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tv   North Carolina News at 500PM  CBS  October 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:55pm EDT

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against navy. it will be on november 19th. we want you to take a look at the mess left behind in robeson county. heavy rain forces hundreds to evacuate. wi carolina derek lucent -- derek loose that way and he joins us live. derek? >> sharon, those rescues have been happening all day just to give you an idea of how much rain fl has -- have gone up to the windows. everyone else is trying to make sure everyone is safe. national grd, fema, people who live here say the aftermath was surrea >> when i woke at 5:00 a.m. the water was up on my porch and coming in my door. >> many neighborhoods look like this one with floodwater everywhere. 10 inches fell from hurricane
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threatening conditions to lumberton. rescue efforts are happening throughout the city. joy taylor walked through the water barefoot. >> i've got five kids. i did not know what to do. i was thinki lord help us less just let us get out of here . >>reporter: hurricane matthew shut down the road leaving people stranded. >> i have never seen this like . >> i never expected we would it >>reporter: earl anderson and their family paddled away from their house. >> i never thought in my lifetime we would have to use a boat and i seit on tvand you nevethink it will happen to you. >> many neighbors are wondering what is next. >> are we going to ha anything when it's done? we just don't know.
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reports of deaths in lumberton. neighbors are being rescued. coming up at 6:00 when neighbor explains what people are waiting until the last minute to ou li in lumberton i derek lewis. mandatory evacuation in place for kinston and lenora county. it is seven feet above flood stage. as water runs down stream it could go as high as 26 feet it will be days, if not weeks before fayette went -- fayettevils >> today the city received its first bid -- bid of good news. two people reported missing were found safe. sadly two others were not found. >> earlier today the governor toured the flood zone. te joins us live. >>reporter: it looks like a war zone here. treeimbs everywhere througho ts area.
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wrought iron fence nearly tackled by the floodwaters and then down this way even trees along cross creek now into the roads. >> it is very hurtful and unimaginable to come and see this condition. >>reporter: miss lewis is talking about flood damage at the zion church. their entire sanctuary entered the building. directly across the street this massive sinkhole and another lot. >> there are people hurting in this region. >>reporter: assessing damage mccrory said $12 million in federal funds would help north carolina recover. business owner bobby says flooding destroyed his office of more than 30 beers. >> ware not asking for handouts.
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we don't need delays. >> one big obstacle is the number of trees down. take a look at this on top of the home on sherman drive. governor mccrory says that we have not seen the worst of the storms yet. he urges residents to be safe. >> don't do anything flish put your family in harms way or a first responder in harms way. >>reporter: coming up tonight we will mccrory says his concerns are for business owners and residents who don't have flood insurance. nate rogers, cbs north carolina. ispart of the walking tour there was abandon suv and it's dried out but that is the same vehicle that was marooned on saturday with three people on top. >> you may have watched the me -- the amazing scue. after our clinging to the vehicle the
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of the 11 tests reported have been in johnson county. >> first responders artrying to prevent others from meeting the same faith. we're live from smithfield. >>reporter: i am standing in the middle of market street in smithfield. the moose river has turned it into market lake. we are at the job of market into 10. downtown is down that way. it began rising at 3:00 p.m. yesterday and eeoc officials tell us ever since that time they have bunt -- done nothing but water rescues. >> we were not expecting it to get this high. >>reporter: nelson mitchell owns a concrete business which is now underwater. he has been in business since 1970 and says this is the worst flooding he has ever seen. >> the shop was flooded and the
