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tv   North Carolina News at 500PM  CBS  October 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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water in distress. walter was three quarters of the way in the vehicle. >> reporter: it was during the height of the storm saturday and chief himself went into water with a rep tied to his waist. >> before i newer it the vehicle was moving u. auto remember going in water and my firefighter said that i disappeared under water, the vehicle disappeared under water. >> after he went under we went into emergency mode and i told the driver look, just back up as fast as you can. >> reporter: this huge 5-ton saved his life with the assistance of a couple dedicated firefighters. >> when we tied the chief off this is anchor point. >> we had this rope tied around here. >> reporter: the chief's wife was listening. i was at the station manning the telephone calls. when i heard it over the radio. that my husband was down. >> reporter: was your heart in your mouth. >> under my feet. yeah. it was very heart wrenching.
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ashore we rolled him over and he was breathing it was a sigh of relief to new england patriots that he was breathing. -- to know that he was breathing. >> reporter: not only was the chief safe but also the woman in the automobile was saved we're told by combination of efforts from the tarboro and rocky mount fire departments. now, the chief says he doesn't really recall what happened after he went under water but his firefighters recall. and they'll be able to tell him for days to come. one other thing to mention at anything but look over there towards the rotary, the national guard is now bringing in a lot of heavy equipment. that's going to go right over the bridge in princeville and start some of the recovery effort. i'm steve sbraccia, cbs north carolina. >> good to see that, steve, thank you. in edgecombe county two soldiers being thanked for saving a dog on camera. the superintendent shot
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elementary school. we'll have more on that at 6:00. families in greenville are anxious as the tar river inches of ward. once the flood waters recede some are unsure what shape their homes will be in when they finally make it back. cbs north carolina's michael hyland is live in greenville with the latest on how the community is coping. >> reporter: there is some good news for people here. just within the last hour the from where they were. they are letting more people back to their homes. however, some homes are still inaccessible without police permison. here's where you can see the tar river around 24.5 feet. not expected higher than that but not expected to drop very quickly either. we talk toured a lot of the people in the community who arson huss to see it recede. it will be days before they can come back to their homes.
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to live in them. today pit county closed one of the four shelters because demand has been dropping but the others are staying busy. we stopped by a middle school. they had 60 people there today. we talk today a woman staying at the shelter with 14 other family members. they live in the same neighborhood in princeville devastated by the flood. >> very stressful. last night i had a really hard breakdown. i'm smile in front of people. trying to ep alone at night, i just couldn't take it any more. >> reporter: music teachers in pitt county came to try to brighten things up for people going through this difficult time. they brought drums and other instruments for kids and families to play. even though this area of greenville is still under the mandatory evacuation there are
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we're going to have more from them at 0. live in greenville s michael hyland, cbs north carolina. and meanwhile the top of kinston says bracing for the news river to crest. the previous record was set in 1999 during hurricfloyd. recovery could take months if not years. with record flooding, many have come out to take pictures. >> northerly alley it's just a park but people are gathering to see this king street bridge here. there's been times you can walk across the river banks here. now we actually had to close the brim to make sure water doesn't go across. >> the neuse river flood stage is 14 feet. fema teams were out in kinston assessing the damage this morning. it's one of 23 counties up the state designated for individual disaster assistance. that means homeowners nters
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for federal assistants for damages and losses. north carolina department of transportation is work around the check to repair roads across the state. this weekend that will affect parts of i-95 from benson to fayetteville. the d.o.t. says it's closing the stretch of 95 and another at t johnston harnett county line. that will allow traffic to be on the rthbound side to enable crews tuesday repair the southbound side. drivers are frtrated by the closure. >> it's making us have to go all the way a hassle. >> just a hold up a lot traffic. >> lot of people that travels on 95. >> the crossever will be in place for at least three weeks. drivers are urged to plan for delays. the city of fayetteville is draining mirror lake. northcarolina department of environmental quality advised the city to drain like as a safety measure to relieve stress on the dam. >> it was severely eroded from flood waters during hurricane matthew. draining will take place swl
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implementing repairs will take several months. this is a nice story. the spirit of good will is on display in lumberton as companies join forces to feed families. cars are lining up at sam's club to get free hot meals. cbs north carolina's derrick lewis has been there. >> reporter: sean, it has been so busy out here. 10:00 this morning cars have benjamin netanyahu lined up to the ma street. you have dozens they're putting the meals inside the boxed then the boxes will go out to five cars at a time. these families say they really need these meals. >> trying to find something to eat is like trying to win the loary. >> reporter: they're enjoying a free hot meal. he has a big family and trying to find something to eat since the hurricane has been hard.
