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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  October 22, 2016 6:00am-6:57am EDT

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good morning, and thanks for watching north carolina news at 6:00a.m. elizabeth is our meteorologist today. and i am here to >> apparently i have no voice. >> and this was the first morning in a while i have needed a jacket. >> talk it, i call it refreshing. just because it is october and we are supposed to have cooler temperatures. it is nice. let's get a start. tomorrow though, will be even bigger of a chill in the air and expecting temperatures by this time tomorrow, 10 degrees cooler. find the jackets now, if you haven't used them yet.
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raleigh-durham number airport. maybe you are headed to the airport today. heading out of town for the weekend, the weather will cooperate nicely. it will cooperate nicely if you're in town as well. look at this. dry skies. all around central north carolina. yes, yesterday, some of you had a few afternoon showers. and that was expected but those have moved out and now we are left with dry conditions. for our weekend ahead. and yesterday, we started off the day in the 50s and 60s. this morning, 50s and even a few 40s. check out lee county. are you at 48 degrees. and not far from pinehurst and rayford, 50, 51 and 53 in raleigh. and 52 in durham and 52 in roxboro. for your day ahead, a chilly morning, around 50 at 8:00 a.m. and only 59 at lunchtime, it is also going to be rather gusty, and wind gusts between 20 and 25 miles an hour. making it feel significantly cooler. and we will drop back to 63, as we head toward 3:00, and then
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pretty sunny skies throughout the evening. we will let you know how long the sunshine will hang around and when the warmer temperatureses arrive, in the complete storm team forecast. we are following breaking news out of pitt county this morning. the sheriff's office has issued an amber alert for two missing children. deputies are looking for 7-year- old boy named tyvera jones and 5-year-old girl tianna jones. and they are believed to be dodge charger with connecticut license plate 81542. if you see them, call 911 immediately. state troopers tell us a pittsburgh man was behind the wheel of an rv involved in a fiery crash in johnstown county earlier this week. joseph george investigators say rear-ended a tractor trailer wednesday on i-95 sparking a ferocious fire. the 68-year-old was killed. the resulting fire released
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might be toxic, so first responders wound up evacuating the area. the crash was one of three which happened within a few miles of one another that afternoon. covering durham now, where there is no word on when d.o.t. crews will reopen a portion of redwood road over falls lake. the 5,000 block of the roadway has been closed for more nan 10 days due -- than 10 days due it a sinkhole that opened up in the days after hurricane matthew. the state department of transportation hopes to start n road reopened by the end of the month. a retail supplier in smithfield is still cleaning up from hurricane matthew, after more than 20 inches of water flooded their warehouse. in an effort to recover, ox bay is opening up the warehouse and the contents to the public for sale this weekend. the company sells christmas and collegiate products. many of the retail packaging were items that were damaged
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>> it just kind of goes to show you what kind of community smithfield is. people have been, from the time the flood occurred, people have been here volunteering, helping unpack all of the merchandise. and now they are here, helping support it, by purchasing it. so it is actually a great situation. >> the warehouse sale runs from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and again, next friday. and saturday. there is a person of interest, but no arrest, in a deadly shooting in durham. someone shot eric ray, as he walked home from work on anger avenue thursday night. deputies are combing through surveillance footage from nearby businesses, in an effort to try to track down the 33- year-old killer. investigators have pinpointed a person of interest, seen getting out of a burgundy sedan. the violent death has deeply disturbed neighbors and people who work in this relatively peaceful community. >> it is terrible.
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is moving this way. andrews avenue was always bad up near town but this was always the quiet end of it. >> the sheriff's office is asking for your help looking for the person of interest and the vehicle possibly linked to the shooting. if you know anything, call crimestoppers. a man and woman linked to a california tourist murder in tennessee are being held without bond in wake county after being captured at a raleigh area motel. andy nunez and daniellea cruise are accused of grasset last month while visiting a friend in mash schill. police say grasset was targeted for an attempted robbery near the country music hall of fame. they were arrested at a days inn on glennwood avenue. nashville police say a tip from the public led them to call in the raleigh police department. >> sometimes the difference between a suspect being behind bar ors having them loose on the street is a citizen stepping up to provide a tip or information that is critical to making that arrest.
