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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  October 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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matthew the storm has weakened but still continues to cause major prlems on our coast in central north caroli. the incredible stories of first responders to save neighbors and need let's look at conditions outside. is currently 58 out there is a take a live look at capital city. the big thing whatever we have the storms is the sun has to come up for us to really understand and know what has
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reveal the destruction we didn't have a chance to see last night. the wind was a huge issue last night. we had flooding rain complete devastation in some spots. some record rain and other spot. we're still doing some of the effects of matthew this morning. matthew is now what we call a post- tropical cyclone . as matthew was moving through the to the area yesterday would also had a cold front moving in that cold front tearing matthew rt characteristics however it is still a very strong storm here. 70-mile the 75 mile-per-hour winds that are still her hurting strength gusting to 90 miles per hour to pick up speed moving to the east northeast at about 14 miles per hour. only showers the only showers we are left with our along the northern and
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elsewhere it is starting to wrap up. the that -- that does not mean we are of the woods. we are are still dealing with some of the high water that matthew left in its wake . flood warnings are in effect for all the areas that you see highlighted in green. that is until 1:45 this afternoon. still a lot of flooded roads and road closures this morning. increased runoff from all that water rushing into those streams and creeks is causing those to be banks . we also have these wind advisory that will remain in effect throughout the day today as well . matthew still close by 15-25 mile-per-hour wind possibility with 45 mile-per-hour gus'. -- gus. as far as wind gus goes anywhere from 20 miles per hour
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mountain self-help. only a handful of reporting stations of power just weather map looks pretty empty here. it's 58 in raleigh 56 in durham 60 is your current temperature and rocky mount. showers are moving out and sunshine will return today . we are looking in sunny and breezy this afternoon. 70 degrees is a high temperature. cooler drier weather this week ahead . a breakdown what you can expect. hundreds of people safe first responders. many were restaurant -- rescued from cars as they get stuck in flooding. >> you may have watched these tenants move is live streaming . three people were stranded on top of the suv trapped in floodwaters strong currents took over several streets in downtown. >> it is very fast-moving water. there were three individuals
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all the obstacles around the car it was difficult to get the boat in there and get them off with the water trying to push the boat and never which was treacherous conditions downriver. >> the rescue team did say new jersey and ohio teams are expected to join the helping today. here's an example a tree fell on the intersection of morganton and bunker hill. the feeling of the vehicle that uprooted. the city of raleigh set up a temporary shelter people and neighborhoods like this fell victim to serious flooding. people were evacuated saturday. or also seeing how towns along the coast faring after the
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things are finally slowing down . yesterday oak island in this entire area really just took a beating from hurricane matthew. today we have been out trying to look for damage to assess how things went. look at this is still surrounded by caution tape. our hotel says one of the main walls here took so many hits from the wind it started to shift they were worried about a collapse so the evacuated everyone from out of here somewhat our hotel someone to by some of the damage we have seen and heard about from this hurricane. >> the rain started pouring around 3:00 a.m. . low-lying streets began to flood. as the sun rose asserted wind speeds. the vitamin checked on conditions around the island. >> we will get more later. >> he was right . wind gusts
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waves are getting intense. >> it's very windy . you can't walk on the beach . the santas heart on your face it's almost the things they are blessed. it is more than i expected. >> the waterfront also be concerned. you can see the waves here already coming over the barriers. waterfront like this. he >> nope. it is rough sp face. >> roads are blocked off as utility crews work to fix down power lines and blown transformers. on the oceanfront street are underwater becoming nearly impassable. with the afternoon the ocean was reaching. the beach virtually disappeared beneath the waves . the water was region oceanfront properties and the surf was the driveways and into the road.
