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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  October 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the carolinas are next, as hurricane matthew roars north from florida, georgia and south carolina. and we will have more on what the storm is doing now and what it is expected to do next. >> counties, and the state and emergency management officials move into place ahead of the storm. with threats of severe flooding on the way to republicans cry foul over the latest controversy surrounding presidential nominee donald trump. hear the remarks that landed him in hot water and the apology he issued while you might have been sleeping. first, let's take a look outside right now. you can see a little bit of some raindrops there on the lens. it is a wet start to this saturday, october 8, 2016. we are glad you're starting it with us, a very busy news and weather morning. >> we are here with
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morning hours for us. what is the latest on the hurricane? >> no major changes from last night. we are mainly going to see some very heavy rain and high wind gusts as matthew continues to approach the coast of north carolina. right now it is doing serious damage along the georgia and south carolina coast right now. highest wind gusts are about 125 miles an hour. just off the coast of the georgia/south carolina line there. and this is what we are going to be watching very closely. because some of these high wind gusts may push something we need to be on the lookout for today. heavy rain. potential flood problems on the way. for this afternoon. and this evening. especially you can see some of those heavier showers pushing through parts of the area right now. we can expect this repeated heavy rain throughout the entire day today. so we are not going to get much relief from that rain that we will be seeing as matthew continues to cruise up along the coast. the national hurricane center now issuing advisories every hour for matthew here. no change in the track though.
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by about 2:00 tomorrow morning. and we will finally see the center of circulation of matthew, passing by the coast of north carolina, and swinging out to sea. still, as a category one hurricane. so it is a very strong hurricane. although it is continuing to weaken here. and we are going to see most of the impacts across central north carolina, being wind and rain-related here. let me scoot out of the way, and the heaviest rain we will see will be across the sand hills. 7 to 9 inches of rain with locally high possible. and 40 to 50 mile-an-hour winds. around the triangle, we are looking anywhere from two to seven inches of rain with wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour as well. i will break the forecast down for you and let you know exactly what you can expect for the entire weekend coming up. >> well, it looks like there is no way around it, southeast and central north carolina, are going to feel some of the wrath of hurricane matthew today. we begin our team coverage, to the east in brunswick county, and cbs north carolina jonathan rodriguez has been on the beach for the last couple of days. jonathan, what can you tell us
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guys. matthew is definitely out here. when we came out thissing morning, pouring down rain, the rain has let up, and given us a little break, throughout the rest of this morning, and that's how it works with hurricanes, you get a burst of wind and in the a burst of wind. it is like having several thunderstorms in the area and the wind has certainly picked up and if you can see the trees behind me, moving and cruising throughout the morning, and buildings all along the ocean front took precautions as we were reporting throughout the week, boarding up windows. boarding up doors. preparing for a storm like th several inches of rain and a lot of storm surge, which is right on the other side of me here from the ocean is the flooding. i am standing on the first street here on the -- on oak island, this is already starting to pond up here, in the middle of the road and this is what they are worried about. this rain has already seen a lot of rain. the ground is already saturated. so you add in this type of water and downed power lines and downed trees and this is the story that we will be monitoring for the next couple of hours.
