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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  October 6, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: a killer off the coast. powerful hurricane matthew approaches the eastern shores of florida. >> you need to leave now. so if you're in an evacuation zone, get out. >> pelley: waters are rising. the wind is how lon four states order evacuations gee, i live right by water, so i'm leaving. >> pelley: streets and airports empty out. shelters are filling up as the storm that left more than 100 dead in the caribbean approacheses the southeastern united states, forecasters make a dire prediction. >> this could be not only a very expensive hurricane, but a very deadly hurricane.
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reporting tonight from west palm beach, florida. well, as you can see, the southeast is threatened tonight by the most powerful hurricane in more than a decade. matthew is about 100 miles offshore. it's expected to make landfall overnight, just north of here, on the space coast of florida, near cape canaveral. it is a huge hurricane. 120 miles wide, and its strong, sustained winds up to 140 miles an hour. more than two million coastal residents have florida to the carolinas have been ordered to evacuate. nearly 3,000 are in shelters in florida alone. president obama has declared an emergency in florida and now in south carolina. the governor of florida is warning of potentially catastrophic damage. flooding and power losses for
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days. airports are shut down, thousands of flights have been canceled. that fantasy land giving way to the reality of danger. matthew has already killed a reported 140 people in the caribbean, most of them in haiti. forecasters tell us the major threat to the u.s. is a storm surge of up to 11 feet that could bring flooding along 500 a short time ago, we checked the winds on the beach. this is the atlantic shore here in palm beach. the winds at this point are blowing at about 39 miles an hour. that is tropical storm force. a little bit later this evening, it is forecast that these wind will be at 90 miles an hour or more. the sand is blowing up off the
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alone. we have a team of correspondents up and down the southeast coast. first we're going to go to manuel bojorquez just south of ft. lauderdale. >> reporter: scott, here along dania beach we are seeing dangerous surf, waves up to 10 feet tall, and bands of rain. officials along this part of south florida say this is now the time to hunker down and wait for matthew to pass. the outer bands of hurricane matthew pounded south florida and torrential rain. beaches were closed as the surf became dangerous. ahead of the storm, business owners raced to board up windows. there were long lines again at gas stations-- that is, until they ran out. also empty, some store shelves. it was a last-minute rush for anyone who hadn't prepared for the storm. robert mccall lives near dania
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sandbags will protect his home from flooding. he is leaving after hearing the governor today. >> when he said, "this will kill you," not "can kill you," "it will kill you." >> reporter: that was it. >> that was it. >> time is running out. there are no excuses not to evacuate. our number one priority is to protect every life. >> reporter: governor rick scott repeatedly urged people to leave evacuation zones immediately. >> we should not be putting people's lives at risks because you made the foolish decision an easy process for gloria dixon, who runs a group home for 15 residents with cerebral palsy and had to evacuate all of them. >> we need this facility not on flood. this is their home. we don't need it to flood. we need things to remain intact. >> reporter: another concern as the hurricane churns up the coast is the threat of tornadoes. florida's governor has activated 3500 national guard troops to
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strassmann in daytona beach. local officials worry the predicted nine-foot storm surge could collapse the main street pier. at sunset, four bridges to this barrier island will close to arriving traffic. most of the 20,000 residents here are have left but not all. >> are you guys going to hang out or are you guys going to evacuate. michael chitwood, the police chief worries about the >> they're fools. this hurricane is unlike any other hurricane we have seen. >> reporter: by chitwood's definition, steve and judy lampe are fools. they're ride out matthew at home and hope sandbags and aluminum storm shutters will protect them. the weather is getting worse. >> i know. >> reporter: any second thoughts. >> once the bridge closes it's scary. >> reporter: because then you're? >> stuck. >> reporter: three blocks away, les thompson decided this morning staying was foolish.
