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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  October 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> hello and good morning. i'm stefan chase. >> yes, thanks for being with us. we're going to cbs in new york with the very latest on matthew. >> reporter: -- and powerful waves. there's a picture moment ago from daytona beach shores showing the power of matthew. it is expected to pound the atlantic seabo florida to south carolina. >> now, here's what we have learned. the eye of the deadly storm has stayed off shore and may have spared some areas from the worst damage but this hurricane is still dangerous and potentially life-threatening, now a category 3 with top sustained wind of 120 miles an hour after weakening a little bit overnight. but the storm surge may be the biggest threat. it could be 7 to 11 feet in many areas. mark is in daytona beach,
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>> reporter: good morning. these wind and rains are really kicking in since 10:00 a.m. p.m. have gone on all night long and will pretty much have them all day long. as you mentioned, the hurricane is off shore. we're still feeling 60-mile-per- hour wind in parts of volusia county where i'm standing. the good news is this hurricane apparently is not going to have the catastrophic impact initially feared. one side of that, for instance, the power is that maybe by now we wouldn't have power but, of course, obviously we do. there is a curfew in effect by this county that started last -- will go on until saturday morning. 3800 people are in shelters. by and large people did heed the mandatory order to evacuate. i did run into some hold-outs, people that were going to ride out the storm in their homes. they thought they would roll
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right now, everything appears pretty good. people have their fingers crossed the storm will stay off shore and spare the east coast of florida, which is what everybody here wants. gayle? >> a little bit of good news. thank you. loni quinn of w cbs is here to show us where it's heading in the next few hours. lonnie, what's the latest? >> let's take a peek of the satellite image because i want to dovetail what mark said, keeping their fingers crossed it stays off shore. that's the big story and is off shore. this is cape canaveral right there. this is a little too close for comfort, okay? you could possibly have a landfall within the next two, maybe three hours or so. it's 40 miles east-southeast of cape canaveral, wind plowing at 120 miles per hour moving north- northwest at 13. so we could have that landfall or could just stay right off
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then curving around, maybe transitioning to a cat 2 around georgia, cat 1 south carolina, then loop towards the bahamas. i got to point out this is the consensus cone, not the only possibility. know there are couple of reliable models keeping it pushing north northeast so we have to keep our eye on this and believe it will curve back down. the storm surge will be a big deal and sure enough, 7 to 11- lucie tosa van ghana, georgia, charleston, 4 to 6 feet. you could have could find big rain in georgia, south carolina, maybe north carolina. these are projected numbers, just projected, but 9.3 inches savannah, 15.8 florence, 13.3 fayetteville. as of right now, because of the way the eye is situated, and we're staying off shore, the heaviest, 120-mile-per-hour wind, tiny band around the eye
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right now it looks like this becomes a storm, more about the water than the wind. we'll keep a close eye on this. back to you. in thanks, lonnie. we will have full coverage on "cbs this morning" and scott pelley will be with a team of correspondents throughout the south with storm coverage continues right now on our streaming news network, cbsn. this has been a special report. i'm charlie rose with fay let king and norah o'donnell, cbs
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>> the storm will kill you. >> this is a very serious situatio . now on cbs north carolina, governors in three states
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daytona beach shores in florida. they, along with south carolina and georgia, are under federal states of emergencies this morning. >> right now we're keeping a close eye on the sunshine state where matthew weakened into a category 3 around 2:00 this morning but still will bring rain and wind our way. >> that's right. let's check in with alyssa corfont, working very hard to keep up with the latest on matthew's projected path. >> good morning, guys. this storm has stayed off off shore. the strongest wind with the storm, just 10 miles away from port canaveral it has already reported this morn a wind gust of 100 help. in the eye wall is where we see the strongest wind of the hurricane and will continue to see those wind gusts continue to spread on shore of florida. whether or not it will be
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it is across daytona beach, orlando, jacksonville and spreading across southern portions of the georgia coastline. savannah would be the next to see widespread rain in association with hurricane matthew. now, we're seeing our rain this morning, heavy showers in nash, edgecombe, wilson counties, and wake counties. this is not associated with hurricane matthew but will slow you down as you head for the door this morning. 67 raleigh, 70 goldsboro, 71 clinton, while raeford is at 68 degrees. here's the forecast for the day ahead, a wet morning, 68, 69 at lunchtime, cloudy and cool, showers continue this afternoon with a high of 71. i do think hurricane matthew will spread wind and rain as early as tonight and tomorrow is going to be another wet one for us. more in your complete forecast. well, matthew may not be here in north carolina yet but
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effect at rdu and other painters in the state. >> flights are being canceled around the country and here at home. carleigh griffith has the latest from rdu. >> reporter: yesterday about 1500 flights across the nation were canceled. so far, 1700 flyings were canceled and here at rdu, a dozen so far. you can see at the departures flights being canceled are to florida, miami, orlando, fort lauderdale. of course matthew is taking a toll on travel across the country and those able to make flights out of florida are coming to places like raleigh for safety. our crews yesterday spoke with several passengers here as they arrived from different areas impacted by the hurricane. some people cut their trips short and others decided they
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they came here to meet friends or family. >> so i was fortunate the other people i work with had to drive to tampa to try to get out and two with of them are sheltering in play. >> reporter: some flights already have been canceled for saturday, over 400. rdu is posting the latest updates on their website and we do have a link to we will keep you updated at >> thanks, carleigh. some of our coastal communities returned a state of emergency. >> many had evacuation orders in place for several days. jonathan rodriguez joins us live from brunswick county, where he cons our coverage.
