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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  October 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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north carolina news at 4:30 am starts now. right now, cbs -- right now people in north carolina are packing the roads trying to get out of north carolina. we have the latest track of matthew and it will tell us what we can see the highway control -- the highway patrol is investigating an early morning crash. of morning. thanks for watching north carolina news. i am russ bowen. >> and we get straight to it by talking a bit about the latest on hurricane matthew. in less than 30 minutes, mandatory evacuations began for some people on parts of our goes. >> a mandatory evacuation
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evacuation for permanent residence starts tomorrow morning. mandatory evacuations are already in effect at unc- wilmington. students must be off the campus by noon tomorrow. >> back of the triangle. high school games are being moved. we have details on that. home games for unc, do come into -- nc state the bulk are still scheduled for saturday. we will continue to monitor the storm's path. for the very latest on matthew and what we can expect to see right here, let's go straight to storm team meteorologist it seems this thing keeps changing. >> a dusky changing. we expected to keep changing as it heads into the next day. the 48 hours leading up to the storm that arm -- it does keep changing. we expected to keep changing as it heads into the next day. this is the 2 am advisory. we will get the next advisory at 5 am. wins it 125. this is a
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gust at 160. it looks like it will be in the open waters just north of cuba. it will move through the bahamas today and bursting into tomorrow morning. it is expected to travel dangerously close to the coast of florida on thursday and friday. here's a look at our satellite raiser composite. we are dry around central north carolina. coastal regions are seeing a few isolated showers this morning or the wilmington area and near the outer banks. none of that is expected to another dry day for us. these temperatures are going to be cooler than yesterday. right around 60 in raleigh and durham. 58 right now and south hill. here's a look at your forecast for the day had. pickler morning. 61 at 8 am. 69 at noon and 73 for an afternoon high. a bit cooler than yesterday afternoon as well. i will have the rest of the workweek forecast. when the rain with matthew arrives in our neck of the
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hurricane matthew just a minute. first, we have breaking news and weight county. highway patrol is investigating at -- in early morning class -- crash. a van ended up upside down stuck on the guardrail. the crews work for hours to get to of the people out of the van. we're waiting on conditions. allie will have more in this crash in just a few minutes. let's get back to hurricane matthew. ren waiting is matthew approaches north carolina. 66 counties remain in a state of emergency. >> there urging folks to get ready. carleigh griffeth is in our studio on what to expect in the coming days. carly? >> starting tomorrow, the emergency operations center in raleigh will be staff 24-7 monitoring the threat from hurricane matthew. it will be coordinating with fema in case any evacuations are needed over the next several
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although governor pat mccrory has the authority to order evacuations, emergency management officials said those decisions will be made by leaders and individual counties. pay close attention to what your local authorities are saying. they will be the best source of information regarding what you should be doing to weather the storm. ahead of matthew, government mccoury is urging residents to do everything they can to get re we are sure to hear more from the governor and other leaders today on how the state is organizing ahead of hurricane matthews. -- hurricane matthew. as went -- as matthew heads our way, matthew heads our way, red cross is gearing up. there working on getting people and supplies into place. there urging folks to be prepared. there specifically concerned to those new to the area who have not been through a hurricane.
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stay informed by listening to media accounts of weather service reports. build a get. things in your home and prepared that you could stay comfortably three days without external support. >> we also checked in with a few local grocery stores. they say that they have been busier than usual. they are also bringing in additional cashiers and making sure they have enough stock. just days after significant flooding in the sandhills, crews are g fayetteville firefighters tested out there and prepared for potentially busy weekend. additional people will be brought in to work later this week. the city will have five swiftwater rescue teams available and ready to go as well as crews ready to do with building collapses if they would happen. chief morgan said he is concerned about the same areas of flooded last week but also points out that people all over the city could be affected. >> the storm is already dropping large amounts of rain in the caribbean. at that keeps up for the
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people should have enough supplies to stay at home for a couple of days of necessary. >> local trees -- local tree trimming companies are requesting trees being cut before hurricane matthew. luckily, they have already scheduled this, and they will go wherever needed by insurance companies even out-of-state once >> people's livelihood, something they have work so hard to keep their homes nice. a tree like this could do tens of thousands of dollars of damage to a house. >> despite all of the calls they are getting for immediate service, they will not be able to accommodate all of them because they have a wait time of at least a week and a half.