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told a wake county judge they would not fight extradition. police are still searching for a third suspect. federal agents are now looking into a series of cyber attacks that knocked out several big web sites across the country. the problems began shortly after 7:00 a.m. friday on the east coast, causing sites like twitter, spotify and netflix to suddenly go offline. after about two hours, the sites were back. then a second wave of attacks just before noon. apparently even affecting the fbi. the attacks contin sign of things to come. just weeks before the presidential election. >> it just kind of shows you, this is the new wave of warfare that we are dealing with right now. and while we don't know where this is coming from, the magnitude of it does lead us to believe that it was very targeted at american-based companies. >> wikileaks has suggested its own supporters are behind the attack. a wake forest family has been fighting to get medicaid to cover a critical treatment
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cancer. >> i have this little boy right here, his life -- >> tiffany posted that video with her son hunter this week after the state declined to cover the stem cells therapy. he is being treated at duke hospital. in june doctors discovered a tumor on hunter's brain. the petrowski's with the stem cells therapy, hunter can better withstand his chemeo treatment and build up the immune system. since th office just approved late yesterday afternoon. that means hunter will start treatment on monday. >> what more can he do? he keeps fighting and going forward and we got to do what we got to do. and looking forward to swimming and running around and being a 13-year-old again. >> they hope their story will inspire other families facing a similar challenge in fighting for their kids. the fight against cancer is usually a long one.
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be good days and there will be bad days. >> yes, but as one remarkable survivor shared with cbs north carolina, shawn ma roney, it is not always the doctors who have the biggest impact on those tough days. >> the fight against cancer is usually a long one, and it is not easy. survivors will tell you, there will be good day, and there will be bad ones. and as one remarkable survivor shared with me, on those bad days, it is not always the doctors that have the biggest have an excuse to avoid the gym, think again. >> this is my havennen right here, man. >> for thomas good, these machines are a welcome change from medical ones. >> a lot of people, if they see me, they will never know that for one, i have cancer, and they would never know that i had three stem cells transplants. >> diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer in 2006, it was the possibility
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to five years that got thomas living. >> that was the first thing i heard when i had the original diagnosis. i am going to beat those odds. i am going to be the one who says that is not going to be me. >> while his doctors prescribed chemeo and radiation, thomas added iron supplements to the list. at least pumping iron. but he couldn't do it alone. he needed spotters. >> we have known each other for a while. >> pretty competitive over here. >> yes. >> >> they keep me sane. i come in, and even if i have a bad day, the spotters in the gym, very important. because i know what i can lift and who i can't lift. and they know where to push me. if i get stuck, i will say hey, i need a spot right here. and they push me for it. and the chance of community, it is the same way. >> when he is not in the gym, thomas gets his cardio walking these halls of the duke cancer institute.
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>> thomas works with the leukemia lymphoma society of north carolina. he is this year's honored hero, bringing the upcoming light the night walk to patients who can't get away because of the treatment. the annual walk shows those fighting cancer they have spotters. whether family or friends, doctors, or just thomas. >> sometimes, somebody needs to hit something to get them over >> how much spotting does he need? >> he didn't need much spotting. he is pretty strong. >> and that is a fact in more ways than one. >> the leukemia lymphoma society helps fund research to find cures for blood cancer and helps provide assistance for those in treatment. i will be hosting the light the night walk in carrie tonight. cbs north carolina is a proud sponsor. if you would like to participate or even donate to the cause, you can find out how on our web site, wncn .com. i'm shawn ma roney.
