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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  October 4, 2016 6:00am-6:53am EDT

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certainly a little concerning. keep in mind a lot could change but let's talk about this storm right now. the biggest update to the track of hurricane matthew. winds at 135 miles an hour. it's very close to the southwest peninsula of haiti. devastating conditions there. they're expecting across southern portions of haiti. as much as 40 inches of rain possible. it's hard to imagine that
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it's moving to the north at 9 miles an hour and that's one crucial problem with this storm. it is nearly crawling. it's going impact -- looks like the eastern portions of cuba later today and we move into the bahamas as we head into the middle of the workweek. but, there was one big shift west today and that has the storm potentially making land fall across eastern north carolina over the weekend ahead. so saturday, it would still be off the coast of south carolina. winds at 105 and then by sunday morning, could be hat -- coming up in about 10 minutes. thank you. we turn now to campaign 2016. the presidential candidates had debated and now the running maitds mates are getting their turn. the first and only vice presidential debate which is being monitored by cbsn. mike pence and tim kaine are going head to head.
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>> good morning to you. tim kaine and mike pence not only have to introduce themselves nationally on the debate stage. they have to make the case that they can step in and be president at a moment's notice and they have to defend the top of the ticket. defended running mates. this is no short order and they have to do all of that in just 90 minutes. mike pence took aim at hillary clinton's record as secretary of state at a campai >> our allies are less secure. our enemies are more embolden and that all changes the day donald trump becomes president. >> expected to go to great lengths defending their running mates tonight. something could prove harder for the indiana governor. >> given some of the controversy in the newspapers recently about his tax returns and other issues that
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i think maybe mike pence has a tougher job here in terms of making up for some lost ground. >> pence also sought to make light of the controversy last night. >> we can parse that. he tweeted this. they turn on the television the next morning and donald trump is still standing stronger than ever before and fighting for the american people. >> tonight's vermont issue showdown here comes a little more than a week afort first president taken since that debate, clinton now has a 4. 4 point lead nationally. >> the virginia senator will try to keep the momentum on clinton's side. they meet for the second debate in missouri this sunday. >> the staging is different from the first
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same table instead of behind separate podiums. tim kaine will get the first question tonight. >> thank you very much. first lady michelle obama is expected to put the focus on young voters and voter registration when she campaigns here in north carolina. she'll be charlotte before speaking at the nc state reynolds coliseum at 3:00. cbs north carolina will be there to cover it. you'll also be able to live stream the rallies on our that's state of emergency. in # 6 north carolina counties as the state gets ready for matthew ahead of the hurricane's arrival. more on what you can do right now to get ready. >> yeah. so many community across our state are trying to get back on their feet after recent flooding in the past couple of weeks. governor mccrory wants everyone
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as possible. two-thirds of north carolina are under a state of emergency because matthew is going to change intensity and could change its pat as path as it nears our coast. having flashlights with fresh batteries in case you lose pear and have plenty of fresh water. if you believe you could be in the storm's path make some plans. and no matter where you are, governor mccrory wants to have a quick response areas. >> i'm hoping that this is a false alarm. but we can't gamble. we won't gam westbound people's lives and the livelihood of many people up an down the coast. >> fema has a team in the state and staitd officials state
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raleigh. cbs north carolina. new this morning, clown scare led to an evacuation at a college campus in massachusetts. a staff member says they saw an alert on a clown watch twitter account so they told campus police students were told to shelter in place while police searched the building. they figured out that no one ever actual saw a suspicious person. the scare was all started by the twte year-old attacked a couple in the garage biting off pieces of the husband's face with his teeth. back up eventually overpowered and arrested him. he's been in the hospital ever since then but charged with murder and attempted murder in the hospital as soon as he was released on monday. good morning. it's 6:06 on this tuesday.
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a lot of headlights but no accidents to tell you about. 540, 440, moving well if u're heading on 40 through cary. travel through durham. same thing. a lot of green on the traffic map which means you are able to go the speed limit from durham down through fayetteville. really a nice morning on the roads to start off your tuesday. if you're traveling to rtp only 5 minutes there. king nc55 about # minutes and that's not the if you're taking durham to rtp -- heading to rtp. i-40 getting really busy at 6:07 this moing. all right. coming up netion on your tuesday morning, talks that -- now suspended. coming up why u.s. officials are putting an end to their discussions with russia.
