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tv   North Carolina News at 9.00 am  CBS  October 22, 2016 9:00am-9:53am EDT

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good morning, welcome to north carolina news at 9:00 on a saturday morning. a cool saturday morning. i'm justin quesinberry. we are glad to he a alyssa corfront in for kristen. good to be here. a bit chilly outside. >> first time since, i believe the spring. >> it has been a long time. i would much rather be at home cuddling under the blanket. >> i am personally glad to be here with you. >> you make it an enjoyable morning. and let's get to the forecast today though. blue skies. look at that. the elementary school. not a cloud in site and take a look at the trees. beautiful, and we are just talking about, it you need the jacket as you head out the door this morning, and it is a beautiful setting for any
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pumpkin picking later today or heading to the last weekend of the fair. and weather is going to cooperate and start to feel more like october. 49 in sanford. and 55 in wilmington. and 54 in rocky mount. and south hill. you are just updating the 53. roxboro, also in the low 50s. and compare these temperatures to where we were 24 hours ago, and a big change for you, and 12 degrees, cooler here in raleigh, through durham, and 13 degrees cooler, through 14 degrees cooler throughout portions of moore county. so as you get your day started, we are looking at the low to mid-50s right now, 59 at lunchtime and guests though between 20 and 25 miles an hour. and we will eventually make it into the low 60s, as the sunshine hangs around. and now tomorrow, it will be a little warmer in the afternoon. but not before a chilly start. i will break down the rest of the weekend details in just a bit. justin? >> thanks. we are keeping up with breaking news out of pitt county this morning, the sheriff's office has issued an
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believed to have been abducted. and deputies are looking for a 7-year-old named tyzara jones and a 5-year-old littlgirl named tyana jones. investigators say the pair were abducted by rr they believe the 31-year-old is dring a black 2016 dodge charger with connecticut license plate number ae-81542. if you see them, are you asked to call 911 right away. state troopers tell us a pittsburgh man was behind the wheel of an rv involved earlier this week. investigators say joseph george rear-ended a tractor trailer, wednesday, on i-95, and that sparked a ferocious fire. the 68-year-old was killed. the resulting fire leased e that authorities feared might be toxic. so first responders wound up evacuating the area. and the crash was one of three, which happened within a few miles of one another. that afternoon. and covering durham now, where there is still no word on
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redwood road over falls lake. and the 5,000 block of the roadway has been closed for more than 10 days. due to a sinkhole that opened up in the days after hurricane matthew. the state department of transportation hopes to start next week, on some work there, to get the road reopened by the end of the month. a retail supplier in smithfield is still cleaning up from hurricane matthew. after more than 20 inches of water flooded the warehouse. in an effort to recover ox bay is opening up its warehous for a sale this weekend. and the company sells christmas and collegiate products. and mean of the retail packaging for the items have been damaged, and therefore cannot be sold to retailers. so instead, they are now being sold below wholesale price, to the public. >> well, it just kind of goes to show you what kind of community smithfield is. i mean people have been, from the time the flood occurred, people have been here, volunteering, and helping unpack all of the merchandise,
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and so it is actually been a great situation. >> and the warehouse sale lasts today until 4:00, and runs again next friday and saturday. and there is a person of interest, but no arrest in the deadly shooting investigation in durham. someone shot eric ray as he walked home from work on anger avenue thursday night. deputies are combing through surveillance footage from nearby businesses in an effort to try to track down 393-year- old's killer. -- the 33-year-old's killer. investigators have pinpointed a person of interest seen getting out of the violent death has deeply disturbed neighbors and people who work in this relatively peaceful community. >> terrible. it is just unreal that anders got such a bad reputation. and there is moving down this way. and anders avenue was always bat up toward town but this was always the quiet end of it. >> the sheriff's office is asking for your help looking for that person of interest. and the vehicle possibly linked to the shooting. if you know anything, call crimestoppers.
