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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 13, 2016 7:00am-7:59am EDT

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good morning. it is thursday, october 13th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.?>u retaliate after several women accuseim of un times" reporters who interviewed two of the women for today's front page story. the u.s. strikes back overnight after missile attacks on american warships near yemen. for the first time the pentagon is targeting rebels backed by iran. >> oy on "cbs this morning." the woman who witnessed police shot her husband. she talks about whathe saw that day. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."
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he was like an octopus, like he had six arms whene srted pti skirt, and that >> multiple women accuse donald trump of sexual asult. >> trump is categorally denying the allegations. >> "the new york times" tried the same stunt in march and those women came forwardnd >>e have a whole bunch of women who haveaid the se thing. territory now. >> without the media and without the press, hillary clinton would be nothing. she would be nng. zero. >> the united states launching multiple cruise missile strikes against yemen in response to t separate attacks on u.s. ships. >> two boston police officers were hospitalized with gunshot wounds after a shoot-out. the suspect was killed. >> make ago beene towards bermuda. >> that little speck is bermuda.
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courtside snacks with a young nan and i'm just ccking for me nkl ha king ko, in grabbing women like osprey. >> i have to ask, how much do u wishou cldebe na
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wened jn, his hands were m >>e wa len pus. it was errt duringirst aid trubed her class flight during the early 1980 her women allege trump rgai in on theirs
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ror subjected to trump's yeurm. anone pagean >> hcame strolling second tut anything. r: buzznews feed spet to othe. trump denied a who was written during a 2005 interview with trump at his mar-a-lago resort he wacing his tongue down my throat.
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in 2005. >> when you're a star, they let you do it. merry christmas. >> this 1992 video released by "entertainment tonight" trump talking about a young girl at trump tower that caught his eye. >> are you going up the escalator? >> yes. >> i'm going to be dating her, can you believe that? >> reporter: trump called it fiction and says the "times" trilveizes sexual assault and a willing to go to determine this election. >> i've, obviously, never been in a beauty pageant. >> reporter: conway struggled with denials. >> i'm the campaign manager as he runs for president. no way for me to know what happened there. >> reporter: last night, the trump campaign sent "the new york times" a demand to retraction calling the story defamatory and reckless. he new york times" published its account despite o legal
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that donald trump lied othe debate stage and that the disgusting behavior he bragged about is more than just words. trump is bashing clinton over this latest e-mail apparently stolen from campaign chairman john podesta. >> rorter: wikileaks says it has 50,000 of e-mails and they plan to release a batch every day between now and the election and to create a steady stream of embarrassment for the clinton campaign which is exactly what clinton's campaign sayed russians and trump's aides want. as clinton sampled tacos in las vegas, the latest batch of e-mails were giving her opponent somethin to chew on. the e-mails that wikileaks say are from the g-ma account of
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chair, revl the horserading 5 il podesta urged clinton to call former energy secretarwho isse to some forgagd bill richardson notwithstanding the fact he can be a blank. anotheexchange reveals that clinton was laying the groundwork for a possible r r previously than earlier known. in 2015 plouffe agree to enlist a small number of pple to have a battle plan but promises they would have no knowledge of who the project is, for of course. cheryl mills was equally secretive telling plouffe i have shared that we met podesta and others. they are a distraction from what
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for clinn. >> that's how desperate they are. >> reporter: polls show her leading in six battleground states, cluding rado, whe new voter registration stats show democratic voters exceeding republicans for the first time in decades. >> i think americans want to turn out in as big a number as possible to reject t dark and divisive and hateful campaign that is being run by my opponent! >> reporter: and jt ts "the washington post" editorial board, which writes, quote, we are are endorsement simply bause ms. clinton's chief opponent is dreadful b because she is busine-like and knowledgeable surprise, charlie.he the newspaper has never endorsed a republan for president. >> nanc thanks.
