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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  October 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> this storm's a monster. i'm going to pray for everybody's safety. right now on cbs north carolina, florida, georgia and south carolina are under states of emergency as hurricane matthew battles the east coast. matthew could be the most powerful hurricane to strike florida i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase. thanks for watching. we begin with the latest on hurricane matthew. we have a bird's eye view of the devastation in cuba. >> most of the homes in eastern coastal areas were damaged by 140-mile-per-hour winds. matthew pounded cuba on monday before it headed to haiti and florida. there were no deaths reported in cuba, but at least 283 people have dieded in haiti. preparations are underway
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matthew. you're looking at brunswick county. this is what we're seeing here. jonathan rodriguez is monitoring situation. >> governor mccrory is discussing the impact matthew could have on the area. localel local school systems will close two hours early today, no after school activities. >> for the latest path and the impact, let's go fairly soon. >> we have another update at 5:00 a.m. from the national hurricane center but we're looking at a close view of the storm off the coast of florida. right off the coast of cocoa beach, port canaveral, you can see the yellows, oranges, and reds. the heavy rain spreading towards orlando, daytona beach, and real jacksonville, florida. they're already starting to see
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well. winds, latest check with this storm, 120 miles per hour. no, isn't expected to weaken over the next few days just because of its interaction with land. i want to bring you to a closer look at home and you may wake up to a few showers. i know i had to the drive through showers on the way to work. this is not because of matthew but unsettled weather off the coast. these showers moving inland today and will continue throughout the day. that's not associated with matthew just yet. make sure you take the umbrella potential to be a soggy day. temperatures are pretty mild and muggy compared to where they have been, 66 raleigh, 65 durham. clinton, as a matter of fact, at 70. remember yesterday we had a handful of 50s on the board and felt nice, 63 in south hill. here's the forecast today. it will be breezy, wet with. you're going to have to slow down for the morning commute, 68 at 8:00 a.m., 69 at noon,
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69 around 6:00. then we're track matthew into the area tonight into saturday. the latest on that in about ten minute in your storm team forecast. well, right now our coastal towns are under a state of emergency in preparations for the potential impact matthew could have on our state. >> team coverage of the storm continues with cbs north carolina's jonathan rodriguez, joining us in brunswick county. jonathan? >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys, have been having rain, thunderstorms, and lightning on the beach. we had to run to our car a couple of times but the bad news -- none is from matthew yet. it points out a problem on coastal areas. this area has already seen rain over the last couple of weeks so you add in the potential for 3 to 6-foot storm surge and several inches of rain with flooding a big concern on the main roadways here. any time the ground is very saturated, you could have winds
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will watch for as the storm system begins to approach. we saw people on the main stretch boarding up windows and doors, preparing for the storm. oak island and brunswick county under a state of emergency. they announced a mandatory evacuation for visitors yesterday but a lot we talked to said they're going to try to ride this thing out. there's no voluntary evacuation for the people who live out here. they did cancel schools in brunswick county to make room for morning. so emergency officials are monitoring all this right now, all on standby. one thing they need to watch for -- two bridges come to this island so if winds pick up, they have to close bridges. there's no plans for that right now but some of the things they're look out for so everybody kind of on standby, playing by ear, watching and continuing to monitor tracks of matthew. conditions are not too bad but we'll keep you updated from the coast.
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in the triangle, folks are starting to feel the effects of matthew at rdu. >> that's right. carleigh griffith continues coverage from rdu with the very latest. good morning, carleigh. >> reporter: good morning, russ. yeah, yesterday more than 1500 flights were canceled nationally and today, another 1700 are already canceled ahead of the flights going out and look up here at the departure boards. some of the flights are to and from miami and fort lauderdale isn't listed on the board any more so we had a dozen flights at rdu canceled -- again, going to and from fort lauderdale and miami. it's taking a toll around the country and those able to make flyings out of florida are coming to places like raleigh for safety. our crews caught up with several passengers at rdu as they arrived from different air yays yesterday that were being impacted by the hurricane.
