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tv   North Carolina News at 500PM  CBS  October 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:51pm EDT

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hour winds as it continues to plow of plow through the bahamas. iment has picked up a little bit of speed but not much. still moving to the northwest at 13 miles per hour. so let's looking at the trek which is going to get confusing because this system now looks like it may do a full u-turn and almost a complete loop over the course of the next week. so bear with me here. again, a category 4 storm now. approaching. east coast of florida in the early morning hours of friday. then weakening as it literally hugs the coast of florida, georgia, and south carolina, before it's a category 1 hurricane off the south carolina coast early saturday morning then completing that loop around weakening to a tropical storm. so let's put a center line through this. now it becomes really clear. this is almost a loop. how does that compare tour the last forecast trek? that is now in yellow. so use can e the trek in red now gets a little closer to
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then it kind of takes a sharper turn, again, the current one here in red than hate had previously. it weakens some more. so what does that look like close up to us? you can see the trek off charm saturday afternoon weakening. maybe at the closest in the early morning hours of sunday to our coast lynn. but what does that look like when it's here? let's superimpopes the sides of the storm 500 miles wide. this is what our satellite could look like in the early morning so we will have impact he not devastating like florida but impacts and minor damage. the worst four tour 6 inches of rain, 30-40 mile per hour winds. these numbers up just a tad for wayne, sampson and cumberland county. the heart of north carolina we could see 2-4 inches. 20-30mile per hour winds. mainly on saturday and much lest to the northwest.
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it's a possibility. minor flooding for the areas for pa to the south. radar and windfield hour by hour for frida coming up. president obama declared a state of emergency for florida. >> the current radar behind us, the state is preparing for the first major storm since october 2005. when hurricane will ma hit. in southern florida people are and starting to feel eat fect of hurricane matthew. right now, thousands of people are without power which could rise to over a million once the are now closed. we're talk about disney world. university studios and seaworld. they will not reopen until the storm passes. >> tour the northern part of the state the jacksonville areas being evacuated the mayor says leave or you will be on your own. one of florida cities impacted by the first hurricane of this size. >> we want you to take a look at this. this is interstate 26 near charm. you're not seeing it now so
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in the same direction. away from the coast as people evacuate from the storm. more than 2 million people are urged to leave the coast. but some people first wanted to board up their businesses hoping it will be there when they return. the coastal areas of georgia are being evacuated. those who couldn't drive got in a bus headed west. more than 520,000 people are being told to leave. >> president obama showed his concern for north carolina. he called governor pat mccrory today to maur state has enough federal resources. >> i think he's doing his job and contacting all the governors of each state, checking up and he just wanted reassurance that his people were on the ground doing the right thing. >> the governor vetted an emergency operation center in the east as part of preparations for the storm. in brunswick county shelledders open tomorrow morning but evaconare voluary. cbs north carolina's jonatha rodriguez is live in the coast
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aren't too bad. a little breezy overcast. take a look at the ocean behind meh really no waves. kind of eary compared to what we saw yesterday in wrightsville beach. but oak island under a state of emergency right now. the rest of brunswick county will be under a state of emergency starting tomorrow. as you said there's a mandatory evacuation for any visitors he on e island. and a voluntary evacuation for the people who live here. but i want to show you if you bit darker right here is gh t wer s. look how close it understands to the do you knows on the side. we get a 3-6 foot stormsurgeon to l inches of racial. flooding a big concern for the people out here. espeally along the houses right here on e ast but a loof homeowrs will ride this tng out. we talked to them we don't watching to take any chances wi our homes so all throughout the day they spent e day boarding up windows and doors. eyavseveral homes along e cost herewho ar
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weon't bere ande know how much water damage can do. so they want to play it safe. self biz knows along the ea we also boardi up windows. >> don't n what it'soing to in case it does hits we're ready. >> you're not going anywhere. we got fooled, we got beer, liquor. we got to finish that. we can't drive home with all that in the car, you know. >> brunswick county lode the hos tomorrow. they and to make room for settme tomorrow i. want youty take a look if you look all wait across the water therehat's, as welbeach nearby is south port and bald head island all of them also unr a voluntary evacuation. went and checked out that area. mo in detames and preps going on coming up in the next half hour. guys back to you. >> now, back here in our area in cumberland county schools will release two hours early tomorrow a lived the storm and most. high school football games will be played this evening. people there in cumberland county are in recovery mode
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escially in hope mills. cbs north carolina's nate rodgers joins us from the town where there are concerns about the dam there. >> reporter: as you can see right now crews are working with the new hope mills dam they're also making preps for pa 10 sham flooding. this coming weekend. >> i speck to a state inspector who says right now when he write residents are on go caused several homes to flood throughout hope mills. and today in many areas the ground is saturated. more rain this weekend is definitely a concern. more rain and then high winds we potential have a lot of trees and then that would affect the power lines and those kind of things. today we found several people in and out of ace hardware on may main street. >> reporter: you ready for the storm i'm prepared for the. >> what have who been doing to prepare.
