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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  CBS  October 24, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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north carolina news at 5 starts right now. two people including a prison guard are recovering after what's being called a disturbance at a prison in wayne county what investigators are now telling us happened behind the gates. plus, we have this. >> hillary clinton is making a big push in several battleground states as donald trump continues to election is rigged. i'm rock zanna sabary in new york. >> thousands of children die each year from sids, the new recommendations for parents. >> i'm justin quesinberry in today for stefan chase. >> good to see you here justin, i'm russ bowen. let's get straight to storm team meteorologist alyssa corfont. it is a little cooler this week it looks like. >> yeah, it's certainly going
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unseasonably warm. so if you're ready for this warmth, make sure you make plans to be outside on your lunch hour or maybe after work. right now we're locking at pretty clear skies on our satellite and radar composite. we just droed to 49 in raleigh. cky mount, henderson, roxboro in the method 40s while south hill virginia is reporting 63. lets get straight to your forecast for today. sunshine from start to finish. it will be there, 68 at noon and then 75 our afternoon high, and yeah, this is almost 5 degrees warmer than where we were yesterday. we falback towards 70 as we head to 6:00 this evening. a dry cold front comes through tonight, and that means cooler temperatures for tomorrow. i'll break down those changes in your complete storm team forecast. breaking news, a north hampton county girl is at the center of an amber alert. the sheriff's office is looking
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wearing a pink long sleeved t- shirt, black genes and blue, black, and pink tennis shoes. she was last seen on east main street in woodland around 6:30 yesterday evening. if you he any information call authorities. right now correction officers say they have what they're calling a disturbance at prison in wayne nty under control. >> the incident unfolded yesterday afternoon at the neuse rrectional institute in goldsboro. that's where we find cbs north carolina'sau there's about 800 inmates here at the neuse correctional institute, but this morning about 500 of them had to be a d facility because of the damage caused in yesterday's disturbance. department of public safety officials tell us a small group of inmates set at least two separate fires at the prison around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. one was set in the prison's diagnostic building, and one was set in the storage shed that held supplies.
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involved also broke windows and damaged four dorm rooms. at this point in their investigatiothey would not call it a riot. they consider it a riot if the inmates take control of the facility, and in this case they did not. pamela walker, thepokesperson for the state department of safety says she's been with the state for 17 years, and there has not been instance like this at the neuse facility. >> we have one correctional staff member that has be for what we believe are nonlife- threatening injuries, and then we also have one inmate that was assaulted. i do not have the details on the assault at this time, but that inmate has also been treated and released. for about the 3007 inmates that remain here at the neuse correctional institute, the road has actually been blocked off, and the facility remains on lockdown with extra staff on hand.
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another collision between a car and a bike in wake county. 36-year-old jason markley died after being hit near luther road. this comes after a cyclist hit by acar last week in cary remains in critical condition. some bike riders say the recent accidents make them nervous but they will continue to ride. >> this should not keep cyclistsff the road. we have toshow in her support to stay out there and ride. i mean if it happened to me i riding. >> cyclists say they hope these crashes will cause drivers to be more aware and attentive. >>rham police are investigating a pedestrian- involved accident at happened sunday morning on nc highway 7. the accident happened shortly before 3:45 in the morning. the driver fled the scene. he was lay iter found and charges are pending. one victim is currently in critical condition and the other in stable condition. the preliminary investigation
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incident. just 15 days until the general election. hillary clinton and donald trump are stepping up their efforts in key states including north carolina. cbs news polls out on sunday shows clinton leading trump by 3 points in florida. trump is ahead by 3 points in the usually red state of texas. >> hillary clinton kris crossed north carolina sunday appearing along side mothers of the movement in raleigh and raleigh in charlotte. >> he refused to say that he would respect the results of our election. some people are sore losers, and you know, we just -- we just got to keep going. >> stumping for clinton in las vegas, president obama criticized republicans for backing the go nominee. >> when you finally get him on tape bragging about that qualify as sexual assault and his poll numbers go down,
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what took you so long. >> recent polls show a number of pivotal states slipping away from trump including the usually red state of texas. the latest cbs battleground tracker shows trump leading clinton by only 3 points in the state. despite the dire numbers trump campaign manager says he still has a chance. >> our advantage is that donald ump is just going to continue to take the case directly to the people. >> it's it's corrupt. >> at an outdoor rally in florida trump continued to question the u.s. voting system as well as polls showing clinton leading him among women. >> i really think those polls are very inaccurate when it comes to women. i think we're doing better with women than with men frankly. >> early voting is set to begin in most florida counties today. rocks anna sabary for cbs news.