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people. if the streets are like this, it may be hard to come and get to you. so some things to monitor. we will be here throughout the morning. and keep you updated. right here. >> jonathan, thank you. flooding is also expected to be a major concern for our neighbors south of the triangle. and that is especially troublesome for people who just made it through historic flooding a little more than a week ago. and cbs north carolina's nate rogers is keeping an eye on conditions in cumberland county. good morning, nate. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we are live at the smith recreation center on slater avenue. this is just one of several emergency evacuation shelters that are set up throughout the county, as you can see, rain coming down, right now. and i just went inside and spoke to a red cross volunteer who said they had at least five people check in since the center opened last night. and now the major concern throughout the county today, is the potential for massive
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including spring lake and hope mills are still recovering from flooding last week. now, the big concern today is of course power outages as well as downed trees. as many of the grounds remain saturated. half a dozen roads in cumberland county remain closed. advice from officials, be cautious, make sure you're with high-standing water, officials say to stop your vehicle immediately and turn around. when you get up this morning, be sure to clear the storm drains, and also if your home is threatened, if you feel the home is threatened, officials are saying you should come to one of these emergency shelters. now, that's the latest in fayetteville, nate rogers, north carolina. >> many areas may be evacuated that may be affected by hurricane matthew, state
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saying the state fears for hurricane matthew and north carolina is prepared, and resources with water and rescue teams and air support and extra law enforcement have been distributed to areas that might be affected by the storm. >> we are trying to lean very forward and make sure that we are prepared for the worst. and hopefully come monday we can send all of these resources home and the impacts were a lot less than we thought. >> state crews will work straight through the weekend in preparation for the storm's effects. in samson county, one the town's leaders started tweaking steps earlier this week to ensure people could get drinking water during the storm. in roseboro the main well of the town needs to reeb paired so the mayor declared a state of emergency to get access to generators to keep the two backup wells operating. town officials are more concerned about the potential for power outages more so than flooding during the storm. yesterday, people making their final preparations for the weekend. >> lots of trees here. old trees. with a lot of wind damage.
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have our businesses, our homes, there is a lot that i have seen destroyed before. >> sam sun county is opening five shelters including lakewood high school this morning starting at 8:00. we have the information you need on our web site wncn .com. coastal south carolina conditions kept getting worse throughout the night and into the morning. as matthew moved up the east coast. forecasters say even though matthew has weakened, the storm could continue to pose life- threatening situations at least for the next 36 to 48 hours. and the category two started pounding charleston late last night. and rocking the city with torrential downpours, and gail force winds. and the state urged people living in low areas to get out while they could. hundreds took the advice and headed north, for further -- or further inland. as for those who failed to heed the warnings, governor nikki haley had one piece of advice. stay off the roads. >> the best thing now is to hunker down. and stay in a safe place. don't move. don't try and move around.
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are just encouraging their neighbors to remain indoors. meanwhile hurricane matthew is moving away from florida but not without leaving its mark. at least four deaths there have been attributed to the storm. the outer bands of the storm started pounding southern parts of florida's coast with heavy winds and waves late yesterday afternoon. as the governor urged people to seek shelter, others decided to ride out the storm at home, a move some emergency management mistake. >> you're a fool. because this hurricane is unlike any other hurricane we have seen. >> we have been through so many of these, and not had any, you know, serious altercations. hopefully it will be the same thing. >> hurricane matthew has reportedly killed hundreds of people in haiti. with some estimates putting the death toll at more than 800. authorities also expect the number to rise, as officials are able to reach more remote areas of that island. and right now, 300 u.s. marines from camp lejeune have
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with relief efforts and an aircraft and hospital ship are on stand by waiting for orders to go in. a lot of resources out there. >> absolutely. a still very dangerous storm. even though matthew has weakened slightly overnight. we are still talking about some serious wind and some serious rain, even, as far inland as central north carolina. something to keep in mind. especially as you start your day today. >> absolutely. the time now is 6:09. and coming up, thousands hit the road to get to safer ground. ay destructive and deadly path. some are choosing to ignore the warnings and sit tight. plus -- >> i have never said i'm a perfect person. >> an apology from donald trump. the incident that has the presidential nominee catching fire from both democrats and fellow republicans, including north carolina's governor. more on what he admits to