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slammed into the shore destroying dunes and hammered the pilings along the oak island. . finally there was only so much she could take. >> they closed the bridge to get over to oak island last night because of the wind gusts. er working to head back over to the island to see whatind of damage we may see across the area. we know there was extensive flooding and beach erosion out there. things that coming down the daylight and we will share exactly what kind of damaging connects here. will keep you updated about the sit show. people who were stranded overnight may be trying to get
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>> i would like to go back home and i don't know if i can. >> we were there when i 40 started flng in jackson county saturday afternoon. driving through was not risk the -- worth the risk. and risk. and authorities will stress it is never worth the risk. >> my friend have the top of the roof and she said we have to get out so i had to roll the window down to climb on top of the car and get out. it coming up the neighbors and bunesses who teamed up to make sure everyone state safe troubling ordeal. in durham county was also forced to order a state over to the saturday is heavy rain and wind area the shelter is now open at hillside high school at the lower jim. hurricane matthew sweeps across the north carolina and manyf you are showing us pictures and videos from across
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so please share with us on social media. you can also e-mail us at and it at wncn .com. duke energy call center is busy this morning. there calling thousands of employees to help respond to the reported outages. duke energy now shows tens of thousands of outages across the area. they have of their staff to deal with the situation at hand . there are many people waking up this morning without power. >> that isgh are we out of the woods at this point. >> not as far as when goes. the worst is over at this point we still have these high winds in the forecast for today in the grand is still very saturated . it will take much for additional trees to topple over are some branches to break off. there is still a risk. do not let your guard down today. we will see clearing skies
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>> watch out for power lines. already struggling to deal with the effect effects of the dangers hurricane firefighters find themselves battling a massive fire that ripped through several buildings and myrtle beach. tired of being died -- tired
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flood warnings in effect for the counties in green for flooded roads also increase runoff of water has caused full creeks and streams across the area. and advisories through affect -- in effecthis evening. fifteen to 20 mile-per-hour winds with gusts up to 40 miles per hour. a lot of temperatures not reporting on the map you because of those stations in nepal this morning but it's 50 degrees in raleigh 60 and rocky mount in -- in raeford and we can expect temperatures to climb to 70. skies clearing today but the breeze is sticking around. we would like sunshine to help us dry out.
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richard burr is looking out for himself and the insurance industry... not you. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. where does north carolina go from here? i'm roy cooper, and after years of our state moving backward, these would be my priorities as governor. first, instead of social issues, i'll focus on our schools and keeping good teachers with better pay. and grow our economy here. and we need to reform our tax system so those at the top aren't getting tax breaks at your expense.
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. three people safe after being rescued from the top of the suv trusted floodwaters in fayette will -- fayetteville. a number beautiful rescued overnight -- a number of people
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the dark as duke energy crews scramble to get services back on line. two people were trapped in a car a third person alerted authorities. fire officials in south carolina are trying to figure out what caused a huge fire last night. a condo caught fire around 7:30 and north ocean boulevard to cherry them bring to the ground. firefighters believe in nearby are light may have caused the fire . right now would you an opening was injured. hurricane matthew made landfall in south carolina shortly after being downgraded to a category one storm. it at the central coast between 12th and myrtle beach. flash flooding was so severe one man uses kayak get around charleston. officials expect conditions to
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days. >> the storm is trying to pass certain areas but all areas is still in dangerous. >> south carolina officials they hurricane matthew has brought the largest storm surge since hugo did and that was in 1989. and savanna very strong wind uprooted trees and took them her life. heavy rain caused flooding that swamped many roads. people in one neighborhood in georgia had to be rescued by firefighters as floodwaters came to their hom that i look at the window and said i see lights. we came outside and as they are coming we started yelling towards them and they came and helped right away. >> at least a dozen people rescued by boat in that neighborhood. it is safe to say hurricane matthew will take its place alongside some of the most impactful storms we've seen in
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clean up his head -- ahead hero what some of the sights and sounds we've captured on camera during the height of the storm. >> water is coming above my ankles. as you go further comes to my knees. >> the waterfront a big concern . you can look at the waves here already coming over the barrier. >> i am glad it wasn't me or any of my family >> what i watch that and think about the past storms and you're there please rescues the raw emotion and the terror in these their homes and the roofs of om their homes in both of their cars out of their cars. you can't help but think that people are feeling today and the gratitude for all the people
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first responders . there rushing into these scenarios know it minutes even seconds could be the difference between saving someone lives. in blazing county two people did died because of the floodwaters. it is dangerous conditions out there. we hope the people who are watching do take seriously what are meteorologist saying. >> and stay home. >> absolutely. i would still recommend staying home today because we still have some of these high water issues going on. a lot of the reviewers -- rivers likely the worst flooding since hurricane floyd. and we are still going to feel the effects on those rivers . all that water need someplace needs a place to go is an arrest downstream. we will watch that closely over the next several days. a lot of streams and a lot of creeks around the region still very full or even full -- even overflowing. we have to watch out for that stuff . it's 58 in raleigh is a live look at raleigh-durham international airport. no major issues to report to the airport this morning.
