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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  October 25, 2016 6:00am-6:43am EDT

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y25euy yi0y an overnight investigation shuts down a johnston county road and leads authorities to search vehicles. a deadly attack in the middle east leaves dozens dead. a look at the damage left behind. and poci two weeks of the campaign. find out who will be where and when and will be very busy. >> a couple of weeks left. >> thank you for watching. i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase. we need to look at weather i got long sleeves. it will the get colder.
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cooler than yesterday. right now i want to start you off with satellite radar composite looping over the next two hour and nothing has changed with clear skies in central north carolina. 47. 46 clayton. 40 henderson, 41 rocks poor oh, continuing to drop around south hill to 38 degrees and in the sandhills with 50s, not as were pinehurst. expecting clear skies all across the day today, 48 and will be cool. 60 at lunchtime and high of 65, cooler than yesterday and five degrees below where we should be and we should be around 60 by 6:00. i'll let you know if cool temperatures will hang around
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in johnston county after a large police presence. >> it began te last night near clayton. lauren haviland is live at the sheriff's office and has been following the story. what's the latest? >> reporter: law enforcement officer try to pull a car in the clayton area. the driver took off and may vended up government roads. authors were searching in vehicles coming into the area. the intersection has reopened but we have not been able to confirm with law enforcement officials what happened. we have been in touch with the johnston county sheriff's office. they have not been able to confirm what happened but we
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this morning and bring you the latest on-air and online. lauren haviland, cbs north carolina. election day is two weeks away. justin quesinberry is live in raleigh at one campaign stop. tell us more. >> reporter: senator elizabeth warren will be here at meredith hillary clinton. her event is an early vote event. doors open at 7:00. the event begins at 8:00. she urges grassroots supporters and volunteers to work between now and election day. close to a half million people have cast votes in our state. early voting continues until november 5. a monmouth university survey has both virtually tied so candidate and
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push. howard dean is in high point today and triangle tomorrow. donald trump will be in kinston on wednesday. you may remember at the last debate donald trump had that nasty woman comment towards the end of the debate for hillary clinton. elizabeth warren had strong words using that very language yesterday. hear that in our next half hour. justin quesinberry, carolina. in oklahoma, a frantic search is happening as authorities look to the man accused of shooting six people, two police officers. two victims di. this happened during acrime spree by michael van e and the victims were his aunt and
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thousands of people lived in the camp as they applied for asylum in great britain but are moved to reception centers around france or being told to go back to their home countries where they may be in danger. officers are call untilled to monitor the process and there have been several clashes. authority in pakistan are trying to find out who is responsible for attacking police academy. one militant was killed and the other two detonated explosive vests. 60 people were dead and hundreds hurt. most of the victims were trainees. good morning. it's 6:05. i-40 at lake wheeler slowing down with the morning rush.
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hillsboro street. may cause delays and hopefully will be cleared soon. we have an accident on page road from durham into raleigh bright and early and fort bragg, looks like a nice ride. raleigh on u.s. 1, 540 to downtown, 17 minutes on 70 from hillsboro street, nothing wrong on 440 or 540 just yet. hopefully it stays that way. >> thanks a lot. 6:06 is your time on this tuesday morning. the simple aircraft led to a complex scare when it landed last year. hear what authorities plan to do with it. plus this.
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more on the terrifying dashcam video after the break. before you get ready to head out the door, 30s and 40s as we look towards the virginia border. 37 roxboro, 38 south hill, 40 in oxford. i will have a look at how cool it will be this afternoon in
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after 30 years in law enforcement, i've seen a lot. and i can tell you, josh stein will be an attorney general we can count on. anyone that tells you different doesn't know what they're talking about. josh is endorsed by law enforcement because he has a record of making us safer. protecting children from sexual predators. and expanding the dna database to put rapists behind bars.