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move over to eastern portions of cuba la today and then it look like spilto the bahamas as we head towards wednesday. still a major hurricane at that this kind of looks like a mess. this iwhat we like to call the spaghetti plots. this is something to project the path of this storm of tthe yellow line right in the middlethat'sthe national hurricane center's forecast at this point in time. it could graze right over eastern portions of north carolina. but you can see a lot of these tracks are over the eastern portions of the state. if it continues to shift westwards we could see more and morean impact. if it shts east it would be a lesser impact and i'm expected it to continuto change over the next five days. make sure you're paying attention to it.
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family has a plan in place for if this would be in eastern eastern north carolina hurrine. 63 degrees right now. a live picture from our tower mera. i do want to point out visibility nowdown to two and a half miles in raleigh. five miles in louisburg. temperatures feeling py good. 63 raleigh and durham. more on your work forecast and when we could see e in coming up in your storm team forecast. >> all right. we'll check back in a releasing video. month after the truck crashed through the front door. they stole the atm. investigators say that truck was stolen as well. later found the atm in a drainage ditch but it had been ripped apart. the store was left with thousands of dollars worth of damage. >> time trek for you this morning.
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grant to deal wh mental illness. how that plan to spend that money. plus this. >> is too big to move it out of here. of here. >> a major bind after a bitd after over 20 years in congress, senator richard burr has been maki washington work... for himself. burr voted 5 times to rse his own pay, rth has increased over 500%... making over $3.6 million. insider trading by congressmen illegal, burr voted no, calling the law a waste of time. that's how 20 years in washington has changed richard burr.
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they've spent a great deal ofibity in commitments. >>ussia s peed to ld yr as well but with boings of hospitals and an attack last month the u.s. is concluding that the lks have
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on the state -- >> less partisan, wants progress and thinks things shoube done fairly. so if we get redistricting reform, th bring that younger generation into the fold and get more interested in politics. >>they include democrs and republican. common cause wants a nonptisan pabl panel todraw new maps. >>t will be on the agenda as it starts the october term. the high court is starting a new session with only 8 judges meaning they won't be able so avoid deadlock
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but a ninth justice won't be sworn in until after the elections. over the next three years. officials hope ttransform it into a place for helping those inmates. the grant money will also allow them to include the mental illness screeng process and hire more staff help inmates illness. >> the position became vacant after one resigned. they heard from the last 2 of the 11candidates. she hope the new board member will be a advocate for students and be involved. >> somody in place in the scho system inside the schools that when the kids are needing -- lacking in english or language at we can have somebody in place to helpthem.
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a decision. an odd story. it got stuck in the roadway. the moving company didn't have the proper permits. now facing a very large fine. and they're hoping that they can get the homve sits. >> that's something you don't see every day. >> stuck in traffic this rning. at least think you could be stuck behind that. >> moving is already stressful enough. >> you ca early enough. we do have to look at it seriously. >> never too early to prepare. that's what we need to be
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weekend. the update. wind at 145 miles anour. moving to the news , weather , and sports at the miles an hour. it's very, very close to making land fall across the southwestern peninsula. it will move on to the western -- eastern portions of cuba later today and then it looks like it'll move into could be a category 4 hurrican as it makes its way into the southernbahamas. weakening ever so slightly. you n see that now the track brgst very close to florida. so the eastern portions of florida certainly need to be impacting for the effects of a hurricane. if this track doesn't change the national hurricane center is sayingthey will start issuing hurricane watcs for the coast of florida latertoday. let me bring you into a closer
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ag 105. then saturday, into sunday, this storm could mov right over eastern portions of north carolina. now it's important to on the exact track but still watch this yellow cone of uncertainty. that's what we like to call it. this track could still wobble left or right. and that will still greatly influence the impacts that we would see here in central north carolina. now there' changes. huicane watches for some florida. in the meantime the entire ane warning. eerp they are seeing these devastating conditions move ashore. shaw university. in the meaime before we see hurricane matthew impact our forecast, it's a great fall week before
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as far as temperatures are concerned, not toobad. 63 in raleigh and in durham. 62 in sanford and 66 in fayetteville. >> 67 at 10 a.m. 7 # at noo we'll make it to 78 this afternoon before falling back to 75. so here's your futurfocast. i think you'll like what we haveto see. plenty of sunshine today. just a few clouds mixing in. dry, less humid. comfortable for fall. tonight maybe a few extra clouds. no rain though anticipated in the coming days. 78 our high today in raleigh. 77 in durham. near 80 in fayetteville. a bit cooler. 59 for an overnight low. 74 tomorrow. 7 3 thursday. those temperatures below where we shld be. then we're looking at possible impacts from hurricane matthew friday into saturday. looks like most of this rain
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any accidents this morning? >> good morning. we do have the shoulder closed on i-40 at jones sausage road. a disabled car there. not really effecting traffic but something to be aware of. no roadblocks there. down through fayetteville. look at your drive time if you're heading north. ce u.s. 1, 15 minutes there. a little slower. 18 minutes from mc42 to the split abou11 and i-40 downtown swing down to about 4 right now. back outside nc54 in cary. a lot of people heading to work. >> all right. 6:22 in the morning. you probably heard them saying if you can't beat them then join them.