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been able to get to some areas because of washed out bridges and roads. the communication is also down. this is a photo from space as the category storm made landfall in haiti. a very powerful storm inching to these goes. make sure that you download the wcnc weather app. is available -- it is available for free in your app store. traffic alerts on that up as well. one you need to know about this morning. take a look at this video from a crash knightdale just north of march road. involved in overturned van. crews rescued two people out of that van. we will have details on this as we get them. take a look. what a scary sight. this happened at 1:30 am. crews are still on the scene cleaning up this crash. we're going to take you to our maps and show you exactly where the scratches. for 95 southbound four us 64
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wrote. it's up to you. otherwise your commute through raleigh does not look too bad. same thing with cary, apex. main highways, fewer traveling through durham on the freeway, 40, 85. delay free for you. down through fayetteville, no problems on 95 issue had south. airport travel conditions, although we have@hurricane brewing, we have good travel conditions to these airports. these are the days to fly few want to get your destination without delays. a look at i 40 at in safe nc 54, it is fairly quiet out there now. i was out the door. i was ready to go see this thing.
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welcome back to cbs north carolina. the time is 440 on this wednesday morning. still looking at the 2 am advisory on hurricane matthew. wins it 125 miles per hour. this is a category three storm. i wish this was the only thing we have to talk about in the tropics. we have another tropical storm. tropical storm nicole is coming in for the 5 am update already. it is moving to the west, northwest is six miles per hour. this could help maybe steer matthew away from us. we will have to watch head into the coming days and watch these tracks progress. in the meantime, want to take a look at the watches, warnings, advisories that are all in effect. everywhere you are seeing red, that is a hurricane warning. still in effect for eastern portions of cuba, western portions of haiti and all of the bahamas. it is expected to move through the bahamas today and approach the eastern portions of florida as we head toward tomorrow. you can see that the eastern
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hurricane warning. further north overcome a hurricane watch. the storm is expected to move up the east coast causing dangerous conditions along the coast and not making landfall but will be close enough to cause destruction. 60 degrees at the raleigh- durham international airport. if you are getting ready to head out the door elsewhere, 59 in south borough and 60 in durham. 442 and the morning. forget a wild goose chase. a moose kept officers on hey girlfriend, how's your cafe au la (short balloon squeal) it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) i'm being so serious right now... i really want to know how your coffee is. it's... sfx: (balloon squeals) hahahaha, i had a 2nd balloon goodbye! oof, that milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah. happens to more people than you think. try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. mmm. good right? yeah.
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this morning's top stories. a horrific crash. the highways -- the highway patrol is investigating what happed. it was at 495 near hodge road. exit. you can see the van upside down
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crews work four hours to get to people out of that van. we are waiting for word on their conditions. hurricane matthew is barreling toward the bahamas and threatening the us east coast. the mandatory -- the mandatory evacuation starts in 15 minutes and hyde county. the mandatory evacuation for permanent residence starts tomorrow morning. presidential candidates and their running mates are back on the campaign trail a day after the vice president debate. their second presidential debate on sunday in missouri. 10 years ago tonight, an explosion and fire at a hazardous waste transfer facility in apex forced more than 17,000 people's from their homes for 70 -- for today's. here is steve fraser's special report. >> what is your emergency? >> there is a flooring league. you can see a haze through the
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strong. >> justice apex firefighters arrived on scene, they watch the blaze grow from a small fire to a major inferno. >> suddenly, somebody said, it just broke through the roof. >> this video shows the layout of the environmental quality companies building. it was a metal roof structure divided into base storing all kinds of products. the stunningly, nobody knew exactly what kinds of chemicals were housed inside the building. >> we ask them for a if they said that they did not have it. trip tonight at 5:00, our steve fraser has an in-depth look at that explosion and how it has forever changed how hazardous waste storage facilities operate in our faith -- in our state. hurricane matthew caused the funeral services for scott
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the charlotte mecklenburg please department released additional videos from the police department. the family's all those videos. we are only showing a portion on here because they are graphic. the show just a portion of body camera dash camera video. we have posted the videos in full on our website at opening statements are expected to begin in the former unc statement who was accused of driving drunk wrong way and caused the crash. he will stand trial for 3 degrees -- 43 charges of second- degree murder. because of hurricane matthew, several airplanes are waiting flight fees and started adding florida destinations to their change fee waivers. earlier, this was limited to
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alyssa, we are all waiting with bated breath. >> we certainly are. yesterday afternoon and evening, this track shifted east. you heard me correctly. east after days of shifting east it is still a category three hurricane. it is north of cuba. back in the open waters. it is expected to strengthen back to a category four hurricane before moving through the bahamas today. and then it becomes -- and then it comes of florida. they were, -- they were passing out sandbags to local communities. it is still a category three hurricane as it travels through the crow's -- through the coast of georgia to the coast of florida. it is now staying out to see or out -- offshore of the coast of north carolina.
