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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 17, 2016 7:00am-7:33am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, october 17th, 2016. welcome to "s this morning.? overnight, american war planes and special operation commandos have isis. we are aon the front lines. the republican office in north carolina is being called terrorism by local leaders. federal authorities are joining the hunt to find out who is responsible. >> donald trump doubles down on claims he is fighting a hacked election and hillary clinton's campaign struggles with questions about her character. we begin this morning with a look at day's "eye opener."
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>> they have a launch to retake mosul from the united states. >> the time for victory has come. >> the battle for mosul begins. >> us defense secretary ash carter calling this a divisive moment. >> another thing he is saying the election is rigged. is that a responsible thing for a candidate to say? >> the american people are getting awful tired of this you and the national media doing half of her work for her every day. >> let's talk about the hacked e-mails that the clinton shared with john podesta. >> i don't give any credence to the dumped documents because i don't even know if they are accurate. >> no power to thousfor thousane pacific northwest. >> vandals fired upon a gop office in north carolina. >> this is a story that
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>> some bills fans is void their displeasure with colin kaepernick's -- >> china launched its newest space mission. two astronauts blasted off a dock. >> car flies off the road and good samaritans help pull everyone to safety. >> all that. >> bart and homer made television history with its 600th >> dodgers win 1-0 and split the first two games of this nlcs in chicago. >> >> and all that matters. >> donald trump calls the parody at "snl" a hit job. >> i helped a kid in 1992, named kevin mcallister find a hotel lobby down the hall and to the lechlt. >> wikileaks released all of these e-mails from hillary's campaign and no one is talking about them because the trump stuff is so much more ridiculous.
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more damage than "acces hollywood"'s billy bush? announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." the fire bombing of a republican headquarters in north carolina is raising fears about political violence in the final weeks of the presidential campaign. pictures showed the extensive damage caused by it happened overnight saturday. no one was hurt. >> now, the offices is in hillsborough, northwest of durham and jeff pegues, good morning. >> reporter: the fbi and the atf have joined local police in this investigation. so far, no suspects have been named as campaign offices around that fiercely competitive battleground state have been asked to step up security.
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emotions you feel when you see something like this today. >> reporter: no one was inside the gop headquarters in orange county during the overnight attack. official say a bottle filled with flamable liquid was thrown through the office's front window, burning furniture and signs inside. on the outside of a nearby wall is spray painted swastika with the words nazi republicans leave town or else. >> or else! or else what? that's what we all wonder. we will not be intimidated. we will not be scared. we are not going anywhere. officials are calling the violence an act of political terrorism. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton who recent polls show her leading in the battleground state condemned the attack and calling it horrific and unacceptable. donald trump blame the trump on clinton supporters sweeting
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clinton and dams in north carolina just firebombed our office in orange county because we are winning. >> the objective of terrorism is to intimidate and scare people. and our volunteers have been coming through all day long and we know that it's on their mind but they are not going to give up. >> reporter: the democratic leaning county scored lopsided wins for president obama in 2012 and 2008. gop officials in the state say they have not received any threatof it may be a liberal county, but it is not a violent county. >> reporter: in a sign of unity, a go fund me campaign page has started by democrats and it is already raised more than $13,000 to help reopen the office. gayle? >> thank you very much, jeff. the election is now just 22 days away and donald trump is accusing the, quote, clinton machine and media of a
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the white house. the latest tracker poll shows hillary clinton six-point lead 46 to 40% across three battleground states. the two were tied in those states a month ago. trump's repeated claims of a rigged election are even drawing objections from his own runng mate. major garrett is covering the trump campaign. >> reporter: donald trump once run as a strong man in this race. now he is the victim. be said on all sides by hillary clinton's campaign, a conspiring media, lying women who accuse now, local officials aelg volunteers apparently eager to rig this election. trump sees villains everywhere, leaving the explaining to surrogates, like his running mate. >> donald trump has made it clear he categorically denies those allegations. >> reporter: republican vice presidential couldn't mike pence defended donald trump against numerous allegations of sexual assault.
