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tv   North Carolina News at 500PM  CBS  October 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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let's compare this to the previous track from 11 am an as you can see it moves west closer into flrida for friday. for us there is no change if
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same spot. that is good for us. it to get closer but also did not get further away i don't have many changes on the impact. here's a close-up view. is a category 2 hurricane on saturdayfternoon. but again little ships either direction making a huge difference. fous a continues to weaken possibly closest to our coastline sometime sunday morning. before it loops around back down to the southeast what does that mean for we keep the clouds and cooler temperatures around for the next couple of days. the main impact the storm will be saturday. friday could have some rain but saturdhe impact of illegal cut the area in half diagonally. south d eastf highway 1 could get one to 3 inches of rainor 20 to 30 mile-per-hour winds. much less than that farther northwest to go. another update in x hours and also have a new one of computer
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close watch on hurricane maw and understand governor patrory is getting another update on the storm. >> reporter: the state is looking at this map and as you can see as you heard west talk about the current track for hurricane matthew has moving farther out to the east. out to sea and by the time it would get around north carolina. but still there are 66 counties in north carolina under state of emergency as this path could change. >> we have me good news during the past 24 hours from north rolina to choose the track of matthew can you stand st going out to sea any time approaches north carolina but right now not missing thstate entirely. >> serious right with heavy saturation. do not go through any floodwaters >> reporter: in recent weeks
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ville. when the ground is saturated high wind could bring down trees which in turn could bring down power lines. duke energy is prepared to bring in crews from the western part of the carolinas or from the midwest to respond should they be needed. >> it's an unpredictable storm. that is why we have our meteorologist at that wi monitor this and that way as it gets closer towards the end of this week we can move our resouras >> reporter: leaders say crews will bin place but for now we wait until matthew arrives. >> we hope the trencontinues but if he does not and it changes we are ready to move any moment notice. >> reporter: villagers to ocracoke island are being evacuated and hyde county enreunty of both considering evacuations.
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your phone you can find out through text either about power outages to your propty and also report a poweoutage if it happens again by text. we have that information on our website . speaking of coastal communities they are not taking any chances. jonathan rodriguez is live at wrightille beach t wit preparatio out there. >> reporter: not bright sunny day at the beach but look. still plenty of people out and he's clouds just moved in with in the past hour or so and the wind started to pick up but it has been business as usual on the beach. the county officials are definitely optimistic but cautious. they want to make sure everyone is staying vigila nomen short evacuations but we
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if you look now the waves ar not very big. we had some surfers out earlier disappointed by that but that is good news for the rest of the coast. the fire department has been out driving along the beach keeping an eye on things. officials activated emergency operations center and of people ready to go and playing everything by ear right now. flooding is the biggest concerns they will als am tomorrow to reevaluate and see if an evacuation is needed. if they do need to they can have that done in about eight hours until then everyone is enjoying the rest of their vacation and keep an eye on the sky. we plan to take week vacation and heard the storm is coming so we thought we would be here anyway and see what happens but >> we practice this down along the coast several times a year these guys are professionals
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all of our police offs fire personnel are ready to go in the event something happens. >> reporter: another thing to consider this area has seen a lot of rain over the past few weeks so the ground is saturated. they are worried about wind coming and knocking down trees and power lines but the crews are ready to go and will stay vigilant. no evacuations on the coast but unc w evacuate the campus and more informatioon that coming it was one week ago parts of fayetteville and large portions of cumberland county were under water because of historic flooding now the city is preparing itself for what may come nate rogers talked with city leaders. >> reporter: city and county leaders are saying the same to they are prepared for the worst and hope for the best nat robertson says the city and county leaders have spoken to governor plenty times about the
