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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  October 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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good evening. thanks for watching. republican party head quarters across the state closed early tonight because of an attack on an office in hillsborough. the party's orange county head quarters were attacked overnight byha the office was badly damaged. no one was injured. now live in hillsborough. there's now a police presence around at this head quarters. >> reporter: and orange county sheriff's office -- that's right. hillsborough police and the sheriff's office have been parked out front here and patrolling the area since about 30s. not clear whether there is a
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taking any chances here or anywhere else in north carolina tonight. orange county republican party chairman daniel ashley is shaken at the act of violence against his party. >> this is nothing but intimidation and i wouldn't want to wish this on anyone. >> reporter: a bottle of flammable liquid thrown through the window. igniting a fire. ruining most of the party spry painted message. saying nazi republicans leave town or else. >> or else. or else what? that is what we all wonder. because we're not going anywhere. >> reporter: nc republican party executive director dallas wood house says this is an acto be on basic american rights that could have injured or killed someone. >> people's sense of safety and
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not just here in orange county but across the state. >> reporter: he advised all other republican offices to close early and be on alert. hillsborough mayor says he's never seen an act like this in his town and residents are shocked. >> this wounds everybody. this wounds our sense of community and democracy and we need to pull together. and the much more respectful of each other. this is not the way to go. >> such a small town. ve town. but it's -- that right there really hurts. it hurt me right here. >> for now, the orange county republican party will be operating out of this coach bus. boar e-- burrod from durham county. hillsborough police will have helped from the sheriff's office and the fbi and atf and the state bureau innovation find out who is responsible.
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both president candidates weighed in on the attack today. donald trump applied the attack was linked to clinton saying animals representing clinton and dems in north carolina just fire bombed our office in orange county because we are winning. that was his quote. he later tweeted "with you all the way. we never forget. now we have to win. proud of you all." meanwhile clinton tweeted as well calling at attack" she is "very grateful everyone is safe." the north carolina democratic party also respond saying "violence has no place in our political system. "and "our deepest sympathies are with everyone at income republican party." dozens of more county families finally getting back to their homes after weeks ago. crumbling concrete led to mandatory evacuations. these are pictures from earlier
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to return home safely. i'm glad that i got back home and actually -- i have been through many of them. yet to do some clean up. >> david rivera and his family stayed with relatives in faith for the past -- fayetteville for the past couple weeks. they found trees down and their property full of in effect for parts of wayne county. cbs north carolina's robert richardson shows us what emergency management is doing to help provide safe drinking water and how a middle schooler is trying to keep storm victims from going hungry. hundreds of bags of ice. tens of thousands of bottles of water. a free drive through for win a county people unable -- wayne
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>> having a hard time. we appreciate anything you give us. >> you have to boil it in order to use it and i would rather have bottled water anyway. >> reporter: volunteers and the national guard loaded three cases of water and bag or two of ice into each car. >> i'm so glad we're able to help them today. i would want the same for me if it happened to me. >> o saturday, they gave out more than 50,000 bottles of water and more than they got more of that today. and hope to give it all away. >> coke, pepsi, target, and wal- mart all provided pal -- palettes of water. >> someone called and said they needed food and water so we came out and brought some stuff. >> reporter: she's just 12 years old. and he is normally distributes food three thursdays a month. >> but since the hurricane hit, i have been serve for the past week.
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12:00. >> she says it's rewarding to help others. and hopes more people will participate in feeding programs especially during recovery from matthew. >> anything really helps at food pantry because at this period of time everything runs low. so anything really helps. >> reporter: in mount olive, cbs north carolina. coordinators say most people were very gracious. however, volunteers noticed several people making multiple trips through the driver through. they asked police already on the scene those trying to recover from damaging flooding. retail supply warehouse in smithfield. sells economist and lined -- licensed project. causing around $1 million in losses. perry harris has owned the company for 15 years and says he's never experienced this kind of loss. >> very emotional.
