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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 25, 2016 7:00am-7:35am EDT

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>>he latest polls rigged. the p political power can rig polls. >> you see these phony polls, and the media, they can wield absolute would youer over your life. >> all of this rhetoric is starting to whip up the crowds at these rallies. >> obama care policyholders take a major blow sharply next year. >> pushing towards the caaign >> mosul a strike. >> in oklahoma, a massive manhunt under way for a man suspect ed of murder. >> and [ bleep ] -- [ bleep ].
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on australia's coast. >> and ay r. at - rolled aw. >> universities and in front of the crowd this evening. >> touchdown ends in defeat. >> and all that matters -- >> a cubs man but donned a yankees cap. i . there's onhat.hat. e'>> on cbs "this morning." de obama will go dow presidente exclamation point
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; weomto cbs "this morning." the race is two weeas 2 votes. otrs. elabetrren picked up the nasty woman from last week's debate and used on the republican nominee. in white plains, new york, will clinton will soon take off for florida. nancy cordes, good morning. >>orter: when the race first dr too much attention t her gender, to imply the people should vote for her because she is a woman, but with just two weeks to go, she is flippg the
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the sisterhood to see her thugh. >> maybe it is a bit of a woman thing, because we make lists. >> reporter: in new hampshire, clinton achf.?? camh t lawmaks. >> get this,donald, nasty wom elizabeth warren. >> he thinks at because he has a mouth full of tic tacs that h within groping dtance. meha had it th gs like you. p a demeans and we' ob >>orr: to present ama,
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e locked in closer races for the senate, gayle. >> all anyo nay. >>donaldrump is third straight d infla. r in t wal l eyie?z enusiastcr. the onen flo farbett indicat we >>orgain ?q
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fort to make sure do
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gd >> thanks.
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,ot bprotest. >> correct. r
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when it's all over. two more weeks? llns fe a insurance premium m 39 at s dg o
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in, b somehowance was shot police officer's truck, head downha allegedly kill his aun and uncle, a along the way,? vi facebook live. reporte micel vance to bo fm iid police pickup. authories say he took the car rifl opulling a question him. gtleman came out with an a47 and just oped firn everybod ns vtims thnd foot area. bothand o ?9ldn t battle. >> i sucks. >> rorter: then rjacd ts man and his pret wife >> got about right he? arkedhere.
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the ride to bdown. weey shocked and ours and our thoughts go to theed. reporter: horror a one phuerivfunctiwo ejected from the other two caught inside the structure. ouy, kids onboard screaminile the mom was li -- tedunder. >> repte tried perfo first-aid on victims before paramedics aprived. >> rying t determine how this tragic incident occurened add i am able to kweshl fou
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virgin border that's 3south hill, roxboro, 52 and milder
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long suffering indian f?man say this it their year for the >> moeveryone. i'm russ bowe 's 7:26. ended with the shoing a resident last night. four men broke into a home on waterless street around 0. lice id investigattell us they theran from the scene and the victim is yhall sity a will tk about
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barack obama is the nickelback of presidents. >>bamaout negotiate les.a whopper without
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morning." coming up, campaign overload in the crucia ttleground state flooded with political ssages's we'll voters there are responding >>nragging ghst ior end generations of sports my for fans ahead. ho ready to rid the wave ofnew-fod success. timeoho som
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both of them said, that's wrong. th's on >> work that one out. time reports on t ll of cigarette smokin ne s says me thancountry were c in 2014. that's about 29% of total cancer deaths. >> the "new york times" reports on a shake-up in the justice department investigation into the death ofc garner. garner died in 2014 after a new york city police put him in a oke holdoubdue hi the investigators has been replaced with agents from outside new jump-star efforts to seek criminal charges. no chaes were brought against candidates are spending most of their cash. donald trump is reportedly focusing on florida. y clinton is spending more in nevada, florida and ohio. mark strassmann in euclid, ohio, outside cleveland. some voters there stopped