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by sunday, this would be a category one hurricane with winds it aim -- at 80 mi./h. this get to the latest watches and warnings that are getting close to the coast of florida. that is why we're seeing the warnings continue through the southeastern portion of the state. the state -- this storm is moving through the bahamas tonight and early tomorrow is a category four hurricane. 60 degrees right now as we start off our morning. is heading to the bus stop. you might want a light jacket. as you are heading out the door, you may want one as well. bus of us will be okay as we had through the day. we are on the dry side. this is our satellite radar composite. just a few showers along the coast. let's get more of the temperatures. 59 in pinehurst. 62 in rayford and lillington. 63 in fayetteville and clinton. goldsborough, clinton, and rocky mountain -- in rocky mount all reporting 61 degrees.
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the work week. it will be a cold morning. 61 at 8 am. 69 at noon and 73 is our afternoon high. it will be a comfortable evening. any practices going on for any sports after school, 70 degrees as we head toward 6:00. this get to your future forecast. not a level change today. most of of it -- most of us are doing with partly cloudy skies. at times, you may see more clouds than anything else. overnight, we will say partly cloudy. tomorrow, things may start to change. you may start to see a little more cloud cover and you may not -- and we may not be able to rollout a stray shower. most of us are on the dry side. the impacts, the rain of matthew start to arrive in our area on friday afternoon. in the meantime, we will be in the low 70s for highs in both raleigh interim today. 75 in fayetteville. overnight tonight, 58 is our overnight low. sounds pretty good if you ask
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low 70s continue. it is cooler than it should be by 45 -- 4 degrees are 5 degrees. a small fenced -- a small chance for a shower on thursday. best chance for heavy downpours will be around on saturday. we could have tropical storm force winds as the storm moves up the east coast. even if it stays out to sea, we will still get rain and wind with this. most of that is moving out of here on sunday morning. look at all of the sunshine as we head into early 74 hour high on monday and 72 on wednesday. -- on tuesday. you are seeing video of a crash that happened around 1:30 am this morning. involved a car overturned on the guardrail there. crews are still cleaning that up. it looks like a crane on the scene to remove that car. this is what is still going on now. or a look from earlier i should
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the cars flipped over the guardrail. several people were taken to the hospital. we will have more details on that crash on us 64 eastbound at koch road in knightdale. the hodge road exit is blocked. you can see on our maps exactly where it is. i for 95 southbound, that is where that crash -- crews continue to clean up that crash. if you are continuing through raleigh, things are moving well. we do have a disabled vehicle as you travel through holly springs on nc 55 or gb alfred highway. it is so dark out there. be careful of the crews working to clear that as well. durum, roads look at. if we take you to fayetteville, the local roads toward fort bragg are moving well as well. back outside to new bern avenue, an area that is quiet on this wednesday morning. before we go to break,
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i a governor mccrory is attacking roy cooper on the state crime lab. well, we know roy cooper and we know the problems he discovered when he became attorney general. roy found a backlog of over 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but he cleared the backlog. and roy cooper helped us solve over 2,000 crimes and put 165 killers and rapists in prison from cold cases.
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president obama will be in north carolina on tuesday to
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thousands at any -- nc state's reynolds coliseum. she talked about the importance of making sure that people are registered to vote in that people do cast their vote in this election. >> what i hear folks the people do not feel inspired in this election, i have to disagree. right now, we have an opportunity to elect one of the most qualified people who has ever endeavored to become president. >> mrs. obama spoke often of donald trump though she never mentioned him she said he does not have the temperament to become commander- in-chief. >> people will have the opportunity to share their thoughts about the information plan. some are concerned about students moving to the newborns creek elementary school. leaders are recommending the split between the new school and mills park elementary. there are two public sessions
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and 11-year-old jackson was the first to see spark's coming from his family's home. they used -- the actions of the dog saved his home from going up in flames. >> jackson earned firefighter page. it looks like -- an official firefighter badge. it looks like he is doing well. a moose, and trying to catch the moose rather than tranquilizing a. the moose had its own plans and decided to run away before they could
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>> i have a kingery out here. it has a being logged tail and it is hopping. >> it is kangaroo and moose day. a woman in indiana reported a kangaroo hop into her driveway. at first, law enforcement thought it was a prank, but it certainly wasn't. >> i walked up to him and held out my hand. he came up and hugged onto my arm and chewed on my gloved. >> neighbor, and i don't -- and i think an animal like a kangaroo is legal in indiana if you have a permit. >> the time now is 4:57 am. we are about to receive a brand- new update regarding hurricane matthew. they will tell us what we need to know right here in north carolina. breaking right now.
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hurricane matthew hammered southeastern cuba overnight with fierce winds and powerful waves. the storm was expected to hit the province of guant?namo which is home to a us naval base in military prison and also to a small cuban city.


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