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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 27, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, october 27th, 2016. 12 days until the presidential election. this is the "cbs morning news." dte polls, donald trump took a break from the business of plolitics o promote his other business. >> this building is a historical landmark. a true american original. >> donald trump is the poster boy for everything wrong with our economy. >> while hillary clinton was tearing him down, a vandal was tearing up trump's star on the walk of fame. clinton has his own star power today as first lady michelle obama joins her on the
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, 12 days to go and the race for the white house has entered the home stretch. early voting is already under way in more than 30 states. donald trump campaigns in ohio. and hillary clinton is in north carolina, two key states. now the latest apac poll finds clinton with commanding lead nationally over trump, 14% among likely voters. and a cbs news analysis indicates that if the election were held today, clinton would have 18 more electoral votes than the 270 that she needs. now, the latest wikileaks e-mail release offers a glimpse at the intersection of the clinton foundation and the for-profit activities of bill clinton. one document alleges the company began paying bill clinton
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foundation. hena daniels is here in new york. >> reporter: good morning. clinton's battle cry this week has been vote early. urging her supporters not to become complacent, given her surge in the polls. meanwhile, trump reignited a feud with the gold star father who famously critickr criticize the convention. >> he is attacking hillary clinton. >> we made a mistake going in and barack obama and hillary clinton made a terrible mistake in the way they took -- >> reporter: captain chan's father, khizr khan, blasted trump's comments as cruel. the gold star father took aim at the republican nominee's temperament. >> time after time this
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unfit, unworthy of this office. >> reporter: at a rally on her 69th birthday in florida, clinton hammered trump for taking time off the campaign trail yesterday for attending the opening of his hotel near the white house. >> he, once again, relied on undocumented workers, the same people he has been insulting and demonizing throughout this campaign. trump fired back. >> we are outworking her. many, many more stops and many more everything. don't go home. she is home all the time. she takes many days off. >> reporter: the republican nominee maintains he has pumped 65 million dollars of his own money into the campaign and gives another 100 million by election day. hillary clinton will campaign in north carolina today with first lady michelle obama. trump will hold rallies in the
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four points. >> hena daniels here in new york, thank you so much, hena. two high profile republicans say they are voting for trump. congressman jason chaffetz had pulled his endorsements of trump about trump's cruel comments about women. he says he won't defend trump but will vote for him. south carolina's governor nikki haley is dealing with trump because he is the best one to deal writing in. . mckeson said clinton's platform is strong. it is informed by the policy failings of the past and a is asian for where we need to go. the hollywood chamber of commerce says that donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame will be quickly
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a man who said he is responsible told the website deadline hollywood he wanted to remove the star to auction it off for raise funds for the women who have accused trump of assaulting them. coming up on the "cbs this morning," we will speak with john heilemann, managing editor of bloomberg politics. secretary of defense ash carter ordered the pentagon to stop seeking repayment of waiver but a suspension, while a review is in progress. jan crawford has more. >> nothing is more important than ensuring our service members are treated with gratitude and respect. >> reporter: defense secretary ash carter interrupted a nato meeting in brussels to address the controversy back home. >> i thwarted the suspension of all efforts to collect reimbursement from effective
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until i'm satisfied that our process is working. >> reporter: after 9/11, the california national guard was under pressure to send troops to fight overseas. they used bonuses and student loan forgiveness to fill its ranks in high demand units for those about to deployed but the guard gave the payments to others and the program was ripe with abuses. in 2011 a manager was sentenced to 30 months in prison for doling to ineligible soldiers and the soldiers should have known they didn't qualify. now the government has demanded money back from more than 10,000 guard members and repayments could total upwards 15,000 dollars, plus interest. >> when they were hitting me up with those collection efforts i would have nightmares at night. >> reporter: robert survived three enemy ambushes. when he didn't pay back his bonus he says the guard reported
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his credit score. >> it felt like betrayal and depressing and absolutely unbelievable they would do this to people who spent so much time serving their country. >> reporter: the pentagon says it's still possible some soldiers will have to pay the money back, but they will lean in favor of the soldiers if there is in my opinion doubt. a nationwide audit shows other states may also have had the same problem, but in far fewer numbers. recovery efforts are under way in central italy this morning following a powerful aftershocks from last august's deadly quake. they hit yesterday some 100 miles northeast of roam and the tremors displaced thousands. the mayor of one town says many houses collapsed but, so far, there are no reports of serious injuries. a sea change of sorts at the united nations. for the first time, the united states did not oppose a u.n. resolution condemning america's
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the u.s. abstention drew applause at the general assembly. prior to the vote u.s. ambassador samantha power made sure the u.s. does not agree with all cuban policies. >> as president obama made clear when he traveled to havana we made it clear that the cuban people like all people are entitled to all human rights such as to speak their minds without fear and the right to assemble, organize and p peacefully. >> in december of 2014 the u.s. and cuba announced a restoration of diplomatic ties. the u.s. had imposed a 55-year economic embargo against cuba. a pilot of a regional delta jet is under arrest for allegedly operating the aircraft while intoxicate. yesterday morning, in rapid city, a tsa agent noticed alcohol on the pilot's breath and then notified police.
