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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  October 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hurricane matthew inching closer and closer to historic u.s. landfall. meteorologist alyssa corfont has the latest track. looking living right now as conditions worse enand worse enahead of the storm. we've got full team could have raining of matthew. plus in the wake of caribbean. details with that. good afternoon everyone. we've got a lot to get to. >> thanks for joining us at noon. this just in, the state of georgia is now ordering the evacuation of 500,000 people along the atlantic coast ahead of hurricane matthew. and as hurricane matthew strengthens and continues to move closer to the u.s., we're keeping a close eye on it,
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>> good afternoon i should say i guess. as we head into the afternoon, well the storm has continued to strengthen. this is a category 4 hurricane winds of 140 miles per hour, gusts as strong as 165. it is moving to the northwest about 14 miles per hour. this is the fastest i've seen this storm move. you will notice though that at one point this morning we had a pretty distinct eye feature. that hasb approach the southeastern portions of florida later today. those outer rain bands already arriving on the coast of florida. so lets get straight to the track of this storm. gep a category 4 hurricane. it's expected to move very close to the eastern portions of florida. look at that, could move right over fort can after agricultural. first thing tomorrow morning. 145 miles per hour winds staying off the coast of
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morning, looks like the storm moving offshore of georgia, south carolina as a category 2 hurricane, very similar to what we saw earlier this morning. the storm takes a turn to the south and east eventually weakening sunday morning with winds about 85 miles per hour and then by monday this could be a tropical storm in the open atlantic. we have to watch what it does then as we head into the middle of next work week. but in the meantime we are tracking our own threat for rain later today but because of a complel pretty cloudy. it's 69 degrees right now out at the airport. temperatures elsewhere, we have 68 in durham, 66 in lewis berg. i will track that chance for rain today and what matthew could potentially bring us coming up in your complete storm team forecast. well as alyssa just said the southeast region off our state is seeing the biggest impact. jonathan rodriguez is there now
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we're here in oak island. conditions not too bad but they're definitely taking precautions. in fact oak island and south port, all under a state of emergency right now and they have issued voluntary evacuations so they're kind of reminding visitors if they want to leave they can. especially right here along the coast and these ocean front properties. if you look you can see the high water signs here. these areas are prone to flooding but even the people who live out here, they're taking precaio we've seen along the ocean front properties a lot of people boarding up their windows which is different what we saw in rightsville beach but these crews have been out here since yesterday boarding up their windows and doors just making sure if the storm takes a turn they're ready. they have cancelled all schools tomorrow. they want to make sure everyone has time to plan and prepare, they're saying to make sure everyone here stays vigilant as they continue to watch this.
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guys back to you. >> thank you jonathan. the governor gave an update this morning from the emergency operations center. the governor reaffirmed that right now north carolina is in good shape. buttress dents still need to be prepared. 66 counties are still under state of emergency. the governor says the move allows famplers to ex died their crops. >> don't be fool by the eye of the stor the storm unless there's a major change, but we are going to be impacted by the outer lines of that cone and i think that's the major issue that my public safety people and my transportation people really want to communicate to the people of southeastern north carolina. >> now governor mccrory is on his way to deploy a additional guard crew. matthew is also causing
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cbs north carolina traffic reportedder alley raf ski is with the latest. tell us what you're seeing on the boards. >>reporter: russ, over 2,000 flights have been cancelled nation wiet. here only a handful of flights are cancelled. they're all going to florida airports. miami, orlando, fort lauderdale. now fort lauderdale cancelled all flights at 10:30 this morning. meme me still operating they they sented ex peculiars delays and cancellations and orlando is announcing 10:30 tonight they're going to suspend all flights. you can see mind me still plenty of people checking in. not many of them head to go florida. we do have a flight from orlando arriving in the next few minutes or so. we spoke with family members who are coming to pick up relatives. you're going to hear from them tonight. also if you're planning on doing any flying over the next few days we have a weather page now with a list of airports
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of during this hurricane. that rdu. the south carolina coast is expected to feel a major impact from the storm. kristi henderson and our sister station wspa has the latest conditions from hilton head, south carolina. i'm meteorologist christi henderson in bluffton, south carolina which is a task force he had quarts for national here and are sent out to protect people and property from the worst of what hurricane matthew is going to bring. they're also set up with engineering equipment that will help to clear debris away from the roads to help people come back after the storm. a hurricane warning has been issued for the hilton head, savannah, buoy ford areas in anticipation of winds over 74 miles per hour by late friday night. in bluffton, south carolina i'm meteorologist kristi henderson. back to you.
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campus at this time. the school enforced a mandatory evacuation with a new deadline. the school will decide later this afternoon on wealth toar allow students to return to campus friday. >> north carolina narc relief workers are getting ready to go to the caribbean and atlanta coast to help with recovery. papt activity says the storm destroyed some of the churches in cuba. partners in haiti is operating medical clinics. they're making arrangements to send supplies and $100 food and water. >> we're holding back a lot of resources for our, for people in our own country as well. but we don't want to forget about people in haiti and cuba and we want to help them where we can. >> north carolina has a mission of two mobile food units that can serve 30,000 meals a day. one of them will hit the road to florida tomorrow. they will send other volunteers where they're needed.