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walter, batteries, store attorney joel says they've sold more than 200 sand bags in the last three days. lots of batteries and other helpful tools. >> lanterns almost out of them. >> right. got two left. but all of this was flash lights. >> reporter: june gallow was originally from pennsylvania she's never experienced a hurricane before and says the possibilities of hurricane matthew coming our way makes her nervous. >> my family members are are you okay. i'm lake it hasn't hit yet. >> reporter: now coming up tonight at 6:00 we'll tell you what city leaders say could cause an environmental disaster right here at hope mills lake if this coming weekend flood waters, again, come out of control. for now we're in hope mills nate rodgers. air force base is moving the aircraft to louisiana just in case matthew moves over the
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county. 49 aircrafts in all which in crude a refueling plane and fighter jets left today. airmen also preparing to mover personnel. >> for civilians more than a thousand flights canceled doing to the hurricane and since miami's a major hub. it being closed will affect air travel for several days. at ardu the big board is full of flights few florida. more than 1500 flights were canceled another 1300 were canceled for tomorrow. under to fly out of florida just in time. >> we went to ep cot and hung out with my brother and his wife and niece and friends. everything was good until we figured the hurricane was coming. they told us that the flights after ours were going to get grounded around 11:00. mine took off at 10:35. >> the plan to fly over the next few days it's suggested that you call your airline. you may be eligible for avoucher. hurricane matthew is broking back memories of past
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eastern rt of the state. cbs north carolina steve sbraccia joins us live from kinston and steve are people there worried today? >> reporter: they certainly are. they are keeping a weather eye on the storm. >> behind me is the river through downtown kinston. in the past hurricanes like floyd and fran have swelled the waters of the new surround here to 25 feet. don't believe me, take a look at these markers on this bridge here. they tell a story. now, you can mainly that those problems still sitting in the memories of folks as they prepare for what's coming now. >> so about right here,. >> reporter: today this place is called the ultimate body shop but back in 1999 it went by a different name. when the building was flooded. >> we had 3 feet of water come into the building. and so we had to move everything out. and work really hard to put
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concern. especially when there's talk of a lot of rain both upstream and in this area. >> does it make you nervous generally speaking? >> yes, definitely. especially when the walter starts rising. and it comes really close to the building we started making plans of how we're going to evacuate it. >> customers automobiles, as well as expensive equipment will have to be moved if it brings too much rain and flood waters loom. >> we have flood insur. insurance. so that helps calm our nerves a lot. >> reporter: and sharon says that they're going to make that decision about whether tmo things in the next 24 hours. reporting live from kinston s steve sbraccia, cbs north carolina. > hurricane matthew, continues ter 5:30. >> we'll head back out to the beach to get a look at people bracing for the storm. >> plus we talk to members of a congregation who are worried for the mission group who was
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haiti when the hurricane hit. but now. >> just smoking, popping and sizzling sounds. >> his cell phone cars aid plane to evacuate. how it's the newest headache for samsung and its new phone. >> next testimony rolls into a second day, why one a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun. donald trump supports my right to own a gun. sfx - [birds] to sample the world's most delicious fresh seafood dishes... you can take a boat sfx -- [boat bell] or a plane sfx -- [jet taking off]
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in a second day of testimony a jury learns more about the and killed three people last year. chandler kania is on trial facing three counts of second degree murder. cbs north carolina's david hurst was in court today and brings you that testimony. >> reporter: several of chandler kania's friends took the witness stand and detailed some of the events the days before the crash and what happened on the night of the crash. >> i'm going to ask you -- >> reporter: prosecutors question the his friends trying
