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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  October 5, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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east and further away from the coast. in the last half-hour, some visitors in the outer banks were forced out of the area. alyssa has the latest track of matthew and will tell us what we can see here and when. also, breaking news, we head out to the scene. four hours ago after a crash, right now crews are still cleaning up in this early morning crash. we're told two people were stuck inside of a van that was overturned. we're still working to learn details and their condition at this time. good morning and thank you for watching north carolina news. i am ross lot to cover right now. first, will start with where hurricane matthew is. 30 minutes ago, that mandatory evacuation began in some people -- for some people in parts of our coast. >> mandatory evacuation starts for permanent residence tomorrow morning and mandatory evacuations are already in effect at unc-wilmington. students must be off-campus by noon tomorrow. >> back in the triangle, high school games are being moved. we have details about that on
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state are still scheduled for saturday. we will have more on the storm's path. >> we could all here that sigh of relief. >> i did let out a sigh of relief woman got the 5 am advisory. i do not want to be overly optimistic because the shift to the east could easily ship to the west as we head next few days. this is a close look at the forecast track. this is the 5 am advisory. the could this. saturday into sunday, staying well offshore of north carolina. a pretty much takes a hard right turn right around the wilmington area offshore. we're seeing -- we are staying as a category two hurricane during that time. wins it 100 miles per hour. we've been talking about it all week long. this cone of uncertainty. his fellow shaded area still includes eastern portions of north carolina. at no longer includes the
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cumberland, sampson, and wayne counties as we head into the weekend. we will continue to monitor this track. if it continues to shift east, that means less and less impact here in central north carolina. let's get to our satellite radar composite. dry conditions all around central north carolina. there are a few showers off to our coast, off toward the new bern area, jacksonville. other than that, we're starting off dry and the rain is not expected to impact us. getting south hill, still the upper 50s in lewisburg and around pinehurst. yours your forecast for the day had. we will be in the 60s at lunchtime. climbing to 73. nowhere near as warm this afternoon. temperature is our -- 70 is our temperature around 6:00. we will have more from your complete storm team forecast. first, let's get back out to this breaking news in weight county. highway patrol is -- this
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at 1:30 am near the hide -- hodge road exit. a van, as you can see, ended up upside down and stuck on a guardrail. it ted cruz hours to get at least two people out of the van. we're still waiting on word of their conditions. alley will have much more on this crash coming up in a few minutes and how you can get around it in your morning commute. let's get back to hurricane matthew. residence across the state watching and waiting is matthew approaches the coast of north of emergency. >> and count -- in county and state officials are encouraging people to get ready. carleigh griffeth has more on what we can expect. >> reporter: starting tomorrow, the emergency operations center in raleigh will be step 24-7 monitoring the threat for matthew. they will also be according with fema in case any more evacuations, any last-minute evacuations are needed. although governor pat mccrory
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evacuations, emergency management officials say that most likely those decisions will be made by leaders in individual counties. you need to pay close attention to what your local authorities are saying this week because they will be your best source of information regarding what you should be doing to weather the storm. ahead of matthew, governor mccrory is urging all residents to do everything they can to get ready. he says he wants folks to be over prepared and hopefully underwhelmed hear more from the governor and other state leaders on how the state is organizing ahead of matthew. >> we will check back with you in the next half hour. the eastern north carolina red cross is gearing up. they held a meeting for volunteers last night and they are working on getting people and supplies into place. there urging people to be prepared. there specifically concerned about people who are new to the area.
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through a hurricane. >> make a plan. stay informed by listening to media council weather service reports and build a kit. have things in your home and prepared that you could stay comfortably three days without external support. >> we also checked in with a few local grocery stores. they said that they have been busier than usual. they are bringing in additional cashiers to make sure they have enough in stock. i was there yesterday and saw. just days after significant leading in sandhills, crews are getting ready for what matthew d firefighters are testing out gear in planning for a busy weekend. additional people will be brought in later this week and they will have five swift rescue teams ready and group sutter ready to deal with collapsing building. people all over the city and county could be effective. >> it is already dropping
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carolinas, it could cause a lot of problems. >> reporter: assistant chief morgan said he encourages people to have enough supplies to stay at home a couple of days if necessary. ogletree trimming companies are getting people from people who want trams and lambs cut before hurricane matthew's arrival. luckily for homeowners, some arty have that schedule. that arborist have a busy weekend and will go wherever they are needed by insurance companies, even out-of-state, once there is the calls they are getting for immediate service, it will not be able to accommodate because they are the heavyweight list of 11 1/2 -- at least a week and have. experts worried that the number of people who have died in haiti may increase because of washed out bridges and roads. phone communication is down. this is an image of 80. they valor -- a very powerful
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east coast. we encourage you to download the wcnc weather app. it is free in your app store. we're giving you a live look at the scene on the hodge road exit. hodge road exit is still blocked off as well. we will let you know when all of that clears. let's take you to the map and this happened at 1:30 am. crews are still working to clear the highway of that crash. we would take you to a map and show you exactly where it is. your detour, exit 422. then jump on the highway. taking you into raleigh, so far so good on the major highways there. on 540, 440, and 40, we have a crash closer to the downtown area. varsity drive near crest road,
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roads look picture-perfect there. down toward fayetteville, local roads toward fort bragg, nothing to report there. still seeing some pretty good conditions at the airport, if you are flying out to all of these major airports. it looks like if i should be arriving on time. it is always a good idea to check with your carrier first. outside to i 448 hillsboro st., not too much to see time check for you on this day, it is 5:38 am. a what in your yard? i was out the door because i was ready to go see this thing >> a deputy response to a ladies phone call and [music] >> dr. stanley: we can understand and realize, it's through the gospel that you and i can be absolutely assured at what paul said when he said, "absent from the body, present with the lord." we don't have to fear death.