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in the national cumedia. >> reporter: trump said women with stories made it all up. >> lies, lies. no witnesses. no nothing. all big lies. >> reporter: to trump, it's not a question of his character. but an indictment of media recklessness which he laid out in a twitter onslaught this weekend. the election is absolutely rigged by the dishonest and distorted media pushing crooked hillary but also at many what i said is nothing compared to what bill clinton has done, okay? >> reporter: trump also chafed at "saturday night live" portrayal of him calling it a hit job and linking it to the, quote, media rigging election. >> november 8th. this is it. we are going to either win or we are going to hava whole different country. >> reporter: and declined to stand by trump's allegations that the election is already tarnished. >> look.
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make any other american nervous in the exercise of their franchise to enough, trump introduced another spector. clinton on some sort of drug therapy. >> i think we should take a drug test prior to the debate. because i don't know what is going on with her! but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up was like, oh, take me down! she could barely reach her car. >> reporter: back to the issue of voter fraud. it is extremely rare and errors that do arise commonly from clerical error or bad data matching. a center found the average american is more likely to be
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emimpersonate somebody at the polls. >> hillary clinton is ahead by 51 to 36%. that is a ten-point gain in one month. nancy cordes is covering the clinton campaign and she has more of those poll numbers. >> reporter: good morning. the swing among women has been so pronounced that clinton is now gaining on trump even among republican women. the catalyst, it seems, was that 2005 "access hollywood" video and 70 percent of womenou morning clinton compares trump to some of the screen's most famous bullies. >> she ate like a pig. >> you're so stupid. >> how stupid are the people in the country? get him out of here! >> reporter: in a new ad clinton campaign is arguing trump is a bad -- >> who do you mean that all of those bullies? >> reporter: the latest cbs news battleground tracker finds
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more than 50% say the hacked e-mails posted by wikileaks shows she has different motives in private than in public. vice president argued sunday clinton is being held to unfair expectations. >> i find myself choking up. everybody looks at me and say, he's a good father and a decent guy. she chokes up and says something, you know, for whatever reason that she is playing the woman, card, man. this is the way -- >> reporter: over the weekend a top house republican raised of a private e-mail server as secretary of state. the fbi gave congress more details about its investigation and congressman jason chaffetz sees evidence of a quid pro quo. he says the documents show under secretary of state patrick kennedy contacted a fbi official in 2016 to dispute the classification level on one of clinton's benghazi related e-mails which had just been marked secret.
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fbi official asked kennedy about a longstanding request for additional fbi slot, u.s. missions overseas. the documents indicate kennedy offered a trade and lower classification level in the change for the fbi slots. in a statement the fbi says it looked into it and the classification of the e-mail was not changed and there was never a quid pro quo. the state department denies the quid pro qs well they have been very open about the fact t clinton's e-mails in the way they were classified. they didn't believe that the information was as sensitive as the fbi and intelligence officials did. from a political perspective, charlie, the higher the classification level, the worse it looked that clinton stored those e-mails on her private server for years. >> thanks, nancy. gerald seib of "wall street journal," pleased to have you back. >> thank you. >> what do you think the
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campaigns at this point in time? >> i think to excite his base to the maximum extent possible and, in the process, try to drive down hillary clinton's vote and keep his base up and drive her swing voter support down. >> and -- policy? >> basically, that is right. i thinker strategy is a little harder to figure out right now, because she has kind of moved between going on the attack with donald trump, engaging with him on his term, and also trying to sort of like go positive and rise above, as she says. i think the interesting question i think he sticks with the -- i think she drives above that now and higher and positive or stick in the fight. >> is there anything in the wikileaks e-mails you find surprising or on damaging to her? >> i think surprising to her is the tone with the goldman sachs bankers.