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tennessee now being held without bond, in wake county, after being captured at a raleigh area motel. andy nunez and dan yells kwr?ela cruise are accused of killing a man who was visiting a friend in nashville. the man was targeted for robbery at the country music hall of fame. and nunez and cruise told a wake county judge they would not fight extradition. police are still looking for a third suspect. federal agents into a series of cyber attacks that knocked out several web sites across the country. the problems began shortly after 7:00 a.m. friday on the east coast. causing sites like twitter, spotify, and netflix, to suddenly go offline. and after about two hours, the sites were back, and then a second wave of attacks just before noon apparently each affected the fbi. the attacks continued throughout the day. and experts say this could be a sign of things to come. just weeks before the
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we are dealing with right now. and while we don't know where this is coming from, the magnitude of it does lead us to believe that it was very targeted at american-based companies. wikileaks has suggested that its own supporters are behind the attacks. a wake forest family has been fighting to get medicaid to cover a critical treatment for their son who is battling cancer. >> this little boy right here, his life is or >> tiffany petrowski posted that video with her son hunter this week after the state declined to cover the stem cells therapy. hunter is treated at duke hospital. in june, doctors discovered a tumor on hunter's brain. the family says with the stem cells therapy, hunter will be much able to withstand the chemeo treatment and build up the immune system. since the family went public with the story, tiffany file and appeal which the medicaid
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treatment monday. >> he keeps fighting and going forward and saying we got to do what we got to do and he is looking forward to swimming and running around and being a 13- year-old again. >> the family say they hope their story will inspire other family who may find themselves facing a similar challenge in fighting for their case. the time now is 9:07. and how much time should your kids be spending on their tablets and new guidelines to change the habits. >> we are looking at pretty clear skies, as we start off our saturday morning. but that means a chilly start. a look at the temperatures, before getting up and getting going, next.
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welcome back to the weather center now. alyssa corfront is in for kristen this morning. i stepped out a little while ago. it is cool. >> we need the jacket. tomorrow is going to be even colder. some areas tonight in the 30s. >> i am not ready for that. >> me neither. we will get to that when we need to. let's talk about today, first and foremost. certainly a cooler day, but finally, feeling more like fall. so all of you fall fans i'm sure, are rejoicing, are you
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last weekend of the fair, weather should cooperate, nicely, and by nicely, i mean blue skies. and look at this. from our tower camera as we look to downtown, 54 degrees to start off our day. and as we look closely at the camera, the camera is bouncing around and that's because the winds have already started to pick up. these are the sustained winds. and winds about 12 miles an hour. here in raleigh, less than 10 miles an hour across the western communities such as roxboro, durham sanford and fayetteville, 14 miles an hour sustained wind. and same situation through rocky mount. the gusts are stronger throughout the day. thinking those peak out between 20 to 25 miles an hour. that may blow around some of your halloween or harvest decorations that have you outside. and make sure those are secured heading into the afternoon. it is 49 right now in sanford. but nearby wilmington and clayton at 55. and 54 in rocky mount and renoak rapids. let's walk through the day, and the sunshine is here to stay.
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and 63 eventually our afternoon high. and then we start to see the temperatures drop, and 59 at 6:00, and back into the upper 40s, by 8:00 p.m. and you know when we're in the upper 40s at 8:00 p.m. it is certainly going to be a much colder night. and i will walk you through the changes coming up in the complete storm team forecast. >> all right. >> thanks a lot. time now is 9:12. coming up, jeff jones has all of your high school football action, including highlights from our game of the week.
