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tv   North Carolina News at 700AM  CBS  October 9, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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hurricane matthew the storm has weekend but still continues to cause major problems along our coast and central north carolina. the incredible story the first responders taking extreme risks is a local neighbors in need. towns and communities haven't by fin ending a long night under curfew. let's look at the conditions right now. it's 56 degrees this morning at 7:00 as we take a live look over raleigh this sunday october 9th 2016. >> a lot of trees on the road a lot of flooded road this morning all across our viewing area and a question many people are asking at the is a look at the
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dip faster and stay further out to say. >> that's a we have the cone of uncertainty with the track of the storm . matthew did make landfall in south carolina and as it moved up it's slow down a little bit and we saw this extended period of some really heavy rain . we had a heavy rain in the forecast over the last several days but yesterday when it was overhead that's when we were really starting to see just how much of impact the storm king so close to us over the atlantic actually had. some spots picked up 15 inches a lot of devastation still out there this morning. but at least will be greeted images like this. this is from top of the whole restaurant in chapel hill. the sight for sore eyes this morning after all that rain yesterday we are finally going to get a break. not only today actually over the next several days. here's the latest on matthew. it is a posted tropical cyclone sitting offshore and it will continue to weaken.
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core. there is no warm air in the center it's getting torn apart by a cold front that we actually had moved through last night is still 75 mile-per-hour winds it is still no joke this morning. at this point we are starting to see all the wet weather wrapping up but we are still left with is really saturated around and already -- and also the wind will stick around for today. what warnings continue a lot of closed roads around the area even some major roads parts of 40 and 95 and those are yesterday . these flood warnings continue until this afternoon at about 1:45. we also have wind advisories which will last us this evening. winds gusting to 40 miles per hour. the get -- ground is still wet from the wet weather so we will see the potential for some trees and power lines to come down again today . amateurs this morning in the 50s. we are looking at highs this
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dry weather will last coming up . hundreds of people are safe this morning thanks to fast acting first responders . many drivers and passengers rescued from cars across the region after they got stuck in office flooding. take a look at this water rescue. you may have watched these tense moments a live streaming. >> three people were stranded on top of >> it is very fast-moving water. there were three individuals that stuck that that got stuck on their car. with all the obstacles around the car it was difficult to get the boat in there and get them offith the water trying to push the boat downriver which was treacherous conditions down river. >> the rescue team that save them is from new york city. swift water rescue teams from new jersey and ohio were are also expected to be out there
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roads. tree fell on a van at the end of a hill. the family in the and the vehicle was not heard just shaken up. >> so many trees down today. there's a temporary shelter that was set up last night after people in neighborhoods fell victim to serious flooding. people were evacuated on saturday near southeast raleigh high school. were also getting a better idea of howow the storm. >> tell us what you're seeing is the sun is coming up. >> of finally getting some daylight it's pretty, little bit of rain and breeze but as kristin said matthew moving out and that's what everyone on this island has been waiting to hear hear. yesterday was a big day for the coastal areas for oak island and neighbing southport.
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continued with nonstop rain . we had hurricane winds in the area that not all power lines crews are trying to replace that and a lot of downed limbs as are trying to come back to the area and of course the flooding all along the oceanfront. a lot of areas is still impassable at this point itas a curvy less than 8:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. is morning because they couldn't see what was in the road. they didn't want people venturing out. we had a way to get back on the island this morning as they also close to the bridge because of wind damage . a lot going on today's going to be thecleanup day. the big story out here is the storm surge. this ocean it was region yesterday raging yesterday in fact it was beyond where i'm standing right now. if i was here yesterday i would be 10 feet underwater. this was a narrow beach access point and now what his been
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today that could have to happen. still can be a lot of flooding through the area was to the area we saw the fire department moving through so the shelters in the area are still open . to keep those open as long as needed until people can figure out how their homes may have fared out here. the heavy winds and heavy rain are finally gone. >> yesterday there was incredible video of oak island basically is that the peer you are seeing behind us. >> this is one of the old peers. people are telling us it's been around for 50 years. >> the waves were hammering the peer. and it finally gave way . we
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it will be close and we saw the back had -- back have to fall off i was of ocean lights at all . this is a big loss for oak island. a lot of people have a lot of memories out here taking pictures of heard of proposals out here. a big loss for the island. still standing with a large chunk fell off. it was incredible. is powerful storm. the time is already struggling to deal the effect of dangerous hurricane firefighters find themselves battling this a massive fire that ripped through in myrtle beach. had of being tired.