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welcome back to cbs north carolina here in the weather center with our meteorologist and would your are watching the radar very -- and we are watching the radar very closely. >> matthew is bearing down on south carolina this morning. there have been reports of already some heavy rain, a few tornado warnings, during the overnight hours, right around the charleston area, and one just south of myrtle beach, about two hours ago, and so this is still a very dangerous storm. it has weakened slightly. 105 mile-an-hour winds gusting
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remains offshore. hun highest wind gusts are right around the georgia/south carolina border right now but the eye will still stay offshore throughout the day today, as it continues to work its way up the southeast coast. back closer to home, we have some really heavy rain falling across cumberland and samsun and there are oranges on the radar indicating some periods its way up the southeast coast. now because of that, we do have a risk of flooding today. a flash flood watch is in effect, for all the counties that you see highlanded in green here. and that is -- highlighted in green here. that is throughout the day today, until 6:00 tomorrow evening inned to that, we have a wind advisory that went inned last night and will continue through 6:00 tomorrow as well for the counties shaded in tan, a 40 to 50 mile-an-hour wind gust. and very dangerous storms
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of the cold front sitting to the west, it will help kick the system out further to sea as we continue into the day tomorrow. and heavy rain and high winds likely across the area today. would he have hit our high temperature for the day. the temperatures across the area, going to stay in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. again, we are talking about the potential for upwards of 7 to 9 inches of rain across the sand hills and wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. i will have a complete look at what is in store for the enti complete forecast. >> thank you. 6:14. more news in just a minute. plus the blitz is back. jeff jones wraps up the big high school football games and
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covering the race for the white house, a rare apology from the republican presidential nominee. >> donald trump issued the apology over a leaked recording over a lewd conversation about women in 2005. >> i travel the country talking about change for america. but my travels have changed me. >> but with trump's apology came a scathing new attack on his democratic rival hillary clinton and her husband. as cbs correspondent craig boswell reports, all this comes a day before tomorrow night's second presidential debate. >> i was wrong and i apologize. >> overnight, donald trump released this video statement in which he apologized for crude comments he made about women in a leaked video.
6:18 am
i did try. she was married. >> the 2005 video obtained by the washington post captures donald trump apparently unaware he is being recorded. >> i just started kissing them, it is like a magnet. and when you are a star, they let you do it. you can do it. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the butt. >> do anything. >> trump says the release of the 11-year-old video is nothing but a distraction. >> bill clinton has actually abused women, and hillary has bullied attacked and intimidated his victims. >> and fallout from the video was harsh and came quickly from either side of the aisle. >> any republican who says they are for donald trump, they need to be asked by the press, and others and by constituents, right now, do you still think he is qualified to be president of the united states? >> some republicans say no. and are withdrawing their support. >> i am out. i can no longer in good
6:19 am
abhorrent and offensive comments that you can possibly imagine. >> at a rally friday night in rossford, ohio, trump's running mate mike pence refused to answer questions shouted by reporters about the tape craig boswell, cbs news, washington. we also have reaction from governor pat mccrory on the controversy, he released a statement last night saying quote i condemn in the strongest possible terms the comments made by donald trump back to the hurricane now, you have seen plenty of footage of hurricane matthew from the ground. >> but what we are about to show you is from above. and by above, we mean way above. nasa sent out these images of the storm as it rolled up the atlantic coast of florida yesterday. and moving toward georgia and the carolinas, and they were taken from the international space station and it certainly is a sight to see from above, and down on the ground, kristen, we are seeing so many moving videos of just this
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of florida. >> absolutely. i mean devastating flooding for parts of florida and now matthew really kind of bearing down on georgia and south carolina, and even parts of north carolina this morning here as you can see, the zoomed out picture of our satellite and radar showing the heaviest rain currently falling across parts of south carolina here. notice we have the red watch box that pops up at the end of the loop here, that is a tornado warning, it is right around the leeland area. we do have a crew south of that warning, in oak island. they are in a safe location right now. that storm is actually moving to the northwest. i crew there. but still, with hurricanes, as they move onshore, you can sometimes get tornado warnings which is exactly what we are seeing right now, parts of brunswick county around the leeland and bolivia area. things we will be keeping a close eye on over the next few minutes as it pushes to the west. and heavy showers closer to home pushing through the sand hills. parts of cumberland and sampson county, dealing with heavy rain pushing in. and heavy rain and high winds