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and coming up, a note to self, when a deadly typhoon comes your way, running toward the storm, with a surfboard, probably not the best strategy. >> and how much time should your kids be spending on their tablets and smartphones? some interesting new guidelines
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haime, surfers are defying warnings in an effort to take on waves they only dreamed of. >> this is daring. and dangerous. it is dangerous to approach a storm that has given china's third highest warning. thousands of thrill seekers ran into the beach, to take advantage of the unusually charge waves. the typhoon will be closest to hong kong this afternoon, hitting the city with waves let alone those kind of waves. >> hopefully they're safe out there. they shouldn't be doing that, obviously. meanwhile, very quiet here. >> it is very quiet. i had a few showers yesterday. which was good. >> i had maybe three drops of rain at our house. >> we seeded our grass recently and i could use a shower or two. but it is is done now. we are looking at a dry weekend. certainly any plans you have outdoor, maybe headed to the
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a live picture from the tor camera. a quiet morning. if you can remember the past few mornings, we started off quite foxy, but with the -- foggy, but with the cold front coming through yesterday, it has taken the rain chances and the fog and the warmer air. today is going to be much cooler. you will notice that, and we are talking about it earlier, you may need a jacket, as you head out early, and maybe want the jacket this afternoon, and i am showing you the big picture, because see that little bit of purple? we are seeing some mixed precipitation. but in the mountains of west virginia, far away from us, not going to yesterday, has scooted offto the east. and we are looking at dry conditions, as we do start off this saturday. and the temperatures, already a bit cooler for you, right around 50 in south hill. and 52 in roxboro and durham. raleigh at 53. along with rocky mount and goldsboro and clinten in the low 50s. and fayetteville, good morning, at 54 degrees. as you're planning your day, just a cloud or two early. right around 50 at 8:00 a.m. and 59 at noon and look at 63
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cooler than where we were thursday. and yesterday we were in the 70s and today we continue the step-down and as we head to 6:00 this evening, we should be back into the upper 50s. and i will let you know how long the unseasonably cool temperatures hang around, coming up in the complete storm team forecast. >> thanks a lot. 6:16. and coming up, jeff jones has all of your high school football action. including highlights from our game of the week. and so many great ways that and so many great ways that only one can be the play of should be shared with friends and family. cept denny's all-new liday pancakes. you won't want to share those with anybody. denny's new fluffier, tastier,
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oh no. oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach. z256qz zy6z
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time-warner stock surged friday on a report from "the wall street journal" that the media giancould be acquired by at&t. it approved the a merger between the two would be the largest media and telecom union since comcast purchased nbc universal in 2011. "the wall street journal" also reports apple approached time- warner about a possible merger before the at&t talks began. the american academy of pediatrics is children. >> experts say the new recommendations address the modern digital age we live in but reiterates the limits are necessary. >> chris martinez explains what parents need to know. >> reading rainbow. >> sara osborne limits how much ti her girls spend in front of screens. especially 19-month-old. >> little people, appropriate tv for 15 minutes and they have a few different apps because they don't need everything else.
