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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  CBS  October 5, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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hurricane matthew hammered southeastern cuba overnight with fierce winds and powerful waves. the storm was expected to hit the province of guant?namo which is home to a us naval base in military prison and also to a small cuban city.
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the storm approached. the dangerous categories -- category storm -- for storm left dangerous -- left damage to the western part of the country. it had helling 140 mile-per- hour winds. it tore off roofs of many areas. it uprooted trees and left rivers full of debris. death totals are unclear as communication on the island has been severely impacted. alyssa, some very positive news. at least for the moment. >> at least for the moment. we have to stress that. as much is this track has shifted to the east, it could still shift to the west. this is a close-up view. the center of the track where we're seeing this redline this morning, you can see it is staying well offshore of wilmington and continuing to taken easterly turn as we head toward saturday and sunday of this upcoming weekend. it made still be a very strong
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winds of 100 miles per hour. parts of north carolina in that area this morning. at no longer includes the triangle. adjust includes extreme southeastern portions of our viewing area. we will continue to monitor the track of the storm. we're still sifting through all of the new information coming in for that 5 am update. in the meantime, i w north carolina. there are a few showers off to our coast this morning. those are not expected to impact this year around central north carolina. let's get to those temperatures. it is 59 in lewisburg. 61 and roanoke rapids. 61 in raleigh. 62 and lillington and fayetteville. the mild spot is 64 in clinton. here is your day ahead. 61 at 8 am. a cooler morning. 69 at noon and 73, and
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we were yesterday. we're back to 70 is we had to 6:00. a perfect all day if you ask me. i will track those changes with matthew and let you know what that means here in south -- in central north carolina coming up in your complete storm team forecast. we want to get back to breaking news that is happening in wayne county. highway patrol is on scene of his early morning crash. it happened around 130 highway patrol is on scene of his early morning crash. it happened around 1:30 am this morning near the hodge road exit. a van ended up upside down and crews worked four hours to get at least two people out of the van. no word on their conditions. alley will have much more on this crash as we learn more coming up in a few minutes. let's get back to hurricane matthew. 66 counties are under a state of emergency. residents are watching and waiting is matthew approaches. >> state and county officials are paying close attention to the forecast will encouraging people to get ready. we have more what is coming of the next couple of days and
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emergency operations center in raleigh will be staffed 24 seven monitoring the threat of hurricane matthew. they will be coordinate with the main case anymore evacuations are needed over the next several days. although governor pat mccrory has authority to order evacuations, emergency management officials say that most likely those decisions will be made by leaders and individual counties. plate -- pay close attention to what your local authorities are staying storm because they will be the best information -- best authority for what you should be doing. governor pat mccrory is urging everyone to do all that they can to prepare. >> our assets want to be right at the edge of where the impact is so they can get in and immediately deal with it as opposed to being in the middle of it where they cannot do much help themselves if they themselves are impacted by the flooding.
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other leaders on how the state is organizing ahead of hurricane matthew. back to you guys. hurricane matthew hit 80 yesterday and is blamed for at least seven deaths there. today, the storm is expected to move through bahamas as -- before approaching the east coast this week. the governor is ordering 1.1 million people to move inland. >> we have decided that we will evacuate all coastal communities starting tomorrow. our goal is to make sure -- >> people along the shore miming northwood or stocking up on supplies and gas. residents in the storm's path are told to have enough food and water to last three days. be sure to download the wcnc weather app. it is a labor -- it is available for free in your app store. the 2016 presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail today after a
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talk about donald trump's comments. drug for much of the night, when donald trump says women should be punished or mexicans her rapist or crumbles. >>senator, you without that mexican comment again. >> the fbi did an investigation. and they concluded -- >> delmon. senator. >> reporter: repeatedly talking over moderate that -- the moderator is a defensively defendant their running mates. >> donald trump supports our veterans. donald trump is paid all of the
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deductions? >> reporter: the fiery discussion was amplified on social media, on facebook. one of the most talked about moments was the candidates trading jabs on an insult driven campaign. >> of donald trump would've said all the things that he said in the way that you said he said them, she -- he still would not have -- >> is asking everybody to vote for somebody he cannot defend. >> reporter: both campaigns claimed debate ended. >> came had a hard time not interrupting. not even -- not dispense but also the moderator. >> reporter: they meet face-to- face -- drop in clinton meet face-to-face for the second presidential debate on sunday. trump campaigns in nevada
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in dc. a crash around 130 a crash around 1:30 am this morning up for 95 southbound right by hodge road plummet involved in overturned van on a guardrail. people taken to the hospital. but take a look. clean up still continues at 5:08 am this morning. let's take you to our maps. we will show you exactly where that crash is. i for 95 southbound us 64 eastbound right near hodge road. that exit is blo o overturned van from the guardrail. taking a look at our raleigh map, 540, 40, no accidents to report there. things are moving pretty well this wednesday morning. if you are traveling through durham, you're able to go the speed limit on all of the major highways. as you move toward fort bragg, 95 toward fayetteville, accident free. if you're heading to the