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weekend. and we do have a risk of flooding, due to that heavy rain, and if you remember, last week, we did deal with some heavy rain, across parts of the sand hills, as well and unfortunately for those folks, that is where we could see the heaviest rain across the area today. so a flash flood watch is in effect, for all of the counties that you see highlighted in green. that is until 6:00 tomorrow evening. so we will be watching for the heaviest rain here, mainly as we head into this afternoon. and also a wind advisory, went into effect, last night, it and that is for 20 to 40 mile- an-hour winds, with 40 to 50 mile-an-hour wind gusts and that's for the areas that you see shaded in tan, which includes most of the cbs north carolina news viewing area. and the temperatures across the region, currently in the 60s and 70s. and we have pretty much hit our high temperature for the day, folks. so we will see the temperatures fluctuate by a degree or two. but holding fairly steady. rain and heavy rain all day today. with the wind starting to pick
6:22 am
degrees. the latest on matthew, still a category two hurricane, 105 mile-an-hour winds, gusting to 125 miles an hour. and still moving to the north/northeast. center of circulation, remains off the coast of georgia, and south carolina. right now. so that eye is kind of opened up and expanded a little bit. a sign that the storm is actually weakening. but it is continuing to push up the southeast coast and we will have a big impact on the southeast coast, throughout the day today. hurricane warnings continue, fo here, and also tropical storm warnings, and even pushing inland as we expect to see some of the heavy rain and some of those highest wind gusts pushing inland as well. and the latest forecast track for matthew has not changed very much. it will still continue to work its way to the northeast, and as a category one hurricane. sitting just off our coastline, by about 2:00 tomorrow morning, as a category one storm, before it finally continues to make that turn out to sea and
6:23 am
one to two inches of rain, with 20 mile-an-hour wind gusts possible in the areas you see highlighted in yellow. in this orange area here, that is two to four inches of rain likely with 20 to 30 mile-an- hour winds. most of the triangle and parts of the i-95 corridor can expect to see four inches to seven inches or even some more rain, as that continues to push its way inland and onshore here. and 30 to 40 mile-an-hour winds, highest rain, unfortunately, going to be in the rain-soaked sand to 50 mile-an-hour winds possible. your seven-day forecast, has temperatures staying school over the next several days and we have the rain finally coming to an end, early tomorrow morning. and drier weather, moving in, after we get through matthew today, and early tomorrow. and then the rest of the week, it looks great. a fantastic forecast, shaping up for us here. and 68 degrees on monday. and 70 on tuesday, and low 70s for wednesday and thursday. and the state fair officially starts on thursday.
6:24 am
74 degrees for a high temperature and mostly sunny skies. and that continues into friday, as well. but still, a very dangerous situation across a large portion of the area today. with the threat for that heavy rain and the high wind gusts. >> thanks, cysten. >> one thing to remind you as well, to down lone the wncn weather app to stay up to date with what kristen has as well as the rest of the storm steam. stick ?? glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears.
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good morning, i'm jeff jones. october is a great sports month for many reasons. one of those reasons, it means we are this close to hockey season. the hurricanes were in preseason action last night against the capitals and check this out. it was one of their veterans who got the scoring started. lee stipniaks 1-0. and the youngster's turn, noah finds the back of net on the power play. here come the capitals, they scored two late goals and tied this thing up. we go to a shootout. in the shootout, jacob seals the win for the canes. they take this one 3-2. >> and i don't really know. i guess i scored a couple of times in practice. and they just, they go with people who can score and i just happened to go -- it just happened to go in the net for me. >> the regular season opens
6:28 am
against winnipeg. >> and last night was not just about hockey. high school football action as well. and we found the three best plays from this week's high school action and it made them our play of the week nominees. let's check them out. our first play comes from cardinal gibbons receiver jeff bystick, we have actually slowed down the video so you can fully appreciate that. oh, my goodness. that was awesome. the ball was tipped and then jack grabbed it one hand like it was nothing. and that is concentration. that is focus. and that is definitely a play of the week nomine from the best team in the area. middle creek's defense doesn't give up many points ever. mainly because you have guy like daniel jackson, back for six and the mustangs win the game. here is the question, will they win the play of the week? nominee nom three comes from pass rusher joseph boltapelli, he crashes through the line and brings down the running back for a safety and this guy has college scholarship for miami. boston college, charlotte.