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who drank alcohol and smoked marijuana regularly. >> how would you describe his marijuana use in the weeks and months leading up to july 19, 2015. >> i would say it was very often. >> reporter: he was drunk and had marijuana in his system when he castled wrong way crash and killed three people in july of 2015. one of his friends who was trent one at the time bought him alcohol the night of the crash. >> 18 pack of coors. and then 24 case of budweiser. >> reporter: was the co the defendant? >> i believe so, yes. >> reporter: during cross examination his attorneys tried to show the jury that those actions did not define who he was as a person. >> you would certainly consider him as a person of good character is that right? i would. >> do you consider him a kind person? >> yes. >> and a peaceful person. >> yes. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 you'll also hear from some of his friends about how they tried to stop charged
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david hurst, cbs rt caro. and we were there for an unusual moment at court. a judge dismissed a juror today for falling asleep for 25 minutes during witness temperature. one of t two all righter nits will take that juror's place. flags are flying at half staff in port st. louis missouri. the officer from st. louis county called from a park. as soon as the two were blake snyder who then returned fire. snyder died later at the hospital. the police chief is looking into whether the attack was a planned ambush. >> i certainly wouldn't discount the fact that this is an ambush. i feel like this officer acted professionally. he did everything he was trained to do as far as i know. yet that suspect made a decision. >> reporter: this is the first on duty death of a st. louis county officer in 16 years.
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minnesota mall. the fbi september the man behind the attack planned it and recently became radicalize the. 20-year-old man was shot and killed after injuring 10 people last month. the fbi believes he recently took an interest in islam and started to withdraw from friend. investigators say he yelled islamic terms and the fbi is trying to get permission to in lock his iphone to learn more about his whereabouts. and the ofty not face charges a samsung phone that overheated and forced act of terrorism e vague weighing of a yes e jot. the 3aowner says it was a replacement. brian green says his phone was make noises af he tried to power it down. he was on a southwest airlines plane in louisville yesterday and once his phone started smoking the flight was evacuated. >> it's just scary to think that i could have been driving and this happened.
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he consumer product safety commission is looking into ov with the replacement battery. last month e commission recalled aillion galaxy note 7 phones due to ovheating batteries. any other week that we did not have a major hurricane, heading up the east coast, we woul leadi the weather tonight with w much cooler it is gointo be next week. i'm talking overnight lows in the upper 40s. i will get to that. and we have all that to but estill have a major hurricane approaching the coast of florida. and we will have impacts here. so here art updates i want to kind of walk you through tonight. the time, scattered showers, will arrive here tomorrow. not flooding rain, not windy conditions but a few scattered showers. the heavier wayne an stronger winds will be here on saturday. the track tonightshifted just a little bit to the south. that was the 5:00 update. but also, by the time it gets
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opical storm. the bottom line impacts for us would be 2-6 inches of rain that could result in minor flooding. more rain the farther south and east you go. and wind gusts between 20 and 40 miles per hour. that could knock down some tease. isolated power outages because of that. so that's the big picture. what we're speakerring over the next couple of days. how about tonight. it is mostly sunnily dry but not all wait dry. there's actually a little bit of rain coming from the coast that will sweep through our area tonight and overnight. it's about a 20%ha in the upper 60s and 70s. so there's our clouds. they're not going anywhere i. know we're getting tired of those but they're staying. we have small rain chances about 20% through tonight. >> i'm going to up it to 30 purpose chance light rain. so some of that could be around tomorrow morning for your friday morning commute. but with this tropical moisture coming our way and thick cloud cover temperatures don't move much when that happens. so upper 60s now. pretty much going to be mid- to upr 60s throu he oveight
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have showed you a satellite ?sx5 picture. besatellite can look anywre in the world. radar n only look tw 300 s off the coast. it's now time to look at a full picture of the radar and, of course, tonight we sti he o air foe hurricane hunters out there inveigating the system. one investigating where it's next. because we want to samplthat atmosphere. the other continueto that continues to drop. remember when pressure goe down the storm's getting stronger. the eye's in the bahamas but the outer rain bands continue to pommel the coast of florida. the hurricane hunters wl feared the information into the computer model let's get an update. again, very consistently keeping florida coastline. the georgia coastline. the south carolina coastline.
