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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  October 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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i really don't have a choice about it because that is my only way of getting around. see that consumers targeted after hurricane matthew. right now the action the state is taking with more than 200 complaints coming in. nd early voting problems in the long lines to shortstaffed the action some offices are taking. and weeks after hurricane matthew people get a first look at the damag behind. we start with an update raking news we have been following all night out of guilford county. the amber alert issued for a two-month-year-old boy -- a two- month-old boy is over. deputies found him with his mother alyssa think. the boy received some kind of treatment a us th hospital last week. those details have not been released. the amber alert is canceled for joseph richardson who is in dss
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gouging continue to inundate the attorneys general's office. 183 against the popular car rental company. cbs north carolina aj janavel is alive tonigh with one veteran's story who saw his price double.>> reporter: officials say that 183 number is continuing to grow as the days go by. that specific car rental company is enterprise rent a car. today i spoke to a man in fayetteville who say he is that up with what he had to go through.>> they said to me -- that does not sound right to me. joe he teaches in the cumberland school district and he even coaches football. he has been using a rent a car from that enterprise in fayetteville to get around to all of this duty but after
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>> i was paying $30 a day so i would have to pay $60 a day. so for the first time raymond smith filed a repo wthe atty. geral. ice uging. >> theare a lot of people going through a lot of things. they don't need this added problem. >> reporter: he was not alone. we had eig complaints against them and they were all pretty similar all alleging the rental car company was charging basically double the price that reporter: kevin anderson is the direoron division. he fielded more than 180 call since the storm. the cost for enterprise rent a car keep coming in. they come in from fayetteville, wellington lumberton and boom. the atty. general. wants to make sure what does not
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doesn't happen to anybody else. >> i join the military to serve my country. i am not in the military anymore but i can still serve my community.>> i reached out to enterprise today in part they responded to this we take the atty. gen.'s comments very seriously and thoroughly review every complaint or concern and officials here behind me say they will do the same thing as these complaints coming. i am aj janavel for cbs north carolina enterprises not the only company. here is a list th companies -- circle k in fayetteville charged $29 for 24 pack of water. a hotel company in charlotte for allegations of sleep and charge $150 a night that -- for rooms that typically go under $90. another retail company ksr three charged storm evacuees as much as $300 a night for a room in
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call 18775 no scam or submit it online. we have links to the website on the story. just go to tomorrow pat mccrory will be visiting areas hit hardest. he will take you to a ribbon-cutting for a new sports shop that is just blocks away from a hotel forc to close an empty out because the floods. republican party has formally accused democratic gubernatorial candidates roy cooper of violating ethics rules for comments made about a federal review of state prison contracts. during the last debate cooper said pat mccrory said he had an fbi investigation about prison contractors . the fbi said the case is close. robert hayes said a letter. campaign causes a political campaign with no basis in reality. we two weeks ago until election day president. of clinton is zigzagging across eastern north carolina
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were there today as he made stops in raleigh, wilson and goldsboro. clinton spoke about his wife's plan to make public colleges and universities more affordable and to help students be able to refinance their dad he also this uptick about tribe's slogan make america great again. >> i did not fall off of the truck yesterday. i have heard this song give you the economy you had 50 years ago and i will give you the society we had 50 years ago and move you up in so many else down.>> trouble be in rally tomorrow. hillary clinton will bby mhelle in winston-salem on thursday but today both candidates were in the must win datagram state of florida. donald trump told supporters he would repeal obama care his
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also took a swipe at president. obama say newly released emails implied he knew clinton was using a private server while serving as secretary of state hillary clinton also in florida say she has a plan to remediate obama care and she also says she has quotes serious doubts whether trump understawhat it means to preserve protect and defend the constitution. and interim election officials are calling in more volunteers to help with early voting. on monday nearly 1900 people voted at the south the safety four years ago. there are 200 staff members to help. having five sites and having everybody ready to boat -- it does make the lines a little longer, but they have been running very smoothly. i think once we have all 13 sites open you are going to see a big difference.>> one vor waited up to three hours for early
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's recollections air one voters to know all touchscreens voting machines are working properly. complaints have been reported in cumberland county. the state says machines were tested and recalibrated daily. if of both it recognizes an issue they should contact an official immediately. early voting runs through next saturday november died. go to and roll over the news tab and down to over the weekend could charges in deportation. carlos martinez gonzales appeared before a judge today he is already charged with death bymotor vehicle and driving under the influence. 15 nine-year-old perez shot died in the crash. >> still nword on what sparked the fire. the former hosiery mill in carthage. no one was inside.