6:29 am
one day because he can do things like that. now you have seen all of the plays it is time for to you let us know which one is your favorite. you can do that by going online to wcnc .com and voting on your favorite video. we will show you the winner sunday on the sports wrap. also, be sure to tune in to our shows this evening, where we will update you on the health of cam newton and take a look ahead to the hurricanes regular season. all that and more, right here on cbs north carolina. >> a lot going on. and hard to choose a play of the week. congrats to the and hoping them well. and coming up well -- >> just another day in paris -- paradise for me. >> some people are choosing to stay. while others waste no time hitting the road in search of higher ground and the shelters.
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welcome back to cbs north carolina this morning. at 6:31 as you take a live look we certainly have a wet and treacherous day ahead of us, as we begin feeling the effects of hurricane matthew across our state. good morning to you, and thank you for watching north carolina news at 6:00. glad you could start your saturday with us. meteorologist kristen ketchle is in the weather center and has a look at the weekend forecast, and kristen, we are already at the high temperature for the day? >> high temperatures are really not going to move very much from where they are right now. the temperature is not the issue.
6:32 am
and high wind gusts throughout the day today. let's take a look at the latest on hurricane matthew right now. which is working its way up the southeast coast. as a category two hurricane right now. and winds of 105 miles an hour. gusting to 125 miles an hour. and still moving to the north/northeast. so at this point, the center of circulation is still sitting offshore, that eye of the hurricane, off the coast of georgia, and south carolina, right now, and it is working its way to the noror going to continue to stay offshore, throughout the day today. and still some high winds, and heavy rain likely across central north carolina, here, you can see some heavy rain, impacting parts of the sand hills already this morning, and cumberland county and sampson county, dealing with heavy downpours all pushing in from the southeast and kind of moving to the northwest, as matthew nears the north carolina coast. and the track really has not changed very much from last night here, so right now,
6:33 am
it will weaken slightly to a category one hurricane throughout the day today and kind of curb just a bit off the coast of north carolina here, just kind of skimming brunswick county there and pushing out to sea here. by very early tomorrow morning. so the main threats will be the possibility of some very high wind gusts and very heavy rain. localized flooding, absolutely. not out of the question for today. and especially in some of these same areas, where we dealt with heavy rain, very recently. so seven to nine possible. likely across parts of the sand hills. and 40 to 50 mile-an-hour wind gusts, likely, as well. around the triangle. and we are looking at four to seven inches of rain, with 30 to 40 mile-an-hour wind gusts and some lesser amounts. as you go to the north, and to the west as well. flash flood watch in effect for the entire area here, and that is until 6:00 tomorrow evening. also a wind advisory for those high winds as well. so wind and rain continue to be the main threat today. and i will let you know exactly
6:34 am
weekend and your week ahead coming up. >> kristen, thank you. we will of course check back in, in a few minutes and right now we continue our team coverage, further east, out in the coast, in brunswick county where authorities are especially nervous by the heavy rain and the wind surge already creating some headaches there, and we turn now to cbs north carolina's jonathan rodriguez, who joins us live and jonathan, conditions are probably going to get worse throughout the day the good news as kristen said, it is supposed to skim by here in brunswick county on oak island and feeling the effects right now, and the winds have picked up over the past hour and of course, the rain. would he had a nice break in it for the last 40 minutes so all throughout since 3:00 this morning, it has been pouring down rain and you can see it has had an impact. this is the first street on oak island along the ocean front to the right and plenty of water all across and a couple of cars trying to drive through here and no, we are not going to risk it and turn around. the wind, take a look at the
6:35 am
any chances and boarded up their door, boarded up their windows. we checked with the national weather service in this area, we are seeing by the nearest airport, winds from 20 to 33 miles an hour, with gusts up to 40 miles an hour. and so certainly nothing that 100 miles an hour that they are seeing near the eye and enough to already cause some damage on the way down here. downed lines and a transformer blow near one of the nearby hotels out here. that is one of the concerns that they had, downed power lines and downed trees and we are expecting several more inches of rain and a lot more wind. so this area bracing for. this a mandatory evacuation on oak island for all visitors and a voluntary one for the people who live out here and some people ry r-trying to ride the thing out and we saw more people leaving across the bridge earl tally this -- early this morning. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you, jonathan. cumberland county is on the move ahead of hurricane matthew with three shelters opened up