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storage went bad because we had no power. >> reporter: sam's club and operation barbecue relief stepped in to help. hundreds of cars lined up throughout the day to get a taste of barbecue, string beans and corn. >> we have no power, n walter. >> reporter: gail's house flood gets emotional seeing the community come together in a time of need. >> make use want to cry. because like you said, we never had this happen to us before. together to help. >> reporter: the meals are walter are big help for families worried about where their next meal is coming from. >> makes us feel good inside. our community come together and help out each other. that's the way the world needs to be. >> reporter: sam's club says they've gi en out about 19,000 meals so far. they plan to give out about 20,000 tomorrow starting at
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lewis, cbs north carolina. and there are so many ways you can help the victims in their time of need. cbs north carolina has partnered with the american red cross to provide assistance. we have much more information on the flooding threat is diminished at this hour but still not completely gone. we go now to chief meteorologist wes hohenstein with the latest. good evening tour you at home. it's hard to imagine that, six days now completely perfect weather. >> it's been dry, carolina, water still going up. it has crested in most areas in central north carolina. in fact, in all areas but flooding still an issue. we still have flood warnings east of i-95 in parts of the sandhills. >> less green today than there was yesterday. nash, johnston, harnett and hoke county have been dropped from the flood warnings involving roads being wet. and streams and lakes being too high causing flooding. as for the rivers, again, they
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first at the tar river in tar breast cancer and princeville where steve sbraccia was levels dropped about a foot where it crested yesterday but flooding's going to continue through the weekend. >> it will not fall below flood stage until after monday. that's for you guys in princeville and tar breast cancer with the tar river. >> the neuse river in goldsboro which set an all-time record and crested wednesday has only come down about 2 feet. that flooding will continue through monday. and will not fall below flood stage until next tuesda keep it dry through then. but we actually have rain, again, on the 7 day. i'll tell you when that sneaks back in in just a few minutes. cam taken 2016 the voter registration deadline has been extended. the board denied the earlier request. peel will have the chance to register and vet during the early voting period that begins next week on october 20. however, some people who were flooded out of their homes might not have access to necessary documents.
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stops today. one in greensboro and charlotte tonight. comes at a time when trump is under the microscope for past comment about women, as well as allegations of sexual assault. that something donald trump strongly denies. cbs north carolina political reporter tells -- beau minnick tells us how trump responded today and how tensions escalated in the crowd. >> it's a phony deal. i have no idea who es >> reporter: he told the audience in greensboro that his advisors told him to void talking about the allegations thatter surfacing in recent days. >> self women who claim trump groped them against their will. trump told the crowd, he did not want to be silent about it. >> when you get hit, you hit back. >> reporter: trump also frequently criticized the media he says for focusing so much attention on the allegations, and not focusing on hillary clinton.
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horrible things about hillary clinton. but they'd rather talk about this. >> reporter: on several occasions demonstrators were escorted the rally. at one point there was an altercation in the crowd. trump also spoke about the key points of his campaign, immigration, renegotiating trade deals, and he had a message for north carolinians. >> to beat the system you have to pound the pavement, get your friend and co-workers out. organize your neighbors, and fi >> reporter: ahead at 6:00 what folks in audience had to say about trump's response to the allegations. in greens broke beau minnick, cbs north carolina. we checked with greensboro police officers on scene after the rally. they told us there were n plans to charge anyone in the altercation that happened. meanwhile hillary clinton is facing her own challenges as wikileaks continues the daily release of hacked e-mails from her campaign chairman. in one of the ex changes they
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mind saying quote, there are no otherrish says that labor cares about. this is it for them they actually have voters on their side. clinton did eventually change her position and backed away from supporting the trade deal. but that's something trump has used against her ever since. president barack obama campaigned on behalf of clinton today. >> and there's only one candidate in this race who's devoted her life to that vision of a better america and that is the next president of the united states, clinton f. >> reporter: clinton add trump square off in the final debate wednesday evening in las vegas. fate of a former unc student is in the hand of the jury. we're in the courtroom we'll have the latest on the case and questions asked by the jury. >> the north carolina state fair is underway.