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head inland to orlando to stay with their son. >> the reality is i don't think we've ever going on gunn through anything like this. certainly once in a lifetime. >> reporter: one the bridge is closed hold-outs will still be allowed to drive off the island but no one may drive on. those hold-outs have been warned if they call 911 after storm conditions get too dangerous, emergency teams will not respond. >> reporter: i'm omar villafranca on exuma island in the bahamas. hurricane matthew tore through this part of the caribbeanas night. the wind and storm surge was so powerful, boats were smashed on to the shore. hurricane winds over 140 miles per hour ripped the roof off this house in the bahamas. we felt the wrath of matthew as the storm hit overnight in exuma. beaches are empty. homes are boarded up spp here on exuma island, most of the people
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elect tryst. in haiti, the death toll is 100 and rising two days after the hurricane hit the island nation as a category four. 145-mile-per-hour winds decimated homes while floodwaters swept away roads and bridges. the wide spread damage prompted the haitian government to suspend sunda sunday's from thil elect. magnolia morally rode out the storm in the that the eye passed to the south of us, and we did not get more intense conditions than we did. >> reporter: cleaning up the debris will take several days. thousands of people in the bahamass are still without power, but many know the storm could have been much worse. omar villafranca, cbs news, exuma island, the bahamas. >> pelley: now let's go to
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eric, where's this headed? >> well, scott, unfortunately, we have spent the day watching matthew regain strength yet again. it is back to a category four hurricane. you can see those spiral bands as it moves through the bahamas and starts to make its trek toward the state of florida. the inner eye wall right over freeport on grand bahamas, very struck thive winds expected there. and it will start to make its way towards the coast of florida as we head into the overnight hours. hurricane warnings are up from just north of miami all the way storm, the fact tathey go all the way up through the coast of south carolina. and here's a look at the timeline. you see that center as it works its way towards the coast, it may move right along it, just off or just on, but the bottom line is the same-- very destructive winds moving ashore. and since we have these powerful winds a big storm surge. if you're in an evacuation zone, heed those warnings. wind is one thing. it is destructive in its own right. but storm surge is the number one killer. they're look out for your safety. listen to those warnings.
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through south and north carolina, inundating it with very heavy rainfall and that's one thing to watch as we head towards the weekend. part of eastern south and north carolina have had 10-15 inches of rain in the past month. when you add this much rain on top of it, scott, we could have a very significant flood event unfolding this weekend. >> pelley: eric fisher, wbz. eric, thanks very much. most everything we know about hurricane matthew comes from the forecasters at the national hurricane center in miami. ie director, meteorologist can rick knabb. i can't remember a hurricane on a track like this. >> i cannot, either. , one that has already impacted haiti and eastern cuba, and is impacting the bahamas. so many different land areas. >> pelley: it seems, though, that with this track right up the coastline, that if the eye of the storm moves a little bit west, you could take in millions more people very easily. >> well, slight differences in
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of the magnitude of the impacts for particular locations. even if the center of circulation stays just offshore, it's easy for the hurricane to bring hurricane-force winds on to the coast, even bring strong winds well inland. every hurricane has the own d.n.a., its own characteristics. matthew is going to write its own story, and i think folks in florida, georgia, and south carolina could end up experiencing wind, warrant, or both. >> pelley: what kills most people in a hurricane? >> we know that historically, landfalling u.s. tropical systems, nine out of 10 people who have died have died as a result of water. the wind category damaging and deadly, too. all hazards are in place and extremely dangerous situation. >> pelley: you have enormous experience and history in this, but i wonder is there anything about this storm that has surprised you? >> what has surprised me is how the scenario has set up, such that so many people are in
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worst possible pat paths in many ways and affect so many people. but that's the reality we're faced with. there's no tenieg it now. this is a threat to several states, florida, up to north and south carolina. the time now is to act. you don't want to just hope the problem away. >> pelley: dr. rick knabb, the director of the narc hurricane center. up the atlantic coast, folks are clearing out of maw' errol barnett is on tybee island. >> the hunters have called this coastal georgia community home for 40 years. but today, they're leaving it all behind. the waters family is doing the same. >> i grabbed the boys' paeb books. i grabbed a wedding album that a girlfriend of mine made us, and a couple important papers, and we're out of here. >> reporter: fearing a storm surge of 10-12 feet, 15 inches
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winds, georgia joins of joined south carolina today in ordering mandatory evacuations for people on the coast. it also reversed 125 miles of eastbound lanes on interstate 16 to accommodate those leaving. south carolina did the same on i-26 as businesses in charleston boarded up. both states have deployed the national guard and opened shelters for those with nowhere to run. we caught up with the mayor of tybee >> you can replace your home. you can replace community buildings, bit you cannot replace a human life. >> reporter: the mayor fears the shallow coastal shelf behind me could spell disaster if matthew pushes up a sizable storm surge as it is expected to do. he also tells me the last time a hurricane followed this exact track and gained strength, scott, it obliterated this
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ship porgts are closed. some of those ships are riding out the storm at sea and major airports have shut down. here's our transportation correspondent dleef. >> reporter: the last flight out of ft. lauderdale, left midafternoon leaving workers little time to make final preparations for the looming storm. in west palm beach, the check-in kiosks were wrapped in plastic. judy baylyn managed to >> we were the last flight out. we were desperate but we were the last flight out. >> awrpts in miami, orlando, west paum, were closing. more than more than 3785 flights through saturday have already been canceled. george hobica tracks the airline industry. >> not only do they not want the planes to be stuck in the path of the storm. but they don't want them to be damaged. there are instances where a
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moving the planes to a safe harbor. >> reporter: amtrak has also halted service in the southeast since saturday. in orlando, disney world will be closed at least through friday, just the fourth shutdown in the park's history. the airlines are offering waivers so you can make changes or get a refund without having to pay a fee. scott, the airlines are hoping to slowly return service tomorrow afternoon but it could take a couple of days to get things back to normal and that depends on what kind o thanks. our team will be back with the latest on the hurricane later in the broadcast, but right now let's go to anthony mason in new york with more of the day's news. anthony. >> thanks, scott, still ahead on the cbs evening news, how fast that new jersey commuter train was going before it crashed last week. and up next, the presidential candidates prepare for a sunday showdown. ve.
