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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  October 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning, everyone. thanks for watching. i'm russ bowen >> good morning. i'm stefan chase. we're going to alyssa corfont who is working around the clock to keep a close eye on matthew and the impact on us at home. good morning, guys. this is the latest update on matthew and is strengthening as we anticipated it to. you can see a clear, defined eye approaching nassau and something we will monitor closely, around 12 miles per
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it continues to bring devastating effects locally as well. we don't have to worry about rainfall totals yet and will be light in nature. we're starting off dry on this thursday. temperatures are cooler and maybe kids need a light jacket. 56 roxboro and south hill, 57 lewisburg, 60 raleigh. that's an update from the last lillington, 62. the majority of the day will be cloudy with a small chance of a shower around lunchtime, upper 60s at lunchtime, climbing to 71 for an afternoon high and isolated showers into the 6:00 drive home. we're tracking rain tomorrow before the impacts of matthew can be felt on saturday. we'll have the late next a few
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tracks further to sea but the news is making leaders happy. >> governor mccror ly said they will not -- mccrory said they will not ramp up preparations yesterday. carleigh griffith has more on how leaders are handling the situation. >> reporter: we heard governor mccrory. today, a little later this morning, early afternoon, he is scheduled for a conference call with the governors of south carolina and georgia and will be speaking with the head of the army corps of engineers. in light of the track away from southeastern north carolina, the governor and emergency operations officials said they will consider moving resources, including the state national
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georgia. however, there are no promises yet because they don't know for sure the impact hurricane matthew will have in north carolina. >> our major concern, too, if this stalls, we don't know what the impact would be if it stalls in south carolina. will we get some of the tail impact which we have had before in the south port, wilmington area? >> there are no more planned evacuations along the coast of eastern north carolina but prepare in case of major damage. >> thank you. carleigh has been covering the state preparations all week and we appreciate that. today will be the first full day of testimony in the trial of a former unc student charged with murder. >> robert richardson has details about what the attorneys say the jury will hear. >> chandler kenya face three
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mcfree, and beard. the two women and 6-year-old child were heading home from a reunion when the car going the wrong way crashed into them. the families cried as they heard about the loss. kenya pled guiltity to nearly a dozen charges including felony death by motor vehicle. during the opening statements, the defee kenya is not guilty of murder. the argument focus on malice and prosecutors painted picture of a drunk driver who showed no signs of anyone who thought of someone but himself. >> first responders, telling them to hurry up and help him. repeatedly, honking his horn. with a car full of dead people
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had no idea where he was and prosecutors will be unavailable to prove malice in this case. the defense told jurors the question for themselves is whether or not he can be found guilty of murder. thank you, robert. a terror investigation in belgium this morning. a man stabbed two police officers in the country's capital of brussels. a third li shooting him in the leg. he was only slightly injured, but all three officers and the suspect are expected to survive. brussels has been on high alert since bombings killed or injured hundreds in march. the charlotte mecklenburg police department is asking for an independent review of policies and procedures. they want the police foundation to do the investigation. it comes weeks after the police
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work done in the aftermath of the shooting and will take a look at the department's relationship with the community. police hope a sketch will help track down the person accused of robbing a stabbing a student last week. it happened friday afternoon in the varsity drive parking lot on campus. the attacker had a small knife and took her bag. here's what investigators think the suspect may look like, a man dread locks. if you think you may know who he is, please contact police. there are calls into the governor's chief of staff. he made claims a scientist lied about calipash ponds. in a deposition, an official said people were told the water was safe when he wasn't. new court records show he
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read the deposition before making acquisitions. >> the governor should investigate this matter with the independent investigation and put him on probation or suspend him and instruct him to cooperate fully. >> i'm responding because this is completely political, attacking a govert working hard, trying to do the right thing to cover up for the democrat who have done nothing about cold ash. it is political and disgusting. >> we have yet to hear from the governor's office. >> good morning. happy thursday to you. 40 at jones sausage road crowd but moving well this time of the morning. through raleigh, 540, 40, 440, major highways, no problems there.
