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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  October 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> if matthew directly impacts florida, there will be massive destruction we haven't seen in years. right now on cbs north carolina, hurricane matthew is expected to strengthen yet again as it threatens parts of florida. >> i continue to ask the citizens of south carolina to ay continue to take care of your neighbor and make sure we're watching out for everyone. plus from florida through south carolina is, people are packing up and heading out of the storm's path. >> we'll show you what officials in north carolina are doing and alyssa will have the latest path. good morning. i'm russ bowen. stefan, great to have you back. >> good morning, russ. glad to be back.
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hurricane matthew. >> it's pounding portions of the bahamas. police officers block the roads. forecasters expect it to strengthen as it approaches florida, not something anyone wants to hear. state officials told about 2 million people need to leave. matthew will likely be the strongest hurricane to hit florida in a decade. . >> now for the latest, let's go to alyssa corfont this morning. >> go let's dive into the latest on matthew. the latest advisory comes out in 15, 20 minutes or so, so this is the 2:00 a.m. advisory, wind at 115 miles per hour, a category 3 hurricane, wind of 140 miles per hour moving northwest at 10 miles per hour right through the bahamas where it's barreling through this morning and will approach the southeastern positioners of florida later today into the evening and overnight hour and at that
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feeling the effects yet and won't until tomorrow afternoon and into the evening. right now, though, most of us are on the dry side. you can see that on our satellite radar composite. let's get to temperatures 're feeling this morning and for some of you it is a cooler start to our day, 59 lewisburg, 58 roxboro, 57 in south hill. here in the raleigh area, we're at 62 along with durham and we head south, 63 lilling start off this thursday morning. let's go ahead and take you to your forecast for the day ahead, a cool start around 62 at 8:00 a.m., 68 at lunchtime, 71 our high. can't rule out a few isolated showers this afternoon. we should be right around 70 as we head towards 6:00. it looks like tomorrow and saturday will be wet. i'll let you know when the impacts of matthew start to arrive in your complete storm team forecast. all right, well, the impact of the storm could have on our
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sea, news state leaders are happy to hear. >> governor mccrory said they will not completely ramp down preparation until matthew is past. carleigh griffith joins us from raleigh with how leader are handling the situation. >> reporter: yeah, russ, stefan, governor mccrory gave two updates yesterday on preparations for hurricane matthew and today, he is scheduled for a conference call with the governors he's also -- he will be speaking with the head of the army corps of engineers and that call is scheduled for early this afternoon. in light of matthew's frac away from eastern north carolina, the governor and emergency operations officials said they will consider moving resources including the state national guard to south carolina and georgia. however, governor mccrory said they're not making any promises just yet because they don't know for sure the impact hurricane matthew will have on
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been kind of irregular and it's going over land. in fact, some people are predicting it could turn around, thus delay some of the movement to north carolina later point. >> reporter: for now, there are no more evacuations planned for cities or towns in the eastern part of north carolina. however, officials are still asking everyone to overprepare in case there is any damage. for now griffith, cbs north carolina. >> thank you. our team coverage continues on our coast. jonathan rodriguez is at writesville beach with a look at preparations there and in wilmington. >> reporter: good morning. things pretty smoothly on the coast after a busy day of planning yesterday. new hanover county activated the emergency operation center but playing this by ear. they will meet today at 10:00 and look at the latest track and decide how to move forward
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that's not the same inland. uncw started evacuations. student have until noon today to go ahead and get off campus. a lot of professors cancelled class yesterday so students can leave. >> never heard of a campus-wide evacuation before so that was kind of alarming but i think it's for the better. >> reporter: new hanover officials will decide whether or not to cancel classes and canceled so we'll keep you updatedded from the coast. jonathan rodriguez, cbs north carolina. the federal government and its resourceses are scattered throughout the southeast and ready to step in if needed. trucks across the country pulled in to fort bragg, stockpiled with supply. the trucks carry foote food, blankets, cots, emergency items and supplies. they're prepared to bring mobile offices to access the
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fayetteville is the perfect location to set up base. >> we're not sure with where it's going to make impact and need to be prepared to bring resources to impacted states along the coast so this is a good central location to do that. >> they will work 24-hour shifts throughout the week as works arrive at fort bragg. in the effect of flooding from matthew, we got a look at how the national guard will reach those stranded. they showed this tactical vehicle at stationed throughout the state and prepared to respond in the coming days. now, they're came capable of transporting 15 people at a time, potentially more in case of an emergency. they can travel through 2.5 feet of water up to 20 minutes at a time. >> vehicles across the state with teams set up to react to anything like that. >> the vehicle is able to get around in winds up to 75 miles
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now, for regular folks with regular cars on the roads, let's check out traffic conditions. >> good morning. i haven't seen anything like that on our cameras. i-440 at lake boone trail, very quiet to your friday eve or thursday morning. we're almost there. 540, 440, and 40, all green no, delays or accidents at this time of the morning and travel through durham looks good. fayetteville, 95 corridor moving well. we have a detour you need to closed northbound at camden road. your detour is to turn right onto camden north and then west to hope mills bypass around all this because of last week's flooding. repairs are going on this week. if you're traveling today and heading to the airport, looks like if you're heading to these major airports so far, so good, no delays and 440 at hillsboro street and if you're driving to your destination this is the
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russ? funeral fit for a superhero still to come. >> why hundreds came out dressed as batman, ironman and wonder woman to remember the 6- year-old shot and killed on a school playground. people are not the only ones forced from their homes because of matthew. animals are having to find safer spots ahead of them. how moms know their family's mouths often need a helping hand.