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i mean, all the signs in neighborhoods like this one, trump, clinton, clinton, trump. a siege going on for weeks and those polarized by the candidates agree on one thing -- they're sick of it. >> that is not who we are as americans. >> reporter: on average, throughout ohio -- >> together we'll make america great again. >> reporter: ads for donald trump -- >> through the >> reporter: or hillary clinton, run on local television every three minutes. >> you have to job. >> in hillary clinton's america -- >> this is my way of life. >> reporter: more than 54,000 of them since june. >> overwhelming with ad overwhelming with calls. overitnstop political stuff. merriam is a regiered dependent. bettie drake a democrat whocons
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what time have you heard the fi? >>robably 6:03. y long. ter: and heard tm all >> yes. it's amoizing. >> repter: tn off the tv? they've tried. [ knock on door ]ampaigns -- u gn>> >> robocalls. >> repter: and the afn n' cu -- h bee gng for a year -- [ ph call was? >> i think a robocall. >> reporter: how often do you get these? ery day. >> repteign mail shows up sometimes strangers stop by. >> from the clinton camig >> reporter: what did you do? >> actuallyy husnd chased her away. >> i'm donald trump. >> and i approve this message. repter: does tfhis blitz work? >>no. >> reportefess justin buickler teaesolit scienc at cwest university.
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nothing. ep two campaig ?mads. >> reporter: nothing anybody said chang yourmind?se for nothing. it is o noi nothing.
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de harray's in chicago. an early morning crowds untingow g>> wonder what they'r already? >> be ready byhe teheame mes around. >> the cubswell-knowntility str th century and also nerations nce cleveland celebrated a world seriesn. inside cleveland's progressive field, home of the indians where fans are lng to work on a comeck year. do grnin >> reporr:rspitch is expected t ha r afr 00 tonight. ket itonight, series isn't the the cleveland cavaliers launch their new season after they receive their championship rings for the first nba title in franchise history. clevelan are hoping the indians have similar good fortune. >> what's up, shelly? >> reporter: sports fans across northeast ohio >> itd about this season
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series is a milestone. >> this is just the greatest week possibly in the hto? of cleveland sports. >> now like a regular sports town, you win a title every once in a while. >> reporter: this d.j. knows firsthand theisery that haunted the fan base over a half century saying the cavaliers winning an nba title- >> it's over, iover! ng sportliers are nba champion nitmarhaended. >> reporter: and ending a help change theude of the town. >> this city is going through a sports renaissance. >> reporter: it's a little different. isn't it? >> fks in tn are getti ed to th idea this town c win gste t last time tseries. . 16ears later, t bwnson the nfl chonship. sports theloda marlins he won ii
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rah? wow. >> and wt don, ts a steal. . such a long timecoming. >> yeah, fun. >>ive in new york and otherplaces, a moment to rognize how great these yes. s are. s. ike and. sportes y. the bestn >> it does indeed >>aew rangof ls o subs turbs rnin pst apple the podcast app. hear cbs "this morning" news rrespondent holly williams and her team describe how they cover war from t frontlines. th explain what a reporter brings to war zones and the
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insurance instituteor highway well-performing headlight. s the l.e. option the 2017 honda dge line. the bottom is from a 206 chevy colorado with headlights that were rated poor and performed >> you pbably shodn't drg faster thanbout 35 piup you don't haveim to see what yoee >> good. we can begin testing. >> reporter: the first year the insurance institute tested headlight performance and has consistently found they underperform. out of 63 vehicles, mid-sized sedanssmall vs and now pickups with 152 different headlight options only two scored the top or good rating. the ridge line and theoy prius v withhe .d headlits
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job designing the headlight but maybe not pay as much attention how it was stalled, might not have been aimed properly >> reporter: auto makers are listening now,s motor trend editor-in-chief ed lowe. >> they're going to have to change course and pba upgre a products, becae s get rolled in the safety protocol, it could affect sales. r: e os compensa. could or shod for being h.i.d.s that they are. >> reporter: ford g"afy is o of says the test does not align with regulaty requiments
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good morning. it's tuesday, october 25, 2016. welcome back to cbs "this morning." there is more real news ahead, including donald trump warning voters not to trust the polls. we'll look at his cbs news elections director rs here's lvto. "eye-opener" at 8:00. >> clinton reluctant to draw too much attono it fliing the sc. >> donald trump and hisdvisers don't believe in the polls's what they do believe i enthuti >> didn't make up all of this? >> candidas not in the lead talk how the poll, ron.