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showing very much in the way of bad weather across north carolina. matthew is starting to pull out of the areas leading offshore and it is taking what weather with it . it left some serious rain in its week. here's a look at some of the highest rain totals that we did say. fayetteville most 15 inches of rain. more than 10 inches and rocky mount. almost 10 inches and pine level. almost 9 inches in at the raleigh airport 6 inches of rain. an unbelievable amount of water which is why we still have these flood warnings that will continue across the area today. in cumberland county it is a flash flood warning. a lot of damaged failures there a lot of streams and creeks and rivers overflowing their banks. all the runoff from the water flowing into the streams and creeks to it is causing some roads to be impossible especially some of the low-
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effect. wind will still be issued to date not quite as high as yesterday but 15-25 mile-per-hour wind with 40 mile-per-hour gus'. deftly not out of the question this afternoon. we arty had a 25 mile-per-hour gus interim 37 mile-per-hour in rocky mount. it will be breezy throughout the entire day today but the good news is we are going to be drying out here. a lot of sunshine in the clinical -- climbing up to 70 degrees. matthew is still strong with 75 mile-per-hour winds gusting to 90 . it will be an issue for us after today. we will take all the wet weather with it. matthew will move away we will expect clearing skies and breezy conditions today much, weather
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temperatures in the 60s for the start of this week. overnight lows falling into the 40s. wednesday and thursday we are looking dry and sunny and the 70 degrees temperatures will return to the middle to end of this week. today and breezy clearing skies 70 this afternoon 66 tomorrow. that's a high temperature. forty-six overnight tonight early tomorrow morning and in the 40s tuesday morning. wednesday i thursday in the forecast is not looking too bad for that. a lot of sunshine and 74 degrees our high temperature on thursday. right around 70 for friday and saturday.
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the weather was a big winner on saturday. fifty years of football with notre dame. making fun of either side. to tie it three this one comes down to special teams.
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irish pond dexter wright will scoop it and he will score 10-3. and see state celebrate the one of his biggest wins ever. a look at that i celebrate after the wind. things not so good chapel hill. they struggle against virginia tech. the hoagies to rod evans will throw for two scores the tar heels in the end zone for the first time. 43-33 virginia tech. duke will hold army to half of the rushing yards. 65 yards on the ground. army suffered three turnovers and duke inspect with winning ways with a hard fought 13-6 with. -- with. coming up matthew continues to have a deadly impact across
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we are hardly out of danger when it comes to the remnants of a
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hurricane matthew is moving on but we have even more flooding dangers head. we will show you would look for. an intense manhunt
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more fall out for donald trump as more supporters try to distance themselves for tonight's presidential debate. right now it is 50 degrees. it is a very busy morning as far as what is going on outside today. it continues here in central north carolina and through so hard what you learn this morning that is hopefully good news. >> there are some good news but don't be deceived because today could still be a messy day for us across the area as the sun comes up i'm sure it's going to reveal even more damage that occurred last night with some of the rain and the high wind that we were still dealing with. the good news is this morning matthew is now we call a post- travel site. yesterday as matthew was moving
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tearing it apart as a continues to slide to the east. still 70-mile an hour wind to the dangerous storm with wind gusts to 90 miles per hour. as it moves to the east it is taking all the wet weather with it. just a few showers remain here east of the i-95 core door. we will see the wet weather completely winding down in the next hour or so. flood warning still remains in the the areas they see highlighted in green is pretty much all central north carolina. flash flood warning for cumberland county where we saw some of the highest rainfall totals. some spots close to 15 inches yesterday. wind advisories remain in effect until 6:00 is evening. that's for 15-25 but that's 25 mile-per-hour wind. the ground is very saturated. it's oversaturated with all the rain that we experienced yes they. don't be surprised if we hear more reports of trees and power