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>> welcome back to cbs north carolina. the time is 4:40 on this thursday morning. here's the latest satellite image of hurricane matthew. wind right now at 115 miles per hour moving northwest about 10 miles per hour. you can see a little eye there this morning as this progresses to the northwest, approaching the northern bahamas and then will quickly approach the southeastern portions of florida late today into overnight. they will start to feel outer
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as well and that's why we're looking at a hurricane warning in effect for pretty much the entire east coast of florida. this includes daytona beach, jacksonville, and hurricane watch also in effect for not only the coast of georgia but southern portions of the south carolina coast as well. certainly something we'll be monitoring closely. these areas expected to see a very dangerous storm surge, very heavy rain, very heavy wind as well. 62 degrees right now. this is a live picture from our tower camera as we start off time of year, 62 durham and raleigh, 63 lillington and fayetteville, 61 clayton. planning your day will be a cool start. make sure the kids have a light jacket heading to the bus stop, 68 at lunchtime, 71 our high. it will be cloudy with a stray shower this afternoon. i will have more on tomorrow's forecast and outer rain bands arriving with matthew coming up. russ? now to an update about a deadly crash we first brought you as breaking news yesterday
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misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and driving while license revoked. he fell asleep and ran off highway i-95 and a 27-year-old died. he was not wearing a seatbelt. currently 4:42 in the morning. up next -- >> he was the people's people. he was the kindest person. >> he was absolutely the best sergeant to work for, absolutely the best. tragically. a sheriff's deputy in california is dead after investigators said a burglary in three minutes, what unfolded before the shooting and hear how other coworkers are
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>> 4:45 is your time. welcome back. millions of people in the southeastern coast are bracing for hurricane matthew. >> after hitting the bahamas,
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it's expected to hit florida with heavy winds and storm surge expected. it's expected to bring similar conditions to georgia and south carolina during the next few days, too. it appears the brunt of the storm will spare most of our state but did not stop visitors from leaving ocracoke island. a mandatory evacuation took effect for nonresidents yesterday morning. testimony continue in the trial of a former unc student who caused a crash that three people. chandler kenya is on trial for three counts of second-degree murder. if convicted, he could spend up to 60 years in prison. >> we lost a true hero. we lost a person that was very loved in the community, and, uh, he will definitely be missed. california authorities said a los angeles county sheriff sergeant died after getting shot in the face during a call. sergeant steve owen died at the hospital surrounded by his family two hours after he was gunned down behind a home.
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burglary call. the suspected gunman wassested after investigators said he took the sergeant's patrol car and rammed into another patrol car and hit a house. the suspect, man on parole, had a gunshot wound and was taken to the hospital but is expected to survive. a man is due in a cumberland county courtroom, accused of sex crimes against a child. he faces sex offense and indecent liberties with a old victim when the crime took place in july. later this month, a man is expec ed in a hope county cool facing child sex charges. deputies charged henry mcneill with two count of indecent liberties with a child. authorities arrested the 65- year-old in virginia and extradited to hoke county. from captain america to batman and the hulk, superheroes honored the life of jacob hall. the 6-year-old die the after getting shot while at his
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south carolina. he loved superheroes and asked everyone to pay their respects by dressing up as one. >> my message to all of us here today is take what we've learned from jacob, let it make you a better husband, a better father, a better brother, better sister, a better everything. may a 6-year-old boy become such a part of our lith about. >> jacob was alsburyed in a superhero costume. governor haley attended the funeral. the 14-year-old suspected gunman is accused of shooting his father before going to school. deputies in south carolina say a driver agitated because of hurricane matthew is evacuation route was shot after firing at law enforcement officers. the shooting happened at the dupont plant and the driver
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the hospital. right now, we don't know that person's condition. and at least 16 deaths are blamed on hurricane matthew. ten of the victims were in haiti. rescue and recovery efforts are not expected to start there until the waters recede. in the meantime, hardest hit southern peninsula is inaccessible and cut off from communications. and the united states will send aid to cuba after matthew moved through the eastern half of the island. the storm is expected to strengthen after hitting the bahama and moving florida. we're keeping a close eye on the coast. >> yeah, we are and you're expecting an update fairly soon. >> yes, fairly soon. it typically comes in any minute now so we'll talk about the information we have now and make sure we have the updated information shortly. let's take another look at this satellite image, very distinct eye on the storm. it's heading straight for nassau in the bahamas, very popular destination spot, so