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north carolina used to make education a priority. we all understood the importance of having good schools. but pat mccrory seems more interested in giving tax cuts to millionaires. we rank 44th in spending per student. we're 41st in how much we pay our teachers. there is a textbook shortage. and pat mccrory has cut 3,000 teaching assistants from the early grades. he may have given tax cuts to millionaires, but pat mccrory is shortchanging our schools.
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by a charlotte police officer. the service was initially scheduled last week but postponed due to hurricane matthew. scott was shot last month while police were serving a warrant at an apartment complex. his death sparked days of protests across the city. this week, his widow told cbs north carolina she believes his race played a role in the shoot. the jury has had a full day of deliberations in murder trial of a former unc student. >> chandler kania is nation three counts of second degree murder after driving the wrong way hitting another car head on. david hurst is in the courtroom with the latest. >> reporter: yeah, just in, the jury deliberated for more than 8 hours of the span of two days and they have still yet not returned a verdict in this case. they did come back to the judge this morning and asked for self things. they wanted a flip board. post it notes, photos of skid marks after the crash. , as well as text messages from his phone.
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and asked for clarification. they asked what constitutes st. highway. all this comes after about a week of testimony and in which both side tried to prove their case. really what this hinges on whether or not there was malice when egot into his car and drove the wrong way killing three people, darlene mcgee, felecia harris and her 6-year- old grand daughter. >> the family is in the courtroom on both side. both the victims, as well chandler kania's family awaiting the jury's verdict. we will have to watt a little longer as they go home over the weekend. they'll be back on monday, beginning at 9:30. we'll be there for your coverage. reporting in hillsborough, david hurst, cbs north carolina. meanwhile a teenager who escaped from custody back behind bars tonight. officials tell us micah cameron jumped from a moving transport van round; 30 this morning in hillsborough.
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he was re-arrested 1 mile from where he initially escaped. a traffic alert for drivers in raleigh. starting tonight at midnight the rock quarry road exit on i- 40 in the fortify zone will close. that's exit 300 a. here's a live look. the ramp will be closed for nine days as crews repattern it. there are detour signs in place sending drivers to the hammond road exit. did you say repowdering. >> repatin commercial breaks. anyway happy friday. it's been a long week. can you belief where we were one week ago, waiting for a hurricane to hit our area. >> since then, sunday, monday, tuesday, through today, six days in a rehave been this. mostly sunny and dry as we look at traffic on 440 west and eastbound. here on this friday afternoon. and it's 70 degrees. so as we take a look at temperatures elsewhere around
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couple weather sensors that got flocked out. so give those another couple weeks but most everyone upper 60s to low 70s. so it got cooler today. after the cold front that came through in the early morning hours. >> and it will get chilly tonight. so if you're getting ready to head out to high school football or date night or games tomorrow morning, garage sales, it's chilly. you'll need long sleeves. 8:00 tonight the sun will be down, down to 61 degrees. up and at 'em early tomorrow morning, 49 degrees is how your saturday morning will start. so the cold front made it through. of course, no rain with it. we're okay with that. another ridge of high pressure in behind it will keep us dry. but you see the clouds that are bowe bergdahl to our west. some of which are sneaking into our area. fair weather clouds. >> and, again, we're looking at those clouds stick ag round this weekend just a few. >> but with dry conditions. so here's what your weekend weather map will look like.