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>> at this point, what are you going to do? >> nothing for a couple of days until the water goes out. >>reporter: the floodwaters are doing more than property damage. officials have had to conduct scores of rescues because people are ignoring warnings to stay away from the floodwaters. >> we see a lot of them being created today and most of them are from vehicles. >>reporter: there is water, r drink. officials say the waters took out some of the infrastructure used to provide drinking water. >> when you lost your water how worried were you? >> we were worried because we couldn't take showers or washer dishes and we didn't have clean water for that. >>reporter: many flock to the bridge to look at matthew's legacy. for them his visit is one they
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>> this is insane. >>reporter: insane indeed and still white dangerous. the roiling water you are looking at right now is about 100 darts down the road. the good news is incremental and that the water is beginning to recede. earlier today this would've been up to my waist and it's now a whole lot less but it is not going away anytime soon. they believe they will three days and perhaps as long as a week. reporting live, cbs north carolina. in a few minutes we will go to the tar river but first we want to check in with chief meteorologist for some dangers. >> despite the great weather we had and the rest of this week some of the water is still rising. let's talk about the tar river and tarboro. the numbers i'm going to give
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so noal stage is under 17 feet. you get to minor flooding at 19 feet. plus feet. evel is up at 30 a major flood is32 and it is expected to go above that tomorrow morning and stay above major flood level through the end of the week. another several days. all of this while have sunny skies and dry weather. 35.4 is where get its highest tomorrow morning and that is under where was back in floyd at 41.5 feet back in 1999. it's sunny. why aren't things getting better faster. look at the rain we had. nine to 12 inches. that's in your backyard going into slot -- small streams and lakes and then on to the rivers
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to deal with and we also have our coolest morning five months and i will tell you what that will feel like later. >> i-95 remains closed. traffic is being reload -- being rerouted. there is an alleged cash shortage rumor. while some stations ran out fuel there is no shortage gas in the county. the storm knocked out powefor hundreds of thousands of people and many will remain in the dark right now more than 435 north carolina homes are without electricity and more than half our duke energy customers. cbs north carolina carly refit joint utility crews as they surveyed the damage and has tonight story. -- >>reporter: crews are
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power through sunday. >> and raleigh cruise everett off newbern by the high school to fix a powerline poll that broke in half across the state duke energy, dominion and other power country -- companies cautiously fixed what matthew damaged since it began they have restored power to more than 800,000 customers but hundreds of thousands more are waiting. duke energy spokesman jeff brooks says crews are having a tough time reaching lines that need to be fixed. with so many additional workers they hope to restore power to even the most rural places at the beginning of next week. >> we have brought in 6000 additional crewmembers to assist us in this area from as
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midwest and texas. all of these crewmembers are unseen or arriving to continue to add to the thousands of crewmembers we already have in the area that are working. >> you will see crews out here trying to fix down lines and restore power and jeff brooks says if you see a crew give them a wide berth and go nowhere near any downed power lines. carly griffith, cbs, north carolina. cbs north carolina teaming up with the red cross to help those impactedy matthew by providing food and shelter if you want to help head to w everything you need to get involved -- hurricane matthe was so powerful it dug up part of the past. >> coming up. the historic find on the shores of south carolina. the trial continues for the former unc student charged in the deadly wrong way crash and
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looking ahead to 5:30. the dust has settled over the most bizarre presidential bate. buck newton's law legalizing discrimination. a national embarrassment. it was my honor and my privilege to carry house bill 2 through the north carolina senate. and newton stands defiantly behind hb2. my opponent calls this buck's bill. and you know what? i say, bring it on! buck newton is wrong for attorney general. we're better than this.
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strengthen our communities. together. it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. arsenic, mercury, lead. that's what you got. duke energy endangered the drinking water of 1.6 million people in north carolina. and what did duke energy get? a sweeter deal from pat mccrory. mccrory got thousands in campaign contributions from duke energy executives. and what will you get?