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in private is cozier with them. >> didn't want to come out at the time? >> yes. >> the "wall street journal" has hillary clinton up 11 points nationally. now a discussion about whether her team with expand the electoral map. do you expect they will fight in georgia, arizona, utah? >> well, they are going to fight in utah because it's the most bizarre state or the most republican state may go independent or democrats i think a real conversation in the campaign about whether georgia and arizona are worth fighting over. i think there is more of an inclination to fight in arizona but a temptation or at least try in georgia. g. has a big african-american population and if you could energize that vote for hillary clinton it might be within reach but georgia is the charlie brown football and looks tempting to democrats and pulled back at the end. >> given that donald trump is trying to suggest that the election is rigged, is there a thought that they need to win
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findings in our poll even people who support hillary clinton are not particularly optimistic about hillary clinton victory. what the country would be like, whether it could be governed that way. i think winning big would at least help her create a bigger mandate if that is the way they want to think about it. having watched campaigns over the years campaigns are reluctant to count how largely the victory is going to be and they are happy to have a win at all and i don't think carried away with expanding >> do you expect any surprises? >> if you said we should not expect surprises this year, you would be wrong by every turn. thousands of more wikileaks documents. i don't expect there is something shocking and stunning in those but who really knows? i think the biggest question the way each of them choose to finish this out. is it scorch the earth for donald trump? probably. is it high for hillary clinton? i think we will find out on wednesday a lot more. >> thank you. the final presidential
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vegas, along with major, nancy, john dickerson and bob schieffer and coverage begins at 8:00 eastern time on cbs. american war planes and special forces are backing thousands of iraqi and kurdish fighte and they are moving on mosul. isis seized the iraqi city more than two years ago. holly williams is on the front line and joins us. good morning. >> reporter: gmo trying to retake the main road into mosul which is in that direction over there. just after dawn this morning, we were with them as they broke through the front line and then tanks and armored vehicles moved into this area which is being controlled by isis now for over two years. the kurds have light arms and artill artillery. we have seen isis respond this
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and was then eventually blown up. over the last few days, pro government iraqi forces have moved in position around the outside of mosul and they include the iraqi army, kurdish fighters, and extreme militia men. the u.s. coalition is also involved in this fight and there are around 6,000 u.s. service members currently here in iraq. over the last few days, we have seen video of them emerging from be u.s. coalition air strikes! down! u.s. coalition air strikes inside the city. it's thought that there are between 3,000 and 5,000 isis fighters inside mosul and that they have laid splos to protect themselves.
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quick or on easy. holly williams, cbs news, just east of mosul. >> holly williams on the front line in iraq. secretary of state john kerry warns that russia and syria's government could face new economic sanctions over the war in syria. air strikes continue to hit the city of aleppo. weekend cease-fire talks failed to reach an agreement. video shows a child being saved from a building yesterday. elizabeth palmer is in aleppo where she learned weaponry that is causing so much destruction. elizabeth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the siege of eastern aleppo, which is slowly choking the life out of almost half the city, is so painfully drawn out because neither side is strong enough to win decisively, nor weak enough to be forced to capitulate. one missile has become a trademark, the opposition fighters in aleppo.
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in a neighborhood recently recaptured soldiers who didn't want to be identified took us into a basement of a ruined building. this is a factory? everywhere there were piles of parts to build a simple bomb. cooking gas canisters sawed in half were packed with explosives and mounted on crude tail fins. the result isn't pretty, but it's lethal. it's not filled with explosives, though, right? the rockets were ordinary piece of steel pipe. the syrian army, too, has improvised weapons like the by now infamous barrel bombs. but put crude weapons in the hand of poorly trained and overstretched fighting forces on both sides of this grinding war
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definite station. here in aleppo taken the syrian army to advance about 800 yards to the white building over there and all around misery for civilians who are trapped in a war they didn't ask for and now have no power to end. and the fact that no promise of a cease-fire came out of the talks between the u.s. and russia this weekend is a further blow to people who have lost almost everything. from inside syria, thank you. the pacific northwest is cleaning up this morning from a series of damages storms. in oregon 80-mile-an-hour winds whipped the coast and homes were ripped across and knocked out power to thousands but the storms were not as bad as some forecasts had predicted. a famed black bear who walked on his hind legs is reportedly killed during a legal hunt.
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how several people tried to protect him. first, it's time to check your local weather. good monday morning. here's a live look outside from raleigh international airport. a few clouds and sunshine to start our day here. flood warnings continued for some spotteds across the area in the wake of hurricane matthew, road closures and river flooding an issue for central and eastern north carolina, but we're dry today and 55-degree in raleigh, 57 pinehurst and raeford, warming up to 80 this afternoon and
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hacked e-mails allegedly show hillary clinton's campaign chairman was warned about a character problem. >> ahead, other clinton campaign secrets reveal a wikileaks document. >> on "cbs this morning." the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." toyota. let's go places! ?don't try to change me in any way? ?oh? ?don't tell me what to do? ?just let me be myself? ?that's all i ask of you? the new 2017 corolla with toyota safety sense standard. ?you don't own me? toyota. let's go places.