6:36 am
ground as the storm effects grows throughout the day. nate rogers joins us live. and what are you seeing this morning where are you this morning? >> hey, guys. we have now made it to downtown fitville. we have here at the park. and we are showing you what is happening. if you look at the creek here, this is cross creek. this is the same thing that we experienced just one week ago. with the creek here, literally flooded all of veterans memorial. and including the parking lot for our own fayetteville bureau here. as you can tell, the creek has now been raised several feet and so we are sure, within the next couple of hours, even in the location that we are at right now, with the expected continued rain throughout the day, this entire area is expected to flood. now, the city has put out a notification that there are about two dozen or so flood
6:37 am
least, five or six bridges and roads that remain blocked because of this. and this advice from officials, if you need to seek shelter, be careful. do that if you happen to drive along any of these roads. and you're passing standing water. do not drive through. do your best to be careful out here. for now, live in fayetteville, nate rogers, cbs north carolina. >> thanks, nate. president obama and other members of his administration were briefed on hurricane matthew by fema's director and also signed an declaration for north carolina. the president says with such a dangerous storm on the move, it is imperative that people in matthew's path listen to local leaders and evacuate. >> i think the bigger concern at this point is not just hurricane force winds but storm surge. many of you will remember hurricane sandy, where initially, people thought this doesn't look as bad as we
6:38 am
lot of people were severely affected. >> airlines have canceled thousands of flights, and more than 600,000 people in southeastern florida are without power. hurricane matthew has already proven to be a deadly storm to wrecken with, at least four people have been killed in florida and right now, flooding continues to be a major concern in jacksonville, where sand dunes were no match for the high waves. and wind sideways, as the storm moved along the city's coast. high surf crashed on to the beach sending water pouring into the streets and utility trucks were deployed to restore power to the more than 100,000 customers without electricity. half a million people were ordered to evacuate from the area, but derisha hickson refused. >> i wanted to be with my family. we talked through. this and we want to be here. >> emergency management
6:39 am
jacksonville issued a hurricane warning. parts of georgia and south carolina are under mandatory evacuation orders this morning. that means half a million people are on the move along georgia's coast, including the savannah area. where rivers are swelling fast. and flash flooding is widespread. and the savannah river is expected to surge seven to nine feet. john vicky and his family wasted little time moving to higher ground. >> i have a family, two kids here, a wife, we don't want to be in the house with the tree this big around and it can come through the roof. >> a curfew is dusk to dawn. >> and part of the recovery begins in haiti. hundreds have been killed. and the death toll is only expected to rise over the next few days. hurricane matthew made land fall on the island nation as a category four storm ripping through the southern part of the island nation. and aid has begun pouring in to the hard-hit town where
6:40 am
or destroyed. and many people were running low on food. the united nations official says hurricane matthew is the country's worse humanitarian disaster since the 2010 earthquake. hurricane matthew has forced hundreds of thousands to evacuate over the southeast and with shelters and hotel rooms booking up, many are coming north into our area. we caught up with people as far south as georgia who hit the road for central north carolina to escape matthew's wrath. while some decided now was a good opportunity to v friends and family. and others did not have much of a choice but to leave their homes. >> we looked at columbia, because that was closer, and greenville, and spartan burg areas, those were all full and the closest place to go to make sure we were safe. >> we wanted to get away from the storm and head to our family. >> our whole area is evacuated right now. >> most of the people we talked with simply told us they did not want to take the risk of braving the storm, even if it meant traveling through several states to get some peace of
6:41 am
big rivalry game with georgia will have to wait a day. the matchup between the gamecocks and the bulldogs will still be played at columbia at william bryce stadium but sunday instead of this afternoon. and kickoff is set for 2:30. and of course, a reminder, for you, to be sure to download the wcnc weather app to track hurricane matthew no matter where you are, updated alerts and forecasts, and each better, it is free and download it to the mobile device from the >> a great way to stay connected especially as things change, because with this particular storm, we have really seen it constantly, constantly on the move. one minute it is east and next minute it is west and nice to have it at your fingertips. >> and the radar is interactive, too and zoom in to the location and see where the heaviest rain is. it is is a great tool and of course with matthew bearing down the area, something to definitely have to keep yourself aware of what is going on. >> thanks a lot, cysten. >> the time is 6:41.