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political contributor. he interviewed hillary clinton for this sunday's magazine. he said the campaign is taking a risk by being cautious. before we get to hillary clinton, donald trump, what are the implications of all this? reating drum beats and wikileaks the trump campaign seems to be drumming up pretty seriously and this is a drip, drip, drip. it's a problem, obviously, f the trump campaign and he seems to be in a very, you kno t bu what i thinks fcinating by the e-mails you really see the sort of polal maneuving anderscriptedne w see he cante. abt seeing these e-mails if you're donald trp and using underscores that hillary clinton is a politician. we don'td me politicis. she has been part of the
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is someone who says one thing in private and dnother thing in public. your article points out she is sort of tired of selfies as many famous people are. do you think she is just over it? >> what is interesting in our discussion, she actually point to the phenomenon of selfies a larger sociological issue and talked about the seven, eight seconds she would have on rope lines are wvoters was very important and she could get people's stories and have an exchange. everything now in public is geed towards gng >> no connection >> no connection. >> n connection atsoever? >> no connection. >> you write in the piece in a sense that her daring voters to study her positions to listen to her answers and not look to her for entertainment or emotional support isrisky. >> it's risky in this day and age which is so emotional. and donald trump, you know, has propelled himself in a bigay just by dominating the oxygen of
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emotional connection and great story teller. >> wikileaks has said more releases. is anything damaging to her a not getting a lot of attention but anything you think, okay, this is trouble? >> i think the cumulative effect and drum beat of it is, in fact, damaging. i think the public/private thing reinforces the worst images people have of her. i think as long as that continues in these e-mails bolster that is problem mat
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>> do we know any plan that wikileaks has of releasing these e-mails? >> it looks like a steady, daily batch dropped into the i and people with digest it day-to-day and sound like the trump campaign is very, very happy to use it and mr. trump is very, very happy to emphasize it. >> trump campaign says they are coming after "the new york times." y'all worried over there? >> i haven't been over there yet this morning. i st drafted the letter night. this isn't the first time and won't be the last. thank you, mark. >> our next half hour, "the new york times" reporters who wrote the story about theexl assault allegations against donald trump will join us in studio 57. it fid cruisis overnight at three radar sites along yemen's coast and in response to two separate incidents building week when a.y ship in ed sea area came under fire. david martin is at the pentagon.
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very simple --o send the message that anybody who takes a pot shot at a u.s. navy ship can pect to pay a price.?6 the american warship "uss nitze launched the tomahawk cruise missiles into yemen before dawn and the white house proofed the ris the three remote rar sites in territory controlled by iranian-cked houthi rebels. the pentagon said the strike whicappeared to have destroyed th to protect our personnel, our ships, and our freedom of navigation. the destroyer "ussmason" had been targeted on twice, on sunday and wnesd sailinin inational wats africa.? a states departmentsp >> we will continue to urge all parties and do thi b and through th.n. special envoy to cease and stop thefutility
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targeting the houthi rebels who are trying to overthrow the government oyemen. the pentagon says the targets, icere located i t the rleasure ofuccess will be whether it putsnd to attks bermud is au don dahler is already feeling the facts. he's in bermuda. good morning, do adcanese cl nuhtasusri category four nicole has just gotten close enough for us to start experiencing the early rain bands and high wind.
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here because there is a coral reef offshore that protects the island from at devastating storm surge. pe to see waves about 8 t y outside, it uld b as high as 35 feet, which is one of the reasons why the people around heave not been panicking and very calmly and boarding up dathe up grocerie as fu.fter shse overmuda lat thdon. rising floodrs tot down bridges and cut off mmits. the beto. they make up most of the 36 at in the united states fr hu t
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d. the concern here in n even though though thisat recede the neck several days. rd's?@-eye view revulshe threat that the thrt of flooding long after hurrica heswepthrough. this isn't residual flooding. this is water tt is still ring here. >> right. >> reporter: grifton police rougtown to survey the >> this is main street. >> reporter: it's flooded in this part so your community is pretty much sliced in half by this? >> that is correct. yes. thug orter: the creek runs several swoln waterways nth carolina funneling a foot of rain dropped by rricanma in several communities. >> things you c't change. you have to learn to accep them. >> reporter:his dy has led
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pect the same thing have been a thousands are displaced. t evaatirroach and her daughter home andeay eht for me clototiol, b i . e your house is in right now? ii have a house ea t it's too early to put a dollar amot ??onam manny, thank you very much. twoolice officers in boston are in the hospital with gunshot wounds ts rning ey weresponding to a domestic disturbance calst
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>> we have an officer down. >> can we get a >> multiple ofrs headed that way. >> multiple, multiple shots. >> the suspect was lled. heearing body armor and was armed with anault rifle. authoritiesay nine other officers are being treated for minor injuries and stress. a sprisennouncement a short time ago from sweden. ahead, why bob dylan, that's right, bob dylan is the latest to win nobel prize! that warrants a yea. first, it's time to check your local weather. us are dealing h clear skies as we start off our thursday morning, a lifrom shaw it is ite ol, thoug hi moing sgr that cket, upper 40s iboth durham an raleigh, 46 right now in sanford, llington and clayton at 52 while goldsboro and rocky mount at 51
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78 our afternoon high, cold froncomes through toight and will drop us into the upper 60s for frid
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the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." roof,
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stake in this electi,me cia director mhael
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d own around the sand hills, some of the rivers arstarting rece but it's gointo take a while for them to ac geibaks roadstill closed off o 78 our high his afternoon, great weather again for the saturday. let's go ahead and chec in with traffic now, if yo'r getting ready to hfor e or, the tt. d av ng a closer look in rgh ayocan sea liother one in new he bird avenue nearcook street. direction,staaler on u.s. 264 near lizard lake road and
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? ld trump told supporters last night to go out and vote on nomber 28th. november 8th. andregister. uru t out an vote november 28th. i can'tt to hear trump on november 9t n theyayin hlary has already won the election evenaw! >> actually, not for president. he means voting for him on "dancing with thestars." he is on that show november 28th. if you try to vote on november 28th, you're just a weirdo hanging out at thelementy scol. >> nobody wants that remember to vote, november 8th. welcome back to "cbs this morning.?