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9:15. here is a look of today's top stories. the state highway patrol identified the 68-year-old pennsylvania man killed in a fiery tractor trailer crash in johnston county. seph george was killed after a truck sparking a fire i-95 wednesday. and the blaze forced first responders to evacuate the area. u.s. law enforcement agencies e looking for who behind a series of cybe attacks in the hackers knocked out several leading web tes along the east cot,couple hours erthe sit came back up and a second wave affected the fbi. wikileaks has suggested its own supporters are behind the attacks. and no arrts in connection with the durham t. erwork. ough
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footage will help them solve the case including a person they are calling a person of interest. and in iraq, there are deep concerns that isis fighters are switching tactics, as the iraqi military presses forward to retake the city of mosul. and forces draw oser to the isis strong hold, militants have targeted neighboring cities in an effort to draw attention away from the city. and the military just ended a bloody assault on the town of kirkuk. an isis-led included 14 suicide bombings and a number of gun battles. backpedaling from controversial philippine president duterte. earlier in the week he declared his separation from the united states ly and economically and friday he said he did not cut off ties saying philippineos were reto embrace such an option. in recent months, duterte
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is loo e demy of en time guidelines for >> experts say the new endaonad modern digital age we li in but reiterates that limits are necessary. >> chris martinez explains what parents >> reading rainbow. >> sara osborne limits how much time her gis t of scens.
9:18 am
learning fand they are doing any sort of apps, co-playing. >> the new guidelines recommend children under 18 avoid all screen time except video chatting. children ages two to five should be limited to one hour per day of media. and children six and older should have consistent time limits on how much media they get. >> we want to make sure that entertainment screen time is not displacing physical activity, and it is not displacing family meals. and that kids are still getting adequate amount of sleep. >> they make a tl her girl's time in front of the tv and tablet. >> i would also rather having them do other things, like being outside and playing with friends and getting creative. >> chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. >> i was just telling alisa my son is only allowed to watch tv when say? >> data. >> adorable. i have to share video.
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>> yes. >> and breezy, we at >>talking about it. it was hng outside my house and that's what we are going to be experiencing again today. and wind gusts between 20 to 25 miles an hour. and enough to be shaking our tower cameras, and a look historically, you can see it tremoring 54 degrees ht now end. is, as we hey,is ocbe is time to break out thsweaters, and anst scarves. s. whicans werein 50asthat we are not co an d in ilngund moore
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temperaturill stt to climb again. and tomorrow, asole, won't and clear skies continue . through the evening hours. and if you're headit overnight tonight, it is going be significantly colder. and i am thinking overnight
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thanks. well, stay with us. ?? well, stay with us. sports is co ?? ??
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good morning. i'm jeff jones. it is time to recap one of the best high school games we saw
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games of the season, the huskies lost to wake forest last week and they went into last week looking to dish out punishment. even though i wouldn't be at the front of the line to face those guys, the millbrook wildcats decided they were more than ready for the challenge. we pick things up in the fourth. millbrook is actually up 17-8. their defense wants to pull off the upset. very nice interception by nick vincent who returns it for a nice game. here come the huskies. the quick slt. the heritage defense held strong. so the huskies had one last hail mary attempt. he throws it up. and nope. millbrook, bats that one down, to pick up a very valuable conference win. they took it last night 17-15. >> it was a total team effort. from our coaching staff, down to the players, and all the way to the fans, and you know, great home support here, and i am just really proud of our kids. it is a resilient bunch. we have been battling all year.
9:25 am
taking sole possession of second place in the cap eight conference. now, every week, we see hundreds of great plays on the high school football fields in our area, and this week, it was no exception. we watched all of the plays. we narrowed down the highlights. and now it is time to show you the very best of the best. it is our three play of the week nominees. the first nominee from cardinal gibbons. this is a 76-yard touchdown from anton stone king to the pass was perfect. the run, let's call it perfect- er. lemon weaves in and out of traffic and finds him all the way to the end zone and the play of the week blitz. and next is one i could watch all day long. wes johnson. this is up and over. i like that. not only did he juke the defender but looped the ball over his head, too. now, that is when i played, that's not how they taught ball security but when i played, i didn't have a play of the week nominee. so tony, you keep on doing what you are doing.