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great first weekend of the north carolina state fair. that high is going to shift around a little early next week. monday into tuesday. and that's going to allow the temperatures to climb back up toward about 80 degrees. but we now think rain will be back in the forecast finally. etcetera1 a i'm. but eventually it would have to happen. so late next week about thursday and friday we have another cold front approaching us. this one will have rain and scattered showers as we get into thursday and friday but agait' also going to help drop the temperatures as we get into next weekend. but let's slow it down and talk about this weekend. we're halfway through the month tomorrow and sunday the 15th and 16th. start off again in let 50 and upper 40s tomorrow morning. 69 will be our high tomorrow. then just a little bit warmer on sunday but still cool to start in the morning time. low 50s, 69 degrees by
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and ironically we talked about this yesterday, but most all the football teams were in town last weekend. >> we had the horrible weather now they're all gone most of them when we have near perfect weather. nc central you dies are in town the eagles are hosting savannah state. kickoff at 5:00. >> great weather for the game. 67degrees at kickoff. it will get chilly though as the game wraps up as tells drop to the 50s. so if you're doing anything else whist weekend outside vi for those flood waters to recede. we have no extra rain to add to it through the next several days. from 69 tomorrow we'll jump up to 76 on sunday. 80degrees on monday. by the way, if you are headed out to the state fair tomorrow, weather looks good there. again, this would be day three tomorrow. so saturday's gates open at 8:00 a.m. the ride get going at 10:00 a.m. and everything shuts down at midnight. lunchtime temperatures about 63.
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about 58 degrees. then we'll crank of the thermostat just a bit. we're back up to 80 degrees or so monday, tuesday, and wednesday. >> so a little bit above normal for this time of year. and, again, we keep it dry through wednesday. showers start to sneak back into the forecast by next thursday and friday. >> that comes with yet another cold front. but, again, this weekend, very october feeling. >> perfect for the state >> nice to get fried food out there. popular grocery chain publix is expanding in the triangle. where they're now planning to build. >> good news for those of you who love cuban rum and cigars. who love cuban rum and cigars. how tall are you? who love cuban rum and cigars. how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no.
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the values we pass on. fe fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs.
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a man attacked me in a parking tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife.. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. cians take away your right to own a gun. donald trump supports my right to own a gun. buck newton's law legalizing discrimination. a national embarrassment. it was my honor and my privilege to carry house bill 2 through the north carolina senate. and newton stands defiantly behind hb2.
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i say, bring it on! buck newton is wrong for attorney general. we're better than this. i'm josh stein. i'm running for attorney general to protect our families and strengthen our communities. together. north carolina state fa is officially underway at ribbon cutting ceremony took place earlto matthew, some vendors and farmers will not be able to make it out there this year. attendance yesterday was down by about 14,000 people. compared with the same day last year. if you're planning to go tour the fair, we do have some information for you about the entertainment, parking and tickets on line right now on business at wells fargo is dropping. the scandal ridden bank says the number of consumer checking accounts opened plunged by 25%
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compared with the before. the news comes after the bank shocked many by saying it fired more than 5000 workers for creating unauthorized accounts. former workers say they were under enormous pressure from management to meet strict sales quotes or risk getting fired. wells fargo has admitted it opened as many as 2 million fake accounts since 2011. earlier this week, long time ceo john stumpf abruptly decided to retire. popular grocery cane publix planningop marketplace in north raleigh at the corner of leesville road in strickland. >> no opening date has been set. several other stores have opened in and round raleigh over the past year. the obama administration is easing restrictions on some of cuba's most famous exports. starting monday, travelers to cuba can bring home normal import amounts of cuban rum and cigars for personal use.
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have them shipped. the embargo remains in effect and can only be lifted by an act of congress. >> if we want to help the people it's time to turn the page on a policy holding them back. we should learn from over 50 years of experience. even as we continue to call on the cuban government to make their own reforms, let's lead by example and make our own. we must lift the embargo once and for all. >> the actions come after president obama and cuban president raul castro announced in 2013 that the two nations would normalize relations after more tan 50 years. while many are dealing with the loss of their homes or vehicles, farmers, they're struggling with the livelihood. coming up, how cumberland county farmers are trying to clean up and rebuild after the floods. >> plus, many of the rivers
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things will return to normal and the outlook for rest of the fall. >> and as we go to break here's a live look at what we're told is highway 70 in kinston. looks like a river. >> it's been under water for two days. this is a major highway there. >> the neuse river is not expected to creston till tonight. >> a lot more coming up after the break. governor mccrory is attacking roy cooper on the state crime lab.
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torney general. roy found a backlog of over 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but he cleared the backlog. and roy cooper helped us solve over 2,000 crimes and put 165 killers and rapists in prison from cold cases.