6:42 am
arguments and struggles. hear more about what jurors learned from witnesses who testified in the trial of a former unc student charged in the deaths of three people. >> and more than $20,000 in damage deputies offer a reward to find the people responsible for attacking two churches this week. find out where, that's coming
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welcome back to cbs north carolina. we start off with some pretty erie footage from followy beach, south carolina. thanks to hurricane matthew. there was a noticeable increase in wave action and intensity, as the storm beared down the coast, and the eye of the storm is expected to continue to move to the north and northeast, throughout the day today. and just to the south of north carolina's coast. but some very, ve unbelievable amount of storm surge. likely with this storm as well. and so let's take a look at what is going on with matthew current lism the 6:00 a.m. advisory, from the national hurricane center, does have matthew a category two hurricane strength that is 105 mile-an-hour winds, gusting to 125 miles an hour. and the center of circulation, so the eye of the storm, is still sitting offshore, right now, off the coast of georgia and south carolina, and the eye has kind of opened up a little
6:46 am
but it is still a very dangerous storm. and it is already causing some heavy rain, across central north carolina, and you may be able to hear it on your roof and your windows outside right now. you can see some of the heavy showers, pushing through cumberland county, and sampson county and harnett county and johnsonton county, dealing with the showers. and the yellowings that you see popping up on the radar there. we will see a threat throughout the day today. because of that, we have a risk for flooding. a green, that is through 6:00 tomorrow evening and keep in mind, across the sand hills, we dealt with flooding very recently and with additional seven to nine inches of rain likely in some of these locations, this is the area that is most prone to that flood potential later today. inned to the rain, we do have some -- in addition to the rain, we do have some wind issues today as well. wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour likely.
6:47 am
wind advisories continue until 6:00 tomorrow evening as well. a cold front will sweep through the area. that cold front will help push matthew further offshore, but for today, the heavy rain, and the strong winds, going to be the main issue for us, across central north carolina. and so expect a really wet day across the area, potential for upwards of seven to nine inches of rain in areas south and east of the triangle and temperatures stays in the upper 60s to day and the potential for some downed trees and some power lines as well, as we start to see the wind and the rains picking up here this afternoon. i will have an update on exactly what you can expect, for today, kind of walk you through hour by hour, here, and have the latest on when matthew will exit the area, coming up in your complete storm team forecast. >> kristen, thank you. time check this saturday morning for you, 6:46. coming up a closer look at the damage crews will have to deal with after hurricane matthew unleashes its wrath, on the
6:48 am
the wcnc weather app to keep track of matthew and any changing weather condi mother in-law with a keen sense of smell... glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash.
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y24tky yy6y testimony in the trial of a former unc student charged in a deadly dwi crash picks up monday morning. >> chandler king is accused of driving drunk the wrong way on i-85 and triggering the wreck that killed two adults and a
6:51 am
last year took to the witness stand and talked about leading up to the moments when he got up in the car and drove away. one of them broke out an altercation that broke out when they tried to keep him from driving. we continue to follow that and now we take a turn to weather and we are tracking hurricane matthew. >> absolutely, and hurricane matthew is bearing down on the southeast coast this morning. we have heavy rain and some high wind being felt from georgia, all the way up through our area even. and you can see some of those heavy showers, across parts right now, starting to push their way into southeastern north carolina at this point here. some of the deepest colors, orn the radar, indicating some of those heavier rain showers moving in. and we do have some heavy rain falling across a large portion of the viewing area, this morning. and any place where you are seeing yellow, on the radar here, that is pretty moderate to heavy rain, and it is continuing to push its way to the northwest and will do so throughout the day today. so we can expect a really wet day across the area. and anywhere from two inches of
6:52 am
