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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  CBS  October 7, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> if you respect what they're doing, please evacuate. because they're doing this to save you. and eventually we're going to have to move them out so we can make sure they're safe. right now on cbs north carolina, evacuations are underway on the east coast as first responders prepare from haiti to our coast, we have a look at the the impact matthew is having and could have. >> good morning. thanks for watching cbs north carolina on your friday. i'm stefan chase. >> good morning, everybody. i'm russ bowen. we begin with the latest on hurricane matthew. president obama has already signed an emergency disaster declaration for florida and south carolina, paving the way for federal resources. >> haiti the hardest-hit area by the storm so far, at least
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emergency to all 100 counties to allow for more resources to move south. school system in the area being proactive, not taking chances. cumberland and harnett county schools will close two hours early today. >> thousand are leaving their homes ahead of matthew and many ending up in north carolina to ride out the storm. leaders still warning people to get out of >> for the latest on the path of matthew, let's go to alyssa corfont. good morning. good morning, guys. good morning to you at home. the latest information from the national hurricane center, this is still a category 3 hurricane with wind and rain spreading across the east coast of florida. you can see orlando, daytona beach on 95 near port canaveral, cocoa beach area. they're seeing the worst of the weather right now, very
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feet there. jacksonville, florida, and closer to savannah, georgia, southern portions of georgia already starting to see the wet weather. this is not associated with hurricane matthew yet. matthew starts to come into play for us tonight into tomorrow morning but you can see showers will cause headaches on the roadways as wet roads are expected for yesterday, 65 durham, 66 raleigh, 64 lewisburg around the sandhills, 67 raeford, and 65 pinehurst. for the day ahead, 68 this morning, wet and breezy throughout the day as well with, 69 our temperature at noon, and this is just the
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of you. we'll have the latest in the complete storm team forecast. as hurricane matthew approached the coast of florida, the storm brought strong winds and rough seas. >> the outer banks of matthew started hitting daytona and cocoa beach yesterday. the rain was off and on all day today. >> some coastal towns returned states of emergency in preparation for the impact of the storm and what it could have on our state. >> team coverage of the north carolina's jonathan rodriguez, joining us in brunswick county. thunderstorms out there. what else is happening? >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. ocracoke island under a state of emergency. the storms cleared up a little bit. it's been hit or miss throughout the morning. we came out. it was pouring with lightning and 30 minutes later, it cleared out. alyssa has been saying none of this is from matthew yet so
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they have been getting a lot of rain so you add in the potential of storm surge and several inches of rain, flooding is of course an issue. we went up and down the ocean front property and a lot of people not taking chances with homes. you look at the video from the bahamas and florida, they do not want to see the same damage so they have been board being up windows and doors. we passe doing the same. many staying open but putting those wood panels on their doors and windows to be safe. also the area has shut down schools today. they wanted to make sure they left room for shelters that will open at 8:00. we'll monitor conditions, including the potential of evacuations that emergency officials say they will discuss and continue to watch the track this morning. we'll keep you up-to-date from the coast. >> all right, jonathan, stay safe. thank you.
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matthew at rdu. >> flights are being cancelled, impacting fliers. carleigh griffith has the latest on that and what are you seeing on the board there? >> reporter: well, russ, there are few cancellations just going to and from florida and the airport is bustling at this hour already. you can see there is a line to get through security but, there have been a dozen cancellations so far and nationally 1500 flights cancelled yesterday, another 1700 canceled for today. the toll on travel is pretty heavy across the country because of hurricane matthew. but the folks that are able to make it out of florida are coming to places like raleigh for safety. our crews spoke with several passengers yesterday as they arrived to rdu from different
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their trip short and others decided they didn't want to risk staying at home so they came here to meet friends or family. >> people kind of got just a little crazy, the grocery stores, the hustle, bustle. >> reporter: and some flights have been canceled, over 400 so far right now and rdi is posting the la we have a link on our website, and, of course, we will keep you updated on cancellations throughout the morning. >> carleigh, thanks a lot. south carolina now, flash flooding on the coast is expected to be a problem for the next 48 hours. nearly 300,000 people have left the area. the governor encourages more
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members have been mobilized and 3,000 are on standby. back here at home if you're about to hit the roads, let's check traffic. hey, ali. >> good morning and don't forget the umbrella. 40 at reedy creek road, things moving pretty well but you need to give yourself extra time. we have slick roadways because of the overnight rain and the rain that continues to fall in some areas. if you're heading through raleigh, 540, 440, and 40 look pretty good. sections of 540 where you the rain, falling, give yourself extra time. 85, durham freeway, you will have your wipers on. through fayetteville, 85 corridor moving well and local roads towards fort bragg, no incidents to report there. we have a detour you need to know about. a reminder for you -- hope mills road bridge is closed for work because of last week's storms. i-40 aviation parkway is what we're leaving you with, another look at traffic coming up.