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layers because we're starting off chilly. >> by lunchtime i don't think you will need the jackets any more but some areas are in the 30s. >> yeah, chilly out there. >> it feels like fall. this is the top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill. we're seeing a few more cars downtown and that's pretty much a trend across the area as we get through the 6:00 hour. more folks getting ready to head out the door so that's why
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been all day, 47 rocky mount, 46 clayton. around sandhills, temperatures continue to drop, around 53 across fayetteville and raeford, 51 in pinehurst. compare these numbers to 24 hours ago -- hand down the biggest change for you is south hill, virginia, 14 degrees colder, 5 degrees colder in roxboro and henderson, 9-degree drop this siler city. in the sandhills, not as change, warmer lillington, 3 degrees warmer and 4 degrees warmer in clinton. one thing for sure -- this afternoon, most of you will feel cooler temperatures, 48 at 7:00 a.m., 60 at noon, and high of 65 and yesterday, mid-70s. it's not the case today or tomorrow. you can see we'll both stay in the mid-60s and will climb again on thursday and as we head toward friday and possibly the upcoming weekend, the 70s
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above seasonal for this time of year. this average line 70 this time of year. we'll have a closer look at when you could see a few showers in the forecast. >> a woman experienced firsthand dangers police experience. the officer she was during a ride eh long tried to pull someone over. then this happened. [ bumping sound ] [ indistinct yelling ] >> one inside the car fired at least 14 shots at the officer. some hit e windshield and one blew out one of the tires. one bullet went in a house but no one was hurt. the woman was learning about policing. by grace from the man above,
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none. she had some scratcheses or minor injuriesrom the glass shards but other than that e physical ailments are none. >> shaken up mentally, more than likely. the officer was a recent academy graduate who'd only been on his own for two week and is on paid leave to recover from the incident. investigators said they have some leads on those suspects. it's now 6:12. if your car rolled away, you'd probably try to run af did just that in the middle of a highway. plus this. >> he's coming. so a deer walks into a bar and, no, it's not a joke but you'll want to see the punch line when cbs north carolina line when cbs north carolina comes back. our children, they look up to us. line when cbs north carolina comes back. what we value, how we treat others. and now they're looking to see what kind of leaders we choose.
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the one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? a steady hand? or a loose cannon? common sense and unity, or drama and division? a woman who's spent her life helping children and families, or a man who's spent his life helping himself? what kind of country will we be? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there is no limit to what every student in north carolina can learn and achieve. not when we're 44th in per student funding. we should not ask for more money from you. he gave tax breaks to those at the top
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and once more say, "come check out north carolina." hb2 trashed our brand... costing us thousands of jobs. we need a governor with our priorities. if you knew how your life was going to end, it would probably change the way you
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disorder that attacks the central nervous system. after losing their home, she and her husband harrison live in a tent inbetween staying with friends and family but despite difficulty, she would not change anything. >> if i could walk again, i would. without the wheelchair, i wouldn't have been able to see life the way i have. i do focus solely on the future itself and i -- realize that kept me from living each day to the fullest that i could. >> the couple wants to raise enough money to make the ultimate camping trip while rachel is able to do so. to help, we have a link to the gofundme page on our website and see the story. >> what a powerful story. thanks, russ. authorities in washington, d.c., said they're going to destroy this gyrocopter that made headlines after a florida
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but the protest led to four months of prison time. he had to give up the aircraft as part of the plea deal. u.s. capitol police are going to destroy the craft in a few week the indians are hosting the cubs for game one of the world series and both teams are trying to break long championship droughts. the indian have not won since 1948. it's been more th for the cubs. a pair of ruby red slippers is being saved for a successful campaign. the smithsonian institute needed $300,000 to preserve the pair of shoes. they're one of several worn in the 1939 film but they're slowly degrading. the smithsonian said its kickstarter campaign reached its goal in less than one week. >> there's no place like home.
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isn't usually newsworthy unless a deer is the culprit. that was the case in alabama. it happened monday. a deer got inside this old bar and could not find its little way out. for two hours, police officer and game wardens tried to coax the animal outside. eventually the deer managed to get out of the front door and ran down the street. the running deer caused someone to trip and break their nose. traffic disruptions aren't necessarily uncommon but this is a little odd. police in portland, maine, encountered this man he didn't respond to their orders to get out and off the road so they arrested him and charged him with obstructing traffic. a friend of the man said he was trying to study the city's traffic patterns. well, speaking of traffic issue, a driver in switzerland dodged several cars while chasing his own vehicle -- yeah, his own. he talked to a truck driver when the car roll away. he raced after the runaway vehicle as it rolled across
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watch. here it comes. bam-a-lam. it was crazy but no one reported the incident to police but they're talk about it >> sound effects thanks to russ bowen. >> i will do that. bam-a-lam! >> he's talented in so many ways. >> except for the weather. he can't do traffic. >> even has sound effects. >> i can go brr. >> i'll let you know when i need that -- maybe tomorrow morning. in the meantime, here's what you need to know as we progress through the rest the work week. today and tomorrow, you will notice one thing, dry and cooler weather. today we drop ten degree in the mid-60s and the next chance of rain will be thursday but not until late in the day and
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will see seasonal temperatures with 70s and maybe warmer than that into the weekend ahead so a lot to look forward to. let's start with the tower camera and 47 in raleigh, 41 roxboro, 30s henderson, 47 rocky mount. good morning, goldsboro, around 50 degrees. clear start from start to finish. you will want the jacket throughed so or 11:00, 60 at noon, 65 our afternoon high and a 10-degree drop. it will cool into the evening hours.