7:46 am
better. >> that's what dukakis said. >> forces still card up against guerrilla attack used by isis. >> shot but somehow managed to eal a police officer thuck d arted posting videos to >> first pitch i >> the two teams have a cbi 176 years without a
7:47 am
>> what music were they listening to? got it. ki and nah o'donnell.e election day is two weeks from today. early voting under way@) in mor than 30 states. donald trump held a series of large rallies yesterday in florida, in another battleground state, hillary clinton campaigned in new hampshire. >> they attacked each other but also talked about specific policies they would fight for if elected. >> we're going to make
7:48 am
ddle-class fali a g one. >> public colleges and $1>> and r unions, the unions d't want to allow, and we're going to end common core and bring our education local. at, want you to for your hope for our future. >>here has never been a political phemena likehat we'r doing right now, and we're all par o it, weave to fish it off. so get out and vote. trump will both campaign today in florida. >> are near the end of a
7:49 am
ws to l other? ceto three wee befe the election. >> at this tim back in 1976mier five points. nothing compared to bill cln in 1992. is 17-point advantagever then president george h.w. bush dwarfs hillary clinton's margin. in 2000, george w. bush led gore by two points one. close of the elections in modern american history. ei yrsle lead over anthony salvanto is wh us. the point is the cbs news polls haveeen pretty accurate. >> yeah. ne oka >> done okay.yestery.
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. nle b doesn't means t. 'rproud t
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most voter vot coming hom t politicalart of it re. donald trump hasnith mocrs.icans relative to how well
7:52 am
it gets but still that closeness tells a story, charlie. >> yes. interesting because i think that texas stays republican. how that state could trend purple i upcoming presidentia elections. >> right. >> start to tilt. >> like north carolina did. >> exactly. people thought that -- >> the texas girl and the north carolina boy. >> right >> issues has matters series tomorrow looking at the supreme court underil great. facingoff against each other in bush versus gore. the case that decided the 2000 election. andewer choices when obama care open enrollment begins. the government says the cost of mid-level health plans next year increase by an average of 25%. that will hit conme 39 states. major carriers are dropping out in some markets. about one in five consumers will
7:53 am
provider. government numbers show about 2.5 million americans not currently enrolled cld be eligible for subsidies to offset cost increases. >> we need a bigger understanding why this is happening. >> sure do. >> because the idea was not only to spread coverage around, but th by spreading the coverage around, not only help people get nor preventative carend bng sts down. instead, premiums are skocketi. >> what haen failed an intesting ste of duty reived moving escort when she returned to school. >> hi, vanessa! hi. how ya doing? >> good. >> good? >> good mornin look. toch morng. i want to introduce you to everybody here.
7:54 am
father's fellow palm springs officers came to pick up vansa veega calls themselves her uncles, her father, jose gil vega killed two weeks ago, just months from retirement. the officers took vanessa all the way to her class before saying good-bye and wishing her a good day. just a reminder of always looking ought for one another. >> always a human behind those stories. and just the fact they wanted to make sure she was okay. off to a good >> yes. go vanessa. us t heaoo much salt in your food is really bad thing. ahead, why the mineral is becoming popular therapy to help treat respiratory problems. >> here's an opportunity to be a little bit more pro active. maybe reduce the amount of medication that you're currently taking. reducing the amount ofattacks. >> michelle miller goes inside a so-called salt room to lookt its apparent benefits, and why
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good morning to you, 44 degrees and check out these blue skies. this is a live picture from our tower camera, a lot of sun glare, depngere you drive so make sure you have sunglasses. also a jacket. look at this, durham now in the mid-40s, 49 lillington, still holding onto 51 fayetteville, raeford, clinton. all day long it cooler for us, high of only 65, a 10- degree dro?hp from afternoon highs yesterday. also in mid-60s for our
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it's a connected. oa richard rr wrote a plan to privatize medicare, making you pay more.
