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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  October 6, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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from florida through south carolina, people are packing up and heading out of the storm's path. >> even though we're not in the direct path of the storm, state officials in north carolina are still preparing. what they're doing and alyssa corfont will have the latest path we got a half hour ago on matthew. good morning. thanks for watching north carolina news. i'm russ bowen. >> good morning, russ. good morning to you. i'm stefan chase. we begin with the latest on hurricane matthew. >> right now bahamas, everything shut down as police officers block the roads. forecasters expect it to strengthen. 2million people were told they needed to leave immediately. matthew will likely be the strongest hurricane to hit florida in more than a decade. >> for the latest impact, let's go to meteorologist alyssa corfont with more. >> good morning, guys, and good morning to you as well. this could be the strongest
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hit between west palm beach and jacksonville they have ever seen in record-keeping history so the potential to be a devastating storm for them. winds at 125, gusts as high as 125, moving at 12 miles per hour and direct line projected path nassau in the bahamas, p four to five hours if it will make landfall. good news for us as we start off thursday. it's quiet but cloudy, something you need to be on the look out for because clouds will lead to the potential for showers this afternoon. now, right now, temperatures are it cool so you may want the light jacket for the kiddos heading to the bus stop, 56
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fayetteville, 63. lillington, 62. for the day ahead,68, 71 our high and well below normal, this which is 76 this time of year. there will be a few showers in the afternoon. the impact is looking less and less, news state leaders are citizens. >> governor mccory said they will not ramp down preparations until matthew has passed. carleigh griffith has more on how leaders are handling the situation. >> reporter: governor mccrory gave us two updates on preparations for matthew. today he's scheduled for a conference call with the governors of south carolina and
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conference call scheduled for this afternoon, he'll speak with the head of the army corps of engineers. in light of track away from north carolina, officials have said they will move resources including the state national guard to south carolina and georgia. they're not making any promises just yet because they don't know for sure the impact hurricane matthew will have on north carolina. >> some been irregular and is going over land. in fact, some people predict it could turn around, thus delay some of the movement to north carolina at a later point. >> reporter: for now, there are no more evacuations planned for eastern north carolina is or towns. however, the governor and state officials ask people to be prepared in case there's major
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carolina. >> team coverage continues on our coast. jonathan rodriguez has a look at preparations there and in wilmington. >> things are moving smoothly. new hanover county activated the operation center but will play this by ear. they'll meet at 10:00 and will decide how to move forward but no mandatory evacuations for the coast. student have until noon today to go ahead and get off campus. many canceled class so students can leave. >> never heard of a campus wide evacuation so hearing that was alarming but i think it's for the better. >> reporter: new hanover officials will decide whether or not to cancel schools or classes friday.
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that. we'll keep you updated from the coast. >> i feel for that student, jonathan. i had to evacuate from uncw years ago for the same reason. trucks from across the country stockpiled supplies. the trucks carry emergency items as well as supplies. they're prepared to bring assistance. fayetteville is the perfect location to set up the base. >> we're not sure where it will make impact and will be prepared to bring resources to impacted states along the coast but a good central location to do that. >> fema will work 24-hour shifts as more trucks arrive in fort bragg. we took a look at the how
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respond. typically vehicles are throughout the state and prepared to respond in the coming day and capable of transporting 15 people, potentially more in cases of an emergency. >> teams are set up to react to that. >> the vehicles can get around winds up to 75 very strong. here's ali with traffic. >> aviation park very quiet start to thursday and have a crash near gorman street on avent ferry road. it should be out of the way in a few minutes. through durham, no delays on 40, durham freeway, down through fayetteville but we
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camden yard for detour as they clean up after last week's storms turn to camden and left to hope mils pi pass. take a look at airport travel conditions. this is going to change any minute now. fort lauderdale closing the airport at 10:30 this morning and expect delays and cancellations. flights are canceled so we will update but flying south will be a problem because of hurricane matthew. 440 at capital boulevard, few headlights out there but everyone is moving the speed limit on this thursday. >> thanks, stefan. 5:37 on your thursday morning. a funeral fit for a superhero. why hundreds came dressed as batman, ironman and wonder woman to remember a 6-year-old shot and killed on his school's
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spots ahead of the storm. we'll tell you how farms are reaching out to help. [music] >> dr. stanley: we can understand and realize, it's through the gospel that you and i can be absolutely assured at what paul said when he said, "absent from the body, present with the lord." we don't have to fear death. it's through the gospel that our whole eternity has been changed. ? ? ? ? can you say i love it? ? ? oh love it? ? ? can you say hey? ? ? hey! ? ? that's the spirit! oooooh.? ? ooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.? ? ooooh oooh.?