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hurricane models bring it back in the form of a u-turn or a loop or whatever you want to call it. allow me to take off my weatherman's hat for a second. >> is this not a crazy path? wee hat had a lot of interesting paths. this is another one on the list. yes, matthew might do a loop. so here's what that could look like. remaining a category 4 hurricane as it approaches the east coast of florida. in the early morning hours of friday. and then i think a worst case and hit spot it stays right next to the coastline impacts florida and georgia as a category 2 hurricane saturday afternoon. southcarolina in the army morning hours of saturday into sunday as a category 1. then it makes that loop as a tropical storm but it could bring more moisture tour the bahamas and florida next week. so here's what that's going to look like. starting late tonight as the
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getting battered with rain. let's try that one more time. as we go into motion. you can see moving up the coast just east of orlando, that's cape canaveral that's the kennedy space center that's where it's going to be friday morning at 9:00 a.m. working up toward jacksonville. again, pummeling savannah, parts of charleston, already by friday night. so 24 hours from now. there you can see a very well defined eye holding on. southcarolina at this point. in the early morning saturday getting battered. then here we are so our heavy rain starts to arrive on saturday morning, it will be around through saturday afternoon. and then through saturday evening. so even though the eye isgog to stay ff shore and even though this storm is going to be weaker bythe time it gets up here, look, we have rain, heavy at times, most of the day saturday and that's when we'll also get the gusty winds and then as yo can see here we are sunday morning, things start to clear out and we'll have
5:22 pm
stuff to get through. but we literally have light at the end of the tunnel. as for the strongest winds. the yellow here, tropical storm force winds. 40mile per hour essential. by saturday afternoon, they just barely clip the southern tip of sampson county. still pretty breezy along the southern beaches through the early morning hours of the sunday but then the wind really start to calm down. for everyone by lunchtime on sunday. so many of us not even seeing tropical storm force winds. but all rain. and some of us will have some winds that could knock down trees. so it starts tomorrow. again, cloudy, scattered showers, not a flooding rain not severe weather tomorrow. we hold in the low 70s. there's our wettest day. heavy rain and those gusty winds from matthew. could have a little bit left over early sunday. but then sunday afternoon, some sunshine, and i've got lots of sunshine next week. and i have not one, but two
5:23 pm
and, againi work that was our lead story. that a chill is coming tie of to north carolina. unfortunately, we have heavy and wind from matthew ill on the way. >> ant don't rget if you didn't get enough of us right now bill reh is with me tonight and we will do another facebook live session at:00 n the wncn facebook page. bring all your questions. we'lswer as many as we can. we'll break down a little bit more what's going on with hurricma >> talk about bad luck you. think you're having a bad day. they're going tour get hit twice possibly. won't be as strong b loop. how is -- how does th -- a lot of head scratching. well, eaking of that w ??zhave some breaking news. a hundred ties now governor pat mccrory has said are now under state of emergency for this storm. we'll ha more on that coming up. >> and we're just a month away from thasgiving and what mall is saying no to shoppers.