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passengers say the episode left them shaking their heads. >> makes you wonder, you know -- makes you hess taken. what are their checks and balances, you know, for pilots? are there any? you know, with any of the airlines? you know, because this isn't the first time this has happened. >> according to the faa, ten pilots were arrested last year for being legally intoxicated. a suspected double murderer is now in his fourth day on the run. authorities in they have no idea where he might be. michael vance jr. was last seen monday near the texas border. he has taunted police by live streaming during the manhunt. vance was shot by officers sunday and officials say he might have died without treatment. protesters trying to stop construction of an oil pipeline say they expect showdown with police today. ?
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camped for months on land opened by the pipeline developer. police asked demonstrators to leave yesterday but they refused. they are surrounded by deputies from several counties and national guard troops. the protesters say the pipeline could harm a local indian tribe's drinking water and cultural sites. coming up on the "morning news." riders on a boston train smash windows to escape as smoke fills the car. plus the possible role of alcohol in the pitcher jose fernandez. and the cubs roar back to tie up the world series against the indians. this is the "cbs morning news." ? tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games.
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for healthier looking skin in just one day. aveeno?. naturally beautiful results? ground ball to short. addison russell. the cubs have evened the series. >> baseball's best regular season team was at the top of their game last night in cleveland. the cubs scored their first
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jake arrieta held the indians hitless into the sixth inning in a 5-1 win. game three will be tomorrow night in chicago's friendly confines of wrigley field. new details now the death of marlins pitcher jose fernandez and panic on a boston commuter train. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the boston globe" reports that some rapid transit riders broke train windows to escape when they smelled five people were treated if for sm smoke inhalation. the "miami herald" says all smelled of alcohol after killed in a boat crash. marlins pitcher jose fernandez was on a speedy boat that hit in. the driver of the boat was running at a high rate of speed
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exacerbated by the consumption of alcohol. the man known as patient zero was not the first to bring aids to the united states. the man is often blamed for in fact,ing hundreds with hiv before his death in 1984 but scientists who trace the virus say it reached "the new york times" in 1971 before he was thought to be spreading the virus. aids has killed more than 500,000 americans. the bbc says a bold plan to tried early next year. scientists will release millions of mosquitoes in part of colombia and brazil. the insects will be modified to carry a bacteria that hurts other mosquitoes but does not harm humans. still ahead, up in the air. iphone 7 users will have to wait a little bit longer as apple announces a delay of its air
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with the surface book, you can actually draw on the screen. so crisp. i love it. it's almost like this super powerful computer and a tablet had the perfect baby. (laughing) it's a typewriter for writing scripts... it's a sketchbook for sketches...'s a canvas for painting... you can't do that on a mac. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ? >> oh, these teeny tiny babies get to celebrate halloween
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trick-or-treaters. the newborns are dressed from super heroes to butterflies and creating a special halloween memory for their parents. they are so cute! on the cbs "moneywatch." a delay for apple's new wireless headphones and chipotle has a new burger. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. health care compani the dow gained 30 points. the s&p, though, lost three. the nasdaq finished lower by 33 points. shares of tesla surged 6% in after-hours trading. tesla posted its first quarterly profit and second best quarter early. tesla shipped more than 300 million vehicles. apple is delaying the release of its air pods.
