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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  October 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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good evening, i am just inquisitive very. the republican party of orange county is reeling from an attack in hillsboro overnight. a flammable material was thrown through a front window of the building causing major smoke and fire damage. carly griffi the headquarters now with more. >>reporter:first let me show you what else happened last night over here on the side of this building. you can see it has since been covered up as graffiti was spray-painted that says not see republicans leave town, or else. back here a republican headquarters you can see this window behind me here it is broken. that is what republican officials are calling a firebomb thrown into the
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here is video taking us inside looking at the damage, the state and county leaders of the republican party are not sure exactly how this happened but they know it happened after 7 p.m. folks coming to one of the neighboring holdings here found it this way this morning. i am told the fire burned itself out, and damage was contained to republican headquarters which some volunteers tell me is a blessing of sorts. the feeling left by this vandalism is shocked, for the most part, but also anger what the american beliefs. >> something like this to happen is an assault. it's basically an assault. it's a terrorist attack on my rights, your rights in anybody else's rights whether they are democrat, republican or anybody in this town here. >>reporter:the democratic party of north carolina has already
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political system. hillary clinton also treated saying that this again is unacceptable. hillsboro police are investigating the incident. carly griffith, cbs north carolina news. a father of 4 is that tonight and right now police are working to track down his colors. 42-year-old was shot and killed this morning at his fayetteville home. nate rogers has more. >>reporter: assessing the crime scene, talking to witnesses and looking for any type of witnesses that would bring forth answers on this case. >> the shooting happen here in the 5000 block of plain lane around 5:30 a.m. 32-year-old carlos was shot multiple times unknown suspects, who broke into his home, then immediately left the area. the 42-year-old was getting out of the shower, when his
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police say a family member, who was inside of the home, during the shooting was unharmed. pronounced dead at the scene. family members say the 42-year- old worked at the va hospital, and was well loved. police are now reviewing surveillance video from nearby businesses to track down additional leads. the police say the motive for the shooting is unknown at this time. also there are no suspects in custody. in fayetteville, nate rogers, cbs north carolina news. weather, right now it is a gorgeous day. storm team meteorologist, bill reh is joining us now. just what the doctor o rdered, more dry weather to dry out. we will show you who has got what coming up in 10 minutes. let's enjoy this map here with highs very comfortable, 80 in fayetteville, 82 wilmington. asheville 74, some good leaf watching weather this week if
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626 boone, 74 raleigh, 78 fayetteville. as we look at things from a couple of clouds in the mountains. we are going to be mostly clear tonight. this evening mostly clear to clear skies. how about 7 o'clock 70 degrees, go for a little walk, after the news of course. the sun does go down at 637. lower 60s by midnight. overnight, your skies will be very pleasant, mid- 50s upper 50s, just a gorgeous, gorgeous night. a pretty nice way to start your monday. we do have a cold front coming of that will be our next chance of rain. we will tell you when that will happen coming up a little bit later. johnston county experienced damaging flooding last week, and local businesses are starting to recover from the aftermath of hurricane matthew. david spent a day in johnson county and spoke with one company that lost big business