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this area right here this morning i couldn't -- i just cut in blue i. had to leave the streak there. but the potatoes are no good. they're already starting to break down. >> farmers devastated by hurricane matthew, now facing the task of cleanup. the struggle ahead. >> plus, the rush to reopen businesses that people
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of crisis. how one business owner in cumberland county is trying to remain positive. >> continuing our team coverage after hurricane matthew, the massive flood waters pushed people out of their homes and businesses. >> but what do you do when your business is a funeral home and people are continuing on you in their time of need. >> what does it mean to see your building like this? >> it's devastating and it's not only this storm. there was one in 2014, there was 12 weeks ago, an one came. and that was just it. the building couldn't take it any more. >> reporter: the funeral home ravaged by hurricane matthew. furniture, clothes and three organs airy independent. >> the flood waters were so high, she get to her business for two days. >> she didn't want to show her face but shared her pain. >> the mud and the dirt all over the place, the mold is coming in now.
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beautiful furniture and it's destroyed. >> reporter: just a week before hurricane matthew hit the pay funeral home got new carpeting and new flooring. >> take a look at how high the waters were. it may look like the line but actually have to come into the building to see at the very top. >> even with no building the pay funeral home will continue as a business with help from another funeral home. they offered much needed assistance. >> when they're going to have to service a family we o the family here. we try to accommodate them as far as using our facility. in lieu of their facilities for service, what have you. >> reporter: through all the loss the owner is remaining positive in a big way. >> all prayed out and cried out. do you know what i say? is thinks a lemon. but we're going to makelessly unaid and god is good. and we are lucky to be alive.
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continue to support us, it's going to be all right. >> reporter: in fayetteville, cbs north carolina. you got to admire her outlook. u.s. small business administration opened a business recovery center in come. it's in the small business and technology development center at fayetteville state university. owners can apply for loans, and get more information on assistance. hurricane matthew hit right in the middle of the sweet potato harvest running from september to november. now, farme safety harvest and their livelihoods. >> we're able to get around a lot easier today than yesterday. but we're still -- still a struggle. >> reporter: michael gregory is the farm manager for godwin produce. he estimates they were under a foot of water wednesday. thousands and thousands of buckets won't be filled as tons
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good. >> it's pretty good hit. and we really aren't going to know how big a hit it's going to be now. the biggest thing is getting them in the storage facility. >> even if they dig them and look oe kay, they could have storage problems with them and lose them down the road after they've in versussed all the money. >> reporter: agriculture person says there a loss of peanut cotton crops. >> the state sweet potato commission is advising farmers to wait until next week. saying roots could rot if taken to a storage facility. he says they will keep a close eye on the potatoes. >> it's hard to let them rot in the ground. especially if, you know, they're good now when the sun's shining we're going to get them out. >> reporter: normally the trucks are able to drive out on their own. the ground's so wet it's havingto get a tow from a tractor.