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apple says it needs a little bit more time before they are ready. there is no timetable for their release. and chipotle, the mexican grill is opening its first hamburger joined today. they are called tasty-made. the first one will be in ohio. the menu only has four items. burgers, fries, shakes, and sodas. the burgers will be grilled to order. >> jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. 3d. we will show how the legendary shuttle is being brought to life in a virtual reality project. af for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. listerine? kills 99% of bad breath germs. this is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth. just ask listerine? users.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. anyone with web access will
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engineering marvel that made space history. the smithsonian is developing a virtual reality tour of the shuttle "discovery." >> the smithsonian team is developing the first photo shoot of the history of the air and space mutual. by the end of this project how many pictures do you think you will have taken? >> we estimate between pixie. >> reporter: it will look similar to this finished span but the "discovery" project will detail the entire spacecraft at 124 feet long and over 50 feet tall, that requires some heavy lifting. >> the goal of this project is to document this object using 3d measurement tools and then deliver that to the public so schools can 3d print this
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view it in virtual reality. >> reporter: museum visitors can only see the shuttle from the on outside. but the 3d version will allow them to explore inside too. val valley curates all of the exhibit. >> they are going to bring this space shuttle to life. >> reporter: the team has also completed scans of the t-recollection dinosaur. obama used to create a bust, the discovery is the largest object yet, aiming to deliver a 3d experience that is out of this world. weijia jiang, cbs news, chanti chantilly, virginia. pretty cool! coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," comedian joel mchale from the cbs series "the great indoors. i'm anne-marie green.
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well, racism has existed in america since its founding. now one california pastor has created a new treatment to fight it. as john blackstone explains, the participants are paing it one step at a time. >> i'm morgan and i'm a >> reporter: snag is usomething usually unspeakable is a conversation starter at a meeting of racists anonymous. >> i'm daryl and i'm a racist. >> reporter: participants in the multiracial group try to become more aware of their own biases. >> that means that if an arab person gets on a plane and i automatically think terrorists. >> reporter: their goal is to abolish racist from their
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it from themselves. pastor ron buford started the weekly meetings last november at his congregational church in sunny vale, california, after watching town after town eat up by hate and violence so often born out of prejudice. >> black lives matter has made so many impact in so many ways but this is a different result. >> reporter: focused on individuals? >> that's right. instead of talking about other people's races, to say comes in the smallest instances. >> there are a number of black people and some of them have these weird names. and somehow, i just can't remember those weird names. and i'm very -- i feel very bad about it. >> you might want to use unique or different, because i don't think the mother would like you to say the dude has a weird name! >> reporter: morgan has been a participant since the beginning.
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got into these discussions, it started me thinking, maybe there is a little bit of racism in everybody, and that i was one of them. >> reporter: -- >> the reality is that the white experience in america, the black or brown experience in america are so radically different that there is most way person who is white could even understand what is happening to the black person, except it's starting to happen, so i think people are coming to a place of discovery. >> group hug here, come on, come on. >> reporter: in a nation searching for answers, it's a small step, but a step in the right direction. john blackstone, cbs news, sunny vale, california. coming up after your local
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nominees' plans for education. we will speak with margaret spellings who is president of the university of north carolina. plus the search for the russian hacking group fancy bear. and lawmakers are trying to take action to stop the sale of recalled used vehicles. only on "cbs this morning," the effort to prevent dealerships from selling vehicles that could be dangerous. that is the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching.
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weeks after hurricane matthew caused major problems for folks in the area, one group of students is going back to class. >> a 10-month-old is found in a car seat and the tried to revive the mother after she overdoses on heroine. the controversy a certain picture has sparked. after nights of hearing noises and waking up to tracks a mystery is solved. a bear causing the problem in one neighborhood. good morning everyone. it is thursday, october 27. let's start with the forecast with alyssa corfont.


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