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sexual advances. two "the new york times" reporters who wrote today's front page story are in the green room. ahead, why they felt very comfortable publishing the accusations, despite threats from donald trump. the growing trend of cancelling high school dances. school administrators say to punish rowdy students or deter bad behavior. ahead the backlash against the plans that affect well-behaved students. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" reports on the sudden leadership change after the scandal at wells f john stpf retired yesterday as chairman's ceo. he gave up s as worth $41 llndets n vence. chief officer toan is taking or
7:29 am
the student and pilot fought for the controls as plane plunge. frietekh died in the crash and prevalla was severely burned. they think it was intentional but not terrorism. a first court appearance today for ahmad rahami will appear by vid link after h is still reveringn thepi he told the investigators his mbings were random and claims no one else was involved. >> the guardian of britain says bobylan received a nobel prize about new poetic expressions within the song tradition. it includes a prize of more than $900,000.
7:30 am
zimmerman. >> you said, bob dylan with gusto. you like that? >> i do >> congrats tollerd anut time. aybe he'llo an interview. wit didim of "the yorker." we reported eer tha moreg dd trump of improper physical conduct. this morning's "the nerk ti f cbs news has not conrmed their
7:31 am
have gotten -- i might not have gott that upset but when he artepuing h hand up my skirt and that was it. >> the trump campaign immediately responded saying, quote, this entire article is fiction. this truly is nothinge an a political attack. this is a sad day for "the times." over overnight, trump's lawyer asked the times to retract their will leave my client with no option for action and remedies. michael bbaro and twohey wrote the story andstud7 for their first tv interview about this artic. tell us about these allegations made in your story,gan.
7:32 am
receptionist for bay rock, a company located there. she sa and at, you kn, shentce herself. they shook hands. issed her on the cheek and prde kisser on th and sheuncomftableme to athat? >> did the rch out to you all or did you putut a call to t >> back to norah's queson.
7:33 am
us in their e-mails andin with what they told us in interviews. then we also, in both case, these are women had shared their stories with friends and family. in the case of the 22-year-old, she immediately made a phone call to her sister right a ha. she went home that night and told her boyfriend, you know, so we talked to the boyfriend. we talked to the sister in the case of jessica we talked to other people she had tolds well. >>id you talk to dond >> yes. we did. >> before we get t w lked, t just to the two women who went on the record' used their names, we talked to the people around them who went on the record and uses their names. there are no anonymous otations in the story. a> at the time they allege these assaults, they had told close friends and family who recl similar stories?
7:34 am
about a year and a half ago she had to tell a widening circle of people, including her son, her but talked to two friends as well as the nephew and s who recall the details of what she to them, which lined up with what she told us. >> megan, you talked to donald trump, you said? >> yes, absolutely. publish these accounts without talkg to the presideial candidate himself. so on tuesday night, he got on the phone with me and i smelled out >> what did he say? don't leave that out! >> he insisted that?6ll of the allegations were a fibuabcation and "the new yorkimesde increasiny agitated as i continued my questions and started to yell at me and told me i was?i a disgusting human being. >> what did you think of that? have you had anyone speak to you like that in the past? >> that -- i haveot hha
7:35 am
okthyou veryuch? talk to you later? you keep talking? >> you keep asking estis. skin eson ?fonce again, these women, i think, we iniredo on especialt asked abothis. as we all know onriday, there was a rording relead in h hwn words was describing kissing women and groping women without consent.
7:36 am
came out and said you misrepresented her experience. she said, quote, she spun it to where it appeared negative. i did not have a negative experience with donald trump. >> yes. that was -- we did, in fact, do a story in may aboutooking at trp'tmen of women and, you know, it was an extensive story. >> she said she was misrepresented. >> we included the voices of many women and, you know, brewer did not like the story in the end but we have not received any retraction from brewer. >> or from donald trump? >> or from donald trump. >> you point in your story the two latest women you're talking about told y they support hillary clinton? which donald trump would say, look, this is another way of attacking me >> we believed it was important. we actually pro actively sought information about their political views and decided to include it and thought it was an important disclosure. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. homecoming looks different this year for many high school
7:37 am
anyone to punish a handful. take us with you on the go. we invite you to subscribe to our new "cbs this morning" pod cost on itunes and apple's podcast app. today we have an inside look on life on the campaign trail. hanna frazier will talk about the most memorable moments from more than a year of covering hillary clinton. the news "cbs this morning" podcast is online right now. it's pretty good. >> it's very good. >> i've heard they are good. >> we will be right back. and my life is basketball. ot but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. ars until i learned more about once-daily xarelto... a latest generation blood thinner. then i made the switch. xarelto? significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people withfib not caused by a heart valve problem. it has similar effectiveness to warfarin.