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over when dealing with the ground that is that wet. we also have wind gusts at 43 miles per hour in rocky mount . twenty-eight and south hill. only a handful temperatures on the map this morning because the rest do not have power. we can expect skies to clear out today. the breeze is sticking around the high temperature climbing to 70. we have dry weather in the forecast for your weekend us a chance to clean up. i want the details coming up. duke energy working around the clock an effort to get power restored to thousands of homes and businesses. as of right now the utilities are showing more than 100,000 will without power in wake county. this is a devastating think the state. mcquarrie has told us that three people have died because of hurricane matthew in north carolina. two of the victims were trapped
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submerge the third passenger did escape and alerted authorities. emergency crews are not able to be delivered over the bodies due to the rising water you say. third death with the driver and sampson county his vehicle hydroplaned. three people safe this morning thanks to the efforts of a search and rescue team who rescued after floodwaters overtook their vehicle . firefighters were forced to use a boat to battle strong currents debris and even down power lines reach the people climbed into the boat and were very one of the time to safety. the first responders tell is reaching the truck was probably the easy part. >> the dangerous part with keeping them calm and their transfer from the roof of the car to a moving boat and moving water. >> the 45 member team includes police firefighters and
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a flooding on i 44's dozens of drivers into a local gas station. for hours people were stranded at the gas station . fire officials say they may be stuck there for the night. many decided to stock up on food. the power outages prevented people from using credit cards are most of the people at the station were stuck there one employee decided even on a day off to come in and help. >> as long as they need me. >> can you get home. >> i live down the street. yes. you ow >> the gas station took orders from everyone stuck there and even gave out free grilled food. emergency crews were in raleigh for several hours yesterday trying to rescue a man witnesses say walked into the flooded road with the process several firefighters lost control their boat and have people the city themselves. the crew got in the boat to try to save the man. you can see them here. several hours later in waist
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emergency crews were called in to help. they were able to pull them into safety and taken to wake med. >> i am glad it wasn't me or any of my family but i wish they could get out as soon as possible. >> official say this is a key example of why they had been warning people not to drive or walk through any forward -- flooded roads at all. check of the lower the parking lot. this happened early saturday afternoon at 1:30 but it's expected to reopen today. hopefully conditions are drying out and clinton today. this is main street not far from the cemetery. the city looks at a mandatory curfew at 6:00 this morning just about half an hour ago. storm surge causing flooding across the coast of georgia and it is being blamed for three
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fuss -- shut down numerous road to the weekend. for the storm arrived east up i-95 was ordered to evacuate. the words of matthew tore through a devastating impact in haiti nearly 500 people reported that in just one district alone and that's not where authorities think the worst of the damage is. it was a category four hurricane in 1963 that killed as 8,000 people. eightys all of her death toll from that he remains unknown. amid the suffering eight is for an end. but 100 u.s. marines from camp lejeune also helping with the relief effort there. an intense manhunt underway for gunman who shot three police officers in california. >> two officers were dead including a woman who just returned from duty after having
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>> police surrounded the home where three palm springs officers were shot saturday after answering a call from a woman who said her adult son was causing a disturbance. >> the officers were at the front door trying to negotiate with the suspect. it was a simple family disturbance and he opened fire. >> we're sitting here watching tv and we heard bang bang and we looked out and it was crazy. it was rapidfire. >> all three officers were injured and two >> he was due to retire in december. he was working on a shift he was not scheduled to work on. he chose to work overtime today. >> the other officer had just returned from maternity leave. >> twenty-seven years old. she has been hired for your and half. she just gave birth to a four-month-old baby. >> was a suspect at large police treated the house as if he was still in it . they didn't
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calls to the house. and afghan dispense spokesman this is a helicopter has crashed killing all aboard. they were having technical problems with the aircraft the taliban issued a statement claiming responsibility for the downing the helicopter the terror groupd fighters. authorities in jerusalem say a suspect is dead after shooting several people near the city's police headquarters. at least eight people were hurt two of them critically a police spokesperson says the shooting appears to be a terrorist attack attack. coming up even in the middle of disaster you have to be on guard. how hackers are trying to con a storm survivors and what you can do to protect yourself.