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that work for me here. it's been very hard on my family. we just don't know what tomorrow brings. >> if you would like to help out, the ox by a company and get some good deal, you have a chance for the next two weeks on friday and saturday, they will hold sale for some of the products that i cannot ship to customers. they are hoping the next two weekend sales will help with recovering some of the lost money. cumberland county school two hour delay. in johnston county there will be no school tomorrow. tuesday, students will return on a two hour delay. tuesday was originally an early dismissal day. but is now a regular dismissal. in wayne county, school will remain closed monday. teachers will have an optional workday tuesday and wednesday with a tentative plan to bring students back on thursday, friday, and saturday. now, saturday, is scheduled as
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tonight. and right now police are working to track down his killers. 42-year-old carlos binberry was shot and killed this morning. the shooting happened in the 5000 block of plain lane around 5:30. police say thedon't know who broke into their home and shot him multiple times. they immediately left the area according to investigators. relatives say the 42-year-old was getting out of the shower when his attackers kicked the front door in. police say a family member who was inside of the the shooting was unharmed. police now reviewing surveillance video to try to tack drown any additional leads. fayetteville police also investigating a shooting at the rose hill garden apartments. they say a man was shot there around 9:00 tonight. then driven away before someone called 911. he was eventually taken to cape fear valley medical center anded is in fair condition. police do not have any suspects a that time.
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of former unc student channeler kanya. is charged with second degree murder in the deaths of three people killed in a crash last year. accused of driving drunk when he was ainvolved in a -- involved in a wrong way crash. the wreck claimed the lives of a 2 adulthoods and a 6-year-old girl. he's already pleaded guilty to several lesser charges. carolina panthers great comeback today against the enormous sunt saints. but would it be enough to get them and i lieu sieve win -- get them a win? >> but first, i've got your weather. we've got clear skies right now. how long will that last and
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is that ice-t? nope, it's lemonade. is that ice-t? lemonade.
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the sign. lemonade. read it. ok. delicious. ice-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money marin saved by switching to geico. yo, ice-t! it's lemonade, man! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. 62 degrees right now. it's in the mid-50s along the virginia border. 60 in durham. 59 in rocky mount. 62 dunn and 65 in fayetteville. we had a high today of 77 degrees. all right. let's talk river levels. it was over 30 feet. over 31 feet earlier today. at princeville and tarboro. now down around 30 feet. but it's still moderate flooding. it's going to continue into
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until tuesday. and the noose is falling very slowly. only fell about half a foot. modern flooding continues. and late tuesday, looks like when it'll go below flood stage. edge comb, wayne, sampson and eastern cumberland county for the flood warns in general. so we have eliminated wilson county and parts of cumberland county. and hopefully that'll prove more tomorrow. pleasant, light breezes. temperur here's your future cast. you can see the clear skies. we might end one a few mostly sunny skies tomorrow. so with that in mind, the rays in sunshine will come in with a -- >> 7. >> 7. so afternoon few clouds. but still going to be mostly sunny. how about those 50s to start. 75 at noon and then we'll approach 80 degrees in the afternoon. specifically 80 in raleigh, 80 in durham. breasts will be out of the
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the southwest. but only at 5 miles per hour. so this high, the circulation is clock wise. 80 tomorrow and then as we head into tuesday, sunshine and blue skies. and 82. and more sunshine and blue skies on wednesday. there's tuesday at 6:00. i'm jumping the gun, but on wednesday, we'll see more of the same. this front lurks to the north but slow to move our way. so it's not going to affect on wednesday or on thursday. it's going to take one more day before that. so 80 degrees tomorrow. you might say that's a pretty fair forecast for you. and then 82 on tuesday. and let's look at monday though. at the state fair. specifically. it's michael's day. ronald mcdonalds takes them to the fair. 75 at noon. 78 at 55:00.
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there's your gate around ride times. wednesday is the hottest day. 48 degrees. you -- 84 degrees. all of the way up into new york city but 60s and 50s up to the northwest. there's cool air behind the cold front that's got get here toward the end of the week. but look at thursday, mostly sunny and 82. and then on friday, 75 and on friday, that's when this cold front is going to come through. and give us those scattered showers. so about a 30% chance. and they could linger see how it gets cooler on saturday. 66 degrees and on sunday, turning mostly sunny again. so i think saturday afternoon, will be fine for football. and sunday, another beautiful day. but cooler, more fall like. but warm coming up. >> like that. warm and fall temperatures. all right. time for sports. you have already asked todd and jeff not to mention your cubs. but there i go bringing it up
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well, hello and welcome to the sunday sports wrap. i'm always joined by my good friend todd gibbson. tonight we'll break down what's going on so far. we have highlights and reaction. plus, we'll let you know who won the high school play of the week awade. >> awade -- award. and we have a special treat for all of you fantasy football players. >> yes, we do. but first, we orleans where cam newton and the panther the take on the saints. but all of the talk was about the other quarterback. two first half touchdowns including this 87-yarder. the panthers down 21-0 and when they tried to respond, oh, no. newton looking -- that's bad because he did not play on the team. this time they connect, and
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you see dancing, you know that's a good sign. not once but twice in the third quarter. this one yard touchdown run looked like it would tie the game. but a good kicker, missed the extra point. after new orleans scored the panthers needed the touchdown. and hauls in the two point conversion. that's nice too. but it looks like this game is going the saints down the field and will drills the 52-yarder. the panthers loose this one 41- 38. they fall to 1-5 in the season. and after the game, cam newton seemed like he was in no mood to talk. >> just got to be better. next question. just got to find ways to win the football game. next question. >> oh. and believe it or not. those were the good sound
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you. the panthers have a bye week this week. and they'll try to get a win when they play arizona at home on october 30th. >> he wasn't too happy. the panthers need beside win, is for the falcons to start loosing. but no quarterback is playing as well as matt ryan. he's making up for this time around. he leads the falcons from behind trailing 17-3. he will flow three straight touchdown passes. giving atlanta its first lead of the game. the sha lead. knocking home a 44 yard field goal. oh. look like interference. but no call. good news for the panthers. 26-24 atlanta falls to seattle.