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a cold front that will drift south this morning. high pressure dominating the forecast through wednesday and will have to turn our sights to low pressure with a cold front on thursday and will bring the very small chance of a shower or two and doesn't cool us down much and 70s are pack will continue for lunchtime and into the afternoon hours, clear tonight could mean possibly the coolest temperatures of the work week and wednesday afternoon, sunshine is still in our forecast. let's go city by city today, 65 raleigh, 64 durham and close to
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should be around 40 in the triangle, starting in the 30s and 65. a small chance by parade morning an 75 saturday, 72 sunday. let's talk about halloween, shall we? it's on monday, high of 69, likely falling through the 60s into the 50s for trick-or- trt 6:21 on this tuesday morning. let's check in with ali. any accidents? we have one out there, 440 at nobody road, moving well this morning. let's take you to our maps. a disabled car slowing things down on hillsboro street near jones franklin road and durham. roads look pretty good in
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freeway, five minutes on 55, nine, and on 70, it will take you a little longer, about 15. outside to 440, airport boulevard, things are pretty well but be sure to check on twitter for updates on that crash on 40 through durham. >> we'll check on it, ali. thank you. >> 6:22. today is the deadline for one of the biggest recalls in u.s. history. how it owners. and the feds lay out new rules to keep cyber criminals
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important deadline for volkswagen as it continues to deal with the emissions cheating scandal and with cyber
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day, federal regulators wants car makers to make sure they're doing everything they can to make you safe. hena daniels joins us from the floor of the ne york stock exchange. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, russ. a federal judge in san francisco is facing a deadline today on whether to approve a deal to settle the volkswagen emissions cheating scandal. judge preyer will decide on a $15 billion deal that would give most affected car owners the offing of lettin vehicle. cyber security a top priority. the national highway traffic safety administration issued security guyedlines for shielding certain systems from hack. researchers took remote control of a jeep cherokee. >> two days ago, i was in a restaurant and things were off
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chain is reassuring customers. >> reporter: yeah, according to the chain your nachos are safe, there's a shortage of avocados. some restaurants strike fuac from the menu but chipotle said not to worry. it will not run out and phases prices won't to up. a grower strike and trout has led to it and they didn't have it so i will be glad when it's over. >> reporter: at least they didn't charge you more. >> that's true. and there's no substitute. >> reporter: chipotle charge you more for guac. >> take your spoken smear it on the sandwich. >> i like the way you thin . >> you brought tears to my eyes when i first heard -- what? avocado? no! i love that stuff.
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former president bill clinton just one of the big names who will campaign in our area today. we'll show you what is happening as we get closer to election time. before you head out the door this morning, here's a live look outside -- not showing the sunshine just yet but will be up in a minute. looking really good out there as far as traffic is concerned. ali will let us know where the ali will let us know where the trouble our children, they look up to us. ali will let us know where the trouble what we value, how we treat others. who we'll entrust our country and their future to. will it be the one respected around the world, or the one who frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies? the one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? a steady hand? or a loose cannon?
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helping himself? our children are looking to us. what example will we set? what kind of country will we be? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together.
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>> good tuesda i'm russ bowen at 6:30 a.m. >> good morning. i thought you were going to say something else. >> i was but changed my mind. >> good morning. i'm stefan chase. we're glad you're joining us this morning. lauren haviland is working a story out of johnston county and justin quesinberry is in raleigh, where a senator will campaign today. it will's check this weather with alyssa cor fonts. yesterday. r than >> actually, a bit cooler as we head into the afternoon.