you are located across central north carolina. so a flash flood watch is in effect, right now, and continues through 6:00 tomorrow evening. and flooding a definite possibility. especially across the sand hills and points further to the east here. where we have already dealt with some heavy rain that happened last week, that caused some flood issues there. inned to the flood watch, we do have a wind advisory, here, for 20 to 40 mile-an-hour winds, and gusts up to 50 miles an hour possible, in the counties color here, and that wind advisory again through tomorrow evening as well. and the temperatures right now, in the upper 60s, and low 70s, and we are not going to see the temperatures really move very much throughout the day, and we likely hit our high temperature for today. we will hold steady and drop a couple of degrees throughout the day as well. and we can expect the heavy rain to continue, throughout your saturday here, and eventually starting to taper off, very late tomorrow night, or tonight, excuse me and early tomorrow morning, but the wind starts to pick up here this afternoon, where we could see
6:53 am
into this evening. as of the 6:00 a.m. advisory from the national hurricane center, matthew still is at category two strength. and winds of 105 miles an hour. gusting to 125 miles an hour. and as it moves to the north/northeast here this morning, just off the coast here. hurricane warnings and tropical storm warnings, continue for the coast of south and north carolina. right now. and the areas highlighted in red, the hurricane warnings, likely going to experience that heaviest rain and those highest wind gusts here. d morning. it will weaken to a category one hurricane. and then cruise along the coast here, just skimming, the southern tip of brunswick county there, just offshore, and then pushing its way further out to sea there. is so the impacts from matthew will be felt, even this far inland here, we are looking at anywhere from two inches of rain, upwards to nine inches of rain depending where you are. the hardest hit areas going to be for folks unfortunately across the sand hills, where we could have seven to nine inches of rain. the temperatures going to stay in the 70s.
6:54 am
tomorrow. and cooler weather though, as we move through this week ahead and once we get through the heavy rain from matthew, today, and very early tomorrow, we have dry weather in the forecast for the rest of this week. so the good news at least, if we are going to experience any type of flood issues, today, as matthew continues to bear down in the area, we have the entire week to dry out. no other rain threats after we get through today and early tomorrow. >> very important. >> all discover card. i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard.(to dog. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! (to dog)i'm so proud of you. well thank you. get your free credit scorecard at
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right now, let's head back out to the southeastern part of the state, where emergency crews are keeping a close eye on hurricane matthew's impact on coastal areas. cbs north carolina's jonathan rodriguez has been out in the messy weather all morning long. jonathan, thou are things now? >> reporter: good morning, guys the very windy morning and in fact we had a break for the rain, for about an hour and it is back and coming down pretty hard and you can airport, and recording winds from 20 to 30 miles an hour with gusts up to 40 miles an hour. and some people boarded up windows and doors and got out of here and with the wind raining, and the rain coming, the biggest concern is flooding. look at this. this is the first street along the ocean front and plenty of water ponding up. some people driving through. some people not taking a risk. and what is the situation all throughout the southeast region but hopefully it will continue
6:57 am
open as long as the storm is here and we will be monitoring the conditions and keep you updated on cbs north carolina, wncn .com. back to you. >> and flooding is something that officials are concerned about, as well as power outages and in fact, our charlotte affiliate is reporting homes without power in mecklenburg county, and a this is something we in this -- and that is something as well that we in this area are other than that -- >> the rain is the biggest issue with the storm. we have some of the areas across the sand hills that dealt with heavy rain about a week ago that caused some flood problems an now we will see even more rain today which is going to come pound that problem there. the latest update on matthew 105 miles an hour, winds gusting to 125 miles an hour. it will not make land fall here. it is going to just skim the coast but it is going to stay offshore. again flash flood watches in effect, also wind advisories in
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6:58 am
cbs this morning saturday is next. where does north carolina go from here? i'm roy cooper, and after years of our state moving backward, these would be my priorities as governor.
6:59 am
we need to end giveaways for companies that send jobs overseas and grow our economy here. and we need to reform our tax system so those at the top aren't getting tax breaks at your expense.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's october 8th, 2016. welcome to trump campaign. leaked video shows the candidate making lewd and sexist remarks, and breaking overnight, trump responds with a midnight video. hurricane matthew charges up the southeast coast. we are in the heart of the storm. and cking up the pieces in florida, as the dangerous wind dies down, a surge of water still threatens the state.


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