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the former washington state naacp leader who made national headlines for passing self off as black will speak at an event in january. according to she will be one
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about diversity. they wanted to create a dialogue and a debate. she made the news back in 2015 when it was revealed that she lied about being african- american. she ys he identifies as black. nation biggest mall is bucking a major retail trend short downing most her operations on thanksgiving. the mall of america in minnesota says it wants workers to spend time with r the option open. the mall itlfill reopen at on black fry. a local church's trip to hahas taken on a radically didn't role. >> we spoke with them about how eir ison changed after th storm. plus this. >> yr heart'pounding actually. >> you know, because you're stunned. i mean, there's a element of
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down.d peor the best. st in a state of emergency all are live in oak island where people are being told to evacuate ahead of hurricane matthew. >> once they were there and the that the type of ministry that they were going to be able to offer might cage a little bit. >> an orange county church finds itself trapped in haiti then gets down to business helping out. how their mission took on a new turn. >> this is game day. this is when -- this is going to hit. >> florida pulling out all the stops. how they're preparing and a look at the last ming it evacuations happening in georgia right now on cbs north
5:31 pm
path. >> storm team chief meteorologist wes hohenstein is in the weather center and wes, what are we looking at right now? for the first time, in 4000 days exactly we have a major hurricane about ready to make landfall on the united states. it was hurricane will ma back in 2005 that's almost 11 years since we've had a major hurricane. and now our friends in the ng for another strike. >> it may not make direct do worse damage by hugging the ast up the florida coastline, georgia, and south carolina coastline. before literally doing a u-turn and possibly even a loop. more on that in a second. >> but the very latest tonight at this is storm comes into full radar view tonight exiting the bahamas, once again a category 4 hurricane with 140 mile per hour winds. moving tour the northwest at 13 miles per hour. so the latest trek, i'll first show you this before i put in
5:32 pm
>> you look at it and you're like how come it's not a cone. remember it's now expected to do a loop. so it more or less looks like a large blob but i'll put in the center line. there is that loop around. and tonight, it will approach florida, possibly making landfall or just hugging the coast early friday morning through the afternoon is a it slowly weakens through georgia and south carona making that loop. we ill ill have impacts here. rain and wind. for more of a breakdon meteorogist billeh. want f why 're intot in he central north caroli when, in ct, eye of the to is going to stay off shore. here is matthew just going through the bahamas heading a matter of fact, as we put on the trek, yes, the track is going to stto the south but here's the cent of the storm right now. look at how far north the rain banged goes. over 200 miles to the north. and that rain band will stay
5:33 pm
it's up here, that rain band will definitely go into central north carolina. so that is one reason why we're going to forecast rain to come our way. as a matter of fact, you can see the rainfall come on really get going on saturday, the heaviest rains down to the south. where there could be over 8 inches of rain in the fayetteville, goldsboro, 3-6 inches of rain. 2-4 in the triangle and obviously less to the not and west. so if the track changes at all, obviously, even if it comes a little more to the north back to brunswick county were voluntary evacuations will be getting underway tomorrow ahead of the storm. >> cbsnorth carolina's jonathan rodriguez joins us live from oak island and jonathan, what is the plan? >> reporter: well, right now things aren't really too bad. calm wind, overcast skies. clouds moving quite a bit. but they are taking this
5:34 pm
how little the waves are. compared to yesterday in wrightsville beach but th entire area ofoak island right now under a state of emergency, in fact, brunswick county will start tomorrow. 'vstard mandatory actions for all visitors and voluntary ones for people who live out. if you look over my shoulder, across the water is bald head island right next to that is, as well beach and nearby is south port. all three we stopped by earlier to check out conditions. >> right along the waterfront we saw that the water level was much higher than it normally is. we saw some businesses that were already boarded up. we heard the ferry systems have been adjusted. a lot of people are going to stick this thing out. as for homeowners they were boarding up their windows and doors. because they know what kind of damage the water can bring. the biggest concern flooring.