6:20 am
american academy of pediatrics, has said children under two should use no media at all. and now the group is out with new recommendations that say parents of children 18 to 24 months who want to introduce digital media should be sure to choose high quality educational programming. >> what you really want to make sure you are doing is co- viewing it with them so you're narrating what is going on. re-teaching what they are learning, and if they are doing any sort >> the tpwhraoeupbs children under 18 months should avoid all -- the guidelines children under 18 models should avoid all screen time except face time. and six and old should have limits how much media they get. >> the entertainment screen time ises no displacing physical activity. it is not displacing family meals. that kids are still getting an adequate amount of sleep. >> juan sara restricts time in
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>> i would rather have them outside playing with friends and being creative. >> chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. time now is 6:21 on this saturday morning. we are at 53 degrees. a big drop from where we were 24 hours ago. and this is a live picture from the raleigh-durham international airport. pretty quiet, as we do start off our weekend. if you're up early, you may need a jacket. we were talking about it. a little bit of a chill in the air as we start off the day and and no rain because of that front today, and just clearing skies, and plenty of sunshine. and it will be breezy today. so keep that in mind, you may have heard the winds howling as you went to bed last night, i know i certainly did. 52 in roxboro and durham and 52 in siler city. the coldest spot is sanford at 46. and pinehurst not far from the 40s and 50 degrees. hour by hour, mainly sunny skies, right around 50 degrees
6:22 am
and 59 at noon, and yes, still in the 50s at lunchtime, and we don't get much warmer than that, with a high of 63. this is almost 10 degrees cooler than we should be this time of the year. and factor in the gusty conditions and it will feel much cooler as we head throughout the day. wind gusts could be between say 20 and 25 miles an hour. and that's what we have in the wake of the front that moved through yesterday. cooler, dry, and breezy. and the area of high pressure off to the southwest, and we will start to slide into our area tomorrow, and bringing a but we will still stay in the 60s all weekend long. very fall-like. if you have any outdoor plans planned. so get ahead, and take a look, rather at our future forecast, and all of the sunshine around from start to finish today. so again, if you're heading outdoor, due need to worry been an um -- you don't need to worry about an umbrella, you may need to worry about a jacket. even colder temperatures tonight, there could be the potential for patchy frost, first thing tomorrow morning. i don't think it will be a
6:23 am
potential, as we head to sunday afternoon, the sunshine, it is still around. in our forecast. and let me walk you through the highs. 64 in sanford and in wilmington, and 66 in fort bragg, and 66 in fayetteville, in some cases, these temperatures are 20 degrees cooler than where we were last weekend. so that ki of puts things into perspective for you as well. and 63 in smithfield and in wilson later today. and 62 in rocky mount. and we also have the low 60s around wake county, and raleigh and ca. and overnight tonight, there we go, 42 degrees, and that's why we are talking about the potential for patchy frost, mainly north and west, though, of wake county, so if you're in durham, orange county, person county, that could be you. and 68, our high for tomorrow, and mainly sunny skies there. and we are back in the 70s. and that is a seasonal start to the workweek on monday, with the 70s, they he are here just briefly, and we are back into the mid-60s, for tuesday, and wednesday. and heir, the good news is --
6:24 am
need the rain at this point in time. we have had very limited rain since matthew, so that is good news, because we know the cleanup from that will continue for months to come. >> absolutely. >> nice week ahead, thank you
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good morning, i'm jeff jones. time to recap one of the best high school games we saw last night. long story short, this is not the week i would want to play heritage. after winning the first seven games of their season, the huskies lost to wake forest last week, and they are looking at dishing out some punishment. even though i wouldn't be at the front of the line to face those guys the millbrook wild cats decided they were up for the challenge. millbrook is up they are trying to pull off the upset. very nice interception by nick vincent who returns it for a nice gain. here come the huskies. the quarterback finds thomas on the quick slant. it is now just a two-point game with less than a minute left. the heritage defense held strong but the huskies had one last hail mary attempt and throws it up, and nope, millbrook knocked that one down to pick up a very valuable conference win. they took it last night 17-15.
6:28 am
from the coaching staff to the players to the fans. great home support here. and i am just really proud of our kids. it is a resilient bunch. we have been battling all year and we did that tonight. >> congrats for millbrook taking sole possession of second place in the conference. now, every week, we see hundreds of great plays on the high school football fields in our area and this week was no exception. we watched all of the plays, we narrowed down the highlights and now it is time to show you the very best of our first nominee comes from a 76-yard touchdown to grayson lemon. the pass was perfect. the run, let's just call it perfect-er. weaving in and out of traffic. and finds his wato the end zone. and our play of the week. and next up, this is something i could watch all day long. this is wes johnson and tony mack. and up and over. not only did he dupe the defender and looped the ball
6:29 am
not how they taught ball security but back when i played i never had a play of the week nominee. tony, you keep on doing what you are doing. and right time, right place kind of plays here. and the ball hit a helmet and hit the bottom of matt green's hand. he came down with that intercepti. it was a very nice play. from the junior defender. now that you have seen all of the nominees, it is time to go online and let you know which one is your favorite. .com and clicking on the high school sports tab. then you just have to vote. we will reveal this week's winner on the sunday sports wrap. we're not done talking about high school football just yet. coming up in the next half hour -- >> we compete all friday night if we can help our schoolmates. >> as johnson county schools finally get back on the football field, many are helping those affecteby hurricane matthew. >> plus the elections just a few weeks away now, and one
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ing. good saturday morning to you. i'm justin quesinberry. glad you could kick off your weekend with us here on north carolina news at 6:30. the top stories in just a moment. but first we will head over to the weather center right now, where storm team meteorologist alyssa is watching the weather.
