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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  November 17, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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dd assemblage art. now, does anybody here have any idea what the author's trying to say? yeah. stay off the freeway. ladies and gentlemen, that concludes our tour for the day. thank you very much and please come again. you're free to browse. browse. i'm gettin' out of here. wait a minute. get over here. hey, that was a real nice lecture, sandra. you really know your work. well, thank you, lamont. i'm glad you and your father could make it. mr. sanford, so nice to meet you. thank you. say listen, how much is this pile of art? $40,000. mr. sanford, art can't be measured in terms of dollars and cents. you see, art is a legacy. somethin' left behind by its creators. well, i got a legacy. what?
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mr. sanford. the artist's whole life is in this art. each piece here represents a part of him. what you see here before you is... well, what's inside of the artist. hmm. maybe he needed a physic. hey! pop. huh? don't tell me that that was you out here hammerin' and bangin' all last night. what? [louder] i said don't tell me that that was you out here hammerin' and bangin' all night long. speak right up, son. i can't hear. my--my ears are numb. see, i've been out here hammerin' and bangin' all night. hey, man. what are you doing?
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a legacy. when people see this, they'll remember me. that will make me immoral. that's immortal. have you forgotten, pop? we borrowed $400 from the bank, man. and the sale is only 2 days away. if it's not 100% successful, we're gonna be in hock up to our ears. we'll be ready. ok. i gotta go make some pick ups with the truck. now, when i get back--i'm gonna be gone all day. and when i get back here tonight, i expect this thing to be finished. a time limit on creativity. did mrs. bell say, "hurry up, man, and invent the telephone, i gotta call my mother"? did mrs. edison say, "hurry up, man, "will you get that light bulb finished 'cause it gettin' dark in here"?
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. how you doin'? hi, lamont. i'm tired, man. i must have put over 200 miles on that truck today. stop, bargain, make a deal, load the truck. stop, bargain, make a deal, load the truck. yeah. i know the feeling. i'm tired, too. i must have played over 200 games of solitaire. shuffle, make a deal, cheat myself. shuffle, deal, cheat. it's almost 6:00, man. where's my pop? i'm starvin'. who? fred sanford. lamont, don't ever mention my ex-best friend's name in this house again. what are you talking about, grady? if a certain party, who shall remain nameless, wants to treat his ex-best friend the way that this nameless person is doing, then his ex-best friend shall refrain
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dy? lamont, your father can take his art and shove it up his nose. grady, what are you trying to say? who needs nameless? i don't need nameless. i'm swinging grady. gregarious grady. groovy graceful grady. would you please tell me what you're trying to say? lamont, i'm lonely. i'm so lonely. your father--he won't talk to me. he's all wrapped up in his art. you mean to tell me he hasn't finished that monstrosity yet? no. all right. well, i'm put a stop to this right now. the sale is 2 days away and he's out here foolin' around. i don't know why he's doing that. i'll tell you i... what is it? damn if i know, but all the dogs
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hey, pop. would you come down here? comment allez-vous? i thought i told you when i left here this morning that i wanted you to get this thing out of here. listen, i'm gonna try and forget that you called this a thing. and i'm gonna try and forget that you look like the fruit section of the supermarket. that's all right. go on, insult me. see if i care. great artists all down through the ages have always been insulted. so, if you wanna call it a thing, go on and call it a thing. it's a thing. if you wanna call it junk, call it junk. it's junk. if you wanna call it ugly, call it ugly. it's ugly. if you wanna call--call the hospital and get a room ready, now is your time. 'cause i'm tired of you talkin' to me. i'll see--see ya, lamont.
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now, son, i'm gettin' on back to work. hey, wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute, wait a minute. now, we got over $200 worth of inventory out there on the truck, pop, and i can't even bring it in here because of this-- tower. tower? that's right. they got the watch tower, and the eiffel tower, and now, the fred g. sanford memorial tower and private park and historic landmark and forest. you're really serious about this, aren't you? that's right. well, i'm gonna level with you, pop. in my opinion, you've created a shapeless, formless, meaningless piece of nothing. son, don't be so hard on yourself. i'm expressin' my true feelings about your tower. and i'm expressin' my true feelings.