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a new trend cba underage drinking and they are cancelling sool da. its dance last weekend. >> reporter: wel good morning. you know, administrars here
7:42 am
drinking and being dptive at th of corona delmar'homecoming dance answer a lot of people saying is th unterproductive to ph er corona sol football game went on as schelastled eek, but this std, a casualty of alled student drinking at a of our studt ca plorable. >> that isus >> reporter: the school decided to send a clear gnal. inexcusable behavior, the homecoming activities have been cancelled. >> you're punishing everybody because of a select bunch of idiots. i mean, come on
7:43 am
emo cancelling everhing om and addresses agold increasing pervasive issue head-on. >> i think some of the pares. >> reporter: the national institutes of health says the students engaging in binge drinking has actually declined overhe past decade. but the percentage of students drinking at levels far beyond the bench threshold is concern. rob pickell and his daughter who attethe high school understand why the hocoming dance was cancel nk setimes actions,s big as th,necey, e?$n th i real bummer for, u etunt w weren'tparticipating. certnly could question whether the right call. >> reporter:h ol
7:44 am
d they worried about cancelling most of their dances. a lot of the reason why was because they were worried about students being drunk, showing up drunk or under the influence of drugs. one of the superintendents that we spoke with, gayle, aually said tt he is in the education business, no i?xn the nightclub business, and he defends his thank you. it seems the f whole school has
7:45 am
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narrator: after tw years i richard burr has made mon increasing his weah over five hundred percent. no wonder richard bu was one of just three senators who voted against banning insider trading by congress. then there's medicare. chard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare and got one point one million dollars from the insurance industry. you...would pay more for medicare. content of ts ve this flooding is still impacting edgecombe county. take a look behindme. yomibe able to see wais touche
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latest update from st unty, visibility less than a mile and a half. ngs are still in beliwate to high, near orareas along
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d dsike theru eit. message that anybody who takes c expecto pay aprice.
7:56 am
ssed them or made them physically cotable. trump has denied allf the allegations. cbs news has not confirmed any of their claims. "peoe" magazine reporter who interviewed donald trump back in 2005 writes we walked into that room alone and trump shut the door behind und andng me against the wa and throat. wepoke ti lifted the arm rest and began to touch her. >> the accuser spokea 2005 veo shod trump ming sexual aggressive comments about won. th say the were angered during sunday's debate and trump that you did not actuayissn wit? >> have women. nobody has more respect for won.
7:57 am
as i sai i was embarrassed byt. itableo so. mendousot#y rticle
7:58 am
ta we abily in and of itself. it a for him ancast him in a light that is
8:00 am
if t wera lauit. ou seehe people that cited in the story? anthrteno do that or for
8:01 am
his 63-year-old son is eected to b a family of a black man killed by police i
8:02 am
the nation's capital is about to get some newstars. jan awford is >> this is where magic happens at rose's luxury. it's one of the top restaurants in washington, d.c. and is now in contention for a coveted michelin star. coming up on "cbs this morning, undercover who hel tinte wod.
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released by the filf the sharedan killed by police confirms that keith lamont scott died from gunshot wounds in the back and abdomen. officers fired at 43-year-old scott last month. he was sitting in his car waiting for his son to arrive from home. police say he was armed with a gun. his family say he was not. the video was captured by police and scott's wife. we sat down with rakeyia scott for the fit remembers about that day and an interview you will only see on "cbs this morning." when did you know there was a problem? when did you know this was a bad situation? >> when i came out the door and two officers were pointing their gun at my husband in the car. >> reporter: what is your husband doing at this point? >> he is sitting in the car. he's just sitting there looking forward. he is confused. i know he was. he had just taken his medicine. >> reporter: we hear you come to the scene. >> keith! don't do it! >> reporter: and you're saying,
8:07 am
>> don't you do it. >> reporter: keith, don't do it. what are you telling him not to do? >> i'm not talking to keith. i'm calling keith's ne for him to hear me. i'm talking to the officers. >> don't do it. that i actually see changing their stance, their sitions. >> reporter: did they know who you were? >> n >> reporter: i'm sure in the heat of the woman standing ? >> no, they wouldn't haveno me personally, i t only one out there. i'm yelling at em. i'm ud enoh for the me. keith! keith! no, they probably didn't know i was his wife but i'm somebody of importance. >> the police report says they encored yo husband, that he was in the car, that they saw marijuana, and that they saw a n. what did you see? >> no gun. >> reporter: you didn't see any gun? >> no gun. >> reporter: and let's assume he had the marijuana and that he had the gun. at the moment of the shooting is what i think people are focusing on and to that, you say what? >> he had no gun.
8:08 am
and -- and he had just -- he was just not a threat, period. he didn't have a gun. he wasn't a threat. what is your purpose? what was your reasoning? why? you saw him backing up. why didn't you just say give him a command then? >> reporter: the police also say the videotape is inclusive. >> i was there and i saw this incident unfold before my face. what people don't understand, they are trying to bring in our past, but prior to -- i mea this accident, after his motorcycle accident and when he returned home in january, he was a totally different person. >> reporter: let's talk about that for a second, because there has been a lot of publicity about the fact you had taken out a restraining order against him. >> that is correct' >> reporter: that he had pulled a gun on you, that there will be violence in the marriage and to that you say what? >> all of it is correct, absolutely. but that's my marriage.