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and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party.
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i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. land in agriculture. a lot of farmers want to take into assessment this morning flooded field. >> lots of flooded fields and roads and flooding in general. streams and creeks are at the bank full and even overflowed a lot of pond seeing more of the same here . it will take a while for the water to come down and a lot of spaces where did start to come down late last night but now that were finally going to get
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and a nice like to see this morning we have no rain. it's 56 degrees and we're seeing clearing skies here. are tropical satellite showing what is left of matthew. it's now post tropical psych loan here you can see the radar on top showing heavy rains still impacting part of the mid-atlantic states but it's working its way off to the east. still 75 mile-per-hour winds gusting to 90 mile-per-hour's -- our. across north carolina the wet weather is moving out we will see sunshine for most of the day today. still some flood issues out there this morning. flood warnings in effect until 1:45 p.m. for all the counties in green. that is all of central north carolina. if you're watching us on tv you are under the flood warning. still a lot of road closures and issues out there this morning. in addition to that we have the wind which will be sticking
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yestda but 15-25 mile-per-hour winds with gusts up to 40. the wind advisory will continue until 6:00 this evening. y still topple additional trees. they may be power issues. definitely do not let your guard down and use caution wherever you may be today. mp morning. fifty-six in raleigh 57 rocky mount. cleary and -- clearing and breezy. the day today every looking temperature today of 70 degrees the sunshine is ticking around through your entire week. public everything down for you coming up in just a few minutes.
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many people save this morning here's one example of three people who are saved ever be rescued from the top of an suv. this is an trapped floodwaters in fayetteville. the rescue team that save them is from new york city. >> here is look at power outages in her area. more than 100,000 homes and businesses in wake county alone are in the dark. energy crews scramble to get
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one of the tragic stories to people in layton county dead after their car was trapped in floodwaters. a third passenger did escape from the car and alerted authorities to come help. their names have not yet been released. fire officials in south carolina are trying to figure out what caused a huge fire last night. a condo caught fire around 7:30 on north ocean boulevard in cherry grove. that is in north myrtle beach. the fire eventually spread to them bring to the ground. firefighters believe a nearby powerline may have caused the fire and right now we don't know if anyone was injured. matthew made landfall as a hurricane in south carolina shortly after being downgraded to a categorone storm. at the state central coast to charleston and myrtle beach. flash flooding so severe a man used his kayak to get around charleston. officials expect conditions to stay hazardous in the coming days.
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dangerous. we have to be cautious. >> south carolina officials say hurricane matthew brought the largest storm surge since hugo in 1989. it's a serious the situation for a lot of folks who may want to get out on the road this morning. >> roads are still closed. even coming in this morning we had to navigate through different roads and detours. water is still high. >> we what happened in south carolina they are comparing it to hugo. matthew actually made landfall in south carolina around the same place that hugo did in 1989 . i would not be surprised if the national hurricane center does retire the name matthew . i don't think there's any way around at this point based on the devastation that matthew left in its wake. this morning we have down the trees power outages and downed power lines. we have sunshine right now and
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this is a live picture from davis drive elementary school and carry. we're seeing clear skies there. with clearing skies in the forecast everywhere today as is matthew continues to lift out of the area. we will see the rain exiting completely. sunshine returning. again matthew left a huge mess in its wake that we are still cleaning up this morning. almost 15 inches of rain fell in fayetteville yesterday. moren anywhere from 6 inches upwards to almost 9 inches of rain in many spots. that's why this happened so quickly and why the rain continued . this is why we are still dealing with some flood issues here this morning. flood warnings continue for all the counties in green that's for flooded road many of them are closed including some spots on our major highways. forty and 95 had huge issues
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morning. the increased water is running off into streams and creeks and has caused them to hit bank full art even overflow. the low lying areas is still dealing well. a flash flood warning continues for cumberland county until 9:00. wind advisories continue as well. fifteen to 25 mile-per-hour wind likely with 40 mile-per-hour the wind advisory continues until 6:00 this evening. we're still dealing with wind gust in roanoke rapids. thirty-seven and 32 miles per hour and rocky mount. not all of our recording stations have power this morning. temperatures in the 50s across the area climbing to 70 this afternoon. breezy all day that we are going to be seeing the sunshine which will give us a chance to try out
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cyclone now the core of the system. the center is no longer warm and it is being torn up by a cold front. we're going to keep close eye on the system here is the continues to make its way out to the east. seventy-five mile-per-hour winds gusting to 90 miles an hour and it will move off to the east here as we headed through today tomorrow and tuesday out over the atlantic as a remnant low over the next few days. matthew is moving away we are clearing and breezy today. a cold front will clear the by tomorrow allowing for the system of high pressure to build in. wednesday and thursday the high is still in control we are dry and still sunny in the low 70s. today a high of around 20 -- 70. overnight tonight temperatures fall to 46 degrees clear and
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8-14 miles an hour. the wind will die down significantly during the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning. up to 66 for a high tomorrow much cooler. sixty-nine on tuesday check out these overnight low temperatures in the 40s tomorrow morning and tuesday morning. cool mornings at the bus. pleasant afternoons . wednesday looks nice at 73 degrees. the state fair officially starts on thursday. we are looking we're looking at a high state fair. we will stay in the low 70s of through the start of next weekend. overnight lows back into the 50s. a couple of cool days and cool mornings at least the fifth the forecast cooperates to give us all a chance to clean up and dry out and to assess the amount of damage that matthew did cause here. >> we need a break and i think it's nice to see fall here and some of the hurricane season leaving us behind.