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could after -- good morning. it is 5:41 am on wednesday morning. hurricane matthew has winds of 125 miles per hour. this puts us as a strong category three hurricane. it has gusts up to 155 miles per hour. tropical force storm winds extend 160 miles away from the center of the storm. that is barreling toward the bahamas. throughout today and into tomorrow morning, this is not the only storm we have to talk about. yesterday morning tropical storm nicole develop. it looks like winds right now winds of 50 miles per hour. it is not looking very organize. it is going to meander through the open atlantic. let's bring you back closer to home. we will talk about what is
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it is 61 degrees. a bit cool if the kids will be standing at the bus stop for a long period of time. make sure they have a light jacket as they head out the door. here is a drivetime forecast. we will we will see the temperatures climb. you should be around 64. sunrise happens at 7:14 am. more on the impact on your work the -- on your work week. melissa, thanks. forget a wild goose chase. a g on the tips of their toe mother in-law with a keen sense of smell... glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash.
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every part of you is strong. time to bring that strength to your tooth enamel. colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. strengthens weakened enamel 4x better. with colgate enamel health mineral repair. in this morning's top stories breaking news. right here in wayne county. the hot -- the hodge roach -- the hodge road reopened. a van crashed at 1:30 am and
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took hours to get at least two people out of the van that we know of. we do not know what their co--- their condition is. 45 minutes ago, the hurt -- the national hurricane center sent an update regarding hurricane matthew. is sent to track regarding -- toward the east coast. it is affected two -- it is expected to hit the bahamas today. mandatory evacuations happened about 45 minutes ago. the mandatory evacuation for permanent residence starts and their running mates are back on the campaign trail after the vice president debate last night in virginia. pentz tried to attack hillary clinton's record and secretary of state. trump and clinton meet for their circuit debate next
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-- an explosion in apex force people from their homes for several days. >> 911. what is your emergency? i there is a chlorine leak. you can see the chlorine in the air on the strong -- and the smell is very, very strong. >> reporter: they watch the blaze grow from a small fire to a major inferno. >> suddenly somebody said "it just broke through the roof." >> reporter: this video shows the layout of the environment oh quality companies building. it was a metal roof structure stunningly, nobody knew exactly what kinds of chemicals were housed inside that building. >> we ask them for a manifest of what was in the building. they said that they did not have it. >> that is tonight at 5:00 schark are steve fraser has a look -- that is tonight at 5:00 . steve fraser will have more
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state. funeral services are expected to take place for them are scott. the family says the threat of the storm has forced them to delay. meanwhile, the charlotte mecklenburg police released further videos from that incident. we are only showing a portion of them on air because they are graphic. the initial videos release shows body camera dash-cam video. our website at a trial is expected to begin today for the former unc student after he killed three people in a crash on i 85. kania pled guilty for the crash that will stand trial for the second degree murder counts. because of hurricane matthew, several us airlines are waiting flight fees because
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delta, and jetblue, have already started waving florida to their change fee waivers. those airlines are expected to issue more waivers as the storm gets closer to the us. the good news, for the moment, alyssa, is it is moving away from us. we like that. >> the good news for the moment. remember yesterday, we track this track of the storm, and it continued to shift west. over the past 12 hours, it is nt this is will be like to see provokes in central north carolina. the latest update is winds up to 125 miles per hour. it is moving north it 10 miles per hour. it is just north to the eastern tip of cuba. it is 65 miles north, northwest of cuba. it is expected to impact the bahamas as we had through today into tomorrow. it will slow down because look at this by friday morning.