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concern? >> well, i think they should -- look at theies.erous stu should ovas expred the benefits of halo therapy ts month which found salt rooms may have some b i 've ngs f t month now. butor se wi t results ar helpeth in terms of
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next year. commissioners voted last night lifepoint toe er theold franklin medical cent. the enr $2llio was paramount they have /7 service in the community. so
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coty >> ananklin countpr th be reconsidered if negotiations with duke lifepoint do ro 'sbusy week in ur state as the ate for north carolina and our 15 electoral votes continu today senator elizabeth warren will be in chapel hill and er bus tour. howard dean will be hi point university. tomorrow, dean will talk college afrdable at c and nc state. presstop in evilled donald trump be on. huy, hiar h
8:07 am
cture at the top of the hill restaurantchapel hill and temperatures will chilly with 30s in south hill and henderson with an improvement of 41. 38 sanford. we have 50 lillington nearby, 46icallyton, mid 40s around rocky mount and afternoon so 60 at eran triaouareas likelyso be si ing'
8:08 am
enup, 440 est. vi cwe aa delays and ?w have a crash by chapel hl road. travel through durham is not too bad compar the earliat driv. if you're heading to durham
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nfl. what youoinglyh, go. aryou giving me the supe bowl? >> yes.?zew from that little bit of information.
8:11 am
>> tge >> her and tom nk and
8:12 am
the "shington posorn tesl of . ininabout lfunions, alsocernut aupilaerson said the comp h resolve many issuence e "the boston globe" tom brady's forceful domestic ol s. pla o abud t and i w v fr a loving mother hrespect women, aa daughter of my n, and
8:13 am
icaglo e partmanve caught. fr p mer d says, chicago shoul the cerrs pitc at arehef that >> i don't know. happening, gu? >> ithe idea oit. wti'she game start tonight?
8:14 am
stud. consideri a woe, ld aut 300 million copies o his books since the "pelican f" i grisham had8ew york best-sellers, fiction. >> the next one called "the whistler" involving a crooked judge, gambling, millis in st you money. >> because we bet on the duke/carolina basketball game and he won. >> let's see it. >> a standing bet -- gambling a lot. going to cas. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> i'll get it back. i'll get it back. >> hold it up >> don't get -- >> real? >> spe d't it- have to ta ts with me, get it tested. >> your new book, you focused on
8:15 am
wanted to have a character who might be a recurring character. i can come back for future books, maybe. >> lacy stoll. >> like her. >> charged with investigating allegations of judicial corruption in the state of florida. every state has an agency that is charged with -- you duty. she goes after crooked dges. there areny in?nds this country. we have a very good record in this country. >> you're intrigued b the idea of corruption.
8:16 am
pen and no shortage of opinions. go through that process every year, but always says i don't know how to write good, strong female characters. >> my point. >> i can't think like a woman, charlie. you know? it's not natural, but i trie like lacy >> shakespeare could. >> i'm not shakespeare. >> heelhat much either. >> i like lacy,too. >> done odoverall.
8:17 am
>> i try to write two types of books. novel ou that. the readers gets caught up iew --ssue a
8:18 am
understandhanged after ppeople weighed in one way to go. heard from other people, rene d another -- >> a major character who's not the way i wrote it, and rerene -- >>hahaen >> rente aifrent ed enng, id m editor. i went back and changed it. >> don giv it away. >> i won' bet got to grism. >> number t b li t 29thme. i met,s. umbeon it will be number one. it'g be >> i notttin ok? you alady p my pockets s rn >> coratulations. >> that's what we do here at cbs "thirnin help make things number one.