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injured dozens of passengers. we are drying out and temperatures are finally going to be feeling a lot more like
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?? ?? ??
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you all have been so busy the last 48 hours tracking matthew and we have seen the damage that that storm has left behind by region. a lot of clean up having today. >> typically inland flooding is the most devastating at back of the storm. that goes along with the storm surge and areas of the coast. we did see the devastation caused by the inland flooding yesterday. some spots across the area received up to 15 inches of rain and that was an unbelievable amount of water yesterday and it still out there. at least we're seeing a site like this . a live look from our camera north raleigh. we are looking toward the east and yes you will see it eventually. the sun is returning today. matthew now we call a post- tropical cyclone and meaning it is starting to lose its characteristics here. it's getting caught up in a cold front and torn apart a little bit. still around the center it has
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it is taking all the wet weather along with it. you can see a few showers continuing to exit the east. it will be an issue for us today but we are still dealing with the flooding rain that we experience yesterday. flood warning remain for until -- until 1:45 this afternoon. a lot of road closures due to flooded words -- roads. streams and creeks are overflowing around the still be careful dollar your guard out there today. in addition to that we do have these wind advisories that were made. the ground is oversaturated with all the rain yesterday. it won't take much to topple additional trees. 15-25 mile-per-hour winds with gusts up to 40 possible. temperatures right now in the 50s across the area. a cooler start to the morning a warming up two about 70. the breezes sticking around but
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. a very nice afternoon sunny and breezy with a high of 70 degrees. i will let you know how long the dry weather will stick around and what you can expect for your weekend coming up. still ahead losing supporters left and right over inflammatory comments he made about women. donald trump appears to have an
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dozens of people are hurt after a train derailment in new
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long island. investigators say three of the trains 12 cars derailed after colliding with a train. there were about 600 people the train at the time. official say 29 of them were hurt . eleven were taken to the hospital but none of the injuries are serious. and donald trump finds himself in a storm of travel just the day before the second presidential date. his vulgar comments about women and condemnation from all corners even among republicans who support could be critical. tonight's to be is in louis. >> nbc saturday night live didn't take a chance to test didn't miss a chance to take a swing at donald trump's controversy. >> the key key members of the republican party have pulled their support after hearing drums vulgar comments about women. >> she was married. >> reaction to the 2005 tape has
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running mate mike pence said he cannot condone or defend trump's remarks. >> a everybody. >> house speaker paul ryan disinvited trump to saturday's republicanaleigh and rally and said he was sickened by his comments. >> i meant what i said and it still how i feel. >> senator john mccain joint dozens of republicans with drawing support. every gop woman in the senate condemned trump's remarks and some lawmakers have gone farther demanding that he dropped out of the race. >> trump says he will never that what he made a rare apology in this video posted on social media. >> i said it . i was wrong. i apologize. >> trumbull answer to voters tonight when he faces hillary clinton in their second presidential debate. >> this requires a level of humility. >> doctor fields feels is an expert on political rhetoric. he says clinton should leave the scandal alone. >> what she has to do is to avoid anything that suggests
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trump is likely to face some tough ones about this newest scandal. more unexpected troubles from hurricane matthew this morning. >> it's not just high went and flooding but a bold high-tech crime wave as well. >> the internet is everywhere. >> in the middle of the storm state officials say hackers are taking advantage of the resour they saw it was a hacker that was trying to get into what was normal e-mails. it was just precautionary that we make sure we get that word out. >> governor haley says the hackers are working through e-mails on power outage updates from hurricane matthew. it something experts are surprised to say. >> anytime you see anything that is salmon a test of my national significance and affect a lot of people it's easy for people to craft something very quickly and get it out there involving more