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ughing ] clear skies as we start off our morning and for some of you, temperatures are in the 30s. yes, you heard me rrectly, a chilly start in the northern portion of viewing area, 39 henderson, 40 south hill but raleigh, 47 and around the sandhill, pretty mild and temperatures will drop until sunrise. 51 city. from start to finish, you need sunglasses, cool one. sunrise in about an hour. 65 a high, five degrees cooler than where we should be this time of year. around 60 and as we head into tomorrow, looks like coer than normal. i'll let you know when seasonal temperatures return and chance of rain this week in your
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breaking news from australia. four people have died after an accident at an amusement park. a malfunction caused two victims to be ejected while the other two were caught inside the ride. an investigation is underway in johnston county this morning after a routine traffic stop. >> it began last night near clayton. lauren haviland has been on the scene all morning and is live at the sheriff's office. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i just got off the phone with jail official least one person arrestedand is in custody in connection with what happened last night in the clayton area of johnston county. the law enforcement officer tried to pull over a car around 9:00 on cleveland road. the driver of the car fled and ended up in the area of government and barber mill road. we were there around midnight. law enforcement officers had the intersection blocked off
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coming into the area. railroad. we have not been able to confirm what happened after the traffic stop was initiated and the driver took off. at least one salesperson in custody and they could not tell me their name or what charges that one person may be facing. we'll continue to father detail and bring you the latest on-air and online. cbs north candidates and surrogates are campaigning in our area this week. visits are happening while ballots are being ca in a very tight battleground state race. justin quesinberry is live in raleigh with a look at all the stops. it's a very busy week. >> reporter: nonstop, russ, i'll tell you. senator elizabeth warren will take the stage behalf of hillary clinto they're callg this an early vote event. doors open at 7:00 tonight with
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she urges grassroots supporters and students to volunteer between now and i election y. as of yesterday morning, close their votes in our state. early voting continues until saturday, november 5. a monmouth university survey has clton and trump virtually tied so candidate and surrogates continue to push in r state. bill clinton is in rocky moun goldsboro, and greenville today, fayetteville tomorrow. howard dean is in high point and triangle toorrow on wednesday. izeth warren had words on the campaign trail directed at trump yesterday based on his calling clinton nasty woman. >> nasty woman are tough. nastwomen are smart. and nasty women vote. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: wellthat is a campaign message aimed pretty
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and of course, elizabeth warren will speak to a female pays at meredith college, a women's college. justin quest, cbs north carolina. a man is recovering this morning after being shot during a home invasion been four men forced open the front door of the home suspects ran from the scene. anyone with information is urged to call fayetteville police. tarboro police identify the suspect in a deadly weekend shooting. police are looking for 20-year- old darius councill charged with murder in the shooting death of reggialston. it happened at the pender square apartments. anyone with information should call tarboro police. visitation in cary for the
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bicycle friday. 42-year-d ra apex is charged in connection with the crash. state troopers say he hit jason markley from behind on highway 751 as markl was trying to make a left turn. those who knew markley said he was passionate about his family and giving pack. >> this is a man who very much loved his family, very much loved his children and would mow his lawn with his children on his lawn. >> there's a simple bouquet where he was killed. tomorrow there will be an open air service. let's check traffic with ali. >> good morning, extremely busy on aviation parkway, very slow moving here and we have a crash, 440 westbound near wake forest road and we have one a little further south of that right here on tryon road at u.s. 70, wilmington street.
6:36 am
causing moderate delays and will see crashes pop up in durham and will take you to one on i-40 westbound at exit 270, u.s. 15, durham, chapel hill boulevard with a crash right there. 5840, u.s. 64 to rtp if you're heading this way this morning, 23 minutes which is pretty average,fr >> 6:36 in the morning right now. a small plane crashes in malledden. we know about the mission before takeoff. all signs are pointing towards the donald trump tv network. and temperatures before you head out for the door, 40 and 50s. johnston, wayne and sampson counties -- 53 clinton, 46
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she saw the boots and fell for fall all over again. was she expecting to find the perfect designer boots at such an amazing price? no. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. we count on them to show up for us. now buck newton wants to be our top law-enforcement officer, but he failed to show up in the state senate.
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enalized for missing tax deadlines. his business was dissolved. there's too much at stake to make buck newton attorney general.
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it feels like fall today, more than yesterday. the minute you walk outside, you can feel it and will notice a big change this afternoon, that's for sure. 47 degrees in raleigh and pretty clear skies. i know you have to take my word for it but we'll start to see skies
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henderson, 39 and roxboro and south hill, fluctuating through the 30s and roxboro, 41. in durham, 51 and siler city, low 40s. 40s in fayetteville clinton. you're at 53. compare to 24 hours ago -- wash and wake county, 11 degrees colder in south hill and 7 harnett county and through clayton and four degrees warmer in clinton as we start ofthe day. wh happen does the hd ould keep yes, cooler than yesterday by 10 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow morning could be the coldest morning of the spire work week and i will let you
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complete forecast. a tragic ane crash in malta went down afr taking off monday morning and all five people on board died. the victims were conducting a surveillance operation and was part of a french customs mission tracing trafficking route from libya. 6:41 in the morning. investing in our future or fleecing taxpayers? what you need to know about an issue that will affect tens of thousand of people. this is not your math class. w teachers will make it's called "the snake:" a long, skinny congressional district drawn along i-85 to segregate african american voters. "the snake" and others like it were drawn by state legislators as a partisan power grab. and justice bob edmunds? he wrote the decision supporting his party's discrimination.
