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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  October 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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north carolina news at 11:00 starts now the media is continued walking condescending. >> get this donald trump, nasty women are smart and nasty women vote. >> the campaign trail is heating up as we near eleion day. and a big decision for franklin county. the al reached tonight to >> thanks for joining us. breaking news out of fayetteville where a man was shot a home invasion. >> it happened around 9:30 on the 900 block of teess street. four armed men forced open the front door of a home, confronted the man and shot him before they fran the scene.
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fayetteville police. >> a suspect in a deadly shooting yesterday. darius council is charged with shooting reggie alstin. a push to bring hospital services county. cbs north carolina michael highland explains when the er could reopen. >> sitting with his wife james, monty is thankful to be sitting here at all. >> i was told people do not
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>> the first one, we didn't catch it until it was almost literally too late. >> monty lives across the street from franklin medical center. >> it has been very scary knowing these past years there is nothing there, assistce. >> duke life space will open services. >> it was pair mont they have 24/7 services in the community. >> duke life point will be able to provoid the best medical
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for the citizens of franklin county. wake-med and other fissions submitted proposals. an apex man is facing charges after he hit and killed a cyclist friday night.
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car crashed near night dale. the man was captured about an hour later. speed was a factor in the crash but no one was hurt. the man's name has not been released. >> investigators are trying to figure out what caused inmates to riot. two fires were caused dienessic problems to the area. they'll study the disturbance for security measures. >> we take the learning events
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prevention. we want to know what resours we can bring to bear as quick as problem. the beginning of the last ll week of october didn't feel like it today but a big cool down is coming. wes. >> yeah, let's get october temperatures around here. look up the north colder. some of the in her has moved through.zvfv we're going to go from about seven agrees normal when we flirted.
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coming up at 7:31. this morning it was 47. a little bit colder in the moing because we'll be close to 50-degrees by 9:00 a. there's a long road of cleanup for housands of people because of hurricane matthew. we caught up with had three feet of water in their apartmt. they and other families are displate. >> the only thing we had left the day after this storm was the clothes on our backs. >> the city says it could take
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reval. >> the governor saids ther still should be caution used with the water. there's no knowledge of what kind of impact this will have on on our state. >> donald trump ismaking serasits in the legroundstate >> early votin there monday. >> who did you vote for today. >>donaltrump, even thgh i'm a regiered democrat. >> i'm 90 and i don't nt to die before i votf a woman. >> donald tru blamed his campaign strules on the media.
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even contemptuous. hillary clinton was in new hampshire. i'm proud to have the support of more than 150 leaderin the e who put country bere party. such nay >> get this, donald, naty ugh. stand nasty women vote. >> peoe in more than 30 states are alrey voting. so far nearly 5,000 ballots have been
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was in greensboro. >> tomorrow senator elizabeth warren will be here. howard dean will be at u tc >> president inton will stop in fayette hillary clton will hold her first voters in wade county have another decision on their hands. they must decide to approve a tax increase. it would include exnded bus service trout the could bety. >> it's very inexpensive.
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month, so for the price of a cup of coffee you can have more bus transit. we don't feel unlesthe k that you're going to get people out of their cars sql some of the money would also come from >> usa the most popular spot on halloween niles. coming up next we'll t up some of the new surveillance prices scare you isalloween. >> .
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a lal woman battling a degenerate disease and her
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senator richard burr. he's been in wasto de like the hundreds of thousands burr's taken from oil and energy companies. anwhile voting asttax breaks he's voted f them. see, burr had tens of thousands of dollars invested inil 'se ne for? le of conservatiote for the cont of this advertising.
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the will beit's hard to is time next we ki will still be winding wfrom sugar zz anthousands of you ll be passing thr th a look ie. >> this hodepoints me - me started geing ready back on september 8th.