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tropical cyclones in the next five days. that is something we can look forward to. >> we cannot stress enough how dangerous it is right now for many roads in this area. please b arsenic, mercury, lead. that's what you got. duke energy endangered the drinking water of 1.6 million people in north carolina. and what did duke energy get?
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and what will you get? years of higher electric bills to pay for cleaning up their mess.
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the weather was a big winner on saturday as hurricane matthew wreaked havoc wreak havoc on triangle games. notre dame was tied at three of this can get a special teams. mckeever will block by respond. a dexter wright will scoop it and he will score 10-3. look at the guy celebrating hill. for the state one. the hockey's gerard evans will throw for two scores. the tar heels failed to fund and soon for the first time north tenure in chapel hill 44-33 virginia tech. point are hard to come by in durham . duke will hold army to half of the rushing yards.
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turnovers duplicates back to its winning ways with a hard-fought 13-6 win. that's a look at your sunday morning sports. coming up tonight on 60 minutes a world-famous supercomputer goes to medical school at the university of north carolina. >> as it turns out unc chapel hill is one of the top cancer institutes to teach watson the computer while the world five years ago after winning the game show jrd watson blue them away. >> it was not very hard and then want and read 25 million papers in about another week and then it also scanned the web for clinical trials and all of a sudden we had this complete list that was everything we needed to now. >> you can watch the full report on 60 minutes at 10:00 right
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coming up matthews a big story today continues to have a deadly impact all across north carolina and the atlantic coast. >> do not let the sunshine for you at all today . we may be drying out but we were are hardly out of danger when it comes to the remnants of the powerful storm. another look at the forec (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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left of it is moving on we have even more flooding danger ahead. coming up we will will show you what to look for. an intense man had continues after two officers were murdered in southern california. more fallout for donald trump as more big profile names and supporters try to distance himself from him for tonight's presidential debate. before that we went ahead outdoors and take a look. the sun is shining are very different than what were doing with yesterday. right now 56 degrees as we take a live look overit sunday morning. the ninth of october. good morning and thank you for watching north carolina news at 7:00. christina we saw the sun coming up let's not that this is the end. >> we are not out of the woods just yet. but of course it's always nice after day like yesterday to see some sunshine. that's exactly what we're seeing this morning. this is a live look our tower camera north raleigh.