9:26 am
plays. the union times, benefits from a well-timed deflection. the ball hit a helmet and the bottom of matt green's hand. he came down with that one, for an interception. it was a very nice play. from the junior defender. now you got to see all of the nominees, it is sometime to go online and let us know which one is your favorite. you do that, by going to wncn .com and clicking on the high school sports tab. and then you just have to vote. we will reveal this week's runner on the sunday sports wrap. and coming up in the next nights. we want to help all of ou schoolmates. >> as johnson county schools finally get back on the football field, many set the tense rivalries aside to help those affected by hurricane matthew. >> but first, a live look at a nice shot out there. you can tell, sweet grass, blowing rock, some of the
9:27 am
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good morning, welcome back. alyssa corfront is standing by with what we can expect for the rest of the day. >> good morning to u. and good morning to you at home as well. we are starting off with sunshine right now. you would think if you go outside that it would be warm. not the case this morning. the cold front moves through
9:29 am
it is going to feel very fall- like. if you can see, this live picture, from davis drive elemtary school in cary, you can see the leaves starting to change out there. i know the leaves in my own front yard have already started to drop. which means raking ahead for me today. but 53 degrees today in roxboro. and 54 irham and in raleigh. and sanford finally out of the 40s. barely. right now at 50 degrees. and 55 in in and clayton speakingfayetteville, almost 10 detime. in wilmington. a bigger change in raleigh- durham and sanford, and 12 hime. cooler than yesterday so certainly a chilly start to the day. are you going to have to add in ndusts on top of that. they will be between and 25 miles an hour. throughout the , so still not very warm, a 63 our afternoon high. of the year.
9:30 am
long the cool temperates hang around for coming up the complete storm team forecast. >> thanks. we are following breaking news out of pitt county this morning. the sheriff's office has issued an amber alert nor two children in the greenville area. deputies are looking for 7-year- old tyzira jones, the little named tyana jones. investigators believe they were lked by 31-year-o terrence jones. he might be driving a black 2016 dodge charger w number ae-81542. if you see them, call 911 right away. covering the race for the white house now. even though he is behind in the polls nationally, republican nominee donald trump plans to lay out his goals for his first 100 days as president. trump, who was in fletcher near asheville for a rally friday says he will unveil his plans for a stop in gettysburg pennsylvania but not before taking some serious swipes at
9:31 am
lady. mark albert has more from washington. >> donald trump came out swinging. in a campaign stop in north carolina. this time, he took his best shot at president obama and the first lady. >> and they are losers. they are babies. we have a president, all he wants to do is campaign. his wife, all she wants to do is campaign. and i see how much his wife likes hillary. >> michelle obama has been hillary clinton ' s best weapon on the campaign has taken trump to task for his comments about women. campaigning in pennsylvania, ce president joe biden attacked trump, for bragging that he could have his way with women because he was famous. >> what a disgusting assertion for anyone to make. no, i wish during high school i could take him behind the gym. that's what i wish. >> with trump behind in most national polls, the businessman continues to s he might not accept the outcome of the
9:32 am
long time. >> campaigning in oh, with thceit isa dead he clinton said trump is a threat >> a peaceful transition of power is one of the things that sets us apart. it is how we hold oucountry together. no matter who is arge >> botcandidates ll the gn weekend. chs-tates at be deciding the election. mark albert, for cbs news, the white house. meanwhile, hillary clinton is seduled to return to first in charlotte, before coming to rally. and at this point, it is not exactly clear where the event will be held. ed by the hers of the ventyou c the event on the campaign's web site. if one thing is clear in this presidential race, both nominees believe north carolina is key to winning in november. and statewide, more than 164,000 people voted in north carolina, on the first day of
9:33 am
political reporter, bo mimic looks closer at the importance for the campaign to get their supporters to the polls. >> we are getting close to the finish line. but this is a stretch run. >> whether it is by having celebrities like grant hill, appear in person, to thank democratic volunteers. or republicans working the phon headquar, fi on. the push to get every supporter
9:34 am
republicans who the voted. 86,000 demts. 00 replins. some voters we spoke with say they like the abilitycast r bal >>anto do early voting, just so i can escape the madness on the regular day. >> on others, they say they would rather wait, especially for the presidential race. >> i think i will wait until election day, so i have the most information to inform my vote. >> hey, somebody could pull a skeleton out of a closet right? >> in raleigh, cbs north carolina. >> professor andy taylor added for clint ton win the election by a good margin she would need to take north carolina. real clear politics which takes an average of several polls currently has clinton up in north carolina by less than 3 points. a north carolina film maker makes a startling discovery in tallahassee county mississippi, and a place that marked a dark
9:35 am
history. someone riddled an historic marker honoring emmitt till, with bullets. back in 1955, the african- american teenager was lynched after being accused of flirting with a white woman. the marker was erected at the site where the 14-year-old was beaten and bruised, the body was found. kevin wilson, a film students was scouting locations for the project when he found the marker vandalized. >> i was very i did not expect to see this mark wer the the bullet holes in it. >> -- marker with the bullet holes in it. >> wilson's picture of the vandalized marker went viral when he posted it online. >> and according to the emmitt till, center, the marker has been vandalized many times since 2008 and replaced each time but organizers say it is getting more costly. u.s. army corps of engineers reduced water in falls dam to reduce water levels in the county.