8:09 am
understand our marriage. >> ror case? >> had they known him, then i would understand why they would be in, you know, in defense mode. they didn't know who my husband was. they didn't know nothing about him. >> reporter: i heard saw i he has tbi, traumatic brain injury. he has just taken his mai medication. >> he had tbi and not do anything to you guys. he justook his medications. you have to give it time to kick in. if not -- if you start a conversation with him, he's not going to remember the conversation once the medicine has kiedn. don't you do it! [ bleep ] did you shoot him? y i >> reporter: what do you think the role has played in the shooting of your husband? >> 100%. >> reporter: but people say fincent is black and your husband is black >> officer vincent, i don't
8:10 am
husband? >> because of the positioning when the shooting actually occurred. officer vincentas to my left further. my positioning was to where i could see the officer with the white shirt, my husband, the police -- the officer with the dash cam, and the officer right here with the red shirt. >> reporter: you did not see officer vincent at the time, or did you? >> no, no. i did see him but he's at distance. he is t a part of the interaction.. so, to you, it doesn't me sense that officer vincent was the e that pulled the trigger? >> correct. >> reporter: what does the chart police department have to gain by saying it was a black officer who shot your husband? >> i'm not sure what they have to gain. i'm just going by what iecal and believe that day. >> reporter: and how are y children?
8:11 am
just why. why did you haveo takekeith? give us your re the real valid reason as to why my husband -- my husband's life s n atay before me. >> now there are seven children, guys, that range in age. they have been together for 25 years and seven children and range in age from 9 to 23. and she said, you know, th are taking it day-by-day, but the officer she is talking about, his name is brently vincent was identified by the police is the officer who shot her husnd rake said ballisc tests could clear this up and no results have been released. that is why they did an indendent autopsy ca n the information about the autopsy or ba lisks andhe whole encounter lasted three minutes and police had gone there to execute a warrant on someone else and had nothing to do with keith lamont scott. they saw him and engaged in an encounter with m but she said beginning to end was three minutes.
8:12 am
>> she said no one has given her an answer and to this day, no one has talked to her and said we're sorry owner had a conversation with her about that day. she's in a lot of pain and you could feel her pain and you could feel her anger. she really held it over but as soon as the interview was over, she burst into tears. she said i wanted to get through this and i didn't want people to see the pain that i'm wanted to tell my story today. >> was there a gun or not a gun? >> the police say there was a gun. the family still say there was not a gun but the police say, yes, there was a gun. >> you could hear t fear in her voice almost' anticipating. >> that is why she pulled out the phone. what you have to do these days. he presidential election could have an impact on your financial future. ahead we will bring you the results of a new survey from the world's largest investment firm and that is here on "cbs this morning."
8:13 am
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8:16 am
? star quarterback tom brady has been known to talk politics off the field. ahead, how he handled questions about donald trump's locker room talk. >> tom said, i got to go. here is a look at qualcomm stadium where the broncos play the chargers night. you can watch "thursday night football" on cbs, coverage at 7:30 eastern and 6:30 central. the game will be simulcast on
8:17 am
you're watching cbs right now. we like that. your local news is coming up next. north carolina starts now. good morning, everyone. thanks for being with us. i'm russ bowen. we go to the devastating effects of hurricane matthew and the destruction left behind. west fifth street in lumberton is floed for miles. it includes dozen of businesses and homes. people are r f to recede to get back to their homes and get back to work. >> been here 18 years, trying to just make a living, i've got four guys that work for me and right now we are down and out trying to get everything to where we n start worng again. enforcementofcers say they will be back out again today assisting victims. in moore county crews continue to work on the wood lake dam overnight after the threat of flooding there. good news this morning, workers progress there the past 36 hours. acuation order, though, issued earlierhis week does
8:18 am
nothing could befiner, today marks the beginning of the north carolina state fair. gates open at 3:00 this afternoon. the state fairgrounds, robert richardson was there this morning to give us a preview. >> reporter: gates will open at 3:00 today for the first day of 11 for the north carolina state fair. supercyclone is ready for riders. there are about 100 rides set up this year, couple of ferris wheels, including this one everyone. we've got all sorts of prizes, various activities. i love the little steelers fans welcome sign on this challenge and then we of course have all the fair food, chicken on a stick is a staple, in of the random new items this year include deep fried jell-o, bacon wrapped grilled cheese. there have been a few issues due to hurricane matthew.
