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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  October 17, 2016 6:30pm-6:47pm EDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: wheel, dealing and e-mailing. f.b.i. documents say a state department official offered the bureau a favor if it would reduce the classification of a clinton e-mail. >> itust j stinks to no end. >> pelley: also trump warns of election fraud, experts say the real threat could be russian hackers. >> imagine on election night something comes out that causes people to think the results of the election are questionable. >> pelley: holly williams on the front lines of the biggest batt yet against isis. >> these kurdish fighters are trying to move inhat direction and retake the main road to mosul, but isisas lit fires in
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to shield themselves from air strikes. >> pelley: and a high school team takes a page from the kaepernick playbook. >> it's like institutionalized rasm. that's what i'm taking a knee fo this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: hillary clinton's private e-mail server has come back t be her again. today the f.b.i. releasedore of its notes from its iminal investigation of the former secretarystate. those notes reveal that a senior state department official tried to strike a deal with the bureau over one of her e-mails. the notes suggest that there would be somethin that deal for the f.b.i. nancy cord is covering the inton mpaign. >> reporter: the controversy surrounds one e-mail about if benghazi attacks, th the very
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retroactively classified as secret last year in dec contradiction of her early claim. >> there is no classified material. >> reporter: according to f.i. interview, clinton's under secretary patrick kennedy began pushing security officials toee tir way clear to marking the e-mail "unclassified." one f.b.i. contact told kennedy held look into the e-mail matt i kenne would provide thoritconcerning the f.b.i.'s long-standing reques to increase its personnel in ir. pressured to change thents he classified e-mail to unclassified as part of a quid pro quo. >> it just stinks to no end. >> reporter utah republican jason chaffetz. >> when you have an f.b.i. agent himself say he was in a quid pro quo discussion with the der secretary of management at the state department, that should scare everybody. >> reporter: the f.b.i. says in the end no favors changed hands and the classificati
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state department spokesman mark tor. >>ny al assertion that this was somehow tit for at the or quid pro coor exchange in that manner really frankly is insulting. >> reporter: f.b.i. documents also include an interview with a diomatic security agent at the state department who said clinton frequently and disregarded security parole call. when traveling overseas for instance, clinton often refused ride in the opting instead to ride with long-te aideuma abedin, a practice that "fently resulted in complaints by ambassadors, who were insulted and embarrassed by this breech protocol." >> pelley: nancy, tell us, what has the clinton campaign had to say about all this today? >> repter: scott, they say it's well-known that state department officials thought that clinton's e-mails were being overclassified and fought the intelligence community on
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campaign aides say they don't have specific knowledge about this conversation involvin under secretary kennedy, but they point o that even the f.b.i. appears to haveoncluded that there was no quid pro quo. >> pelley: nancy cordes, thanks very much. well, it's 22 days before the election, and our new c news poll gives clinton a nine-point . 82% of voters told us this campaign is more negative than those of the past. that's the largest number to say that in a quarter century. the latest exe: voter fraud. major garrett is on his campaign. >> the election is rigged. it's rigge like you've never seen before. >> rorter: it is a searing indictment of american democracy, a aion donald trump has toyed with throughout e campgn. this morning on twit trump wrote, "of course there is large-scale voter fraudg on andn
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ballots and that undocumented for voting purposes. processed he's provided no evidence for either charge. but a study bye brennan center for justice found the average american was more likely to be suck by lightning than cast a fraudulent ballot. anothertud found 31 incidents voter fraud out of 1 billion votes cast from 20 to 2014. we put the question to ohio republican secretary of state suring a fair election in the battleground state. >> there's a difference random a systatic problem, and we do not have any systematic problems, and i'm not aware of an stic problems in any state in the country. thedea of building a national campaign where you're suggesting that the elections process itself is rigged is an
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mate mike pence said this about fraud claims on "face the nation." >> we'll respect the outcome of this eltion, john. >> reporter: in previous close presidential election, the losing candites he graciously conceded for the good of the country. scott, one presential historian told us trump gives every impression of doing the opposite, andhis, the historian said, could be the most disturbing aspect of his entire campaign. le major garrett in our wasingtonewsroom tonight. major, thank you. well, perhaps a more serious threat against the electoral jeff pegues has been looking into this. >> reporter: two years ago t russian general valery gerasimov, who has president vladimir putin's ear, called for a new kind of warfare. in a milita journal, gerasimov wrote of usi coverlt and propanda taccs to turn a perfectly thring state into a vi of feign intervention, causing ito sink into a web of
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security firm crowdstrike says gerasimov's doctrine is behind the rent h of election tabaseand the democratic national committee. >> imagine on election nightf that cause people to think theut sults of the election are feahat's exactly what the russians will try to do. us to question the results that come back from one one state, and thatould trigger enough of a reaction that weigall for, say, a complete recnt >> reporter: helen purcell, the elections recorder f maricopa county, arizona, sys an easy way to stop the hackers to keep voting machines off line. so this is not ny way connected to the internet? >> no,o. we use paper ballots, so even on ourouch-screen machine, we have tape of everything that happens on that machine so that
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>> reporter: u.s. offici accuse the russians of using si tactics in other countries, icluding ukraine during its 2014 presidential election. sct,hi the russians deny the alegati, we're told that president obama is considering retaliating with sanctions or a cyber attack. >> pley: jf pegues for us tonight. jeff, thank you. we want to remind you that cbs news will be bringing you live coverage analysis of the third
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first shs we fired. >> reporter: over the last few days we've seen video emerging from inside mol of what appeared to be u.s. coalition air strikes inside the city. >> pelley: hol and her crew are fine, but it was the start of an eventf day. >> reporter: just after dawn they broke through the front line. a column of tanks and armored vehicles rolling into isis territory. these n are kurdish fighters whveoid with the iraqi army and local militiamen to push isis out of mosul. a combined forcehought to be more than 20,000 strong. these kurdish fightersre trying to move in that direction and retake the main road to mosul.