9:36 am
times before hurricane matthew hit to make the flooding not -- notes a bad. and the army corps of engineers says it will monitor the water levels to make sure another flooding problem is not created. friday proved to be a big name in johnston county, with football teams returning to the field for the first time since hurricane matthew. >> and schools across the state hosted a relief night for storm victims. richardson reports, it even brought the greatest of rivals together. >>football, before warmups, clayton comets and west johnson wild cats team up, to help another rival. south johnston -- >> it is sad because people lost their families and some lost their lives. >> junior offensive lineman christian clark delivered
9:37 am
and they used to be the head coach there. >> and the opposing team skwroeufred in the delivery, too. >> -- joined them in delivery too. >> we have a game tonight. but even though we are competing on friday night, we want to help all of our schoolmates. it is the game of life. >> and south johnson got hit harder than either of these two cars but even some of these student athletes took a hit from the storm. >> me and my family had to move out of our house and into a friend's house flooded. >> and the aftermath canceled practices and games but the players couldn't wait to get back. >> get a sense of normalcy back and look at who has needs. >> and andrew cole is back in their home and the junior wide receiver is back to focusing on textbooks and play books. >> it takes my mind off of everything, when i am at football. >> and they are hoping it
9:38 am
about their problems for three hours a day, i think it serves a purpose. >> and as you can imagine, donations continue to pour in. and the people in need really can benefit from that. >> johnson county is really hit hard. and i was talking earlier, i have been out there to those school, and the rivalry is tough. but they are all coming together. i love to see that. >> yes, they take football seriously in johnston county and many parts of our area but it is nice to see them come together for a good cause. 9:39 right now. banks and companies to convert to smart chip technology, it has passed. so what happens if you're a victim of theft or fraud? we have the answer coming up. >> and weeks after a deadly officer-involved shooting led to protests in charlotte.
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welcome back. we are in the weather center with meteorologist alyssa corfront. >> i was going to call you kristin ketchell. >> alyssa corfront is in for kristin ketchell today. and it is a lot cooler than what we have been used to. >> yes. >> it really is. >> and it feels even cooler than it probably is. >> i want to walk around with one of those snuggies.
9:42 am
>> and i would be on youtube for that. bullet it is a cool morning -- but it is a cool morning. and you need a jacket and in my kaig, a snuggie. why not. the raleigh-durham international airport. we start off our day, 54 degrees. the past few mornings, it has been foggy. and it has been mild with the 50s and 60s. this morning, some of us started off in the 40s. now, it is going to be breezy throughout the day. and especially this morning. and that is going to make it feel a little bit cooler. and the winds right now, sustained at 12 miles an fayetteville and in rocky mount. the gusts though, throughout late this morning into early this afternoon, could be between 20 and 25 miles an hour. so your halloween decorations, make sure they are secured. as we head into the afternoon. and 54 right now. in durham. and 53 in roxboro. and 57, that's the warmest spot on the map that we see. and 57 in clayton and 56 in clinton and goldsboro. and rocky mount around 54.