8:19 am
least one vendor, mount olive pickles will not be able to come at all. thr warehouse flooded. however, the fair folks say that they hope this will be a fun escape away from some of the stress and sadness of the past week as people get going on the road to recovery. now, tickets are available in advance at a discount if you buy them by the end of today, you can buy them here or online, food lines, and then u purchasing online any day throughout the rest of the fair. it runs through october 23rd. in raleigh, robert richardson, cbs north carolina. looks like the weather could be really terrific >> it certainly will be terrific. not onoday but throughout the weekend, the first weekend of the fair always an exciting one. it's 50 degrees right now in the raleigh-durham international airport, all starting off clear there, not a cloud in sight. i wish i could say the same for our friends off to the eas
8:20 am
rocky mount, we hthe fog uctuates between ash edgecombe counties. lifax county still rorting reduced visibility. roanoke rapids visibility less than a mile. please take your time, fog still going to cause some issues. flood warnings continue along and down around e sd lls. remember my rivers have already crested but they are still remaining at maworeek or ithe mi tomorrow behind a frt, 70s on sunday. go ahead and switch it up and check in with traffic this morning. we do have a nuer of accidents we are following at this point in time so the latest, u.s. 64 an accident on salem street and we aral lookinat roe stephensan accident at village walk drive and then bringing you into a closer look, good news is i-40 westbound has been cleared,
8:21 am
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8:22 am
? check out these two kung fu pandas and their play quickly turns rough as you can see on this video from china. one pushes the other off the ledge and into a trowel.
8:23 am
uncertainty about the presidential election is impacting what amecans do with their money? rob kapito is in our green room. settle down. >> i'm still laughing. the michelin guide has coveted stars. ahead and first on "cbs this morning," jan crawford met with the criteria for these international honors. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "wall street journal" reports a glut has forced dairy farmers to dump millions of gallons of mi 43 million gallons of milk was destroyed in the first eight months of this year. that is enough to fill 66 olympic-sized swming pools. the gut has pushed milk prices down an average 36%.
8:24 am
records on ronda rousey return to fighting after being knocked out by holly holm last year. she could retake her bantum weight title. wearable monitors may provide interesting fitness information but a study shows they are not always reliable. report says heart rate are wrong 10% to 2020 of % of t time. patriots quarterback has called trump a good friend but here i whapped yterday when brady was asked about trump's vulgar comments. >> tom, you have kids of your own. would you respond if your kid heard donald trump's version of locker room lk? >> t you, guys. have a good day. >> the reporter spotted a make america great again had in
8:25 am
it's reported he and donald trump are friend. they asked lebron james the same question and he had plenty to say. one of the questions is what locker room is he in? it's interesting that all of the athletes are saying no locker room i've been that talk like that. the economy is hoot topic among the presidential candidates. here is a snapshot of comments omust yesterday. >> i believe we got to get the economy working for everybody, not just those athe top. and we need to make sure that the rich pay their fair p in three such beauutul word jobs, jobs, jobs. we are going to lower your business tax from 35% to 15%, new companies are going to form! people are going to get jobs. >> first on "cbs this morning," a new poll from the world's largest investment firm shows the election is also looming large in the minds of investors. >> the black rock investor poll
8:26 am
has impacted their investment decisions over the past year. about one-third feel the election poses a threat to their financial future. black rock president rob kapito is here. >> good morning. >> what do you read from the numbers you've got on the terms of their economic future and investment decisions? the political campaign has that kind of impact? >> i'm very pleased to say people are a bit more confident in their financial future than the last time i was here. to be an impact on the election on how they are managing their portfolios and i'm i'm proud to say people are going to cast their ballot at the voting box and not in their portfolios and it's described what they are doing. what they are doing they are more in cash than they have ever been before. now, there are problems -- >> you are in cash when you're worried about the future? >> they are in cash because they are worried about the results of
8:27 am
actually going to be an election and it could be changed. in fact, the election is only number five on the list of what they are worried about. people are worried about the high cost of living. they are worried about health care costs. they are worried about the general economy. and they are worried about social security. those come out before the election comes out. so rather than take a risk, people have moved money into cash. and the results of how different investors think. and last time, norah asked me about the difference between men and women. and, in fact, men have 60% of their portfolios in cash and women have 74% of their portfolios in cash. very interesting. the people investing more are the millennials and make sense because they didn't have the
8:28 am
so the millennials are investing more. as you move to on generation x and the baby boomers, they are more in cash. now -- >> is that good, rob, to have so much in cash? >> no. that was my next point, because you can't save for the future and you can't invest for the future in the future. so people are sitting in cash at a very, very bad moment when interest rates are so low and globally some rates across the world are actually into the market today. and i think there are many, many opportunities for them to do that but it's so critical that they get this money invested or they won't have enough for retirement. >> what is the safest thing to be in? >> well, thif ini think in the people say after the election they will focus 20% more of their portfolios in equities and 20% more in bond.