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welcome back to cbs north carolina on this thursday morning. the latest inforon storm with wind of 125 miles per hour, a clear defined eye this morning. the storm is strengthening as we speak and they found strong winds have picked up and heading over the bahamas. it's expected to be a hurricane category 4 before moving northwest at 12 miles per hour so it will's get to the
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morning. bahamas under a hurricane warning. all the east coast under a hurricane warning this morning and expected to feel tropical storm conditions with winds starting to arrive this afternoon but i want to bring you to a closer look. hurricane warnings extend through florida and georgia and then a hurricane watch including charleston, south carolina and does not include anyone this is from shaw university where we're showing it a bit quiet and cool, 56 south hill so throughout the day, 68 at lunchtime, high of 71 today. you need to find the umbrella, a small chance of rain today. we'll tell you when we feel the impacts of matthew coming up. russ? >> 5:41.
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>> absolutely the best sergeant to work for, absolutely the best. >> a tragic story. a sheriff's deputy in california is dead after a burglary suspect shot him in
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there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. >> 5:44 on your thursday. people on the southeast coast are bracing for hurricane matthew. >> after hitting the category 3 storm is expected to gain strength, become a 4, and hit with powerful wind and storm surge. the deadly hurricane is expected to bring similar conditions to georgia and possibly south carolina during the next few days. although it appears the brunt of the storm will spare most of our state, that did not stop visitors from leaving ocracoke island. mandatory evacuation took effect for nonresidents yesterday morning.
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who drove drunk and caused a crash that killed three people. chandler kenya plieded guilty to lesser charger and could spend up to 60 years in prison. >> we lost a true hero and someone very loved in the community and he will definitely be missed. >> california authorities said a los angeles county sheriff's sergeant died after getting shot in face during the call. steven oven died at the hospital surrounded it was just two hours after he was gunned down behind a home. he was responding to a burglary call. the suspect was a man out on parole and had a gunshot wound and was taken to the hospital but is expected to survive. tomorrow, a man is expected in a courtroom, accused of sex crimes against a child.
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degree sex offense and indecent liberties with a child. the 38-year-old knew his 6-year- old victim when the crime took place in july. a man is due in a hoke county courtroom facing sex charges. henry mcneill is charged with indecent liberties with a child. authorities arrested the 65- year-old in virginia spectra indicted him to hoke county. superheroes came out to honor the life of jacob hall, the 6-year-old who die getting shot at his elementary school in townville, south carolina. he loved superheroes and asked everyone to pay their respects by dressing up as one. >> my message to all of us here today is take what we've learned from jacob and let it make you a better husband, a better father, a better
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better everything. may a 6-year-old boy become such a part of our lives this community shows rest of the world what hope is all about. >> governor haley attended the funeral. the 14-year-old is accused is shooting him on a playground. a man was shot after firing at law enforcement officers. the shooting happened at the dupont plant when the driver headed towards dees person's condition. at least 16 deaths are blamed on matthew. ten victimses were in haiti alone. rescue and recovery efforts are not expected to begin until the waters recede and the hardest hit southern peninsula is inaccessible and cut off from communications. the united states will send aid to exuma after matthew moved through the eastern half of the island. the storm is expected to strengthen after hitting the
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in central florida coast, let's turn it to alyssa. good morning, stefan. good morning to you at home as well. wind have picked up with the latest advisory having wind of 125 miles per hour moving west at 12 miles per hour and 60 miles southeast of nassau so this could make direct landfall and we'll watch it closely with to strengthen with the water very warm and conducive to seeing the storm strengthen and blossom into the next 12 to 24 hours. take a look at this, could be a category 4 hurricane by this afternoon at 2:00 and will go close to the coast of florida. i wouldn't be surprised to see it over port canaveral. the east coast has never seen a