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we are starting off quite chilly. and 53 degrees this morning. that is just at least a 10- degree drop for many oyou from where we were yesterday. all is quiet. out at the raleigh-durham international airport. maybe you are heading out of town for the weekend, and it looks like you will have to fly south, certainly, to see the temperatures that we have last week. and remember the 80s, it is a thing of the past. in its place, it will be more fall-like temperatures as we head through today. and big picture, it is showing us dry, all across the state, for that matter, and as we head into the afternoon, and that is dry weather, it around. no showers like what we had yesterday. so 50 in south hill right now. and 54 in roanoke rapids and right around 53 in rocky mount and goldsboro. and clinton at 52. and along with clayton as we start off our morning. and here is what you need to know. as you're planning your saturday ahead, maybe you're headed to the pumpkin pax and getting out for the fresh air, 50 a chilly start to the day. and 59 at noon and breezy, i am thinking wind gusts between 20 and 25 miles an hour. and cooler throughout the afternoon. and about a 10-degree drop.
6:33 am
and some cases, about 15 degrees cooler. and then we are back to 59, as we head toward 6:00 this evening. and the good news is, it is not only sunny today, but it is sunny tomorrow as wel. look at that, wall to wall sunshine, and highs tomorrow afternoon, though, a bit warmer, and it should be closer to 68. we will have a closer look at the rest of the details for the weekend and if these cooler temperatures will continue into the workweek, coming up. >> thanks. we are continuing to follow breaking news right now out of pitt county this morning. the sheriff's office children. deputies are looki for a 7- year-old boy named tyzira jones and a 5-year-old little girl named tyana jones. investigators believe they were abducted by 31-year-old terrence jones. he is believed to be driving a black 2016 dodge charger with connecticut license plate number ae81542. if you see them, call 911 immediately. covering the race for the
6:34 am
polls nationally republican nominee donald trump plans to lay out the first 100 days as president. he will unveil the plans during a stop in gettysburg pennsylvania. but not before taking some serious swipes at the current esident and first lady. mark alburg has more from washington. >> reporter: donald trump came out swinging at a campaign stop in north carolina. this time he took his best shot at president obama and babies. we have a president, all he wants to do is campaign. his wife, all she wants to do is campaign. and i see how much his wife likes hillary. >> michelle obama has been hillary clinton's best weapon on the campaignle trail, and she has taken trump to task for his comments about women. campaigning in pennsylvania, vice president joe biden attacks trump for bragging that key have his way with women because -- he could have his
6:35 am
for anyone to make. >> no, i wish during high school i could take him behind the gym. at's what i wish. >> with trump behind, in most national polls, the businessman continues to say, he might not accept the outcome of the election. >> the system is rigged. and i have been saying it for a long time. >> campaigning in ohio, with the race, a dead heat, clinton said trump is a threat to democracy. >> the peaceful transition of power is one of the things that it is how we hold our country together. no matter who is in charge. >> both candidates will be on the campaign trail this weekend. it will be key to deciding the election. mark albert, cbs news, the white house. hillary clinton is scheduled to return to the triangle tomorrow, planning hold a rally first in charlotte before coming to raleigh. at this point it is not clear exactly where the event will be held and what we do know she
6:36 am
of the movement. you can rsvp for the event on the campaign web site. the u.s. carmy corps of engineers released water to falls dam to release the water level. the dam was opened a few times before hurricane matthew hit so it would not make the flooding worse downstream of the falls but now that the flood waters have gone down in kingston, it can be open for short periods of time. the army corps of engineers will monitor the water levels to make sure ano f problem is not created. friday proves to be a big night in johnson county, with football teams returning to the field for the first time since hurricane math view. >> and schools across the state hosted a relief night. and as cbs north carolina robert richardson report, it even brought the greatest of rivals together. >> before kickoff, before warmups, johnson wild cats teamed up to help another rival. >> it is kind of a good