8:29 am
always been a large portion of the total return of a stock, are very important. these are large cap companies, open your refrigerator, see the companies that represent different product that pay a good dividend. you can get 4% to 5% dividends versus being in cash at 25 basis points. i also think, charlie, because there is over 50 trillion, 50 trillion dollars of cash that is sitting in places, negative. >> right. >> that when that money starts to get allocated, it's going to keep rates lower for longer and it's actually going to buoy the stock market to rise. so i think there is some really good opportunity in income generating equities, municipal bonds, no matter who wins the election, and short term maybe high-yield bonds that give people some income because that
8:30 am
were released and indicated, once again, we are expecting interest rates to rise, probably after the election. what impact do you think that will have? >> well, it really is not going to change people's lives the next day. so if interest rates rise 25 or 50 basis points, it may beginning the signal of rises in interest rates, and that is why i would say people should be in shorter term bonds so they will get the opportunity to invest their coupon at higher rates later. but like most ppl election and also in the federal reserve, that the economy, today, is not going to change the day after the election and a day after interest rates rise. >> does blackrock bleach the federal reserve will raise interest rates in december? >> well, there's a 50% chance and what janet yellen is looking at, the jobs. >> does blackrock think it's a good idea to raise interest
8:31 am
the process of raising rates. it's hard for people to live off of the incomes they have today with the higher tli er cost of . if you look at where short-term rates are, this changes people's lives. in a sense, it's a self-tax on the future. they need higher interest rates so that the money that they have deposited in banks or in money market funds gives them some income so that they can take that income, pay down their over to invest in the future. >> thank you, rob. >> we always like it when you come up to the table. >> a pleasure. >> thank you very much. restaurants in the nation's capital are about to get some international recognition. ahead, and first on "cbs this morning," jan crawford finds out what it takes for restaurants to earn a coveted michelin star. good morning to you. we are starting off with sunshine, a live picture from shaw university as we look towards downtown raleigh, we
8:32 am
such as rocky mount and roanoke rapids. both of those areas still a little bit of fog, temperatures climbing low to mid-50s. 47 in sanford, while here in raleigh we are reporting 50. the state fair starts later today.
8:33 am
8:35 am
? if you want a memorable meal out, you might want to pick up a copy of the famous michelin restaurant guide. it offers the opinions of food professionals are from a week night dinner. to do today, it will announce picks for the first washington, d.c. division. jan crawford sat down with the
8:36 am
best restaurants. jan is at minibar, one of several restaurants, eager to find out if it has earned a coveted michelin star. >> reporter: good morning. this is the day for the big reveal. in washington, it hasn't been known as a destination for fine dining, but that is about to change. michelin inspectors visited hundreds of restaurants in this city and they are going to recommend 107 of them in the guide and of those, only a select few will get one of the most world, a michelin star. >> not good enough. >> when celebrity chef gordon ramsey lost a coveted michelin star. >> i started crying. >> reporter: he told a norwegian television station, for once he didn't scream. >> like losing a girlfriend. >> reporter: for nearly a century, this red book has decreed the top restaurants in the world. this week, after a year's long
8:37 am
michelin comes to washington with a new guide and for a few select chefs, new stars. we sat down with michelin's top u.s. inspector at the tasting table test kitchen in new york with the promise not to blow her cover. >> it's an award they take seriously because they don't know we have been there, they can't influence our findings. >> reporter: it strikes fear and awe in chefs' hearts. >> this is the holy grail for them and what they have been working to >> reporter: she is strictly anonymous and even close friends don't know her real job. >> we are not trying to play tricks or hide from the chefs but what we are trying to do is have an honest experience the way a consumer does when they go to a restaurant. >> reporter: so you're not getting special treatment like, my gosh, there is inspector? >> we sit on hold making reservations to long on time and have to eat at 5:30 or 10:30 and get terrible tables. >> like you're in the cia? >> cia but much better food!
8:38 am
michelin found some great food like the dishes coming from cutting edge filipino chef tom kunana. >> this is our pizza. >> reporter: this is octopus? >> yes. >> reporter: we visited their bad saint with d.c. food critic jessica sidmond to find out why it's on the list of 19 washington bid ormans. this looks very sophisticated. >> right. kind of trendy. >> reporter: all right. well, let's try it. >> you get all of the textures. >> reporter: the kind of moderately priced restaurant the inspectors might frequent on their night off. >> of course, they meet the michelin guide quality and the cooking is excellent. a place like that is great. >> reporter: one day, they could get one, o, or even three elusive michelin stars. what is a three-star michelin restaurant?