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is offering the state's so if needed. half a dozen roads are still close throughout the county the result of last week's devastating floods police officers and detectives are prepared to work 12 hour shifts if necessary in the fire department is also getting rescue equipment ready. the mayor's advice to residences know before you go >> if it starts raining and the water turns over the weather turns inclement, that you know where you're going before you house you know where your destination is and it is clear flooding and the roads are open >> reporter: mayor robertson also said he's asking folks in the community to stop -- stock up on essentials like bread and water and also get your cars checked to prevent trouble and if anyone feels safety is threatened be sure to call 911. he also said it's a good idea
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storm drain and check on your neighbors. the city and counties are opening five emergency shelters throughout the county this weekend if needed. in south carolina a mass exodus from the coastline. traffic was backed up for miles as people headed west to avoid the storm station's overflowing with people filling up and topping off. governor nikki haley develop -- declared a state of emergency after a a concrete company get ruiz santos people can to protect property. the governor rick scott activated the national guard and go staged in various parts of the state to help during evacuations and also the aftermath. he's urging residents to evacuate and create an emergency kit in case they lose power. miami plans to keep its airport open for as long as possible. >> we've a better idea of the damage matthew did in the caribbean. at least 11 people were killed
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storm on that country and he was with 45 mile-per-hour winds yesterday rescue workers have been struggling to reach towns cut off after a bridge was washed out here's the dominican republic. at least four people died in the storm streets were flooded and homes knocked down as it moved through. it was a pierced caribbean storm in almost a decade. download the wncn weather app to keep up with the track of the storm. watches or warnings are issued. we had interactive radar and information how to prepare again . police at nc state hope the schedule leaves the person who robbed and stabbed a student look at this. this is what they think he looks like described as a man in his early 20s with possibly dreadlocks and stands about 5'9" weighing about 150 pounds. the student says he had acne on
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afternoon on september 30 in the varsity drive parking lot on campus. the attack -- attacker had a small knife and took her bookbag. investigation is underway after shooting at home day care in harnett county. david grabowski is looking into the case has more on what may have led to the shooting. >> the sheriff's office responded to this home on hilltop road in broadway tuesday afternoon after getting a call about the shooting according to the arrest warrant there were 8-10 children inside the home at the time the sheriff's office tells us it was an unlicensed day care family recently purchased land near the day care was outside when it happened >> the dead had a shotgun was walking on the property meet with him it was kind of where he was walking around. then he goes house beside us and starts ducking in around from the house and docs and
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officers pop up and he drops his shotgun and goes to the officer stroke he's now charged with assault with a deadly weapon and fleeting serious injury and indecent liberties with a child he is currently at the harnett county detention center under $80,000 bond. after being seized on the west side of the state is time for the dogs and cats to be rehab -- rehabilitated >> look at how they are being cared for and at 5:30 -- you can see a haze through the air and the chlorine smell a strong >> it has been 10 years since a chemical explosion caused panic throughout apex. tonight a look at the safety concerns and how our laws have changed the call for outside help
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new information in the deadly police shooting of keith lamont scott in charlotte police requested independent nongovernmental research organization to review its policies and procedures the carbon once a washington dc based police foundation to do the investigation. according to the department the foundation will review the police work in connection with the shooting as well as its relationship with the community prior to the death. this announcement came one day after the department video of the shooting videos first read by his family before the release. lease say they shots got after he refused to drop a gun. his family says he was on medication for traumatic brain injury and made him sluggish at the time animals save from a suspected puppy mill could find homes here. the dogs they just came into the area this afternoon, where they have been and what is ahead.