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temp gill 51 lillington, 53 righnow in raeford.
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narrator: it's all connected. richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare, making you pay more. and richard burr got one point one million dollars from the insurance industry. richard burr was one of just three and richard burr voted to raise his own pay... seven times. he increased his wealth over 500 percent. richard burr. twenty years in washington.. serving himself. dscc is responsible for the content
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we count on them to show up for us. now buck newton wants to be our top law-enforcemt officer, but he failed to show up in the state senate. buck missed nearly one out of five votes, 10 times, buck was penalized for missing tax deadlines. his business was dissolved. there's too much at stake to make buck newton attorney general.
8:23 am
and the world is cold ? i will feel aglow just thinking of you ? and the way you lookonight ? >> ooh. that's actor dermot mulroney. starred opposite julia roberts in "my best friend's wetting" nearly 20 years ago. first acting role, "since of innocence" in 70 movies. mulroney returns to cbs in the new drama "pure genius" playing a surgeon enlisted by a tech billionaire to work in a cutting-edge hospital. >> you okay? >> knew scan of margo's heart. >> hmm. >> it's worse. i don't know if i can do it. >> you're the best there is. you'll nail it. >> this isn't programming a computer.
8:24 am
the tumor, and a million ways it could go wrong. my scalpel misses, puncture her heart. lost marge other and the baby. >> what if i could give you 1 million chances to get it right. >> wow? >> hmm. >> a nice clip to pull. >> yeah. all right. welme -- >> great. >> great to have you here. >> good morning. >> this is like a new play on a medical drama because you're in a tech community. >> yeah. the idea with "pure that this tech billionaire, our story, decided to use his money for the sake of good and opens a hospital for free and will take on anybody who's got an interesting case. so that we can -- integrate new technology and new medical apparatus and procedures, and so it's -- it's a show about the very cutting edge of medicine today. >> and the people who come there
8:25 am
usually they're a hard case of some sort or something that's interesting to us as doors, or the, the sort of tech billionaire who's trying to change the world. >> notice he says, "us" as doctors? >> yeah, well, we have -- >> first time you played a doctor. >> it is, and i'm having a great time doing it a i say us, because we are a team of doctors and an ensemble test i'm having a thrill working with. >> trying to figure out the tech billionaire. parse of me thinks he's an arrogant jerk and the other part a really good guy trying to do good. is that what you want the audience, go back and forth? >> part of what makes the show interesting, for certain. he'll draw you in, but you're not sure you want to be there. augustus plays james bell. we become great friends. in the episode of our first season i think that very question becomes really
8:26 am
what he's capable of doing. >> i love the tech part of 9 show. everything that happens there is really real. there are real illnesses, real diseases, but fascinating to see how you incorporate detechnolog in the show. >> i want to do what i saw in "pure genius." >> i guarantee you, this will happen. on thursday night at 10:00 for the foreseeable future, and friday morning people are going to be calling their doctor saying, hey, can we get that for my grandma. >> i believe >> and katehams is it? >> yeah. >> the idea came from his own experience in a hospital with his wife? >> yes. i believe, and his father as well, and just as far as i'm concerned, jason kateham is the best or one of the best that pulls people's characters in out in this stories. known for parenthood" friday nid lights" and many other successful shows.