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trip short and others decided they didn't want to risk staying home and came here to meet friend and family. >> chaos. you know, you go to wal-mart, flashlight, duct tape, everybody boarding their house up, pretty serious. >> my sister said, get out of there "come see me in north carolina." so here i am. >> reporter: again, some flights have been canceled today into saturday, over 400 rdu is posting the latest updates at the affected airport and we have a link on our website, of course we'll keep you updated rite here on any cancellations throughout the morning. live at rdu, carleigh griffith, cbs north carolina. >> thank you. south carolina's governor, nikki haley, begs people on the coast to leave because of the latest projections of the storm. wind of 110 miles per hour are expected on the south carolina
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charleston is likely to be worse than hurricane hugo. nearly 300,000 people have evacuated, but about 500,000 still need to go. she said a good indicator of how bad this is the beaufort memorial hospital is evacuating as well. >> this is really a serious storm. we have, in every way, tried to prepare as much as possible to keep you safe as possible, but we can't take you by the hand and bring you to the upstate. we can't take you by the h out of there." >> president obama call the governor and offer what had federal help the state needs. the governor said that's anything the state needs at all and doesn't happen have like more generators, baby formula, and cots for shelter. good morning. it's 4:37 on this friday, giving you a live look at 540 at capital boulevard and the roads are very wet on the way
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morgan street at u.s. 70, not seeing it affect traffic or cause delays. look at durham where the rain is falling on 85. that's what you're taking to work, durham freeway or 40. you will have a slick commute in so give yourself extra time. roads through fayetteville look pretty good. a live look out of the freeway at cornwallis, you need wipers on and extra time on this friday morning. >> appreciate it so much. thank still ahead here -- we're at 4:38. >> skies available for us any time we're in trouble. > [ indistinct ] out of devastation of hurricane matthew comes stories of people coming together to help.
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carolina, 4:41 on this friday morning. yes, we have made it to friday and now hurricane matthew is inching closer, not feeling the effects of matthew just yet on our coast. this is a live picture from oak island but showers of their own this morning will be impact us in central north carolina. they will watch the storm up the coast. right now the storm is off the coast of florida. here's the latest on hurricane matthew. your 4:00 a.m. advisory, wind of 120 miles per hour, gusts as strong as 160 miles per hour and at one point a clear, defined eye. it's pretty cloud up. we could see the eye distinctly on the radar image and will show you in just a bit, moving northwest at 14 miles per hour. this is a massive storm. we're waiting for that 5:00 a.m. advisory to come down from the national hurricane center. now, here locally, we're dealing with rain of our own. this is not matthew yet, 66
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new burn saw some wet weather this morning, now moving towards the wilson and wayne counties areas. we want to look at wilson -- pockets of yellow and green on the 95 corridor or just east, rather, of the 95 corridor, and into wayne county. that could slow you down on the roads this morning. mid-60s in raleigh and durham, 68 in lillington and fayetteville to planning your day -- a wet morning, cloudy and cool we may get to 71 as scattered showers continue throughout the afternoon. i will let you know the latest on hurricane matthew and when we'll finally see the sunshine return coming up in your complete storm team forecast. russ? >> 4:42 in the morning. as hurricane matthew barrels towards florida, georgia, and south carolina, leaders pleaded with people to leave the area, but some did not listen. >> we were a fool because this hurricane is not like any other hurricane we have seen. >> we caught up with some
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warnings, but others packed couple headed out of the area. where they ended up and how they plan to ride out the storm
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malaysian and australian officials confirm a appreciation of a wing found on an island in the indian ocean belonged to missing malaysian the plane with 22 people on board disappeared march 8, 2014, while flying from kuala lumpur to beijing. a jury heard about the moments friends tried to take away the keys of a former unc student who admitted to driving drunk and causing a crash that kill the lead people last year. chandler kenya is on trial, facing three counts of second- degree murder.
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and killed mcfee, harris and period. on the witness stand, friends talked about how they tried to prevent him from driving that night and the judge dismissed juror for falling asleep for 25 minutes during witness testimony. one of the two alternate will take the juror's place for the remainder of the trial. testimony continues today. right now, hurricane matthew pear down on florida. it was downgraded to a category 3 storm overnight. >> 2 milln marley hall has the latest on matthew. >> reporter: overnight, the outer bands of hurricane matthew fan pummeling the florida coast one relenting rain and roaring winds. the storm surge from the category 3 storm sent boats in this harbor rocking side to side. >> it's really quite a sight. >> reporter: storm shutters were rip off business in west palm beach. in daytona beach, most
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businesses. i think of my own family. we can't rebuild a life. this storm's a monster. >> reporter: some people who couldn't get out of town sought safety in red cross shelters, this one inside a school cafeteria. >> they were in mobile homes or vulnerable place and heeding the call from authorities. >> reporter: conditions in orlando will intensify over the next few hour and is expected to slam florida all day with hurricane force wind and turn towards georgia. the ordering mandatory evacuation, reversing a lane of traffic on this highway yesterday to accommodate the exodus. this beach bar stayed open for one last party. >> we're closedded after tonight and should be good after that. >> reporter: matthew is expected to move to sea this weekend. marley hall, cbs news, orlando, florida. >> more than 200,000 people in florida are already without power. president obama declared a state of emergency in florida,
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interstate 95 was full of people looking for safe places to stay after leaving their home ahead of hurricane matthew and on the north carolina/south carolina border, people stopped south of the border. many left from myrtle beach, south carolina, and felt safe enough at the motel there. others drove to raleigh to find hotel room and some said they will gamble and drive home to areas expected to be affected by the storm. >> hit 95. that's what i'm worried about becae can we get off before it hits us? >> it's basically a waiting game to see how the storm affects the area and how they can get home. alyssa, it's certainly a waiting game with this crazy track. >> yeah, this storm is taking a slow track and speaking of waiting for the storm, we have our crew on oak island this morning. you can see the waves in the distance, not looking too big or ominous at this time.
