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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  October 24, 2016 4:30am-4:59am EDT

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north carolina news at 4:30 starts now. >> right now on cbs north carolina, a four-hour disturbance at a minimum security prison in wayne county is under control. hear why authorities are not calling it a riot. >> and a crash blocks part of i- 440 in raleigh for hours. the new information police just released. after hurricane matthew devastated parts of edgecombe county, governor pat mccrory will get another firsthand look at the recovery efforts. >> good morning everyone, thanks for watching north carolina news, i'm russ bowen, and i'm justin quesinberry. alyssa corfont has a quick look at your forecast. >> good morning to you at home. for another day in a row we're starting off with clear skies across the area. these clear skies not leading
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remember yesterday if you got up early on your sunday morning, temperatures were in the 30s and 40s. this morning more of the 40s and 50s, which is pretty typical for this time of the year. no complaints. 50 in raleigh, 53 in durham, 47 in roxboro upper 40s through clayton and lillington. lets go ahead and get to your forecast. we're at radioright now. we'll be in the -- we're at 50 60s at noon. more on your forecast in about 10 minutes. an amber alert is in effect for a missing north hampton county girl. the sheriff's office is looking for zariah gill yam. she was la seen wearing blue and black tennis shoes. she was last seen on east woodland. hundreds of prisoners are
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are calling a disturbance at a prison in wayne county. >> the incident unfolded easy afternoon at the neuse correctional substitute in goldsboro. >> just moments ago on our way from raleigh to here at the institute, we saw several inmate buses being -- transferring inmates on highway 70 so what we've been able to co inmates had to be transferred from this facility because of the damage that happened yesterday. now, what we can tell you is the department of public safety officials say a small group of inmates set at least two separate fires at the prison around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. it took just about four hours to regain complete control of the facility here, which has just under 800 inmates. you could still see the smoke coming from the minimum security prison around
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treated for minor injuries while respondi to the disturbance. one inmate was assaulted but has been treated and released. now, pamela walker, the spokesperson for the state depament of safety says she's been with the state for 17 years, and there's not been an instance like this here at the neuse facility. >> we believe that there is some damage, but as far as the extent, i don't have that information at this point. >> that's all under investigation. we'll work closely with the local law enforcement, th enforcement to investigate why and who exactly was involved. >> reporter: now, we continue to call this a disturbance. officials here at the facility say it is not a riot. to be called a riot is if the inmates take complete control of the facility which they did not do yesterday. live in goldoro, lauren
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county man is dead after a crash at robins. a ford ranger ran off buzz by ro around 11:00 last night, hit a tree and burst into flames. a witness pulled the driver from the burning truck but he did die at the scene. the highway patrol is investigating that crash. new information this morning about a crash on i-440. a driver was way near the wake forest exit. at least five vehicles were involved. crews took at least one person to the hospital with serious injuries. the westbound lanes did not open until 2:30 this morning. the crash reconstruction unit is still investigating that crash. today governor pat mccrory will tour one of the hardest hit areas from hurricane matthew. the governor will be in edgecombe county at 9:30 this morning. he will tour princeville and talk about the hurricane
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because of flooding. princeville elementary school flooded. students will go back to class thursday at a new location in tarboro. presidential politics are front and center here in north carolina this week. hillary clinton and first lady michelle obama will hold a rally on thursday. it will be their first joint appearance at a campaign rally. governor mike pence is in salisbury and greensboro today and donald kinston on wednesday. esidential nominee hillary clinton made a campaign stop in raleigh yesterday. she spoke at st. augustine university along with the mothers of the movement. they are moms whose children died in gun violence or police- related incidents. clinton promised them in the crowd she would reform the criminal justice system to make it work for everyone fairly. >> not just stand with them, but to be their partner and to
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on systemic racism, to heal the divides in our country. >> clinton also urged north carolinians to take advantage of early voting. this is her first stop since early voting stopped last week. on her way from charlotte, clinton stopped for services at the union baptist church in durham. the mothers of the movement joined clinton as well. they are an organization made up of mothers of african- vision for criminal justice reform. dozens of hillary clinton supporters sported paint suits to dance in a flash mob ahead of her visit. they gathered dancing to justin timberlake's can't fight the feeling and wearing colorful outfits. they call it pantsuit power. the flash mob was made up of
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it was organized by gasp nc which stands for girlfriends actively supporting progress. video of a similar pantsuit power flash mob in new york recently drew thousands of views online. a professional dancer in new york city originally from raleigh participated in the new york dance. that's a hard act to follow at 4:37 this morning. taking you outside at i-40 at old irwin road. you can't see much but there's not much to see out there. a nice quiet start t monday morning commute on 540, 440 and 40. no accidents to report there. roads through durham look good, durham freeway you're able to go the speed limit. and no trouble on 95 this morning. we do still have a lane blocked on nc59 because of the flooding from the hurricane. i-40 at lake wheeler road. things are moving nicely to start off your monday morning commute. 4:37 right now, and a wake county teacher will be out of the classroom today and in a