5:35 pm
rain can knock over trees and power lines, as well. >> probably going to be worse south of here. but a lot of people want to play it safe than sorry. you know. >> just put everything up, tie it down, and hope for the best. >> reporter: sounds like a good plan there are those evacuations but a lot of people said they were going to stay. some left. there were a couple scheduled we those have been canceled. if you look at the pier behind me they are planning on calories that pier because they don't want people coming out here. wind conditiondo get bad. all emergency officials are on stand by. watching. latest tracks and are going to keep this area updated as forward. we'll be out here all throughout the night and keep you updated. while north carolina prepares, haiti's beginning to clean up tonight. at least 100 people were killed
5:36 pm
grow. the hurricane blind-sided an orange county church on a mission trip in haiti. we spoke with them about how they switched priorities and worked through the storm. >> reporter: four volunteers from the ebb knser in haiti giv and supplies to those devastated by the hurricane matthew. this is an annual trip since 2010 but the deadly storm changed their entire mission. >> once they were there and the storm was coming they ealize that the type of ministry that they going to be able to offer might cage a little bit. so it became recovery. >> reporter: haiti was hit hard from the storm as hurricane matthew was the first category 4 hurricane to land in haiti since 1964. the harsh winds and flooding are affecting thousands. leaving the country in crisis. >> hurricane gave us opportunity to show the love of god to the people of haiti. in way that is unique to that situation.
5:37 pm
otherwise if it had been the normal trip. >> the 14 members that we have on the ground have been working with local ministry there to provide for construction needs, with a local school. and then now with the having the storm pass through, they are also using the humanitarian aid coming tine help stribut food few local communities. >> the church members in haiti are communicate with family members through social media. the church has been post yesterday, the church members delired 0 ofice. noodles and oils to families affected by the storm. the four members are expected to return from haiti on sunday. >> reporter: in hillsborough, cbs north carolina. and the folks in florida are paying attention to the images out of haiti. hurricane matthew expected to slam into florida in the next few hours. this was the scene along parts other state highways.
5:38 pm
guard heads toward the danger. florida governor rick scott reminding people today that the impact women be great and potentially long lasting. >> these catastrophic levels can completely wipe out well built homes and destroy neighborhoods. you're going to lose power if you're on the east coast. there's no question you will lose power. you're going to lose power. we just don't know how long. >> coming up live from a crew near the florida geor you an update on conditions there. and hurricane matthew has prompted several area high schools to move their games from friday to tonight. our todd gibson joins us live from under the thursday night lights at wake forest high school. >> reporter: it's rivalry night tonight in wake for esplanade. state rankked cougars take on wakefield. the weather right now holding out.
5:39 pm
night. they don't have to go to work, move your games tothursday night and the same fans have to get up and go to school and work. its tough decision mg the games. moments ago i talked to the head coach here's what he had to say. >> i think especially in a gym between wake forest and wakefield they'll definitely show up. itust depends on who's playing. i think when cue do move a game it has to be for . friday night football is meant for high school football. so if we're going has to be a pertinent reason. >> reporter: and that pertinent reason obviously because of the game. on good nights fans have a attendance to show up. >> when it rains they don't have a tendency to show up. the more fans the more than of they can play for helmets and shoulder pads and jeerses. tough decision for them to make. the decision comes down to whether or not the fans will ge. wake forest fans always come.
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night. hofully the weather holds out. keep up to date with the tropics an weather right here make sure to download the cbs north carolina weather app and if you already have the app, makehe notifications are turned on so you don't miss any important updates. coming up at 5:30. the spiritual leader of ca erent. it's radicly changed. >> ahead how bishop michael burbidge views his new role in arlington. >> what he has to say about leaving town before the cathedral is completed. >> as we go to break here's a live look outside at i-40 and i- 54 there's traffic out there but it's moving this cloudy
5:41 pm
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it's what's on your mind every morning, are they safe? it's on ours, too. i'm josh stein. it's why in the attorney general's office, i worked to protect children from online predators. why, in the senate, i wrote the safe schools act. toughened penalties for domestic abuse. and led the effort to expand the dna database, to put more rapists behind bars. as attorney general, protecting families will be job one.