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impact north carolina tonight into the day tomorro . when you see heavy downpours tomorrow, you can say hello, matthew, but showers are moving off the coast. couple those with the rain we're expecting from matthew and why we're looking at a flash flood watch for portions of our viewing area, including southern portions of the viewing area. last week, portions cumberland, and hoke counties received over 10 inches of rain. this extend on the 95 corridor. these areas we expect do see the highest rainfall totals from matthew before this is all said and done. we are waking up to dreary conditions. look at this moisture collecting out of the airport, 66 degrees as we start off our friday morning. these showers continued to stream from the coast this morning, some pockets pretty
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with the heaviest rain showers over wilson, east of 95 and move down 795 towards gold borrow, wayne county. these will continue throughout the day and will not be nonstop rain but showers will continue on and off again through the majority of the day so very slow to move, upper 60s 8:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., and and couple that -- it will be breezy and not going to be the prettiest day for us as we wrap up the work week and we're tracking matthew that will come in tomorrow -- not the actual track of the storm but the rain associated with the storm so this is the latest advisory, wind of 120 miles per hour. gusts have moved north-
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cocoa beach and port canaveral, reaching orlando. here are scattered showers. 6:00 a.m., wet weather. it continues through lunchtime and will continue into the afternoon and a brief lull this evening. this is matthew starting to spread outer bands into our area possibly as early as overnight and could be as you wake around 6:00 tomorrow so rainfall totals will add up. if you're in this band of orange including harnett, lee, moore county, 2 to 4-inches, wind gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour and once the ground is saturated, trees toppling over. . you're in this area in red --
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40-mile-per-hour wind gusts possible. 68 lillington, 66 raleigh, low 70s in raleigh and durham, 75 fayetteville and showers continue, mild and breezy. matthew is bringing gusty wind and rain and should be out of here sunday morning and then we are dry. we earned it, next 70s will return. 6:52 right now. what's the latest on the roadways? good morning, alyssa. it's raining out there so we have a split commute on this friday morning, i-40 at lake wheeler road. give yourself extra time as you head out the door. we have a crash closer to raleigh near u.s. 70, not
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green, meaning it's raining so 85, 70, 40, you will need to give yourself extra time and take yourself in, give yourself extra time. fort bragg, no problems to report there. on the cary parkway east of u.s. 1 and 64, a live hook and you can see how slick roads are. before we go to break, here's a look at what is coming up o i'm charlie rose. which candidate could benefit from the town hall format.
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the eastern part of the state after matthew's impact. the area is no stranger to flooding. in kinston, the river has overrun its banks a number of times. in the ?90s, floyd and fran came through the area. employees of one business remember the floods that inundated the building. they're keeping a very close watch on matthew. >> does it make you nervous, generally speaking? >> yes, definitely, especially
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the building. we start immediately making plans how we're going to evacuate it. >> now, the big decision, whether to clear out the body shop or not. the owners tell us they will make the decision as the storm gets closer to north carolina. in the sandhills, people hope they don't have a repeat of last week's historic flooding. we caught up with workers in hope mills, preparing the areas most prone to experiencing issues. town leaders are most worried about there's a mass of destruction in haiti where more than 283 people have died. >> local relief volunteers are getting ready to help. north carolina baptist on mission are preparing to stand medical and construction teams. they said congregations are concerned about a cholera outbreak due to dirty water and hope to go to cuba and are sending aid workers there ahead. >> we're sending food box and
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help cuban baptists as they rebuild. they will repurchases food for the community, building materials for churches that were destroyed and for homes. >> a mobile food unit will head to florida to serve up to 30,000 meals day. these volunteers helped after hurricane sandy and other storms as well. samaritan's purse is already in haiti. the plane touch down in port-au- prince. it's based here in north carolina. it was packed with 20 tons of supply to help the matthew. >> 4:57 on your friday. matthew the most dangerous hurricane in a decade and is battering the florida coast right now. >> the impact is already being felt in north carolina to a degree. cbs north carolina has a crew on the coast with a live report in our next half hour. in the meantime, here's a live look outside as you're heading to work this morning. it is not a pretty day. give yourself extra time for
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>> if you respect what they're doing, please evacuate. because they're doing this to save you. and eventually we're going to have to move them out so we can make sure they're safe. right now on cbs north carolina, evacuations are underway on the east coast as first responders prepare from haiti to our coast, we have a look at the the impact matthew is having and could have. >> good morning. thanks for watching cbs north carolina on your friday. i'm stefan chase. >> good morning, everybody. i'm russ bowen. we begin with the latest on hurricane matthew. president obama has already signed an emergency disaster declaration for florida and south carolina, paving the way for federal resources. >> haiti the hardest-hit area by the storm so far, at least


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