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this area under a state of emergency and all of brunswick county under a state of emergency, the storm plenty of miles from the coast but people want to be prepared because this could see the largest impact. it's been breezy, a slight rain but this morning, we have quite a few storms and lightning up and down the beach. none of this is from matthew yet but points out an interesting problem area. the ground is saturated so if and when it approaches the area, flooding and wind knocking down trees and earlier yesterday we went up and down the coastline to look how people were preparing, board being up windows and doors. they have seen three storm and know what kind of damage it can bring and wanted to make sure they stay prepared for that kind of thing.
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everybody playing everything by ear. there's a mandatory evacuation for visitors on the island and voluntary one for people. people will try to ride this thing out. for the most part, it's a clear beach. the pier may close to be safe because there could be surf and storm surge 3 to 6 feet. back to you. >> let's check traffic now with ali. >> good morning. it's 6:12. you can see the rain on our traffic cameras, a wet ride in on this friday morning and the map shows you where it's falling. portions of 540 through raleigh will have your wipers on. we have a crash garner at branch street, closer to the downtown raleigh area so a heads up if you're traveling
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so 95, give yourself extra time and take it slow on 64. wake forest, if you're traveling on wake falls road, mountain high road, rolling rocks road, the commute will be tricky so leave early. durham, 85 getting most of the rain but no crashes to report th to rtp, 23 minutes on 40 from garner to rtp, about 25. give yourself more time because of the rain almost it will slow things down. outside the clayton bypass, it's busy, wipers on this friday morning. >> yeah, you can say that again. thanks a lot. 6:13 is the time. the southeast isn't the only region dealing with severe weather this morning. >> it got pretty rough around here. >> oh, man.
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tornadoes in kansas. temperatures before you get ready to head out the door, 66 southern pines, 69 fayetteville. yes, a milder morning but for some soggy so grab the
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while people in the people in kansas clean up from tornadoes that touched down 90 miles north of wichita. several of them were caught on video and in one case, witnesses had no warning before a tornado appeared. that one apparently destroyed one woman's home. the high winds tore the house apart. several other home and parents were ripped apart, but despite the damage, no injuries were reported. back to our coverage of hurricane matthew. south carolina governor nikki
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the national weather service said winds of 110 miles per hour are affected and nearly 300,000 people have evacuated but governor haley said 500,000 more need to get out. >> this is really a serious storm. we have, in every way, tried to prepare as much as possible to keep you safe as possible but we can't take you by the hand and bring you to the upstate. we can't say, "we need to get you out of there." >> president whatever federal help the state needs. governor haley said that includes generator, food, cots, and shelter. officials at the air force base are moving their aircraft to louisiana. the base which is located in wayne county is transporting 48 fighter jets and fueling planes and will move personnel stationed on the coast.