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to get flying conditions to these major airports of flying into new york, los angeles. it is always a good idea to check with your carrier first. i for 40 at hillsboro street, a very [music] >> dr. stanley: we can understand and realize, it's through the gospel that you and i can be absolutely assured at "absent from the body, present with the lord." we don't have to fear death. it's through the gospel that our
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carolina this wednesday morning. it is 5:11 am. heresy 5 am advisory. this storm is still a category three hurricane. it is in open water heading toward the bahamas at this point in time. wins at 125 miles per hour with gusto strong as 155 miles per hour. it is moving north at 10 miles per hour. it is expected to move through the bahamas today and approached the east coast of the united states. this is not the only storm we
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storm yesterday. it is into the open atlantic, this not going to do much. it is going to weaken over the next few days. however, wins with the storm at 50 mi./h, it is moving to the west, northwest at six miles per hour. let's bring you back closer to home and talk about what we can expect today. a pleasant start from shaw university as we start off our morning. we are on the dry side of central north carolina. wee other than that, most of us on the dry side. this get to these temperatures. 62 in lillington and 62 in sanford. the forecast for today, a nice mix of sun and clouds. still in the upper 60s at noon. climbing to 73 for an afternoon high. moron your forecast and what
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thanks for sticking with us this morning. it is 5:15 am. in wake county, highway patrol is investigating a crash that happened at 1:30 am on 495 at the hodge road exit. a van ended up upside down and stuck on the guardrail. crews worked for hours to get to people out of the van. at this in condition. breaking news. 50 minutes ago, the national hurricane center issued a new update about hurricane matthew. it shows the track shifting east , further from our coast. it is expected to hit the bahamas today. it is blamed on 11 deaths. mandatory evacuation for visitors started 15 minutes ago. it is an hyde county. the permit resident evacuation starts tomorrow morning. opening statements begin
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statement who killed three people in a wrong way crash of i-80 five. he pled guilty to the 25 -- 2015 crash but he will stand trial for three charges of second -- second-degree murder. aaron hernandez is due back in court as a judge this trial -- as the judge decides when he should stand trial in the 2012 the hudson river is not exactly the beach vacation the passengers on the hurt -- on a cruise ship expected to receive. they received an email hours after they were expected to set sell from baltimore maryland to the caribbean.
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they would remained docked on the hudson, and it was frustrating for many people. >> we just want to go home. there is nothing they could do to make this crews -- if you want to call it a cruise -- better. a carnival cruise lines spokesperson said they are taking action to keep the ship out of harms way while trying to create a positive vacation experience. they said they would give guests $25 crews. many passengers said they do not plan to book a cruise with carnival again. 5:17 am. with the newest information on hurricane matthew. let's dive into a. hurricane warning has been extended north
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rain and gusting winds. 80, you'll see the conditions of their improved today. but the storm is expected to move continuously slowly through the central portions of the bahamas throughout today. let's get to the track of the storm. wins right now at 125 miles per hour moving to the north at about 10 miles per hour. this is a category three hurricane. look at this. it could strengthen into a full -- category for. he was stricken late this evening into first thing thursday morning. wins at about 130 miles per hour. that is because of could help strengthen. it could come dangerously close to a category four hurricane. it doesn't matter whether it makes it route -- landfall or stays offshore, devastating conditions are expected there. georgia, south carolina, the newest update has the storm taking a hard easterly turn as we head toward sunday morning which means the storm is
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that is not me where in the clear by any stretch of the imagination. i want to bring in -- bring you into a closer look at this track. the center redline is to track. i want you to focus more on the error code which is still on eastern portions of north carolina. amber lee county, -- this could wobble to the east and it means our impacts could be less. let's take a look at one modeex amount of rain that we could receive as we head toward this weekend with the storm. look at this. a half inch possible around portions over through weight county. certainly we're going to see higher totals gravitate in areas to the south end east. lesser amounts as we head toward orange and durham county's. here at home, 61 degrees. this is a live picture from our tyrant -- tower camera as we
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we're looking@cloud cover but no rain to speak of in central north carolina. there are a few showers to our east around the new bern area. other than that, nothing to worry about for our -- around the new bern area. 61 in siler city. 61 in sanford. hour by hour, we will be in the mid-60s by 10 am. upper 60s by noon. climbing to 73 for a high. right around 70 as we head toward 6:00 this evening. we will breeze through our future forecast because again i'm expecting dry conditions for today. the in-house model says the showers across the coast could spread to our area from time to time. i do not think it will be in today's work as. tomorrow, we could see a stray shower develop. other than that, the fall-like weather will continue for us. 75 in fayetteville. overnight tonight, 58 degrees. our overnight low. morbus in the 50s tomorrow morning.
