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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  November 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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(orchestra music) robert young. and jane wyatt. (giggling)
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kathy: is my dress too short in the back?
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thy: you know what i ought to have, mother? a string of pearls. margaret: i'm sure you should. (bus horn) there's the school bus, run! kathy: bye. margaret: one down, two to go. where's betty? bud: oh she's so fascinated with her gorgeousness she can't pull herself away from the mirror. jim: now what is all this fussing with clothes? some special occasion at school? she's dressed like she's going to the coronation. margaret: this is the day she meets that football player. jim: huh? margaret: the one she's tutoring. betty: you never listen when i tell you things, father. i'm one of a group of five students who have reasonably good grades to coach members of the football team who need help in their studies. i explained the whole thing to you last week. jim: who remembers last week? bud: are you going to coach one of the varsity guys? betty: yes, dear. bud: which one did you get? betty: i don't know, i'll find out today. jim: are you hoping for anyone in particular? betty: well there are two: dicks davis, the fullback and flash warren the left halfback. either one would do. margaret: both are magnificent. jim: well this is a very important day. after you, teacher. betty: wish me luck, mother. bud: women...
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ternational crisis. jim: oh.
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dicks: hey what's the idea of this coaching bit, midge? i don't get it. flash: yeah, if the profs are so worried about our grades why don't they give us some help? mige: the dean says that it's up to the students to keep you fellas eligible. it wasn't my idea. female student: excuse me. midge: the athletic council asked me to take charge of these coaching sessions, oh now, it may not be so painful. oh hi, betty. betty: hi midge, sorry i'm late. i had to stay and talk with mr. henderson in psychology. midge: betty, this is dicks davis and flash warren. this is betty anderson. she's one of the coaching staff. betty: hi. flash: hi, betty. dicks: hi, betty. midge: betty's our secret weapon in the studies department. real brain. i'm assigning her to the player who needs the most help. flash: well i'm practically failing
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look, i'm in a big rush. which of these guys do you want me to coach? midge: this is lou carlson. brilliant in psychology. lou, you team up with flash warren. lou: okay let's go. i have to get to math. we can talk on the way. betty: i'm in a hurry too. are you going to the science building? i thought we might- midge: oh dicks isn't going with you, betty. i'm coaching him. he doesn't need a super intellect like yours. i'm putting you with one of the fellows who was really having trouble. betty: thanks loads. muley: hi, dicks. dicks: hey muley, how are you? midge: oh hello, muley. muley: hello. i was supposed to talk to you. midge: betty, this is muley orkin. he plays end on the varsity. muley, this is betty anderson. she's going to help you bring up your grades. she's one of the brightest girls in the college. i know you'll get along just fine. well...we'll see you later, betty. bye. betty: well what is your name? muley: muley orkin.
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betty: muley orkin... muley: you can call me merle. betty: alright, merle. muley: well...what do we ought to do? betty: such grammar, "what do we ought to do?" well if i'm to help you study we may as well plan something. muley: yeah okay, where do we ought to-- i mean where should we... betty: well you better come to my house. 607 maple. start tonight. 607 maple, can you remember it? muley: sure, i'll just think of maple syrup. betty: well you better go, you'll be late for your next class. muley: okay, thanks. i'll see you tonight. betty: merle, watch where you're going! muley: sorry.
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oh, excuse me. betty: that sneaky midge paterson took dicks davis for herself and deliberately stuck me with the gooniest, gawkiest character in the entire school. you want to know his name? you won't believe it. muley orkin. bud: you're coaching muley orkin? why he's first string end. betty: they couldn't have put him in a better place. he is the end. use you got muley? betty: believe me if it wasn't for my undying loyalty to the school i'd resign, i'd quit this coaching thing tomorrow. bud: you're out of your mind! kathy: what is his middle name? muley what? jim: alright, alright, one at a time. margaret: now i'm curious about his name too. why do they call him muley? betty: who knows. his real name is merle. merle orkin. wouldn't you know i draw a goof like this? bud: so you don't like him. think of what it could mean to me
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bud: alright, you know him, that's enough. that means i can get to know him. get to be friends with him. my old friend muley! i'd get to know all the guys on the team. maybe they'll even let me sit on the bench with them. jim: hey wait a minute. you aren't careful you're going to be carrying the ball. (doorbell rings) margaret: oh that couldn't be merle, i mean muley. what is it? jim: at six thirty? betty: it could be. kathy: i'll get it! bud: oh, i'll get it! jim: now wait a minute, kids! hey hey! kathy: hello. muley: is this where betty anderson lives? kathy: she's eating dinner, come on in. muley: i'm sorry, i'm early i guess. just tell her i was here. bud: well no, don't go away. hey betty, muley's here! say, how are things on the team? betty: run along, children. you're just a little ahead of time, merle. i didn't expect you until seven or seven thirty. muley: yeah, i'm early. i'll come back later. betty: you may as well come in
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i'll just wait out here. betty: you can't stand out here, come in the house. muley: i'll just sit down on the step and read or something. betty: you're not going to sit out here and read now come in the house right now. go in the living room and sit down. i'll be finished with dinner in just a minute. now this paragraph's important. it explains the social forces which motivated the writings of this particular period and-- merle, please pay attention. just look at the book. no, here, right here. the romantic era is typified by the shorter works of such writers at the time as-- there's no use trying to do any more tonight you're just not listening. merle, how do you expect me to help you if you don't cooperate? you better pick up your books and things it's time for you to go home.