6:37 am
other people who lost their families and even some lost their lives. >> junior offensive lineman christian delivered clothing and supplies. >> and his head coach talks about him. >> if we can help out, it is fantastic. >> the opposing team made delivers too. it was good. i know we have a game tonight but this is a game of life and this is a bigger picture and even tho schoolmates. >> johnson got hit harder than these two schools but even some of the student athletes took a hit from the storm. >> me and my family had to move out of our house, and move to a friend's house because the area we are in had no power. >> and a sense of normalcy back and talk about the experience and find out who is in need. >> he found out about andre cole evacuating with his family. they are back in their home.
6:38 am
book. and textbooks. >> it takes everything, my mind off what we are doing, and then football. >> and if we can help people forget about their problems for three hours a day, i think it serves a purpose. >> and as you can imagination, the donations continue to pour in. >> and i have done the pep rallies in johnson county over the past few years and let me tell you the rivalries are them come together like that. >> great cause. >> 6:38. coming up, the deadline for bankings and companies to convert to smart chip technology. it has passed. so what happens if you're a victim of theft or raud? we have the answer, coming up. >> and weeks after a deadly officer-involved shooting led to protests in charlotte, the
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
welcome back to cbs north carolina. where the hot topic is not so hot weather as we were joking during the commercial. >> that's exactly right. last week, we were in the 80s. and this week, we are in the 60s. >> i had to wear a jacket into work. >> yes. >> and left it on when i got in the newsroom.
6:42 am
temperatures. 53 degrees right now. a live picture from our tower cam. the past few days, has certainly started off foggy. and we have no fog to worry about, this morning. and no rain chances in our forecast. so maybe your plans are today, taking you outside, and the weather will cooperate. and nicely. so let's get straight to our temperatures this morning. woulvery another area in the 40s. look -- we have another area in the 40s. right now, south hill, 49 degrees. and 46 in sanford rather, and 53, there we go, in raleigh. and in wilmington, also the low 50s, continuing for clayton. and clinton and goldsboro, and i nt to compare these to where we were 24 hours ago and it is a significant drop and it is a drop difference between no jacket today and jacket. and down through moore county and rayford, 10 degrees cooler in fayetteville. as we start off the day. and the cooler trend is going to continue into the afternoon.
6:43 am
50 at 8:00 a.m. and 53 at 10:00 a.m. and the sunshine is still around. cooler and breezy. and 59 at noon. and i am thinking wind gusts between say 20 and 25 miles an hour. and now, tomorrow, we will still be sunny and dry, and it will be a bit warmer though, with a high of 6. and then more seasonable temperatures return for the start of next workweek which is 74 by monday. and i will let you know if the 60s or 70s will dominate the upcoming week's forecast, coming up, in just a little bit. justin? >> thanks. the deadline has passed for banks across the country to make a change to the automated teller machine. >> credit and debit cards have been issued to many customers, and been in their hand force more than a year. and the chips are supposed to protect the banks, and consumers from fraud and theft. but a lot of companies still do not have the technology in place to process. as of today, banks without chip enabled atms will now be held financially liable, for fraud
6:44 am
and still ahead, an interesting dilemma, for a wayne county judge. and the voters there, a judge just convicted on corruption charges, is still on the ballot. and find out what could happen, if he wins. and a look at how the blue devils will help commemorate a rare rose bowl appearance that took place days after the took place days after the attack, anyone with type 2 diabetes took place days after the attack, knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could what if you could... love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana?. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. a pill taken just once in the morning, invokana? is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. in fact, it's been proven to be more effective at lowering a1c than januvia.