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we turn now to a mandatory evacuation for princeville. look at the tar river, bo? >>reporter: sharon, there is a bridge here that connects the tarboro side which is where we are to princeville which is at the other end and i will take us out of the way. we are showing you the tar river now. it is very high at the moment and there is concerned that if the level rises too much it will flood to the other side of the
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still has seen this before with hurricane floyd and there is a mandatory evacuation order. >> you try to be calm but you don't mess with nature. >>reporter: michael gardner says all he can do is wait. he left his home and is staying at a red cross shelter it tarboro high school along with 200 other people. princeville is under a mandatory evacuation the ater level of the tar riv is already high and you can are partially underwater. when the river crest in the morning emergency officials say there's concern it could rise to a level where the princeville dike may not be able to hold the water. >> that should be held with the dike but it is too close for us not to be cautious which is why we ordered an evacuation. we will keep it evacuated through today and tonight. >> the town suffered a
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>> a lot of people were out of the town. some were prepared to leave. 15 or 16 years ago is not that distant of a memory. >>reporter: gardner was not in princeville for floyd but he's heard stories. >> all you can do is pray. that's all you can do. >>reportershelter is not only available school but at martin millennium capy and he is johnson elementary school. ahead at 6:00 you ill hear from a princeville resident who was here during floyd and has evacuated and you'll hear about his concerns that are on his mind. live in tarboro, beau minnick. all right, beau. attorney general met with
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edgecombe coty. >> this is home for me. i've also talked to farmers who have farmers d nashville and edgecomb there is real damage particularly with the sweet potatorop -- crop and getting ready to meet with the people in edgecombe and talking about the potential for scams and scam artists. >> it involves the people attending to work with power companies. they will send electronically but it turns out to be maware. paid a visit to wilson county and we will have report on the damage they are seeing coming up in a few minutes. in georgia many are returning to find their homes damaged. these aerials show the impact felt. you can see siding stripped from buildings and marina owners use
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however they returned to find their efforts had been in vain. >> with got a lot of damage but the do stayed in place. these folks behind us we had four or five that were stacked. >> of the 21 deaths, three were in georgia. if you need any more evidence of how powerful it was look at this. >> it blew through charleston with so much force it on earth a dozen cannonballs. the former mayor of folly stumbled upothem. and avid history buff he said he knew exactly what he found. >> just knowing a little bit about the civil war i know they put fuses in cannonballs to explode and it was very distinct and we looked at it carefully anyou could see that there was still part of the fuse in place. >> a bomb squad came into th made and the rest were rendered ineffective and an air force
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it ses like when mother nature gives us the worst of etr afterwards we have the best. i think back to the tornado outbreak back in 2011. it was a ho day on a saturday and sunday it was t. i know there is a lot of work to do on the ground but the weather above is good and it will be for a whi. it is the second week of october. is supposed to cooler and it is. 74 our average high. today we did not get out we cool back down the end of th week and starting to feel like state fair weather that starts later this week as well. current temperatures around town for those sites still functioning. remember we had a lot of wind and rain and electronics that operate our temperature sensors some did not make it and you will see some blank spots. temperatures look good in the
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morning inlmost five months. so let's enjoy that. we will keep a few clouds around. it's going to be dry and radar will be off and 57 is where we will be at 8:00. following to the 40s overnight and you're out the door tomorrow morning at 42 degrees. that is worthy of some long sleeves and a jacket and one of the reasons why it is going to be so co comfortable during the day is because our to point temperature has bottomed out. all summer long we are complaining about it when it's up in the 60s and 70s and muggy , it's down into the low 40s. remember the ler that number gets the lower our overnight temperatures can get. high pressure remains in control up and down the east coast. there is a cold front back in the midwest and it could move
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there is no rain in just a reinforcement of cool air. we're not done with the tropics just yet. matthew is no longer a trackable system from hurricane center but nicole is. at one time hurricane still way out there is a tropical storm and that's where it will stay. it might be hurricane nicole oddly enough but it won't move any clos to the united states. let's continue to enjoy this and tomorrow this is 69 degrees in raleigh. 68 in durham, in fayetteville. that's a great -- a degree you're seven-day forecast keeps it comfortable through wednesday with a high of 73. the first day of the north carolina state fair is here and itwill be 76 degrees. the first week looks good and by good i mean sunny and dry with temperatures in the low 70s friday saturday and sunday morning temperatures not as cool as tomorrow morning but mid to low 40s.