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of dogs from a van the organization is taking in 13 dogs a fraction of the animals rescued from the suspected puppy mill in cabarrus county. in all 105 dogs 20 cats and three goats were found in unsafe and unsanitary conditions according to the humane society. the spca of wake county has 2 puppies but most are dogs that are at least six years old they include yorkshire terriers, poodles retrievers. the spca is evaluating each one to see what care they might need including vaccinations and some already have had dental exams and have been noon. one dog has heart warms. >> probably from any of these animals the case they were able to come here in and our transport van the might of had more space in that cage the nic cage they were kept in. this house where they were found. it breaks your heart to see that but one thing we always see with these animals is they
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>> reporter: puppies wl now go to foster care before being adopted. some animals could be adopted as early as next week but it could be longer for others. details on how you can adopt if you're interested on our website if you're wondering how you can help aside from adoption spca of wake county takes donations to cover medical costs. thosta around the country something to sing about. fans of the gilmore girls broke out into the show theme song at solo coffee and route for a few hours the shop transformed into the's diner pick the spot from the camargo's tv show. we talked with a real-life person so dedicated to show the
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rory. >> the highlight was everyone sending the theme song. that was awesome. >> >> it came on netflix and i've watched it several times. >> it's become my luke's diner pick up to know the people that work here and other locals. having an event like this with a bunch of other gilmore girls fans come in is a strike a conversation in the have something in common >> netflix arranged for coffeehouses around the country to transform into luke's and 650 cups of coffee in honor of the show which debuted 16 years ago today. it's reputed by that flex next month. i saw sports tractor jeff jones in that line. he loves that show. headlines again from hurricane matthew.
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north carolina as changes in the track meant improvements in our rain and wind situation. but we're not totally rain free. or wind free for the weekend. but today we had clouds without the rain and we had temperatures -- i love saying this. it struggled to get into the low 70s. that sounds great after the summer we just finished. upper 60s to mid and low 70s around the area. feels like continue to do so tonight. 67 at 10 pm. thursday morning starts cloudy and dry with temperatures once again around 60 degree let's get in matthew because moisture from matthew will start to arrive on friday but not in the way we talked about 24 hours ago there have been many changes. hurricane hunter aircraft is continuing to investigate this
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per hour winds. those have held all day moving to the northwest at 12 miles per hour and sped up just a little bit. the pressure is up to 963 so higher pressure means a week or storm. theris one plate out now and another one on the way but this morning there were three planes in different sectors investigating the storm. we are doing our darndest to get as much information from the system so we can have a better forecast. the national hurricane ceer it's going to strengthen as it comes over the bahamas in the next 24 hours and then for the first time ever since -- for the first time since 1950, in october when hurricane king hit florida, that is the only major hurricane to ever hit florida in october. it could be doing it again around the daytona beach area
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east coast of florida. that is friday. after that at some point it will turn and we can to the northeast off of the coast of south carolina. before it does that loop around to starts to show up late last night in the computer models. if you missed it earlier in the newscast the changes m the yellow line to the red line pushing closer to florida on friday but do not moving much in our neck of the woods. hour forecast has not changed much about the impact year closer category 2 inland are south carolina will offshore king tt move around on the southern coast of north carolina or will offshore but weakening to a category one hurricane. still nothing you want to mess with. let's lo at the computer models that again remain consistent and pushing it closer to florida into friday. what we've seen over the past 12 hours we sti have that
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computer models started to nudge more to the north and that's why hour forecast stops moving south and held and not nudged to the north what we have coming? throughout the day friday the powerful storm will be to our south we will have some scattered showers along with some clouds. that is rain technically from matthew but not the heavy flooding rain. that could approach us as we get into saturday. it should hold mainly from the triangle on south saturday and then as we head into saturday evening we start to pull away. the end result will be one-3 inches of rain 20-30 mile-per- hour winds south and east of the triangle. and then much less than that everywhere else. the impact in the past we four hours have lessened but they are not gone. and you have to remember we still have clouds around. voters in the low 70s for the next several days.