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eastern portions of florida. it looks like it will still be a category four storm. a very massive category four storm. is very close to the east coast of florida. it will travel close to the coast of georgia. really taking a hard easterly turn as we head toward sunday morning, sunday morning still a category 2 storm. wins it 100 miles per hour. i wanted bring you into a closer look at the storm. weirton -- with been talking about the cone of uncertainty. not centerline but this area of yellow around the because it could still wobble to the left. it could still have an impact on eastern north carolina. you will notice the triangle no longer in that cone of uncertainty. this means if this track hold steady, our impact will be less and less as we head into the weekend. let's start first with how much rain we could potentially see from the storm. yesterday, these rainfall amounts were in the several inches range. with this track
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more totals of your traveling south and east. southern portions of sampson and cumberland county. they could see 2 inches of rain while the northern portions could see an inch and a half in either light -- and even lighter amounts from the north and west. as far as winds are concerned, this is a probability of seeing tropical storm force winds. that is winds over 90 miles per hour. we have a chance of seeing those wins. a 10% 0% triangle. those chances go up around sampson, wayne county, southern portions of cumberland county's. if the storm continues to shift off to the east, we will see lesser of an impact. the struck -- the tropical storm force winds extend 160 miles currently. this is a image from schall. we have a a little bit of cloud cover. a few showers reported around
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as you are planning your day, we're looking at a mixture of sun and clouds. 69 hour temperature at noon. 73 hour afternoon high. it will be a comfortable evening. maybe the kids have again going on after school or practice. the weather will be nice and 70 there. as we look at your future forecast, we are mixing some sun and clouds throughout the day. i do not think will make it to our area today but there is a possibility we could see a stray shower for today. in the meantime, no weather worries until matthew comes closer to us. 73 in raleigh, 70 73 in raleigh, 75 in durham. tonight, 58 hour low. a nice cold night. a nice, cold fall night. 73 on thursday. 72 on friday. that is where we start to see rain coming in from matthew. all of that quickly -- quickly
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it looks like dry weather will continue for next week. it is 5:52 am. let's check in with valley. this is video from that crash earlier this morning on for 95 right near hodge road. good news is hodge road exit has reopened. no detour that you have to take anymore but very serious crash that resulted in a van tipped over onto the guardrail. he can -- they can see that here. if you we -- if we take a look at that overturned van on that guardrail, we would be following this crash and let you know anymore details as we get them. we will take you into raleigh again. this one is still out there. varsity, drive, a crest road. not seeing any of that impacted. down to the fayetteville area, no problem -- no problems on local roads there. if you are heading south toward raleigh, now is the time to do it. travel times, about 15 minutes
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more "sit" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper. president obama will be right here in north carolina on tuesday to participate in a town hall at north carolina amt in greensboro. yesterday, his wife was here in charlotte and in raleigh. she spoke before thousands of people at nc state's reynolds coliseum. she talked about the importance
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and that people do cass their vote in the election. she spoke about donald trump it never mentioned him by name. she said he does not have the preparation, experience, or temperament to become a commander in chief. and 11-year-old pot -- pup became the first dog to help alert owners to potentially -- keep the home from up in flames. >> jackson earned a probationary firefighter badge and a hat too. this is a bit more serious. a moose on the loose. in bismarck, north there -- north dakota, the moose wandered into a parking lot. they said the tranquilizer gum was not an option. they were not sure how long it would take effect. to try to capture the moose, but he seemed to have his own
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dispatchers may not expect when it comes to animal control. >> have a kangaroo out here. >> you have a what? >> it has a big longtail and it hops. yell. >> it is hopping? i -- >> it is hopping. a woman in indiana called and reported that a kangaroo hop into her driveway. at first they thought it was a prank. but it was not. >> i held out my hand and chewed on my glove. >> the nate -- the kangaroo belong to a neighbor. it is legal in indiana with a permit. we have a moose. we have a dog. we have a kangaroo. it is an animal farm out there this morning. 5:57 am right now. breaking news in the track of hurricane matthew. they release a new path along the coast. we will have the projected path
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here in north carolina.
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north carolina news at 6 starts right now. now on cbs north carolina, hurricane matthew continues its march toward -- through the caribbean. it moved acrossed haiti and cuba on wednesday. it left behind massive flooding. >> it is responsible for 11 deaths and is headed toward caribbean and the floor -- and florida. matthew could end up bringing the first hurricane to hit florida's east coast since katrina in 2005. >> we have a lot to tell you about and a lot to cover. good morning. i am russ bowen. >> our storm team is keeping a close eye around-the-clock.


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