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are dead after a tour bus slams into a tractor-trailer. we'll have an update on that investigation. >> it was very hard for me not to take it home. >> plus a story of survival emerged from princeville after
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y25miy yi0y welcome back, and a good monday morning this is a live picture from our tower cam a. we're looking t over the beltline this morning. let's take a look at our satellite and radar composite. not a lot going on locally. still under the influence of high pressure. we see a few showers moving across the state of pennsylvania. that's all that really we have to look for to see a cold front this morning. that cold front will be dropping through the area and it is going to drop through without any rain, which means
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not for today but for tomorrow. let's talk about where we are right now before we talk about those changes. 53 in durham, 50 in raleigh. upper 40s in sanford and lillington. ray ford at 52. here's what you need to know this moing. it is going to be a cool start to the day. 48 at 8 a.m. 68 then at lunchtime. plenty of sunshine, even warmer than where we were we'll be clear and comfortable this 80. i mention that dropped in temperature, over 10 degrees. tomorrow's high only 64. we'll be at 65 wednesday. still in the 60s on thursday, and by friday we should be back to 70 again. i'll let you know what days could potentially bring a chance for rain coming up in your complete storm team forecast. 4:41 in the morning right now. coming up next. >> feeling good for me as an officer going out there and
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owner. >> a dog rescued after the flooding caused by hurricane matthew is waiting for his family to claim him. where the little brown dog is this morning and what may happen next. >> a tour bus collides when a semitruck killing at least 13
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in this morning's top stories, breaking news an amber alert is in effect for a missing north hampton girl. the sheriff's office is looking for zahreiah gilliam. the she was wearing a pink long sleeved t-shirt, black jeans and tennis shoes. she was last seen on east main street at 6:30 yesterday afternoon. part of i-440 is back open after police say a driver going the wrong way caused a crash.
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five vehicles. at least o person was seriously hurt. it took crews aboufive hours to reopen the lanes between capital boulevard and wake forest road. new information this morning about a disturbance at the neuse constructional institute in wayne county. inmates set two fires in part of the prison because of the damage. 500 inmates were transferred to over prisons. one corrections staff member and one inmate were treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. a wake county teacher is accused of having a sexual rela while teaching in lenoir county. 39-year-old timothy bennett is listed as a fine arts teacher. he worked at south lenoir high school last year. the communication continued with the student after he left. the lenoir county sheriff's office says there is no evidence lenoir county schools had any prior knowledge of the relationship. right now investigators are at the scene of a crash in southern california trying to figure out what caused a tour bus to plow into an 18-wheeler. at least 13 people died and
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from north palm springs which is about 100 miles east of los angeles. >> a crane was needed to separate a tour bus and tractor- trailer on interstate 10 in north palm springs california. the bus plowed into the back of the truck very early sunday morning. >> in almost 35 years i've never been to a crash where there's been 13 confirmed fatal accidents. so it's tough. >> a survivor told police most of the passengers were sleeping at tim to reach the victims because the door was inaccessible. >> there trailer itself entered about 15 feet to the bus, so you can see that it was a substantial impact. the bus was traveling significantly faster than the tractor-trailer that had struck om behind. >> the bus driver died in the crash while the truckdriver was injured as were dozens of bus passengers. >> it seemed as though most of
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through the air and ended up sustaining facial trauma. >> the bus was heading west on i-10 back to los angeles from a casino near palm springs. police say the 1996 bus was inspected earlier this year. >> and no mechanical deficiencies were noted. >> federal records show the bus company involved ned one bus anhad one driver. palm springs california. >> records also sh the rating. the national transportation safety board is sending a team to california to investigate the crash. right now investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire in an rv on the delaware memorial bridge. the promotional rv belonged to weed world candies. the rv was full of marijuana candy on its way to philadelphia when it caught fire. the five people in the rv got out safely. the company launched in 1999 with the hope ofgetting
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four people from clearwater florida after their boat took on water and capsized. how terrifying is that. one of the boaters called 9-1-1 before they ended up in the water. the coast guard found all four with life jackets on clinging to the boat. no one was hurt. a team of animal control officers from across the state helped in edgecombe county after hurricane matthew. one of those sent to the area was scott kish the cog ended up running behind the truck 4 to 3 blocks down the road. kish got out out of the seat to help the dog, he jumped in the truck. that's when they knew he was not a stray. he belonged to someone. >> he looked like his angels and it felt really good to grab him off the street. we didn't know what was going to happen with him. >> the crew took the dog, nicknamed him the little brown
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county. shelter workers hope his owners claim him. if they don't, he will be put up for adoption. i hope his owners are okay. that is the sweetest little face. >> him resting on the armrest there. >> so adorable. >> so clever with the little brown dog nickname there. >> i know, right? that's cute. >> come here little brown dog. >> you have to call him. he just ran right off the truck. let's get to our forecast. yesterday was a cold one across our area. in the morning hours anyways. this morning not so it's right around 50. you're still going to want that jacket for you and the kids as you head out the door this morning. it is 46 in henderson right now, 47 in roxboro. siler city, good morning, you're at 53. we have pinehurst at 54 and raeford around 52. also 52 in goldsboro to start off this monday. hour-by-hour for you, it will be a cool start. 48 around 8 a.m.