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it's not clear how many jobs will be lost in the home state of nebraska
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new smart phones. give more information on google home. tech insider say a headset is on the way with a whole new operating system with android and chrome os. >> a lot of people waiting on that. all right. martha stewart wants to plan your thanksgiving dinner. >> let's talk turkey. martha and marley spoon's thank giving recipes and ingredients. all in one box. the kit serves 8 to 10 people and besides the turkey the plastic stuffing, cream cheese mashed potatoes and apple pie. you'll have to do the slicing, dicing and baking but the t kiwill simplify preparation. >> who wants to wait? i want those cream cheese
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peopleful that's really reasonable. >> i know. it's so true. always good to see you many thanks so much. >> easily. >> all right. the time right now is 6:27. you are making me hury. >> i want turkey, mashed poto. apple pie. i don't care. >> we'll have to wait at for that. some more serious ws here. new overnight develops in the direction of hurricane matthew. we're keeping a close eye and the impact it's to affect us here. if so, when is all of that going to happen?
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keeping a close eye on hurricane matthew.
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category 4 hurricane. as it make it way through the caribbean. the first ing is how much of an impact is ths storm going to have right here. od morng, thanks for watching north carolina news at 6:30. >> the day off. carli griffith is what -- doing to get ready for hurricane matthew. >> let's get straight to storm teamtologist with what we -- what we can about platte ewe firstful it's the thing that everyone is talking t today. few days. been for the past winds associated with thi storm 145 miles per hour. gusts as strong as 175 les an hour. and this is a massive storm. very circular in nature. that'sne clear indicator of just how strong thi is. look at that well-defined eye. getting ready to move over the southwestern peninsula of haiti.
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it's also expected to then move across eastern portions of cuba later today boyfriend moving into the hamas as we head into wednesday into thursday. but the big change this morning has been a ntued shift west. this was a trend that continued yesterday afternoon. and thenook at this. it could just graze right over eastern portions of north carolina. still as a category 2 hurricane. this would be timing-wise saturday night into day morning. wind right around 100 miles an about some of the conditns before you head out the door this morning. we are experiencing a little bit more cloud cover this morning. that's only keeping the temperatures though in the 60s. not so bad. 63 in durham and raleigh. 64 in clayton. one area in the 50s and that's south hill this morning. i'll walk you through the rest of the workweek and when we could expect some of the impacts comingup in just a bit. ba to you guys. >> 66 north carolina counties are unr a ste of
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action now to prevent any major losses. cbs north carolina is live at the emergency operation center with more on what each of us can do. good morning. >> good morning. so many communies across our state are still recovering from recent flooding. so governor mccrory wants everyone to be overprepared while at the same time he's hoping that hurricane matthew will be two-thirds are under a state of emergency because mathew's path and intensity ulchange as it nears our coast. to be prepared there are some simple things that you can do likehaving flashlights with fresh batteries and fresh water to drink and use. now if you believe you could be in the storm's path make an evacuation plan so you can get outhere
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to any impacted areas. >> i'm also especially concerned not just in th beach areas but one thing we learned nth carolina is the inland areas are the ones at are often hit the most and that's not where the cameras are throh b.s. often excessive damage as we saw last week. a town stl recovering from a deaf stating -- devastating flood that they contact fema in cae any evacuations are needed. live in raleigh. cbs north carolina. >> many farmers in the area are scrambling to get ready for matthew. in johnston county he says people are working from sun up to sundown. they're trying tothe get the strawberry crop planted as quickly as possible. they'll cover it in plastic. waiting any longer to start
6:34 am
way behind schedule. take this -- take the do you chce? why are you in this? of course we're in because we love it. state of emergency lifts restrictions on trucks so can harvest more quickly this week. >> south carolina officials are partially evacuating the center there. the state iitouch with cities and counties to see if they get ready. they're ready to move supplies to the state's coastal counties. and don't forget price gouging laws ain effect. that's illegal. attorney general roy cooper potential cases to them. his office is investigating a few gas stations.