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5:08 is your time. >> we were with the last flight out. people on the east coast are scrambling to find a safe place to go as matthew gets closer to florida, georgia, and south carolin . >> we continue to get the newest information on the path. team coverage continue in two minutes when alyssa corfont
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>> welcome back to cbs north carolina. the time is 5:10 on this friday morning. we're looking from a live picture from oak island in brunswick county here in north carolina, our crew town there doing a great job providing context of how they're preparing for the storm but yet we're still hundreds of miles away from matthew, matthew off the coast of florida this morning, wind of 120 miles per
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130 miles per hour, moving northwest at 13 miles per hour so bringing wind and rain, dangerous storm surge of 9 feet expec ed on the coastline of florida. some of the wet weather making its way into georgia. this storm not going to make it into our neck of the woods -- or the wet weather, anyway -- until saturday but the storm will be closest to us sunday morning at 2:00 a.m., a category 1 off shore of wilmington so they will see a storm surge of 5, 6 feet or so sunday and looks like this will curve around as a tropical storm early next week. we are seeing rain showers that could slow you down for the morning commute, few isolated shower in the triangle, the heaviest rain around nash, edgecombe, so take your time there. i will let you know if this rain tapers off before matthew
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forecast. >> thanks, alyssa. matz you blindsided a church in haiti for a volunteer church. people are giving food and supplies to people devastated by the storm. this is an annual trip for the church since 2010. the four members of the church are expected to return to hillsboro by sunday, hopefully. time right now 5:13. crashing waves and whipping winds, matthew re its mark on florida this morning as the storm heads towards the east coast. people get being out of its path. but people are not the only once looking for safer places to g . we'll show you the preparations to protect some of our four-legged family members,
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belongs to missing malaysian flight 370. the plane with 239 people on board disappeared march 8, 2014. testimony cons in the chandler kenya trial. the former unc student pleaded guilty to some charges in a drunk driving crashes that killed three people. hurricane matthew is blamed on at least 283 deaths in haiti. matthew isec wind and rain to georgia and south carolina before heading out to sea this weekend. before matthew fan aiming at the florida coast, special rescue coup crews mobile eyed. >> volunteers packed up supplies and are waiting to go to hardest hit areas. people left their homes for safer places. people are not the only ones
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at this geathersburg shelter. >> the ending for the animals here is a forever home, that they're on somebody's couch and welcomed to a loving family and that the agencies in the impacted state have the space to take on lost or stray animals going to be in a situation where they're homeless after the storm. >> reporter: elite disaster squads are going into the crews are loading up for lakeland, florida, ready for rescues caused by heavy winn wind and high water. >> we're the swiss army knife so we have to do anything at any time and any play. >> reporter: a sentiment echoed by maryland task force one. crews feared up in rockville. they will stand by in marietta, georgia, outside atlanta. >> people will go in to rescue
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work pretty much nonstop. >> tens of thousands of people in florida have already lost power and to prepare for that utility crews are getting ready to help get the lights back on. heat let's turn it to alyssa corfont, keeping a close eye on that. >> good morning, guys. our crew in oak island this morning is helping us, close up they're seeing the same showers we're seeing in central north carolina but will ride out the storm. we'll let you know how that impacts the coastal communes. closer to home, flash flood watch from late this afternoon until sunday afternoon because we're expecting significant amount of rain and areas under the flash flood watch very rain- soaked from last week's flooding across harnett county,
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corridor throughout the weekend. it's 66 right now. showers streaming from the coast and will continue throughout the afternoon with you not wanting to give up the umbrella. then you will be able to trade in for sunglasses creedmore, durham, wake counties, heavier showers on 95 in nash county. rocky mount, bailey, wilson, heavy rain through edgecombe county into northeastern portions of wayne county. goldsboro, the rain pretty light but these rainfall rates will pick up for you. this is spreading in a westerly direction so johnston and franklin county, you should be the next to see the rain. hour by hour, the showers are