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many local catholics learned bishop michael burbidge arlington, virginia ver. >> the change is shocking but welcome. >> bishop burbidge says he feels the same way now as he did 10 years ago when he first moved to raleigh. his wonderful experiences here give him hope for his new role in arlington. >> everything is now different. it's radically changed. my life has changed. >> reporter: bishop michael burbidge says it happened in
5:44 pm
that call saying he had be appointed bishop of the diocese of arlington. >> it's young. and it is vibrant. and there is lots of energy and it's a growing diocese. >> reporter: the bishop says the first thing that came to mind was the holy name of jesus cathedral. he's worked on the project for five years half of his time in recall e. >> there's a human side wow, it would have been nice to be part of that to be the bishop when that was done. that's not in god's plan. >> reporter: he says he believes church leaders did consider the new cathedral in the decision. and even addressed his concerns of leaving the raleigh catholic community before the church opens next year. >> you've done your work. and god and the good people will bring it to fruition. >> reporter: he says the advice
5:45 pm
himself. continue to be men and women of faith, and trust in god's plan. in raleigh, carleigh griffeth, cbs north carolina. thursday night football is back. and boy, do tonight's teams feed a win. both arizona cardinals and san francisco 49ers looking to salvage the seasons. lye from levi stadium not only are they down a quarterback, they have to play in front pretty tough crowd. >> reporter: a pretty tough crowd but it will probably be a happy crowd because here at levi stadium, they put in so many features for fans to enjoy the game and to get into the game, just on their mobile device. and what they're trying to do is rival the experience that you can have at home to make sure that the stands are filled with fans. in the heart of silicon valley,
5:46 pm
individualized experience to 70,000 fans via their mobile device is something we're really striving for. >> reporter: team president says nfl teams are using technology to compete with the at home viewing experience. at levi stadium there are a thousand wifi access points within 10 feet of every seat. can't find your seat? bluetooth will guide you. and fans can order food and drinks on an app and get it delivered to their seat. >> reporter: you can actually line is? >> yes. we don't want yoit >> reporter: it is the live action on the field. is this kind of a competition with the living room. >> in our case, absolutely. you can't replicate the sights, sound, smells of being in a live football game. >> reporter: fans inside can see a replay on the field within four seconds from multiple angles. but cbs sports is offering a we'll different experience for
5:47 pm
here's an example of how it works. you can see me from here, from here, and from here. this is just part of what's keeping fans at home. >> i vision 360 is one of the many technologies that we've i today try to be able to give the viewer that feel that they're in the stadium. >> reporter: stadium has a rooftop garden all of this technology. the big screen televisions what can be next? >> the sky's the that are going to build upon what we did here at levi stadium. and dare i say make it better. >> reporter: that could be a tall order. and sean, to go back to your earlier comment about it being a tough crowd here, both teams are 1-3 an defily will be a- okaying for a win.
5:48 pm
northingham. >> looking maybe at their cell phones a little bit more with all of those options ailable to them. thank you. and i'm not there, i know, but i'm thinkit'sa little sunnier there than here. weather looked great out there. they're few hours before us. we have clouds and cool temperatures. almost felt like fall, again, today. and a little bit of rain. mainly along our coast. it's mainly light rain. sprinkles, even drizzle. but it is heading in our direction. so don't be surpriseddive you have a little driving around. otherwise mostly dry. and staying cool. with a tropical atmosphere and with plenty of thick cloud cover our temperatures aren't going to move that much. so 69 at 8:00 tonight. we'll only be 68 at midnight and only 66 as you head out the door tomorrow morning. so this would be the big story. if it wasn't for hurricane matthew. cool weather has arrived. it gets next we.
5:49 pm
hurricane matthew culled make history. it's already done so in many different aspects. >> but i want to point out one interesting thing and dangerous thing for our friends in florida. since recorded history back to 1851 there have be 25 hurricanes that have made landfall in the country that have been category 4 or 5. 25 of them since 1851 you. can see texas, louisiana, urseida gets hit a lot of up here in north carolina. look whe there has not t 4 or 5 hit. west palm beach up to jacksonville and not only is one point going to get hit in the next 24 hours but the entire coastline. that is what is so unique and what could unfortunately be so historic about hurica hew. riw it continue to plow through the bahamas heading for the east coast of florida. again it might not make landfall at one point. it could stay just off shore. and pommel the coast like a
5:50 pm
carolina. winds remain at 140 miles per hour. and if you missed it earlier the closeup trek for our part of the world did a couple things it shifted south, it slowed down a little more and it weakened. so now possibly a category 1 hurricane offer the coast of charleston, saturday afternoon. then starting to make that wide looping turn that will bring it back to tropical storm matthew by sunday afternoon. but remember, this is sti a giant storm so while e the cone, the storm is some 500 miles across. so this is what it could look like sometime in the early morning hours of sunday, yes, the eye off shore but affects here in central north carolina. we've already got tropical storm warnings along our coast. of course the south li force winds within 36 hours. here's where i ththewinds will come into play.