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temperatures 56 degrees here. we are clearing it is deftly going to be a beautiful day but we are still going to be feeling some of after effects of matthew. as a 5:00 a.m. the advisor from the national hurricane center matthew as we call post- tropical now which means the core of the system the center is no longer warm however it still has area of circulation that is rotating around. winds around the circulation are 75 mile-per-hour gusting to 90 miles per hour . it is ng it is taking the rain with the. although most of the area not dealing with anymore rain we are still once again feeling the effects of the rain from yesterday. some record rain some all-time records in yesterday as far as rainfall goes. we still have these flood warnings in effect for all the county's you see in green. it's basically every county in central north carolina. that's because we have flooded road still a lot of closures is a wait for some of the water to reseed on some of the roads from
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increase runoff cause them to reach their banks are overflow their banks here this morning. we're still watching out for that also flash flood warning continues for cumberland county until 9:00 a.m. some of the hardest hit areas in cumberland county today . wind advisory remains in effect. even mind we have a really wet ground all these flood warning still in effect. the ground is completely saturated. let's add on 40 mile-per-hour wind gusts that and you will see where can see adit down again today. temperatures now in the 50s across the area only a handful of numbers popping up on the map here because the rest of these reporting stations don't have any power. temperatures will be climbing today till 70 degrees clearing skies breezy this afternoon a nice day weatherwise we are still again going to be cleaning up after matthew and dealing with some of the lingering effects today. be safe out there do not let
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sunshine in the forecast for this weekend. of the complete breakdown coming up. duke energy is working around the clock an effort to get power returned to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. as of now utility is issuing more than 100,000 people without power and wake county . across the state of north carolina 685,000 plus people reporting power outages at their homes and businesses. lots of folks working around the clock whether it's duke energy or 23,000 of the people in durham county this morning. a lot of work ahead. please be patient. according to the governor three people died so far because of hurricane matthew in north carolina. to the victims were in bladen county. you can see this the terrific picture here. folks attract in the vehicle the merchant flood water. the third passenger escape from the car and called 911. emergency crews not able to recover the bodies due to the rising water. a driver some sampson county
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vehicle hydroplaned. also better idea of how towns along the coast are actually fearing after the storm storm. >> it looks better out there since we saw yesterday. >> a lot better. still breezy. quite a few gusts but the rain is gone and the sun is coming out and i don't if you can see if there is a blue sky behind a lot of these clouds . i'm starting to makes you feel better. people are trying to come out there today there checking at the beach. this area got a lot of flooding and a lot of wind damage but the beach is really the story out here. yesterday it was a machine. this thing was reaching for the area. the waves were smashing all over the student which they knew could be a problem. crashing on this area. this . this was a beach waterfront that we saw all long the oceanfront here. there were a lot of restaurants are flood out.
7:34 am
see their yard was underwater yesterday . you can see it tossed over a bench. that is from some of the wind but mostly from the water. it was standing where i'm standing right now yesterday i would be underwater. this was just a small narrow beach access to let people use which is now been washed out. they knew this was can be an issue. this is what people working at the out here survey the damage we saw a couple hummers from the town been through there's a curfew yesterday but the so many roads are impassable they lot of the water is receding. the big thing today is can be cleaning up after this powerful storm. jonathan you are one of the only people we know who got video of the peer we see right there behind you actually falling apart due to all the waves and the rough see they were telling us about. walk us through that. >> it is a it's a pretty incredible site. some people st stopped once
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beach access our photographer was trying to get a close-up shot. the waves were smashing into this thing all day. it's an older peer and these things are built strong but there's only so much you can take. finally the back half just buckled and you see it get swallowed under the water. you can hear it because there's so much wind and rain but just to see something like that an incredible structure drop into the water. it really shows how much intensity the ocean brings when you have a hurricane it was a big loss for this island. it blew up on social media because people have so many memories here . there is a take my kids there are taken pictures there is a nice vacation spot. the big loss for the island and just of of the damage we've seen out here along the coast. >> three people are safe this morning thanks to the efforts of the female -- fema search and rescue team who rushed in after flood wade -- waters over to their vehicles. firefighters are forced to use
7:36 am
after securing flotation devices the people climbed into the boat and were ferried one of won the time to safety. the first responders tell us reach reaching the truck was probably the easy part. >> it was a dangerous part of operation. we need to keep them calm and get them transferred in a moving boat and moving water. caught -- forced dozens of drivers into a local gas station in benson. for hours people were stranded at the gas station. fire officials said they may be struck there for the night. so many they decide to stuck -- stock up on food but power outages prevent people from using credit cards. one employee decided even on his day off to head into all that was going on this gas station.