9:43 am
or pumpkin picking. whatever you have going on. weather will be at least comfortable for fall. and 59 degrees, at noon today. and 63 our afternoon high. and we don't really have to worry about any rain in our forecast. but we will have to worry about those gusty winds. and as we head into tomorrow. you can see the temperatures begin to climb. and it is not until monday that we are back into the 70s. and this is closer to seasonal, for this time of the year. i will walk you through not only the next few day, but the seven-day forecast, coming up, in a little bit. justin? banks across the country to make a change to their automated teller machines. chip enabled credit and debit cards have been in consumers hands for more than a year. the chips are supposed to protect the banks and consumers from fraud and theft but a lot of companies still do not have the technology in place to process. as of today, banks without chip- enabled atms will now be held financial liable for fraudulent
9:44 am
the charlotte police department faces a new lawsuit in the wake of protests. we will look at that. take a look outside right now. live pictures from grandfather mountain. a beautiful fall day up there.
9:45 am
9:46 am
weeks after an officer- involved shooting sparked protests in charlotte, the police department is being
9:47 am
what the plaintiffs say were nonviolent protests. protesters took to the streets tefficer shot and killed keith lamont scott. seven people have asked the judge to issue a restraining order to ban officers from using force against nonviolent protesters. a judge convicted on corruption charges will be sentenced early next year but it presents an interesting set of problems. judge arnold jones ii is still on the he was convicted friday after accused of bribing an fbi agent with beer and cash to hack into his wife's fan. cbs north carolina talked with the wayne county board of elections and tells us if jones wins his elected status would not change until after his appeal. and if the conviction is upheld, jones would lose his law license, and be disqualified from holding office. it was a windy night.
9:48 am
in new england. look at this. a severe thunderstorm, caused major problems, in central and eastern massachusetts overnight. and some areas got several inches of rain, including warchester which got more than five inches. the people were asked to stay off the roads. it was a huge issue. there were reports of several cars stuck in the water overnight. >> tough to see that, because we have just seen so much of that here, in our state. >> yes, we certai turn around, don't drown. you never want to drive through flooded roadways. >> we can't say that enough. >> we don't have to worry about that today. >> not at all. it sounds like the breeze is the biggest concern and we have these big halloween inflatables. i was thinking about putting those out today. not today. not the case. tomorrow, it should be less windy tomorrow. you have that to look forward to. davis drive elementary school in cary, look at that, compared
9:49 am
it is going to be a fall-like weekend. so if you have been itching for the cooler temperatures, the weekend is finally here. 56 in fayetteville and 56 in clinton and mid-50s around goldsboro and roanoke rapids and south hill in the 40s and now back to 55. and now i showed you this sustained winds earlier, and talking about the wind gusts, right now, and 17 miles an hour, and your latest index, at the raleigh-durham international airport, 0 miles an hour, in -- 20 phao?eupbs in smithfield. and i expect it to expand and include the rest of the viewing area as we progress throughout the morning. and remember to keep the deck rations tied tight if you have them out and displayed. 55 at 10:00 a.m. and 59 at noon. and 61 at 2:00. and 63 at 4:00. that is the afternoon high. over 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. we drop into the upper 50s at 6:00. and then the sun sets and we drop quickly into the upper
9:50 am
upper 40s, at 8:00 in the evening, it is going to be certainly a colder night for us. and here is your forecast, for today, we had a cold front move through yesterday, and i know i felt just a light shower or two. and that cold front, off to our east, and allowing sunshine to build in behind it. you can see the high pressure off to the side of the screen there and a more predominant feature in the forecast as we head into tomorrow, and actually boost the temperatures up a few degrees. so for food, wall to wall sunshine, and breezy, that's the biggest concern, as we and clear skies continue throughout the afternoon. throughout tonight as well. and tomorrow morning, going to be colder than what are you waking up to now. and as we head into our sunday afternoon, hey, nothing that is going to have a negative impact on our forecast. and plenty of sunshine sticks around. 65 our high today in pinehurst and mid-60s in rayford and fort bragg and 64 in dunn. and sliding off to the east, a high of 63 in smithfield and wilson later today.
