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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  October 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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at 11, historic flooding is coming to eastern carolina as communities try to assess the damage. >> trying to find something to eat is like trying to win lottery. >> the stories of sure swrieivel families and businesses coming together recover. good evening, i'm justin qeu circumstances nberry in for cairn tazewell. >> i'm sean mroney. thousands remain without power. >> a judge has ordered the voter registration deadline extended in 26 counties. the original deadline was today. we also learned the storm
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coal ash basin. i-40 west is closed between benton road and benson. some of the oldest counties are able to start recovering as the wears recede. >> for kinston, the worst may not come until tomorrow, where the river has already broken records set by in greendale, a new record has been set. >> these drone images show dozens of warts -- dozens of buildings surrounded by water in the college town. >> reporter: some neighborhoods were not arrested.
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if there's any damage to the apartments. there's been a loft people affected by this storm here. the community is trying to help them recover through the crisis. >> reporter: from above, you see how widespread the damage is. the massive cleanup effort will soon begin in greenville. as the water began to rise and reports came in that people had even died, laronda mason knew she had to get out. >> we have to do something, because it could be us. >> reporter: she's been at the shelter at a.b. acokk middle school in the stress of it all, the days have blurred together. >> you can get home tborm. >> are you serious? >> reporter: there's to many people like laronda in need, volunteers have been working quickly.
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>> reporter: this site in winterville one of two places where people have been able to drop off everything from clothes to cleaning supplies. >> as long as people support each other and those who need help the most once the the actual recovery starts. >> reporter: stiepts from ecu were among the dozens of volunteers that were getting everything ready to start distributing on saturday. >> you don't understand the true meaning of community and fruit meaning of family, which is what we something like this happens. >> it's. wonderful. everybody has been helping out from everywhere. they donate sod many things for the families. >> reporter: with so many families are in need, a you unity deadday will be hosted tomorrow. they will also hold a prayer service at noon.
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carolina. in nearby kenson, the canuse viver ready to crest at over twice the flood stwaij breaking records set by hurricane floyd. officials say it could take up to o 10 days for waters to recede we eby low flood stage. one person we talk with was not willing to risk making their way through the flooding. >> just ride down herein see. i guess the water was stilling too high to flood through. >> bee also twaukd business owners in flood street.
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club helped treat 20,000 people that did not have warm meals overt weekend. >> we wanted to cry. like you said, we've never had this happen to us before. >> reporter: >> sam's club plans to do it again tomorrow morning at 10:00. lumberton is one of many communities where descrasser relief teams are still on ground. fema says more than 24,000 people have already registered for assistance, and $6 million has been approved to address those claims. fema is also working with hotels to help with transition
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soldiers teamed up to rescue a stranded dog. the dog and those soldiers are safe. and in princeville, the fire chief had to be saved himself. he ten helped a woman trapped in her car. >> i remember going in the water, and my firefighters said i days period underwater, the vehicle days period underwater. >> reporter: >> he was submerged for nearly and tarbo rorks were able to rescue the cheefnt woman in the car. all week, we've been telling you how people are giving back. >> as hh hannibal reports, one member of the squeal's community is especially grateful. >> reporter: friday nights in wade county are for football. this week is brighton high school's home coming.
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homecoming. but a few students were focused on something other than the game. jordan and his friends were collecting money for flood victims. >> we've passed so many people that want to help out. other people so seem so happy. >> reporter: one mom is thankful the school was supporting those affected by the floods. >> although group in robinson county. her mole whole family was affect bid hurricane moot matthew. >> everything is gone or underwater. >> reporter: within less than dwaib this fundraiser was planned. jordan and his friends were able to collect more than $650 in just 2 quarters, wales as bags of toiletries and groceries, all to be sent down to the flood victims. although smith's family is
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she feels the support of her new community. >> it is a family-oriented school. i love them. >> reporter: hh daneville for cbs north carolina. >> cbs north carolina has teamed up with the american red cross. we have that information as well as full coverage of the impact from hurricane matthew right now on the jury in the chandler kenya trial went home without a facing 2nd-degree murder charges in the deaths of 3 people when he drove drunk the wrong way on i-85 and hit their car head-on. the jury returns on monday. donald trump making 2 stops in north carolina and responding to new accusations made by several women who claim he groped them against their will. at the greensbo rorks rally, the gop nominee says he does not know whofully of the women
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conspiring with the clinton campaign. >> these are all horrible lies and all fabrications. >> several people were escorted out of the greensbo rorks railly. he later held a rally in charlotte. new e maim dumped today from wikileaks show hillary clinton's aides asked president bill clinton to cancel a planned speech to a wall street firm because of potential image concerns a just as hillary clinton was set tie flounce e-mails show she did not want her husband to cancel, but was eventually convinced that it was the right step. federal investigators in kansas say 3 men were planning to bomb an apartment full of somalicious immigrants. the 3 men claim to be part of a group called the kansas security nos. they were taken into custody after an 8 month investigation. there's a lot happening if
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there's plenty to conspiracy. food, dance, and culture from groups all over the world. >> plus you can hang out with us throughout the weekend. also the state fair is in full swing. can you find just about anything deep-fried. we have everything you need know right now on tomorrow marks 1 week since matthew dumped up to a foot of rain in parts of our area. since then, it's been dry and a temperature forecast. those temperatures going down tonight. we'll talk about how warm we'll befection week coming up in forecast. >> speaking of weather, a perfect night for high school football. our jeff jones with your game of the week and other highlights from week 9. >> and the tarheels tipping off a new season. we're also talking about late night with roy in chapel hill. >> but first, a heads-up for drivers in wade county.