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behind, people are stepping up to help out. north carolina baptist on mission is ready to send medical and construction teams to haiti. partner congregations are concerned about a potential cholera outbreak and hope to send aid ahead of workers. >> we're sending food boxes. we've already sent money to cuba to help cuban baptists as they rebuild and will purchase food for the community, building materials for churches that wer homes. >> a mobile food unit will head to florida today if the weather allowses with the ability to serve up to 30,000 meals day. i would imagine they will be needed. >> absolutely and so much destruction in the caribbean so if this circles around and becomes a double whammy, bad news. >> yeah, and i don't think it will circle around to the areas hit hardest such as haiti and cuba. it could impact the bahamas next week but for us, here,
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that is how it impact us the most. let's talk about that. a flash flood watch will go into effect today through sunday afternoon and really taking into consideration the amount of water that we received across portions of cumberland, harnett, hoke counties. some areas received over 10 inches of rain. also the areas we expect to get rain with and we're starting off quite soggy for some of you, rain showers through the coast so here's a live picture of our radar. rain showers really just streaming from the southeast, moving west so an opposite pattern than what we typically see, the heaviest rain this morning -- i'll have to stop this and bring a closer look, extreme franklin and wayne county, nash, wilson, edgecombe counties, water likely starting
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those directions. ali will have a check on traffic in a minute but let's talk about how long rain will impact you today, on and off again throughout the day so a wet morning, 68 at 8:00 p.m. at noon, 59, still cloudy and cool, showers towards the afternoon high, 71. it will be breezy today but matthew just on the doorstep of florida this morning, port this is a dangerous storm as is very close by the eye wall, 10 miles away from port canaveral this morning moving at wind off shore. saturday afternoon, it's off the coast of charleston, south carolina, then a southeasterly turn we like to see in north
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around as a tropical storm as it could approach the back ham mass towards the middle of next week. let's talk about our area, scattered showers this morning through lunch and into that evening drive home and this is not associated with matthew. matthew comes into the picture tonight into tomorrow, moving across columbia, south carolina, charleston, south carolina. first thing tomorrow morning it's spreading into our area and will coin the area, very heavy at times, strong wind gusts associated with this. you can see that yellow cone starts to move across hoke, cumberland, sampson county, wind 39 miles per hour or stronger saturday afternoon and gets the boot out of here sunday so summing this up for you, triangle, 2 to 4 inches of rain with matthew into our day
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areas south and east. low 70s today in raleigh and durham, 75 fayetteville. tonight, 67, showers still around and will be mild and breezy. the best rain chances with matthew come through on saturday, 71, 70 on sun and then the sunshine is here monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday of next week and if i do say so myself, we have definitely earned some sunshine. it w morning. let's turn it to ali. we have a crash on i-85 and u.s. 70, part of it cleared up and is not affecting traffic but a good reminder if you're heading out the door on this friday morning to take it slow. if you take a look at maps, we have a crash closer to downtown raleigh, one darner at branch street, heads up in that area, not seeing slowdown traffic but
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nash counties, we have ponding so 34, 64, 95, all roads affected. rocky mount, the blue is where the rain is starting to pond on the roadways to make it extra slick, perfect to hydroplane, kingston avenue, as you travel through rocky mount. durham, 85 getting most of the rain there and parts of 70 but so far pretty good and rtp, average times this time of year. 23 minutes from garner to rtp, taking 40/23. taking you outside to i-40 at barbie road, cars, a lot of them taking it slow on this friday morning rush. >> i imagine a lot of folks are evacuating. other major interstates in north carolina, a lot of evacuees. >> expect a lot of traffic,
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hurricane matthew unprecedented and its economic impact could match that. how much the storm could end up costing the country. and how it's impacting one
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hurricane matthew impacting industry and the economic impact could begin to add up. plus the storm is prompting an uncommon occurrence for one of florida's largest employers. >> reporter: investors are waiting for the september jobs report. strong numbers make it more likely the federal reserve will raise interest rates by the end of the year. analysts expect the u.s. economy added 175,000 jobs after a slowdown in august. the unemployment rate is
6:27 am
4.9%. hurricane matthew could cost the u.s. economy more than $25 billion. analysts think it could be more than that. thousand of flyings have been canceled and many restaurant and store in the floridas and carolinas are closed and walt disney world is closed today. snapchat could go public as soon as next march. the company could be valued at $25 billion or more, which would make u.s. since ali baba in 2014. a sweet treat sent from above. a frozen you further business is testing out drone delivery. they sent the package to nearby colleges and is the wave of the future. for more, follow me on twitter