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pushed back against the university's claim that the ncaa does not have jurisdiction to hand out punishment in the ongoing academic stand up. the ncaa urges a pattern of blatant disregard for regulations. allow it to pursue a case relied a four- year statue of limitations. >> tonight investigators in johnston county are still looking for a thirsuspect wanted in connection with the shootout in a traffic st gerald homes are facing attempted first-degree murder charges. the deputies say the deputy was on two-mile chase that ended on a dead end street investment investigators say they tried to drive the car at the deputy before running away. nearly 3 weeks after her kidnapping north carolina's families are just getting to see the damage. our first look inside friends
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and how students are prepared to return to school for the first time. a burglar caught on camera with kids asleep. the video going viral in the push to find the man you see here. rt kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing
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proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton:
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this chose the moment a burglar pushed inside a florida living room. the children were sleeping inside. they never wake up even after the man reaches down it takes one of their cell phones.>> god for bid what could have happened if one of us got up. he got my gun, my gps, my wallet, my drivers license. they sell all that. >> at one point you can even see a lookout the window just before the freeze clear out. it is believed there were as many as five suspect involved in at least two homes were hit that night . virginia police have identified the government in this morning's workplace actually picked the kenyan native killed one person and wounded three others and killed himself. one victim has been release. the other two are expected to survive he shot and killed
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stopped showing up to work. a neighbor says issued a reported being assaulted by a coworker. a police officer was injured in a shooting outside of san francisco earlier tonight a burglary suspect was shot. the officers suffered nonthreatening life injuries. it started out as an investigation into a stolen vehicle . the driver of the white and led police on a chase before crashing into a home. officials also identified the man who died after falling over a railing at last night denver broncos game. 36-year-old jason corley fell after sitting on the railing. this is the third death in the past three years at the stadium. the hardest hit area in north carolina being hit by hurricane matthew still not back to normal. many families are not able to get in their homes. cbs north carolina's michael ohio reports how families are beginning to clean up. >> reporter: with damage to out
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rihanna florist has no clue when she will be able to move back. >> when you take wet towel in you leave it out for days, it is kind of what it smells like. >> reporter: we first met rihanna a couple weeks ago when she and 14 other relatives were staying at a shelter. they have since moved to hotels but their homes are still a outside.>> this structure has been found to have damage of water and electrical.>> it is a similar story at many homes in plain still. say that there is no way we can live here. >> reporter: many families are still cleaning up. a lot cannot get inside their homes. later this week kids are going to be heading back to school for the first time since the storm.>> it was a chance to try to fill some normalcy again, but 80% of kids who go to princeville elementary still
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a lot of waiting. it has been very scary. a lot of unknowns with our children -- not knowing where they were or how they work. >> reporter: the school itself was flooded so teachers and staff have been working for days to confront the school districts family resource center into a school for the rest of the year. new backpacks and supplies were here for the kids. some of the most difficult weeks this community has faced. i am michael hyland, cbs north carolina. >> there is still no word on when schools and robinson county will open. school officials that cleanup is underway and a decision will not be made until all roads are safe and reroutes are completed. >> we are already hearing viewers asking how they can
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had for three decades to hurricane matthew. we will introduce you to 83- year-old made jones. you can see just how high the bloodlines were in her home. this is what her kitchen looks like with mold growing on the walls.>> i know there is a lord somewhere. student why do you say that? >> because i had no hope. until they came. and i know he had to send it. >> reporter: in the hope she is talking about sent her way operation blessing a nonprofit disaster relief group is helping cover items and replace others. hundreds of families are trying to get back on their feet after floodwaters wreck their homes the goldsboro. now crisis action is going into neighborhoods to help homeowners. they are gutting houses to help the cleanup process in providing meals as well as hot showers to those who need them
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have 20 more to get to. >> a lot of homes had not even started to take the furniture out. a lot of homes had not started to got. i think people are kind of in a daze. they are not sure what to do.>> christ in action is set up in goldberg if you want to help we have ways to contact them at meantime at this is that the animal shelter in edge down sahe quick to hold anywhere from 20 to 30 animals. some animals are still being looking to be reunited with their owners. >> you cannot look at the big things that this see the things that they are going through and they come in here crying because we said the dog and thanking us for what we are doing in that kind of stop. it gets into your emotions that time. >> we have information on how you can help on we have an update tonight to
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originally denied treatment from the state or a tumor . he is recovering right now. click to piotrowski which seemed the treatment on monday after the state reversed course. his family posted these photos today saying he is back home and feeling great. good news.>> this weather. been feeling good. brisk. finally. we went from 80s to 60s. m this is the last full week of october. we will run out of break fall shots like this. we all suggested that story and goldsboro. i know a lot of people still hurting julie is one of them. she wanted to get out of town and explore the mountains. look but she found. so amazing fall foliage shots. this is just on the near side of asheville. love this shot.
