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tv   North Carolina News at 700PM  CBS  October 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:28pm EDT

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hurts. >> gary: nobody to throw to. broken play all the way. a&m did not go for that at all. over here, everybody plays honest. shaan ington, paul, everybody is honest, nhere to go, nobody open for a pass, it was run all the way. i was saying, it builds on each other. in the last six afts, alabama has had 15 first-rounders. 10 second-rounders. and probablyour five more to comehis year. goes hand in hand, sdntd it. >> verne: knight. out of bounds. gary: i really thought a&m -- the score of this game might matter for a&m if they could get
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close loss they would still be in the argument for being in the playfs. you never know what happens at thend of the season. people start losing games. they start looking for secon teams in conferences. >> verne: incomplete. the top 10. alabama. ohio state plays at penn state tonight. michigan, a big win over illinois. 31-8. the aggies on the verge re. louisville. big win over n.c. state. nebraska trying tontain an undefeated streak. >> verne: christian kirk. every week that we have been in
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collins. getting to know he 10 years on the force of the tuscaloosa police department. she's retiring, getting married and moving to anrson, south carolina. she's been such a pleasure to be around and we want to wish her thebest. >> gary: she's our escort to the game. she picksup. kes care -- she picks us up. i drove t toiled us she's getting married and ready to start a family. >> verne: great. thanks. >> verne: 33-14. >> gary: just saying, for a&m, keep it close. they're competing with the ohio
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louisville, for a late add,?m maybe, if things get reall wacky. >> verne: knight had to throw that one and it was caught by an alabama player sitting on the bench. >> gary: he didn't score with it. >> verne: no. at's ross pierschbacher. didn't need to move. >> gary: get a not? at least i get a hand. >> verne: handoff. ft side. trayveon willia. we mentied the aggies' remaining schedule. they were open prior to this week. those games, new mexico state, mississippi state, i think ole miss is a threat. l.s.u. but they've got a nice -- it's not a bad schedule from here on
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they did throw the flag. now against on alabama, he moved because the alabama player was in the neutral zone. >> verne:evans. >> referee: correction. offside. number 32 of the defense, his movement into the neutral zone caused his opponent to move early. five-yard penalty. third down. >> gary: rashawevans i thought would be an can't find his way onto the field to get 2017 he's going to beame breaker -- people here in alabama know about him but everybody else will find out more about him. >> verne: 33-14. third and one. handoff.
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trayveon williams. moves the ball to the 30. >> gary: i really think a score by a&m will help their cause here. >> verne: there is myles garrett. a fascinating young man. inrested in so much other than this sport. >> gary: yes. >> verne: first down at the 30. >> verne: almost intercepted. is it? ronnie harrison dived for it. gary: jon did great job. in the olden days before taetin destroyed this player. instead he went for the body withislder.
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he didn't lower the crn. that the effect of the targeting call. the player couldave been seve hurt the pple with theargeting rul are trying to make our sport safe. >> verne: jonha allen nicked on the pla i don't think it's much more than that and he is walking off. it might be the end of his afternoon. >> gary: when we first started doingthis, verne, fiv years ago that play was a receiver going would go helmet first in his si and take him out. it still happens but we have more plays like that now. >> verne: second and 10. wow. ball car down to the 25.
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number 25. >> verne: tim williams. >> gary: it's so hard to retreat when you're a quarterback. because the rushomes up the middle. zone coverage, but when you retreat because of good coverage downfield, those outside defensive ends areoingo pin you. you have to climb the pock. you've got just speed coming off the edge. you can't outrun them. >> verne: fourth down and 18.
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knight. ball goes over. da'shawn hand. >> gary: they consider da'shawn hand a starter. he doesn't get as many reps. you bring in another guy that goes around the edge and forces a sack to one of his partners. is looking at his football team and saying "we lost the game. we cannot lose a season." there is a lot to play for. we can win the rest of our football games, and who knows what can happen for a&m. who knows. not likely, but w knows? >> verne: saw the graphic. five sacks today. 1.2 above their average.
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>> gary: up front. we showed the top 10 there. what's interesting, verne, is ohio state, clemson and alabama at the top. in the last draft ohio state had 12 players taken. clemson nine. alama seven. can you say reload? >> verne: they do it aut as well as anybody football. i'm just looking around here. it's a 19-point game. >> gary: everybody is re. >> verne: everybody is still here. there are some in the upper reac but they do love their football. >> gary: they don't have a lot of home games this year. they want to enjoy their product. >> verne: look at this. we haven't gotten a final crowd count but it was in excess of 100,000. 33-14 the score.
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>> verne: good defensive effort yet again by alabama. >> gary: like i say, this is an explosive offense they're playing. that's how good this alabama defense is. >> verne: less than a minute to go. bo scarbrough again. this time the tackle is myles garrett.
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in this game, a&m rushing yardage and passing yardage. prior to this game, they had run and passed for 200 yards in every game. not today. a purpose that binds us together with honest hearts, we dare to stand on new thresholds and take on impossible with strong voices we speak not just to be heard to be felt and with respect for all that makes us different we're all aggies and we are fearless on every front >> verne: 33-14. nick saban still coaching. or advisg.
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third down, eight. >> gary: that's all about how kevin sumlin has rebuilt this program. he went and hired john chavis. now noel mazzone to be more balanced. this team lost 59-0 to this alabama team. he made the changes, and they're a much betr position to compete for championships now than they were then. >> verne: clock running.
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week, then they go to l.s.u. mississippi state. chattanooga. and the iron bowl which will be here this year. here is scarbrough. >> gary: improving auburn team that has a chance to come in with a hot winning streak. alabama gets a bye, and l.s.u. >> verne: jalen hurts. 93 yards or not 166 throwing. kevin sumlin. nick saban. 33-14 the final. the keyy -- i don't think there is much doubt. >> gary: no. turned the whole game around. >> verne: fumble recovery. late third quarter.