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good things. you can to the speed limit through durham. rtp on 540 from u.s. 64 will take you 24 minutes, and the toll road, u.s. 1, 15. looking at the airport travel conditions, fort lauderdale airport is closing at 10:30 and rdu to i, seen cancellations so be sure to check. i-40 at clayton bypass, the first signs of delays and we'll keep you posted if anything chang s. >> good information to know. thanks a lot. 6:08 on your thursday morning. what officials say led to a shooting at a day care in harnett county, plus this. >> he came in screaming and yelling he would kill us. a fight for survival.
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against a knife-wielding suspect. and as you get ready to head out the door, know you could see a shower or two later, grab the umbrella. temperatures are cooler, 61 smithfield, 62 goldsboro, 64 clinton. we have the latest on matthew with the track up nex arsenic, mercury, lead. that's what you got.
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we have been warning folks. the time is now to prepare. >> it is. >> make sure you have food, batteries, full tank of gas. >> certainly the impacts for us will be much more -- less impact than what we were dissipating earlier in the week. that's good news. we have hurricane watches and warnings for portions of the southeastern united states so let's get to those. hurricane warnings for bahamas,
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extreme southeastern portions of georgia and hurricane watch, the area in pink, including savannaharleston and does not include the northern portions of the south carolina coast and does not include the north carolina coastline so good news over the weekend ahead. here's the close up track for what it means for us been it d into a category 1 storm, 90 miles per hour but with the sharp turn south and east, i expect light rain and gusty winds into saturday. in the meantime, we're starting off quite cool this time of year, 60 raleigh durham international airport, 56 roxboro and south hill, 62 fayetteville, raeford, pinehurst into the afternoon.
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and may want the light jacket, 71, a stray shower possible so not everyone will see the wet weather but we have rain chances ahead. this is not associated with matthew. outer bands approach friday night into saturday. we're looking at drier weather next week. we'll look at the breakdown of the forecast in a terrifying scene at an oklahoma business. a man with a knife started attacking them. >> [ bleep ] >> the workers said the man came to the business monday and threatened them. he left and came back hours later. that's when he swung a knife at the employees and one employee thrown to the floor but several
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and get him outside. he is now in jail on several charges with a $75,000 bail. it just turned 6:14. an ebbing so dues in south carolina. how the state's governor is trying to speed up evacuations. >> someone yelled the phone is on fire. the phone at the center of a recall causes major scare at a kentucky airport.
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i'm roy cooper...and my mom used to teach in this school. she was so proud to be a north carolina teacher. she wouldn't have liked how we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay... 44th in per-student spending...
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it's why thousands of teachers are moving out of state. as governor, i'll make schools the priority again. schools my mom would be proud of. >> well, we have smoke in the cabin. a smoking samsung smartphone led to a plane evacuation at a louisville airport. it was minutes from taking off wednesday. the owner turned off the phone and put it in his pocket. >> i sounded popping that sounded like a zip locke bag popping open and i looked around and there was smoke bill
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pocket. >> wow. that is not cool. samsung recalled more than 2 million of the galaxy note 7s. the phone have caused dozens of burns and more than 50 cases of property damage including fires to car and garage. we're learning new details about what led to a shooting at an in-home day care in harnett county. 53-year-old paul alday faces charge in connection with the shooting. he shot his adult son outse tuesday and a fight over a photo of a child caused the shooting. >> the dad had a shotgun and thought it was weird. >> that day care is not licensed. they seized four gun from the home up and to ten children were at the day care when it happened. the sheriff's office are not staying the children were in the disputed photo but said it
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back to the damage done by matthew in the caribbean. it's blamed for 25 death in the region. the destruction matthew has left behind is becoming the worst humanitarian crisis since the 2010 earthquake. people that need help are stuck because of severe flooding. in south carolina, several counties are easier, officials put lane reversals in some major highways like i-26 closer. >> of course all this weather is creating a busy day for storm team meteorologist alyssa corfont. >> a few busy days. >> absolutely. the same thing for you. >> everyone flying out today, this is the day that starts all those problems so hopefully you