8:39 am
once in a lifetime. it's something you're going to remember forever. >> reporter: any star is an honor. the restaurants that make it into the guide, just 10% actually get a star rating. in the u.s., only 13 restauran hold three michelin stars. places so exceptional, they are worth a special journey. that was the purpose of the guide when it was founded in the early 1900s. the french-based michelin, after all is a tire company. in the early days of the automobile, its founders wanted better way than a guide to fine dining. it now has 27 guides worldwide, three in the u.s. washington long seen as a town of steak houses and expense accounts, this week will become america's fourth. >> in the last few years, it's incredible what that gone on with the restaurantsn washington, d.c. there are a lot of young chefs who are expressing a very unique
8:40 am
restaurants that have been around a long time are evolving. >> reporter: one of those young chefs is aaron silverman. his restaurant is widely considered one of the city's best. customers stand in line for hours to get a table. >>t the end of the day, our job is to make people happy, whether you're a server or rtender waiting on a guest or a chef leading your cooks. your job is to make them repor new venture, the high-end pineapple and pearls? >> it's incredible and i hope that we get something or multiple things from them, but the biggest benefit i'm going to get out of that award is hofully we are busier and we can do more for our staff. >> reporter: michelin's full announcement won't come out for another few hours with you learned that the chef here and his staff here at minibar have
8:41 am
michelin stars. jose got the car this morning from the michelin inspector. i think excitement may be an understatement. as he has said, this is the kind of thing chefs spend their entire careers hoping to achieve. gayle? >> wow! congratulations! some good recommendations! >> jose, that is awesome! i wonder what they are making there? >> they had beef they were putting sauce on and it looked really good. >> all of a sudden, i'm >> it happen. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." we will be right back. buck newton's law legalizing discrimination. a national embarrassment. it was my honor and my privilege to carry hoe bill 2 through the north calinaenate. my opponent calls this buck's bill. and you know what? i say, bring it on!
8:42 am
'm josh stein. i'm running for attorney general to protect our families and strengthen our communities.
8:44 am
that does it for us. once again, our congratulations to bob dylanor nobel prize. be sure to tune into tcbs evening news" with scott pelley
8:45 am
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message. north carolina news starts now. >>hurricane matthew, the impact it continues to have on at least 20 people across the state dead and ny l dealing with major ises. one ofe haest hit>f areas is edgecombe county. lauren haviland has more from or edgecombe county this morning, so it's kind of hard to see that flooding is still a major issue. if you look behind me, this is the bridge that connects tarboro and princeville, the water is touching the bottom of the bridge. the tar river continues to be at major flood stage. it's expected to be that way through saturday. even with the water due to recede in the coming days it will take much longer for things to get back to normal.
8:47 am
drivers take in princeville and toreboro are blocked. and the town princeville continues to be under a mandatory evacuation. many of the residents there are staying in toreboro unsure -- tarboro sure of what the condition of their home is. people managing thshelter at taoro high school say more than 400 people have stayed e in the last few days. as officials continue to monitor the situation of the tar river, that evacuation stays in place, they are unsure when it will be lifted. cbs north carolina. >> lauren, thank you. and today at 9:00 in the morning, which is in just a few minutes, governor pat mccrory will hold a news conference to give us an update of storm reco and cleanup. it will be here on cbs north carolina and online at also available on your news app as well. that app is free in your app yo nor colin state fair kicks off today hew. delays duehurr
8:48 am
state fair flier, a 42-foot highchair lift that goes across the midway from one end of the to the other. >> these rides safe. we put our names on them, we have family that rides them want to make sure eir families is for our own. >> gates open at 3:00 and the ir will run the 23rd. ckets are already on sale and you can find more information on we would love some go down, but we will get the sunny but not the rivers going down? >> not the rivers anytime soon. it looks like some of those could still be receding as we head into early next week but the sunshine, well, we've got that no problems. 56 degrees right now and look at this, clear skies heading out from our live camera here in our north raleigh studios. the flood warnings are continuing across the santos and along the 95 quarter as well. remember, we are hearing from lauren around the tar river, around tarboro, that area
8:49 am
it could be late -- or into early next week before those waters are finally inside their banks again. let's talk temperatures. right now 54 in clayton, 56 in lillington, 62 in fayetteville, we have 55 in roanoke rapids, still in the upper 40s for both roxboro and durham. night and tomorrow morning, and as a result dropping back into the 60s by friday and saturday, right into it this morning, looking northward near capital boulevard trayrick road near stoney brook drive an accident there, also one at newburn avenue at 440 and you can see the delays are backing up on 440. go ahead and slide southward, i- 40 bostl an accident from earlier this morning near gorman street, also ow further south apemacedonia
8:50 am
us-1 narrator: what would you do if you were sent to washington? cut the debt? create some good jobs? you'd make people's lives better. in wasngton, richard burr has made his own life better. richard burr took 1.1 million dollars from the insurance industry and wrote a plan rivati mare. the insurance richard burr. twenty years in waington... serving himself.
8:52 am
>> judge judy: this lady was looking for a home. she wasn't looking to scam anybody. >> announcer: a rental was a work-in-progress... >> before i handed him the deposit, i asked him, "when will the house be ready?" heaid itould be a couple of weeks. >> announcer: ...but things didn't progress... >> judge judy: how long did you stay there, by the way? >> i did not stay there, 'cause it was unlivable to stay there. >> announcer: ...and more than a lease was broken. >> judge judy: how did the door get shat >> they had changed the locks. >> >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the urtroom of judge judith sheinin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid foby cbs televiistribution noemi camacho is suing her former landlords, pamela hall and clinton golden, for the return of rent and her deposit. noemi claims the defennts'


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