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sanitized and cleaned completely, we are looking at at least 30 days. this is inside aux bay llc, a retail supply warehouse in smithfield. selling christmas and collegiate license products. 20inches of rain flooded the warehouse last weekend during hurricane matthew. the owner has owned the company for 15 years i never experienced a flood to his building. >> very emotional. i have been trying to do the best i can. i have four children that work for me it has been very hard on my family. we just do not know what tomorrow brings. >>reporter:this is 50% of his damage from hurricane matthew, the company says they lost a total of $1 million in retail products. the smithfield community has lent a helping hand to the company. the first baptist church and the united methodist church brought cruise to the warehouse
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>> you get to the next pile and it is just as bad as the first one. just keep digging through. you can't beat them, so you have to come join them and help out where you can and do what you can for them. yeah, i mean,, i don't know how you can recover a business like this from this kind of devastation. >>reporter:for the next 2 weeks on friday and saturday they will be holding a sale on some of their products they cannot ship to customers to help out with finances. >> we hope that we can get the word out, we hope that we will give us a foundation to go forward. today, more county officials announced that the roads are all clear in the flood zone around the woodlake 10. a mandatory evacuation was lifted at 3 p.m. this afternoon for the area beneath the dam. this decision was made after days of pumping water from the
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gauge to the damaged spillway. engineers will now begin an analysis of the damage to determine the cost to repair the break. officials will continue to pump out water until the level is another few feet lower. 120 homes were evacuated due to the danger of a breach. tens of thousands of bottles of water are going to people in wayne county who remain under a boil advisory. national guardsmen help the counties set up a water distribution center this weekend. >> we gave out over 56,000 bottles of water, and over 1700 bags of ice. >> i would want the same for me if it happened to me. i was lucky, i lost maybe just power for three days, i have
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>> wayne county officials say coca-cola, pepsi, target and walmart all donated water in addition to large shipments from fema. there may be another day of distribution depending on how much is left. cumberland county schools returned to class tomorrow on a 2 hour delay. wayne county school will remain closed monday. teachers will have an offshore workday monday and tuesday with a tentative plan to bring students back on thursday, friday and saturday. saturday is scheduled as an early dismissal day. the state attorneys general's office has received 150 complaints of price gouging since hurricane matthew hit. roy cooper confirmed his office has also served 2 subpoenas to gas stations and hotels in north carolina for alleged price gouging. be wary of people who knock on doors and to only go through insurance providers, or reputable repair businesses. there are several ways that you can help, cbs north carolina has teamed up with the
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our full coverage about the impact of hurricane matthew on her website train company norfolk southern is investigating after a do roman to downtown raleigh today. around noon a freight train came off the tracks near west street and glenwood avenue. no one was injured but police and fire crew secure the area and close a few streets during cleanup. no estimate on the cost of the damage. in orange county jury will resume deliberations tomorrow morning in the trial of a former he is charged with second- degree murder in the deaths of three people killed in a crash last year. he is accused of driving drunk when he was involved in a wrong way crash on i 85. state troopers say he slammed head on into another vehicle that claimed the lives of two adults and a six-year-old girl. he has are depleted guilty to several lesser charges. it was a busy day for the vice presidential candidates on the campaign trail. coming up the latest as hillary clinton and donald trump take
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is october and while many may be thinking about pumpkin spice latte's, folks in upstate new york were all about north carolina used to make education a priority. we all understood the importance of having good schools. but pat mccrory seems more interested in giving tax cuts to millionaires. we rank 44th in spending per student. drop-out rates have gone up for the first time in 8 years. we're 41st in how much we pay our teachers. there is a textbook shortage.