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going to be a little bit more of a process. >> reporter: in cumberland county robert richardson cbs north carolina. check this out. wake county ems shared these photos as their ambulance strike team heads to lumberton. the wake county crews will join ems forces from several other counties there. to the west in wayne county folks are returning to survey the damage. hurricane matthew hit goldsboro hard. flooding along george stree around. other dollars gambled. johnathan's car is still at a boated shop. he wanted to see how bad the damage was but flood waters made that difficult. >> but we couldn't get close enough because it's still a lot of water down there. you know, so we just stopped and just so happened a guy was coming up on the truck. asked if we wanted a ride. and he let us guess get on the back of his truck we was able to ride up and see the water damage. >> business owners have to
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waters. one said this is the worst he's seen since floyd. well, rivers are still cresting in the more eastern counties. many in our area are falling closer to normal levels. storm team meteorologist bill reh has the details of that now. want to talk about when the is will go below flood stage. map view of things to put it in perspective. you get idea you got the neuse river flowing this way the tar river and fishing creek merge ag round tar br fayetteville. so let's start up to the north. and talk about the rivers there. fishing creek is already peaked but rocky mount the tar river will go below flood stage tonight that's good news. tarboro, neighborhooding will continue. it will not go lee below until monday. >> greenville, next thursday for flood stage. we move on to the neuse river, smithfield is already below flood stage. good news there in johnston b
5:36 pm
below flood stage. and in kinston, it will take until thursday. in the cape fear river, fortunately below flood stage in fayetteville already but it's going to be until tuesday with elizabeth town below flood stage. now, as we look at those rivers you want to say hey, we don't need any more rain. just a quick peek ahead from the national weather service through the rest of october, november, and december, precipitation outlook. it's good news for us. it puts streak of dry weather. that will last several more days at least. we feed it to last several months. by the way, though, what we think is great news for us, below normal precipitation, not great news for other parts of the south where they're believe it or not under a moderate to severe drought in parts of alabama and georgia. that's it from here, back to you. great perspective thank you. hard to believe it's been six
5:37 pm
state. >> and we still have flood warnings, too. just go along with what bill is saying even though the flood warnings have bern dropped in nash, johnston, harnett, and hoke county in the past 24 hours, still several of us mainly down east still have flood warnings. and, again, it could be until monday or tuesday before the water noticeably recede in some of the higher rivers. >> we have more dry another cold front moved through. in the past 24 hours. that's why today was cooler. >> that's why tonight will be coil. so if you're getting ready to head out, grab a jacket, long sleeves, sun still up at 7:00. we'll be in the low 60s. then it goes down. we drop to the mid-50s by late tonight. we have warmer weather. and a cold front on thep day. timing of both coming up. we're getting close to normalcy for some. some student in the
5:38 pm
they will resume next week. and in cumberland county students return after a two hour day. wayne county teachers have optional work day tuesday and wednesday to bring students back on thursday, friday and saturday. saturday would be an early dismissal day. so far fema has approved 34 north carolina counties for federal funding to help cover the cost of responding to the storm. now, residents in 23 county can aly for individual federal in our area johnston, wayne, wilson, cumberland county, el ni?o com harnett, hoke, sampson and nash counties are all eligible. funding is available for rentals for people who have been displaced repairs that are not covered by insurance. and possible medical issues related to the storm. you can apply at disaster assistance .gov. by calling 8621-fema or visiting a disaster recovery center. find more information including
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. and there are so many ways you can help victims in their time of need. cbs north carolina has partnered with the american red cross to provide that assistance. we have much more information, again, right now on our website right now morrisville police need your help finding an armed robbery suspect we'll have some surveillance video to show you right now it shows the suspect walking up to theer at the jersey mike's on airport boulevard pointing a gun at an employee. police say estole cash and phones from employees an he's considered armed and dangerous you. can take a look a little bit more in depth at the photo and video on if you have any information, contact police immediately. the international festival kick the off in raleigh with a special ceremony. >> coming up we were there for the touching moment as more than 100 people became u.s. citizens. >> plus it's been a busy week on the campaign trail as we near the final presidential
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buck newton's law legalizing discrimination. a national embarrassment. it was my honor and my privilege to carry house bill 2 through the north carolina senate. and newton stands defiantly behind hb2.
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i say, bring it on! buck newton is wrong for attorney general. we're better than this. i'm josh stein. i'm running for attorney general to protect our families and strengthen our communities.