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between west palm beach and jacksonville so certainly watching a storm surge as high as 9 feet on the coast expected and as much as 12 inches of rain. you couple that with the wind the storm is bringing and, yes, we have heard this could be devastating to the east coast of florida and will stay out to sea on the georgia coastline and south carolina coastline before it takes a hard turn and will coastline. the strongest will be sunday morning, 90 miles per hour, a category 1 when it's closest to us in north carolina. we want to bring you to a closer look with wilmington under the cone of uncertainty. a little relief for us in central north carolina and no longer included in that. it could still change but now for 24 hours, every update has continued to show at least
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drastic changes so the confidence in the forecast is growing stronger. how much rain will we receive? between now and, say, friday night, half inch with something not associated with matthew and then matthew will come in with an additional inch around the wake county area and close to 2.5-inch of rain in fregitville, close to 3 inches county, those areas where i expect the biggest impact into the weekend so i want to sum this up for you, just talking about the impacts of matthew around highway 1 and northward. less than an inch of rain, 10 to 20 miles per hour, not sustained. southeast, 1 to 3 inches of rain, 20-to 30-mile-per-hour
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track has slowed down. raleigh, 62. we're not worrying about matthew as you head out the door. we're concerned with cooler temperature and some rain that could arrive this afternoon. 56 south hill right now, 57 roxboro and lewisburg. planning your day, cool morning, cloudy and 6 at lunchtime, only a high of 71, small chance of rain later today and keep the umbrella isolated showers around noon and continuing to move off shore throughout the afternoon hours. that could continue overnight tonight and throughout the day friday. rain will be experienced on friday not associated until the evening hours when rain bands arrive. 71 raleigh, 73 fayetteville and tonight, we could see a few shower, milder with a low near 66 and here's the forecast,
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and matthew making a statement on saturday. rain shower activity should be out of here sunday morning and are dry for next work week. 5:52. let's check traffic with ali. good morning. 540 hat saunders street getting busy as everyone gets up and heads to work. we have another crash towards the raleigh area by rdu. a local road accident but something to be aware of, thing through fayetteville but in hope hims -- hope mills, use camden to bypass the bridge. the airport will close this morning. we have seen some flights out of rdu canceled to miami and
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posted on airport conditions. not too much to see just yet, things moving pretty well out there. >> a little good news this morning. traffic is flowing just fine. thanks a lot. 5:53. here's what is coming up on "cbs this morning." matthew tears through the caribbean. omar villafranca has the latest. the governor prepare for the most. all of this and more starting at 7:00 right here on "cbs north carolina." >> school is ?? glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears.
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wake county named muriel summers as principal of the year.
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that's commitment. and mary taylor, an assistant principal, received the honor in her category. she's been in the wake county system her spire 25 years as an educator. cumberland county named west of's principal as 2017 principal of the year. dr. lowery has been in education for 17 years and served nine as an administrator. dr. vernon has been principal of west of high school for one month. >> i don't think it's registered yet but, say it's very, very humbling experience and i'm just excited where we can if from here. >> dr. lowery received a thousand dollar check and $5,000 for her school and is in the running to become principal of the year. congrats to all. >> absolutely. some dogs rescued from a puppy mill could be available for adoption in wake county as soon as next week. in all, the humane society
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three goats. some will have to be evaluated. we have more on how to adopt on website, leaving homes ahead of hurricane matthew is hard for lots of folks but especially those with animals. safe haven equine rescue and retirement is opening their doors for free to help horse farms. they will be able to help about 30 horses unti i have covered so many where they have to evacuate whether it's fires or storms and it's really great they're got a place. >> they're doing that for the horse owners and folks who have animals. 5:57 is your time. still ahead -- >> our goal is to make sure that no lives are lost and people get moved out safely and they get moved pack safely.
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>> good morning, everyone. thanks for watching. i'm russ bowen >> good morning. i'm stefan chase. we're going to alyssa corfont who is working around the clock to keep a close eye on matthew and the impact on us at home. good morning, guys. this is the latest update on matthew and is strengthening as we anticipated it to. you can see a clear, defined eye approaching nassau and something we will monitor closely, around 12 miles per


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