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muley: i'm sorry. betty: merle! muley: sorry. thanks for helping me. taking the time and everything. betty: well i don't mind helping you merle if you'll just-- (books drop) oh for heaven sake, merle. muley: i'm sorry, they slip. betty: i don't know how you manage to hold on to a football. muley: betty, i was going to ask you. tomorrow's the game we're playing over at sheraton. are you going to go? betty: can't merle, i have to study for a test. muley: oh...well i was wondering about tomorrow night, would you like to go out? to the harvest moon dance? betty: i'm sorry merle, not tomorrow night. thank you for asking me.
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muley: this maybe would sound crazy, but... i want you to know that tomorrow afternoon i'm going to be playing that game for you. betty: well that's nice of you, merle. i wish you luck. muley: thanks! goodnight. betty: goodnight, merle. muley: goodnight. betty: night. jim: well how did it go, teacher? betty: there is unquestionably the biggest oaf in the entire world. brain! i swear he spent the whole evening sitting out there staring at me. bud: say, where's muley? betty: muley has gone back to the barn. jim: well staring at you all evening i consider that a compliment. you enchanted him with your beauty. (betty groans) bud: what's the matter, don't you like him? betty: he can't think, he can't talk, he can't move without practically knocking the whole house down. he's positively the clumsiest human being i've ever seen. (book falls) bud: you realize you're talking about
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betty; first string end, i wouldn't trust that big lummox to sweep up peanut shells in the grandstand. bud: what?! betty: it isn't bad enough that i have to tutor him, now he wants me to go out with him. bud: he asked you for a date? well when are you going? betty: never! i wouldn't go out with him if he were the last creature on earth. bud: this is too much. she's just gone, she's way gone. betty: stop it. margaret: betty, are you sure you're not being unreasonable about this? betty: now what do you think? in the game over at sheraton tomorrow he says he's going to be playing for me. now can you imagine that? i feel sorry for springfield's chances if they're counting on him. they won't have to tackle him, he'll fall over his own feet. oh how i hate that midge paterson! jim: how did midge paterson get into it? margaret: i believe she's the key to the whole thing. midge was in charge of this tutoring group. apparently she took the handsomest boy for herself
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r be? that's what i want to know. who does she think she is anyway? the queen of the jungle? if i was muley i'd pop her one. right in the chops, boy! women...just litter up the earth. jim: that was quite a storm. while it lasted. margaret: we laugh at this, but i don't like betty's attitude one bit. who does she think she is? the queen of the jungle? jim: are you worried about little muley? think someone should worry about him. he's a big innocent moose. shy, and probably sensitive about his looks and his awkwardness. oh it's plain he's got a crush on betty. i'm afraid she's going to hurt him. jim: oh, i don't think so. margaret: you don't know girls. jim: i think i know betty. she's a lot like you. oh she'll breathe fire and threaten havoc and devastration, but when it comes right down to the act of being cruel, of hurting someone...
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oh she pretends to be a fiery female, but underneath she -- you know what she is? she's a mother hen. betty: next time he comes over, if he stares at me all evening, i'm going to take bud's baseball bat and bash him right over the head! (door slams)
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dan: ladies and gentlemen, the game between springfield and sheraton is about to begin. here to give you a play by play account is a former sheraton alumnus, our honored guest at the microphone, that world famous sportscaster ted husing. ted: well thank you, dan. it's a real thrill to be back here among the scenes of my college days to bring you this fine football game. it's that big one between those traditional rivals springfield and sheraton. it's a sunny afternoon here at sheraton stadium. there's the toss. springfield with the toss and elects to receive. sheraton will kick off. bud: hey telula, can you hear it? betty: yes, i can hear it. ted: and here we go, carmichael kicking off for sheraton. and he comes up to meet the ball. boots it and it's a high one going down the field, coming down the three yard line and davids takes it.