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people to click a link for the latest power outages but once you click the hackers can get inside your computer. >> this is easier to fall for. this something you are after looking for. something you want. something you may have already researched key for their experts say they can access your information or scan -- scare me for money. >> a lot of opportunity there and it's very easy and it costs nothing to hack your computer that the e-mail don't click any links and make sure to do your research if anyone is asking you to donate money to help once the storm moves through. >> you could always call the provider. you can always e-mail them back . the best thing you can do is to keep everything up to date and make sure you're the latest version. here in the a site that we are so happy to see this morning. a live look from raleigh-durham international airport with the current temperature is 50 degrees and we're seeing
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it is now posted tropical cyclone be out of the area is a continues to slide off the coast taking all the wet weather right along with it. we still had some record rainfall in a lot of locations yesterday. check out some of these totals. most 15 inches in fayetteville. over 10 inches in rocky mount. or the 9 inches and pine level and even around the triangle we were looking at rainfall totals anywhere from 6 inches to upwards of 9 inches across area. this is an unbelievable amount of rain. some serious devastation across the area. although we are starting to decline is clear up do not let your guard down. we still have these flood warnings in effect for all the counties in green. that is until 1:45 this afternoon. the flash flood warning still in effect for cumberland county until 9:00 a.m. we have a lot of road closures
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we have all this increased runoff into our streams and creeks and that causes caused some flooding in low-lying areas as well. it is still very messy out there at -- this morning. now we have wind advisories to talk about. they continue until 6:00 this evening. that is for 15-25 miles an hour wind and 40-mile per mile-per- hour gusts in all counties across central north carolina. the ground is really oversaturated from the wet weather we had yesterday. it's not to take her a much for additi with already had wind gust of the 43 miles per hour. the wind is no joke this morning. we are breezy all day today but we are going to clear out with sunshine in the forecast this afternoon. are temperature up to 70 degrees. here's the latest on matthew. it was a hurricane up until 5:00 this morning now we are calling it posted tropical cyclone matthew. what that means is at the same
6:54 am
w e ldasot to matthew and his started to tear apart the center of the storm. it's not as well organized as it was yesterday losing his chops the contestable characteristics but it still has wind of 75 miles per hour. is still a very strong storm and it will work its way offshore even further here over the next several days. the cold front will booted out of here. just a low pressure system out of the open atlantic for the rest of this weekend ahead. mahe we are clearing and breezy by the cold front this afternoon. and area of high pressure built and for tomorrow and tuesday. much, whether. typically associated with these high-pressure centers. we're mostly sunny and much cooler for monday and tuesday. the high is still the dominating force over the next several days . we are dry and sunny wednesday and thursday and after a couple days of high temperature in the 60s we will be back in the low 70s as we head for the start
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and raleigh in toronto. seventy-two this afternoon in fayetteville. tonight temperatures fall fast behind the front down to 86 degrees. clear and cool still breezy during the overnight hours at our seven day forecast here showing a perfect week ahead after what we had to deal with yesterday. no rain in the forecast over the next seven days. we're going to be breezy here today a little bit cooler for tomorrow and tuesday. feeling a lot like fall here for this week. high temperatures in the 60s and 70s overnight low mp way into the did to upper 40s. the state fair officially starts on thursday i know a lot of people are looking forward to that and look for to it every year . luckily no weather issues for the start of the fair and the end of this week ahead. >> we need dry days and some warmer temperatures during the day so folks can get in and see what is happening.
6:56 am
a lot of the devastation and destruction left over from matthew last night.
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looking ahead testimony of
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investigators say kane who was under the age at the time had
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hurricane matthew the storm has weekend but still continues to cause major problems along our coast and central north carolina. the incredible story the first responders taking extreme risks is a local neighbors in need. towns and communities haven't by fin ending a long night under curfew. let's look at the conditions right now. it's 56 degrees this morning at 7:00 as we take a live look over raleigh this sunday october 9th 2016. >> a lot of trees on the road a lot of flooded road this morning all across our viewing area and a question many people are asking at the is a look at the


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