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but pat mccrory is shortchanging our schools. a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun. donald trump supports my right to own a gun. hillary clinton and donald trump stepped away from the campaign trail today as they prepared for the
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of the campaigns messages. we have more from new york. >>reporter:tim kaine went to table to table on sunday, rallying support for hillary clinton as a -- at a miami diner. >> florida is close on there so many other close states we have to assume that is the case, and i think it will be the case right up to the and. >>reporter:the latest cbs battleground tracker shows hillary clinton with a slim on growing lead over donald trump than a month ago, now up that group by 15 points. trump has been fighting a growing list of allegations of unwanted sexual advances. nine women have come forward, trump denies the accusations. >> you have phony people coming up with phony allegations with no witnesses whatsoever, >>reporter:on twitter sunday, donald trump wrote "election is being rigged by the media in a correlated effort with the
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meet the press, donald trump running mate was asked if the campaign would accept the outcome of the vote. >> we will absolutely accept the results of the election, the american people are tired of the obvious bias in the national media. that is where the sense of a rigged election goes here. >>reporter:clinton's motorcade left her home sunday afternoon headed for a round of debate. >>on iraqi forces are set to launch their most complex anti- isis operations oh four. as an effort to retake module, the country's second largest city. the country's military has won a string of victories, but, some iraqi officials worry that mozilla, the fight there has been rushed, and that more violence is possible if the city was taken without a plan to
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capital today as parents reunited with 21 schoolgirls. [? music playing? ] ? ? her rom kidnapped the girls more than him two years ago. the islamic extremist group release on thursday but it has taken days for parents to arrive on rough roads and military checkpoints. nely in the first hours, but even after last week's release, 197 remain captive. negotiations are continuing to try to free them. the navy has a new stealth destroyer, the most technologically advanced warship in its fleet. hundreds of people gathered during fleet week in baltimore to see the uss commission into active service. it is named after almost who is
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the $4.4 billion vessel is filled with cutting-edge technology and weaponry. it is headed to san diego for additional installations, training, and testing. today was a beautiful fall day to pick out a pumpkin, but some people are already tossing theirs, literally. >> three, two, one. beautiful. nicely done. >> thousands of people gathered at the saint upstate new york to watch pumpkins fly through the sky. they built catapults to see how fast and how far the pumpkins could go. >> it is a lot of fun to pull it and see how far it can go. >> the fastest pumpkin was launched at 140 miles per hour, a lot of fun out there, bill,
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but then i realize that is a science project right there. usually you wait until after halloween. temperatures today, 78 degrees in raleigh, 80 degrees in fayetteville. just a beautiful, beautiful day across the state. our normal high, by the way, our normal high this time of year is just down into the lower 70s. it is definitely a warmer day. you know what is about to happen ? a beautiful sunset. look at that, as we checked our now. my colleague, kristin cultural -- kristin ketchell found out there was a wash tonight, and with the clear sky she drew this nice little graphic to show you this thing goes off at 8:03, if you look northeast about two minutes you might see a streak of light going through the sky and that is the rocket launch. that is kind of cool.
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temperatures are in the 70s still after our high of 78 in the triangle. 81 in fayetteville as we mentioned, 68 roanoke rapids. we will have a very nice evening. the rivers still flooding, current level down about one foot today. that is good news, unfortunately the flooding is and it is on track to be the low flood stated -- flood stage at 19 feet on tuesday. goldsbst flooding. we have lost wilson county out of the flood warnings, that is good news. we still have edgecomb, wayne, simpson a part of cumberland county for those flooded word -- roads and some of that river flooding in those areas. that is technically until tomorrow morning at 10:30. he will see if they expanded. we will see a seven tomorrow, on the rays of sunshine, and we a nice mostly sunny day. down into the 50s tonight, 67 at
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just a gorgeous day and the winds tomorrow only about 3-5 miles per hour. 82 fayetteville, 82 fort bragg, 81 lillington, 80 goldberg and smithville, 79 roanoke rapids, 79 in roxboro. high pressure continues to come around, we are getting in on the backside of the high, the clockwise circulation. we will get a little warmer, monday around 80. some arell there is a cold front looking but that is not coming here until friday. as we look at the forecast, was and it's a good weekend for the state fair? want to go there on monday? monday, at the state fair, look at this. it will be a beautiful day if you are going to head there the gates open 8 a.m. until 11 a.m., they call it michael's day, he died a couple of years ago he always wanted to go to the fair and ronald mcdonald house provided that.
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a high at the state fair around 80 degrees. the beautiful weather, fair weather and nice weather continues to wednesday, it will be the warmest day, we will be smacked up, look at the 80's, all the way up to new york but there is cool in front out to the west and that will be coming our way on friday. still warm on thursday, friday a few showers, a morning shower on saturday and that we will clear out. sunday, cool, along with saturday. we will get cooler next weekend. as we look at the three-degree guarantee, and another winner, winner, chicken dinner. i'm going to get you another hundred dollars, today's high was 78, right in that three- degree range. >> i want to let you know that that rocket launch, that you mentioned has been delayed. tomorrow night, but good news you can look to the sky to that full moon. >> yeah, the full moon. is it at the same time tomorrow night? >> 7:40 p.m.