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a rally with senator -- on thursday she'll campaign along side first lady michelle obama. towns like fairmont are still feeling effects. some are lining up for food instead of lining up for early voting ballots in our ate, which is a battleground state in this year's election. 550,000 registered voters live in the six north carina counties affected by matthew. >> i d voting is stirring up a lot of enthusiasm due to matthew. a lot are not interested right now. they're just trying to get back in their homes. >> the stakes are high. in 2008 then senator barack obama beat senator john mccain by just 14,000 votes in north caroli. some people plan to vote but right now that's not what's important for em. there are some advantages for voters in north carolina. early voting allows same day
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days. voters do have until november 1st to request an sentee ballot as well. it's 5:07 on this monday. durham freeway at corn wallace , travel through durham. no accidents to report on 540, 440 and 40. major highways are moving well. same thing through durham. roads look good and down through fayetteville, still a lot of local roads closed because of hurricane matthew and hope mills road is one of at camden mills as crews continue to clean up in the wake of matthew. airport travel conditions, not a bad day to be flying out if you're flying to new york, los angeles, dallas, flights should be arriving on time. i-440 at capital boulevard, pretty nice start to your monday morning commute. almost 5:09 in the morning, later in the sports an unusual ending to a football game.
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welcome back to cbs north carolina. just about 5:11 now on this monday morning, and we're back into the upper 40s. so a cool start for us, no 30s like what we were dealing with yesterday. if you need that silver lining as you start off a new workweek, you still are going to need a jacket as you head for the door. as you can see i'm expecting us to stay in the 40s through about that sunrise, and then we're back into the low 50s by 9 a.m. if you're counting down, you have a little ways to go. the official sunrise did you want happen until 7:30 this morning. 45 in roxboro. 52 in durham, 50 in siler city, 49 in sanford and also in the lillington area we also have the upper 40s across portions of sampson county towards clinton as we start off our morning. if you were waking up early yesterday, you know it was a
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we are 13 degrees warmer here in durham. we are 10 degrees warmer in henderson and south hill. a 7-degree bump up in raleigh. we'll be in the mid-60s at lunchtime, eventually into the mid-70s. back to 70 for that evening drive home. i will have a closer look at the rest of the workweek ahead coming up in about 10 minutes. there are now guidelines on how to prevent sudden infant death syndrome. marlie hall has the details >> and gas prices around the
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get 50 meg internet with no data cap starting at $39.99 a month. plus, free installation and access to over 500,000 twc wifi? hotspots nationwide. would rex pass up more beef stew? i don't think so. say yes to more. call now. 5:14. this morning's top stories breaking news, an amber alert is now in effect for a missing north hampton county girl. the sheriff's office is looking for zahreiah gilliam. the 12-year-old. last seen wearing a pink long sleeved t-shirt, black jeans
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night. a crash on i-440 closed a section of the road for hours. a driver going the wrong way near the wake forest road exit caused that crash. at least five vehicles were involved in it. crews took at least one person to the hospital with very serious injuries. the crash happened around 9:30 last night. the westbound lanes did reopen at 2:30 this morning. today governor pat mccrory will tour princeville and see the damage left behind by hurricane matthew. engineers removed millions of gallons of water from princeville elementary school students will go back to class thursday at a new location in tarboro. about 3500 babies die every year from sleep-related death. >> now the american academy of pediatrics is issuing a new recommendation for safe sleep for infants. marlie hall has more from new jersey. >> jessica swenson and her fiancee make sure their 2-month- old baby girl malia is close by for bedtime. >> so we can see her, keep an
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breathing. >> and that's right in step with new guidelines to help decrease the chances of sudden infant death syndrome and other sleep-related deaths. the group recommends parents share the infant's bedroom for at least the first six months of life. >> the studies were done throughout the first year of life, and we know that reduction can be as much as 50%. >> the recomnd to remind parents that babies should be placed on their back on a firm mattress in the crib or bassinet, and there should be no blankets, bumpers, pillows or toys. >> dr. laurie feldman winter says breast-feeding is also recommended. >> exclusive breast-feeding can reduce the risk of sids by as much as 70%. >> also recommended offer a pacifier at naps and bedtime and babies should get plenty of
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promote development. malia's parents are doing everything they can to keep her safe including giving her her own space. >> you never let her sleep in the same bed with us. it's just too dangerous. >> that way everyone sleeps better. but only for three to four hours at a time. marlie hall, cbs news clementon new jersey. there's good news for motorists. the average price of gasoline has dropped $0.04 this w dropped in 11 weeks and part of that reason is seasonally lower gasoline demand. the highest average price for regular gas was $2.78 in san fran, lowest 1.95 in tulsa, oklahoma. that's some good priced gas there. >> we can go on a nice long weekend trip. >> i can tell you had a long weekend. you are full of energy this morning. 49 degrees right now. this is a live picture from the
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pretty comfortable for this time of the year. yesterday we had the 30s. i'm looking at this as a big improvement. we have 46 in henderson, 53 in south hill. we're at 51 in roanoke rapids, the 40s around clayton and rocky mount, also down through clinton. we also have 54 is morning in fayetteville. let me shoyou what you need to be prepared for for the day ahead. it is going to be a cool start. jackets for the kids as they head to the bus stop, for you as you head out the do 68 at lunchtime, mainly sunny there. the sunshine continues and that's going to boost those temperatures. this afternoon we should be closer to 75. we're back to 70 as we head towards 6:00. pretty clear, pretty comfortable for us as we head into the evening hours. look closely, seeing few showers moving across pennsylvania. wiin the past few hours those have tapered off. that's the only thing we can see on our satellite and radar to indicate there's actually a cold front to our north. this front as it drops across our area late today is actually
