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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  October 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:28pm EDT

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enk. >> . >> . . tsd erbg9sz. >> b potentially deadly flooding coinue across earn south carolina. the officials issued mandatory evacuation for kenston. >> you can see howmuce water s libey around this boat launch. the river hasn't even crested t. police are going around now telling people they beneath need to get out of their home
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neighbors in kenston there's a mandatory evacuation. >> we're a street over. i'm very concerned. we'rthinking about moving >> shavon is trying to help her does while alg with the fects herself.
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open at the community college. >> i wied somebody would let us know where the next step is after red cross gets through with us. >> wendy showed us her home after it was destroyed by flood water. >> i don't know how we're going to rebuild. i don't know how. i don't kn, but i have for some many gas stations like this one are out of fuel. the power is out and others e in preparation for the days ahead. johnson coty officials dealing with flooding all over the year. >> well, there's water every, there's none to drink. the county remains under a boiling water adviry.
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river downtown to take a look at matthew's impact. the mitchell highway was overrun with six of water since 1999. >> how long have you been in business. >> since 1970. >> have you ever seen the river this high or angry. >> n sir. >> reporter: officials believe it will waters. marriage single loan officials are keeping a close watch on the tar river which is supposedo crest sometime beeen 8:00 and 10:00 tomorrow. it uld get to a point where
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ll you can do is pray. >> that should be held with the dike. however it's too close fous not to be cautious. we'll keep the town of princeville evacuatethrough tonit. >>owriver folks hav evacuated in princu east carolina canceled classes and the football game has been postponed. >> law enforcement have been going through with loud speakers talking to neighbors saying we can't get to you. >> the tar river in greenville is not expected to crest until
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initially attributed to a break in the levy. governor mccory says about 500 budings are affected by the flooding in the area. it's over 24 feet and five feet above flood stage. joy tailer was one of the last ones to leave. she walked through the flood waters barefoot t >> i've got five kids. i didn't i was thinking lord help us. let us get out of here and make it so where safe. >> umc canceled classes through wednesday. >> some the heaviest rain from hurricane matthew fell in faye vet ville. the governor toured the city where than
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over the weekend. many of the businesses flooded were not flood plan, so they didn't have flood insurance. >> we do need help and we don't need delays. cumberland county schools are closed at least through wednesday. this is 42-year-old boris abbey missing sce saturday. mong first lady waters. first swords areurgi people to off the road possibl i 95 remains closed. traffic is being rerouted onto 421. ome statns did run out of fuel because others were without power but there is no
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overflowed. is is drone video from russell jeanette. it was taken before the governor asked dres be taken down. more than 25 roads are closed and more than 100 families have >> e mill is still intact but the trails are closed. th heavy rains brought these trees down across thetrails. workers of the park say given the amount of flooding, they're very fortunate. >> i was worried the mill wasn't going to be here. when i drove here yesterday i wanted someone to tell me was still here.
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nter now and wes you're watching some of the flooding from the river, but a lot of people are comparing hurricane mattw to flood. >> yes, very similar. the tar river, you saw the report earlier. normal water levels there about minor flood levels at 19 feet, major flood at 32 feet. the current level 32 and change. the crest is expected to happen tomorrow morning about 34 feet. another 12 hours to go. the good news for those of you that remember 17 years ago with floyd it's going to be lower than the 41
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to the september day of september a -- second day of september a trpical wave comes from the bahamas making land fall here in north carolina. a few weeks ago we were watching matthew. it came straight up through the caribbean through the bahamas and then slowly rain. two differt paths, very different results. floyd was a cat two five to 18-inches of rain. matthew was a cat one. unfortunately it was the flooding for both storms that were the worst with this and we still have flooding going on in our area. we'll talk about how cool it's going to be and how
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the red cross is teaming up to help those impacted by matthew. if you want to help out, head over to our web site, thousands of other people are dealg with damage by flooding. >> it's all pretty >> still ahead we will check out some of the homes damaged in the triangle as people pick up and move on. and our temperatures right now already in the 40s. we'll talk about how low we'll
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> fayetteville police are looking for three minute who shot a man downtown tonight. jay rock walked up behind the man who was standing at th corner of adams street all three men were taken to the medical center. you have any information on the whereabouts of jay rock, call 911.
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the former unc student who drove the wrong way drunk killing three people. >> one of the first highway patrol troopers recallethe night he responded to a deadly crash. he noticed a strong smelof alcohol coming from chandler hall's jeep. >> his eyes were gla he spoke quietly when he spoke and he dto look at me a whole lot. >> kenya was yelling at responders. he was telling the firefighters they needed to [ bleep ] help him.
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different picture saying he was polite, considerate. >> in addition to being approximate polite d cooperative as we've said. >> yes. >> he asked him to his driver's license and he gave him a fake id. >> as i took the dver's license from him it was realized something and he tried to take them back. >> trooper foster testified from the jeep indicating he never braked before the crash one of hisfraternity brother s read a text message two months before the accident saying kenya ved driving high. a testing phase of body
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five incar camera. it will be put into place following the completion of the phase which could take up to four >> we're course of this testing phase there is going to be the opportunity and we did push that out with the public information for the community to offer input. >> the department plans to have 600 officers th technology over the next three years. november is one of the most important days leading up to the elections. chuck todd will moderate the debate starting at 11:00 right here on cbs north carolina.
