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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  October 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:24pm EDT

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cbs nocass bowen is gnment. ent > e lowing breaking is appearing, campaigning in wi democratic nominee hilry clinton. let's lisn >> hillary aheacoming back for you because we need to rise together and i want to ask you to do that. vote -- don't miss out on this election. but use this as an opportunity to say, america works better when out of many we are one. when we rise together, when we live together, when we're
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together. whene show a face to the world that freedom is better than oppression, that we have greater expressions of religious faith when we discriminate against no religion. we work better. but here especially, we have to recognize that in the world we're living in, small town and rural areas all over the world will be left out and behind unless you have president who understands that you can use the power of technology, the power of energy, power of education to create jobs everywhere so we can rise together. i hope you will tell that to people and give hillary a resounding victory here. thank you! >> and there you have it, former president bill clinton getting the crowd there in rocky mount riled upped, lots of support there.
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goldsboro and greenville and another rally for fayetteville tomorrow. you can stream on meanwhile, the republican nominee returns to north carolina tomorrow. donald trump is seduled make a campaign in kinston wednesday after wrapping una three-day visit to florida. thursday, hillary clinton and michelle obama will campaign together for the first time at wake forest university. the veteran political strategist karl rove messina will appear at duke university tonight to discuss the presidential election. also former presidential candidate howard dean will make campaign stops today supporting clinton in high point and in burlington and that's just for starters. for more high-profile visits schedule today and rest of the week, be sure to log on to right now, johnston county sheriff's deputies are investigating a bizarre incident that flared up overnight near clayton. it began with a traffic stop
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run over. cbs north carolina's lauren haviland joins us live in johnston county with more on the story. what's the latest? >> reporter: investigators said right now they are searching for a third suspect and have two in custody, 19- year-old lyons and 23-year-old holmes. they're facing attempted first- degree murder and felony conspiracy charges. the driver on cleveland road for a traffic violation. we're told the driver refused to stop and someone in the vehicle fired shot at the deputy and kept driving. the car ended up in a cul-de- sac on spaniel lane, where according to deputies, the driver turned his car around and aimed it at the deputy who exited the patrol car.
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vehicle, which crashed and, three jumped out of the car and ran away. one suspect was immediately arrested and another was found several hours later with a k-9 officer. again, two people -- a 19-year- old and 23-year-old -- are in police custody, facing serious charges right now. investigators are asking for your help as they search for a third suspect. live in johnston county, lauren haviland, cbs north carolina. >> an intense man hunt continue in oklahoma for a man suspected of killing two police officer and two relatives. michael vance appears to taunt police through live message on facebook. the 38-year-old shot one officer in the foot, another in the leg sunday night before iving off in a patrol car. vance is suspected of shooting a fifth person at a convenience store on monday. two people are dead after a
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employee at freight car america, killed one person and wounded the lead others before taking his own life. the nearby high school was closed as precautions. fayetteville police are on the lookouts for at least four suspects linked to a violent home invasion. the men forced their way into a home on waterless street around 99:30 monday night. during a confrontation with the homeowner, the suspect shot the man serious injuries. princeville elementary studts returned to class thursday in tarboro. the attorney general and gubernatorial candidate gary cooper toured the temporary location where more than 200 students will be for the rest of the school year after severe damage from matthew.
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related to repairs and said the attorney general's office has received 170 price gouging complaints, compared with 1,000 during the gas shortage last month. he said kids returning to class is a positive step. >> it's a great feeling to see this rebirth in edgecombe county and there's a long ways to go, a lot of repair that have to be made, a lot of decisions have to be made but at least we can get these should be doing. >> most student from princeville elementary are at the converted family resources center in tarboro but some are in other spots as well. tonight at 5:00, cbs north carolina's justin quesinberry has a look at the efforts to return back to normal. let's take a look outside right now and it is dry and cool and things could change. alyssa corfont has the forecast. earlier it was chilly but
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stefan, with 50s and 60s as a result and we have blue skies for lunch. it's hard to find a cloud outside so it's nice if you're looking out. if you're outside, a bit cool for some of you. we'll stay cool right now. how about henderson at 54? roxboro, 58. durham also 58 60s around lillington and clayton. fayetteville, 63, along with clinton and raeford this morning -- or this afternoon, we'll say, 62-degrees. compared to 24 hours ago, talk about a big change. it is 14 degrees colder here in raleigh, 13 degrees colder in rocky mount, big change around moore county with 15-degree drop and 11-degree difference in lillington and clayton and
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the afternoon, 65 today, then 60. after sunset, temperatures drop quicker. by midnight, upper 40s. day break tomorrow, close to 40 raleigh and means colder areas could easily start off in the 30s with some patchy frost. i'll let you know how long those cooler-than-normal temperatures will be around for in your complete storm team forecast. >> alyssa, thank you. looking ahead now, the state environmental department wants public feedback on plans to close a cold ash pond at a public hearing look held in lumberton tonight. officials want to insure the environmental permits allow for safety and improve water quality protection. the event is at robinson community college in the a.d. lewis auditorium at 6:00 tonight. brace yourself for the sticker shock. find out what is behind the stunning double-digit premium
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the affordable care act. and disaster at an as australian theme park. authorities scramble to figure out what sparked the incident that killed four people. first, though, quick look towards the west. a beautiful grandfather mountain in north carolina. stay with us. alyssa has the complete forecast, the breakdown, at what, are you gonna cry now? don't be so gullible mcfly.