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jim: this just came for you, delivered from the drug store. betty: i didn't order anything. ted: springfield comes out of the huddle. warren is wide and the ball is about to be snapped. here it is with davis fading back to the endzone he throws a long forward pass at merle orkin and orkin has it! bud: muley did it, he got it! ted: he's off for the races, he's on the forty yard line, down to the thirty yard line, and there two of the sheraton tigers are after him. as he runs down he goes to the twenty yard line to the ten yard line, and he continues over for a touchdown! bud: how do you like that? guy went all the way! i told you that guy's great! listen to the crowd, they're yelling for muley. betty: candy, i wonder who sent it? jim: here. "to betty with cherished affection
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jim: that's a very nice sentiment. betty: cherished affection? bud: that means your his girl. betty: i am not! bud: do you know who made four touchdowns? margaret: i could never guess. bud: good ol' muley. that guy was all over the field. he was catching passes, he was intercepting passes, he was running, he was doing everything. the crowd was going crazy. toward the end of the game the announcer he said muley was playing inspired football. hello, inspiration. betty: very funny. i'll finish my dress, mother. bud: say where are you going? betty: i have a date with ralph. i'm going to the harvest moon dance. bud: ralph... (doorbell rings) bud: bud, see who's at the front door will ya? kathy: i'll get it! hi, mr. muley. muley: hello, is betty home? kathy: sure, come on in. muley: no, i'll just wait out here. kathy: you were sure good in the game today. we heard it. muley: thanks.
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tty! muley's here. betty: hello, merle. muley: hello. kathy: you never let me talk to him. you're just plain selfish! betty: thanks for the candy and congratulations on the game. muley: thank you. betty: what happened to your face? did you get hurt? muley: oh no, it's nothing. betty: don't you want to come in? muley: if it's all right. betty: did you wash your face before you put those bandages on? muley: oh sure. betty, what i wanted to ask you... well, i was wondering if maybe you changed your mind about tonight. that's what i was playing the game for today. so that you might change your mind and go to the harvest moon dance with me. betty: i'm sorry merle, i told you yesterday i have another date. muley: well i just know... betty: you shouldn't go out tonight anyway after the game this afternoon. you should go to bed.
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well...i just thought i'd ask. i'll see you. margaret: well how's merle? betty: he's a mess. it looks like he's been run over by a herd of cattle. he wanted to know if i changed my mind about going out with him tonight because of the game this afternoon. i told him i definitely had not. margaret: well you can't help feeling sorry for him. bud: are you kidding? sorry for him? she's the one you want to feel sorry for. turning down a date with muley, the hero of the school, to go out with that nothing ralph. (phone rings) that's probably ralph now. betty: hello? mrs. orkin: is this betty anderson? betty: yes. mrs. orkin: betty, you've never met me. i'm mrs. orkin, merle's mother. merle's on his way over to your house. when he gets there would you ask him to stop at the grocery on his way home?
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tty: i'd be glad to mrs. orkin, but-- mrs. orkin: thank you so much. i want to tell you betty how much you've done for merle. betty: well mrs. orkin-- mrs. orkin: there's been the greatest improvement in him. i don't know what you did or said to him. i'll have to learn your secret. i've tried everything i could think of to make him take an interest in his studies and his appearance, but i'm just his mother. he won't listen to me. betty: mrs. orkin, what i was trying to tell you, merle's already been here, he left just a minute ago. mrs. orkin: oh. well it was nice talking to you, betty. goodbye. betty: what's she thanking me for? under protest i agree to help him and twenty four hours later i'm practically his fairy godmother. this wasn't part of the bargain. i will not get mixed up in his personal life. would you? (doorbell rings) margaret: i'm a little confused. betty: i'll bet that's merle back again. i'm going to end this whole thing right here. what was he supposed to get at the store? lamb chops and what else? bread!