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until the election, three days between the debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. this one will be town meeting style, with the candidates taking questions from both the audience and the moderator in st. louis, missouri. here's major garrett. >> reporter: after returning from a western campaign swing, donald trump spent part of thursday prepping for sunday's second presidential debate as he tries to right a listing campaign. polls show hillary clinton ahea points in florida, four point in pennsylvania, three points in north carolina, and 11 point in colorado. the race has tightened in ohio, but trump trails in michigan, another midwest state he hoped to make competitive. complicating matters, a letter signed by 30 former republican members of congress that branded the g.o.p. nominee "manifestly unqualified to be president," and urged other republicans "not to vote for this man, whose
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the former lawmakers criticized trump's call for a temporary ban on muslim immigration, something running mate mike pence said today no longer applies. >> it's not donald trump's position now. >> reporter: the trump-pence web site still shows the press release anownging the proposed ban. while clinton also focused on debate prep, her running mate tim kaine tried to make the best of mixed reviews of his debate performance by needling pence positions. >> i think there's a level of desperation in the trump campaign. on twitter, r.n.c. chairman reince priebus said clinton was exploiting hurricane matthew for political gain and urged her to apologize. trump is here in new hampshire for what amounts to a tune-up town hall in advance of sunday's showdown with clinton. anthony osaturday, trump will be
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speaker paul ryan, but it is unclear if ryan, host of the event, and trump will even appear together. >> mason: thanks, major. cbs news will bring you live coverage of the debate sunday evening at 9:00 eastern time. next, the final seconds before a deadly train crash. learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain, from moderate to even severe diabetic nerve pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision.
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it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition, it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up. boost. be up for it. >> mason: today the national transporation safety board said a new jersey transit train limit, 21 miles an hour, just before it crashed in hoboken a week ago. the data recorder shows the engineer applied the emergency brake less than a second before impact. the crash killed one person and injured more than 100. it's hard for us here at cbs news to believe, but it's been 10 years since cameraman paul douglas and sound man james brolan was killed by a roadway
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a memorial service today in london. >> 10 years, eh. if, to coin a phrase, a week is a long time in politics, what's 10 years in the news business? as far as paul and james are concerned, 10 years seems like no time at all. judging from our conversations, everybody's approach to this commemoration seems to be similar-- has it really been 10 years? it seems like yesterday or last week. the shock was so deep and the time can really diminish it. >> mason: 10 years ago we promised we would never forget paul douglas and james brolan. tonight we renew that vow. more about the hurricane in a
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>> pelley: back now in west palm beach, florida. this is the cafeteria of forest hill high school, one of nearly 50 shelters set up by the red cross to accept about 3,000 people who have answered the governor's call to evacuate. who are these people? >> these are people who have been displaced, essentially. or vulnerable place. they're heeding the call from the authorities. >> reporter: roberto has volunteered for the red cross since 1992. >> it's the most important thing we can do is the peace of mind of knowing they are not alone. >> pelley: this woman came with her 12-year-old daughter. she told us she brought thing she needed the most. top of her list, her home work. omar came with his brother,
6:58 pm
so we just wanted to come to a little bit more of a safer spot. >> pelley: we couldn't help but notice angelina velazquez with her little boy, george. he's six days old. >> pelley: how did you start. >> because the red cross helped me once, august 24, 1992. hurricane andrew. they fed us for 17 days, so i came to know what the red cross does. >> pelley: and you've been volunteering ever since. >> ever since. >> we asked one shelter if he feared losing his home. he told us, "if i have my life, i am rich." and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for the latest on the storm, go to our streaming news service, cbsn. we'll have a complete wrap-up of the overnight events on "cbs this morning"" tomorrow. for our team in florida and all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night.
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it's what's on your mind every morning, are they safe? it's on ours, too. i'm josh stein. it's why in the attorney general's office, i worked to protect children from online predators. why, in the senate, i wrote the safe schools act. and led the effort to expand the dna database, to put more rapists behind bars. as attorney general, protecting families will be job one. josh stein.
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