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after tonight. >> florida will get hit hard with the storm. i was talking earlier that they have not seen a hurricane category 4 or 5 make landfall ever between west palm and jacksonville beach so this could be catastrophic and record-breaking. that's not a record anyone wants to break. wind of 125 miles per hour and moving northwest at 12 miles spot, big resort town. this is the tiny island and this could quickly approach as a category 3 hurricane in the next four to five hours before approaching the coast of florida. we talked about the east coast never receive a 4 or 5 to make landfall. this is port canaveral. it could move right over port
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rain, isolated 12 inches of rain but the wind, 145 miles per hour, that will really cause damage and stay in the ocean but right off shore of florida, georgia, parts of south carolina and will take the hard southeasterly turn. that's sirenly good news for us because the as strong as 90 miles per hour. only wilmington under the cone of uncertainty. it certainly is shrinking in size now and no longer include central north carolina. this has been the friend for 24
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let's talk about rainfall totals associated with this. we'll have rain throughout the day friday. that could be close to a half inch in the area and we'll see matthew friday night into the day saturday. by saturday, sunday morning rolls around, inch and a half possible in wake county and closer to 3-inch in southern sampson county summarizes it all, south and east of raleigh, 20-to-30-mile- per-hour winds, 1 to 3 inches of rain. it's quiet but cool. grab the jacket. 61 durham, 60 raleigh. 68 lunchtime, passing showers this afternoon. not everyone will see the wet weather but will be the chance so grab the umbrella. we haven't used in it a few day and you may need it this
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associated with matthew but moving from the east coast that continues through friday and the outer bands start to rise friday night, low 70s, unseasonably cool. we'll drop to near 66, a few isolated showers. matthew making a statement for us saturday and should be out of here first thing sunday. let me hand it to ali. what's the lat moving pretty well. not much to see in ali, 440, 540 moving well no, reports of accidents through durham into raleigh or vice versa. 540 to glenwood, 17 minutes and on 40 from u.s. 4 to 264, about 10. flying out, we're seeing some
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with your carrier first and back outside to 85 and 70, a pretty nice, easy morning on the roads. >> thanks, ali. 6:23 in the morning. it's officially fall, meaning people are thinking about christmas shopping. how one mall is making a stand against the black friday craze. and concerns about matthew are causing delays. we'll have detail after the narrator: look up the facts on richard burr. the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns one-point-one million dollars. that's public record. and richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare. "new profits for private insurers would be as high as sixteen to twenty-six billion." but seniors would pay nine percent more for medicare. richard burr is looking out for himself
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after over 20 years in congress, senator richard burr has been making washington work... for himself. burr voted 5 times to raise his own pay, while his net worth has increased over 500%... making over $3.6 million. but it's not just that. on a bill to make insider trading by congressmen illegal, burr voted no, calling the law a waste of time. that's how 20 years in washington s changed richard burr. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. hurricane matthew is impacting us and more and more as it nears the united states and anyone who plans to watch this weekend's presidential debate will be able to do it on the big screen this time. cbs' jill wagner joins us from the floor of the stock exchange.
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good morning, russ. airlines are watching hurricane matthew. they have already cancelled about 1500 flights through friday and in anticipation of the storm. miami and nassau and the bahamas are seeing the biggest impact. most are allowed to change their flights three of charge and you can watch the next faceoff between trump and clinton on the big screen. reel cinemas will show the depart about 200 theaters for free. and the ti mall of america minnesota is closing most operations on thanksgiving so workers can spend time with their families. the mall's 520 stores will have the option to stay open. the mall itself will reopen at 5:00 a.m. on black friday. i hope other stores pick up on this, russ. >> i think it's fair and a good thing to do. you have to let everybody celebrate that big day.
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forward to mashed potatoes. >> sounds good. >> i know. > >> 6:27. still ahead in our next half hour, millions are making their way inland as hurricane matthew approaches. how an evacuation route was the scene of an officer-involved shooting. plus we have your forecast and a look at traffic. what to expect right after the
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>> always seemed like a peaceful guy to me, you know what i mean? that peaceful guy now charged with stealing government secrets. how his lawyer is defending him and how this breach is compared to another well-known theft. >> this has been a dark day for the l.a. county sheriff's department. a california law enforcement officer shot and killed in the line of duty. what officials said happened and how the community has quickly rallied together.