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is 76 degrees. i don't know when the last time i could say soing like that but that sounds good. we will do 76 twice. once on thursday and once again next monday. tomorrow similar to what we had today. coming up we have compared matthew to floyd a lot. i'm going to look at the meteorologist -- the meteorological statistics and show what we're talking about. now that matthew is gone i want to days out to the actual track and i think we will be surprised. >> it was quite a storm. >> we are going to talk about mandy for long time. had at 5:00.both sides tell
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where doesorth carolina go from here? i'm roy cooper, and after years of our state moving backward, these would be my priorities as governor. first, instead of social issues, i'll focus on our schools and keeping good teachers with better pay. we need to end giveaways for companies that send jobs overseas and we need to reform our tax system so those at the top aren'tetting tax breaks at your expense. we can start building a better north carolina. and we need to reform our tax system so those at the top when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" hat porter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition
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makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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>>reporter: one of the first troopers on scene were called the night he responded to a deadly wrong way crash. one of the first things trooper stephen foster notice was a strong smell of alcohol. >> his eyes were really glassy and his speech was slurred.
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me a lot. >> the trooper said after the crash he was yelling at first responders and cursing them. >> he told firefighters that they needed to help him. >> this while the 9-year-old was crying and she was the only victim to survive. others were pronounced dead at the scene. defense tried to point a different picture -- paint a different picture. >> he constantly said he was sorry and repeated himself. >> yes sir >> in addition to being polite and cooperative. >> trooper foster said he asked him for a driver's license and -- and he gave him a fake id. >> as i took the driver's license from him it was like he realized something and he tred to take it back. >> trooper foster testified he did not tice any skidmarks indicating he never braked. cb orting in hillsboro.
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>> there was a text message reed in which the driver said he loved driving high. our coverage of hurrica narrator: look up the facts on richard burr. the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns one-point-one million dollars. that's public record. "new profits for private insurersould be as high as sixteen to twenty-six billion." but seniors would pay nine percent more for medicare. riard burr is looking out for himself and the insurance industry... not you. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertisg. after 20 years in washington, we're learning lots about richard burr.
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now we learn burr had over $100,000 in oil and gas stocks while he backed legislation givi tax credits benefitting gas companies. and oil and gas companies donated over half a million dollars to burr's campaigns. no wonder richard burr's wealth has increased over 500% since he's been in congress. that's making washington work for him. afscme is responsible for the content of this ad. a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife.
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i fight back. that'shy i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gu if she chooses. hillary clinton disagreewith that. don'let politicians take away your right to own a gun. donald trump supports my right to own a gun. north carolina news at 530 starts now. >> i think it is disgraceful and she should be ashamed of yourself if you want to know the truth. >> when they go low you go high. >> strong words. how people and politicians are reacting. team coverage of ongoing impacts from hurricane matthew continues and what it could
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>> and how the corridor is being affected from the jury -- virginia borr to south carolina. others are on high alert as rivers continue to rise. >>11 state and here is the breakdown. sampson, barnett, wilson and hnson counties have all seen fatalities. people have died in gates borough and alsoleeding counties corridor the city of wilson is starting to return to normal after 10 inches of rain will -- flooded some areas. >> we were prepared for the worst and we were staffed for the worst and we are lucky the worst is behind us and we can move forward. >> getting back to normal. that's the message from city officials as the city tries to recover. forest hills road and downing
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be back to normal within the next 48 hours. >> we are projecting it to go down unlike some of our neighbors who will have rivers cresting later this week, wilson is probably past our highest point and we will focus energy on trying to help some of our neighbors. >>reporter: localized flooding is starting to stabilize. the city had 130 rescues and evacuations over the weekend. portions of the bridge were washed of luke willson. resident clifton bailey had four feet of water run into his basement. how does that make you feel to see your house like this? >> terrible. you go three days and you don't sleep and eat and you worry about what is going to happen and this is the result. >> at one point the city of wilson had close to 80 city streets closed and now it is down to two. in wilson, cbs north carolina. no deaths have been