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tupdown. cousins find davis just creeping along the end zone. they were 14-0. anded if that wasn't good enough, running back matt jones at the 135 yards on the ground. washington moves 4-2. and gets a big divisional win. 27-20. >> packers brett farve, honored at halftime. of the green bay packer's game. 20 years could prescott joins them. gives the cowboys a 167-6 lead. meanwhile, aaron rogers struggles once again, deep in territory. a packer's drive. presscot fire. dallas wins its fifth straight. 30-16 over green bay. ravens at giant, new york.
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loosing skid. beckman jr. 222 yards including 75-yard score from manning and then beckha many he'll get evening. the kickers net that slapped him in the face. all fun aside, his biggest play comes with less than two minutes to go. will score the game winner, 66 yards. the giant's win in dramatic fashion. 27-23 over the ravens. well, guys, if you're like me, every sunday. you get one eye on the nfl fantasy team. here on the sports wrap, we like to keep all you players updated with the studs, duds, and the guys you need to start next week. so let's start with the guys that showed up big. how about kennedy odell jr. brit finished 132 yards.
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yards of his own. and 465 yards. but not everyone played great today. this week's fantasy dud is tavon austin. but so far he ranks either second or third in all receiving categories. today he only managed 26 total yards. with the bulk of those yards coming on this 1-15-yard catch. and if you're already looking ahead to next week's line up. here's a few guys i expect to show up. today and almost 300 yards passing. next week he'll -- the saints have given up the most fantasy pointing to running backs this year. so i expect jamal charles to find some running room and to have a break out game. as always, if you have roster questions or if you're thinking about a trade, feel free to reach out to me on twitter or facebook. so we can chat all things fantasy football. you can find me at jeff jones sports. coming up, we'll announce our
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>> and we'll hit the links as well. and could we see first time winner just maybe.
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governor mccrory should stop playing politics with crime. welcome back to the sports wrap. this afternoon a new a. p. top 25 college football poll was released. and the good news the tarheels are back on. unc now number 22 in the nation. the top of the list looked very familiar. all of the top five teams are the same. but michigan flip-flop in number 3 and 4. for the full list check out my twitter page. now it's time to announce our high school football play of the week. on friday, we showed you three of the best plays from this week's high school football action and thousands of you voted and let us know that this was your favorite. this is heritage running back rickey person. he's just a jr. but he lowered the shoulder and showed some
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scholarship offers. >> unwith of the premiere events object champions tour. it doesn't get much better than the championship. final round play, what a day it was for doug. looking for his first champions tour wind. catches fire. how about this approach shot. it's a beauty. within a couple feet there. garwood finishes right now minus 15 at that point. would then cruise from there. prestonwood for garwood hold iting out for a 4 shot win. his first. taking the championship. >> it's just one shot at a time. that's the golf thing. when you're on the golf course. you can't try to shoot 65. you just try to the hit the best drive, the best iron. so i try to do that and it builds up to a day, a weekend, a tournament. and boom, i win.
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$315,000. not a bad weekend. >> also today, kansas speedway, tough finish for chaste elliot. wasn't contention and actually had to lead a lap. but tire problems. would ruin his day. 30 laps to go. and that's good news. havrick has a knack for winning eliminations. and now winning the hollywood casino advances to the round of 8. last but not hurricanes and hit the ice. almost gave up an early rod. but almost doesn't count. that made 1-0 canes. this game is still going on. and currently the canes, they're still up 3-0 in the second period. that's all of the time we have for the sunday sports wrap tonight. we'll see you right back here tomorrow for even more local sports, news and if you're a panther's fan out there, keep
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