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whatever i said to do just do it tomorrow night. let's head over to todd gibson. >> you guys have me confused overhere, thpanthers played with their hearts today. it has been a tough one, panthers and new orleans saints hooked up a good one. we will let you narrator: after twenty years in washington, richard burr has made millions... increasing his wealth over five hundred percent. no wonder richard burr was one of just three senators who voted against banning insider trading by congress. plan to privatize medicare and got one point one million dollars from the insurance industry. you...would pay more for medicare. richard burr. twenty years in washington... serving himself. dscc is responsible for the content
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it is a cell division elimination game in the big easy. they came to play which is the single win and that will not cut it with the atlanta falcons riding high at number-1. early on it looks like the panthers will begin playing for 2017, a 21-point advantage, breeze finds a wide-open brennan, 87 yards on the play, 14-0 at that point. moments later, back at it again, finding ricky michael thomas for 6, 21-0 the panthers are getting flattened. carolina response, cam newton
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we have got ourselves a ballgame. in the second half. check out this play, newton with the off-balance toss in the end zone for 6, suddenly it is a one score game 21-17 new orleans. less than three minutes to go, cam newton diving for the end zone, he will not get in it is a touchdown, two-point conversion ties the game, and 38 all, the panthers left too much time on the clock, drew breeze throws for more than for hundred yards and leads the team into field goal r 1-541-38 saints with a win. kirk cousins throws for 263 yards and two touchdowns, one of those scores going to former duke star matt jones runs for 135 yards, and this touchdown makes it for straight for washington after starting the year 0-2 they are starting off the best
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the controversial colin kaepernick is back in court for the 40 niners looking to make news on the field for the first time the season. cap her neck out to help san francisco and a four-game losing skid. colin kaepernick would have a tough day, just less than 200 yards, here he is out, and fumbled, another rough day for the offense. not so for buffalo. put some fantasy point numbers on the day today, mccoy takes a 12 yards, they would never trail mccormick for the hat trick, three touchdowns he runs for 140 yards, buffalo nine for straight wins, 45-16. bengals and patriots, tom brady makes his home debut, brady has a nice day. this touchdown pass here to james white, the sweet pass, into the and his own, taking the lead. rady was on fire. only six of his passes would hit the ground.
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for three touchdowns with more than for hundred yards on the day 3 5-17. the leaderboard, linger with a 2 stroke lead with the championship at the country club. linger plays well, but no one can keep up with doug garwood looking for his first champions tour win. how about the shot, it is a beauty on the tenth hole. garwin would then finish tapping in his 730 and 10 holes. 15 under par. he would then cruise to an easy win of prestonwood country club finishing off a final-round 64, his first win on the champions tour we will hear from him tonight on sunday's sports representative. football poll is out the voters have rewarded north carolina for his win at miami, top five, followed by ohio state, michigan and then
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louisville is at number seven, florida state is number 13. you see north carolina slipping in at number 22. that is all the time we have for tonight. a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun. donald trump supports my right to own a gun. sfx - [birds] to sample the world's most delicious fresh seafood dishes... you can take a boat sfx -- [boat bell] or a plane sfx -- [jet taking off]
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or you can just let us pack you a bag publix seafood cook-in-bag dinners choose your favorite seafood then choose the internationally inspired flavors to pair it with. pack a bag for adventure tonight at publix. where shopping is a pleasure.
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and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: women propel hillary clinton into a battleground lead.y >> a new cbs poll shows a big swing in the women's vote in 13 key states. a large majority of republican voters are standing by donald trump. trees and knocks out power in a the pacific northwest, as haiti from a hurricane. >> and ancient artifacts from isis destruction rise up. >> was a popular upright walking bear killed in a controversial hunted.t >> this is remarkable. >> and at amazing technology that has allowed a paralyzed man


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