9:51 am
triangle, it is 62 in durham and 63 in raleigh and 61 in chapel hill and henderson, lewisburg, closer to 62 while south hill may struggle to reach 60 degrees. tonight, clear patchy fog possible. the first time i have had to say that this year. the front could develop north and west of say wake county. and 42 degrees. our low here in wake county. and as we head into the next few days, that sunshine is still arn. and 68 tomorrow. and 70s return the year and close to 71. monday, above where we should be for this time of the year, and only briefly, and 66 on tuesday, and mid-60s return as we head toward wednesday as well. and the next chance for rain, it really doesn't come through, until upcoming weekend, and that would be friday, and with the start of the weekend, 70 degrees with. a small chance for rain by then. >> with the wind and the rain, the leaves are falling.
9:52 am
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and with home wifi, the whole family can be online at once. g reat for kids to stream scary shows while not cleaning their room. you'll also get our exclusive 1-hour arrival window, a money-back guarantee, and there's no contract to sign. get 50 meg internet with no data cap starting at $39.99 a month. plus, free installation and access to over 500,000 twc wifi? hotspots nationwide. would rex pass up more beef stew? i don't think so. an estimated 44 million kids between the ages of 6 and 18 play organized sports in the u.s. every year, private coaches is a way to improve their game. >> costs and scheduling can make it difficult. until now that is. and we have more on a report with a new app that may make finding a coach easier than saying it.
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easier than saying it. >> and basketball is a team sport. that high school sophomore darren miller knows he needed help with his shooting to make the varsity team. >> i am left-handed so sometimes my right hand will conflict with the shot. >> darren's mom veronica miller turned to coach-up an app to connect athletes with personal coaches in more than 30 sports. everything from lacrosse, and basketball, to wrestling. she says using the app to find coach paul barber was easy. >> they clicked. they kept working at skills. and he just wanted to continue going. >> barber trains one-on-one, and in small groups. >> turn, shoot. >> i try to focus on one skill that they are not so good at. and turn them into an automatic. >> the service has been 20,000 coaches available across the country. and individual training sessions can be set up online, or through their app. americans spend more than $6 billion a year on coaches and
9:55 am
web sites that connect athletes and coaches. coach up charges the athlete a one-time $15 fee and takes a percentage of the coach's earnings. >> we are their back office. what we let them do is what they want to do, is coach. and they don't want to deal with the administrative hassles and the insurance and the waivers. >> and darryl says the personal coaching helped him make the varsity team. >> trina mitchell, for cbs news, new york. louisville is getting into take on nc state today. the wolfpack and the cardinals will lace up glow in the dark skeleton cleats. there is a bit of problem though, since kickoff is at noon. don't expect to see much beyond the locker room and your television screen. nc state is on the road for this one in louisville, kentucky. and duke will sport unique helmets when they play virginia tech next month. the blue devils will wear these battleship gray helmets, to
9:56 am
the bowl game played back in 1942 was actually played in durham, instead of california. the reason? pearl harbor had been attacked a month earlier, and there was concern of another west coast attack. the game is set for november 5. a quick reminder, this year's light the night walk kicks off this evening, in cary. and with gorgeous weather for it. but cbs north carolina is a proud sponsor and our own shawn ma roney l of the event as we team up with the leukemia around lymphoma society of north carolina. the event starts at 5:30 and it at the amphitheater. if you would like to anticipate or donate to the cause, you can find out how to on our web site wncn .com. and if you are going, take the jacket because tonight is even cooler than where we were this morning. >> hard to believe. >> thanks, alyssa corfront. >> join alyssa corfront and
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narrator: today on lucky dog, it's a tale of two underdogs. a middle-aged lab mix facing discrimination and a lot of years raising kids and i really feel like now is the time for me to just rejoin the world. narrator: but if ollie wants a shot at a new life he'll need to put the shackles of his old life behind him. brandon: you got a lot of scar tissue on the neck there. ollie most likely was tied up by a chain for most of his life. a couple dog days in your past, huh? don't worry, it's all over. i'm brandon mcmillan and i've dedicated my life to


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