7:37 am
street. i don't know when i'll be home. >> the gas station took orders from everyone and stuck there and gave out free food. crews are trying to rescue a man that witnesses they walked onto the flooded road been the process several firefighters lost control their boat and have people to say to themselves. eric dillard shot this video for us as the crew got the boat to try to save the man. ca hours later in waist deep water. emergency crews from around the region including orange county recall that. they were able to pull them into safety and taken to wake med. >> i'm glad it wasn't me or any of my family. i wish they could get about it is possible. >> emergency officials say this is a key example of why they've been warning people not to drive or walk through any flooded road. >> this video is hereby of the work was in crabtree valley
7:38 am
parking lot. they there's that areas prone to seems like this. the mall closed early saturday afternoon but is expected to reopen today. hopefully conditions are drying out and clinton today. take a look at the flooding in the city yesterday. this is main street not far from the cemetery. the city lifted a mandatory curfew at 6:00 is morning. storm surge flooding along the coast of georgia being blamed for at least three deaths. rivers over the banks on friday for the emergency crews to shut more than 370,000 people were reported without power there. before the storm arrived at one east of i-95 was ordered to evacuate. the worst of matthew tour a devastating path over haiti. 500 people reported dead in one district alone and that's not where authorities in the worst of the damage is. one hurricane floor hit 80 in 1963 eight killed as any is a thousand people.
7:39 am
more than 300 u.s. marines from camp lejeune are also assisting with the relief effort there as well. an intense manhunt underway . >> two officers are dead including a woman who just returned to duty after having a baby. book has the latest out of palm springs >> officers were shot saturday after answering a call from a woman who said her adult son was causing a disturbance. >> the officers were at the front door trying to negotiate with the suspect. it was a simple family disturbance and he elected to open fire. >> we were watching tv and we heard bang bang and results out and it was crazy. it was rapidfire. >> all three officers were injured. two were dead.
7:40 am
>> he was due to retire december. he was working on a shift he was not scheduled working on. he chose to work overtime today. >> the other officer leslie had just returned from maternity leave. >> twenty-seven years old. she has been on our police department for a year and a half. she just gave birth to a four-month-old they be. >> with the suspect at large police treated the house as if he was still in it . they didn't identify the suspect but saidhe even in the middle of disaster you have to be on guard. how hackers are trying to con storm survivors and what you can do to protect yourself. a passenger train derailed in new york injuring dozens of passengers. the wind is still going to be an issue today as matthew pulls up to the east. we could see additional jury
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we are off to a calmer start than this tenuously. is a live look from prestonwood country club in cary. we have a lot of sunshine to skies start the morning and we will see that continue over the next several days. a chance to dry out and assess the devastation caused yesterday by hurricane matthew. right now matthew is what we call a post- tropical cyclone. is sitting offshore of the north carolina coast. what post- tropical means is the core of the system. the center characteristics. but it still has the center of circulation here with winds of 75 miles per hour gusting to 90. it still a very strong storm as it continues to work its way to the east northeast here this morning. and is taking the wet weather along with it. showers are wrapping up for us . we will see drier weather taking hold over the next several days. today do not let your guard down. we still have these flood warnings in effect until 1:45 p.m. flooded road a lot of them around the area closed.
7:45 am
as well. plus we had increase runoff into our streams and creeks. when advisories continues to this evening. that's for everywhere as well. because the ground is so wet if we add these 40-mile per hour gusts to it we may have additional tree and powerline problems again this afternoon. temperatures right now in the 50s. a whole lot of these reporting stations don't have power this morning. so obviously not seeing a whole lot of data popping up on the we can expect clearing skies beautiful today are high up to 70 and the good news is the driver the sticks around for this entire week ahead. we have more sunshine in the forecast over the next several days. i let you know exactly what to expect and where some of the problem spots are here still lingering this morning coming up
7:46 am
governor mccrory is attacking roy cooper on the state crime lab. well, we know roy cooper and we know the problems he discovered when he became attorney general. roy found a backlog of over 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but he cleared the backlog. and roy cooper helped us solve over 2,000 crimes ses.
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a water shortage of breezy has been declared in fayetteville. officials want to test the water for any contamination in wake of the flooding. full-serce it should be restored the next 48-72 hours. dozens of people are hurt after a train derailment in new york.
7:49 am
route after colliding with a train. there were about 600 people on the train at the time. official say 29 of them were hurt . eleven were taken to the hospital but none of the injuries were serious. trumpet finds himself in a storm of trouble going into the second residential debate. despite his comments about women it's a drying confirmation from all corners even from republicans whose support could be >> nbc's saturday night live didn't miss a chance to take a swing at donald trump's latest controversy. >> it was 11 years ago back when i was just a young child is 59-year-old man. >> key members of the republican party have pulled their support after hearing trump's vocal recorded comments about women. >> she was married. >> reaction to the 2005 tape has
7:50 am
cannot condone or defend trump's remarks. >> paul ryan disinvited trump to saturday's republican rally and said he was taken by his comments. >> i meant what i said and it is still how i feel. >> senator john mccain joined dozens of publicans withdrawing report -- support. every gop woman in the senate condemned trump's remarks and some lawmakers have gone farther demanding that he dropped out of the race. trump says he will never do video posted on social media. >> i said it. i was wrong . i apologize. >> trump will answer to voters tonight when he faces hillary clinton in their second pridential debe. >> this requires a level of humility. >> doctor fields is an expert on political rhetoric. he says clinton initially the scandal loan. >> she has to avoid anything that suggests she she's paraphrasing what he said.