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hour and gusts as strong as 140 miles per hour so the latest track and how this could potentially impact north carolina -- we'll fast forward with the latest track on how choice is to our coastline. the good news is it continues to shift south and east around charleston, south carolin . it's out to sea there, category 2 hurricane and bears south and east. sunday at 8:00 p.m., weakening considerably by this point. look at wind of 80 miles per hour. our area no longer cone of uncertainty and could change. we're expecting an update any minute. a pretty quiet and pleasant start to our morning, very fall- like. i was talking to people. fall was in the air yesterday and will be in the air today, although there will be the chance of a few showers to be
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62 siler city, 63 pinehurst. raeford also in the low 60s as we start off our morning. we'll get to the hour by four here cast and 65 at 10:00 a.m. and upper 60s at lunchtime and there are some clouds. most of us will stay dry, 71, normal this time of year is closer to 76. so cloudy skies to start off our day ca continue. shower from our east slowly migrate into central north carolina and will impact tonight and for the first half of friday and will be around tomorrow morning so if you wake up to wet weather, it's not matthew yet. i don't think we see the outer rain bands until late in the afternoon into the evening. at 6:00, we're still dry because the outer bands are around charleston, south
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likely have a very big impact into saturday. talking about several inches of rain if you're down around the sand hims, if you're further northward, maybe a half inch or less. let's get to the forecast today, high of 71 in raleigh, 70 durham, and 73 in fayetteville, certainly not the prettiest of days with those cloudy skies and isolated showers but cooler if you're outside for that. we the clouds to thank for that and will be breezy this afternoon and wind gusts could be close to 20 miles per hour and friday into saturday. i have pumped up rain chance and could be pretty heavy at time and most of the rain should be out of here sunday morning. monday, tuesday, wednesday, looking pretty nice and we will
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the weekend and 71 monday and tuesday and will start to make a run for more seasonal temperatures by next wednesday with highs approaching the mid- 70s, morning temperatures next week -- check those out -- low 50s. that means some could start in the low 40s. let's check in with ali. good morning. we have a crash bright and early and will take you to it, forman street. it's not slowing durham roads look good, no problems there and through fayetteville. we have a local road that is closed, part of it, hopes mill ridge, north side at camden closed for repairs so detour is camden and hope mills bypass to get around all this.
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not a bad ride on this friday eve. >> thank you. almost 4:53. here's a look at what is coming up on "cbs this morning." hurricane matthew approaches the u.s . omar villafranca has the latest. and florida braces for matthew as the florida governor said everyone needs to prepare for the worst. we'll have all of this and much more starting at 7:00 a.m. on cbs north carolina.
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an nsa contractor is day accused of illegally removing classified information and storing material in his home and car. harold martin of maryland was taken into custody in august after he admitted to investigators are trying to figure out whether the 51-year- old stole and disclosed highly classified computer code developed by the agency to hack into the ins of foreign governments. vet muriel summers is principal of the year. congratulations. she's been principal for 19 year and mary taylor, received the honor in her category. she's been at wake county her
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congratulations to you two. good to see. cumberland county named west of high school's principal as the 2017 principal of the year there. dr. lowery has been in education for 17 year and served nine of those as an administrator. dr. vernon has only been principal of west of high for just a month. >> i don't think it's registered yet, but, again, i'm very excited. i don't know how many times to say it's a very humbling ri >> great to have such wonderful educators in our region. she received a $1,000 check and $5,000 for her school and is in the running to become state principal of the year. >> congratulations to her. some of the dogs rescued after a puppy mill bust could be available for adoption in wake county next week. the humane society rescued 105 dogs -- 20 cats, three goats.
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will need to be evaluate. we have more information on our website -- take a look. so adorable. is the website. leaving homes ahead of hurricane matthew is hard for many people but especially those with animals. safe haven equine rescue and retirement in high point is opening stables for free to help out horse owners. nearby homes in the triad are donating space available. they will be available to help >> that's always so good to see. >> and necessary, too. 4:57. >> our goal is to mang sure that no lives are lost and people get moved out safely and get moved pack safely. throughout the east coast, people are heeding the warning and leave ahead of matthew. >> we'll take a look at what the strongest storm to lent the region in more than a decade could bring with it. here's a live look outside. there's a little traffic already. stay with us.
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traffic, matthew, and everything you need to know in
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>> good morning. thanks for watching cbs north carolina. i'm stefan chase. >> good morning. i'm russ bowen. we begin with the latest on hurricane matthew. the category 3 storm pounded the bahamas with sustained wind of 115 miles per hour. >> it's expected to strengthen to a category 4 coast. >> beaches in florida usually packed with people are like ghost towns this morning as all the tourists were asked to leave ahead of the hurricane. hotels were forced to kick out existing guests, and parking lot sit empty. residents cleared shelves as they prepare to hunker down as the storm approaches. >> it appears the brunt of the storm will spare most of north carolina but did not stop visitors from leaving ocracoke island on the outer banks.


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