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>> we're starting to see the impacts and it's a monster. right now on cbs north carolina, hurricane matthew making a big impact along florida's coast. the storm has weakened to a category 3 overnight but still bring heavy wind and rain to the sunshine state. >> the storm has left president obama to declare georgia, and south carolina. >> take a look at this video from overnight. winds in juno beach, florida, were strong enough to tear this billboard off its frame. >> thank you for watching. i'm stefan chase. >> i'm russ bowen. the storm team is work around the clock to find out what
6:31 am
the path of matthew. >> good morning, guys, and good morning to you at home. we will have wind and rain gust, 100-mile-per-hour wind gusts at port canaveral, the strongest winds at one point about 10 miles off shore so a very strong storm moving very close to the coastline. this rain spreading at times as far north as 200 landfall to savannah, southeastern portions of georgia, charleston, south carolina. we'll start to see some rain associated with this storm as we head throughout the morning. now, here, locally, yes, we're seeing our rain rain but not associated with matthew and will spread tonight into saturday morning. these are streaming from the ocean and heaviest rain this morning falling across
6:32 am
wilson counties. if you're traveling 95, can't stress enough it's been raining for some time. take your time. let's get to temperatures climbing in many locations, now 70 lillington and clayton, 71 clinton and goldsboro. here in raleigh, we have gone up to 68 and durham, 65. we have 62 roxboro. your forecast for the day ahead will be in the upper 60s through lunchtime, scattered showers throughout the morning, also those showers are still around this afternoon. we make it to before dropping back to 69 by 6:00 p.m. this evening. this is just the thing and several inches of rain to our area tomorrow and some gusty wind. i will highlight the risk and what to expect in the compete forecast. roads are wet, probably causing concern. here's ali. good morning. 85 and 70 taking you to where
6:33 am
responders clearing the area. it's pretty wet and we have super slick roads and conditions are favorable to hydroplane. and through wilson and nash county, take a look where there's blue. this is ponding on the roadway and we'll zoom in a little bit to give a better idea of some of the streets affectedded here but if you're t morning, wipers on and take it slow. u.s. 1 from 40 to downtown, 19 minutes from 540 to downtown, about 22 minutes. airport boulevard is very busy and people heading up north so
6:34 am
extremely crowded today. people are keeping an eye on matthew after being familiar with flooding. floyd swept through the building and houses the ultimate body shop. >> does it make you nervous? water begins rising and comes close to the building and how we will evacuate. >> they have not decided whether or not to close. in the sandhills area, people hope they don't they don't have a repeat of flooding. officials in hope mills said their main concern is a sewage pipe that could buster if flooded with debris. thousands of people are looking for safe places to stay
6:35 am
areas. on the north carolina/south carolina state line, people were stopping at south of the border. me advantage waited from myrtle beach and say they felt safe enough at the hotel. others had to drive as far as raleigh to find hotel rooms. >> how fast can we get off before it hits us? >> hotels and cits inland as asheville are also having trouble accommodating the flood of evacuees. let's take a look at this video from south palm beach. heavy wind knocked over these power line that we're taking a look at. you can see them into a tree. fortunately, authorities were able to quickly take care of the situatio . right now we don't know if there are any injuries. in cocoa beach, bright flashes as far as the eye can see when a transformer blew last night.
6:36 am
thousands in florida without power. you can see there's a whole lot of lightning there that people have to look out for, one other thing to be concerned about. matthew is pushing it way towards georgia. >> we have a crew from a border area that has the latest. >> we're getting the full feel of this. the rain has picked up in the last 15 or 20 minutes and winds are so powerful you can see the trees and the american flag with the rain from the side. once wind gusts are sustained at 40 miles, we're on the florida line, jacksonville
6:37 am
closing down bridges later this morning, 40-mile-per-hour sustained wind is the threshold for that and spent the entire day and for the most part, they did, but with powerful storms, there are few hangers-on and officials in florida and georgia say stay inside because if you have not left yet, this is where ou storm. everything from west to interstate 95 is closed right now with one business open, the hotel we're staying in, they're telling everybody to get out and expect it worse than this. we have rain and wind. you said it. we have been upgraded from damp and soaked while matthew has been downgraded to a category 3 storm it doesn't matter how strong the storm is. it's hugging the east coast of
6:38 am
coastline into coastal georgia, impacted by the storm and different because you can pinpoint landfall locations but for this we will have people impacted from southeast florida through the carolinas as well by the chances of bands and severe weather as it makes its way closer to the coast. >> one thing, first responders will stop being able to respond to 911 calls. prepare for the worst and for the best at this point. we're live in georgia. back to you. >> thanks so much for that. be safe while you're out. >> that's right. overprepared, under whelmed. >> let's hope so is fingers crossed. 6:38. coverage continues all morning long on cbs north carolina. your temperatures, 70 smithfield, 71 clinton and goldsboro, rain moving in to central north carolina.