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showers friday and the heavy rain mainly south of the triangle on saturday. and it gets chilly almost by next week. tuesday morning someone will be in the upper 40s. lots look forward to but still a lot to watch. and/or forget tonight if you do not get enough hurricane matthew information out are you have specific questions i will be join by bill reh for our facebook live here's a look at i-540 it's
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a jury heard opening arguments in the former unc student who drove drunk and killed three people in 2015. >> he's facing three counts of second-degree murder. david kirst was there and has th >> reporter: chandler kania and mr. driving drunk and causing a crash but a jury is deciding whether or not it was malice. that's with the prosecution said they plan to prove during the course of the trial in opening statements they detailed the moments before he got into his car and drove drunk the wrong way on 95 rush into the car in killing for people and both sides say he and his friend drank a lot of
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his friends tried to stop him from getting into his car but he got into his jeep and drove away anyway. >> three counts of second- degree murder and that is precisely the question that faces you today. is he a murderer? i would ask for you to look for evidence to make this clearly more than just impair driving. we intend to prove those things are would constitute malice >> s coming up we tell you why it's one of the reasons the prosecution is trying to prove malice. the trial will last about two weeks. he could face up to 60 years in prison if convicted. athens drive high school as a new principal. steven thayer as a from the parents abroad high school he is changing schools after the school board approved it. he was taking over the late
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he had been prinpal of athens for two years and he will have an interim principal until a permanent one is put in place. when the utah couple saw the birth of the bill for their son look they had to share. the highlighted portions of $39.35 for skin to send after c- section. in other words the father was charged $40 to hold his child after delivery. the father who is ryan ghastly found the bill funny ridiculous. he shared it on that it attracting millions of views and plenty of comments. with a tongue-in-cheek movie started a crowdfunding campaign to pay off the bill. >> you get charged for everything. >> our coverage of hurricane matthew continues at 5:30. >> what to do if you have booked a flight in the storm. we're live at wrightsville beach.
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arsenic, mercury, lead. that's what you got. duke energy endangered the drinking water of 1.6 million people in north carolina. and what did duke energy get? a sweeter deal from pat mccrory. mccrory got thousands in campaign contributions from duke energy executives. and what will you get?
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if needed we had body bags and i didn't know if i was going to need one or 100 or 500. >> a chemical explosion since -- since panic through apex tonight look at the chaos as it unfolded in the changes to our laws to keep you safe as we look live to wrightsville beach it is called now but the area is getting ready for matthew. we talked with unc w students about being evacuated. hurricane matthew continues to track towards the us. >> we turn to chief
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good evening. you woke up it was a significant change in our favor. the same thing before lunchtime. big changes this morning but tonight i were not big changes in the track. right now we have a strong hurricane getting ready to plow through the bahamas over the next day or so with 120 mile- per-hour winds moving faster than it is moved in a long time but still slow northwest at 12 miles per hour. here's a closer view of wha now just off the south carolina coast around charleston saturday afternoon with 105 mile-per-hour winds but remember when it parallels the coast a little jog to the west or a little talk to the east drastically changes what people experience. what has happened tonight with the track in addition to maybe nudging a little to the north almost negligible. what is happened is also slowed down even more and weekend.
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just south of our coastline as it rides up over the home and starts to turn back to the south. as we show the big picture what that looks like you can see the worst of the news today was the fact that it looks like a major hurricane will slip into the coast of florida sometime friday before it weekends and starts to make the giant loop around. here is the center track. we put up a yellow line to compare so it moved not move much in our neck of the woods. hour forecast from this morning has not moved much. in the last 24 hours everything has come down the rain totals now southeast of the triangle down 1-3 inches. the wind is at a 50 is now 20- 30. and much less than that as you head farther north west. it will still rain and been windy but not as much. coming up we will compare the
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hour by hour and look ahead to what happens after this weekend. we're watching the impact the storm could have year and also along the coast jonathan rodriguez has been at wrightsville beach all day and joins us now for the latest on preparations. emergency officials say they are optimistic but cautious. optimistically cautious >> reporter: it is a breeze day in the sun is coming down. the clouds moved in with in the last couple of hours you can see behind me they are picking up but nothing unusual a few surfers out the were hoping to get big waves but they actually did not. plenty people out on the beach taking advantage while i. at this point there are no mandatory evacuations on the coast but a few miles of the road unc w has already started
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all students off-campus by noon tomorrow they will and all classes by 5 pm tonight. it worked out for the students because it was in line with their fall break on thursday and friday but many of them sent professors went ahead and cancel class today so they can go ahead and the >> i'm scared this is my first -- not the first hurricane so i'm not that worried but will are worried. my remains are leaving >> i want to last a little longer because i have an exam coming up on tuesday.. -- he actually might get his wish because unc w has not said when they will resume classes. emergency management has opened up and started emergency operations services and all the crews are ready from highway patrol and fire ems. the area seen a lot of rain in the past few weeks so the ground is saturated. there worried about toppling trees and power lines but they want everyone to be cautious and enjoy the time of the can't but be ready in case the storm
