbs yes, young lady right there. >> did you see that guy at the ryder cup heckle team europe? >> stephen: oh yeah, an american golf fan, david johnson, heckled team europe as they were practicing a difficult putt, so they challenged him to do the putt. they even bet $100 that he couldn't make it. we actually have the footage of it.


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