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we continue our coverage tracking matthew this morning and you're telling me cape canaveral is starting to feel it we had 100-mile-per-hour wind gusts this morning and saw another report of a gust of 102 miles per hour, starting to see the outer eye wall in that area, and this is the latest of the storm, the 6:00 a.m. advisory, 120-mile-per-hour winds, gusts as high as 150, and the strongest wind gusts are certainly felt within the eye wall so we'll watch for more reports coming from the east coast of florida. moving north-northwest at 14
6:42 am
surprised here. the hurricane warning continues for the coast of florida, georgia, south carolina, as well. we have tropical storm warning in effect for areas of south carolina including myrtle beach, also a few counties in north carolina that includes wilmington and where we have our crews stationed this morning near oak island. let's go ahead and talk about the rain and what is affect of it. a flash flood watch will go into effect today through soaked areas of harnett and cumberland counties, hoke county. some of those air areas received over 10 inches of rain last week and the 95 corridor could receive several inch of rain as we track matthew. it turned away before it hits us but enough rain will make an impact. the rain we're feeling this morning is not associated with matthew. we are seeing pocketing of
6:43 am
few isolated showers lee and moore counties but look at this across portions of nash, edgecombe, wilson counties, spreading through warren and vance counties. we have heavy rain towards henderson. take your type with water collecting on the roadways. it could be dangerous for the morning commute. it could be wet with upper 60s. we're in the upper 60s through noon, cool this time of year, 71 our afternoon high and will be breezy as we t we'll have more on your forecast and when hurricane matthew's strongest wind gusts will arrive in a bit. >> 6:43 in the morning. up next, a look at damage left behind by hurricane matthew. this in the caribbean you see and an update on the death
6:44 am
governor mccrory is attacking roy cooper on the state crime lab. well, we know roy cooper and we know the problems he discovered when he became attorney general. roy found a backlog of over 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but he cleared the backlog. and roy cooper helped us solve over 2,000 crimes and put 165 killers and rapists in prison
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in the caribbean are in recovery mode. take a look at new pictures we're just getting in from haiti. at last check, the number is 283. that's how many people have died there when that storm rolled through the region earlier this week. a united nations official said hurricane matthew is the country's worst humanitarian disaster since the earthquake in 2010. matthew's impact isn't expected to be anywhere near that destructive, but the storm will bring heavy rain and high winds our way. >> in fact, on the coast, man tropical storm warning. the evacuations have been happening for several days. cbs north carolina's jonathan rodriguez joins from brunswick county with how people are getting ready. is it still pretty calm out there jonathan? >> reporter: yeah, not too bad right now. we see image from florida from the caribbean, haiti and thankfully we won't see that on the coast but people are preparing and southeastern
6:47 am
several inching of rain to an area that's seen a lot of rain so flooding can be a big impact. for the most part, clear throughout this morning. earlier when we got out at 2:40 this morning, lightning up and down the beach. that cleared out but as alyssa has been saying, none of that is from matthew yet, just adding more rain and the potential for more flooding in this area. they're take it very seriously. oak island under a state evacuates. they have closed schools today and will open some for shelters. shelters will open up in about a little over an hour, about 8:00, they're expecting those things to open up, just to be prepared, they had a mandatory evacuation for all visitors. we know that threw a wrench into some weddings that were supposed to be today and tomorrow. those have been canceled on the beach with a voluntary evacuation for people who live out here. a lot of people say they're
6:48 am
are taking precautionses with storms. we saw them boarding up windows and doors. we talked to eos, emergency operation center. they're ready to go to fire, police police officers, everyone on standby, watching how closely it will move to the area. the biggest potential threat is wind knocking over pou line and trees and we will keep an eye on things an >> communities are taking precautionses. harnett and cumberland county schools are operating on closing two hours early. >> and we're watching the flooding possibility. >> we have a flash flood watch that will go into effect through the afternoon. the heaviest rain is expected saturday with hurricane matthew moving up the east coast, not
6:49 am
and the heaviest storm 200 miles away. we are expecting several inches of rainfall in central north carolina so so let's get to where the rain is falling and showers are from the coast with the heaviest rain in nash and franklin counties and vance towards henderson, warren county. even northern portions of wake county towards wake forest, receiving g towards rocky mount, wilson -- again, this could add insult to injury as we are expecting several inches of rain to come through the area with hurricane matthew. let's get to the hour by hour forecast, upper 60s through 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. this morning, good chance for rain. 69 at noon, make it to 70, barely, by 2:00, 71 our high, breezy today. again, these are just showers moving in from the ocean. what matthew will bring is