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we ask: what take to evacuate and her like this and they said they could have it done in about eight hours for now watching the sky and playing things by ear hoping for the best. 300 marines and sailors from camp lejeune are on the way to provide disaster relief to people in the caribbean affected by hurricane matthew. 24 three expert injury unit left norfolk virginia yesterday aboard uss mesa verde as part of the disaster relief assessment team. unique training and amphibious landings make them ideal as first responders to the flooded islands. roy cooper is warning residents in north carolina to be on the lookout for scammers taking advantage of hurricane matthew he wants looks to ask questions if anyone tries to help out with damage in a summary does not seem right
5:36 pm
giving the warning because his office essene scammers exploit people during storms before. we have learned in the past that serious storms like matthew not only bring wind and rain damage, but they can sweep in scam artists as well. looking to take advantage of a crisis. he also said if you want to help out folks and -- affected by the store make sure you charities you approach are genuine airlines have waived flight fees because of hurricane matthew. american cut delta united and us destinations to the change fee waiver. it was previously limited to the caribbean airports and generally the change fee waivers allow customers to make one change to the itinerary without paying extra charges. airlines like the issue waivers for more us airports as matthew continues to track closer. you can check out hurricane matthew's track for yourself and any other storms in the tropics. 02 our website and
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those of us here 10 years ago remember this well. an explosion and fire at hazardous waste transfer facility in apex forced 17,000 people from homes for days >> it was called one of the largest evacuations in history of our country and forever changed how facilities like this one operate steve springer covered the story then and takes us back inside the frightening ordeal. >> reporter: body bags and i didn't know if i was going to need one or hundred or 500. >> there's a chlorine leak and you can see a haze through the air and a strong chlorine smell. >> reporter: just as apex firefighters arrived on scene they watched the blaze grown from a small fire to a major inferno. >> suddenly someone said it just broke through the roof.
5:38 pm
you the layout of the environmental quality company building it was a metal roof structure but in today's starring all kinds of products but stunningly no one knew exactly what kinds of chemicals were housed inside the building >> reporter: we ask them for a manifest of what was in the building and they said they did not have it. >> reporter: the fire was now pouring consuming everything in the facility spreading a toxic cloud all over town and forcing first responders to back away pound gallon drums of some material work flying into the air 200 feet high and exploding. chief said we have to move back took start evacuations. >> reporter: as the clouds spread townhall the police station and the downtown business district were no longer safe places to shelter >> i went to the town hall
5:39 pm
leave home >> but then that was in the evacuation area. >> these days others reasons on the site eq once occupied. after the accident happened the federal chemical safety board wrote a case study citing several safety issues involved >> i had no idea and that of my neighbors why talk to them later had any idea of what was there >> reporter: and neither did first responders or eq management at the time hazardous-waste companies were not required to provide written information to first responders on the materials they were handling. >> we were probably 14 or 15 hours into the deal before we knew what the constituency of the chemicals work. was we did get a list that was not a list of words. it was a list of numbers. >> reporter: forcing firefighters to spend hours on
5:40 pm
they found out what some of those chemicals were she ran a thriving gymnastics program in the building which was right next door to the eq facility she hired a testing lab to help determine how to clean up urgent >> what they found was the heavy metals we suspect had come in through the air conditioning unit and had spread all over the inside of the gym >> reporter: it took four weeks to clean up an business never recovered >> i do my -- into my this is a joke investigation found oxygen generators were stacked underneath drums of chlorine- based chemicals. when the pool chemicals ignited the heat caused the generators to release oxygen which then accelerant the fire the chemical safety board recommended sprinklers and firewalls for similar facilities in the future to retard the spread of lame >> after the fires lawmakers change the rules and now waste chemical facilities cannot be
5:41 pm
>> everything is important and manifest of the list of chemicals that are housed in that facility. it's required to be kept off premise of the state department environmental quality says there are nine facilities similar to eq currently operating in the state and there are thousands more places from hospitals to auto body shops whose generate hazardous waste. >> the ones that are the most closely watched are those like eq treating storing and disposing of hazardous waste >> reporter: and now every one of those facilities is listed on an interactive map. we've included detailed information and lisa website where you can see how to access interactive map and find out where the chemical waste facilities are and what kind of materials the store. coming up
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such a part of our lives to this committee shows the world what hope is about superheroes gathered to mourn and celebrate the life of a young south carolina boy killed in the school shooting. we go inside the memorable surf -- service. spec with attention hurricane matthew many of you have asked us how does it track of the storm compare with other october storms?