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it's available to download for you free in your phone's app store. dozens came together after a local college student died in a weend crash. family and friends. she says shewanted to help make peace with the lo. the 18-year-old was the first in her family to go to college. her mother says she wanted to be a doctor. in what some saw as sprying and touching move the driver accused of causing the >>he's a good kid and it happened and i feel like if i hold grudge i'm not going to prosper from that. so i forgi him. i want him to know that i love him and i forgive him. >> state highway patrol troopers say the driver is charged with misdemeanor ath by motor vehicle. >> looking ahead a lawyer is expected to meet with a judge this week to discuss the charges.
6:36 am
officer last nth. he fled to rhode isnd. made his first appearance on monday. jury selection will start today for former unc student. he's already pleading guilty to most of the charges that he's facing relating to a 2015 crash. he's still going to trial for three counts of cond-degree murder. he could face 60 years. that sentence will be less because he d the garner police department wants you to join them this morning for a discussion about the relationship between the community and th police department. what's hpening at first baptist church. breakft will be serve and a discussion at 7:30. good morning. it's 6:36 on this tuesday morning. i-40 at jones sausage road.
6:37 am
540 from u.s. 64 to research triangle park. heading on 40 from garner area about 25 and if you're taking the toll road, about 15. back outside o i-40 at airport boulevard where you will start to slowdown. a lot ofple heading into work at 6:37 this morning. >> all right. coming up next a college band makes a big statement. how the school's leaders are responding.
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to mess up at anything. >> gives his truck a full makeover. how he got -- how he managed to change his chevy into a lincoln. >> temperatures as you get ready to head for the door on this tuesday morning. in the low 60s. i will walk yothrough what the workweek holds and when we could see the impact cong upnext in your [mic] >> dr. stanley: we can understand and realize, it's what paul said when he said, "absent from the body, present with the lord." we don't have to fear death. it's through the gospel that our
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a lot can change. expect a lot to still change. but this is track that could mean certainly more wind and rain for us. now i want to bring you closer to home because that's not until the weekend. we have a lot to talk about and we have some fall-like weather headinour way. look at this. on the bus this morning. 62 degrees. so kids may want to take a light jacket with them as they're heading home. pretty close to normal. 78 for an afternoon high. 62 degrees. 57 in south hill. archld the sand hills we have 66 in fayetteville and rayford. pinehurst is reporting 65. i will get to the latest as it moves up the east coast coming up in just a little bit. russ? >> well it was supposed to be a chance for car enthuse --
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it drew about 1800 cars. people ran for cover after that but no one was hurt. all right, currently 6:43. an update as the fbi investigating. a man behind bars.
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found last week but now
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missing in july -- rather in 2013. deals with sandy ven't made any parsons who led investigators to the remain or his wife. both are in federal prison for tax fraud. ericka's remaintains were found in chesterfield county near the north carolina border. >> a scary monday in carolina beach after police say someone shot at them with an saul rifle. they were first called to a neighborhood monday afternoon. when they got ther started stooting at them. none of the officers were hurt. after a search of the area. a strong reaction after dozens of the school's band members kneeled on feel and the playing of national anthem. they were met with boos when they took the field at halftime. the bands director say it is will not be tolerated. they are meeting with the people involved. >> similar protest at every level since nfl quarterback refused to stand
6:47 am
racial injustice. >> have you ever wonder what to do with all of that spare change you find in your car or around the house? well a man in randolph county had a pretty good idea for you. >> it really gets attention. >> larry hall covered his chevy blaze frer bumper to bumper in pennys. the vehicle was white before he decided to make a copper change. >> had to put them on one by one and it took like seven weeks, six or seven hours a day and it took 80 tube of silicon glue. >>nd as you heard hal detail for yothere it was quite an investment of time and money but so far it's paid off. >> wonder how long it takes to turn green. it'll be a green car. >> you can buy a new car. >> weh it down too. that weighs a lot.
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folks but we really need to watch this. >> we do. this storm could have a big impact on us. saturday into sunday. the rain as early as friday. i've been looking at the satellite image. getting ready if not already overland. so we'll wait for the official confirmation of that from the national hurricane center. winds though at 145 miles an hour. moving to the north. right around 9 miles eastern portions of cuba later today into firs thing tomorrow morning and then it would be moving through the bahamas as we head there wednesday into thursday morning. could still be a major hurricane as it nears th northern portions of the bahamas and it approaches the coast of florida. does not look right now like it could make land fall in florida. you're in the cone of uncertainty and the national hurricane center says they will start to issue
6:49 am
as early as this afternoon. watch for that update. also the update this morning, showing a track continuing to shift west. which means it is possible for this storm to be over land as a category 2 hurricane saturday night. wind would be right around 100 miles an hour. so once again, it's going be a quiet week for us until this storm starts to impact us. it's a good idea to review your hurricane preparedness plan. again, eastern portions of cuba, western portions of haiti. hurricane watch in effect for portions of the cuban coastline as well. closer to home. i said earlier it's going to be a quiet week. thiss a live picture from the raleigh-durham international airport.