6:50 am
early as tonight, more than likely not reaching until tomorrow morning. here's the forecast and the forecast track, wind at 120 miles per hour with matthew, located 25 miles east of cape canaveral, the eye wall very close to port canaveral, 102- mile-per-hour wind. it's off the coast of georgia saturday and off the coast, rather, of charleston, south first thing sunday morning so the closest to north carolina it comes, weakens into a tropical storm as it heads southward into the middle of next week. let's talk about the wind forecast. watch this area of yellow including hoke, cumberland, sampson, and wayne counties towards 4:00 saturday afternoon. that's the potential to have wind gusts over 39 miles per hour so that is tropical storm
6:51 am
towards sunday. as far as the rain is concerned, scattered showers in your forecast today from start to begin in. it won't be a washout but the chance of rain will be there and here come outer band of matthew for first thing saturday morning, heading through lunchtime and the afternoon. 2 to 4 inches in the triangle tree and power lines. 4 to 6 inches, wouldn't be surprised to see higher than that in sampson and cumberland county, wind gusts closer to 40 miles per hour as well. low 70s for highs in raleigh and durham, 75 fayetteville. tonight, near 67, still going to be mild and breezy as showers stick around. the brunt of matthew's impacts are saturday and out of here first thing sunday and then
6:52 am
68, 70s in the forecast by tuesday. that's your latest forecast. let's check the roads. what's the latest, ali? good morning, a busy morning out there, 85 and u.s. 70, crash cleared from this area but the rain continues to fall, making it a slick commute through durham. we have report of an overturned car and will take it to you roxboro street at shady creek drive, heads up. you can see 751 seems to slow down and if we take you on over to wilson and where we see ponding on the roadways like alyssa mentioned and the rain still falling so on 95, you're going to need your wipers through the wilson and closer, some roads that we are seeing, london church, cranberry ridge road, extra time needed on this friday morning, 540 to glenwood, 16
6:53 am
from newborn to wade avenue about 9:00. >> we'll be back with more news that you need to know before you leave. but first, a preview of what the team is working for. millions prepare for the catastrophic and deadly effects of matthew. we'll scott. plus teams on the coast of georgia and south carolina brace for massive flooding and storm surges. and which candidate is best positioned for the second presidential debate? bob here is will have analysis.
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6:55 am
the biggest story of the day is the news that for the
6:56 am
>> the storm weakened to a category 3 as it moves along florida's east coast, leading to problems for people just trying to travel, especially fly. >> carleigh griffith joins us live from rdu with how matthew is impacting flights out there, in and ou . >> reporter: yeah, russ, stefan, rdu has been consistently busy this morning but folks coming in and out of here are not going to or from florida. now, you can see there are it their tickets, trying to get to their flights, but there have been more than 1500 flights canceled nationally yesterday, today, and another 1700 have already been canceled. matthew is definitely taking a toll on travel across the u.s. and we actually did speak to some travelers coming from florida yesterday. they said they were trying to get away from the storm and staying with family and friends because they didn't want to
6:57 am
big impact and over 400 flights canceled so keep an eye on affected flights. you can keep tabs at rdu's website. we'll let you know if there are more cancellations throughout the day. carleigh griffith, cbs north carolina. >> thanks a lot. let's get to it. >> we're watching matthew pear on the east co wind gusts at fort canaveral of 102 miles per hour, rain as far north as charleston, south carolina, the storm and we're seeing scattered showers around central north carolina this morning and will slow you down. hurricane matthew doesn't arrive in our neck of the woods until tomorrow so here's your seven day, 71 our high today and tomorrow, matthew could bring several inch of rain tomorrow. ali? outside look before you go, 440 at capital boulevard, very crowded and wet, a lot of
6:58 am
rain. rain. >> thanks, how tall are you? rain. >> thanks, how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, october 7th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? hurricane matthew slams ashore with 120-mile-per-hour winds homes. millions are in the path of this dangerous storm. we will go to the hardest hit areas and talk to florida's governor. >> people in south carolina and georgia and north brace for a hurricane that could bring record flooding. they haven't faced a hurricane like this in more than a hundred years. >> donald trump and hillary clinton get ready for a rematch. we will show you how they are preparing for sunday's town hall


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