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drips campaigning in north carolina today as he tries to win over tar heel state voters. >> the visit comes amid intention scrutiny and accusations of his past actions and comments regarding women. >> the story line and the players change sometimes hourly and the stakes are as high as ever. so let's bring in john dickerson moderater of face the
5:43 pm
all this. john, what can you tell us about the latest impact on his campaign as these accusations continue to pile up and where cubs he go from here to try to overcome all this before election day? >> well, the didn't impacts on the campaign there are a lot of them. so donald trump's poll numbers have certainly gotten worse since a week ago when the 2005 video was released in which he's talk about how his fame allows him to assault women. then we've had these disclosures this week. so we ha the average of the polls have at about five or six points worth' lead for hillary clinton. the problem is that that's obviously he's behind but now also, they're in reacting to the stories donald trump has had to take a new strategy right now it looks as though his strategy essentially is to try to call out his accusers, and defend himself which, of course, steals time from his making the case against hillary clinton. >> he's also been fighting a
5:44 pm
republicans in his own party. he was tussling with house speaker paul ryan earlier this week. so he's still got incoming from his own party. and his effort it seems to be at a strategic level to drive down the vote on the democratic side by talk about bill clinton's character flaws and those who accused bill clinton of attacking them. essentially dragging this debate and this campaign further in that direction. in the homes of suppressing the democratic vote ho republican vote exceeds it. so right now, it's a kind of being made up as he goes along with it. >> each new speech seems to offer a new set of targets for him and a new vision of his strategy. so what about hillary clinton? her cam campaign has been dealing with the leaked e-mails from her campaign chair while all this trump controversy plays out. so what does she have to do to keep her leads and try to win over any remaining and red and purple states? >> hillary clinton has a
5:45 pm
not as big because she's ahead. she also has an advantage in the electoral college where the traditional states that vote for democrats gives her an advantage. so she has to win a fewer number of the baitle ground states. and also, the wikileaks disclosures of her about her campaign chairman are newsworthy and interesting and show a campaign that is thoroughly trying to kind of confuse democratic voters during the democratic position on trade, her position on the keystone pipeline, creating diversions to keep people from paying attention to her home server for her e-mails, but there's not a real smoking gun in there. the trump campaign has tried very hard to raise some issues but it's not -- there's not a real major smoking gun in that that's going to swerve her campaign off of its trajectory. and apartment of that reason is because donald trump her pon
5:46 pm
a lot to watch and, of course, we'll watch face the nation with you on sunday. thank you so much, john. remember today is the last day to register to vet in north carolina. unless you're in the 36 affected by hurricane matthew. it's been extend toured the 19th in those county. early voting begins on the 20th of november. back in august, terrorists stormed the university in afghanistan. the rampage went on for what seemed like an eternity. by the time it was over 13 were killed were wounded. this man remembers that day -- this woman remembers that day. she remembers lying on the floor and playing dead. he alley armed gunmen stalked around the campus looking for people to kill. that day changed her life forever. and force the the 20 11-year- old afghan law student to put her dreams of a future and career on hold. >> when i was there, i was thinking maybe i lose my foot
5:47 pm
and i was thankful to god that i'm not in a worse situation. >> she was struck three times in the leg and foot. and lost her big toe. she has just one semester left of her law degree but says it will have to wait as she focuses on recovering. hurricane nicole is slowly weakening. this is video attaints watched in awe as it crash -- as astronauts watched in awe. fortunately, for the u.s. the storm is expected to move up into the north atlantic and dissipate over the weekend. and wes, that is certainly some good news. we dent need any more of that. >> yeah i think we were done with the tropic about two week ago. unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. there's bermuda and there
5:48 pm
monster it was earlier but still a hurricane. with 75 mile per hour winds moving very quickly to the east northeast at 20 miles per hour. you can see the long track as it curved around went right over bermuda. and now, will head off into the far open waters of the atlantic. technically the hurricane season doesn't edged until the end of nevada. but it's really hard to get any tropical activity close to us the more cold fronts we have. number1 because it flow of the upper atmosphere. cools off the watercraft you need warm water to u get tropical activity and nothing's going to be warm after another cold front tonight. >> chilly as the sun gets ready to set. there's a few fair weather clouds. traffic moving okay on 440 eastbound and westbound. 70degrees uncap tam. up the road on 40 at the airport things look good there, too. nothing on the tarmac right now. everyone's heading out or getting ready to come home after a work week.