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the perfectly blue sky which we have seen a lot of. if you are taking trips around the state and use the great foliage shots send them my way to send it at tell me who you are andhere you are when you take these great pictures. hello to all our friends in goals per who continued -- and goldsboro who continue to recover. tomorrow morning get ready slowly warm it up and be back in the mid-50s by friday morning . i think you will need the jacket the next few mornings. outside it is in the 40s. i know we are tucked away getting ready for sleep compared to where we were last night -- look at this. it is 18 degrees cooler in the ky mountain that was last night. 21 degrees cold and goldsboro. you get the idea . the cold
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what anyone. by 9 am wednesday morning we are up to 46. lunchtime mid-50s still cool looking for a high of 65. all in all not that different from what we saw today. a little cooler in the morning. about the same in the afternoon. there is the cold front that did the work that us but high pressure in behind in that will be around tomorrow bringing us more sunshine as temperatures hold in the 60s. we have another system coming our way later this week it is it is one of those ones at that it has a warm front and an area of low pressure also need by quickly. as it happens thursday night we will have some clouds and a small chance of rain. a few left over showers possibly early friday morning, but the cold front is so weak and disorganized that we are actually going to warm up ter
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is behind it so we have sometime this weekend but it is not going to be chilly like you think it would be after a cold front. tomorrow morning will be. wednesday morning we have upper 30s up around the virginia border. write about 40 in the triangle out to pittsboro out east to rocky mountain. smithfield and johnson county and the low 40s this morning -- tomorrow morning. in fayetteville. seven-day forecast will take us from the 60s up to about 70 thursday, 72 friday so a little warmer. there is our small rain chance. those are gone for the weekend as highs will rebound into the mid-70s and then on halloween next monday we will still keep kind of mild. not too hot or cold. than the first day of november next tuesday we will keep it out low 70s.
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campaign signs gop officials in kabul county say 100's of science have gone missing since last the. when they stopped the car they say they found a dozen signs inside . today a judge approved the settlement with a bald sweat emission scandal. most of volkswagen owners are expected to sell cars back many of them getting back is much as $10,000. last year the automaker admittedo cheat on emission tasks. two teams, two cities. >> chicago and cleveland both claim -- craving a series win. you have heard the headlines all day. 71 days since the, -- that is 1945. 83-year-old superfit remembers at all. superthin or maybe patient that he was 12 at the time. world war ii had just ended and harry truman was a president .
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elected the -- back then he paid a dollar 50 for a ticket. he will be back on wrigley field on friday night . a ticket going for a couple thousand dollars . his prediction? he thinks he calls will win in six.>> the stores are identical in cleveland. sumo was 10 when the indians won it all in 1948 and calls it one of >> it was such a wonderful time. cleveland to this day never seen a parade like they had in 1948. >> he says if the indians win he is looking forward to another five>> he says if the indians win he is looking forward to another 5 mile parade.>> tepidly one of the more story world series matchups we have seen in quite some time. we cannot show you highlights but gibby is keeping a close eye on this one.>> the indians
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the hurricanes are finally home. tonight the king's return from a six-day road suite. can the and the odyssey?
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north carolina used to make education a priority. we all understood the importance of having good schools. but pat mccrory seems more interested in giving tax cuts to millionaires. we rank 44th in spending per student. there is a textbook shortage. and pat mccrory has cut 3,000 teaching assistants from the early grades. he may have given tax cuts to millionaires,
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the final game of the six-game streak takes on the hurricanes. joe louis in detroit. it is also the final time the kids will play their. the kings could not have gotten off to a worst start giving out three goals in the 1st period. three-nothing at this point.
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goal leads this year. can they come back? bearing 3-1. six minutes later off to a fast start sneaks up. based suddenly we have a won goal game. 3-2 detroit. moments later carolina with nice comeback. four-2 the final. comes indians game still in progress. getting a solo home run from rafael perez to make it 3-0. cubs loaded the bases in the seven but miller got to strike out the game is now in the eigh inning. cleveland with a 3-0 lead over the cubs. busy night in cleveland. defending world champion cleveland cavaliers hosting
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cleveland off with a good start. that is kevin love. knocks down the three pointer giving cavaliers a three-point lead. how many times have we seen this? lebr james, triple double. 19 points. 11 rebounds. 14 assists. 117-88 cavaliers win. duke spent the last week resting a bit healing up and getting ready for a late season sprint to the finish. beginnin they will have to win four of the games. none of the remaining games can be considered an automatic. those games play a big role. it is not something you are talking about as motivation with the squad, but kind of we don't ignore the fact that we are very aware of it. >> georgia tech triple option.
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late october is a wonderful time of the year. football is still going strong. the hockey season is getting started as his college basketball. operation groups. a couple stores to watch. how goodwill nc state be with the addition of janice -- dennis smith junior? >> and brice johnson. will they be able to mash with the starting we'll have a few inches tomorrow night at 6 pm.>> all right. right. thank senator richard burr. right. thank he's been in washington two decades. and burr's got plenty to show for it. like the hundreds of thousands burr's taken from oil and energy companies. and the billions in tax breaks he's voted for them. while voting against clean energy jobs for north carolina.
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big oil profits? so does richard burr. but in two decades, what's he done for you? league of conservation voters is responsible for the content
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we have to bundle up come the morning. little chilly. some of us in the upper 30s. 41 in most cities. as you get on the bus tomorrow.
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it's called "the snake:" a long, skinny congressional district drawn along i5 to segregate african american voters. "the snake" and others like it were drawn by state legislators as a partisan power grab. and justice bob edmunds? he wrote the decision supporting his party's discrimination. but federal judges rejected edmunds' opinion
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robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i
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