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hurricane matthew setup was delayed by heavy rains over the weekend for the county fair. organizers will have a better idea of how many vendors won't be ble to make it. organizers are worried about attendance. >> there's a lot of people in eastern north carolina that have more important things. >> the fair will open thursday they're ping all vendors and farmers will make it to the fairground by the end of the event. dozens ofpeople were forced out of the homes due to flooding this is what park side apartments looked like saturday. ryan was home with his girlfriend and two-year-old daughter late saturday night. >> i couldn't rationalize
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trying to figure out what is best for my family and me. >> they made it out butmonday was spent packing up their cart >> we're missing work to do this. we're just trying to finiyo up. >> they just said move out your stuff as quickly as you can. so and moving it out and never coming back. >> lucky --ly -- luckily her brother was helping her. >> this is it's all ruined. >> she had insurancer but not flood insurance.
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it looked like the move day at a college where family was pacng up anything salvage able and finding new place to live. >> reporting in raleigh. i'm in the weather center now. it breaks your heart to see the devastation people are going through. but people are coming together in the midst of all this. really nice. we've got great weather good as we all continue to recover. the chemperatures wou be our big story if it wasn't for hurricane matthew. we didn't get out of the 60s. we're going to do it again tomorrow. we'll warm up later this week. it's the second week of october.
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we also have low humidity. that dew points temperature in range down to the low 40s, so that's another reason why it felt so good outside and it's why it will be chilly outside heading to work and school. it will 42 degrees in the morning. we've got plenty of sun shine on our way to a high of 69. high pressure in control keeping y and pleasant weather. the cold front will be through here late this week a reinforcement of cool air. nicole is still
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it will stay out to se not bothering any of that. with nicole that is now 14 named storms this atlantic hurricane season. siof them have become huricanes cluding the last two. there's nothing else out there on our radar we'r watching. auto, paa and richard would be our next names. e want to point out the forecast track from a week ago. monday at 11:00, that's when our area went into the cone of uncertainty and that's when the conversations started to change and we started to pay attention little closer. this was the yellow cone a week ago. i want to show you the actual path here in red.
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with this forecast. a lot of times they make head license when they don't. i want to point out they did a great. those hurricane matthew hunters were gathering all that -- hurricane hunters were gathering all that information. now we continue to recover with anotr great weather day tomorrow. again lots of sun, dr and lots of time for you to put grasseed out for those of you who had it all wash away like last week. the state fai starts thursday with a high of 76. the weekend of the fair low 70s. overnight lows in the 50s, daytime highs in the 70s. our
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>> that's almost not warm. >> yeah. it's like fall is actually here for good. >> two weeks ago we had 90s. it's going to be chilly tomorrow morning. jeff jones joins us now with sport. jeff. >> unc fans are taking saturday's loss hard. we'll hear from the team about what they have to say abt their and ecu a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife.
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that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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but think this suspect how it's supposed to happen. the tarheels failed to domuch of anything on a day at home against virginia tech. they had a 31 point defeat. lucky for carolina fans the team says we saw saturday afternoon. >> i'm not going to put approximate everything on that performance the other night. this team has shown they care tremendous sly. they play hard and have each other's back. it's just leaves a really bad taste in your mouth the way they performed the other night.
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things for the wolf pack. nc state was able to win using defense, special teams an a whole lot of support from the home crowd. >> we'd like to thank our student body for sticking it out and being there as part of that. it was a tough day to say the least weatherize and really challenging. i know on the field had to be challenging and endure that. >> across the state hurricane matthew has come and gone but the devastation isstill being felt this the world of sports. ecu will play army on november 19th. the head coach is fine with that decision if it gives players and families peace of mind.
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the clock to t our guys in safe situation the pirates have opened the season with two wins. they have now lost four games in a row. they will play against cincinnati october 22nd. guys this is not the final we were looking for. e panthers just lost 14-17. they fall into one and four on the season. of an up and down game. they were pryplaying without their quarterback, cam newton. this is derek's first lost as a starting quarterback against the bucks. those turnovers just kill you. >> it's not over yet. if the panthers go on some crazy street
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special. >> don't giv governor mccrory is attacking roy cooper on the state crime lab. well, we know roy cooper and we know the problems he discovered whand years worth of shoddy investigations. but he cleared the backlog. and roy cooper helped us solve over 2,000 crimes
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governor mccrory should stop playing politics with crime. i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. t him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
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if you haven't found them yet, get your jackets, right. >> yeah. it's going to be chilly tomorrow. everything i
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70s but 42 tomorrow morning. the a/c is off in my house and i'm hoping we can stretch that until next may. as you can see we have comfortable temperatures all week long. our warmest day is thursday, 76. >> we may need heat in there somewhere. >> yeah. >> it's good we don't have any
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after 20 years in washington, we're learning lots about richard burr. first, he opposed a bill prohibiting insider trading by members of congress. now we learn burr had over $100,000 in oil and gas stocks while he backed legislation giving tax credits benefitting gas companies. and oil and gas companies donated over half a million dollars to burr's campaigns. no wonder richard burr's wealth has increased over 500%
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>> stephen: hi there everybody, it's stephen colbert. the day after the second presidentially debate but i'm not doing the show today because it's columbus day. damn you columbus for your terrible timing and for all the even though i'm at home i still want to talk to you about the debate. here we go. spectacular home edition. welcome to not the show with me not at work. we're broadcasting from my study and because we're coming to you from the internet, my cohost today will be this adorable undecided kitty. say hello mr. whisker pet. come on.


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