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weeks until election day, the presidential candidates are campaigning in key battle ground states including here in north carolina. and republican nominee donald trump appeared at a campaign rally near asheville yesterday and democratic nominee hillary clinton is set to make stops in raleigh and charlotte tomorrow. intense fighting continues on the northern iraqi city of kirkuk. as isis fighters try to divert the iraqi military offensive to retake mosul. the country's second largest control since 2014. >> and this year's light the night walk kicks off this evening. cbs north carolina is teaming up with the leukemia and lymphoma society of north carolina, for the event, and this starts tonight, at 5:30, at the amphitheater. for more information, log on to wncn .com. weeks after an officer- involved shooting sparked protests in charlotte, the police department is being sued. and officers are accused of
6:48 am
say, were nonviolent protts. and protesters took to the streets after an officer shot and killed keith lamont scott. seven people have asked the judge to issue a restraining order, to ban officers from using force against nonviolent protesters. a wayne county judge convicted on corruption charges will be sentenced early next year. but this presents an interesting set of problems. judge arnold jones ii is still on the ballot for re-election. being accused of bribing an fbi agent with beer and cash, to hack into his wife's phone. cbs north carolina talked with the wayne county board of elections and they told us that if jones wins, his elected status would not change until after his appeal. if the conviction is upheld, jones would lose his law license and be disqualified
6:49 am
tense moments in pennsylvania, as first responders rescued flood victims by boat and air. >> 20 people were stranded on mcintyre way, and trout way, and flooding hit several counties, thursday night, into friday morning. schools ran on a two-hour delay or canceled classeall together. my sister actually is a schoolteacher south of pittsburgh, in pennsylvania and they got out two hours early because of th flooding as well. so really dangers situation there. >> hate to see those images, and unfortunately, we have seen here lately. >> we certainly have. within the past month or so. but good news is, we have sunshine, heading our way. >> yes. >> so a good weekend, in store, and however, it is crazy, a cooler weekend, if you're a fan of the fall weather, this is finally your weekend. it took us pretty much all of october to get there. but we are here. and 53 degrees. w, and we are starting to see some slightly brighter skies, as we do start off our saturday morning. so let's take a look at our satellite radar composite, and no rain in our forecast, today,
6:50 am
with a cold front, and that cold front, a game changer. for this weekend. and it was just two days ago, that we had near record- breaking highs, and today, it will be much cooler for you. so 49 degrees, right now, in south hill. and 52 in roxboro and durham and 52 in siler city. would he have pinehurst and rayford at 50. if you have been itching to break out the scarves shall and the jackets, well, the weekend is finally the time to do so. and chilly temperatures, 8:00 a.m., right around 50 degr be gusty. throughout the day. i'm thinking wind gusts between 20 and 25 miles an hour. and we climb to 63 this afternoon. and only 63. because yesterday, we hit 78. so 15-degree drop, from yesterday. to today. and certainly one you will notice, as you will be spending time outdoors. i know my yard needs to be raked. so that may be on my agenda for today. a cooler day. dry and breezy, maybe more leaves on the ground after today, and we all have to watch this area of high pssure,
6:51 am
tomo. and which means sunshine, continues, and so does the dry weher and the temperatures will climb a few degrees. it will not be quite as chilly as we head throughout the day. we will walk you through the future forecast. you can see the clear skies as you're waking up this morning, maybe around 8:00 a.m. and looking at the clear skies, still around, at lunchtime, and no weather concerns for us. other than the gusty winds. as we head into this afternoon. and overnight tonight, clear skies, still around. and though i do have to warn you, these clear skies tonight, there is even the potential that some of you could see some patchy frost, as we ead toward tomorrowningat is the first tim had toay that word as we head into the season, as we head to tomorrow afternoon, dry weather, it is still around. and let's talk about e highs first and foremost for today, and 64 in sanford and wilmington and 64 in the area and mid-60s in fayetteville and ofto the east, 62 in roanoke rapids and rocky mount and 64 around clinton and goldsboro,