6:50 am
66 in wilmington d fayette i'll. 74 d lunchtime. 78 for an afternoon high. 75 as we head toward 6:00 this evening. i do want to sw you your future forecast. not anticipating any rain today, tomorrow or thursday. really not looking at any rain until the impacts of our state and that would happen friday into saturday. heading into tomorrow morning, still pretty cloudy. so city by city for you today the upper 70s likely. 8 # in fayetteville. tonight could be a bit the tria then we get to the impacteds of matthew friday into saturday. you can see upping thoserain chances just a bit for us. 75 our high saturday.
6:51 am
out of area. as we head to next monday it's monday. mainly sunny skies and looking at a high around 70. 6:51 right now. >> good morning. i-40 at -- pretty busy as everyone heads into work. take you to our maps. one accident that hasn't been eared just yet. at little briar creek lane. if we take you into durhamment accident free there. main moving well and do through fayetteville. starting to slow down from morning rush but no accidents nsm you're heading east to u.s. 64, 16 minutes ere on 440 from i-40 to capitol boulevard. just about 10. 440 at capitol boulevard a live book outside. why only takes you 10 minutes. moving pretty well. >> good to see. that almost 6:52. we'll be right back with some news to know before
6:52 am
>> here's a look at what th're working on. >> good morning. we're going to continue your coverage tracking hurricane matthew. we're in the caribbean where they're already feeling the full force of the storm many we'll talk with donald trump and hillary clinton's campaign managers and what to expect from the vp debate. away hear from a wells fargo whistle blower who was fire it's going to be a good morning.
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arsenic, mercury, lead. that's what you got. duke energy endangered the drinking water of 1.6 million people in north carolina. and what did duke energy get? a sweeter deal from pat mccrory. mccrory got thousands in campaign contributions from duke energy executives. and what will you get? years of higher electric bills to pay for cleaning up their mess. jury selection will start today for former unc student. he's already pleading guilty to most of the charges he's facing. they're related to a 2015 drunk driving crash that killed three people but he's still going to trial for three counts of second- degree murder.
6:55 am
he does no have a criminal background. >> expected to put the focus on young voters here in north carolina today. she'll be in charlotte before speaking at the nc state's -- nc state reynolds coliseum at 3:00. you'll also be able to live stream the rallies on our website at >> getting a new assignment. loog >> he has been he's going to serve in raleigh until early december. officially introduced as the by bishop there. >> the path of hurricane matthew. it's passing over several countries including cuba and haiti. haiti right this moment is being blamed for several deaths in the region already. within the past few hours the
6:56 am
hit the north carolina coast and that's a could because these models change a lot. >> ahfive. we're looking at the real impacts friday into saturday for us. but certainly just that shift westward made our eyes pop this morning. let go ahead. a closer look at this storm right now. if you look closely, look like the eye of this storm moving right over shore. right over land of the southwest peninsula of matthew. winds at 145 m we're talking rain fall totals. isolated spots around haiti. the majority of that area could receive up to 2 feet of rain. portions of cuba certainly going to get hit hard later today. the bahamas could receive 8 to possibly 15 inches of rain associated with this
6:57 am
westerly. the eastern portions of north carolina could be grazed with this storm saturday night with wind at 100 miles an hour. a category 2 hurricane. watch that error cone than the tract. let's go ahead an talk about your conditions closer to home. this is 63 degrees. looking like it's going to be a pretty n for you. temperatures elsewhere in the upper 50s. 63 and your high today 78. staying dry through thursday. could see the quarterback of mathew start to roll through as we head to friday. >> another busy one out there. bumper to bumper. no major accidents slowing you down though on 440, 40 or 540. relatively quiet this morning. >> that's a good news. quiet on the morning on traffic.
6:58 am
alist is a and the storm team will have more narrator: look up the facts on richard burr. the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns one-point-one million dollars. that's public record. and richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare. "new profits for private insurers would be as high as sixteen to twenty-six billion." but seniors would pay nine percent more for medicare. richard burr is looking out for himself
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taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside.
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brookside. for all your sides. ? good morning. it is tuesday, october 4th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." monster hurricane matthew roars into haiti where the category 4 storm is now on track to hit the soft united states this weekend. a new cbs news poll shows hillary clinton pulling ahead of donald trump. we'll talk with both campaign managers and preview tonight's vice presidential debate. and only on "cbs this morning," exposing medicaid fraud. how your tax dollars could be paying for personal care aides


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