6:30 am
leaders urging for preparedness as matthew churns our way. what officials in south carolina and north carolina are saying about the hurricane. ? waited with pated breath. >> yes, they are. >> i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase. this is video from haiti where the storm is leaving flooding >> its impact on north carolina is lessening. we'll have more in a few minutes but first, alyssa corfont, our storm team meteorologist with the latest on matthew. >> good morning, guys. for 24 hours the track has continued to shift south and southeast and we're confident
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shifts could happen but not as much as we thought. gusts could be as strong as 155 and moving northwest at 12 miles per hour to put the storm over nasa and the back -- nassau and the bahamas and would approach southeastern florida. they could experience tropical storm force conditions later today, hurricane force conditions o we're starting off dry and cool. take a look at temperatures. 60 raleigh, 61 durham and siler city but 50s and 55 in franklin county, 57 roxboro and 56 south hill. here's the forecast as we see it shape up, 68 at lunchtime, high of 71 degrees, five
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there will be the chance of showers this afternoon and rain chance will go up. we'll have more in ten minutes. >> thanks a lot. the potential impact is decreasing, good news as the storm tracks further to sea, something people are happy to hear. >> including people in the state. ramp up preparation until matthew is way out of the way. matthew joins us from the emergency operations center. >> reporter: yesterday governor mccrory updated us on preparations for matthew and today, later this morning, he is going to have a conference
6:33 am
south carolina and georgia and will speak with the corps of engineers. the governor and emergency officials said they will consider moving resources including the national guard to south carolina and georgia. however, they're not making promises yet because they don't know for sure the impact hurricane matthew will have in our state. >> if stays intact, we'll be in good shape but want to encourage people to be very careful. >> reporter: there are no more evacuations planned for the eastern part of our state. however, again, governor mccrory and officials stress folks should prepare in case there is major damage. carleigh griffith, cbs north carolina. >> thank you. preparationing and evacuatings are underway on the north
6:34 am
jonathan rod' fez shows us how the state's coastal communities are getting ready. >> good morning. things aregoing smoothly and they will meet at 10:00 to see the latest track. >> today looks good but we'll see what happens. >> reporter: so far no cancellations enjoyed the beach ahead of the potential bad weather and for some, there's the search of a surf. >> it's fun to see what the storm brings. >> reporter: emergency plans were put into place. >> don't let your guard down yet. this is something not to take for granted yet. >> reporter: all students were required to leave uncw by noon thursday. >> i have never heard of that so hearing that is alarming
6:35 am
better. >> reporter: there were no shortage of everyone walkers and sandysitters. the fish were exciting. >> hoping to see the sharks. >> they're willing to write out whatever comes. >> we were out here and catching fish. >> officials reminded people to be ready in we'll have the latest conditions on cbs north carolina. >> thank you. one man is recovering after a shootout with police. the man became agitated because the evacuation route was not what he wanted. he shot at police officers before they shot at him.
6:36 am
condition. a deadly drunk driving case out of orange county. >> robert richardson has the latest. >> reporter: family members of the victims face the man who killed their loved one and will wait for jurors to decide if he committed murder. the former student was 20 years old when he drove the wrong way on i-85. some testified wednesday. he pleaded guilty to eight chargeses including felony death by motor vehicle but he and his attorneys dispute the three second-degree murder charges. this comes down to whether or not he acted with malice. >> they have to prove that he
6:37 am
indistinct ] >> one piece of evidence they will show as being malicious is testimony from troopers that he was honking his horn, cursing at first responders, and demanding attention for his broken ankles and arms. jurors will hear from first responders in a couple of hours. good morning, of 37:00. we have a disabled car it's blocking both shoulders and adding to the morning rush. rubber necking on the eastbound side and on the maps, it's really the westbound side seeing the majority of delays by gorman street exit. we'll give you a closer look of heavy delays on i-40 west. roads look pretty good.