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5:45 pm
it was a memorial service like no other >> you all know this is about jacob right? >> yes. >> captain america they beholds superheroes of all shapes and sizes. joined forces to pay respects to a life cut short >> six-year-old jacob hall was shot 1 ago when a teenage boy opened fire at an elementary school. but only did he love superheroes his family and friends believe he himself >> superheroes someone does something is stored in very. sadly his extraordinary was cut short and but bringing this community together. >> he was laid to rest dressed as batman >> the skilled apartment holding district wide movement of silent moment this afternoon to mark one week since the shooting.
5:46 pm
train crash in the bronx. this happened early this morning and has you can see it caused quite a huge mess. at least eight empty cars buckled forcing an amtrak to suspend service in the area. we now know the real injuries or reports of any hazardous material involved. investigation is underway to determine the cause of the incident for many reasons i hate that we are spending all of our time talking about matthew because we are missing out on focusing on the cooler weather has finally arrived. it feels like fall temperatures across the tar heel state in the 60s and 70s. it was not on ago we were still in the 90s. unfortunately we had more clouds and sunshine today weekend the cooler weather is going to last we keep the clouds around along with the dry weather through tonight and early tomorrow morning. through the upper and mid 60s overnight and you are out the door on thursday morning. still with the clouds but with
5:47 pm
conversations about matthew is tropical storm nicole. tropical storm nicole which again is for to the east of hurricane matthew is actually playing an important role in what is happening to matthew. it will not impact anyone other than a few fish because it will stay out and not strengthen much. but it tropical storm nicole is helping to change the track of hurricane matthew. remember there's an atlantic and the cold is breaking that down which is allowing one of the many things allowing matthew to eventually make the loop is starting to show up last night on the computer models. the 5:00 advisory if you missed earlier keeps hurricane matthew as a category three hurricane where it has been most of the day. it will restrengthen as it moves over the bahamas in the
5:48 pm
sometime friday as a category 4 with 130 mile-per-hour wind. if it makes landfall that will disrupt what happens afterwards but if it hugs the coastline it still expected to weaken as it eventually makes the loop around. we've been showing you many different computer models i'm going to do one a comparison of the american and european model and pick up on friday night they could be slamming into the east coa has the a on the icon as we get into early saturday morning the american model remains slow and european model is speeding up possibly along the coast of south carolina. european is closer to us an american still keeping it slow. that has been a trend with all of the models and the storm slow movement. now we go into sunday morning and the american still lagging behind but already making the
5:49 pm
that will help push it back to the south and european faster but again both of them eventually start making the loop by sunday pulling away from the coast. it's just when they start to turn american was to start to turn early and european wants to get closer to us and start to turn later you also notice they are far apart and that tells us a lot of uncertainty. that's also been a trend so we had a lot of weight and see moments. as for our weather the impact have not changed less wind and less rain. friday morning we start to see a few scattered showers in the area. not heavy rain but regular scattered showers to the day. there is the heavy rain coming into view to the south as we get into late friday night we will have some dry time before early saturday morning and heavy rain arrives elite south of the triangle and that will continue through lunchtime saturday and it saturday afternoon we start to clear out.