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hurricane andrew. it's also effecting high school football in the state too. six varsity games will play tonight instead of tomorrow to avoid any heavy rains. so here are the games. 71 is going to be at cape fair. the county at terry sanford. grace creek at southern lee and ee smith at jack britt. we also have pine forest playing at south view. bishop archbishop off bush itch found out a week ago he was being transferred. he was not a part of the decision and still working to wrap things up around here and wrap his head around the whole thing. he commented on his faith and trust in god's plan for service to the catholic church. the bishop sister his 10 years has helped him grow into a better spiritual leader. >> i leave raleigh, going to arlington and as someone who has been changed and
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here in a positive way, and i hope i can bring those gifts to the diocese in arlington. >> bishop bur pitch will be installed as the bishop of the diocese on december 6. he says ttion unknown how long it will take the church to appoint a new bishop near raleigh. right now we're in the first full day of testimony in the trial of a, unc stud end charged with murder. deaths of three people. today friends of chandler kania took the stand. rebecca gray revealed an immunity agreement in order to give her testimony. always she told the story of their bar hopping on that night. kania and his friends why drinking at green's apartment before they went to bars downtown. things got emotional as the defense asked about kania's character. our david hurst is in court and we'll have the latest on the
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it seems like this leksz cycle has been going on forever but believe it or not we're just 32 days out from the election and the pam cane trail as you know, is abuzz. still on cbs north carolina how both campaigns are active today even though hillary clinton and donald trump are taking some time off. plus, as you know, high strung nerves amid hurricane evacuations in south carolina leave a man in the hospital.
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some familiar faces are missing from the cam paper trail today. hillary clinton and donald trump. some of their top supporters will be out there. chelsea clinton will be in michigan. hillary is up in the state polls there but they aren't taking any chances. senator bernie sanders will be in minnesota. he won the state by a huge margin. on the other side governor mike
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as millions evacuate the south carolina coast ahead of matthew, one man is recovering after getting into a shootout with police. officers say the man became agitated because of an evacuation route. he knocked over some cones and said something threatening to police officers before leading them on a chase. they say the suspect later shot at them before they shot him. no word on the suspect's condition yet. florida is preparing for a possible direct hit from hurricane matthew later tonight. the storm is packing dangerous winds of hour as it's currently bat egger the bahamas. across florida shelves are empty. governor rick scott is concerned about the storm's pow full winds and storm surge. more than 1 .5 million people have been told to evacuate. >> there are no excuses. you need to leave. evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. >> all right. matthew has devastated already
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completely gone. people had to wade through knee- deep high water. matthew is being blamed for 25 deaths and that number could possibly rise. >> and has stefan just mentioned the outer bands are brushing florida. we turn now to bill reh for a life live look. >> there's the eye of the storm in nassau and they're getting the brunt of it. look at miami getting some of the i've got nassau, charleston, atlantic beach as places we're going to take a look at. starting with miami beach as we look live there at this time. you can see that wind that is out there and how it is blowing around the palm trees. visibility very poor on the camera lens obviously from all the showers and sea mist that's coming ashore. now lets take a look backwards really happening in the bahamas in nassau, this is the brunt of the storm. the actual eye is right to the
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pounding and the northwest winds coming around as that eye continues to start to move away. now, as we take a little quieter look, this is the jupiter lighthouse in jupiter, florida. you can see the clouds, a little calmer north of miami. miami beach, right there. we'll go back to thrace jupiter right there. we want to go a little further up the coast a little bit and you'll be able to see what we've got going is up south carolina because they have evacuations there. just cloudy skies right now, no rain in that area. our beaches, which a we're compare to what we just showed you to be in a lot better shape but they could still have some storm surge and strong rains but at larntic beach is looking okay. so the brunt of it going on right now alyssa in naws nassau
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approaches the coast of florida. there has never been a category 4 or 5 storm to make landfall in florida so certainly devastation expected there as this massive category 4 storm blows closer to the peninsula there. so lets go ahead and get you have the latest information. 140 miles per hour, moving to the northwest at 14 miles per hour. and again, as bill was pint og out. very close to nassau bahamas. it will approach florida later today and it looks like hang around florida throughout friday. friday at 8:00 a.m. in the morning. i've shown you this track briefly before, 145 miles an hour winds would be moving right over the port. and the winds are going to be felt inland as well toward the orlando area. this storm going to ride the florida coast and stay out to sea off the coast of georgia, south carolina and still for us, showing some good news as
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but i want to bring you into a closer look at that. you can really see how far away its from us. still in the wilmington area in the cone of uncertainty but that hasn't changed since 5:00 a.m. this morning. and we like to see consistency now as we approach the final frame that we'll start to see the impacts. sunday morning, 8:00 a.m., 85 miles per hour. that puts us as a category 1 storm weakening into a tropical storm then as we head into monday. mean for us. rain less than generally two inches so i have bumped up those rainfall totals just a hair. durham, chapel hill. generally speaking winds much less. less than 25 miles per hour. those are going to be gusts. then we're in the area of orange. this includes raleigh, harnett county cumberland koant ease. these areas could receive 2-4 inches of rain, wind gufghts between 25-35 miles per hour.