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i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a p. you are so stupid. how stupid are the people of the country? i don't want to see you in here again. get him out of here, get out. come on cry baby he's like a little baby cry. i don't know what i said, i don't remember. what are you going to do about people who want to be mean and all this bullying. tell me a little bit more about why that's on your mind. i have asthma and occasionally i've heard people i really do think we need more love and kindness in our country. that's why it's important to stand up to bullies wherever they are, and why we shouldn't let anybody bully his way into the presidency. because that is not who we are as americans. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. narrator: it's all connected. richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare, making you pay more. and richard burr got one point one million
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insider trading by congress. and richard burr voted to raise his own pay... seven times. he increased his wealth over 500 percent. richard burr. twenty years in washington... serving himself. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. firefighters had their hands full battling a commercial fire in carthage this morning. according to the aberdeen times, multiple agencies rushed to a storage site and found flame and smoke from the two- story building. a ladder truck and tower truck were brought in to help fight the fire. crews are still on the scene, investigating the cause. the man charged in sunday's deadly wrong-way crash on i- 440 is scheduled to appear in a wake county courtroom later
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gonzalez of driving the wrong way when he slammed into another vehicle, killing that driver. gonzalez has been charged with felony death by vehicle. the charlotte man's also accused of being under the influence and driving without a license. one more note -- immigration and does customs enforcement will deport gonzalez once the state wraps up their case against him. tragedy strikes at theme park, killing four people on australia's gold coast. two men and two women were killed when a water malfunctioned. one raft flipped over, trapping people underneath. hundreds evacuated the park after the incident. dream world said it is working as quickly as possible to figure out what happened. >> we are deeply shocked and saddened by this. our heart and our thoughts go to the families involved. and to their loved ones. >> the theme park, dream
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authorities investigate. pakistan is reeling after a deadly terrorist attack on a police training facility. at least 59 people were killed when gunmen burst into the do bet's barracks and began shooting. two militants detonated suicide bombs in the assault. security forces killed a third attacker and more than 300 people were injured. gabby giffords visits winston salem today part of a 42-day tour to push for stronger throws representative suffered brain damage after being shot during a 2011 campaign event. give fords will appear at winston-salem state university and it's happening at 2:00. just the day after campaigning with hillary clinton in new england, rising democratic star elizabeth warren comes to the triangle tonight. the senator from massachusetts will not only support clinton's presidency but debra ross, who's
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supporters to take advantage of early voting. the rally begins at 8:00 and is take place at meredith college. >> here in north carolina, a one-point race. this race is on, north carolina. don't let them spin you any other way. republican vice presidential candidate spent the day in north carolina monday. indiana governor mike pence made stops in salisbury and greensboro in an effort to rally supporters to g nominees are focusing on another battleground state in the south. we're talking about florida. craig boswell roberts the sunshine state has 29 electoral votes up for gra. >> reporter: donald trump touted the diversity of his
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third straight day in the state and early voting is underway. e lle ckand nobody knows how they're voting but they steam have trump hat and trump pin and trump shirts. >> reporter: 56% of florida's vote is expected to come from early voting and 1.2 million ballots have been cast. trump needs florida's 29 electoral votes but to get there needs to win pack republican hold-out. >> he's still 20% of pu reluctant republicans -- largely women, largely suburban women. >> r caing r civility in making her pitch. >> we have to get back to listeng respectly. we can disagree without being disagreeable. >> reporter: elizabeth warren attacked trump in new hampshire. >> he thinks because he has a mouthful of tic tacs he can
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groping distance. i got news for you, donald trump. wohave had it with guyses like you. >>eporter: clinton will is afrnoon. she has a three-point lead over trump in the state. craig boswell, the house. more high-profile supporters converge on state. president bill clinton stomping for his wife and he started this morning. we're understanding how important north carolina really is. >> reporter: stefan, the candidate and campaign knows the importance of these kind of interaction with voters, especially in north carolina while early voting is going on right now.