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where does north carolina go from here? i'm roy cooper, and after years of our state moving backward, these would be my priorities as governor. first, instead of social issues, i'll focus on our schools and keeping good teachers with better pay. we need to end giveaways for companies that send jobs overseas and grow our economy here. and we need to reform our tax system so those at the top we can start building a better north carolina. welcome back to cbs north carolina news at 11. friday night blitz in a second. but first, can you believe it's been nearly a week since hurricane matthew dumped a lot of water on the area?
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weekend. this is what the drair looked like for far too long 1 week ago. this is the exact shot from 9 a.m. last saturday morning. some of you got 3 inches, some of you god more than a foot of rain, but since then, it has been completely dry. despite that, we still have flood warnings that are active tonight, mainly east of i-95 and for parts of the sand hills. again, while the rivers are starting to come down. it will take a while there are down. that stream, that lake, that river that is now or used to be your road. these flood warnings will stay in effect through this weekend. for tomorrow, we have a weekend to get to, and it will start off chilly. 49 degrees on saturday morning as you step outside. whether you have practice or some garage sales to hit, you'll need a jacket. only 54 by 9 a.m. low 60s by lunch time looking
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degrees. so a little cooler than where we've been at times this week because of the cold, front. that cold front continues to site zit to our south. it came through without any rain. we do have another cold front coming through by the end of next week. twhun will have some rain with -- the next one will have some rain with it. -- this one will have some rain early next week, and monday and tuesday, that shifting around will result in warmer temperatures. as we get to the second half of next week, and i'm talking thursday and friday would be next cold front approaches. yes, it will drop our temperatures again, but it will also drop a little bit of rain. rain back in the forecast finally by next thursday and friday. but not this weekend. this weekend, as i mentioned,
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lunchtime temperatures about 63 on our way to a high of 69. then on sunday, a cool start, but a warmer afternoon. it will still be mostly sunny and dry with 69 degrees expected by lunchtime on our way to a high of 76. the first week of the north carolina state fair looks pretty good. gates open at 8 a.m., rides start at 10 a.m., and everything shuts down at low 60s, a high of 69, rain in the forecast, but it will be chilly for fireworks as it was tonight. we expect temperatures in the 50s. your 7 day forecast has mostly dry weather. remember, all week long, it's been nothing but dry whether the weather. this weekend will be dry. from 69 tomorrow, we jump town 76 on sunday, 80 degrees, so it will warm up again early next week. 80 on monday. we'll keep it in the low 80s on
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degrees, that's the coolest morning we have. not only will it warm up during the day, but weevil we'll have some warm temperatures in the morning time. again, another cold front next thursday, small rain chances next thursday and friday. but a great weekend to enjoy. i know a lot of you are still working hard to recover. hopefully we can all enjoy it. justin, thanks for joining f night and sunday. tune in with him. but for now, we go to jeff jones for tonight's blitz. >> the big hits, the touchdowns, and all of the action. it's friday night. now the blitz on cbs north carolina. >> hell league to week 9 of the blitz on cbs north carolina. coming into tonight, we thought our game of the week, heritage versus wake forest, had
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game of the year. both teams enter week # undefeated and both squads had division 1 athletes all over the field. in other words, we have known for a long time this matchup would be fun to watch. and how about that that wake forest defense? they pitched 4 straightout. one reason, zack gill. he has a bunch of division 1 offers, and in this game, he had an out, including our cameraman. and that's a compliment. the cougars are up 9. then look at this ricky person brings the pain. but they cowl not get the win. wake forest remains undefeated, winning 26-18. >> life o it, because it's all a great fight for wake forest high school. >> we'll have much more from
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later in the blitz. for now, let's check our local score board. millbrook barely maid made it past wakefield. the cardinals bounce back from their first loss this week. and scotland 'stays undefeated, beating pine crest by a touchdown. i've said it before and i'll say it again, the best team in the yay looks like middle creek. the mustangs look develop nap this year, just like they were last year. and this year -- last year, they their closest came came up against fuqay arena. that's who they flay this week. watch hicks. this is an amazing move on the sideline. the mustangs continue to dominate the regular season. they go op to win this one and stay undefeated, 42-14.