5:32 pm
cumberland and robison cie have seen some oe worst of thoodin >> governor pat mccrory toward the damage in fayetteville and don champion and is rocky mount where the tar river continues to rise. >>reporter: that's right. good evening. to say matthew drenched this part of the state would be an understement. it was the rhaney stay on record. you can see the water led to road closure near highway 64. this was west 97 and east 97 and certainly the problem here remains the fact that the tar river still has not crested. it's not expected to happen to until tomorrow and after that many waterways are expected to remain elevated. as you mentned in the town of
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at 1.1500 people were stranded because of the rising water after a levee broke. we do know boats and helicopters are being used to help with the rescue efforts so definitely the impacts of matthew are still being felt in the rain has stopped but the misery from the storm is very evident. >> you are near highway 64. a lot of problems with people ignoring on the roads. have you seen anyone driving in the area where you are? >> this roadway is blocked off and we are on the offramp and thankfully we have not seen anyone try to go through here. certainly that is the warning from officials. do not drive in the floodwater. if you see it turn around. we do know one depth because
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and the site of the rising water on the tar river was huge. it drew large crowds on a bridge over the water. do it from a safe area but don't to drive in it. >> turn around and don't drown. for the second time in over two weeks the cash i river has overflowed flooding downtown windsor. last month the small-town saw 17 inches of rain. this is drone video n governor asked folks to take the drones down. the river is expected to rise into tonight. more than 25 roads are closed and more than 100 families have evacuated the shelters. mandatory evacuation for kinsn and lenorecounty. the news river is about 21 feet and officials say as the water
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high as 26 feet. east carolina has canceled classes in e football game against navy has been postponed and throughout county the sheriff's urging people in low- lying areas to evacuate. cleanup is continuing across the coast. many of the dunes are gone and the oak island here is close after strong waves brokeoff a
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going. let's go back to september, 1999, sean. floyd formed the second day of september coming off the coast of africa. it did not hit north carolina until two weeks later. we were able to watch this. it stayed north of the caribbean and north of the bahamas and made a wide turn and came up the gut for eastern north carolina. let's fast-forward to what we've had in the last two weeks here. hurricane matth caribbean after being a very slow mover. came up kind of more from the south and made a wide turn and headed out to the east. those are two pretty different paths but they had very similar results. what i remember from matthew is how slow moving it was. floyd was in and credibly strong september storm and it was a category two when it made landfall. winds were as high as
5:37 pm
deaths and floyd arguablythe first -- the worst hurricane ever to hit. matthew category one with 75 miles an hour and just as much rain and up to this point we have 11 deaths. 1999 was a busy season. 12 named storms. we've already got 14 we've gone through matthew and nicole remember the season, still tw you on went -- on nicole and we will look at the forecast coming up a little later. thank you. the death toll in haiti is reported to be more than 1000 and may continue to climb as officials -- reach more remote parts of the country. haiti is the poorest nation and is cbs reports there is little
5:38 pm
landfall hundreds are dead and tens of thousands are homeless and hungry. in the town of jeremy 80% of the buildings are damaged or destroyed. jeff showed us what was left of his home. >> every time the wind would blow you would get on your knees and covered them. >> he described the horror of living through the storm. >> the first hours. i called them and told them to come in an >> more than 1000 people are staying at this shelter. a school that survived hurricane. they tell us they have seen little to nothing in terms of help from their government. >> they don't have anything to eat or to drink and for the moment no one is helping them. >> the most difficult part came as we were touring the village of jeremy. dozens of people surrounded me and they asked me to write mine
5:39 pm
look we are here and we survived and don't forget about us. cbs, port-au-prince. >> the damage spans far behind -- far beyond our area. there is a bright spot. >> the state fair kicks off this week. still ahead on cbs north carolina and what potential impacts no have on the fair. >> they will be without cam newton plus. >> donald trump responds to the top republican after he refuses
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buck newton's law legalizing discrimination. a national embarrassment. it was my honor and my privilege to carry house bill 2 through the north carolina senate. and newton stands defiantly behind hb2. my opponent calls this buck's bill. and you know what? i say, bring it on! we're better than this. i'm josh stein. i'm running for attorney general to protect our families and strengthen our communities.
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governor mccrory is attacking roy cooper on the state crime lab. well, we know roy cooper and we know the problems he discovered when he became attorney general. roy found a backlog of over 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations.