6:38 am
17 minutes from 541 to downtown, 12 minutes from 40 to downtown from u.s. 70. airport travel conditions from rdu to fort lauderdale, miami, or orlando, we have seen delays. fort lauderdale closing at 10:30. rdu letting me nomos airlines are offering a waiver if you have to change where you're going. 440 at wade avenue, things are moving well. s morning. >> 6:38 this morning. officials are not taking chances as matthew approaches the united states. >> how they plan to rescue people. >> fbi, state troopers. a summer raid lands an nsa contractor in jail. the details about what officials said he stole from the government. good morning to you.
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you have been incredibly busy and for folks just getting >> devastating news for florida. we have been talk about it between west palm beach and jacksonville. they have never received a landfalling hurricane between category 4 and 5 status so this could be devastating, bringing 4 to 8 inches, possibly isolate location of 12 inches of rain. then you add in wind of 145 miles per hour and is going to be devastating in florida.
6:42 am
why the east coast of florida is under a hurricane warning, extending through the bahamas and hurricane warning extending into southern georgia, hurricane watch for savannah through charleston, south carolina. let's get to the latest, wind of 125 miles per hour, winds at 155, is making a direct line for nassau in the bahamas at 12 miles per hour. the newest full advisory will be at 11:00 a.m. with an intermittent advisory at 8:00. we will be sure to pass it on as we get it. 55 lewisburg. raleigh, 60 and later today
6:43 am
in the storm team forecast. a breach some are drawing comparisons to edward snowden. coming up, accusations against an nsa contractor. >> it doesn't get worse than this, folks. a california community comes together in the case of
6:44 am
6:45 am
authorities said sergeant steve owen was investigating a burglary call when someone shot him in the face. the suspect jumped into the patrol car. >> the suspect entered the sergeant's vehicle and attempted to commandeer it.
6:46 am
the suspect placed the car into reverse and rammed a second car at the location. >> the suspect got out of the car and broke into a nearby home but s.w.a.t. teams took him into custody. a crowd of hundreds gathered for a vigil for sergeant owen. he had been with the sheriff's office for almost 30 year and many who didn't know officials said they arrested 51-year-old harold martin, iii, at his maryland home in august. when they searched the property, they found highly classified information. the theft is being taken seriously and neighbors said they were surprised by the accusations. >> i don't like it at all. it's not a good thing to have happen and weird somebody that
6:47 am
information and when they come in like that what could he have done? >> the navy veteran worked for booz allen hamilton, the same company that hired edward snowden. martin's lawyers said he had no plans to betray his country. we're get a close-up look at how the national guard will get to help the hurricane. they can carry 15 people at a time, potentially more in an emergency and the vehicles can travel through 2.5 feet of water up to 20 minutes at a time. hopefully it won't get that bad. >> hope not. i have been on one of those, only way to get to the devastation because the roads were gone.
6:48 am
carolina. as the storm continues to move southeast, it doesn't look like it will impact us -- as big, certainly. hurricane matthew has been a major hurricane longer than any other storm in october in 53 years. a major hurricane is category 3 or stronger. at onent category 4 and is expected to restrengthen this afternoon. right now it's a category 3 storm heading for nassau and is 60 miles from nassau, moving northwest about 12 miles per hour and could be a category 4 as early as 2 and will approach the east coast of florida. it could move over port canaveral. we have talked about the devastation expected on the coast.
6:49 am
people but isolated spots could receive 12 inches of rain. the storm surge could be between 3 and 6 feet and could rise as much as 9 feet in spots. there's the southeasterly turn that we like to see, starting sunday morning as a category 1 storm so as strong is, winds at 90 miles per hour so really the only part of north carolina around wilmington no longer include counties in north carolina. yes, it could wobble left to right but has been the trend for 24 hours and the confidence is growing into the next day or so and really into crunch time
6:50 am
less than an inch possible, 10 to 20-mile-an-hour wind so that's durham, chapel hill, siler city, raleigh on the line and 1 to 3 inches possible, wind gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour. the day to watch will be saturday, 60 degrees in the meantime and cloudy, not necessarily the prettiest today. 55 lewisburg, 62 fayetteville so we're still upper 60s at lunchtime, 71 our high and a shower or two into the afternoon. showers are dry this afternoon, isolated showers around lunchtime and are moving from the coast and not associated with matthew today or the majority of tomorrow, for that matter. keep the umbrella nearby.