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betty: yes, what is it? fan 1: we're looking for muley, is he over here? you're his guardian or something aren't you? betty: i certainly am not. what do you want? fan 2: well where are you hiding him? his mother said he was over here. fan 3: now we're not going to hurt him, just tell us where he is. fan 4: did you find muley? fan 1: she's got him locked in the basement! betty: merle is not here. fan 4: well where is he? fan 3: we're going to take him to the harvest moon dance. betty: what do you mean we're going to take him? fan 1: all of us! the muley orkin fan club! (gasps) fans: who's he? betty: that is my father! jim: hey, what's going on out there? margaret: betty? i don't know. merle's mother called, merle was here, i'm lost. i don't know what she's doing. jim: there's a whole-- (door slams) betty: the vultures are on his trail, the wolfpack is in full cry. the muley orkin fan club is on the march. they're all predatory creatures with their fangs bared. vicious little females all squealing and clawing
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betty: those [unintelligible] flattering little snipes. they travel in swarms, from one campus hero to the next. now their target is merle. (ironing board slams) oh they'll find him. they'll swarm all over him (ironing board slams) build up his ego and ruin him completely. there's not one of them there that's fit to shine his shoes. well don't look at me, he's not my responsibility. i'm not his mother! margaret: she has a problem, dear. where's the advice? jim: oh she doesn't need any advice. s from here on will be strictly automatic. a little thing called ye ol' maternal instinct. (phone rings) mrs. orkin: hello? betty: hello mrs orkin, this is betty anderson. is merle there? mrs. orkin: he came in just a minute ago. hold the line, i'll call him. merle, you're wanted on the phone. muley: who is it? merle: it's betty anderson. hurry up.
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mumble and stammer when you talk to her, speak up. speak slowly and distinctive. muley: yes, mother. mrs. orkin: don't slouch over, stand up straight. muley: hello? betty: hello merle, this is betty. would you still like to take me to the harvest moon dance? muley: sure! if you'll go. i mean do you want to? betty: well i wouldn't have called you if i didn't want to go with you. i can't hear you merle, don't mumble. well wear a dark suit and pick me up about eight o'clock. merle: i-i-i'll be there. ye-yeah, sure. i mean thanks. goodbye. hey mom! i'm taking betty to the dance! mrs. orkin: well that's nice. now shine your shoes and don't wear that red tie with the spots on it. muley: yes, mother. mrs. orkin: and stand up straight, merle. margaret: betty, what did you decide about merle?
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well somebody has to protect the big oaf. jim: what about ralph? betty: i'll call him and explain, he'll understand. his cousin's in town, he can take her to the dance. i don't really dislike merle. he's sweet and gentle, but he's just not for me. still, i couldn't throw him to those female wolves. what was i going to do? margaret: well you did the right thing, so don't worry. betty: what if he thinks i like him? he'll be tied to my apron strings i'd like to know why it's always me who gets into these things. i must be dumb, d-u-m-b dumb! (jazz music) muley: i never learned to dance very good. betty: you mean you didn't learn to dance well. muley: i didn't learn at all. betty: well you're doing fine. don't slouch over and don't watch your feet. ralph: hi, betty!
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ralph: sure, hello merle. muley: hello. betty, this is my cousin shirley. they just moved here from st. louis. shirley: hi, betty. betty: shirley, i'd like you to meet merle orkin. shirley: hello, merle. muley: hello. shirley: i've been admiring your suit. tall men always look so well dressed. ralph: well we'll see you later, huh? shirley: bye. muley: she's nice. betty: shall we sit down, merle? my feet are killing me. dicks: hey muley. midge: hello, betty. muley: it's a pretty good dance, isn't it? betty: yes, it's lovely.
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there, that's much better. you look all caved in when you hunch over. mrs. orkin: sit up straight, merle. don't slouch over. please pull up your tie, merle. it's hanging way down, you can see the button on your collar. betty: just pull your tie up so it's against your collar. it looks so much neater that way. there, that's much better. nothing looks worse than a sloppy tie. merle: is there anything else that needs to be fixed? is my hair combed? are my ears on straight? betty: merle, i'm just trying to help you. you'll never be a success or be popular if you're not careful about such things. ralph: hi, we're just table hopping. mind if we join you? betty: oh no, gather round. ralph: quite a shindig, huh? muley: would you like to dance, shirley? do you mind, ralph? ralph: no, go ahead. shirley: i'm not a very good dancer. muley: okay, that starts this evening.
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ralph: well ol' muley and my kid cousin are quite a pair. looks like it might turn out to be something. are you crying? you wanted muley to meet a nice girl, didn't you? what's wrong then? betty: he doesn't need me anymore. margaret: well how was the dance? jim: yes, give us a report on ol' merle. betty: merle met ralph's cousin shirley and it was love at first sight. she's going to help him with his studies. i'm out, cast aside like an old shoe. margaret: well don't worry. shirley will take good care of him. betty: she'd better or she'll hear from me i can tell you that. night. margaret: goodnight.
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(laughing) voiceover: robert young and jane wyatt. (children laughing) with elinor donahue, billy gray, and lauren chapin in father knows best. jim: hey, how about the rest of us? betty: i'm sorry, father. oh, here's a card for you, mother, from gorman's ladies shop. margaret: oh don't show it to me. i can't afford a new dress. (audience laughing) oh, a sale. bud: nothing for me huh? betty: mm-hmm a card. bud: yeah? betty: from a girl. bud: give it to me.


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