8:27 am
medical drama and intrigued by the tech angle, but re wstor wih d. >> cank abture of when you were younger. ve jusaid to your wife. dermot said, hey, be l at l
8:28 am
season, for whichhey wonhe golden globe. >> aisin -- >>t you see i'>> y cello? >>'m cet. you see this, that's m plang baco myself, basically. and i play a famor renownedcell and then appear ain. >> ande cuayplay. >> do you get cast in a role like that do they say or by ance? >> came about somewhat organically. i know t gsho run the show, roman and jason. known for years and years. >> we want to ph your show, mul >> thursday night right he, the finest medic right he, the finest medic dram
8:31 am
z2uz zi0z
8:32 am
great to have everybody back. >> yes. >> be sure to tune into the i did not email any, um, classified material. really? the fbi said there were 110 classified emails that were exchanged... hillary lied. and another lie? i respect the second amendment. but behind closed doors, hillary told liberal elites... the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment. hillary will lie about anything to get elected. r legislative action
8:33 am
>> good morning. i'm steph fap chase. the time is 8:54. fayetteville police are searching for four people accused of a home invasion that ended with a resident being shot. four him broke into a home on waterless street and investigators ran from the scene. if you have information, call fayetteville police. a lot of focus is on the presidential race and the tightly contested state races. voters in wake county have another decision on their hand . they must decide whether to approve a half cent sales tax referendum. the money would go towards funding wake transit public plan, which would include a 37- mile commuter rail connecting darner and durham as well as
8:34 am
throughout the county. >> it's very inexpensive. for the typical family, this will be $2.75 a month for basically the price of a cup of coffee. you can quadruple bus capacity with brand new technology in 37 miles of commuter rail. >> we know there are traffic problems and concerns in this area but think the plan is much more expensive than has been recognized transit plan would come from federal dollars. in raleigh, group will hold a news conference with people opposed to the plan. finally, more financial help on the way for people in wake, lee, and moore county in the wake of hurricane matthew. a federal disaster was declared to help governments. in addition to three county, 31 other counties have been approved for federal individual and public assistance.
8:35 am
forecast, here's alyssa corfont. good morning. just about 8:56 as we start off this tuesday and are into the 50s in raleigh, not a cloud in sight downtown. sunshine will feel really good. however, temperatures are going to be much cooler throughout the day, 45 durham, 45 henderson, looking at siler city with upper 30s. lee county has improved to 43. lillington, 53. fayetteville, clinton, rae temperatures to where we were yesterday at this time. siler city is 14 degrees colder, almost a ten degree drop in lee county and portion of mecnbcounty and virginia, 5 to 6eges coo in henderson and durham. the trend will hold true the afternoon, 60 at luhtime as the sunshine hangs around, stl sunny, gh 65 for afternoon high today. tomorrow morning could easil be the coldest morning of the
8:36 am
weesday. we're also look at the potential for a few showers thursday. those won't arrive until late in the day, possibly until the evening hour, and most wet weather will be out of here by friday morning. the weekend ahead looks phenomenal with 75 saturday, 72 sunday and of course, halloween is on mondayhigh in th of 69. 8:57. let's check in with ali for the latest on the roads. very busy, lake wheeler road, bumper to bumper, a crawl out there as well with one on wolfwood at hillsboro street, avent ferry road at athens drive as well. let's take you to 440 eastbound, major delays but cleared accident. 540 is still out there. another crash morrisville, carpenter at nc 54. we'll leave you with a look outside. if you'ring he out, give
8:38 am
north carolina used to make education a priority. we all understood the importance of having good schools. but pat mccrory seems more interested in giving tax cuts to millionaires. we rank 44th in spending per student. drop-out rates have gone up for the first time in 8 years. we're 41st in how much we pay our teachers. there is a textbook shortage. and pat mccrory has cut 3,000 teaching assistants from the early grades. he may have given tax cuts to millionaires,
8:39 am
>> announcer: teens on a sleepover. >> judge judy: you and your husband were in charge of her 12-year-old child. >> announcer: but after sneaking out... >> judge judy: how old were you when you vandalized all those cars? >> 14. >> judge judy: and they were arrested. >> announcer: ...a nightmare began. >> judge judy: as a parent, i would never allow a 12-year-old child to go out at 11:00 at night. >> they did not leave our house at 11:00 at night. >> judge judy: that's what he said, so you're telling me that >> yes. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution sheila and dean howell are suing the mother of their son's former friend, amanda oman, for her share of their sons' restitution after the boys were found guilty


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