6:51 am
matthew. these are continuing to what we saw today and then as we head towards tomorrow evening into saturday, that is when matthew starts to impact us. 71 raleigh this afternoon, 73 fayetteville. tonight, we fall to 66, cloudy skies, isolated showers, and we'll head into the coming days, 72 tomorrow with impacts friday night into saturday. saturdaygood chance of the rain there, 71, most of the rain getting out ohe first 6:51 right now. ali has an accident and let's get the latest. weave two -- -40 at lake wheeler road. you can see both shoulders have police activity on them and causing major delays for anyone heading west this morning on i- 40 and a crash to take you on 540 but first, this is at gorman street exit. the red is the delay so we have
6:52 am
good, also 540 near capital boulevard westbound so 540 from 64 to thenwood, 23 minutes and newborn to wade, 99, and long stretch, slow commute on the clayton bypass to u.s. 1, 35 minutes to south saunders, 14 south saunders to u.s. 1, 15 minutes so airport travel conditions are not good from the south. fort lauderdale airport cancels at 10:30 and have seen cancellations to miami and orlando as well. outside to 540 at lake wheeler road, another view of the mess. 440 at wade avenue, things are moving smooth. >> we'll be right back with news to know before you head out the door. >> but first, a look at what
6:53 am
here's what we're working on. florida prepares for what could be the largest evacuation ever. we're in the bahama and spread out on the east coast tracking deadly hurricane matthew. plus republican vice presidential nominee mike pence joins us. and we will talk with lindsay graham about foreign policy challenges facing the next commander-in-chief, part of a new series on the issues that really matter. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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i'm josh stein. it's why in the attorney general's office, i rked to protect children from online predators. why, in the senate, i wrote the safe schools act. toughened penalties for domestic abuse. and led the effort to expand the dna database, to put more rapists behind bars. as attorney general, protecting families will be job one. josh stein. protecting north carolina families. here's a quick look at news to know before you go. a former unc student is on trial for three count of second- degree murder. both sides gave opening statements wednesday and if convicted, he could spend up to 60 years in prison. an update to a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. a man is facing several charges
6:56 am
495. jose marvia was driving a van when he fell asleep and fell off the road. he overcorrected and ended up crashing into a guardrail. it killed a 27-year-old from clayton. troopers said he was not wearing a seatbelt. marvia and another passenger are expected to be okay. hurricane matthew is gaining strength over the caribbean and made landfall wednesday and cuba been the first major storm to hit florida in more than a decade. >> it's hard to believe. it could graze the east coast and has not seen a category 4 or 5 storm make landfall so a devastating storm. winds at 125, could move over
6:57 am
morning. we don't start to feel the impacts until friday night. 59 degrees, seeing break in the cloud cover we should see a nice sunrise and the forecast, high of 71. find the umbrella. we could use it this afternoon. band start to arrive friday night into saturday, possibly 1 to 3-inches of rain through raleigh and south and . out there. looks like our picture froze and multiple lanes on -- oh, there we go. this is happening, i-40 at lake wheeler road, heavy delays on
6:58 am
thank you for watching. >> see you at noon. we blindfolded dale and told him to find the chicken with no antibiotics. the thing is, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm.
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o get you to spend more money by using labels like "raised without antibiotics." at sanderson farms, we don't believe in gimmicks like that. well, how'd i do? no antibiotics to worry about here. hmmm...that was easy.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, october 6th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? hurricane matthew gets stronger overnight. forecasters say it will slam the southeast today as a category florida face what could be the largest evacuation in state history. >>anothe nsa contractor is accused of stealing classified u.s. secrets. the justice department says the theft could cause exceptionally grave damage to national security. >> we will talk with donald trump's running mate governor mike pence and we kick off a new campaign 2016 series called "issues that matter." senator lindsey graham up first


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