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a break throughout the overnight. 73 on thursday. 72 on friday. rain chances are to increase force on friday and continue on saturday is possibly matthew makes its way up the east coast. that is your latest forecast. 5:21 am. let's check in with valley. there is a look at the scene on 495 in knightdale right by hodge road. you can see most of the highways block off your. crews continue to clear and overturned band landed on the guardrail at 1:30 am. cleanup efforts are still under way. several people were taken to the hospital on this road. part of it were shut -- was shut down. hodge road is an exit you will not be able to get off of. here is a picture of the overturned van on the side. you can see that i 495 southbound, us 64 highway eastbound near hodge road is blocked out. if you are taking to 64 here or 495, as you call it, you can
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422, that exit is still blocked off. travel through the raleigh area looks pretty good on 540, 440, and 40. no accidents there. the roads good -- look pretty good as well. 5:22 am in the morning
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after over 20 years in congress, for himself. burr voted 5 times to raise his own pay, while his net worth has increased over 500%... making over $3.6 million. but it's not just that. on a bill to make insider trading by congressmen illegal, burr voted no, calling the law a waste of time. that's how 20 years in washington has changed richard burr.
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the hurricane takes to the eyes. many high school football games will be played tonight instead of on friday. >> we have more on sports coming up next. of morning. i'm jeff jones. last night, we got one of our first hits that the nhl regular season is almost back. the canes took on the sabres. as you can see, the fans wore their best outfits to this event. the packers, wrong team and wrong store -- wrong sport. in the second, things started going buffalo's way. this -- the, slims byword not once but twice. that is all that it took. the canes lose this one 2-0. it is not just hockey fans.
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due to hurricane matthew, several teams moved their games of the night. one of those games will include hillside taking on cardinal gibbons. they say that taking on the teams one day early is no big -- no big deal. >> thursday is a typical walk- through day. one day so that we can get around the weather situation is fine. >> we need to bring our a game and other games of moved their games to thursday. some of those matchups include holly springs versus middle creek. those games and more have all been moved. as of now, all of the local college games will go on as scheduled. that is all of the time that we hoefer sports this morning. be sure to tune in this evening for even more local sports news. catches tomorrow for some early week high school football
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carolina. time check, 546 -- 5:26 am. i'm carleigh griffeth. i will tell you the latest on how state officials are handling preparations for hurricane matthew. breaking news this morning. you are looking live at the scene of an early morning crash. it happened just more than four hours ago. crews are still there working that scene. alley will tell you what you need to do and what you need to door this morning.
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north carolina news at 5:30 am starts now. we breaking news for you. about 30 minutes ago, the national hurricane center issued a new tractor hurricane matthew.
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east and further away from the coast. in the last half-hour, some visitors in the outer banks were forced out of the area. alyssa has the latest track of matthew and will tell us what we can see here and when. also, breaking news, we head out to the scene. four hours ago after a crash, right now crews are still cleaning up in this early morning crash. we're told two people were stuck inside of a van that was overturned. we're still working to learn details and their condition at this time. good morning and thank you for watching north carolina news. i am ross lot to cover right now. first, will start with where hurricane matthew is. 30 minutes ago, that mandatory evacuation began in some people -- for some people in parts of our coast. >> mandatory evacuation starts for permanent residence tomorrow morning and mandatory evacuations are already in effect at unc-wilmington. students must be off-campus by noon tomorrow. >> back in the triangle, high school games are being moved. we have details about that on


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