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this is more than a tower. it's part of my life. everything here means something in my life. look at it. i mean, just look around. pick out something. it has something to do with my life. all right. a water pistol with a flower stickin' out of it. what is that? that means somethin' in my life. that reminds me of the first job i had in los angeles. a water pistol with a flower stickin' out of it. well, you were too young to remember when i was a night watchmen at the carnation milk company. look, pop, i realize that you're serious but you gonna have to tear it down. the clearance sale is only 2 days away. tear this down? i'd rather--i'd rather spend 3 nights and 2 days in las vegas with your aunt esther... in--in a cheap room... with the door locked... from the outside. i realize you're serious about it, but this is, uh-- this is a ugly mess that you've made here, man. you don't know nothin' about judging art.
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all right. i'm gonna tell you what i'm gonna do. i'm gonna call the museum and i'm gonna ask sandra to fall by here and we'll let her decide if this is art or not. is that fair enough? that's fair enough. that's fair. now, listen here. now, you get out of my way 'cause you standing in the light. what light? it's 7:00 at night. sure is.
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well? you want the truth? truth. ] lamont, it's incredible. it's shocking. it's... it's worthless. i mean, it's no unity. there's no theme. it's just a conglomeration of items without any social significance. yeah. i kinda figured that, too. look, i wouldn't have even bothered you to come over here except--see, i'm desperate, man. if my father doesn't get this out of the way, i'm gonna have to call the sale off. i understand and i'm sorry, but i gotta go. all right. i'll tell my pop what you said
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ee you friday night. sure will. hey, pop. pop. fred: i'm coming, son. look here, son. i got this book over here-- yeah, i got it from the library. yeah, but see, i-- and it's all about famous people who left legacies. and it's called, who's who. yeah. right. i know that, but see that i wanted-- and your father, fred g. sanford, is goin' right here with the gynecologists and the biologists and all them dermatologists. right here in the capital js. for junkologist. yeah. look. see, i got something to tell you, pop and it's-- you know, son, i just don't remember when i been this happy. oh, yeah? yeah. and see, workin' on my art has given my life a new meaning. you know, something to look forward to. you know, because when i leave this work of art, i leave something people will remember. when i go and have that big one, the real big one,
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i leave part of my life here. something people will know and remember. yeah, pop, but see, i-- you know, son, i feel 10. no, 15. no, 20 years younger. you wanna play some stickball? uh, pop, see, sandra said-- she was over here-- oh, yeah. sandra, sandra. she loved it, didn't she? well... she ws impressed. she said it was shocking and incredible. son, i could cry. you give--give me some of those handy wipes, will ya? what else did she say? well, she mentioned things like unity and theme and social significance. social significance. [sniffs] now i know i'm gonna cry, son. social significance. [fred blowing nose] yeah. i think i'm gonna cry, too. he's going into who's who
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fred sanford, you a heathen. the first time you been on your knees in the history of your miserable life and you kneel to a pagan item. listen, esther, this ain't no pagan item. it's a legacy. that's what it is, a legacy. and i wasn't--i wasn't kneeling down prayin'. i was workin'. ha ha ha! work. don't make me laugh. let me tell you something, esther. every time i see you, you make me wish that birth control was retroactive. now. what'd you--what'd you come here for to bug me anyway? i didn't wanna see your old weasel face.
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what's this ugly mess? ugly mess? ugly mess. what's the name of this ugly mess? i call it...esther. watch it, sucker. listen, esther, i don't wanna make you mad. because when you get mad your bottom-- your bottom lip look like you wearin' a brown turtleneck sweater. listen, now, let me tell you this, esther. now, you can look at this and you can look at that, but if you look at my tower, you're gonna put 50 cents in the hat. you ain't gettin' no money out of me, fred sanford. oh, no? oh, no. yes, i will. oh, no, you won't. well, then throw your hands up. throw 'em up. that's it. throw your hands up and i'll show you i get my money. you go ahead. go ahead. would you stop it? i give you some more if you want.
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nock you out. would you stop it? i can't leave you alone for 2 minutes without you starting trouble. well, i'll upper cut her to death. lamont. this old heathen want me to pay him for comin' in here. you oughta tip me just to look at you. now, that's enough. that's enough now. lamont, will you drive me over to pastor stackhouse's church? i'd love to, aunt esther, but i don't have the truck. does that mean you tellin' me you loaned the truck to somebody else? no, i didn't loan the truck to somebody else. and it got towed away. why you let the truck get towed away? because there was no place to park it in here. now, do you have $25 so i can go get the truck? do mice bark? i have some money at the house i can loan you. thanks a lot, aunt esther. i was saving to buy me a new spring outfit. esther, don't get no spring outfit. just get a mattress and cover your face with it.