5:49 pm
there. mountains of asheville and looking at the biltmore their grass looking pretty much the exact opposite of mine right now. trees changing colors, 67 there. and along our coast, they have got a few clouds as we look at wilmington you can see it's in the low 70s. so that's the tour of our great state. as we head into tonight it's going to be a little cooler. there was a cold front that came through in the early morning. didn't bring any rain but it did drop the temperatures today you. felt that throughout the afternoon. you'll really feel it 61. so grab a jacket. 55 overnight. out the door tomorrow morning if you have garage sales or practices, some of us are going to start off in the upper 40s. the reason why, this cold front that is now moved tour the south. but there is another ridge of high pressure in behind it. and that's going to help keep our weather nice as we head through the weekend. >> by nice, i mean dry, and mostly sunny. so your weather map this weekend not going to look all
5:50 pm
into the early part of next week. monday and tuesday the temperatures warm back up to 80 degrees. we skip ahead to late next week because that's the next time something interesting's going to happen. i think we're okay with that. another cold front will approach thursday into friday. this one will drop our temperatures. but it will also drop our first rain showers in quite some time. i know we got enough to last us a long, long time a week ago. but by the will be 10 or 11 days before -- between rain showers. so tomorrow, saturday, 69 degrees in raleigh. six in durham. 72 in fayetteville. and your 7-day forecast, as we get ready for the first weekend other north carolina state fair will be a warming one. 60s tomorrow to mid-70s on sunday. 80degrees on monday. and by the way, if you're are heading out to the north
5:51 pm
rides at 10:00 a.m. saturday. it all shuts down at midnight. by lunchtime we'll be in the low 60s. afternoon temperatures topping out in the upper 60s. >> then chilly at night. as we'll drop into the upper 50s for fireworks. and tomorrow morning's temperature of 49, you'll notice will be our coolest morning temperature going forward. it is going to warm back up into next monday through wednesday. again, the next cold front by next thursday and is 69. today we made 70 degrees. just barely sneaking in there. another $100 from us and our friends for the tammy lynn center bringing the monthly total up to $1300. all the great work they do for kids and adults worth developmental disabilities. >> . welcome hours from around the worked are on display in raleigh at the international festival. coming up how the whole weekend
5:52 pm
>> remember high school blitz is back tonight. full wrap all the local games full wrap all the local games and nominees for the game of where does north carolina go from here? i'm roy cooper, and after years of our state moving backward, these would be my priorities as governor. first, instead of social issues, i'll focus on our schools and keeping good teachers with better pay. we need to end giveaways for companies that send jobs overseas and grow our economy here. and we need to reform our tax system so those at the top
5:54 pm
as we've. telling you cbs north carolina is a proud experience of the international festival in raleigh. >> great thing about the festival, geing to hang out
5:55 pm
tonight, is that it starts each year with a naturalization ceremony in ducting new u.s. citizens. i was one of the speakers at eat vent this morning. i want to introduce you to your new fellow americans. >> reporter: nor these 120 people october 14 is now a date just as important as any birthday or anniversary. utilize starting in 51 countries, they now have this one to l u.s. citizens. >> i lived all over the world, many, many countries and i've been here the longest. >> reporter: and the fact that october 14 is the last day to register to vet in north carolina, isn't lost on many. >> my paperwork is already filled out. yeah, so i'm on my way. >> sign and date. you actually interrupted me while i was filling out my registration form. so i'm really excited this is the first time i'm able to check the yes box for becoming a st. sentenced.
5:56 pm
never vote in my country. >> reporter: some americans threaten to go to canada, these americans el, well, they don't want to be anywhere else. [singing god bless america] >> what a great day for them, great story. >> thank you. >> it was countries they came from and to be out there talking to them and seeing them just feel the moment. especially when i told them that, you know, today will be like a birthday for you. you might forget your wedding anniversary but you won't forget this day. there was a couple laughs and i think they really hit home with that. congratulations, welcome. coming up next at 62:00 soldiers rescue a dog from hurricane matthew's flood waters. we'll meet the heroes and the dog, too, next at 6:00.
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tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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the stories are total fiction. they're 100% made up. they never happened. they never would happen. donald trump campaigning in north carolina continues to
6:00 pm
his message today to voters. plus no ver in the chanted can murder case what the jury requested an what next. >> serious flooding continues to plague people across the state. the latest on rising rivers and a look at some of the damage as water recedes in areas. >> i'm sean maroney. >> i'm justin quesinberry. sharon tazewell has the night off. we begin with breaking news out of robeson county one of the hardest hit areas. >> cbs north carolina's derrick lewis i has shut down a road. derrick what can you tell us? >> reporter: right now i'm on north roberts avenue between a days inn and i-95. you can see a very active scene here behind me. first responders and a tow truck are at a flooded portion of robert avenue. >> this road has been blocked off for days because of the hurricane. >> take a look at some other video we shot a few minutes ago. we saw a tow truck pulling a


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