6:42 am
north carolina used to make educatioa priority. we all understood the importance of having good schools. but pat mccrory seems more interested in giving tax cuts to millionaires. we rank 44th in spending per student. drop-out rates have gone up for the first time in 8 years. we're 41st in how much we pay our teachers. there is a ttbook shortage.
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but pat mccrory is shortchanging our schools. robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump is making a push to be encourage supporters using a social media netwo. his camp went live on facebook for someing it cal nightly campaign coverage. they planned a vestream
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viewers live. a rumored trump tv network could created r perhaps after the election. looking ahead now, people against a proposed sales tax are holding a news conference to make their case this aftern a north carolina referendum for that tax is part of the ballot for wake countyvoters. money for the half cent tax will go towards funding the wake transit plan that wold include a 37-mildarner and durh and points inbetween and help expanbus service throughout the county but some more research before being ut on the ballot. >> the legislature gives us the authority to do the referendum but can take the ority away and we have seen an intin doing that. we feel we have one opportity to get this done so we've got to get it done this november. >> we there traffic problem d cceth area but think the plan is much more expensivehahas en recognized by the authority.
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doars. > a johnstonounty school is transforming it hallways into arde. but 're not goofing around. it pof an interactive math lesson. fifth-graders built all the games using cardboard and other hoolsupp they were challeed to invent or recreate classic arcade games while incoorating math leons. >> itnd-on interaction but al peer eagemenand sometimes theers can than the t that instruction from us, it's really peer interaction behind it just so ican so lid if i that learning. >> if they can do pack m, i'll be really impressed it's important for students to learn this way because that's often how their work envinmentsill be when they get older. bhard to believe because this year is flying by, but this time next week, many kids will be ding down from their sugar buzz after trick-or- treating and thousds will
6:46 am
neighborhood a its famous hallowuse. jesse jones is getting dy for any visitoo want to see the house and play with all the different sortof thing that you on hloween 30 monster statues,dozens actors today people outthve a q. you saw wicket witch of the west, ruby slippersanat the smi >> yeah. >> which one is the real deal? >> think he's got the >> scary-looking zombied clowns. >> can't wait to see it. >> will you ? >> onmy coffee break. >> at night? that would scare me? >> li for a h o. nt l art wi at you neeny. thrst headne is wht we
6:47 am
nely0 degrees from yesterday's highs and it's not the pontial r late da showthurndafter suns. u n e wk so not everye wl see the
6:48 am
pinehurst and still pretty mild around fayetteville. 53 tstart off your morning. day, hour by hour, 48 at 8:00 a.m., 54 at 10:00 a.m. and yount the jacket. 60 oud in sight day, starting to change tomorrow but doesn't look
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friendhis costar but fstat good rng, with oy twks ti with the onslaut of door ks andmmald robo
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headliin truc. > and joh sh is in studio 57. morning. is back in the
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d burr lls from t inst. d as e ust the insideading by congress. anchd burr voted to raise his own pay... seven times.
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twenty years in washington... serving hielf. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. mpgnto keep co nar warrenill apel hill and ra president bill clinton will be king several stops as part of a bus tour. he will stop kinston. on thursday, hillary clinton will hold her first rally with michelle obama in winston salem. fayetteville police are on the lookout for four seasons this morning. the grp broke into a man's house on waterless street last night. cording to police, the armed men foed open the front door of the house, confronted the man inside, shot him, and ran
6:54 am
shooting. police are looking for this man, -year-old darius councill, charged with murd in the shreggie alston at the pender square apartments. anne with information on counsell should call tarboro police a charlotte man is expected in court, accused of causing a deadly crash 44 rl gonzalez drhe wake foreit sunday nd slmm int anher man'?6s vehicle. the man ed >> re old rom th mie you s? >> be30oncn. on, e me 30 again. what's in it for zoltar? [ laughter ]
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there you go, 25 cents. riouy, zoltaruires ur eternal soul underredilm. o raise mone charlize theron's cob. sething.
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inovlappincoon 45 oking at not a d you piw e sky as wetch the offici sunrise as it has ouorthng


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