6:52 am
we have 63 in carrie and raleigh. and 62 in durham and 61 later today in chapel hill. and toward siler city. and now, clear tonight, i mentioned that potential for patchy frost. mainly going to be in areas north and west of raleigh and the areas that are typically a bit colder than is not going to be a widespread event for us, and not going to be a prolonged event. and it should not kill any vegetation just yet. 42 degrees the overnight low. sunshine is still here for the rest of the weekend and 68 sunday, and 70s, seasonhi back to that mark on monday and back on e cooler side of things for tuesday and weesday. back into the mid-60s, and looks like we should be right around 6 on thursday. and seeing a few clouds start to mix in. the next rain chance doesn't arrive until next friday. at this point in time it looks like a chance for a few showers. hit or miss. so overall, the next seven day, looking considerably dry for us. itas been dry, since about hurricane matthew, hit, like we said earlier, we could use the dry weather. >> absolutely.
6:53 am
night, you mentioned the leave on the ground, it is like where did this come from, all of a sudden? >> i heard it howling, as i went to bed and my dog was bashing outside at the windows and the doors. but it is going to be like that again today. 20, 25 mile-an-hour wind gusts. >> thanks a lot, alisa. another sign that an election is coming up soon, and president obama is one step closer to wrapping up his residency in the white house.
6:54 am
6:55 am
good morning, justin will have the days headlines coming up. plus it is a mountain of work that stretches generations. meet the family trying to finish a memorial that their father started 70 years ago. >> and come on a tour inside the holy palace. and hear some of the papal past. >> and the eye opener, and the dish, with the grateful saturday. >> louisville is getting into the halloween spirit. when they take the field at nc state today. the wolfpack and the cardinals will lace up, glow in the dark skeleton cleats. and there is a bit of a problem though. since kickoff is at noon. don't expect to see much beyond the locker room. and the television screen. and nc state is on the road, i should say, for this one though, it is in louisville, kentucky. and duke will sport unique helmets when they play virginia tech next month.
6:56 am
cool battleship gray hems to commemorate the 75th year anversary of the team's appearance in the rose bowl. the bowl game played in 1942 was played in durham instead of california. the reason? pearl harbor had been attacked month earlier and there was concern of another west coast attack. the game is se for novembe love and happiness. but much to i and regret, i will not be singing al green this evening. wot t. >> keep waiting. maybe he will. >> president ohosted his final musical concert the white house lawn last night. the president and first lady michelle obama have hosted evenings to celebrate music that has shaped the country over the past eight years. the theme of the event, love and happiness. a quick reminder, this
6:57 am
cary. >> shawn ma roney will be the host of the event as we team up with the leukemia and lymphoma society of north carolina. the event begins at 5:30 at cary's amphitheater. if you would like to participate or donate to the cause, you can find out how, on our web site, wncn .com. and the weather will be great for that event this evening. >> yes. >> and certainly take a jacket, though. so i know shawn prepared. >> oh, always prepared. >> hopefully he is watching this morning, do you think? >> if you head out the door this morning, you will need a jacket. >> you certainly will. for today, a beautiful day to head to the fair. 59 at noon. a bit cool. and 63 the high. no rain chances across the board today. it will be breezy. remember that. wind gusts between 20 and 25 miles an hour. just a biwarmer by tomorrow afternoon. >> all right. sounds good. cbs this morning saturday is next.
6:58 am
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i don'think so.
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