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here at this point and a big part of what president clinton talked about in rocky mount, the importance of take advantage of the opportunity to vote early. he also talked about the differences between his wife and her opponent, donald trump. >> the thing i hate about the election is that in their real lives, havmo in commowith us than they want to admit. with it, right? she offers answers and he offers anger. he offers resentment. she officer empowerment. he offers conflict. i'll give you somebody else to blame and look down on. she said, only thing that's going to get us out of this mess is cooperation. >> reporter: the clinton bus tour is about to continue. it's about to leave shortly and
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then a stop in greenville tonight. he has several stops tomorrow, including fayetteville. beau minnick, cbs north carolina. >> thank you. for all the politicians, great news in north carolina -- absolutely gorgeous with wall- to-wall sunshine. absolutely and that will continue the next few days. i don't think we have a chance of rain until thursday evening. >> not bad. >> no complaints here. temperatures are cooler than yesterday, especially time of the day. we were yesterday for your ere lunch hour. we're at 59-degree degrees and this is from the raleigh durham international airport, not a cloud in sight throughout lunch. i know many people were commenting on basebook. they're ready for these fall- like temperatures and that is what we will be through wednesday. then thursday, as stefan and i talked about, a small chance
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happen until after sunset. this is 9:00 on thursday, showers to our west, the potential of a few showers, wee warmer temperature, low-to-mid- 70s and dry into up congresswomanning weekend. 55 henderson, roxboro and sandhill, 50s this morning, 63 in fayetteville and clinton, 62 raeford. 65 our afternoon high. that sunshine not going anhere, 60 at 6:00. we're back to 50 by 9:0p.m. r and ol conditis for us. high pressure has built in the wake of yesterday's cold front, bringing us that forecast. yes, a bit cooler.
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area low pressure and accompanying frontinto the area. not everyone will see rain and will move st. the next high prsure system will move in for the upcoming weekend. let me quickly talk abouyour future forecast. we'll get through it fast because not a lot will change over the next 48 hours. clear skies through the evening drive home tonight and clear skies through tomorrow morning. nshine still around or two, say, closer to sunset, as we watch that nextarea of low pressure start to approach our region. 65 our high this afternoon raleigh, 64 durham. fayette shrill will be closer to 70. remember, you're already in the 60s. tonight coulbe the coldest of e week, a low the triangle
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shower early and most wi e drier conditions. -- boy, man, make plans to be outdoors now, 75 and sunny on sard72 sundand it is halloween. we're talking about candy. 69 the high. kids are heading out in evening, probably opping to the 50s so maybe htlay your mosthobe good. >> it's n pkonly faasnecessarily mean brighte the new ret shows pickup truck headlits may leave some
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when i saw the attacks on roy cooper about the crime lab, i d to come forward. those ade not true. i'm a survivor of sexual assault. it was mr. cooper who supported me when we went to the state legre to get more funding for rape kits. aneven aftere fifo it's hard for a crime ctim to o buroy co up truck may be among the biggest vehicles on the
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her drivers. this ram 1500 is the tenth pickup truck tom evans has owned but e said aights are nolike toaster. >> they're supposed to be more of a direct beam, almost a spotght ty effect. thesparticulnce se to be diffused out a little bit. reporter: the lights got a marginal rating the insunce institute for highway safety. the group evaluated 11 of the mopopular travels straight and on cur. the ho only to earn a good rating and chevrolet colorado at the bottom of the list for clear visibility. >> some headlights, even properly aim, will not provide a wide enough distribution of t across the road so people can see where they need t . >> it could create dangerous
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coming traffic. that is because headlights cause a glare that may temporarily blind other drivers. iihs factored in the lye high beams, l.e.d. beams, and reflectors. he's made adjustments on his own. >> i supplement or fog lights h are cloto the ground which will light up the ground directly in front of t cters will make changes
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we count on them to show up for us. now buck newton wants to be our top law-enforcement officer, but he failed to show up the state senate. d nearly one out of five votes, more than any senator but one. 10imes, buck was penal for missing tax deadlines. ne wasissolved. there's too much at stake buckewton .
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all right, we're at the end of october, and things outside feel pretty good. you can run out without a jacket. >> you certainly needed the jacket this morning. >> but that was it. then the sunshine took over. you will need another jacket before mning but before that, a high of 65. tomorrow morning, 30s and 40s, patchy frost possible, 55 our high wednesday, could see a our thursday.
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thank you for watchi. have a great day. we'll see you back here tomorrow. narrator: it's all connected. richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare, making you pay more. and richard burr got one point one million dollars from the insurance industry. richard burr was one of just three senators to vote against banning insider trading by congress. and richard burr voted to raise his own pay... seven times. he increased his wealth over 500 percent. richard rr. twenty years in washington... e content
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