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no, he makes me sick-- no, it's all right. aunt esther, no.. no, aunt esther. knock on the door. smitty. hoppy. fred: smitty. hey, fred. we heard you're having that big sale tomorrow and we thought we'd come by early and see if you had any bargains. yeah. yeah. we--we-- thought we'd kinda get the pick of the litter. you--you get it? junk. litter. now, that's funny, isn't it? you have to admit. well, uh, well, maybe it isn't. uh, now, what's on your mind? say, uh, what is that? well, it's--some people might say it's junk and some might say it's--it's art. some might say it's a legacy. well, put me down for the one that might say it's junk. listen, what can i do for you fellows? well, uh, mr. sanford,
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you've been chosen mr. swinging single? well, it was close between me and sergeant cominsky, but then, you know, he had to step down because he moved in with his mom. anyway, i was looking for a few knickknacks, you know, a few objects de chitchat to decorate my new apartment and, uh, price is no object. oh, well, maybe you'd like to pick a few things from over here in this stack. i got some nice stuff here. say, that's interesting, that old brass boiler. no, no. i said pick some stuff from over here. not from over there. hey, that boiler is great. i could make a planter out of that. the perfect thing to artistically set off my connect the dots painting of police chief davis. ok. now, i'll give you 25 bucks for it. no. 35. not for sale. i'll go 45. absolutely not. i gotta have that boiler. uh, 50 bucks. i'll go 50 bucks. lamont: sold to the man in the blue uniform for 5-0. n-o. it is not for sale. but we bought this stuff for the sale. son, this is not stuff. this is...
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don't give me that labor of love stuff. i got this--this-- hey, wait a minute, lamont. the sale is 2 days away. hold it. hold it. hey. and now you try to tell me this stuff. you don't scream at me. i'm your father. fred, lamont, look, why don't we come back when you get this all settled, man? yeah. you get together and, you know, knock to each other and-- no, hold-- that's rap to each other. yeah. rap to each other. just--just be honest, you know, let it all hang off. hang out. hang out. hang out. right. and, uh, so long. is so long right? just get in the car. get in the car! hey, look. look at it, son. so stately. so majestic. get off of there, pigeon! get off of there! all of you. shoo! wait a minute. wait a minute, pop. now, this...tower of yours is costing us a fortune, man. [telephone rings] all right. i'll be right back, now. ok, son. i'll be up here.
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hello, mr. sanford. oh, hi, honey. i was in the neighborhood, so i thought i'd drop by. is lamont home? yeah. he's inside. say, listen. what you think of it now? well, frankly, mr. sanford, my opinion hasn't changed very much. really? really. i thought you'd taken it down by now. taken it down? why should i take down something shocking and incredible and a piece of socially significant theme art? nt said that you said. and because you said that, that's why i'm not gonna charge you a regular admission. this one's on me. mr. sanford, i'm afraid there's been some mistake. yes, it is because it turned out a lot better than you thought it was, didn't it? now, listen, tell me everything that you told lamont word for word. mr. sanford, i believe you better sit down. i know i owe you, rollo.
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i owe the bank, i owe you, i owe aunt esther. i don't print the money, you know. i know you do. [crash] hey. hey, rollo, i'm gonna have to call you back. all right? ok. hey, pop. yeah. what--what happened, man? what'd you do? i threw it down 'cause sandra was by here and told me everything. hey, i'm sorry, man. yeah, i'm sorry, too, son. no, i'm really sorry. i mean about your legacy and all. oh, that ain't nothin'. listen, son. after talking with sandra, then i realized that i already got a legacy. the best in the world. you. me? yeah. i got a son that loves me so much, he's even afraid of hurtin' my feelings by telling me my art is junk. hey, man.
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and get their brass boiler if you want to. and tell them your father has been a fool. you're not a fool. you're my pop. i love you, man. you're a groovy old dude. yeah. from now on i'll leave all the artwork to you. you know what? i just might do something artistic. as a matter of fact, i might paint a portrait, if you would pose for me. you want me to pose for you? would you? sure. i'll pose for you if we could pose right out here in front of my--my-- my tower. sure. here. give me a hand with this.
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[car pulling up] hey, pop. hi, son. hey, man. that sale turned out great, didn't it? we made enough money to pay the bank off and plus we made $300. how about that? le present i bought you to show you how much i love you. for me? uh-huh. go ahead take the cover off of it. oh, wow. pop, that's beautiful man. how can i think you? well, you can thank me by start paintin' my portrait right now. all right. i tell you what. you go out in the yard and get ready and i'll bring the paint and the easel out there and i'll paint you. all right? ok. i'll be ready in a minute. now, come on out. all right. i'll be right out here in the front.
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