5:42 pm
from cold cases. governor mccrory should stop playing politics with crime. a 4-year-old girl has been recovered in tennessee and the man who took her is in custody. halls were located in memphis. lewis went missing from her grandmother's home on saturday. surveillance footage and georgia and tennessee showed her with west wild hogs, a friend of the family who had not been seen in more than two years. authorities have not say -- authorities have not said why he took the girl. we have the panthers as
5:43 pm
as in some of the games are painful to watch and some of the hits has been painful for players to take. one of the most painful hit was to the most important player. the huge goal line collision that gave him -- the gift cam newton and -- a concussion. noon will not play in tonight's matchup. the chance of suffering and had the risk. >> if the trainers don't feel good about it we won't play him. we're not pushing anybody to do anything. we will listen to the doctors and the trainers and then we will listen to the player and go from there. >> shortly after that statement cam newton was ruled out and that means derek anderson will get the start against tampa bay which isn't a bad thing.
5:44 pm
has started have both come against tampa bay and they have both been winds. the panthers kick things off in three hours. coming up we will hear from derek anderson plus and see state head football coach has a message for fans who braved hurricane matthew went out to support the team. all that and more coming right here on cbs north carolina. >> candidates are back at work. support fades in the republican ranks. we have the latest developments from washington. >>reporter: a lot of developments and it did not take donald trump long today to respond to the top republican in the house. one speaker ryan said he would not campaign for donald trump between now and the election trump is in pennsylvania today where she went after both bill and hillary clinton.
5:45 pm
campaign trail and say he -- said he's standing behind the republican nominee. >> he literally embodies the spirit of america. strong, freedom loving. independent. optimistic. >> the crisis continues to build since a release of trump making lewd comments. >> and when you are a star let you do anything. >> paul ryan will not defend trump or campaign with him. instead the speaker will use the time to shore up support for republican congressional races. >> paul ryan will focus on being in 42 different cities in 17 different states running very aggressive to win back the house. >> trumps remarks halved prompted dozens of republicans
5:46 pm
waste his time on fighting him and worry about jobs. >> hillary kicked off after facing trump. she said his comments make him unfit for office. >> donald trump spent his time attacking when he should've been apologizing. >> pence says shut -- trump has shown humility and apologized and is ready to move past the controversy. forgiveness and hillary clinton pointing towards last night's debate -- performance and in her stump speech. >> to hear more about it. back to you. it's sad to see the flooding we have but it was welcome -- it was great to see the beautiful skies. >> 60s today.
5:47 pm
first day in the 60s and five months. after all the weather we had last week and on saturday i'm sure many of you feel the same. 67 is where we are now. us where we have temperatures anywhere from 60 to open boone, 72 in charlotte, 60s along the coast and 60s here in our home in central north carolina. tonight we have the coolest morning since last may and it sets. the sun is setting before 7:00 so those days continue to get shorter and shorter. people are asking me when do we turn the clocks? it's not until the beginning of next month. by tomorrow morning you are out the door. 42 degrees and high pressure and control.
5:48 pm
there is rain in the midwest. a cold frourest will be here thursday into friday but not with rain but reinforcements of the cool air. now that the system is gone and the national hurricane center isranico, i wa this is the forecast path we had last monday night and that is when the conversation and the tone changed because our area went into the cone of this have start a lot of times after the storms come through we complain about how bad the forecastas but i want to show you the national hurricane center and especially of the men and women flying out and investigating the storm, look how accurate twas unfortunately i think it s worse, the conditions that we
5:49 pm
it was a slow mover and that is why we had so much rain. and look at these rainfall totals. more than 10 inches in rocky mount. 15 inches in cumberld county. everyone got a good dosing of rain and you pile on the wind and it's close to 70 miles an hour. 62 in fayetteville. tropical storm forc wind gusts across most of our area. we the tropical systems will flirt with our coastline or skim us but this oneit his head on. we are always thankful afterwards when we have nice weather to help with cleanup and recovery. sunny skies again tomw. maybe a degree warmer than today but i don't think you will notice it. you're seven- day forecastill warm us to 73 on wednesday and again after two mornin. tomorrow morning and wednesday
5:50 pm
state fair starts on thursday. it is state fairweather. there is the reinforcement from 76 to 70 thursday into friday and it will keep the upcoming weekend dry with highs in the low 70s and over light -- overnight lows in the 60s. forecast high today was 68 and that's where we landed. another $100 for the tammy lynn center they help families with children with disabilities and one of the things they do is respite care. imagine if you have to spend all of your days weeks months and lives caring for kids with disabilities. sometimes you need to get out and that is one of the many things they do and we will share their story. >> great story. >> coming up next. three days away from the start of the state fair.