7:51 am
trump is likely to face some tough ones about this newest scandal. we are off to a sunny start to our day across much of central north carolina right now. there's a live look from the top of the hill restaurant chapel hill. season blue skies ere are some sunshine and nice site to see after the mess what is left of what was hurricane matthew is continuing to work its way offshore this morning. the wet weather is pretty much wrapping up and matthew left a lot of devastation. some of the hardest hit areas had more than 10 inches of rain here. so in fayetteville we had a pedestrian broke a record in fayetteville for the most rain of all time in one day here at 40.81 inches. more than 10 inches in rocky
7:52 am
higher amounts there . an unbelievable amount of rain . unfortunately all the rain left a lot of destruction in its wake and the sunlight now revealing a lot of the devastation here this morning. the national weather service is continuing his flood warning due to the threat of flooding with the highest 36 -- creeks streams. a lot of them are very full if of not overflowing fairbanks here this morning. these flood warnings continue until early this afternoon. we also have a wind advisory which will stick around all day today and this is for wins 50-25 miles per hour with gusts as high as 40. because of that we may see additional problems with power
7:53 am
keep that in mind . only your guard down today because winds gusting above 30 miles per hour. a lot of reporting stations don't have power most temperatures here in the 50s. fifty-six in raleigh 54 and around 57 in rocky mount. these temperatures will climb up two about 70 this afternoon. we will get rid of any cloud that there we have sunshine all day temperatures then breezy as we head throughout this afternoon and into this evening as well for the wind finally dies down. post tropical cyclone matthew is losing some tropical characteristics but still a strong store. seventy-five mile-per-hour winds of the coast of north carolina gusting to about 90 around the center . the forecast track continues to show matthew moving to the east throughout the day today into tomorrow and tuesday . it is
7:54 am
moving away have breezy conditions in the forecast for today and area of high pressure built in that will calm things down for monday and tuesday we are mostly sunny a much cooler for the start of the week with highs 60s. the high is still control of the weather for wednesday and thursday. we are dry and sunny with a 70-degree days returning. we are around 70 as we head to this afternoon. 72 degrees in fayetteville. tomorrow much cooler. you will notice that change. morning tuesday with temperatures in the 40s . the low 70s for wednesday the state fair officially start on thursday in the forecast looks pretty nice. 74 degrees for opening day there and that would then we cool off to around 70 for friday and saturday. we get a full week to dry out and assess the damage to clean up . luckily there is no rain in the forecast . we are not adding insult to injury . it was nice to see sunshine and give us a chance to assess some
7:55 am
>> we do know there are a lot of trees still on in the road. some folks are still being rescued. there is still a lot of flooded roads. so please just stay home. let's let some of this water received. >> i when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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cam newton will not play carolinas monday that matchup against the tampa bay buccaneers up. last season's mvp has been ruled out after suffering a concussion in last weekend lost to atlanta. nguyen newton did not practice throughout the week. backup dereknderson will start tomorrow night's game. and george of the worst of hurricane matthew is over the cleanup just begin. are still being used as shelters for hundreds of people in coastal cities like savannah. for all families forced to use those shelters all they can do is wait and worried. now they are anxious to see the damage left behind by matthew. >> this is our mutiny . i have never been to this ever. >> we can't even go. we're going to be out here for another two weeks. >> despite the inconvenience supplies are coming in
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hurricane matthew the storm has weekend but still continues to cause major problems along the coast in central north carolina. >> the incredible story the first responders taking extreme risks to save local neighbors that need help. hammered by storm damage are waking up after spending a long night under curfew. before you get to that let's take a look outside into the conditions. it hasn't warmed up still 56 degrees of their cool start for sunday morning at 8:00 as we take a live look over raleigh october 9th 2016. thank you for starting your sunday with us. it is nice and the sun coming up but don't let it for you. we have trees down flooded roads water rescues going on.


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