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>> hello, there. good morning, everyone. i'm russ bowen. police are investigating after the gop headquarter in orange county was firebombed over the weekend. the story attention. the republican party of orange county said they will be there today, preparing for early voting, which begins thursday, despite the damage. a flammable material like a molotov cocktail was thrown through the front window of the building, starting a fire and causing major damage. there was graffiti on a nearby building saying "nazi republicans, leave town or else." the republican party said it's an assault on basic american beliefs. donald trump tweeted animals repped by hillary
7:27 am
the clinton campaign called the attack horrific and unacceptable. the campaign tweeted it's grateful everyone is safe. cleanup from hurricane matthew cons in raleigh. residents are still cleaning up in johnston county as well and some business owners could be closed up to 30 days as they prepare to rebuild. there is estimated t billion of damage and 100,000 billings are believed to be damaged. it's hard to put your head around that number. >> it really is. i wouldn't be surprised if the numbers go up over the next several days. let's start things off on a nicer note from top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill looking east and you can see skies brighter now that the sun is officially up. we're off to a nice started to our day with flood warnings continuing for counties in green through 10:30 --
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sampson, cumberland counties. we saw road closures and river flooding, although we're seeing waters beginning to come down. it's 55 outside in raleigh, 56 in durham, 57 fayetteville, temperatures climbing to 80 this afternoon and we'll stay in the low 80s through thursday before we cool off in time for your weekend. ali? good morning, kristin. good morning to you. i-440 at lake boone trail pretty busy out there. looking at the maps, a ton of road closures, hundreds because of hurricane matthew. crews still working to clear areas flooded. we had a crash on 540, right lane blocked near lewisburg that's been cleared but look on the westbound side. we have heavy delays off local road crash in raleigh, rogers lane by new hope, taking up further north, dixon at lips comb. we'll see you again in a few
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narrator: after twenty richard burr has yemade millions... , increasing his wealth over five hundred percent. no wonder richard burr was one of just three senators who voted against banning insider trading by congress. then there's medicare. richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare and got one point one million dollars from the insurance industry. you...would pay more for medicare. richard burr. twenty years in washington...
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? mr. trump, we received a lot of questions online about the audiotape that was released last week of you bragging with sexually assaulting women. >> what i said is nothing compared to what bill clinton has done, okay? he has abused women. four of those women aree tonight. four of them. >> bill, how could you? how will i go on with the debate? no, i'll never be able to remember some figures now! oh, donald, no! get real! i'm made of steel. this is nothing. hi, girls. >> martha, she is going to silence these women but they need to be protected and their voices heard. >> what about all of the women accusing you of sexual assault?
7:31 am
up. >> "saturday night live" on fire. i like the hillary clinton character, hi, girls, not hi tram tramps. donald trump says time to retire the boring show and alec baldwin stinks. >> donald trump was watching. >> yes. lauren michaels is saying, keep it coming. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? that was "saturday night live's" take on the second presidential debate. more campaign news in this half hour. from inside hillary clinton's campaign. what thousands of new documents from wikileaks reveal about clinton and her advisers' private deliberations. growing backlash over the death of a famous black bear. pedals was known for walking like a human. ahead, the controversy surrounding the legal hunt for the creature. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "usa today" reporton a record rate for high school graduations nationwide.
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public school seniors received diplomas in 2016. president obama will highlight the results today in a speech at a washington, d.c. school. "wall street journal" says batteries used in sam sung's recalled galaxy note 7 phones were tested in their own lab. samsung says the all about results have no problems with the phone. samsung is the only to self-test the batteries. other cell phone makers use third-party labs. the phone is banned on you will u.s. flights due to the hazard. "time" says that more than 170 countries in rwanda agreed to reduce hydrocarbons in air condit
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secretary of state kerry said it's the most important step we could take to the warming of our planet. britain says 21 nigerian girls met with their parents after freed by kidnappers. the girls were released by boko haram group. they were seized more than two years ago. the government says it's now negotiating for the release of


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