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it, cooler temperatures are bottled up behind that front, and that's why we'll notice this front but not until tomorrow. so let's go ahead and look at our future forecast. we'll talk about this quickly. there's not a lot to cover. we're staying dry, sunny skies to start the day through about lunchtime and we'll also look at sunny skies as we head into the afternoon. if you are heading out for lunch on your lunch hour, maybe you're hoping to get a quick run in, weather will cooperate nicely. it would also cooperate that sunsets earlier and earlier. as we head into overnight, clear skies, and that means a chilly start to our tuesday. by tuesday afternoon not a lot changes. the sunshine is still around. 75 our high today here in raleigh. 74 in durham, and 77 in fayetteville. fast forward to tonight, it will be chillier than where we are right now, right around 44 degrees for an overnight low, and we head into the next few days, look at this, very fall-
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thursday afternoon into friday morning, and then maybe a shower or two as we head towards saturday. sunday, though, right now of the upcoming weekend looks very dry with a high near 68 degrees. it is 5:20 on this monday morning. that's your latest forecast. let me hand it over to allie for a check on the roadways. >> durham freeway at mangum street a very quiet start. if you're hiding out the door through the raleigh -- heading out the door through raleigh area, 540, 40 moving well. same thing through durham, chapel hill, hillsborough, those areas moving well, and only thing you're going to run into is some local roads still blocked because of flooding as you head through the fayetteville area. drive times, nothing out of the ordinary here if you're heading west into raleigh, just going to take you about 17 minutes on 540 from u.s. 64 to glenwood avenue and back outside to the durham freeway at glover road. nice start to your monday
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right now 5:21 right this seconds, after a helmet to helmet hit. >> wait fo it, now go. >> exactly. >> will matt days play this this week's game. we'll have the answer coming up next. >> and you'll want to see this week's high school football play of the week. jeff jones has those stories and more coming up in today's
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here is something you definitely don't see very often. last night's game between the cardinals and the seahawks ended in a tie. late in overtime steven hour coo attempted to kick a the game but he missed it. he never misses, rarely misses. a last second hail mary pass was incomplete. that game ends in a 6-6 tie. shocker there. >> you see the coaches face. >> it happens. >> a scary moment for nc state fans as la player takes a helmet to helmet hit. >> it left fans and player wondering if matt days would be
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jeff jones has that answer. >> good morning, i'm jeff jones. nc state fans i have good news and i have bad news following last weekend's blowout loss. the bad news there's no way to go back in time and redo that game against louisville so we we can just stop thkinews, at l team came out healthier. matt days took a helmet to helmet hit and did not return to the noactually suffer a concussion. they will be back at full strength this saturday against boston college. the university of houston was unable to avoid an upset this weekend. the cougars lost to an unranked and over matched smu team. how did is, mu's head coach celebrate, by doing that. not the best dance moves i've seen but after pulling off one of the biggest wins in school
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great plays on the high school football field. on friday we showed you three of the very best and called them our play of the week nominees. over the weekend we added up the vote and west johnston's tony mac will take home this week's lay of the week. his touchdown helped spark a huge offensive night for the wildcats name kept their undefeat -- they kept their undefeated record intact. be sure to tune in this evening football team and we'll hear from the hurricanes who are just one day away from a showdown with the red wings. all that and more right here on cbs north carolina. all right, 5:26 right now. coming up in our next half hour. >> hundreds of inmates have been moved from a prison in wayne county after a disturbance this weekend. i'm lauren haviland and coming up on cbs north carolina, the latest on the investigation and what officials are still trying to figure out. >> plus, before you head out
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moving pretty well. ali warshavsky will have an update an all those traffic worries. also the weather this week going to be a little warmer today according to alyssa, but expect a big drop. she'll tell us just how far and what it's going to be like through the rest of the week.
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right now on cbs north carolina, a four-hour disturbance at a minimum security prison in wayne county is under control. hear why authorities not calling it a riot. >> and a crash blocks part of i- 440 in raleigh for hours, the
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>> plus more than two weeks after hurricane matthew kev stated parts of edge -- devastated parts of edgecombe county, governor pat mccrory will get a look at the recovery efforts. >> we thank you for being here, i'm russ bowen. >> i'm justin quesinberry in today for stefan chase. alyssa corfont has a quick look at your forecast. >> we're looking at temperatures in the are you'll enjoy this afternoon's forecast as well. right now, though, we are looking at pretty clear skies. nothing showing up on our satellite and radar composite, which is good news for your morning drive in. you're certainly going to need a jacket though. let's take a look at these temperatures. here in raleigh through lillington and sanford all in the upper 40s. we have 49 in clinton, nearby fayetteville is registering 54. we look northward, mid-40s in roxboro and henderson. roanoke rapids, good morning,


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