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washout but more hours will have wet weather than others, 68 through 10:00 a.m., high of 71 this afternoon, breezy. we drop back to 69 by 6:00 p.m. so here's the latest track on matthew. remember, this is a 5:00 a.m. update. this storm 40 miles east- southeast of cape canaveral, florida, moving north-northwest at 13 miles per hour so still a powerful category 3 storm that saturday morning. that would be winds about 105 miles per hour, still a dangerous category 2 hurricane off the coast of charleston, south carolina. that's why they're issuing evacuations for the coastal communities through georgia and south carolina. this takes the hard southeasterly turn. the closest it gets to us sunday morning, wind of 75 miles per hour, weakens into a tropical storm but still a tropical storm as it circles towards the northern back ham
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let's talk about the rain chances for us. overnight tonight, that's when we start to see the outer band of matthew so the rain could be ongoing and could be heavy at times and will continue saturday, pockets of red and durham. sampson, cumberland, wayne counties, 4 to 6 inches of rain and trees topple so a threat we will have to monitor tomorrow. your temperatures mid-60s in the triangle to start your day, low 70s this afternoon, fayetteville, 75. tonight, we should drop to 67, showers continue, mild and breezy and heaviest rain expected saturday with
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tapering off first thing sunday morning, drier weather for monday through thursday of next week. 5:21 now. let's check your forecast -- or your roads, not your forecast. >> good morning. i'll leave that to you, alyssa. the 64 bypass is very dark, meaning not much traffic on 540 yet. if you're heading perfect conditions to hydroplane. one detour you need to know about because of last week's storm, hope mills road bridge is closed at camden road so they can fix that into the
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in australia, we're always saying, "no worries, mate!" but in the outback, "no worries" means a three course meal for just $12.99 every wednesday, soup or salad, entree and dessert. you know what else no worries wednesday is? bloomin' great! ? >> it's friday night, now, the blitz on cbs north carolina.
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saw the bulk of high school football action and our game of the week was a showdown. the crusaders average 40 points per game while the hornets only give up 11 so something had to give. it was the offense that showed up big last night. elliot has offers from big schools. you know why? because they love seeing it and he's got it, a 52-yarder to put the team responded with the play of the week nominee. you can see the tip and the one- handed grab. that's a touchdown and a very nice play but wouldn't be enough. the hornets haven't lost a conference game since 2010 and wouldn't lose this one. hillside gets the win 41-35. in the cafe conference, top two team from a year ago took the field last night. wakefield taking on wake forest and the game was all about wake
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that kid can fly. the offense looks good but these guys are known for their defense. hodge and mckay and the cue gasser get the win but what is more impressive is the fact this is the great set out for the defense. they won that one 45-0. after all the rescheduling this week, there are only three games left on the schedule tonight. [ indistinct ] we'll have highlight and many more tonight at 11:00. that's all the time we have for sports this morning but be sure to join us at 6:00 and 11:00 for more sports news including an update cam newton's concussion on cbs north carolina. >> we'll take it. the arizona cardinals are 2- 3 after taking advantage of miscues by the 49ers.
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win 33-21. those drives totaled 41 yards but enough to is send the 49ers to their fourth loss in five games. it's 5:27. coming up in our next half hour -- good morning. we're on oak island under a state of emergency with mandatory evacuatings for residents -- visitors, that is -- and we'll have more how many flights are being
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>> this storm is a monster. i'm going to pray for everybody's safety. right now on cbs north carolina, florida, georgia, and south carolina under states of emergency as hurricane matthew batters the east coast. matthew could be the most powerful hurricane to strike
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good morning, everyone. thanks for watching north carolina news. i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase. thank you for tuning in on this friday. we begin with the latest on hurricane matthew. we have a bird's eye view of the devastation left behind in cuba. >> that's what you're seeing right here. most of the storm in the eastern part of the area were damaged by 140-mile-per-hour winds and pounded cuba in haiti. this is a live picture from brunswick county. that's where jonathan rodriguez is monitoring conditions. >> governor mccrory is in discussions with president obama. cumberland county school and harnett county schools will close two hours early today


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