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allen picks it up and rumbles in for the score. let's listen to alabama's eli goefld with the call. >> quarterback. the ball is loose. picked up by alabama. it's jonathan allen. he's for his seco touchdown of the year. touchdown, alabama. ball was knocked loose by ryan anderson. picked up by jonathan allen. his second fumble recovery for a touchdown, this year. my goodness gracious, they've >> verne: a quick look at our old friend. there is nick saban. and there is eli gold. the suddenly svelte eli gold. gary: 30 pounds. >> verne: he's lost 32 pounds he's a dear, dear friend. let's go down to allie who is with nick saban. >> allie: coach, congrats on the win. what set the team apart in the second half? >> i like the way our players responded in the second half when we got behind 14-13 and a&m
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half. competitive spirit on our part to come back and dominate game of the rest of the way. >> allie: you hea int november undefeated. what impresses you the most? >> we've gotten better every week, there are things we need to improve on but i'm proud of this bunch. this has been a tough stretch for us. they've persevered very well. we've got a week off. we've got to regroup and improve for anotherative game coming up against l.s.u. >> allie: people are concerned about eddie jackson. carted off the field? >> they took himn and x rayed him. i don't have the sults. >> allie: enjoy the week off. congratulations. >> thank you. >> allie: jonathan, the defensive star. congtulations on your second defensive touchdown of the year. how did it compare to the first? >> it felt good. whever you can put points on the board as a dse it's a positive. >> allie: what does the mentality of the defense have to
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england patriots we would dominate. >> allie:o u nt me to call tom brady? >> not yet. >> allie: seven members of this defense have scored touchdown this is season. do you have something going where you're going one for one? >> we're going out and trying to make plays. when the opportunity strikes we try to take advantage. >> allie: congratulations, enjoy the week off. >> gary: what i like best. when she asked him about brady, he said "not yet." >> verne: we mentioned earlier in handy. mes ago, kevin sumlin on the right. jalen hurts on the left. they've known each other for almost a decade. compelling football for three quarters, and then the crimson tide broke it open. for gary danielson and allie laforce, i'm verne lundquist
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the jeep post-game show up next. that's coming up right after these messages. ?? ? enough. yea, i'm over it.
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z25euz zi0z y25euy yi0y >> cbs sports presents post game show." >> adam: welcome to "the jeep post game show." i'm adam zucker. tonight on cbs begins with the new hit series "macgyver" followed by tv's number one drama "ncis" and a new edition of "48 hours." tonight, only cbs. in the game you just saw alabama, their 20th straight victory and puts them alone atop the s.e.c. west standings with action going on as we speak, but
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something changed. something changed after a&m got the lead. rick: it's hard to beat a great team. it's impossible when you have self-inflicted wounds. here is what i'm talking about. it's third down and 10. they get off the field but a hands to the face penalty gives them a second chance. all week kevin sumlin said they can't let that defense score and here is jonathan allen. his second touchdown on the year. >> brian: what also changed after the initial six-play, 75-yar d the second half to begin the second half, they just got the dropsys -- keith ford who was excellent running the rock but as far as these swing passes out of the backfield, he needed some stickum on those gloves because he couldn't catch a cold sitting on a block of ice. >> adam: alabama 327 rushing. hopefully eddie jackson will be all right. let's get you caught up on other action around the s.e.c. auburn trying to keep pace in
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the ballgame eli stone turns on the burners, 7 yards to the house. >> adam: rhett lashley calling the plays for the tigers. south carolina came into the day with the nation's lowest scoring offense. blake bentley, two touchdown passes in a win over umass. missouri in trouble at home against middle tennessee. 48-38 they trail in the fourth. coming up we'll show you lamar jackson's out ? ? and if you want to be free, be free ? ?'cause there's a million things to be ? ? you know that there are ? ? and if you want to be me, be me ? ? and if you want to be you, be you ? ? 'cause there's a million things to do ?
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louisville, b.j., lamar jackson striking the pose. >> brian: heisman hopeful. scratch that. heisman leader. he's going to utilize those wheels. 36-yard touchdown run. everyone was down on him last week, only 325 yards ofotal offense. watch him strike a pose here. >> verne: it's a sign. >> brian: trying to send a message, rick if >> rick: foreshadowg. >> adam: he's already set a new school record for touchdowns in the season. 34 tot in a state. in the meantime, nebraska, michigan and west virginia move on undefeated, washington expected to join them, already up 21-0 on oregon state. ucla without josh rosen trailing utah. western michigan still undefeated. north carolina. great on the road. wisconsi bouncing back. b.j. is not loving what happened in little manhattan and navy knocking out memphis by 14. big games tonight. ohio state looking to remain perfect as well as they go to
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there. baker mayfield leading against his original school, on the way. >> rick: i think l.s.u. has the recipe. >> brian: more explosive on the offensive side of the ball, starting to spread guys out and chucking it downfield. >> adam: leonard fournette is going to be back, 8:00 local game. the voodoo will be peaking. ole miss-l.s.u., magnolia bowl. post-game show." here is a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs. next saturday it's the home depot s.e.c. on cbs. an east division showdown between heated rivals number 15 florida, and georgia. coverage begins at 2:30 eastern with the cbs college football special presented by jeep followed by "autotrader college football today." it's a special edition of thursday night football on nfl network. tomorrow morning at 9:30 eastern with the giants and the rams in london.
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action. many will see the raiders and jaguars. most will see the patriots and steelers. it all gets started at noon eastern with "the nfl today." closed captioning provided
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