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isolated areas such as southern portions of sampson, cumberland and wayne counties that could receive up to six inches of rain. winds looks like they're going to top out 25-35 miles per hour. once you cup elementary the sat saturated grounds you could see do you understand trees and power lines so make sure as we've been talking throughout the week, you have batteries in your flashlights and you're prepared if you would lows power as we head into saturday. today, this is looking pretty gray outside. 69 degrees right now, this is a live picture. this associated with these area of showers thoafs moving inland through today and could arrive as we head into the afternoon hours. they're going to be very light in nature, very isolated but if you want to be on the dry side dig out your umbrella. you will need it friday and saturday. 73 our afternoon high. we'll drop back to 70 as we
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towards 9:00 this evening. i do think there will be a potential that these showers hang around tonight and friday. so as far as the timing is concerned, isolated showers, right around the 95 corridor for that drive home. they continue to spread westward as we head overnight tonight. so don't be surprised you wake up to wet weather tomorrow morning and if you do, this is not associated with matthew. this is again those showers moving in from the east coast. they continue, scattered throwtd the day on friday and then watch what happens. we could see a lull first thing now saturday morning. then here comes those outer bands of matthew. it would be close to daybreak as we head into saturday and it looks like that wet weather is going to stick around for saturday, wreez breezy as well. 69 in wilmington. afternoon highs in the low 70s. tonight passing showers possible, won't be quite as cool as the low near 66 is anticipated. and then we'll get to the next
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towards saturday. and most of matthew out of here by first thing sunday morning. allowing us to see sunshine and some dry weather which we'll need by sunday afternoon. >> we are holding tough until sunday gets here. >> i think the million dollar question is where is it going? >> we have to watch the tracks. bill and i were talking that's pretty uncharacteristic but we saw julia earlier this season kind of circle aroun a lot of times they will lows the characteristics by that time. >> thanks so much alyssa. touching first photos of a new family, but how much is it worthed? coming up a new father goes viral over a very silly hospital bill. >> yeah i can't believe that one. all right don't forget. tonight is a big night. "thursday night football" is back on cbs.
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figure out why a replacement gal ax ee note 7 smartphone started to smoke. the device forced evacuation of a southwest flight. the plane was still at the gate when the phone heated up. the phone's owner says he turned the phone off when put it in his pocket when he noticed the smoke. a you had utah father is taking the internet by storm after a strange charge on his family's hospital bill. he post add photo of skin to skin time after his wife's c section birth. he wasn't bashing the hospital and the nurses and doctors were very helpful and even took these photos. his post has been viewed more than 3 million times. he did set up a towng in cheech gofundme for the charge. excess money would be donated toward a vast ect tomorrow because he never wants to go
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several new studies find no connection between working the night shift and breast cancer risk. researches followed a total of 800,000 women in three large studies and found no increased risk. the findings question the world health organization's 2007 assessment that shift work could increase the chance of developing cancer. right now lets take another live look at hurricane matthew. this is palm beach, florida and it is getting a little bit dark out there stefan. >> yeah and waves. still ahead on cbs north carolina at noon, as we edge our way into fall, yes it's time to get that lawn ready.
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. orit well, fall is hereand it's actually starting to feeling like it. the days are getting shorter, the temperatures are going down. >> and soon the leaves will be falling as well and it's the perfect time to get your lawn ready for spring. lets go and jump over winte step one, rake those leaves.
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too long can damage the grass below so make sure to remove them as soon as possible and if you hate raking, you can also use a lawn moor mower to mulch them. one of the biggest reasons your grass dies when buying seed don't forget you get what you pay for. >> some grass is cheep but those grass seeds tend to have a very short life span. yo next season so not all grass is created equal. >> finally grab a fertilizer that says wint riser on the back. this will help prep your grass for winter. also keep in mind that watering is especially important before putting seed or fertilizer down. those tips again coming from the experts, not from myself. >> we're trying to get grass right now. we have a lot of weeds at our house. lets get to the radar.
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malgt eu and the outer bands approaching the coast of
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this is a judgment for life. involves a decision., it tt this is good. >> she's firm. >> i'm not responsible for their ticket and i'm not going to pay for it. >> judge: who says you're not i make that decision, not you. >> she's fair. >> judge: this is "justice with judge maybelline." >> shelly pruitt is suing cox. she said she threw her luggage over a bridge.


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