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the annual fund and we will let
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after 20 years in washington, we're learning lots about richard burr. first, he opposed a bill prohibiting insider trading by members of congress. now we learn burr had over $100,000 in oil and gas stocks while he backed legislation giving tax credits benefitting gas companies. and oil and gas companies donated over half a million dollars to burr's campaigns. no wonder richard burr's wealth has increased over 500% since he's been in congress. that's making washington work for him. seiu cope is responsible for the content of this ad. hurricane cleanup getting underway in south carolina and you can see the orm left popular.-- destinations a mess. nikki haley said it will be at
5:54 pm
>> what we're seeing is just a lot of damage. the first floors are gone if not homes altogether. we saw cars lost and impassable roads. >> three people were killed in south carolina and officials warn the number could rise. >> and preparations for the state fair they been impacted as well. >> not only are organizers behind on set up they are worried about attendance. carly griffith has more from the fairgrounds. >> officials do not yet know the full impact matthew will have on the state fair. they need a couple of more days in order to get a clearer picture but they do know for sure that some people just will not be able to make it out this year. >> when your home and family is threatened you're not thinking about an entertainment or making a trip to raleigh. >> chief deputy commissioner david smith said ahead of the
5:55 pm
agriculture north carolina farmers are hurting. >> soybean and cotton are underwater and we don't know how much damage there is. >> vendors and competitors are dealing with massive amounts of flooding. >> for our show, 75% of the exhibitors are from eastern north carolina. they are not going to make it or not as many will make it. farmers some food and merchandise stands maybe absent because so many roads are underwater or blocks. >> for many of them the state fair is a big event. it may be their biggest event. and so if they are not able to come that would have some impact. >> heavy rains from hurricane matthew delayed set up for the fair. summarized that need inspection are not even built yet labor commissioner says her department
5:56 pm
conduct thorough inspectors -- inspections how long -- no matter how long it takes. put a time limit on them. >> and raleigh, carly gffith, cbs north carolina. the fair will open thursday as plan. >> they hope that most will make it to the fair by the end of the event. the unc student and drove un text messages plus -- >> since a saturday we have been called to over 200 water rescues expect days after the storm, water rescue us -- water rescues are still underway and the one thing first responders want you to do and we will have a look at the forecast coming up on cbs north carolina news coming up at 6:00.
5:57 pm
on the state crime lab. well, we know roy cooper and we know the problems he discovered when he became attorney general. roy found a backlog of over 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but he cleared the backlog. and roy cooper helped us solve over 2,000 crimes and put 165 killers and rapists in prison from cold cases.
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d burr. the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns one-point-one million dollars. that's public record. and richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare. "new profits for private insurers would be as high as sixteen to twenty-six billion." but seniors would pay nine percent more for medicare. richard burr is looking out for himself and the insurance industry... not you. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. north carolina news at 6:00 starts now. >> do not stay. if you do, lord help you. thousands of people evacuated in eastern north carolina as floodwaters from hurricane matthew continue to
6:00 pm
and lenore county. mandatory evacuations underway in t city of kinston. the moose river is that 21 feet and that is seven feet above flood stage. as water runs downstream it could go as high as 26 feet. fema has been working all day to rescue people stranded by floodwaters in lumberton. while hundreds have evacuated some waited until the last minute to leave. cbs derek lewis from lumberton with the rescue efforts. derek? >>reporter: yes, sharon. there are a lot of resources here including u.s. marshals as well as first responders. what they're trying to do is make sure that everyone is out of this flooded area. you can see that area has flooded but the reason it's happening is because many people did not leave before the hurricane came. >> when you have property and


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