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great football team. i wish every high school kid can have an experience of playing a game like this and a great rivalry like this. >> they won't find a team like middle creek. congratto the mustangs on continuing their undefeated season. they look like they're ready for another deep playoff run this year. let's go back to the score board and check out some more local teams believe it or not whereby we're just getting started here on the blitz. we have more highlight and score, plus our play of the week nominees, and we'll go to
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a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that.
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ight to own a gun. the golden hawks inner tonight with a 3-4 record. they hope to bring that to 4-4 in a conference showdown against panther creek. this is enter the game. they run out through the purple smoke. that's a nice way to start the game, and so is this. jayla income wilson takes it off, 90 yards to the end zone. this game only got better from there. if you're a panther cheek fan, you might want to brace yourself. final score, 64-27. highland springs gets their
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mascot in town. he doesn't always go to game, but when he does, he lets his tongue hand hang out. that play gets them down deep in the red zone. moments later, alan mcneil, sanderson is up then thairn up now. they go on to win 61-14. it's that time of week again. after all of the great football play we've e seen this week, it's time to show you the 3 best as our ebbs north carolina for this one, i'll shut up so you can listen. >> touchdown. all night long. all night long. >> you heard him say it. all day long. that was ricky person lowering his shoulder and delivering the boom to a wake forest defender. the scariest part of this play,
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year and a half. the next one comes from jayl narcs wilson. the gold hawks get in front early, and they never looked back. our last play of the week nominee comes from brighton. they didn't get a win, but got a great catch from tyere smith. nice work there, tyere. now it's time to head to and click on voting. we'll have your favorite on the sunday sports rep. this is the band of the week. if you've never heard them, you are missing out. they were loud, proud, and had the crowd on its feet all game long. we have more to cover on the blitz, including an in-depth
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you tarheels fans, we were at lake i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ]
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the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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after 20 years in washington, we're learning lots about richard burr. first, he opposed a bill prohibiting insider trading by members of congress. now we learn burr had over $100,000 in oil and gas stocks while he backed legislation giving tax credits benefitting gas companies. and oil and gas companies no wonder richard burr's wealth has increased over 500% since he's been in congress. that's making washington work for him. seiu cope is responsible for the content of this ad. as you saw earlier in the shore, wake forest beat
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undefeated, but the cougars handed heritage their first loss of the season. >> reporter: for the first time all season long, the wake forest defense gives up more than 7 points in a contest. >> reporter: the wake forest defense shut down high-scoring heritage for moch the night. man, do they tackle. late in the 4th quarter, the team with 4 straight shut you faced it's 9-7 wake forest. but the cougars are battle- tested. devin lawrence will take off on a 57 yard scoring scamper. but the touchdown comes after the heritage defense stifles the cougars. wake forest survives the battle of the unbeatens. >> we kept you pushing and pushing and pushing. the coaches kept telling us we were q2 going to break a big
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now 3 wins away from wrapping up their3rd straight class-a title. the blue devils took the field a day earlier than usual. the only thing on their mind was turning in their best performance of the season. and their best is what it will take to beat louisville. heisman frontrunner lamar jackson scores a touchdown in the opening drive, so duke responds in possible, by letting them do the same. duke is about to get the ball back with chance to win and this is god. oh, no, but that is not. there's a flag on the place the cardinal as get a second chance, and that's all lamar jackson needed. duke played as well as anybody in the country has, but the blue devils still fall, 24-14.
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out. -- check this out, they had a an early meet and greet with the basketball team. the best thing of the night was the nce team. and yes, day choreograph these routines, and i'm not ashame to admit it. unc had a rivalry game with duke on the soccer field. the duke band having some fun at halftime. they're doing that. i'm not sure i do know what this is. that is a goal. cameron mosely gets a goal off the corner kick. the tar heels are a top 10 team for a reason. they tie it pup with time running out, zack wright scores again for the tar heels. -- for the tarheels. unc keeps the top 10 spot and bragging rights.
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i want to send a special thank you to our photographers who ran all around the area to get you these shots. we'll see you next friday for another edition of the blitz on cbs north carolina. governor mccrory is attacking roy cooper on the state crime lab. well, we know roy cooper and we know the problems he discovered when he became attorney general. roy found a balog of over 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but he cleared the backlog. and roy cooper helped us solve over 2,000 crimes and put 165 killers and rapists in prison from cold cases.
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a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your righto own a gun.
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>> stephen: hey, honey. yeah, i'll be home for dinner. we've got a great show-- chris pratt, scott bakula, and something called frederik the great, the world's most handsome horse. how handsome could a horse be? ? tonight i celebrate my love for you. >> stephen: tell you what, i might be late tonight. ? it seems the magic-- >> it's "the late show" with stephen colbert! tonight, stephen welcomes chris pratt, scott bakula and frederik


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