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i think you'll be able to shed that jacket by lunchtime. 68 degrees there but we get warmer, 75 our afternoon high. drop back to 70 by 6:00. again, really looking at pretty cloud-free conditions as we head into the afternoon. we are tracking a cold front today, believe it or not, and the only reson we can see this cold front on ur satlite and radar is because we have a few showers with it across central portions pennsylvania. that front is eventually going to drop into our area bringg until tomorrow. today high pressure still rgely in control of our forecast. so go ahead, make plans to be outside on your lunch hour or after work, the weather is going to cooperate nicely. tomorrow it's going to be much cooler. 6 a.m. this morning, we're looking at clear skies. those are around through lunchtime, and through the afternoon hours as well. overnight tonight looking at clear skies.
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colder temperatures. as we head into the afternoon, it's certainly going to be a chillier day for us. again, though temperatures for this time of the year should be in the low 70s. i'm taing about temperatures in the low to mid-60s. so city by city for you today. we don't have to worry about that cooldown just yet. 75 in raleigh, 74 in durham and 77 in fayetteville. fast forward to tonight, here we go, that cooler night 44 degrees our overnight low. can't rule out an isolated area or hours, tomorrow 64 our high. 65 on wednesday. there will ne a chance for a shower or two late in the day on thursday, possibly first thing friday morning: overall the majority of the workweek will be dry. as we head into saturday there could also be a sty shower moving rough. 72 there, behind those showers drop back into the upper 60s. 4:51 on your monday morning. that's yo latest forecast.
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as you travel to the raleigh area. 540, 440, all the major highways looking good. if we take you into durham, 75, 85, durham freeway, no problems there. and down through fayetteville the only thing you have to worry about right now is nc59 hope mills road. we do have a lane blocked from flooding. if we take you back into raleigh, state fair still going on. you can always take a bus if the parking. i-440 at lake boone trail moving well on this monday morning. 4:52 right now and still ahead. >> that's what it's about, people helping people, churches coming together touching one another. we thank god for louis chapel. >> coming up in 2 minutes a church in fayetteville rallies together to help dozens of people in a small town after hurricane matthew. >> and before weet a break, here's a look at what's coming
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computer called watson already won jeopardy. now it's trying to
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y25miy yi0y many families are working to get back on track, and yesterday members from
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a church in robson county. mcdonald north carolina is about 15 miles south of lumber ton. close to 100 people live there. besides many homes flooding and many families losing power, it was trouble for a whole week. >> he said he would feed us when we're hury. he'd give us water when we're thirsty. he'll put shoes on our feet and he'll put clothes on our back. he is awesome. he is an awesome god. he is. he is you and i appreciate all this. >> louis chapel sent three truckloads of items including toiletries and water. a garden knowing for being a place for stopping and selling roses is now selling those roses for a good cause. witherspoon is relocating in durham county. it's looking to find homes for its 1300 rose be issues.
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different stages in life that people eerience and how that relates to the life care, the transitions life care, and you know, this is definitely a new step in the witherspoon business life, so i think it really parallel each other. >> the sale ends november 6th. each rose bush is being sold for $45. half of that will go towards transitions life care. you can find more information on our website bill murray received the nation's top people laugh. the actor received the mark twain prize for american humor at the kenny center, wow, what a tongue twister this morning, in washington d. c. david letterman, emma stone and sigourney weaver were among those on hand to celebrate his career. murray got his big break on saturday night live. halloween came early in kentucky, yes, look up and look at these costumes. man's best friend dressed up
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raid. this year's theme s your favorite fairy tale. money raised went to local charities. look at the redhead. >> so cute. >> little brown dog, i wonder if he's out there. >> i know, we've got to get him a costume, that's for sure. >> 4:57 in the morning. >> right now correction officers are investigating what they're calling a disturbance at a minimum security prison in goldsboro. >> coming up in our next half hour, what investigators say happened and the overnight. >> but first let's take you outside right now where we're waiting on the sun to rise and bring maybe some warmer
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north carolina news at 5 starts right now. two people including a prison guard are recovering after what's being called a disturbance at a prison in wayne county what investigators are now telling us happened behind the gates. plus, we have this. >> hillary clinton is making a big push in several battleground states as donald trump continues to election is rigged. i'm rock zanna sabary in new york. >> thousands of children die each year from sids, the new recommendations for parents. >> i'm justin quesinberry in today for stefan chase. >> good to see you here justin, i'm russ bowen. let's get straight to storm team meteorologist alyssa corfont. it is a little cooler this week it looks like. >> yeah, it's certainly going


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