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to shield themselves from a strikes. it didn't work. u.s. coalition strikes pounded isis today, and the extremists lost more territory and more fighters. but the battle so far is only on the outskirts of mosul, a handful of farming vimages long emptied of civilians. now an apocalyptic landscape. isis fought back drove dangerously close to where we were standing. it was blown up by an anti-tank missile. "isis doesn't fight as well as it used to and their morale is down," the colonel told us. "that's why they're using more suicideombers." bu a desperate enemy is a dangerouone, and the battle for mosul is just beginning.
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left in mol. but ty're preventing around one million civis fro leaving, using them as human shields. meanwhile, scott, the roughly 6,000 americ troo here are acting in what the.s. government insists is an advisory role. pelley: and the fall of mosul not expected for many weeks. holly williams reporting from iraq. holly, thank you. today russia said it will suspend bombing of the syrian city of alpo for thursday as a humanitarian gesture. the city of two million is a ruin five years after rebels ainst the syrian presiden russia's bombardment may constitute a war crime. in aleppo today, elizabeth palmer found what eachid is willing to do to keep on killing. [explosion] >> reporter: as day begins in aleppo, so does the battle.
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fighters shoot at each other across the front line that runs rit through the city center. sold offered to show us where rebels had manufactured one of their signature weapons. so this is an ordinary cooking gas canister sawed in half. it's designed so that explosive would fit in the top part, perhaps shrapnel in the bottom, and en it would be reassembled with these makeshift tin, uld help t guide it like a very primitive kind of rocket. the rockets were launched sort of through an ordinary piece of steel pipe. as homemade arm, too, like they now infamous and inprecise barrel bomb. as for its precision weapon, there aren't enough well-trained soldiers to use them accurately, so the battle for aleppo has
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edge, it's the army three months toance 800 yards to those white buildings, and everywhere on this improvised ttlefield there is misery. "iave no food, no bread, ius, have nothing." not even a safe place to wait out this grinding war. the fight for control of aleppo,
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>> pelley: police in north carolina are investigating the weenfirebombing of the orange county republican party headquarters. omar villafranca has the latest. reporter: the fireba walls, med polica sns, b
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general who was once the second highest-ranking officer in the entire u.s. military pleaded guilty iase involving a leak of top secrets. david martin has that. >> rporter: general james cartwright, now retid, but once known as president obama's favorite general, plead guilty the a crime which could send him ton. responding to questions from a federal judge, cartwright, who served as vice chairmaof the joint chief, admitted he lied to f.b.i. agents of "the new york times," and daniel klaidman, at the time a correspondent for "newsweek." sanger is the reporter who revealed the so-called stuxnet cyber attacks conducted against nissan's nuclear program. u.s. and israeli intelligence secretly hacked into the computer which ran the centrifuges iran used to enric uranium, causing them to spin out of control. cartedartdmitted to
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klaidman and then lying about it to f.b.i. agents. in a statement he said, "it was wrong for me to mislead th f.b.i. his attorney said cartwright was just trying the talk the reporters out of publishing sensitive secrets they already had." the crime carries a sentence of up to five years in prison, but cartwright's attorney said the government has already agreed to recommend a sentence of six months. scott? >> pelley: david martin at the folks in oregonnd washington state are cleaning up from a weekend storm. thousands lost power. it was a remnant of a pacific typhoon that was forecast to be much worse but weakened on the coast. up next, a high school football am protests racial injustice. >> this portion of the "cbs evening news" is sponsoredically pacific life, helping generations of families achieve long-term financial security for
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>> pelley: today the head of the international association of chiefs of police aologized for past mistreatment of people of color by police officers. chief terrence cunningham of wellesley, massachusetts, called on police and communities to police brutality is one issue san francisco 49er colin kaepernick is protesting with his refusal to stand for the national anthem. amid the controversy, some high schools are following kaepernick's playbook. here's carter evans. >> reporter: after years of losses, the garfield bulldogs are on a roll. winning every single game so far
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>> for us t do this, i feel like a big change will come. >> reporter: when 49ers' quarterback colin kaepernick chose noto stand for the national anthem, running back jason nguyen was not impressed. >> my first initial thought was, oh, why is he doing this a disrespecting america, but ove time, i started to learn about it. >> reporter: daily team talks soon turned into action, an now the enre bulldogs' team is taking a stand by taking a tight end. >> i just want to see justice for all people and like for people to feel like the police brutality to stop. >> institutionalized racism, that's what i'm taking a knee for. >> reporter: they have support from the seattle school district and respect from their head coach, joey thomas. these kids are the running the show. te -- absolutely. >> repr: theeam has met
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they published a l o concerns online, garfield is in sattls inner city. the football field doesn't have ghts o bleachers. >> if you go up north,ou'll have an engineering program, but when you come down here, we t haveha >> why do you think that is? i think it's where you're located. reporter: but not everyone agrees the teaen target of hate messages on social media. >>osof the people whoon agree are mostly caucasn. don't experience what other iendony football team experience. >> repte it's tough to talk openly about racial inequality. >> at the end of theay, teenagers just wnt to be heard. want to feel like they have a voice. silent gesture to start the conveation. carter evans, cbs news, seattle. >> pelley: and that'he "cbs evening newsfonigh
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