5:50 pm
on friday. the worst of the weather which not as bad as it was whenever hours ago will be mainly on saturday almost no shift in the track tonight but you know there will be more shift in the coming days so our final impact could be one-3 inches of rain south of the triangle and wind gusts in the same area only 27 30 miles per hour. the seven-day forecast we keep the cool temperatures around in a small chance of rain tomorrow. scattered showers friday and with cooler weather next week. today we made 72 after forecasting 73. another $100 for the tammy lynn center for development of disabilities in a the total to $400. >> that is some great news for us about matthew. let's hope it keeps edging away >> this is an october storm and
5:51 pm
has been asking as well what about october storms? what about storms in the past? how does matthew compared to those? bill reh is here to break down that for us >> i've been here for all of the storms except hazel park the first one that everyone talks about is fran and the path of fran a.k.a. out of the southwest and you know what it did for us. fluid can behind it three years later and irene got closer to the bahamas and similar to matthew but it went up through the outer banks. i want to zoo storm because diana in 1984 was close to developer the coast of florida and look what it did. it made a loop and with it got close to the cape fear building was moving east making that right turn like with the matthew will do that stopped and looked around itself and came over south port. this to rick radford week. the one thing about this storms i live through is it in of them occurred in october. the october storm the one that we're watching hurricane hazel
5:52 pm
to matthew but it's going well to the east. some of the pictures -- this is what folks remember or have read about. this came across on brunswick county and destroyed ocean i'll and the beaches and move right over raleigh and gave rain and storms there and it took forever to clean up. that is the october storm. matthew started out looking like hazel look at the white and purple together curved back amongst itself then so be quite a unique storm that we work watch. coming up after weeks of consideration of the room consideration of the room school board is ready to make a governor mccrory is attacking roy cooper on the state crime lab. well, we know roy cooper and we know the problems he discovered when he became attorney general. roy found a backlog of over 5,000 dna test kits
5:53 pm
rimes and put 165 killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. governor mccrory should stop playing politics with crime. it's what's on your mind every morning, are they safe? it's on ours, too. i'm josh stein. it's why in the attorney general's office, i worked to protect children from online predators. why, in the senate, i wrote the safe schools act. and led the effort to expand the dna database, to put more rapists behind bars. as attorney general, protecting families will be job one. josh stein.
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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.com public schools >> they will fill the vacant district to position. derek willis has a special meeting and joins us live with the announcement. >> reporter: the special meeting just wrapped up about one hour ago the new district 2 board member will be the tenet onsted. inside the meeting three of the six voting school board members voted for her giving her the majority vote. she was one of the 11 can is to apply for the position and this
5:56 pm
-- resigned. she relent from unc and is a backward education. she says she's excited about this new journey >> i want to become engaged with the community and attentive that families and students need. i also will work alongside my other board members to make decisions that will support the district. >> reporter: were members say this was a tough decision because all the 11 candidates position. she will be sworn in as early as next week and she will have the position for the next two years. thank you for staying with us. coming up we're waiting a news conference from governor pat mccrory on the latest on the preparations for hurricane
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burr. the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns one-point-one million dollars. that's public record. and richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare. "new profits for private insurers would be as high as sixteen to twenty-six billion." but seniors would pay nine percent more for medicare. richard burr is looking out for himself and the insurance industry... not you. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. not out of the winds yet despite the latest track from hurricane matthew away from us what we're watching now and what impact we could still
6:00 pm
the beach. how they are preparing for ever the storm may bring after heavy rain last week the sandhills a bracing for more wet weather. how the cleanup is coming thank you for joining us. the latest track of hurricane matthew has it turning out to see before it makes landfall in north carolina. >> there are many factors that could change that. the roller coaster ride the storm shifted to the west. this morning separate occasions we've had a major change to the east and south and we were excited about that. tonight they really was not much of a change in the track when it comes to north carolina. i will show you that shortly. there was also not much change in the current conditions. the storm is now headed over the islands of bahamas where it


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