5:51 pm
reaching our sern beaches in the eay ning of saturday. possibly reaching the sand hills by about 5:00 saturda afternoon. but then as we get toward luncime on sunday, the winds start tocalm down. the rain's a didn't situation. so let's walk you allthe way from florida tonight at 10:00. let's take you all the way up the coast u. from west palm beach up to the space coast east oforlando, friday morning. continuing through daytona beach and jacksonville where the spreading through georgia and carl at that time. through south carolina. here we are saturday morning early. that's when the rain will about get to our area. but as you can see, from saturday at lunchtime, were we'll have heavy rain from the triangle south through the afternoon and earllikelin ju because the eye's off shore doesn't mean we won't have anything. as ycan see we have plen
5:52 pm
so hs thmetoalof atwe eect. 4-6inches with 30-40 mile per hour winds to the south. so heavyin on satury with me wind. we have scattered showers tomorrow. little bit of leover rain sunday. and then sunshine and cooler weather next week some our 3 degree guaranteed high tomorrow 71. today we made 72. we forecast 71 scott walker another $100 from us and our friends for the tammy lynn center for money for them and all the families that need their help. a live look at st. mary's georgia. hundreds of thousands have bernie vac waited cue to hurricane matthew. we hear from crews on the a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch ife. but i y a piol i fight back. that's why i'm still here.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
we are corning to follow sits coast to the u.s. >> our sister station, wiat joins us live camden county, georgia with an update ons there. >> reporter: yeah, good evening first of all the weather is faof the game easant but the today is evacuation. we he avelled all wait do from savannah down the entire georgia coastline.
5:56 pm
we are that close. now, between the savannah area and the jacksonville area there are some 1 million people affected by some sort of evacuation order whether that be voluntary or mandatory. now, where i am standing right now, in .s georgia we are under a mandatory evacuation order but i hate to say it, you wouldn't be able to tell just by looking. people have been coming by here just to get a look at th se all afternoon. but business are losing. people are beinuro get reporting live in st. mary's georgia, n back to you. and coming up next at 6:00 a live report on th impact being felt at rdu as airports close down across florida. >> friends of former unc student chandler kania describe the night of drinking and their efforts to keep him from driving before he killed
5:57 pm
ry on the state crime lab. well, we know roy cooper and we know the problems he discovered when he beme attorney general. roy found a backlog of over 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. buand roy erd usol00 crimes the cklog. d put 165 killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. governor mccrory should stop playing politics with crime. how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them.
5:58 pm
not debt. and an economy where every you american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we fbig chlenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs.
5:59 pm
here's a live look from the coast as hurricane matthew threatens a strong category 4 storm. the largest track from -- or the latestrom the nana hurricane center. >> boarding up along the north carolina coast as a intests wag now in effect.
6:00 pm
damaging winds. good evening i'm sharon tazewell. >> i'm sean maroney. it still appears humidity will make a hard right turn but. >> but we're seeing increased rain chances in the sandhills and also to the east. wes hohenstein is in the weather center now with the very latest. guys, matthew has now been a major hurricane for more than six days. >> it is the first hurricane ever to have a major strike on hate is, cuba and unfortunately could be the coastline of florida. there have been some minor shift, again, in the trek. i'm get to those. >> but it has strengthened once again to a category 4 after some weakening. wins are 140 miles per hour. it is moving to the northwest a little faster than it has at 14 miles per hour. >> but i think more importantly today on this thursday afternoon, after we have watched this thing on satellite from above the earth, we now watch it from the ground


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