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just a time to come and trk or treat. >> this will be his ninth in a row. jones is pecting by his house fr candy fun. >>ou dress up d go out ere and scare great time. >> 30 stat 30 diert tlets. >> depending on how old they are, they might want to come while it's still light out. there are things hat jump out at you and at you. >>they've talked about this is
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halleen for e neighbor. >> since we have n out here, dozen people are stopping their car. this weekend we'r30 actors costumes. portions of this block will be blocked off on
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our average, gh of 71, t t norm and the research of the week. now as we head into th day tomorrow to, it is tuesday 40s. this morning it was 47. it'sinto 'll colder. the's a more things th work like a cold front but it sure didn't feel like faltoday. i as in the mountains, i brought some for
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lot of fellow we and then curved around to asheville. great lor scheme righthere, tak if you haveicres maybe our backyard, drop me an pea send it >> back to theweather map. there's the cofront through mostf the area. 's going to takeseveral urs for that
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weather if the next coue of days. thursdayened friy we have anothesystem coming fl anytng we get is nogoingo substantial. ar?vy5 systemmoving out. binding
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morrow be readlikit watoday. >> hankyou wes. >> if yow how your life might , it might not only change the way you live , bu how you use >> a rare and ster. >> most hothe workers is a long way ay. >> from her shtold mup and i hold her up and it is.
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gnwtherebut it was06 was having tough probls with nervous system. >> she's trying to fight so hard tor no?i it. >> among the costant sound of yoroter and rul yard is where ve in tnt in between sting be fun bto wato take
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>> rachel and rrihas a dream to campacro e y. beme d th ility to >> i used to focusly on kept me om living each day the fullest that i could. >>she wants to get
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>>people would ichae it, i would y no. i wouldn't ha en ab to see life that way they ve. >> at an incrib outlook on fe. opes aise uny. rachel h seupa go me page. ouweb ite. >> td gion is here wit sports. coming
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narrorpay more. one n dollars from the inrancstry. chard burr was oagainst banning sider trading by congress. anrichard burr voted rai hiowpay. seven time he increased his wealtrichard burr.t. twenty years in washington...
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the carolinapanthers got division is not a jugger knot, so there is hope for caroli coach ron rivera hoping last year's magic returns. ?z we're right in e mix. th the way you look at it. you have to focgame and you have keep believing you have an
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>> the kigspracticedat nc arena thismoning fore boarding their a. >> we're giving up tony we have work ethic is where x-canes and opener tomorrow. >> a loss is a los right? not necessarily. so losses can leave you feeling better than other losses. noone likes to se. the pack s a missed
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there was nothing positive to a ss to e cardina >> it'a bad feeling, an embarrassing type feeling whers other feeling is you're on the top othe worl and it was taken you. >> ? =-wolf pack looking get that good feeling ck when they st bost ege progressive field. cleveland has nowon the seesn 68 years, cs 108 asons. each ne chapter. spect for histy, but u go in that om right now and
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senator richburr. he's been in washington two cades. d burr's g plenty to show it. like the hundreds of thousds 's taken from
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that were exchanged... hillary edtes... the supreme court is wrong on the second amendmen hillary will lie about anything to get elected. the nra itr legislative action is respoible fhe content of this vertising. it's called "the snake:" a long, skinny congresonal districtwn along i-85
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and justice bob edmunds? he wrote the decision supporting his party'rimition. but federal judges rejected edmunds' opinion and said the power grab was all about race.
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thcan learn and achie.hat evy student in north cin not when we're 44th p student funng. suld t ask r more mon from you. ave x breaks those at the top whil the middle class. it's time polh ourrand and once more say, "come check out north calina."
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north carolina used to make education priori. all understood the importan of hing good schools.lliona. we rank 44th iendinger stent. wel understood the importan of hing good schools.lliona.
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cubs argoing tohe rld series! yes, after 71 years of wa eveldndnks to a an ozr, th evil wiza w the signed r buing might fulfilhis dark prophend indis thanks t the young


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